Chapter 02








Sipping his juice Aaron stood on the lookout jetty as the sun rose over the water once again lost in memories.



Glancing down at the thin data pad his future self had given him once they reached the docks and abandoned the van by the gate, Aaron carefully walked behind his future self as he played with the different functions on the pad before finally settling down to flipping through the different body types pictured on the screen.



“Just tap the physiology that you like, everything listed is possible through your DNA so all you need to do is compile the traits you are partial to and have the P.A.D.D. compile and display the new genotype,” looking over his shoulder to make sure his instructions were clear he tried to smile at the look of concentration on his younger self’s face as he tapped the touch screen making choices.



Deciding on being two inches taller, at around six foot two inches, Aaron scrolled through the different skin colorations before pulling some of his Native American ancestry to the forefront and choosing a nice year round tan for his skin color. Leaving his eyes the same color as he was used to seeing in the mirror every morning, he lengthened his hair down to mid back, after all if he did not like it later he could always cut it off. Then scrolling through some of the more advanced physiology he altered the body so that facial and most body hair would not have a chance to take root before settling down on the length and girth of his favorite toy, at least his favorite toy ever since he hit the age of eleven and started puberty. Giving it some thought he decided to keep the girth the same as it was now and even though he was six and three quarters inches in length he went ahead and modified the profile giving himself another inch in length. Setting the P.A.D.D. to combine his choices and display he was pretty happy so far with the way his new body would look, actually if he did not know it was his own body he would spend a lot of time using the model to fuel his night time fantasies.



Finding the touchpad section to increase magnification he zoomed in on the models crotch and put the P.A.D.D. through its paces having the model go through a normal erection, fascinated, as the doctors that delivered him never gave his parents the choice to keep him intact and circumcised him without asking. Smiling he thought he could not wait to get his hands around his new equipment he was getting all hot and bothered thinking about jacking off with all the nerve endings fully intact. Satisfied with the changes he had made Aaron locked the program and looked up in time to keep from walking off the edge of the pier. Startled he looked around and spotted his smirking future self and refused to give into the blush he felt starting, “I take it we're here, but I certainly do not see any transport, unless it is hiding in the cloud cover.”



Laughing the future version of himself pulled a small device from his pocket and very clearly pushed a button causing the water to boil near the end of the dock as a small vessel started to rise up through the roiling water. Waiting until the vessel settled down he clicked the device once more causing a ramp to extend to the dock and the hatch to melt open, extending his hand for the P.A.D.D. “May I… I really think we need to start the alterations as soon as possible as time is not a friend right now.”



Glancing down at the display Future Aaron was shocked, he would never have come up with the alterations his younger self had, sensing his younger version was fidgeting he smiled. “The changes to the timeline are starting, we need to get moving before I begin to fade.” Pulling his younger self into the vessel he closed and sealed the hatch before taking the steps down to the med bay. Ushering his younger self into the bay, “strip and get in the tube while I upload the profile into the computer and set the cell regenerators for gene alterations.” Turning his back on his younger self he continued with instructions, “since I can feel some differences already I am going to program the computer to feed information directly into your cortex.” Looking over his shoulder to his half naked self ,“Just in case something happens to the timeline before the executions that I have arranged take place in sixty eight hours causes me to fade. This vessel has a safety feature that once we are underway it will take us to the undersea city and dock all by computer control…also just in case.”



“Good morning Sir you’re up early,” Chris interrupted his boss's walk down memory lane as he stepped up to the rail coffee in hand, glancing over at his boss who looked tired “Or have you yet to go to bed?”



Smirking at the thought Aaron chuckled, “Well I did finally get some sleep early this morning, but after talking for a while last night it was a little hard to fully sleep with my mind going in a thousand different directions at once so I got up to do some research.” Stretching the kinks out of his stiff muscles Aaron gave one last look at the rising sun before walking back towards the bridge access hatch, “Kevin…the bright blond with the deep blue eyes is the oldest of the three, he comes from a fairly rich family before his parents died in a freak accident a year ago, the case worker liquidated all his assets including personal items and warehoused him in an orphanage and then tried unsuccessfully to hide the wealth for herself.” Sitting down on the captains chair Aaron gazed up to see Chris frowning, “I found the hidden trail of money an hour ago and moved it to an offshore account in Kevin’s name and when he turns eighteen he will have total control over the almost one million dollars she did not spend of his heritage. I also need to arrange an accident for the bitch, as there were family retainers that Kevin could have gone to, but it seems she was more interested in stealing from him than making sure he was taken care of.”



Sighing he poured himself another glass of juice from the decanter before motioning Chris to take the helmsman’s chair, “We talked briefly about this before Joe went to sea, but the more I think about it the more I am convinced that active recruitment is the way to go. The city can house close to a three quarters of a million people, which does not even take in account the farms or the topside island.” Setting his empty glass down in the holder Aaron looked out over the channel towards where the cruise ships docked knowing that the blond he met yesterday was on the large private yacht near the end. He smiled as his mind reached out this morning to check up on him and found that while he was asleep he was truly happy and accepted, it seems his dreams were all about the nights events and the offer of becoming the grandson of the yachts owner. Concentrating as he opened his hand he ported the communicator he had given Even yesterday to his hand.



“I was originally going to stay until noon, as one of the boys I met yesterday had been offered the chance to join a group of extraordinary young men,” laughing Aaron smirked as he leaned forward slightly. “I snooped this morning and I think it is more than safe to set sail whenever our guests wake up, I know Kevin would be upset if he missed the Prince leaving dock.”



Chris joined in the laughter, as he pointes to the communicator in Aaron s hand, “I take it the lad is happy where he is seeing as you are not about to mount a rescue party.” Filling his cup with more coffee from the thermos near the door Chris shrugged before sitting back down, “We can get under way any time, our cargo is loaded and secure, hell it was secure before I went to bed last night.”



“Good,” Aaron nodded his head before reaching over and pulling the computer terminal in front of the chair and logged in sending the data directly to the bridge screen. “Pete is our resident Sci-Fi nut, he was all but begging me last night to start the procedure to alter his DNA. I finally accepted it was a lost cause right after midnight when he pointed out to me that it was tomorrow already, at least I was able to make him wait until we reach the islands facilities.” Now the screen showed several firms listed as providing security services for the influential. “Kevin on the other hand will be glued to your side from the moment he wakes up,” grinning now, “he was practically screaming in his mind that he was going to ask to undergo the procedure along with Pete.”



Pointing at the large monitor Aaron changed the subject, “I want you to use your old contacts to get a feel for these firms listed here, I need to know if they would be a good fit or if it would be better to just build up a security firm from scratch…either way we will need coverage in the beginning at our new base in San Francisco. I made arrangements this morning to buy up an old warehouse near the ocean just outside the city, it has an old dock that is pretty good shape and they should start dredging the channel around it and shoring it up starting tomorrow, I’m having it dredged to a depth of ninety feet and the dock rebuilt so that we can park nose in so we can use the roll on roll off nacelle. So we need to get a security firm in there rather fast to set up until I make up my mind on which way to go.”



Chris nodded his head as he took notes on his terminal and prepped an email to Joe, he should be able to get the ball rolling before he met up with the Prince in a week’s time, seeing he should be back on dry land in two days time to start processing out, he had to change gears suddenly when Aaron changed back to the original topic of the boys once more.



“Now Tim could go either way, he is hard to read at the moment without digging, which I see no reason to do.” Aaron glared at the screen for a moment, “Mostly he is tired of the street and the constant worry of where his next meal is going to come from or more importantly where he will spend the next night sleeping where he can be safe. Either way I think he plans to stay on the island for the foreseeable future, and the only thing he has really shown interest in is reading or cuddling at the moment.”



Finished with his emails Chris sent them out to Joe and several of his contacts and logged out of the system before having a thought, turning around so he was facing Aaron, “You mentioned that you were going to go into active recruiting mode, how about we put the word out through the grapevine that we are looking to hire those that the military no longer wants because they are gay." He started to laugh as his thoughts were wandering back to the prune faced admiral that was all red faced and ready to blow after finding those damn Homo’s in his navy. “Let the government spend the fortune training the guys up before tossing them to the side after finding out they are gay, hell why spend the money if someone else will do it for us.” Excited by his idea Chris logged back in and brought up a web site that hosted tales from ex-military men who had been thrown out because they were gay. “Those that pass muster we can give the option of becoming Alteran’s and the rest can go to work for the new security firm you are thinking about building. It’s a win, win situation really.”



 Aaron thought about what was being proposed and the more he thought about it the more he liked it, “I suppose that we could try, and the only thing I can think of that might give us a problem would be for those that were gay for pay so to speak to try to join so they could get the benefits of being altered,” thinking out loud he remembered reading a small blurb on re-coding sexuality in the mainframe, plus all the alterations had been coded to only manifest if all eight gene pairs that made someone gay were present, it just might work.



“We can offer the ground pounders and Jar Heads positions easily enough as security and what not, the sea faring folk like myself would be more than willing to serve on one of these babies, or even the one almost finished in the dry dock.” Chris was throwing out idea’s before frowning, “I am not sure what we would offer the fly boys though, it’s not like we have a fleet of jets…” trailing off when he noticed the smirk on Aaron’s face, “okay…so we do have something that flies that would interest the boys in blue?”



Nodding his head while trying to hold in the laughter that was threatening to overwhelm him at Chris’s expression, Aaron finally couldn't hold it in any longer and chuckled as he keyed the screen to display the contents of the island hanger in a split screen, “Just a small fleet of fighters and of course we have a couple of passenger jets that will not stand out too badly.”



Chris looked at the two pictures closely, while the fighters certainly looked futuristic they were not so far out of the realm of possibility that people would immediately think aliens or invasion. But knowing that the best things were hidden just like his beautiful Alteran Prince he narrowed his eyes in concentration as he zoomed in close to the fighter, “besides all the nice fusion plants and such what else can this baby do?” Turning around in his chair so he was facing Aaron he just had to ask, “So can this baby fly to the moon or something…because we all know nothing is what it seems with you involved.”



Laughing Aaron smiled at he off hand compliment, “Well suborbital flights are more than a possibility, but for long range travel you would have to rely on teleportation to get you and the fighter to the moon.” Enjoying the shocked expression on his Captains face he let him stay that way for a few moments to see if he would ask the real important question.



Blanking the screen Chris sat back in his chair and wondered about his employers sanity at times, but glancing at the shit eating grin on his face he knew he was waiting for him to ask just how in the hell a person could port themselves and a ship all the way to the moon, “A normal person just does not have the power available to port something that big…” trailing off as he remembered an obscure reference he had studied while mastering teleportation his eyes bulged incredulously, “you're talking about a gestalt…linking to an external power source to boost your own energy levels aren’t you?”



Nodding his head with a grin Aaron knew that Chris was smart, in fact he was considered a genius, he had to be to graduate with a doctorate at sixteen, “Well you just proved that you deserve that fancy title that school awarded you.” Checking the corner of the screen that showed the inside of his cabin and the three sleeping teens still in his bed, he was distracted when the mega yacht started to pull away from the dock. Reaching out with his mind he sought out the young man he met yesterday and smiled when he found the excited mind on the bridge of the yacht. Tasting the teens emotions one more time he nodded his head, yes Evan would do well with his new family.



Following his boss’s gaze out the wrap around window Chris noticed the mega yacht that they discussed earlier pull away from the dock and enter the channel. Noticing the small rooster tail at the stern of the yacht he thought to himself that they must be using a jet drive for propulsion instead of the normal propellers, twisting back and seeing the satisfied smile on Aaron’s face, “He’s still on board isn’t he?”



“Yes, Evan will do very well with his new family and brothers. We might meet up again in the future, one never knows.” Shaking his head and concentrating on the here and now Aaron stood and gathered his glass and thermos, “I think a shower is in order then food is in order. Go ahead and let your contacts know about the new recruitment drive, we can start interviewing applicants when you pick up your other half. You might want to run some very discrete ads in the military times at the same time. Expand the ads worldwide, though most of the world is more excepting of gays serving their countries. I think this will be your lovers and your project to start as I am going to start active recruitment of the high school and collage crowd, while keeping my eye out for street kids that want to be rescued.”



Military training kicked in and Chris shot to his feet when Aaron stood, he was not about to remain seated while his nations leader stood and left the room, it just would not be proper  “I will be ready to set sail as soon as you and our guests finish breakfast.” Blinking when Aaron ported out he caressed the captains chair lost in thought, “It sure will be nice to have a full crew on board, as nice as it is to let the computers run things it sure gets lonely at times without Joe next to me.”



Porting into the kitchen Aaron set about scrambling some eggs and making some sausage links, he was going to go for simple and quick for breakfast this morning, and as much as he hated having to wake the guys up, as this was probably the most restful sleep they had gotten in a long while, he finished making several stacks of toast and setting it in the warmer along with the pan of eggs and sausage. There would be cereal available and instant oatmeal to balance out the breakfast. Making sure everything would stay warm he walked this time back along the passage towards his cabin, slipping inside quietly he smiled as the tangle of limbs caught up in the sheets. Slipping out of his shorts and shirt Aaron felt his body respond to the sight of the naked teens in front of him as his memories stirred the further rise of his cock as he remembered how they brought each other to orgasm last night, several times in fact.



Walking over to the bed Aaron sat down on the edge and gently ran his fingers through Pete’s hair before bending down and kissing him gently on the lips as his hand slid down to expose the mostly hard cock between Pete’s legs. Sliding his hand up and down the shaft gently as he got a response to his kiss, Aaron used his free hand to further expose the thin body that was responding to his touch of the morning air.



Pete moaned into the kiss as he woke up and felt the gentle tugging at his very hard cock, feeling a hand roaming his body he opened his eyes and smiled through the kiss as he reached out to caress the very erect almost eight inches of flesh very near his face. Breaking the kiss he arched his back in pleasure and practically purred “What a way to be woken up in the morning.” Sure beats the empty hotel room or alley he had gotten used to.



Aaron smiled playfully “How are you feeling this morning?” Not giving him a chance to answer he used his thumb to swirl the pre-cum flowing out the end of the hard five and a half inches causing Pete to arch once more in pleasure.



Panting, Pete opened his eyes back up and tried to bend his head enough he could get his mouth around the glistening flesh just out of reach before falling back to the pillow as his body arched once more, “Better…still a little sore but a lot better than yesterday, even without the Advil.”



Releasing his hold Aaron stood up and grabbed Pete’s hand and tugged slightly telling him he wanted him up on his feet, “Good then I think it is time for me to insert part A into part B while taking a shower.“ He whispered as he nibbled on Pete’s earlobe and his hand reached between the firm cheeks finger brushing ever so gently the tight hole.



Sucking his breath in loudly in anticipation Pete nodded his head as he wrapped his fingers around the hard shaft that was poking him in the belly and smiled at the thought of it sliding in and out of his ass. Glancing down and seeing several drops of pre-cum cover the back of his hand near the base of his thumb he brought his hand to his lips and slowly licked the offering, smiling in anticipation.



Aaron’s passion building, he kinetically brought the tube of lube from the nightstand to his hand and squirting some on his fingers he gently slid his now lubed fingers back in between the firm ass cheeks and slid one finger deep inside Pete as he did his best to swallow the teens tongue.  Adding a second finger to the loosening hole he found the prostrate and caressed it several times causing the teens cock to jump and his body to arch in pleasure. Adding a third finger to the slick hole just as Pete lifted his leg giving him more access Aaron was not surprised when Pete turned around offering his now loosened hole for his use, pulling Pete in close he placed his head alongside Pete’s as he slid his very hard cock closer to where his fingers were moving in and out of the teens hole and pushing the head of his cock against his lube covered fingers to get it ready to sink deep inside the teen.



Lubed enough for the moment Aaron replaced his fingers with the head of his cock and slid in gently stopping half way to give Pete time to adjust to him. Sucking on Pete’s neck as felt the teen push back causing him to sink deeper amidst to the moans of pleasure coming from the young man. Hearing a rustling coming from the bed he glanced over and smiled as Tim made his way to the edge of the bed so he could swallow Pete’s dribbling shaft, and while Tim was doing his best to swallow the hard cock Kevin had moved behind Tim and lubed up and slid home filling Tim’s ass with his own cock.



The next ten minutes the only sounds coming from the group was moans of pleasure before Pete stiffened and started to fire his load into the waiting mouth that was doing its best to bring him the most pleasure, as Pete’s sphincter spasmed, tightening and releasing rapidly it increased the pressure around Aarons cock which was hovering on the edge of releasing its own massive load. Groaning as his cock swelled up and started to fire Aaron picked up the pace in the attempt to shove as much of his length deeper inside Pete as he unloaded. Balancing with one hand while swallowing the tasty offering coming from Pete’s cock Tim used the other to grasp his own hard six inches and with a few strokes started to unload all over the sheets just as he felt Kevin swell up inside him and the tingling of the volleys hitting deep inside him.



Aaron smiled from next to Pete’s ear as he watched and felt the three teens panting as they rode their orgasms, giving them several minutes to come down from the high he thrust in and out gently, more as an act to stay hard than to get off again.



“God that was so hot” Tim collapsed on his arms his face laying in the puddles of cum rapidly being soaked up by the sheets. Still inside Tim Kevin laid down on Tim’s back and just nodded his head in agreement trying to stay inside him as long as possible.



“Let’s see if I can stay inside you all the way into the shower,” Aaron whispered into Pete’s ear as he slowly turned the teen along with his own body and started to walk towards the bathroom. Their slow walk successful as every step Pete would make let some of his length slid out of his ass and Aaron would quickly sink back in as he took his own step to follow. As they hit the door frame he called back over his shoulder without looking back, intent on picking up where he left off in the bedroom as he was aroused once more “Come on guys breakfast is waiting and we need to shower.”



Stepping into the shower and starting the warm water Aaron gently nudged Pete into the shower wall and really started to slide in and out of him, all the while his hands were soaping up Pete’s front, especially his once again very hard cock . Nibbling on Pete’s neck he ignored the giggles from either side of him as Tim mentioned something to the effect “Damn you sure are horny in the morning.” Lube appearing in his hand he squirted some out and fingered his hole for a moment before reaching over to Tim’s hard cock and slathering it on while tugging him into position behind him, letting him go when he felt the head of Tim’s cock at his hole he nodded his head to the whispered “are you sure?” from Tim.



Feeling Tim slide in and out of him at the same time that he was sliding in and out of Pete, Aaron barely noticed when Kevin got down on his knees and pushed his hand out of the way so he could suck Pete off. Even though he normally lasted longer after Cumming for the first time Tim quickly reached orgasm and shot his load deep into Aaron only to be replaced by Kevin as he slid out after moaning out, “I’m Cumming.”



Pete by this time had lost all coherent thought as his body had exploded with all the pleasure signals overloading his brain, all he really felt was the swelling in his ass and the rapid firing of liquid hitting his insides. Totally exhausted after shooting his own load he started to slump to the floor, but was stopped by the strong hands and the still erect cock spearing his ass. Grabbing some soap Aaron slowly started to wash his young lovers body before wilting slightly and pulling out of the oh so tight ass so he could wash down there also. Kissing, Kevin and Tim soundly ,“that was very hot, we will have to do that again later tonight.”



Nodding his head, Aaron laughed when his stomach started to growl and demand to be fed, blushing Kevin stepped out of the shower and grabbed several towels and passed them out after Pete reached up and shut the water off. Quickly drying off the four made their way back into the bedroom where Aaron noticed the three give disgusted looks towards their packs, figuring that now that they were clean they did not want to wear dirty clothes he piped up ,“Just throw all your dirty stuff in the laundry, we'll wash it later. We can go bare ass anywhere on the ship as no one but Chris and the four of us are onboard, he dropped his shorts in the hamper and walked to the door naked as the day he was born so the others would be comfortable with the idea.



Watching the boys clean up the breakfast dishes as they joked around with each other he was still a little shocked at the sheer amount of food they had put away, he had to go back in the kitchen early on and scramble another couple dozen eggs and cook a couple more pounds of sausage before the teens were full. Smiling he hoped that after getting regular meals they would slow down some, as they were most likely making up for near starvation diets for who knows how long. After the last plate was secured in its rack and the doors bolted shut Aaron clapped his hands to get their attention, “Well done guys, now let’s go out into the passageway so I can show you how to use the interactive map before making our way to the bridge.”



Now that they were all outside the dining area Aaron pointed out the off colored panel near the door “these are spaced out every so often on each deck and are always next to a door,” placing his hand on the panel it lit up with a map of the ship with the typical you are here icon flashing on the map. Tracing his finger along the passageway to the stairs and up to the top to the bridge he traced the route to the bridge while the three watched closely. Glancing at all three teens he removed his hand from the panel causing it to go dark once more “do you all understand how to work the map?” After getting several nods along with verbal affirmatives Aaron motioned them to come closer, “Alrighty then how about experiencing your first teleportation then, all you need to do is hang on to me while I do all the work.”



Tim smiled and was the first to grab onto Aaron he did it by backing into his front and pushing his firm butt into Aaron’s crotch and pulling his arm around so that Aaron ended up holding him by the waist, pulling him close. Tilting his head back and to the side he looked up into Aaron’s smiling face, “I want to be where Pete was this morning with you inside me.”



Grinning and nodding in agreement, Aaron leaned over and kissed him passionately before making sure the other two grinning horny teens had a good hold before concentrating on taking the three with him and he ported to the bridge, appearing off to one side. Grinning at the shocked exclamations from Pete and Kevin he kept his eyes on the pleased expression that was on Tim’s face, not sure if it was from being ported or held tightly. “So guys how did you like your first experience teleporting?”



“That was way cool,” Pete bounced around checking the different view and touching things as if making sure he was really on the bridge, while Kevin slowly walked over to the helm station near the wheel and gazed longingly at the computerized controls and staring out the window, absentmindedly running his hand along the station housing.



Open handed Aaron slowly moved his arm sideways, hand trailing across Tim’s abdomen and felt his pinkie trail along the top of a very erect cock before he released him and slapped his taught ass and whispered, “Later you horn dog,” as he moved around the now giggling teen so he could take the captains chair while Chris had moved over to the helm station and was talking quietly to Kevin, pointing out the different screens and their meanings.



Sitting down in the chair Aaron used his right hand and tapped a few commands into the terminal without moving it in front of him and glanced around the bridge, “Captain Banks prepare to depart port.”



Practically throwing his body to attention, Chris plastered his clothed crotch to the back of Kevin’s naked ass, arm moving around the teen as he placed both hands on the wheel “Sir…Yes Sir,” he barked out in response without thinking as he felt the teen push back into his crotch attempting to wiggle his ass against his soft cock. “Not now,” he whispered out of the side of his mouth as he waited for the order to move out as he entered commands to place the engines in standby.



“Once we are clear of the channel why don’t you give Kevin a turn at the wheel…when you're ready Captain enter the channel and set course for Altare Island.” Aaron smiled as he watched Kevin bounce in place in front of Chris, eager to get his hands on the wheel.



Reaching off to his side Aaron pulled Tim around to the front of his chair and helped him into his lap, getting him situated he sat back to watch Chris’s hands flying across the controls as he sent power to the side thrusters moving them away from the dock.



Activating the view screens that showed what was happening all around them, “Watch what I do carefully as most of the controls work through the touch screen instead of levers and buttons used on most other vessels.” Chris pointed out the different sections as he started to teach Kevin how to operate the console. “The Alteran Prince is a multi hulled Catamaran style submersible with a length of four hundred meters and a beam of sixty meters, with a displacement of one hundred nine thousand two hundred metric tons. That makes the Prince the largest ocean going vessel around.” Tracing his finger along the drive section, “this section directs which underwater ram jet thrusters are active, thus controlling movement” he explained as he activated the side thrusters moving them away from the dock.



Kevin’s eyes were everywhere following along to what Chris’s hands were touching and back up to the screen which showed the results of the controls being touched, he watched as the underwater monitor showed water start to bubble out of the side openings and the monitor above that one showed the ship moving sideways away from the dock, the whole time he had a smile on his face that went from side to side as his mind acted like a sponge soaking up the lesson.



Chris powered up the main jets and increased speed to just under a sixteenth of full power, as the Alteran Prince moved into the center lane of the egress channel the speed indicator hovered around six knots, slightly faster than most ships, started down the lane with but his fingers traced upwards along the power output slowly increasing speed to twenty knots as the passed the breakers. Once past the outer wall and the left most monitor showing the bottom falling away rapidly Chris slid the power output up to the halfway mark and the Prince surged forward at a respectable thirty five knots. Taking a quick glance out the front panoramic view and seeing no other ships that would possibly endanger them in the next few moments picked up Kevin’s hands one at a time and placed them one the wheel, “Kevin has the con,” he called out as he pointed to the topmost center screen, “Just keep the ship between those two lines while I lay in our course home.”



Kevin at first nervous slowly started to beam with a radiant smile as Chris moved away from him and he had total control of the Prince. Catching out of the corner of his eye movement, he saw Chris  activating another console and scrolling through maps at a fast rate, glancing back at the monitor he noticed he was slightly off center and slowly shifted the wheel so the little ship in the monitor was back in the center of the two lines.



Chris was really only going through the motions as he had already computed the fastest course back to the island last night while the loaders finished securing the cargo below decks, he really wanted to see how Kevin would handle being in charge of the Prince, smiling he turned around and noticed Aaron had one of the teens in his lap and was quietly holding a conversation with him, clearing his throat, “Course laid in Sir, least time approach has us docking in thirty nine hours under full power.”



Aaron looked up and winked at Chris who was smiling and tilted his head ever so slightly in Kevin’s direction, “So be it…Kevin take us to full power please.”



“ME?” Kevin’s voice quivered nervously as he quickly turned towards the Captain who nodded at him and motioned for him to get on with it. Gulping he slowly removed his one hand and touched the screen to the right of the wheel and mimicking what Chris had done earlier he traced his finger upwards until the indicator bars turned green and the word full power flashed above the indicator bar and the Prince surged forward, the hull rising out of the water as the speed increased to seventy knots. “HOLY SHIT!!” Kevin screamed as his eyes bulged at seeing the speed indicator reach seventy and the monitor showed the Prince rise above the water by a good twenty feet.



Laughing Aaron nudged Tim so he would stand up before doing so himself, “Captain you have the bridge. I have a lot of paperwork to sort through, so I will be in my office if you need me.” Glancing towards Kevin he just shook his head in amusement seeing him enjoying himself, that was another definite he thought. Catching Pete rise out of the corner of his eye he turned and motioned for him to join him and as the three walked out the door, “Let’s leave those two to play with their boats.” Aaron’s laughter was the only response to Chris throwing him the bird to his back.



Tim on one side of him and Pete on the other, Aaron threw his arms over each of their shoulders pulling them in tight as they walked down the passageway, “So I already know Pete not only is joining us but wants to undergo alteration, what about you Tim?” Glancing down and seeing the pensive expression he hastily added, “This is not something you have to jump into right now you know, either way once we reach the island you can stay as long as you like, whether or not you become Alteran…so no pressure from me one way or the other.”



Lost in thought as they reached the steps and instead of going down they started up Tim finally nodded his head, after all he had nothing on the street and what family he did have threw him away years ago and he always dreamed  of being with Pete, he always closed his eyes when he was with a trick and replaced the person with the image of Pete in his mind, “Yes.” The answer was simple but the reasons behind it were so pain filled Aaron winced as he caught Tim’s thoughts.



Entering the circular room Aaron removed his arms from around Tim and Pete, stopping near the only wall that was not covered in floor to ceiling plasma screens, tapping in a seven digit code into the keypad the window hissed as the seal was broken before sliding to the right opening the room up to the deck facing the stern of the ship. Nudging the two to towards the lounges built into the deck, “You two talk out here, and I do mean talk as I think the both of you are feeling the same things and you can help each other work through what you had to do to survive. I’ll only be a few feet away catching up on some work if you need to talk with me.” Pointing out the chair in the middle of the room where he would be sitting. Leaving the two standing on the deck he walked back into his office and sat down in the chair causing all the screens to come to life, each showing a different scene, everything from the construction yard on Altare to the cargo list of what was in the hold with the center screen showing his email client and the list of messages he had received and needed to read since this morning.



Glancing at the highlighted cargo manifest and the section that showed just what embryo’s had been lost to the nosy snoop, he wished he had the power to revive the man from the dead just so he could kill him again. Sighing he pulled the keyboard from the side pocket of his chair and started to compose a message to Gene Corp, he would have to replace the entire line if he wanted sausage ever again, the prick had destroyed every pig embryo when he left the cap off the nitrogen tank. Checking the email Chris had forwarded on to him with Joe’s itinerary he gave a delivery date seven days from today at the new warehouse in San Francisco and sent it off. Opening the next message in line he started to work through the long line of decisions he had to make as he started to use some of the horded wealth that was sent into the past to finance his growing empire, after all he had decided he was going to be proactive in making sure the future was changed, and that meant controlling people’s attitudes through their purse strings. The best way to change people was through simple bribery, by giving people jobs and rewarding tolerance with promotion he figured that approach coupled with accidents to those filled with hate and intolerance had a good chance to work. If not he could always go to the backup plan of leaving the planet and from lunar orbit conquer the bastards, change would happen the easy way or the hard way…but it would happen.



Finishing the emails and their involved replies an hour later Aaron twisted the chair around to glance out onto the deck and smiled at Tim and Pete holding onto each other talking quietly, tasting their thoughts and the sadness that alternated between the two he was satisfied, they had taken the first steps to work through some of the pain and better able to enjoy their new lives. Turning back to give them back the illusion of privacy he swiveled his chair to face the screen showing the construction docks and started to go through the status reports from the robotic drones finishing off the battle cruiser that would be Joe’s new command once he mastered his skills enough to be left on his own. Of course that meant they would have to do some very heavy recruiting, as even though it was highly automated they still needed a crew to get the best out of its capabilities. Satisfied that the ship would be finished well before its Captain was he swiveled his chair to face the next screen and split the screen and brought his image up, making sure that what would be seen was only his profile, there was no need after all of letting others see he was not dressed. Once he was satisfied he entered a telephone number that would connect him with a law firm in Los Angeles, a firm that all the partners happened to be gay and quite ruthless when they had to be. Changing the screens around him to show useless data and pictures of the docks he had purchased he waited for someone to answer.



When the screen suddenly cleared a female face appeared, “Davies and Associates how may I direct your call?”



Aaron frowned and glanced down confirming he had the correct telephone number and as he looked back up he noticed it was the background he was used to seeing he stared at the woman with a serious frown on his face before finally, “I do not believe you are authorized to be asking me that let alone answering this call.”



Nodding her head slowly Brenda certainly did not want to piss off anyone with the pull to video call instead of using the normal phone, “Normally you are correct, but the senior partners are in an emergency meeting after the shooting this morning, they borrowed me from the office across the hall.” Laughing as she adjusted the monitor, “I am just lucky that I know how to answer the phones and transfer calls, normally I stand in front of the judge arguing on behalf of my clients, not being the one making appointments.” Shrugging her shoulders she thought for a moment where she was and the type of clients Roger and his firm handled, “I am forgetting my manners, Brenda Humphreys – Smythe, my life mate Gloria is the other half of Humphreys and Smythe we deal in real estate law primarily.”



“Ah, it is you that I have to thank for the speedy transfer of the title for my new facility then.” Aaron nodded his head towards the camera, “now the real question is who was shot?”



Not thinking anything strange with the question Brenda relaxed back in the chair, “No one from any of our firms, the problem is the Feds have tried to get involved and want access to the lower levels where all our records and files are kept. A fishing expedition we believe, in the hopes of finding god knows what, I would not put it past them to have arranged the shooting for the sole purpose of getting their hands on our files.”



Aaron laughed before sending a data file over the connection causing the printer on the other end to start churning out documents in the conference room, “Well it is a good thing the records are no longer in that building then isn’t it.” Smirking at her expression of shock as she put together the clues to his identity finally. “Beside the property listed on the papers being printed I also need to have Roger incorporate a new business venture and file all the appropriate paperwork for the new international security firm I will be starting.” Talking to her back as she stood up and went to the printer to go through the papers being stacked in the output tray, “On your end there is a list of properties that I would like to purchase which include the small private airstrip outside Fresno, I would also like you to buy up as much of the surrounding property so the runway can be extended to handle leer jets at the minimum.”



Frowning at the paperwork as she went over it in her mind she separate the two stacks on the table, what her firm would handle and what Roger’s would need to, “I assume you want the property ownership listed under the new company name…which means that it will be at least ten days before all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted making things official.” Brenda sat down and sorted through the real estate needs by locations, making new piles. Glancing at the maximum price listed on each property she nodded her head ignoring that she was still connected as she went over in her mind the best way to handle things. Remembering where she was she looked up sheepishly, “right I can play around with scenarios on my own time. Everything I need is right here, shall I just pass along your needs and this stack,” she tapped the stack of papers on her left, “to Roger or do you need to speak with him?”



Staring at the woman for a moment Aaron started to say no and thought better of it and sent another file to the printer in the conference room, “If you would be so kind as to tell Roger that there is an eyes only file in the printer tray and secure the room if you need to leave it to get his attention I would appreciate it.” This would be a good test on whether or not she could be trusted, after all being a Lesbian was points in her favor. Though he was not about to really trust anyone but Alteran’s, those who had their DNA altered, after all their minds had passed muster on where their loyalties truly where.



Instead of getting a reply Brenda glanced away after hearing the printer start to cycle and by the time she looked back the screen was blank. Shaking her head she went over and locked the door by throwing the deadbolt and picked up the phone, Roger needed to get his ass in here, as she was not used to dealing with powerful people, people who could make things happen by picking up the phone.



Tim and Pete who had heard the partial conversation and peaked around the door frame at hearing Aaron ask who was shot, they looked at each other as they listened in on the conversation while trying to remain out of sight afraid if they were found they would get in trouble, they jumped when Aaron’s voice called out to them, “Are you guys hungry, it’s about time for lunch I think.”



Standing up causing the screens to shut off Aaron turned around to see the frightened looks on the two teens faces, “Hey now none of that. If I did not want you hearing something or seeing what I was doing I would not have let you up here in the first place. Beside which,” he smiled at them as he motioned for them to join him, “I know you can keep my secrets.”



Wanting to laugh at the puzzled expressions he reached up and tapped the side of his head causing the boys to laugh and look at each other, “DUH”.



“Come on lets go get a sandwich or something, that’s if Kevin and Chris have not eaten it all.” Aaron chuckled as he gathered the two into a hug before walking towards the door.



“Who is driving the ship if they are down in the dining room?” Tim asked as they continued down past the bridge deck, glancing over his shoulder trying to see if the bridge was in fact empty.



Two decks below the bridge Aaron finally stepped off the stairs and started down the passageway towards the dining room, hearing voices he smiled at Tim who was still looking over his shoulder every now and then back towards the way they  came, doing some discrete snooping he took a look at Tim’s thoughts and pulled him in close, “Relax, we're on autopilot and the alarms will sound if anything even remotely looks like it will go out of sorts, and don’t forget we can port up to the bridge in an instant.”



They walked into the dining room just as Kevin asked, “But if you are crewing the Prince all alone what do you do at night when you have to sleep, it’s not like it would be safe to just engage the autopilot and go to bed?”



Laughing Chris waved at Aaron and the others as they walked into the room while taking another bite of his corned beef and kraut sandwich before answering, “Simple really, I reduce speed to thirty knots and submerge the Prince to a depth of seventy feet or so.” Shrugging his shoulders as if it did not matter, which it probably didn’t, “it adds a few hours to the trip but otherwise no one knows we aren’t fully crewed. Though after a few months we should have a full crew for the Prince and the others and it won’t matter as much.”



“Plus we can dispense with the illusions and all the secrecy shortly anyway, once recruitment centers are fully operational around the world it won’t matter if the governments know about us.” Making his own Rueben sandwich Aaron sat down and bit into it before chewing and swallowing. “Once I have secure safe houses set up to recruit and rescue young gay guys so they can have a better life, well it’s not like the rest of the world would be able to do anything to stop us after all, not with their tech base a couple hundred years behind the times.”



Placing his own turkey sandwich and chips down between Tim and Kevin. “What do you mean recruit, what type of recruiting would you have to do that it ends up rescuing gays?” Pete sat down looking across the table at Chris and Aaron.



Taking a drink of his water Aaron placed the glass down, “Simple really. How many other guys in the same situation that you were in would jump at a chance to get off the streets, hell they are hundreds that never make it to the streets each year that disappear due to their parents shipping them off to some reeducation camp or just disappearing them totally.” Now that he had every ones attention, "I plan to start in San Francisco by rescuing as many gay guys off the street as I can find, most will join us and the few that don’t will still be welcome to come to the island to create a new life for themselves. The only problem at first will be finding them, after a while word on the street will herd them to us, and once I covertly recruit some guys at some of the major colleges, those set up in their new houses will spend their time off from class and studying by seeking out young gays that need to be rescued or who really want what we can offer.” Waving a dill pickle around the table, “hell most anyone would jump at the chance to get altered and have these gifts…too bad they are linked to the gay genes,” laughing Aaron bit into his pickle, "well to bad for the straights that is.”



Tim grew very thoughtful as he stared at his plate with the half eaten sandwich, pushing it around with the tips of his fingers as he thought about what had been said. Feeling a nudge under the table from Pete he looked up to see the concern on his friends face, trying to smile in a reassuring way he then turned and locked his eyes with Aaron, “What can we do to help?” Pointing to either side of him and both of his friends, “we know what it is like to live on the street, selling our bodies to survive, while the location might be different we do walk the walk and talk the talk so we can get the kids on the street to open up to us…to trust us where they would run from you. Even though you only look a few years older than us, you are still old enough that most might consider you a cop trying to bust them, especially in California. Beside the cold it was the cops that kept me from going west.”



“Why not start in Florida, I mean we do know the area well and know who to look out for and all,” Pete asked as he nudged Tim and motioned for him to eat, worried about his friend knowing that they spent too much time on the street in the past hungry, so him not eating food in front of him worried him.



“Good point, and to tell you the truth I am planning on talking with three or four guys over at the University of Miami, so far the emails have been encouraging…well as encouraging as they can be without being there to dip into their surface thoughts to make sure they can be trusted. So far they are eager to meet with me next week to talk over scholarships and free housing, I know two of them are really struggling after their families kicked them out for being gay. All four of them are determined to make something of themselves to prove to their families that by being gay they are just as good as everyone else. They will run the safe house and recruitment for southern Florida and provide the opening to finding other colleges with like minded people, once they graduate they of course will have a job in one of the many business’s I own here in the states or overseas or they can choose a complete new life on the island.” Aaron looked over at the lunchmeats trying to decide if he was still hungry, “the main reason to shift docks to California is that it will shave off twelve hours trip time not having to round the coast of South America.”



Seeing Tim was still not eating and playing around with his food waiting on an answer Aaron smiled and motioned for him to eat up, “Of course you are more than welcome to help out, however you want.” Seeing the smile return to Tim’s face he did however dash it briefly “that is once you have fully mastered porting…unless it is from a safe secure location like surfing the net and such. I am not about to endanger you without making sure you have a way to be safe.” Aaron’s look made the others swallow nervously with how serious he was, but also Tim felt warm inside that he was valued enough to make sure nothing happened to him, it had been a long time if ever someone felt that way for him.



After excusing himself from the table and motioning for Kevin to stay with his friends, Chris threw away his trash and ported up to the bridge so he could watch over things and spend some time instant messaging with Joe, catching up with the change of plans, after all he only needed a flight from Hawaii to California now instead of Florida. Plus he had some more feelers to put out in the gay military circles and he could use the quiet time to get that done without the distraction of a horny teen.



Now that everyone had filled their empty belies Aaron stood and started to return the cold cuts to the refrigerator while the boys cleaned up the table placing everything in the trash or washing the few dishes up that had been used, while the others dried and racked the glasses, locking them in place.



“I would normally suggest a nice swim, but as there is no pool onboard at the moment, or I should say it is not filled at the moment how about we go topside and lay in the sun working on getting rid of our tan lines for a bit, maybe work on a few other things as well," Aaron smirked and waggled his eyebrows causing them to laugh.



After dinner that night Chris left to go to bed early so he could relieve Aaron around two in the morning, that way they would not have to slow down to submerge, lengthening the time it took to get to the island.



 While Aaron set the boys up with access to the internet from the lounge down the hall from his cabin and told them to go to bed whenever, he would join them after his watch ended. Porting himself to the bridge he double checked the readouts to make sure everything was alright before sitting down in the Captains chair and pulling the terminal around so he could check on his emails.



Finalizing the list of Colleges and Universities where he would set up safe houses, Aaron emailed the list to his lawyers so it could be passed on with a brief description on what type of houses to look for and just what he was doing in broad terms including the information on the scholarships offered to deserving gay youth that were in danger of losing their dream by being rejected by their parents. He left out a lot of the hidden details of why he was doing this and how it would be the backbone of his recruitments efforts and used primarily to rescue in danger gay youth. He ended the email stating that every student who made it through collage would have a position in one of his companies waiting for them upon graduation, he told them it was his way of ensuring quality employee’s, after all sport teams had been doing something similar for years with good results.



It was amazing in a way how quickly emails requesting clarification or some other request for guidance would come in, he had not even started to expand his holdings seriously and he was getting this type of volume, he shuddered to think what would happen later on once his holdings grew, he made a note to place an ad for a gay business manager or at least a personal secretary. Most of the shit he read tonight was company execs not wanting to make decisions they were hired for in fear of their jobs now that they were under new ownership. Glancing up at the clock he noticed he had only been at it a couple of hours as it was going on nine o’clock. Sensing a presence approaching the deck Aaron turned the captains chair around to see Tim walk through the door, “Hey there are you bored already?”



Seeing the look on Tim’s face Aaron held out his arms inviting the teen to climb up on his lap, once he was seated he leaned around Tim’s shoulder so his head was next to Tim’s face, “What’s up, you look either bored or depressed?”



Rubbing his face against Aarons for a moment he tried to ignore the stirring of the part of his body below his waist before sighing, “A little of both…Kevin is going through the plans of the Prince, flipping screens back and forth, muttering under his breath about two reactors and why the second only has power runs to the bridge that seems to go nowhere. While Pete is digging through the computer all excited about finding new tech and such, muttering all the while about there being no laser weapons and what not like in Star Trek, he keeps comparing screens between the official Star Trek website and your data base disappointed you don’t have transporters.”



Chuckling softly as his mouth was near Tim’s ear Aaron reminded him, “We can teleport, beside the other two T level gifts, why do we need that shit.” He smiled at being able to get Tim to laugh and perk up, "what were you up to with the computer?”



“I was thinking about what you said earlier, about rescuing gay street kids like us and I was searching the internet finding likely spots to go cruising," twisting in the seat so he could turn sideways enough to look into Aaron’s face while he talked to gauge his reaction.“I was getting really frustrated when I tried to print something and could not find your printers or anywhere in the program to print what I found out so I could show you…and I am a little down because I will probably be asleep when you come to bed and I really wanted you inside me with me standing up, not leaning against anything like you did Pete this morning.”



Absentmindedly running his hand up and down Tim’s thigh as he thought about the best way to resolve the second part of Tim’s problem Aaron reached around with his free hand and pulled the terminal pad around so it could be seen, tapping the slot in the middle of the keyboard, "Each of the keyboards have this slot in them. They are made to fit Isolinear chips that slot into the P.A.D.D’s , so we don’t need to use printers, saves a lot of paper that way, there should be a P.A.D.D. next to each terminal in the lounge, just pull one out and pull the chip out of the side and slot it into the keyboard.” Aaron pulled the chip out of the P.A.D.D. from the side pocket and pulled the chip out so Tim could see how it worked.



Placing the P.A.D.D. back into the chairs side pocket and pushing the terminal out of the way Aaron placed both hands around Tim’s thighs and placed them over the edge of the chairs arm before placing his arm around Tim’s back to support him as he drew him in tight and kissed him gently, “As far as the second problem goes…I think we can take care of it here…and now.”



Sending his mind towards his cabin he pictured where he had last left the bottle of lube and with metaphysical fingers picked it up and ported it to his hand up on the bridge, grasping it before it had a chance to slip through his fingers Aaron released Tim’s lip long enough to ask, "Do you need to visit the bathroom first?”



Reaching between his legs to unbend the hard cock poking the bottom of his legs Tim smiled as he squeezed his legs back around the hard cock, “I already took care of that after supper, all three of us did.”



Placing the bottle of lube in the built in cup holder for the moment Aaron reached around as started to caress every square inch of bare skin he could find as he started to suck along Tim’s neck down to his hard nipples before making his way back up to Tim’s neck just to start over again, this time going down the other side. Placing his hands under the firm globes sitting on his lap Aaron lifted the teen up as he stood freeing his hard cock before sliding Tim down his side so he was standing on his own feet. Reaching behind him he snapped the cap open on the bottle of lube and with one hand squeezed a small amount into the palm of his hand which he worked into his fingers well before slipping his hand through Tim’s spread legs reaching for the tight hole in the center of the valley between the firm mounds of flesh. Circling the hole with his forefinger he slowly slipped it inside to the first knuckle while doing his best to explore every inch of Tim’s mouth and tongue, releasing his kisses only long enough to take shallow breaths.



Moving his finger slowly in and out of the tight ass, searching on each thrust in for the elusive prostrate Aaron felt Tim loosen up enough he slipped the second finger in and continued to finger the tight hole, twisting and searching for the spot that would cause intense pleasure. Feeling the hard cock moving back and forth across his belly leaving a slick trail his fingers finally found what they were searching for causing Tim to let out a low moan of pleasure and increase his thrusting against his belly. Aaron’s third finger just outside the tight hole, at least until Tim not wanting to wait any longer pushed back, thrusting his body back against his hand causing the third finger to sink in to Tim’s hot moans of pleasure.



Tim not able to take much more of the finger action stood on his tip toes squeezing his ass causing the fingers to slip out of him so he could turn quickly and hands grabbing his cheeks he backed up while lustily whispering, “Take me…take me before I blow.”



Rubbing his lube coated hand around his stiff cock Aaron moved into position and slowly pushed the head of his cock past the still tight ring until he felt himself pop in, waiting for a moment so that Tim had a chance to get used to him he slowly slid all the way in until his trimmed pubes hit the firm globes of Tim’s ass. Slowly moving in and out, pausing as the head of his cock reach the tight sphincter Aaron reached around and used the lube covered hand to grab onto Tim’s leaking hard cock and rapidly moving his hand back and forth caused Tim to hit his orgasm, waiting until he felt the contractions around his hard cock stop Aaron then picked up the pace moving in and out faster, keeping Tim at the high edge of post orgasm, not giving him time to wind down before building up again. Breathing heavily while Tim was panting almost as if he was having trouble catching his breath Aaron shook the sweat out of his eyes as he grabbed onto Tim’s cock once more and started to fondle him, moving his hand up and down the hard shaft, paying extra attention to the head on every upstroke. Keeping himself on the edge of shooting of his load by varying the speed of his pumping, stopping for a moment all the way in before starting over, he felt the cock head start to swell in his hand warning that Tim was about to explode and increased his thrusts and as Tim’s ass clamped down on his hard cock as Tim shot another load, he hit his own orgasm, filling the teens hot ass with his load, firing each volley deep inside Tim’s body.



Stopping as he rode the waves of pleasure of his orgasm Aaron stayed inside Tim as he caught his breath, holding Tim tight to his body as they both recovered. Once he could think again he slowly started to pump in and out just enough to stay rock hard as he recharged, at least until he felt the passion rise and he really started on the second round.



Thirty minutes later Aaron had stiffened and filled Tim’s tight ass once more before practically picking him up and moving back to the Captains chair, he sat down still inside Tim the whole time, holding Tim tight as the teen purred in contentment eyes half closed after Cuming for the third time, this time without being touched, just by the action of the constant rubbing across his prostrate. They sat there for a good forty five minutes before Aaron had wilted enough to slip out of Tim, all the while just basking in the touch of their two bodies together in the chair. Leaning back against Aaron, Tim looked up in time to be capture by a slow leisurely kiss before whispering, “Thank you,” between kisses.



Putting his feet on the floor Tim ever so slowly stood up, making sure his tired legs would hold his body up, “I think after that I am going to bed,” he got out before stumbling back tiredly.



Grinning Aaron caught Tim before he could fall back into his lap and stood up, “Let me,” porting the two of them back to his cabin and helping Tim lay down, tucking him in before kissing him one last time, “sleep well, I will join you guys in bed later.” Seeing Tim smile before closing his eyes Aaron ported into the bathroom for a quick wash up with a wash cloth before porting back to the bridge with a couple of damp towels to clean up the evidence of their activity.