Chapter 04






Porting into the bedroom Aaron noticed two young good looking guys falling backwards trying to get away from him, surprise evident on their faces and the one that looked like Joe was holding a cell phone to his ear. He could hear Joe’s voice shouting on the other end of the phone; evidently he was trying to get a response out of his brother who was sprawled across the bed. “Look guys, time is tight right now. Joe hopefully explained why we need your help, now I need to know if you are going to help out or stay here?” He left off the have your memory erased part if they refused to help out. Seeing the one with the phone nod his head Aaron relaxed slightly and waved them over ,“come on over here. I need to be touching you so transporting the two of you does not take too much of my energy,” not seeing any movement he raised his voice slightly,“that means get your pert little asses over here.”



Jumping up from the bed Carl and his friend made their way cautiously over to where Aaron was standing, acting all the while like he was some dangerous animal about to strike. Stopping close enough to touch the stranger that just suddenly appeared in the room with them Carl lifted the phone back to his mouth, “Call you later Joe, seems your friend is here,” he slowly told his brother before closing the phone with a click.



Holding his arm out between them Aaron tried to reassure them by smiling, “We need to be touching for this to work. What I am going to do is called teleportation or we shorten it to simply 'porting', it is a way to travel great distances in the time it takes to blink.” As soon as he felt both of them touch him he ported back to the trauma center just as one of the bio-tube alarms started to go off. “FUCK.”



Rushing over to the bio-tube that had one of the older teens in it he studied the monitor for a moment ignoring the fact the regen liquid was turning pink and then red. Tapping several commands that injected another three units of nanites directly into the blood stream Aaron started directing them to the damaged area sealing the blood vessels. “FUCK…FUCK…FUCK WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THE BLOOD COMING FROM.” Aaron hating surprises spat out as he frantically looked through the screens as he initiated an emergency flush which cycled the regen fluid in the chamber for. Once the liquid became partially clear he noticed the blood leaking from around the kids ass and whirled back the terminal and muttered, “Okay, so he is torn up inside, if those fuckers weren’t dead I would go back and kill them all over again.” Activating the scanning features of the nanite’s he directed them to the kids lower bowel area and froze as the scene came up on the monitor, the kids lower bowel was torn to shreds and the great Saphenous vein had been torn, that’s where the sudden rush of blood came from, though at the moment the nanite’s had the blood loss down to a trickle as they repaired the vein.



“Shit that kid needs a cutter in here not two third years, and what the shit is that stuff they are submerged in?” Carl announced as he studied the picture, trying to ignore the fact that all of the kids were floating in tubes submerged in liquid.



“This calls for drastic measures,” Aaron said as he pulled a cart away from the wall and started to attach a housing unit to the bio-tube, one that would let him have access to the body sealed inside. “Your cutter is right here, now get your asses over here so I can teach you something as I will be busy on this kid for a while.”



Carl recognizing the tone used by his professors and preceptors from his practical rotations stepped up to the strange tube as he was the closest one, “Right what do I do?” He looked around the strange displays and his eyes widened in wonder as he started to understand what was displayed on the screens.



Gordon stepped up to the next closest tube and started to examine the displays just like Carl was and he too was in awe at all the information at his fingertips, continually glancing back to where the strange guy that Carl’s brother identified as Aaron, he did not want to miss any explanations.



“Okay, first the answer to your earlier question what this fluid is, it is a specially designed regenerative fluid commonly referred to as regen liquid, it is designed to speed cell division and promotes healing. We submerge a person in a half strength solution because the skin is the largest organ in the body and while submerged in the fluid and with the electromagnetic currents passing through it the body is able to absorb the fluid and also release waste directly as if the body was a typical cell membrane." Aaron started his lecture as he glanced to the monitor one more time before preparing the tools that would soon be passing through the field into the tank so he could use the remotes to perform the surgery. “The plus side is it is completely sterile and by passing through the filters easily cleaned, as it cannot be contaminated except under very strict circumstances.”



“Ok if I understand what you said, this fluid is completely sterile and can pass the lipid barrier that makes up the skin and is used in rapid cell regeneration, so I guess in a way it makes sense to submerge a patient in this fluid from your explanation,” Carl said slowly as he looked at the terminal next to the end of the bed that led to the wall monitor.



“If it aids in cell regeneration why don’t you inject it directly instead of indirectly through the skin?” Gordon asked as he frowned at the monitor blinking around a broken rib that was misaligned and putting pressure on the plural lining. “Hey this kid has a broken and misaligned rib it is going to need surgical intervention to wire it in place before it ruptures the plural lining.



Leaning over the tube Aaron stretched so he could see the monitor over David’s bio-tube, “See the plastic stylus next to the console you are standing in front of?” Waiting until Gordon picked up the stylus and waved it in the air, “Okay tap the word monitor on the screen, upper left hand corner once with the stylus and then tap the picture of the break on the screen. That will place it on the large monitor on the wall so I can see from here.”



Once the screen flickered to the new picture Aaron glanced at it before shaking his head, “Okay, I am going to talk you through the procedure to fuse the bone. Don’t worry, there will be no cutting involved, there is no reason to open David up for something this simple.” Cycling the air lock at the end of the bed he waited until it opened before reaching for the linked gloves and slipping them on, the gloves were an advanced version of joysticks, what his hands did above the bio-tube the remote hands would do inside the tube.



“Okay, first thing the console you are standing in front of is like the control center, everything you need to do for the most part can happen from that console…Carl you might as well pick up the stylus and prepare to follow my commands while I am busy doing the actual surgery.” Flexing his fingers while he watched the remotes in the tube he was satisfied that it was working correctly Aaron reached for the scalpel. “Okay, the first thing you need to do is read the numerical value off to me on the far right hand side of the word nanite, don’t worry about the Pico liter reading, you are looking for the number that is divided by a slash mark. The first number is the number of active nanite’s actually working on repairs while the second number refers to the number of idle nanite’s waiting to replace those that are used and are now spent. Nanite’s are organically based and once used for their purpose like tissue repair become part of the new tissue and are no longer of any use, so we constantly replace them as we use them up and the computer and our own experience directs them.”



Aaron made a modified Y cut and really opened the abdominal cavity of the teen he was working on, Carl was surprised there was no blood and blurted out his question, “Why no blood? Under normal surgeries there would be a ton of blood and no surgeon would make a opening cut like that.”



“Nanite’s are blocking the blood vessels and once I am finished and seal the wound, I will direct them to rejoin the tissue seamlessly…meaning no scars. So I can enjoy a large incision and really clean out the kids abdomen.” Aaron glanced up to see both students staring at him and he frostily told them ,“those number aren’t going to read themselves out loud to me you know?”



Blushing, Carl looked at the numbers and blinked as the first number jumped from twenty five thousand down to thirty five hundred while the second number dropped to just above two thousand ,“We have thirty five hundred and three hundred seventy active and just over twenty one hundred in standby.”



“I have six thousand active and four thousand on standby.” Gordon reported as he read off his numbers, he was not about to be asked twice for information, he knew that tone that said don’t fuck with me and never make me ask you twice, his surgical preceptor was like that.



“Not good for our patient Carl, use the stylus to tap the commands on the touch screen, a finger can be too large. Tap the word nanite twice, each time you do so it will inject one unit of nanite’s which is ten thousand of the little buggers; you need to make sure that the inactive level does not drop below five thousand in a trauma case.” Aaron glanced to see if his orders were being followed before walking Gordon through the next step, “Okay, you know Joe told me Carl’s name but not yours and hey you sounds rude.”



Blushing Gordon looked down at the monitor so he could hide his face, “Sorry about that I’m Gordon, a close friend of Carl’s and also a third year at Berkley.”



“Alrighty Gordon nice to meet Carl’s boyfriend, now on to what you need to do I want you to look in the lower section of your screen the bottom middle section under the display showing the break. You are looking for the word procedure, now before you actually follow my instructions listen through the whole thing first.” Aaron spared a glance up as he was waving his hand causing a stream of regen fluid to flow over the open abdomen, flushing out the debris from the colon.



“Ok found it and I promise to recite the orders first before proceeding,” Gordon was very stiff and precise in his words.



“Relax Gordon, I am not one of those hard nose bastards that will chew you a new asshole for not knowing something you had no way of knowing beforehand.” Aaron smiled as he told Carl, “Follow along Carl while Gordon is working on the bone you will be working on directing the nanite’s to re-grow the lower colon, otherwise this kid would have ended up with a colostomy if he survived. The steps you need to follow are these. To start a procedure that will direct the nanite’s you would tap the word procedure, letting the computer know a command is forthcoming. Then you would tap the word nanite, which by having the word procedure tapped first will not release any nanite’s into the patient. Then you are going to make the smallest circles around the two breaks as possible before tapping the screen you drew the circles on. What we are doing is directing the nanite’s to those two areas and then when the nanite’s reach threshold you will be given the option to fuse the two bones together, tapping activate once you have checked the fuse bones option.”



“Carl, the same steps but different area. What you are going to do is circle the outline of where the colon should be, making one big diagram if you will instead of two, then you will chose the option for organ re-growth. It will take about six hours for the colon to re-grow. Just make sure you connect the end of the colon to the anus properly, picture perfect is not a requirement just hit the ball park so to speak.” Aaron started to trim the shredded end of the colon so it was a clean cut, before eyeing up the rest of the abdominal cavity, looking for other damage. “Gordon if your nanite inactive numbers reach below two thousand you will need to administer another unit and you can do that by tapping administer then nanite as a procedure will be under way.”



“Alright the first thing I need to do is tap procedure then nanite, telling the system I am about to commit to a procedure directing and using the nanite’s, then I highlight the area I want the nanite’s to concentrate at before taping the picture of the break which will give me a menu and I select fuse bones and then activate the procedure. Making sure I do not drop below two thousand idle nanite’s and if so I need to hit administer then nanite to inject another unit. The question is, since I have dropped to just above three and a half thousand active can I go ahead and pre-empt the need and administer the nanite’s now?” Gordon recited the steps he was going to take before looking up to get an answer.



Smiling, it seemed Gordon had a good head on his shoulders, “In a trauma situation no problem. If it was just a break with no other involvement I would wait until you need more nanite’s as you would routinely inject one unit when you activate the cycle in the beginning, here the nanite’s are being controlled by the computer which is trying to repair the most organs as quickly as possible. The computer will always choose to repair organs first and skeletal bones and nerves last, a trained trauma doc will override the computer and be pre-emptive with the repairs. The computer would have ignored the broken rib until it pierced the lungs, thus extending the recovery time due to more damage needing to be repaired.” Aaron looked at Carl who was outlining the colon his lines leading from the new clean cuts to the anus on the screen before tapping the picture and scrolling through the options, placing a check next to the organ repair check box and waiting for the system to give him the activate option.



Placing the scalpel on the tray near the kid’s feet Aaron picked up the device that would help fuse the skin back together now that he was sure the abdomen was clean. Aaron spared a moment to glance at both Carl and Gordon and the screen above David where the highlighted lines were being drawn, nice tight work he thought.



“The system is not giving me the activation option, but the idle nanite section is blinking” Carl looked up and glanced in the tube and was shocked to see the skin seamlessly flowing back together  as a strange device was placed over the cuts.”What the hell…”



“The blinking means that there is not enough nanite’s in the kid’s system to even start the procedure, so administer another unit, maybe two depending  on if it stops blinking after you administer the first unit, just remember that you have already started a procedure.” Aaron had finished sealing the skin on the right side of the Y and moved to the other side of the incision.



Carl tapped the commands to administer more nanite’s and finally the blinking stopped and the activate command appeared and he started the procedure. Watching the screen in amazement he watched as the colon started to re-grow on the screen, glancing between the monitor screen and the patient in the tube he tried to figure out what was bothering him, something was off and he could not figure out what is was. Finally as he watched the little machine seal the last of the incision it hit him, "Hey shouldn’t we have been able to see this kids prostrate with the colon out of the way?”



Placing the sealer in the tray and pushing it into the airlock out of the way Aaron looked up and stretched as he started to remove his gloves. Accepting a glass of juice from Chris and some chocolate he munched some and in between sips, “Well it was mostly destroyed so that will be another of the things this kid will have to have re-grown, those bastards really worked these kids over.”



“HOLY…Damn…Carl you have to see this to believe it, the bones are moving closer together and actually aligning.” Gordon was ecstatic as he watched the rib fuse, twenty minutes later it was finished and the break gone. “Hey can I direct the nanite’s to repair the inflammation and abrasion caused by the break that should reduce the risk of pleurisy.”



Walking around the bio-tube so he was looking over Carl’s shoulder Aaron noticed the blinking warning in the upper corner, “Sure, you just go through the same steps but choose soft tissue repair. Carl see that blinking in the upper corner that is a warning from the system, sepsis is setting in and we need to do something about it.” Pointing out the blinking message Aaron continued to teach them how to operate the equipment. “Tap it to bring up the report.”



“Sepsis fifteen percent…shouldn’t the flushing of the abdominal cavity corrected the problem?” Carl looked over his shoulder to who was rapidly becoming his mentor.



“Who knows how long ago the colon was destroyed, sepsis could have been a bigger problem before hand. Remember the computers ignore what they consider little stuff until later, they concentrate on heart then the brain. Circulation comes next ,then organs before the skeletal system and finally the nervous system, infection and a whole myriad of other problems are left for the very last. That is why outside direction is so important.” Shrugging his shoulders as he went to refill his glass with more juice, “the system is great if you have hardly any training and will keep you alive, albeit it might take months before the repairs have been completed instead of days because of how computers are so single minded.”



“So Carl, to correct the problem in your patient, since you already tapped the screen to bring up the diagnostic report you need to administer some meds to take care of the problem, the computer of course will offer you choices.” Aaron turned back to watch the two of them work.



Tapping the administer button and then the meds button a new screen popped up with one highlighted, “gamma goblin C-47 is already highlighted and checked do you want me just let it go with its choice or is there something better?” Carl wondered out loud as he looked over his shoulder where a very tired looking Aaron was leaning against the counter.



“This is one of those times that the computers choice is wrong,” holding up his hand Aaron expanded on his answer, “Not that that is a bad choice, as it is a very general purpose anti infection agent, but if you scroll down you should find one listed that will work a lot better, you are looking for C-59, it will be more specific for the type of infection present from the GI tract being torn to shit.” Tired he pulled the chair around so he could sit down and rest a minute.



While Carl scrolled the list looking for the med he was told to administer Gordon looked up with an expression on his face like he had been told Christmas had come early, “This is so cool, how do you get the computer to show you what else is going on, I see the reports on the big screen so I know that his calcium is low and probably should be boosted, but how do you scan?”



Eyes closed head leaning back against the counter Aaron didn’t bother to move much, “Go to the administer meds section and you will see a place to tap in letters, just put in calcium and chose the dosage you want from the listed options. As far as the rest, fall back on your anatomy and physiology 101. After tapping scan that is, it will come up with a generic outline of a body if you do not tell it what to scan and go section by section, the initial scan of injuries should be on the left hand side of the wall monitor with a percentage number next to each line which will tell you how much has been repaired. I would suggest since the initial scan has already been done that you work down that list first. Tap this sequence onto your monitor screen, report, scan, the initial that will bring what is up on the wall monitor to your workstation, by tapping the line you want it will bring up the information and you can take it from there….just remember there are four other patients that have not been looked at and the computer is controlling the repairs, so if nothing is life threatening start something then move on to another patient to start procedure then so on and so forth.”



“Gamma goblin administered and nothing is blinking is there a way to set the computer to automatically inject nanite’s when it runs to low so I can move on?” Carl asked as he gazed around the room to the other five occupied bio-tubes.



Eyes still closed Aaron nodded, “Autodoc, nanite’s, then choose the trigger level then Autodoc once more for the computer to take over.”



Gordon pulled the list up on the terminal and frowned at all the injuries the initial scan reported, not seeing any life threatening problems he noticed the spleen listed was at seventy five percent functioning while the liver was only at forty percent. Quickly tapping out the sequence he was becoming more comfortable using he instructed the system to concentrate on repairing the liver at a faster rate before setting the Autodoc so he could move on. “This technology is something that the head of every trauma hospital  would give both nuts to get their hands on.”



Aaron laughed tiredly as he opened his eyes and smiled, “Well I do plan on letting the world know about my wonderful toys soon. But they are not going to get their hands on them any time in the future, if they want to use them they will just have to come to my hospital to get treatment.”



Carl had moved over to one of the younger boys and read through the initial scan report, “You said these boys were tortured and it looks like they were also drugged out of their minds to boot. I hope the police beat the shit out of the guys that did this.”



Chris walked in carrying a tray covered in high calorie snacks and placed it on the counter near Aaron, he had slipped out and called Joe to fill him in on what was happening and to thank him for his quick thinking. They had talked a good half hour while he prepared the snacks knowing that Aaron would need to replace the energy he had used, “Those three fucks are well and truly dead after their re-education farm blew up around their paralyzed asses. Aaron you need to eat something you look wasted.”



Chuckling Aaron reached over for a bowl of fruit and dumped it on the bowl of chocolate ice cream, “I feel that way to, my levels are more than likely totally whacked right now.”



Gordon looked over at Chris when he explained the three that did this atrocity had been killed and felt satisfaction before feeling guilty that he was glad they were dead, after all he became a doctor to heal people not hurt them. Looking at Aaron’s gaunt face he was alarmed, it looked like he had lost a significant amount of weight in the short time since they arrived, “Do you have some medical condition that we should be worried about you look like you suddenly lost fifty pounds?”



Laughing Aaron placed the empty bowl down before grabbing the red box he saw under the ice cream and opened it with a smile, “No, my physiology is very different than yours, I used so much energy this evening between porting back and forth halfway around the world and all the telekinesis I had to do that my body burned through my fat reserves, which were only around two percent, and started to metabolize my muscles, what I need is rest and a lot of calories over the next few days.” Aaron held up a glistening chocolate donut before biting into it with pleasure.



Carl who had figured out how to get the console to display more functions set the system to filter out the drugs in the kids system, while programming it to concentrate of the genital and nipple burns, “These kids have been electro shocked, some twisted fuck hooked wires to their balls and nipples and turned on the juice.” His angry voice caused Gordon to look towards him with concern.



Chris sighed, “So that was what those burns were. I suppose it was some twisted type of aversion therapy,” looking down at Aaron he vowed to himself, “You told me there were hundreds of those places worldwide that either cured kids from being gay or killed them, it seems I have found a calling.” Glancing at the red container he noticed Aaron was on his third donut, “holy shit…Aaron that’s number three, those suckers are ten thousand calories each…just how depleted are you?”



Finishing the third and picking up a fourth before closing the lid Aaron smiled, “Nothing a good night’s rest and a week of eating everything in sight won’t cure. I am going to have to change my meeting to a video conference tomorrow as I am not going to be up to porting to California for another day without help.” Pulling the P.A.D.D off the counter behind his head Aaron synched it to the bio-tube Carl was working on and followed along, noticing the drugs that were used, “Carl his kidney’s won’t take much more abuse, that drug combo has already stressed them as it is, set the system for organ regeneration with the kidneys as the target, you then have to  tomorrow morning have the system target the liver.”



“O...Kay, you have seen something that I am missing here.” Carl looked around the readouts and glanced over towards the sitting figure looking at some type of tablet pc.



Nodding his head still in teacher mode, “The drug cocktail they came up with on the surface looks innocent enough, but if you look at the renal enzymes you will see they are at the high end of normal and you will not have seen this in class yet, that combo of drugs leads to kidney and liver failure, or at least it did in the ninety’s were it was first used in mental wards.”



Making a decision Chris left the trauma pod and in search of a bed he could wheel in for Aaron to sleep on, as he was sure he would refuse to leave.



Tapping the commands into the system Carl wondered out loud, “What will happen to the kidneys with the system set to regenerate them, even though there are not damaged yet?” he activated the procedure and set the Autodoc.



“It will rebuild them for them core out, after the drugs are out of the system and the regeneration complete those kidneys will be in pristine shape as if they had never filtered anything.” Aaron yawned as he placed the mostly finished donut down on the tray and grabbed a bottle of water.



Gordon stopped what he was doing and stared at Aaron, “You mean to tell me you can replace organs by re-growing them in place? No more dialysis or heart transplants, are you telling me these nanite’s can do this?”



“As long as there is still some normal healthy cells left…” Aaron shrugged as he closed his eyes and leaned back against the counter again, he was so tired.



Seeing how tired Aaron was Gordon just shook his head in wonder before moving on to the next patient, sharing glances with his lover as he too was amazed at what they were doing and hearing. Looking into the tube he was shocked this kid had not even entered puberty yet, how in the name of God did someone think this kid was gay, he could be, but to do this to someone so young tears started to run down his face.



Chris came back into the pod pushing one of the beds he found on the next floor up and stopping it right next to Aaron’s chair he smiled when he opened his eyes to look at it, “Don’t argue, I know very well, you are not going to leave these kids even if you do have help so hop up and sleep, Carl or Gordon can take turns watching the kids and can wake you if there is a problem or they need guidance.”



Eyeing the bed wistfully and being the stubborn sort Aaron considered for a moment too long for Chris’s peace of mind and he flailed about as he started to float up from his chair, Chris was using his kinesis to put him to bed. Laughing softly at the situation he found himself in, “Ok I’ll be good put me down so I can strip out of these clothes, I won’t be able to sleep in them anyways.”



Slowly stripping and kicking the clothes under the bed out of the way Aaron noticed both Carl and Gordon kept sneaking peaks his way, checking him out. Climbing into bed and pulling the covers up Aaron was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.



Chris set the lights for night time, thus bathing the room in a soft red glow, with the bio-tubes spotlighted in light. Walking over to Carl he hugged him, “long time no see Brainiac 2.” Glancing towards Gordon he whispered, “you have good taste in bed warmers,” causing Carl to blush bright enough to see in the dim light.



Gordon moving to the last bio-tube cursed quietly, this kind could not be more than nine or ten, reading the scan report he was puzzled this kid was only suffering from two STD’S not torture, “Hey sea dog, what’s up with this kid? Was he even in this group or did you get him somewhere else?”



Carl hearing the soft cussing coming from Gordon walked over and looked over his shoulder at the report, “Son of a bitch, Chris who the hell gave that to this kid?”



Shaking his head Chris explained how Aaron met Kenny and set into motion the whole rescue of the other six, including David, Kenny’s brother. After he was finished the two were staring at him wide eyed before Carl motioned them to follow him, he wanted to check on the first kid as he was the most critical. Checking the readouts he was shocked at the amount of cell regeneration that had been accomplished so far, “Holy shit, Gordon look at that.” He pointed to the screen showing the skeletal outline of a returned colon, it was nowhere near complete but at least there was something there even if it was only in mesh form.



Glancing around at all the equipment and the whole room and the high tech feel to it Gordon was confused, this was so far ahead of anything else and for it to be completely unheard of was astonishing, more than that it was impossible he thought as he pinched himself and felt the pain and saw the reddened area. Walking around the room while he was thinking about things he came across an arch that led into another room and this one had three of those pod things occupied, curious he walked through the arch and over to the three pods and looked in before looking at the screen, which confused him no end as it was scrolling through a double Helix on the monitor. Several minutes later Carl and Chris found him in the room staring at the monitor in confusion.



“Hey Gordon did you find more kids to be treated?” Carl asked hoping that it was not the case, or hoping that these were only recovering.



“I am not sure…” Gordon trailed off as he continued to try to decipher the monitor.



Chris's voice soft enough not to carry to the next room told them, “Nah these guys are having their DNA converted so that they will be Alteran like Aaron and I am.”



Gordon slowly turned so he was facing Chris and stared at him along with Carl, their expressions were comical but Chris thought he better not laugh or they would never believe the story.



“This is starting to sound like some bad science fiction novel, just what the hell are you people up to here?” Carl asked wondering if his little brother had fallen into some cult, then he remembered the trauma center on the other side of the arch and had to wonder if he was dreaming.



Gordon seeing Carl reach over to pinch himself shook his head, “Been there done that have the bruise. As surreal as all this sounds and looks like, it appears it is real.”



“I think we are owed an explanation.” Carl tried to sound forceful as he glared at Chris, who was not buying it, he had been glared at by the best and Carl was nowhere near Aaron’s level.



Thinking over what he could tell them Chris started by, “Most of what you really want to know is a state secret, but I will try to fill in some of the blanks for you. A little over two months ago Joe and I were referred to Aaron for possible jobs, I was already being processed out of the service when it came out we were lovers. And Joe would have been kicked out right behind me if not for the fact there was no one to replace him on such short notice on the Antilles. After a lengthy interview and background check we were offered positions in the Alteran…well navy makes it seem like some big deal and as very few people have ever heard of the Alteran island nation, let’s leave it that we were both offered our own commands with two of the most advanced ships we had ever seen. Hell the interview took place on board the Alteran Prince and Aaron even put it through a demonstration for us. That convinced us and when your brother heard the Prince was powered by fusion reactors he practically creamed his shorts.”



Laughing at the visual Carl leaned on the counter they had moved to, they had a good line of site into the next room where all their patients were, “That sure sounds like my little brother I always caught him with hard on in front of the computer, except the randy little fucker was never looking at porn like I expected, just reactor designs.” Holding his side Carl fell into the counter laughing at his own joke.



“So what does being altered to be an Alteran do for you…it must be something pretty special for you and these three kids here to go through it, let alone dumb ass’s brother.” Gordon half joked as he prodded his lover with a finger.



Nodding his head, “True, Joe can’t wait until next week when the Prince picks him up in California for the trip back here, he has been chomping at the bit to get altered ever since he left on the Antilles.” Chris pulled the chair over the top of the counter so he could be comfortable and sat down, “besides the normal of being immune to ninety nine point nine percent of all disease that afflict humans the best thing is as Pete calls it is being a TEEP. Which stands for Telepathic, Telekinetic and Teleportation the three T’s of science fiction, being able to port wherever your mind and power level can take you is a rush you would not believe.”



Having gotten control of his laughter Carl had moved the other two chairs around the desk so he and Gordon could sit down and as he passed the chair to his lover, “Yeah we know, one second we are in my dweeb brothers room the next all hell is breaking loose here…” he trailed off with a funny look on his face, “Aaron said halfway around the world…just where the hell are we?” he glared at Chris’s laughing face.



“A remote island in the pacific, near the equator, one that is far off the normal travel lanes and not crossed by surveillance satellites as there is nothing to see,” Chris smirked and the dumb expression on Carl’s face.



“So this is not run by the government…no men in black are going to come out and erase our memory with a pen or something?” Gordon joked.



Shaking his head smiling Chris flippantly, “No men in black, as there are no aliens around so far as I know.”



Starting to laugh Gordon got very quiet before he looked into the other room, “I noticed you did not say anything about erasing our memory though.”



Carl got very serious hearing the worried tone in his lovers voice, “Chris…Chris we are not going to have our memories erased after all the help we just gave you guys are we?” A little frightened by the idea of having someone mess around in his head suddenly.



“That is not up to me to decide,” Chris shook his head and seeing the panic starting to take hold in the two, “listen guys the only ones that would decide that fate is you yourselves. I think you can be trusted and Joe would not have suggested the two of you if he thought you would end up with erased memories, so just relax.”



“Look you two, tell me this…if given the chance of staying here and finishing your training and being able to play with all the toys you were touching over there,” Chris pointed to the trauma pod, “would you take the opportunity?”



“Are you shitting me, this is a dream come true…”Gordon trailed off looking at the three teens in the bio-tubes, "We both started sending out applications two months ago to emergency centers for our internship. We sent them together hoping to get positions together, not being split apart, if not in the same hospital close enough that we would still be able to be together.”



“We've not had any response back, I think by being up front that we wanted to be together as close to each other as possible because we are lovers has turned so many off even considering us,” Carl whispered the last sadly, “Probably think we want to get our jollies by feeling up the boys that come into the emergence department.”



Snorting Gordon looked wistful remembering what their faculty adviser told them last week, “Yeah right…like naked teens that are sick and injured really turns us on,” He spat out in disgust.



“Old man Jones did warn us that by being truthful would end up hurting us in the long run,” Carl sighed before walking away, back to check on the patients one more time.



Chris watched for a moment as Carl walked to each monitor and checked it briefly before walking to the next one, glancing back at Gordon he finally asked, “So it seems that there is just as much bigotry in the medical world as the military in the good old U.S., have you guys been getting a lot of flak over being a couple?”



“A little, it’s not that bad being at Berkley, but our fourth year is our internship year and it does not look like any hospitals we have applied to so far are willing to take on an openly gay resident, they don’t want to be seen as being to open for fear of lawsuits.” Gordon was lost in thought again, “that’s one of the things we were going to discuss with Joe next week, we wanted to know what opportunities there were outside the U.S. for gay doctors, or if we would both have to go into research, something neither one of us wants to do full time.” Turning around in his chair he pierced Chris with his gaze, “you're not bull shitting us are you, there is the possibility of us finishing up here and doing what we always dreamed of?”



Shrugging Chris stood up and waved for Gordon to follow him, once they met up with Carl he looked at both of them “Look the offer is genuine, if you truly want to play with these type of toys and make a difference, then in the morning ask Aaron if you can stay and learn, though you would have to be willing to become Alteran’s.” Placing his finger over Gordon’s lips he stopped him from answering, “this is not a decision to take lightly as once the alterations are started there is no going back. I will log into the terminal behind the central station and each of you can read up on us and our abilities…at least what is not deemed a race secret, it will answer a lot of your questions and give you a good understanding of what our medical science can do then talk between your selves and talk it over with Aaron in the morning. The final decision is his anyways on who gets to join our society, after all he is our king.”



Chris smirked as the two looked at each other in shock as he left the two staring at him, Aaron was so going to kill him he giggled, but every country needed a leader, even if they did not want to be the leader. Logging into the terminal he set the security level to applicant, nothing more advanced than the three teens had access to while aboard the Prince and sat and watched as the two seemed to work the console around the most injured kid before talking between themselves.



“What do you think we should do? The opportunity we are being offered is unbelievable, and this equipment…” Carl swept his hand around the room. “This is a wet dream come true.”



“I know this kid would have died before getting out of surgery in any hospital around the world, and maybe if…and I do mean a big if he made it through he would most likely have not made it far past post op.” Gordon gazed at the kid for a moment before looking at the monitor, “Shit if this setup is not sweet, this kid will be shitting normally once he is released and in our world that would never have happened for him ever again. Not only that the one named David, I fixed his fucking broken rib in twenty minutes…twenty minutes he would have had to have surgery to wire it in place and then he would have suffered months of pain as it healed.”



Looking at his watch Carl hugged Gordon, “Look it’s almost eleven so why don’t I stay up, say until three then I will wake you and you can take over and around seven we will compare notes before breakfast, we can decide then. That is if they have another bed around here somewhere.”



Kissing Carl gently, Gordon pulled him over towards the desk, and keeping his voice low so as not to disturb Aaron, “Do you guys have another bed, we're going to take turns monitoring the boys and digging through the computer reading up on what you told us about, we then will talk about it and decide in the morning.”



Chris nodded his head and stood up, “Who is going to be sleeping first and what time are you planning shift change?”



Gordon raised his hand and smiled when he realized what he had done, “I’m first and I need to wake up at three.”



“How about this, I will port Gordon home with me after stopping at the balcony that gives you a terrific view of the city, then he can stay in our spare bedroom.” Chris went to the locker behind the counter and pulled out two ear communicators and handed on to each of them. “At three I will bring Gordon back and repeat the trip with Brainiac 2 so he gets to see the view. These go over one ear and if you drop the mic boom and tap the side it will connect the two of them together in case you want to talk to each other.” He turned to the side so they could see his own ear communicator in place and lowered the mic so they could see what he was talking about.



Taking the ear communicator and nodding his thanks Carl placed it around his ear before shooing the two away, “Be gone and get some sleep you two, I have some reading to do in between hovering over patients.” He grinned to show he was joking.



Holding out his arm and hoping he could pull this off, as the last time he had ported someone else it was Aaron and he at least could have done something if he screwed up. Feeling Gordon place his hand on his arm Chris smiled and concentrated on the observation deck by the docks and ported them there.



Letting a slow silent breath out Chris relaxed as he was exactly where he had intended to be and Gordon had come along with him with no problems, smiling he waved his hand over the balcony, “Welcome to the capital city of the Alteran kingdom.”



“How…” Gordon trailed off looking out over the railing at the unbelievable city spread before him, the parks the lakes, everywhere he looked there was something new to gawk at. “How…how does no one know about this place, I mean look…” he waved his arm towards the city proper, “that, is not very unnoticeable, someone must have noticed it being built.”



Eyes showing his laughter Chris placed his hands on Gordon’s shoulders and manhandled him around so he was facing the viewport behind them; the viewport that showed the rest of the underwater city sprawled out over the deep oceanic shelf. “There is your answer right there, they never found us because the island is above us and uninhabited for the most part.”



Taking a few shaky steps to the window Gordon plastered his hands to the glass and watched the fish swimming by the window. His mind kept repeating over and over, ‘they were underwater…they were underwater.’



“No government in the world today but ours would be able to spot our city or even when it was being built, they are just too far behind us in the technology department.” Chris stated proudly as he smirked at the shocked reflection in the window. “Right, how about that bed I promised you.”



Sitting down behind the station the first thing Carl noticed was that he could monitor each of the patients from the center station, looking over the control he saw that he could even program treatments from here, this must have been how Aaron was originally planning on handling things. Smiling he looked over to the end station with its terminal full of secrets waiting for him to dig into the hidden treasure of knowledge stored inside its mainframe. Checking the monitor on the kid with the most damage one more time he smiled at seeing the laced colon about half way whole and estimated that by one in the morning it would be finished, or at least enough to be functioning once more. Seeing that David was cleared of any lingering burns he touched the screen and set it to scan the boys ample balls for damage, that much electricity near them was bound to have damaged them to some degree and there was nothing in the reports listed of them being scanned in the first place. Sighing Carl agreed with Gordon that this was a wet dream come true but it seemed that without minds guiding the system it fell far short of perfection. Smiling he realized that meant that the computers would not be replacing him any time soon.



The scan not even complete and already Carl could see that the testicals were half cooked, not even bothering to wait for the scan to complete he tapped the commands that would start regenerating them before they had a chance to cause sepsis or gangrene. Circling each testical very closely and following the vas deferens up to the healthy portion Carl tapped the option for organ replacement, he had to scroll down pretty far in the list to find it. Which might mean it would take a long time or a long shot as he remembered how far up the list it was on the younger kids list for his kidneys. Setting things in motion he checked each patient one last time before rolling his chair over to the other console and started to look through the files.



A couple of hours later Carl stretched and looked at the clock before rolling back over to the main console and checked the status of his kid. The kid was starting to grow on him, with the amount of time he spent thinking about him and how to help him. There was one problem though now that he thought about it, how the hell were they going to deal with all the mental trauma these kids went through, he would have to bring that up in the morning. Checking the progress report he noticed the display showed a fully intact colon and looking at the monitor he was slightly surprised to see eighty five percent on the line next to the colon listing. Using what he had read about using the interactive functions he tapped the question mark in the upper left hand corner before tapping the line listing colon.



A new screen popped up describing what had been done so far and detailing all sorts of useless, well when he thought about it, it was more he did not understand the information than it being useless, anyway it seemed the thickness of the colon wall was not yet what it should be. Checking the others he noticed that the three youngest seemed to be at one hundred percent on everything but liver and kidneys, though he wondered about what things the emergency scans would not pick up since they were not life threatening. Sliding back over to the terminal he searched through the commands he was looking at and double checked what was needed to be done to run a full diagnostic scan on a patient. Rolling back over he tapped through the different screens until the system accepted the scan activations and smiled as he then repeated the procedure with the other two, the last three would have to wait until more of their bodies had been healed.



Smiling as he mentally patted himself on the back he spent the next hour playing around with different options and settings using the kid with the STD’S as the guinea pig as he was just being treated for the disease nothing else. In fact he was having so much fun he missed the arrival of Gordon and Chris as he was busy rolling back and forth between the two stations as he practiced his new found diagnostic skills.



Gordon slightly refreshed from four hours sleep stared at Carl rolling back and forth between the two stations in his chair with a grin on his face like he had finally lost it. Looking up at Chris he watched him smile, “Seems someone found the instruction manual.” He kept his voice low so as not to wake Aaron.



Twirling around in his chair real quick Carl went around several times as he tried to stop, just able to remember to keep it down as Aaron was sleeping before launching himself out of the chair and into Gordon’s arms, “This place is so sweet, Gord…where are your clothes?” Carl went red as he realized his lover was naked along with his brothers lover who if he admitted it to himself was quit the looker.



Blushing yet smiling Gordon grabbed Carl’s crotch and stroked it gently several times until he made him blush, “This whole place is one big nudist colony, the whole island is clothing optional, so when in Rome…”



Uncomfortable in the suddenly tight clothes, Carl turned back to the monitors and offered Gordon the P.A.D.D. he had learned to use and made notes on the seven patients so he could hand them over with the least amount of wasted time. “This is just like if a tablet pc had sex with a palm pilot and this was the offspring, I placed my progress notes on it for you. Since you are used to reading my notes you should be fine if not call me, but for the most part there is nothing to do but dig through the mainframe. I think all three of the critical kids are out of danger and are regenerating well, and nothing else needs to be done until morning anyway so it is mostly time spent playing with this sweet equipment and or reading.”



Kissing Carl to shut him up Gordon finally let go and unzipped Carl’s trousers and reaching in readjusted his bent cock so it would be more comfortable for him before walking around him to sit down, smacking Carl on the ass as he passed him. “Go on I’ll be fine, Chris is going to show you something that is going to blow your mind…we’ll talk when you get up in four hours or so.” He turned around and slid to the center station and started to go through each patients monitor screens smiling at leaving him so flustered for a change.



Chris grabbed the stuttering Carl by the arm and ported them to the same overlook he had taken Gordon to several hours earlier, after going through the same thing as Gordon did Carl eventually started to yawn and moved close to Chris as he ported them back to his apartment. “Hey Brainiac 2 let me show you to the guest room, you will have to deal with the messy bed your other half left though.” He laughed as he walked down the hallway towards the room. Entering the common room he walked past the rooms they had turned into offices for both of them and the library before showing Carl the guest room, “you can crash in there; I will wake you up if you are not up at seven or so.” He left him there and made his way back to his own bed and flopped down on top of the bed and rolled over pulling the comforter on top of him.