Chapter 07







Aaron smiled as Kenny ran back over to his brother's bio-tube, they had just spent the last two hours at the farm, with Kenny running around outside in the fields while he implanted half the embryo’s they brought back from the trip to Florida in the artificial wombs. Sometime during the previous day, the horses he had bought had been choppered in and placed in the pasture, that was not according to the contract, and later on he would have to check to see that they were disease free and, in fact, the ones he had bought. He stopped in the doorway as he listened in as Kenny excitedly told his brother about the great horse roundup and the promise of riding lessons.



Continuing into the next pod, Aaron glanced over the monitors one last time and smiled as every readout reported the alterations as finished in bold green letters. Remembering his promise, he moved to Kevin’s bio-tube and started the process to release him. Once he was assured that Kevin was breathing on his own, he leaned over as he turned off the soma unit and kissed him gently, and then more passionately as Kevin started to wake up.



Staring into Kevin’s smiling face, Aaron sent mentally, “Hello there handsome,” and laughed when Kevin got a surprised look on his face before starting to sit up.



Moving back so Kevin could get out of the bio-tube, Aaron went over to the console between the tube and the wall, picked up a small silver bracelet and held it up for Kevin to see, “Hey Kevin, I need to put this on you for a while, it’s a limiter that will keep you from porting until you learn to control your gift.” Raising the bracelet up, and unlocking it, “I learned by accident that it is most uncomfortable to be sleeping or doing something, and think of a place or person and find, a moment later, I had ported, it should take about a week or two I would think, depending on how much effort you put into mastering the skill, before we can take it off.”



Kevin shivered at the thought of porting while in a nightmare to his old house, or even the group home where that bastard was. Stepping forward, he gladly thrust out his arm so the limiter could be put on, and relaxed when he felt it snap in place. Reaching out and placing his arms around Aaron’s neck, he ground his crotch into him as he whispered, “Thank you,” in between kisses. Hand roaming Aaron’s clothed body, he continued to thrust against Aaron, when he realized the sensations were too intense, pulling away slightly, he looked down and was surprised to see skin covering the end of his cock, “WHOA…” pulling the skin up and down the extremely sensitive head, he was fascinated, “I have my foreskin back…this is so cool,” he moaned as the sensations hit him, “So much more….ughhhhhh” as his orgasm hit him suddenly and he shot his load all over the floor.



Aaron, seeing Kevin panting and swaying on his feet, reached out to steady the teen as he floated along with his orgasm. Glancing back, Aaron caught Kenny peaking from around the corner, watching them with his eyes wide open in either shock or awe. Tasting Kenny’s surface thoughts, he realized it was a little of both and felt the desire Kenny had to get back to his room so he could try to replicate what he saw.



Feeling Kevin start to stand on his own once more, Aaron turned his attention to him as Kenny was not sending the scarred for life type feelings as Kevin melted into his body, “I did not realize that when you said this would fix all my old wounds and scars, that I would end up with a new foreskin…man that was intense,” giggling, Kevin added, “and fast.”



Aaron swallowed as he felt Kevin start to grind his ass into his crotch; his hard cock certainly liked what was happening “Later lover, when we don’t have a ten year old spying on us from the other room, so hold that thought.”



Kevin stiffened and slowly glanced towards the other room and saw a little brown head peaking around the corner, watching them, smiling, he waved at him, causing him to pop back out of sight, though Kevin could tell he was blushing pretty hard for some reason. Looking up and back towards Aaron’s face for an explanation, he saw him grinning at him and then felt the thought sent to him, “Later. I have a place all picked out where we will be alone that I will fulfill your request,” Aaron included a picture of the stream flowing through the farm bathed in moonlight. Nodding his head, Kevin just relaxed for a moment before he felt hands go to either side of his head.



“This might seem a little weird, but I need you to relax while I give you about two weeks of instruction on how to control your new gifts, it then will be up to you to practice what I am about to transfer to you, so you master them.” Aaron told him as he placed his hands on either side of Kevin’s head, closing his eyes as he concentrated on sending the information slow enough that Kevin’s enhanced brain could file it. A quick inspiration later he also sent along the history of finding Kenny and then the rescue of his brother and the other boys. They held that position for fifteen minutes as Aaron transferred the knowledge and a brief summary of the events that had happened the past two days and at the end of it, as they slowly drifted back to the here and now, they both felt the misery coming from Kenny.



Looking at each other, they both quickly rushed to the other room, slowing down once they reached the entrance so they would not scare Kenny further. Peering around the corner Aaron saw Kenny curled into a ball on the floor. Reaching slowly, so as not to startle the boy further, Aaron gently clasped his shoulder before rubbing small circles along the boys back, while Kevin sat down on the other side of the young boy, “Why the fear Kenny, you did nothing wrong, you know, I think about half the young boys in the world have spied on two other people making out before.” Catching Kenny’s thoughts Aaron grinned towards Kevin, “I’ll just have to keep repeating myself, until you don’t forget…I am not your father,” laughing at the image Kenny had of him and Kevin kissing, along with the thought form him that was defiantly not his father. “You were embarrassed by being caught and fell back into the old role of hiding, hoping I was not going to yell at you.”



Looking up in shock, Kenny muttered, “How…” before grinning as Aaron tapped the side of his head and told him, “Telepath, remember.”



“My name is Kevin, what’s yours?” Kevin asked, as he leaned back against the wall, legs out in front of him.



Holding out his hand, “I’m Kenny and that’s my big brother David,” Kenny pointed to the bio-tube across the room, “Aaron told me he would be waking up and getting out of there in another three days.”



Aaron smiled as Kenny seemed to pull out of his shell that his embarrassment turned fear had placed him in, “Okay, while the two of you talk, I am going to go wake up Pete and Tim and then we can go get a late lunch before coming back and releasing the three youngsters over there.”



Standing up, Aaron grinned at Kevin as he pulled young Kenny into his lap and started asking questions, walking back into the pod, Aaron glanced at his two other lovers and chose Pete as the next to be released and started the cycle to release Pete from the bio-tube. Several minutes later, Aaron picked up the limiter bracelet and turned off the soma unit. Leaning over the edge of the tube, he kissed Pete gently on the lips while sending the thought, “Wake up, sleepy head.



Pete woke up to a wonderful kiss, throwing his arms around the person kissing him he felt his passion rise as he opened his eyes to see Aaron leaning over him. Using Aaron as leverage Pete pulled himself out of the tube and as Aaron stood up, he raised his legs and wrapped them around his strong body and kissed him back with the awakened passion running through his body. Hands roaming the clothed body, Pete glanced down to see why he could not undo the fly of Aaron’s shorts and noticed his cock head half covered by foreskin and thought way cool, just as I hoped.



Finding Pete submerged in his lust and not willing to listen, Aaron sighed as he reached down and grabbed the hard cock which was pushing into his belly and with practiced ease, his hand brought him to climax, the load making a mess all over his shirt. Mind touching Pete’s, he felt the other reach for his gifts unconsciously and clamped down on Pete’s ability to port, thereby stopping them from going anywhere, and while he was limp in his arms in his post orgasmic bliss, he clasped the limiter around one of Pete’s wrists thus making sure he could not accidently port until he learned control. What the hell he thought, while he was relaxed he placed his hands on Pete’s head and started to teach him about his new gifts and sent along the information about the boys in the other room, ending it with information about the limiter and how he almost ported them out of the room.



Pete finally lowered his legs to the floor and stood up on his own and with a blush at seeing the huge mess on Aarons shirt, remembered how he almost ported out and paled, “Sorry about that dude, and thanks for saving my ass, I don’t think we would have appeared on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise, but I bet the stage where they shoot the show would have opened a lot of eyes when we appeared,” He giggled.



Walking over to the bio-tube that held Tim, he placed his hand on the top lovingly and thought about how he woke up extremely horny and wondered if he could get away with it, smirking he looked over his shoulder as Aaron started to tap away at the touch screen, “Does everyone wake up that horny after being altered?”



Stopping and thinking about it, Aaron smiled, “So far.” Laughing, “you should have seen Chris’s expression when he came out of the tube after blowing his load and opening his eyes to see me standing there grinning at him, talk about mortified.”



Grabbing some lube off of the cart, Pete started to lube up his ass, “Good, then I think that after helping Tim out of the tube I am going to help solve his problem while you put the limiter on him, I’ll just squeeze between the two of you and you can guide him in. just keep him from thrusting into you so I can crawl up between you.”



Grinning Aaron thought that might be fun to see, at least it would be less messy on his clothes he initiated the release cycle and stood back as it cycled through, watching Pete loosen his ass, his own hard cock straining against the fabric of his pants. Pulling his wet shirt over his head Aaron leaned over the tube once the cover slid back, he secured the limiter to Tim’s wrist and kissed him as he slid out of his shorts, after those two finished up, he was going to send them to replace Kevin and he had an ass to plow in preparations for this evening’s festivities.



Tim, waking up to a kiss, glanced around to see the sides of the tube he was in and immediately knew where he was, raising his hand, he slid it across his naked body and encountered his hard cock and felt the extra bit of skin there. Releasing the lips above him he glanced down to see he was no longer circumcised and grinned at the sensations as he felt a pair of hands grip him and help pull him out of the tube.



Standing on his own feet, he wrapped his arms around Aaron’s neck and started to thrust his hard cock towards Aaron’s naked flesh, but was frustrated by the hands holding him away. Breaking the kiss, and before he had a chance to complain, he felt a body rising between Aaron and him and had to release his grip around Aaron’s neck as Pete’s head came between the two of them. Then to his surprise, he felt a hand pulling his hard cock down slightly and guide him into a warm slick area and all thought left him as he sank into Pete and started to thrust, the need to get off as fast as possible driving him. Quickly firing his load deep inside Pete, he only stopped long enough to let the final burst shoot out, before he started all over again, this time slower with less need, this one he was going to make last.



Pete was surprised and pleased at being able to make his plan come to fruition, when he felt the hard stiffness poke at his hole he pushed back against it and was rewarded by Tim pushing home and start to thrust. Happy that his plan worked and his friend was inside him, Pete was just starting to get into it when he felt Tim’s cock expand and fire deep inside him, his groans of frustration turned to groans of pleasure when Tim only stopped for a brief moment before picking back up with his thrusting, this time more controlled and not as frenzied.



Aaron, watching the passion building between the two felt an arm touch him and looked over to see Kenny watching from a chair near the desk and Kevin standing next to him.



“He wanted to watch, and I agreed, as long as he did not join in and he has to sit there, if he does not like what he is seeing, he will leave.” Kevin kissed him before reaching out with his mind “He needs to do this so he knows that it is ok and he is accepted, we discussed it, and he really needs this whether he turns out to be gay or not.” Reaching for Aaron’s hard cock, he smeared the lube around the shaft and as he kissed him, he pulled himself up placing his legs around Aaron’s back and guided the hard cock inside his well lubed ass as he lowered himself down.



Feeling a brief pang of guilt for doing this in front of Kenny, he sent his mind towards him and tasted the excitement and belonging in his surface thoughts, before giving in and concentrating on pleasuring Kevin.



Connecting his mind to Kevin’s, Aaron was able to gain the sensation of being fucked while doing the fucking, it drove him to heights he had only thought about and the groans of passion Kevin was voicing between kisses told him he was also enjoying this as much as he was. Doing his best, he kept control for twenty more minutes before they finally exploded together, Aaron filling Kevin’s ass while Kevin did his best to bathe him in his cum.



Through half closed eyelids, Aaron glanced towards Kenny and noticed his hand down his shorts moving frantically, his eyes glued to his and Kevin’s bodies, he would have to make sure he was truly all right with what he saw, but from outward appearance, it is something he was enjoying.



Still hard and not really wanting to pull out, he nevertheless used his hands to lift Kevin’s ass off his cock and lifting him a little bit away from his body he steadied Kevin as he let his legs touch the floor as he was lowered back down. Aaron looked into the pleased face of Kevin and leaned forward so he could whisper without being overheard, “That was just a warm up for tonight.” Placing one last kiss on Kevin’s lips, he smiled as he turned to see Tim and Pete grinning as they looked at them, Tim still inside Pete, it looked like. “Time to learn about your gifts, Tim,” Aaron told him as he placed his arms around Pete reaching behind his head so he could place his hands on Tim’s head, concentrating on passing the information along, he did not notice at first as Pete locked his lips to his and Kevin moved behind him so he could slide lubed fingers into his ass before replacing it with his still hard cock.



Kevin was getting close so he reached around and grabbed Aaron’s hard leaking cock and started to stroke it just as Aaron came back from passing along the information, in time to shoot his load all over Pete who was moving his ass back and forth against Tim and Kevin stopped thrusting long enough to start to shoot his own load before rapidly thrusting in and out as his orgasm hit.



“We need a shower now,” Aaron told them with a smile as he glanced back towards Kenny who was smiling after successfully having his first orgasm.  Waving for him to join them, “Come on Kenny, we'll port back to my place to catch a shower and then lunch.” Waiting until Kenny grabbed onto his arm, Aaron holding Pete who had Tim still buried inside Pete while Kevin was buried inside him, he ported all five of them directly into his bedroom.



Separating, the four headed for the showers, Pete and Tim to Tim’s room and Kevin followed Aaron to his shower, the surprise was when Aaron stepped into the stream filled shower cubby, there was an extra body with them, Kenny had stripped down after asking Kevin if he could take a shower too, knowing this meant no fooling around, Kevin told him he could if he wanted.



Aaron glanced down at the small smiling body as he let the warm jets of water hit his body and felt Kevin’s tentative probe, opening his mind up and helping the other to make contact for the first time, he was rewarded with a strong voice telling him of the conversation tinged with remorse at no play but excited at the prospect of tonight. The whole conversation only took seconds, before they both agreed to keep their hands to nothing other than washing up.



A few minutes later, Aaron handed the soap out and handing it to Kenny while getting the bottle of shampoo out of the cubby and squirting some in his hand he started to lather Kevin’s hair up as he moved behind him. Kenny, of course, watched this closely and saw how much Kevin seemed to enjoy having his hair washed. The smile on his face as his body relaxed was something he missed growing up, and now seeing it between lovers, done the way it was being done now, it was something he did not want to miss out on any longer. So when the bottle of shampoo was handed to him, as Kevin stepped back into the surround jets, he handed it right back to Aaron and turned around and leaned into him, body language demanding he do it for him.



Aaron leaned over so he could see Kenny’s face, “Are you sure? You’re not uncomfortable being around us naked and with what you watched earlier?”



Kenny leaned back, touching his head to Aaron’s lower abdomen, secretly excited at feeling the stiff cock behind him, knowing that was as close as he would get to touching someone that much bigger than him until he made friends with someone a few years older than him or he got older himself, “NOPE…” smiling, he tapped the side of his head, mimicking the telepath remember sign Aaron had used as an invitation for Aaron to take a look for himself.



Trusting him, knowing that Kenny would not offer to what amounted to having his mind read if he was not sure he would pass muster, Aaron squirted some shampoo on the little guy's head and pushing him slightly forward he started to lather Kenny’s head, massaging the shampoo into and around his hair as the boy seemed to melt into the touch, not really peaking but just skimming the surface thought he saw that Kevin was right, he needed this to counteract all the years of being taught any touch was a bad thing, this being washed in the shower while erotic for some reason was totally non sexual in nature and Kenny was thriving on it. Finished, he slapped him slightly on the ass, “Ok go rinse, Scamp.”



Following him back into the jets, Aaron rinsed off and luxuriated for a moment in the hot water before touching the panel that would stop it. Before reaching back to hit the dry cycle.



Giggling madly, Kenny placed his hands on Kevin’s legs and yelled out “‘HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE!” all the while giggling like a fool as the powerful jets of warm dry air started to pummel them dry.



Walking out of the bathroom naked, Kenny gathered up his clothes and the clothes he had left there that morning and placed them under his arm as he saw that no one was interested in getting dressed, so he followed them out of the closet and into the common room where  Pete and Tim arms across each other’s shoulder and a grin on their faces, walked into the common room from Tim’s bedroom.



While Everyone sat down around the common room, chatting, “I am going to put the sandwich stuff out guys, give me five minutes then come to the kitchen to make your sandwiches.” Aaron told them with a grin, as he walked out of the room and down the hall.



Five minutes later, all four of them still naked, walked into the kitchen talking and grinning to see the counter covered in sandwich makings, they each grabbed a paper plate, went down the line and filled their plates, before moving to the dining room table. Aaron was happy to see that the three older teens had engaged Kenny in conversation, and were listening to him intently as he recounted his adventures and told them all about getting his OWN room in the apartment next door to Chris. While Kevin, Tim and Pete asked questions that showed they were interested in what the youngster was saying, it was as if the boys were feeding on each other to help bolster each of their self images, hopefully, Kenny might not have the problems he had last night, he thought.



Aaron started paying attention when Kenny invited Tim, Kevin and Pete to spend the night, he thought it would be a good thing for them as they were closer to his age and they would be on hand to help out if the three other youngsters had problems overnight after being released from the med bay, in couple of hours which reminded him that he would have to go shopping for groceries tomorrow afternoon.



Go ahead and accept, but say you have something to do and will join them an hour or so later on; I will fulfill our night together, next to the stream and bring you back,” Aaron pathed the last to Kevin, “I have to go to Altair Minor to meet the Alteran Prince to transfer the Steven’s toddlers to the hospital, I will be bringing Carl back with me to start his alterations and Chris will make his way home, so there will be someone else in the apartment that can port if needed, I will have to spend the night on Altair Minor at the hospital, while the toddlers are there and until Dr. Myers takes over in the morning. Gordon will be released tomorrow afternoon, and will take over at the hospital while we take a trip to the states to go food shopping.”



“So Kenny, make a list of the food you want in your house, just remember no junk food. Let’s see, tomorrow is Sunday, and your brother will be released on Tuesday, so make sure your list has enough food on it to last you until Thursday, and of course, you will always be welcome to join us for meals, but in case you want to be alone, or need time to yourself, it is better to have some food in the house, so just pick things that you know how to make.” Aaron saw how uncomfortable Kenny looked and without peeking, he thought he knew what the problem was, “You don’t know how to cook anything, do you?” he asked quietly.



Shaking his head no, Kenny was starting to get upset, he was feeling like he was a bother again.



“Okay, scratch that then, I should have remembered that, along with the fact that the new guys might not know how to cook either, so we will still make the shopping trip, and you can still make your list, but healthy snacks like fruit and nuts and stuff like that, sandwich fixings and frozen pizza’s that you can have on hand in case one of the guys comes over, I know they can nuke a pretty mean pizza,” Aaron grinned. "We will just open the big dining hall down the block from your apartment, and everyone can eat there, everyone will just have to take turns helping me cook,” Aaron grinned as he started to put the sandwich fixings, what was left of them, away.



Smiling, Kenny nodded his head vigorously, “I’ll help…even washing dishes,” as he thought about how he was allowed to eat as much as he wanted when Aaron cooked; he wanted to continue eating until he was full. But he would make the list of food to keep in his apartment. It would be his just in case stash; he would make sure he got a lot of his brother’s favorites too.



Glancing at the clock and seeing that it was almost three, Aaron sighed, he supposed he should get on with it; by the time he released those three youngsters they had rescued and got them to the apartment and settled in, it would be almost supper time and then a light supper, maybe he would cook pasta; that would be simple, he thought, then the Alteran prince would dock, around seven or so and While Chris came back to stay with the boys, he would bring Carl back and start his alteration process, then take Kenny for his time alone with his brother and then back to the Altair Trauma center for the night shift. Listed like that it was a long list of things to do. “Okay guys, let’s head back to the med bay and get the first three of the rescued boys out of the bio-tubes, it seems like I have a long list of things to get done this afternoon and tonight.”



Following the hyper eleven year old who had grabbed his bundle of clothes, Aaron contacted the three teens and linked them one by one to his mind, “When I port, use your senses to feel how my mind uses my gift to teleport us to the med bay entrance, we will start practicing tomorrow afternoon, after I get Gordon to the Altair hospital. The next few days are going to be pretty hectic. Sometime in the next day or so, you need to log into your bedroom terminal and set up your accounts, once you do that, now that you are altered, you will find a new section open to you, called race history, you need to watch it, it’s very important and it will explain a lot of things that I’ve glossed over, we’ll talk after you’ve watched it.” Walking onto the balcony, Aaron held out his arm for Kenny to grab a hold of, and the others moved around them, making sure they touched him and closed their eyes in concentration, intent on following along, to get a feel for what porting was, instead of the mental tutoring session they had, shortly after being released from the bio-tube.



Taking it slower, so the three teens could follow along, Aaron visualized the emblem on the ground outside the entrance to the med bay, and once he had the picture in his mind clearly, he added in next to it the picture of the five of them standing on his balcony, then his mind pushed his power around the mental image of the five of them standing on his balcony, building what looked like a bubble around them, and pushed the power towards the mental image of the bubble, pushing the one image to the image of the emblem that he held in his mind and then, suddenly, they were there.



Luckily, Kenny was still excited and ran into the med bay to go find his brother, he had so much to tell him, so he did not notice it took twice as long to port than normal. While the three teens looked thoughtful as they looked at Aaron.



“Think on it guys, tomorrow we will go over it once more, before I let you try it on your own,” Aaron told them, as he started into the med bay, pulling a shirt on over his head in time to see Kenny turn into the trauma pod, the three teens following him, looking thoughtful as he stopped long enough to slip on a pair of shorts.



Walking into the trauma pod, Aaron made his way to the central desk and checked the monitors on the six rescued boys, seeing that the three youngest he was going to release were green across the board, he glanced at the far console that was slaved to the Prince and noticed that the toddlers were stable and healing nicely. Carl had started the organ regeneration on all the slightly injured organs, and it seemed that the oldest boy's liver was at ninety percent. In another two hours, his pancreas would be targeted for regeneration and in the morning, the removed organs would be re-grown, those would take the longest, as there was nothing to work from and they had to be built back, from cell one.



“Ok guys, listen up, I think the best thing to do before waking them is to  implant in their minds the information that they are safe, and that they have been rescued along with the fact that they have been healing in the hospital for a while. Remember, do not go beyond surface thoughts, or you risk giving them a whopper of a headache if you try to contact their minds.” Aaron explained, as he moved from behind the desk to the first bio-tube he was going to release the occupant from. Starting the cycle, he watched as the regen fluid drained out and the warm air dried the boy, for the most part, before the lid unsealed and slid back, removing the breathing tube from the boys lungs, he watched for a moment to make sure there would be no spasms before placing his hands on either side of the boy's head he concentrated on sending the information he told his guys he was going to implant, and then he mentally asked a simple question, “who are you?” and listening for the boy's brain to respond as if in a dream ‘Damien Churchill’.



Smiling as implanting the message worked as he had hoped, Aaron tapped the screen imputing the boy's name and age into the patient file, this way, if he ever was seen by one of their doctors again, they had a complete history of what had been done to him to date. Finished, he turned back and flipped the soma unit off and waited a moment before calling out, “Damien…Damien, it's time to wake up.” Seeing the boy move his eyelids and try to roll over, Aaron called once more, “Damien, time to get up, if you keep this up, you'll miss supper.”



The mention of food seemed to do it, as Damien stiffened before relaxing and slowly opening his eyes, turning his head towards Aaron’s voice, “Good, you are awake. I want you to wiggle your toes and fingers, then stretch and tell me if anything hurts or is sore?”



Damien did as he was asked, and surprisingly he did not hurt, it had been a long time since he felt like this. After the weeks of torture he almost did not know what to do without feeling the constant pain. Glancing at the strange tube he was in and blushing at being naked, he looked around and to his shock he saw the others at the farm all floating in the same type of tube he was in, only theirs was filled with some type of liquid. “I feel fine,” he muttered lost in thought of seeing the strange surroundings and things only seen in movies, before his eyes found a naked Kenny sitting by the one bio-tube with one of the older boys in it. Taking in that he was chatting at the boy who could not possibly hear him, Damien started to look around the room once more, as he slid up the tube so he could sit up and froze as his eyes locked with three naked teens…very naked teens.



Aaron noticing the bug eyed look; he glanced between his guys and Damien and decided introductions were in order, “Damien, I would like you to meet Kevin; he is the blue eyed bleached blond on the left,” Aaron waited for Kevin to wave, before continuing. “Next to him is Pete; he is the one with black hair, and the last in line is Tim; he is the dirty blond on the end." Aaron smiled to let them know he did not mean it in a bad way. “Hop on out of the bio-tube and try out your legs, just don’t let go at first, as you have been in there quite a while and might still be a little unsteady.”



Blushing as he felt his little tool harden as he gazed at the three teens, Damien swallowed hard and whispered, “I don’t have any clothes on.”



Aaron sensing the distress in the boy, smiled and sent reassurance towards the boy, “Neither do they, hell, almost no one bothers wearing clothes around here, this is a female free island. Even I would not be wearing anything, if I thought the three of you would not freak out on me if you saw me naked until you were sure you were safe…which you are, by the way.”



Slowly, with gentle encouragement from Aaron, Damien carefully maneuvered out of the bio-tube and holding onto the side, let his feet touch the floor, only the fact he was holding on to the side of the tube kept him from ending up on the floor, as his legs did not seem to want to work at first.



Aaron mentally sent a message, telling the three to ignore Damien’s erection as he was really embarrassed by it, and he did not want to trigger any flashbacks to the reason he was sent to that hell house in the first place. “Go one over by the guys, Damien, they will answer any of your questions, while I get the other two youngsters out of their bio-tubes…try to stay standing and walk around as much as possible; it will help you recover faster. Once all three of you are released, we can all go to the apartment I’ve set aside for you to use while you make a decision on whether to stay on Altare Island, or to be placed with a family or relatives back in the U.S.”



After seeing Damien nod his head and take his first unsteady steps to where his guys were waiting, Aaron moved to the other side of the room and started the release cycle on the next bio-tube. After a repeat performance of prepping the boy for release, he implanted the information just like he did for Damien, and found out the boy’s name was Fredrick Akers, age thirteen. Tapping the information into the system, thus updating the patient records, Aaron woke him gently, or tried to, as soon as Fred woke up, he jumped up to a sitting position and pulled Aaron in close enough to grab onto him, sobbing in relief, Fred’s surface thoughts told him he had only been there a couple of days before he was rescued. With a lot of reassuring words, and rubbing of Fred’s back, Aaron finally calmed him down enough to introduce him to his guys, and have Tim, who was looking on with worry come over and help him away from the bio-tube and over to the rest of the guys, so his questions could be answered.



Two down and one to go, thought Aaron, as he started the last repeat performance of the day, glancing at the clock, he saw that he had been at it about an hour, though it seemed like a longer time. Glancing over towards Kenny, and sending a smile his way, Aaron went about pulling the tube out of the boy’s lungs and waiting before implanting the same information as he gave Damien and Fred. Getting the name of Tommy Ness, age thirteen, he entered the information before waking the boy, like he had the others. Though Tommy took the news calmly and was quite happy that he no longer hurt anywhere, and very happy he was safe. “I have no mother anymore, she preferred that bastard over me, and let him send me to that hell hole, just because I am gay, he would never have known, if she hadn't told him,” he ended, his voice filled with hate.



Letting Tommy lean on his arm as he walked over to the rest, Aaron noticed that he was still shaky on his feet as they made the thirty foot walk over to the central desk. “Hang out here with the rest of the guys for a minute, Tommy, I have to set up the cleaning cycle for those three bio-tubes, so they are ready if we need them again.”



Leaving Tim to introduce the rest of the guys to Tommy, Aaron kept one ear on their conversation, just in case, as he set the automatics to clean up and recharge the bio-tubes, once he was finished, he listened as his guys answered questions to the disbelieving looks of the three new boys. Deciding that a practical demonstration would help convince them, “Kenny, are you ready, I thought maybe you and the guys would like to walk to the apartment, maybe see a little bit of the park while I take the three new guys up to prove to them that everything they have been told is the truth.” Taking his personal P.A.D.D. from his pocket, he handed it to Kenny as he came over after having picked up his clothes from the floor. “This has a map that will give you directions to your apartment from here.”



Not knowing how to take the map he was being offered, while carrying his clothes, Kenny looked between the two for a moment before Kevin, sensing the problem, reached over and grabbed the clothes from his arms with a smile, “Here, I’ll carry those for you while you lead the way.” Smiling in thanks, Kenny started to leave, before stopping at the entrance to the hall to look back over his shoulder to see if they were following him, seeing that they were, he hurried out into the hallway, towards the entrance, as he looked down at the map he had been given.



Watching the three new boys, Aaron watched as they followed with their eyes the other four leaving before turning back to him. Tapping a few commands into the touch screen, the large plasma monitor behind him lit up, showing the scene of the boys' arrival two days ago. Aaron stood watching them as they watched on in horror, as they and three older boys were put into those tubes, they then watched with increasing horror, as the three older boys were worked on frantically with living surround sound. Aaron, sensing the three boys had enough, shut off the playback “That was when you first arrived, two days ago, and if you go over to the bio-tubes, the older boys, who were the most severely injured are in, you will see that at least the technology used to save your lives is real enough.” When no one moved, Aaron walked over towards the hallway, “follow along now, this is just the tip of the iceberg for what you are about to see.”



The three youngsters looked at each other, not sure if they wanted to see this so called iceberg, but the lights suddenly dimming and a hissing nose from behind them stirred them into action and they ran out of the trauma pod, eager to catch up with their rescuer.



Walking outside, Aaron waited for them to catch up over near the small lake, and hid his smile as they left the med bay and stopped gawking at the tropical park surrounding them and one of the boys asked loud enough for him to hear, “Just where are we?”



Aaron pointed back to the med bay, “You just came out of the med bay which is the main hospital for the city, which I will show you from up high in a moment. We are on a largish island in the middle of the Pacific, near the equator, an island well off the flight paths and shipping lanes, so we will not be bothered.” Putting his arm out, “Let’s start the tour at the top. I will take you to the plateau above the farm, it will give you a very good view of the island then we will go to the observation deck, so you can see the city before finally ending up at the apartment where you will spend the next couple of nights while you make your decision on whether to stay or go somewhere else.”



“You have to be touching me so I can teleport with all three of you,” Aaron told them the little white lie, as a prime, or class one, he only needed to be able to feel someone with his mind to be able to port them, though, unless they became Alteran’s, they would never find out that tidbit, along with a lot of others.



Trying to send out the feeling of reassurance and trust, Aaron waited until Damien, who was the last one to approach him, touched his arm before porting them to the top of the highest mountain on the island. Waving his hand around the vista Aaron smiled, “Welcome…Welcome to Altare Island my home, and yours, if you wish to stay and chase your dreams.”



The three of them looked around in awe as they took in the large island surrounding them and the blue ocean in the far distance. “How big is this place, and why has no one ever mentioned it before?  I was pretty good in world history and I would remember seeing an island like this on the map?” Fred spoke up, as he watched Tommy bend over and grab a handful of soil, he guessed, to prove that it was real.”



“Well, sixty five years or so ago, that would be true, as this whole island was underwater, let’s just say that I and the rest of us have some really cool gadgets at our disposal, so the reason no one knows about it in the outside world is that it was not here sixty five years ago, and being so far off the beaten path, no one noticed when it was raised from the ocean floor.” Aaron told them, glossing over how it maxed out the available future technology to do what he so simply inferred.



Rubbing the soil through his hands, Tommy stared at Aaron intently, “You said we are above the city at the farm, what kind of livestock do you have and what else do you grow?” he asked, very interested in hearing the answer, the soil he ran through his fingers was very fertile and his fingers itched to start digging in it.



Smiling at the surface thoughts running through Tommy’s mind, Aaron smiled as he pointed down in the distance, “The horses are over there by the green roofed barn, that’s the hospital barn by the way. They were to be delivered today, but showed up some time yesterday, Kenny and I had to round them up and stalled them in the barn as the company hired to bring them to the island delivered them early and dumped them in the pasture instead of the barn stalls.” He was still pretty pissed at that and was planning on making it known to the company, after buying it out and firing those responsible and blacklisting them so they would never get a job in cargo transport ever again. “To the left is the newly planted experimental tropical fruit grove, after seeing which does well, we will increase the orchard size. Over to the right of the barn are the pastures where the cattle eventually will end up. The smaller barns are for poultry and swine, the vegetable crops are behind us on the other side of the new forest.”



Holding his arm out once more, “All aboard for the next stop,” Aaron chuckled as the three slowly moved back and without hesitation placed a hand on his extended arm.



Damien, who had been quiet until now, looked up, “What's to keep the world from barging in here and taking what they want, or even us?” he was still a little fearful of being captured and taken back to that place.



Nodding his head, Aaron heard the underlying fear in the question and looked around to get his bearings, “Well, this island is the center of my kingdom and behind your left shoulder, about a hundred miles from here, is another smaller island, Altair Minor. That’s the farthest west my territory goes, well another mile from the island really, and at each of the other compass points, there is a small rocky outcrop that houses part of the protections that surround the area. Nothing can enter my domain without losing all power, nothing that is not shielded by something which only we have available to us can enter these waters without everything electrical shutting down.” Shrugging as if it did not matter much to him, “Anyone that gets close enough will be warned away, and if they continue on, ignoring the warning, well, it’s their problem, if they survive, that is.”



“So let’s go,” Aaron said, changing the subject as he ported them to the observation deck and waved out over the city. ”And here is the capital city of Altare.”



“Whoa...”Fred whispered, as he followed the other two to the railing to gaze at the large city sprawled below them.



Damien, still not trusting that he was safe, “This is pretty big, how come the satellites have not picked this up? After all, this place is huge.”



Smiling at the youngster, Aaron pointed behind them, “Your answer lies outside that window,” he told him cryptically.



Turning around frowning, Damien started to let go of the fear that had been building in him ever since he woke up in that strange hospital, his tears of relief started to run unhindered down his cheeks, as he felt safe at last. Sobbing, as strong hands held him in comfort, he gazed out of the window at the ocean outside and the fish swimming by, they were underwater and he was finally safe.



Aaron held onto Damien as he sobbed out his fear and relief, all the pain and suffering he had gone through. Twenty minutes later, the sobbing slowed down to a few whimpers as Damien became quiet, Aaron, sensing that the young boy was at the limit for the moment and that Tommy was tiring fast, “Come on guys, grab on and I will port you to the apartment, so you can get settled in for the night, you all look beat.”



Arriving at the upstairs apartment’s balcony, Aaron sensed slight curiosity from Damien so Aaron knew he would be alright in a bit and pointed out several things, “Over in the corner are the steps going downstairs, to the right of the steps you will find Chris and Joe’s apartment, Chris is the commander of the Alteran Prince, which will be docking at Altair Minor so that two toddlers that were injured can be transferred to the hospital there, they will end up spending another three days or so in one of the bio-tubes, like the ones you were in. to the left of the stairs is Kenny and David’s place.”



Moving them towards the open doors leading to the living room, he pointed out the panel outside the door, “Here’s the deal, common courtesy means that you always port to the balcony and if the door is open, that means someone is home and does not mind company, so it is ok to walk in and announce yourself, if the door is closed, knock and if no one answers, you can leave a recorded message on that screen there.”



Walking into the living room, Aaron pointed out the way to the kitchen and then led them to the hall leading to the common room, “Each door leads to a bedroom and each has its own terminal with limited access to the net, tomorrow, we will get you set up so you have full access to the net and some clothes, if you want. Chris will stop by later tonight, after he gets back and he will check up on you. So if you want or need something before then, you know where he lives. I will leave you to choose bedrooms, while I go off to start supper, one or more of my guys will be up to get you, when it is time to eat, so you can rest up, so I’ll leave you to it.”



Quickly making his way downstairs, Aaron smiled when Kenny came running over, seems the teens were keeping him company as they explored the immediate area. “This thing is so cool,” Kenny rushed out breathlessly, “ummm, I was wondering…”



Accepting his small P.A.D.D. back “Top drawer of your desk, nearest to the terminal, yours is in the drawer,” Aaron told him, before laughing as he was talking to the air, Kenny did not last longer than top drawer  of your desk, before taking off to get it. Laughing at Kenny’s enthusiasm attracted the teens' attention and they ran over to hug him and took turns kissing Aaron passionately.  Kissing them back laughing, he picked them up and twirled them around as they giggled.



Kenny, slowly walking out of the apartment, exploring his very own personal computer and looking up at the giggling and laughter, saw his friends being twirled around and wanted in on the fun, so, carefully putting his P.A.D.D. on the railing where it would not get knocked off, he ran and jumped into Aaron’s arms as soon as he had let go of Tim and giggled in glee as he was twirled around basking and experiencing what every other kid his age had at one time or another from their parent. Planting a wet kiss on Aaron’s cheek as he was let down, he scooted out of reach of the swat heading for his butt, running for his P.A.D.D., he needed to get it as he was supposed to help Aaron cook supper for all of them.



Sensing he was being watched, Aaron looked up and noticed the three heads peaking over the balcony, waving at them, he turned back to his guys and pointed down the street, “The dining hall is down on the corner; you can come with, or go upstairs and visit; dinner will be in an hour and I told the new guys someone would fetch them for dinner.”



“I’ll stay and answer any questions they have and try to help them settle in, and bring them down in an hour,” Tim volunteered as Pete nodded his head and agreed to stay too.



Kevin smiled as he moved closer to Aaron and Kenny, "I’ll go and help with dinner then.” He waved as his friends went upstairs, and followed Aaron and Kenny down the street.



Once Pete and Tim, arm in arm, made it to the top of the steps, they walked in through the open door, “Anyone around?” Tim called as they entered the living room.



“Back here,” a young voice called out from the hallway, so the two changed direction and made for the common room.



Walking into the common room, Tim and Pete dropped down onto an empty couch, Pete, Leaning up against Tim, “So are you guys overwhelmed yet?  I know it is a lot to take in, at least we got to adjust to the idea before we came here,” Tim inquired.



“It is very different, it is like waking from a nightmare and finding yourself in a whole different world, I mean the last thing I remember is being drugged after those bastards hooked that stuff up to my dick and nipples.” Snorting in derision, Damien glared daggers off to the distance, “Those bastards called it aversion therapy, supposed to be the latest in curing Homosexuals.”



“More like torturing,” Fred spoke up before staring at the two on the couch, at how they were hanging off each other and how comfortable they were with each other, “Your all hooking up, aren’t you?”



Nodding, Tim smiled at the thought of the last time he had Aaron all to himself, “All except for Kenny, he’s too young, though he sure likes to look, if earlier was any indication. He is just capturing now what most everyone else grew up with, someone who cares about you and is willing to spend time with you.”



“His father was a preacher for some bizarre church, that preached that you had to fear God. His old father used to lock him and his brother in their rooms as soon as they got home from school. From a young age, they were not to be seen in anything that showed more than the hand exposed,” Pete told them, a sad look on his face as he remembered the story, “Actually Kenny has never seen a doctor or anyone else, his father preached that to expose your skin to others made you a perverted sinner.”



“He was never allowed to have friends and would be beat regularly if he talked to anyone, including his teachers, he and his brother had to bond in secret on the way home, the few short minutes they had alone, as they walked from school was all they had,” Tim looked lost, “that is why when his brother was beat almost to death by his father, he ran, the only thing he lived for was finding his brother and rescuing him.”



Time flew by quickly as the five talked and shared their past, and plenty of tears, before Tim glanced at the clock, supper would be ready in five minutes, “Hey, we better get a move on if we want to eat, we're supposed to be at the dining hall in five minutes,” Tim stood up and held out his hand for Pete to take, and helped him up off the couch, “just keep this in the back of your minds…you are all safe now, this whole city is for gay people only, and from what Aaron has said and showed us by keeping his word, this is a place where you can follow your dreams.”



Fred and Damien stood up and started towards the hallway, while Tommy just grimaced before falling back in the couch “I’m kind of tired guys, would you bring me something back, if it’s too much bother, I can wait until breakfast.” He asked in a small voice, causing them all to stop.



Tim, slightly panicking, rushed back, “I thought everything was fixed, did Aaron miss something…maybe we need to get you back to the med bay to get you fixed back up right this time.”



Placing his hand on one of his lover's shoulders, Pete whispered, “Calm down Tim, Aaron would not have released him if he was not healed.” Before looking over Tim’s shoulder, “What’s wrong Tommy, you look like you are in pain, seeing the nod of Tommy’s head, Pete stood up and closed his eyes and sent his mind searching for Aaron. After a few hesitant tries, he made contact and repeated what the problem was and how Tommy was in pain.



Eyes still closed, Pete’s voice took on an eerie echoing quality, “How long did those bastards have you, Tommy?” Aaron asked, through Pete.



Tommy looked around trying to remember, “it was Christmas morning, it was my Christmas present from mom's boyfriend…what is today’s date?” he sounded a little scared.



Tim whispered in horror, “July eleventh.”



“Oh, so I’m thirteen now,” Tommy wanted to cry, but did not want to, in front of the guys.



“But why is he so tired and he can’t walk, did something not heal right?” Fred asked quietly, not sure what to say as he had only spent two days there.



“Because he was not allowed to walk or move, his muscles have weakened till they tire very easily and it hurts to move as he builds them back up and builds stamina,” Aaron explained, as Pete opened his eyes with a smile as he watched him enter the common room with a small case, Aaron would fix the problem, just like he was able to fix everything else, he thought.



Opening the field kit, Aaron squirted some gel onto a gauze pad and rubbed it in on Tommy’s temple, before picking up one of those sensor things and placing it on his temple and pushing it in, the center started to glow when it activated and Tommy sighed in relief. “Ok, that will take care of any of the pain…well it will block you from feeling it, not that it’s not still there.”



Closing the kit and standing up, Aaron looked at the relief in Tommy’s face, “I asked you to let me know if you were sore or hurting,” softening his voice, “I can’t help you if you won’t let me know when it hurts, there is no reason for being in pain.” Smiling gently towards Tommy, he was rewarded with a blush and a weak nod of his head, “Ok, the question is, if you did not have to move to get to the dining hall, would you want to join us for dinner or do you want to eat here?”



“I’d like to go with you guys, if it is ok,” Tommy started to get up from the couch.



Taking the two steps needed to move back to the couch, Aaron scooped Tommy up and into his arms, “What part of not moving do you not understand?” Seeing that he was thoroughly chastised, Aaron started to walk out of the common room, followed by the rest of the guys, it only took a few minutes to walk the blushing teen to the dining hall and sit him down in a chair near the middle of the table closest to the buffet, where Kevin promptly put a full plate of pasta with garlic bread down in front of him.



Conversation was kept light through dinner, which helped relax Tommy and gain some semblance of self control over his situation and he probably should have been paying attention to what he was being asked before agreeing, “Sure.” Before blinking, “HUH…what did I just agree to.”



Amidst the Laughing, Kenny giggled, “you agreed you are a bottom.”



Tommy dropped his fork and it bounced off the table before Damien in between laughing whispered, “He asked if you knew how to swim, as it would be the best therapy to get you back on your feet.”



“KENNY…” Tommy screeched, blushing deeply.



Chuckling, Aaron pointed out, “Well you do have to admit you left yourself a tad bit open by not paying attention and then actually admitting to it.” Smiling at Tommy, “Anyway the question still stands, do you know how to swim?”



Tommy slowly nodded his head, “Yes I do know how to swim,” thinking about the other thing Damien said he tilted his head, “Do you really think it will help me get on my feet faster?”



“Yes, the water will support your body, so as you swim you will build stamina and build up your muscles with the least amount of stress to your body, and instead of fresh water, you’ll be swimming in salt water, or ocean water that is in one of the pools, it will make you float a little easier.” Aaron picked up his plate and moved it to the tray so it could be washed, looking back towards Tommy, “Do you want some more while I’m up?” receiving a smile and a shake of the head no, Aaron glanced at the clock, the Prince should be docking right about now.



“I have to go meet the Alteran Prince in a few minutes, so Chris will be porting over in a few minutes after I arrive there, if you ask, and even if you don’t, he will carry you back to your apartment and he has a hot tub that will help with some of the pain that little device is blocking right now. So after he eats dinner, and you guys eat those cookies Kenny baked, Chris will take all of you back so you can hit the hot tub.” Aaron moved around the table giving each of his guys a long drawn out kiss, ending with Kevin, and whispered, “See you in two hours or so, the moon will be starting to rise.”



“Chris will be here shortly, but if you need something, yell,” Aaron told them as he ported himself out of the dining hall to the bridge of the Alteran Prince, just as she was docking.


“Hey Chris, are we moored and at station keeping yet?” Aaron asked, as he appeared behind Chris who had seen him in the reflection of the front window when he ported in.



“Impeccable timing as always,” Chris laughed, “We will be at mooring station in three minutes; I’m just pulling up to the docks now.”



“Alright, once you are secure, go ahead and power the Prince down to hibernation mode and let me know when it’s done, you need to port to the dining hall to take care of my guys and four of the rescued, the three youngest were released this afternoon, I left them getting ready for desert. And yes, the pasta is still hot so the sooner you power down the sooner you get food.” Aaron was already halfway to the med bay while catching Chris up, “By the way Tommy is still very week, he was there the longest of those awake so far, so I promised him a trip to the hot tub as he is pretty sore and without the neural link, he would be in a lot of pain.”



“PASTA with your secret sauce?” Chris inquired, before blowing the answer off, “Station keeping in sixty seconds and you best be off the Prince in ten minutes, as in two, I will be gone and the power down cycle will have commenced.”



Aaron laughed and sent the picture of both middle fingers extended towards Chris, as he walked into the med bay. "Good evening folks, welcome To Altair Minor. Mr. And Mrs. Stevens, if you would move over to the desk, the bio-tube transport will be here in a minute, and the system is automated, allowing for the rapid transfer of the boys, so you need to be out of the way so you are not run over.”



Stopping behind the desk, smiling reassuringly towards the Stevens, Aaron clapped Carl on the back, “Theo, John, thank you for staying, we’ll talk later.” The sound of beeping was heard along with the hum of electric motors, as two strange contraptions, a cross between a forklift and docking clamps came into the room through a new door that opened in the side wall. “The whole system is set up to be automated, when the Prince hit the two mile mark from the emergency dock, the central med bay computer linked up with the med bay on the Prince and downloaded a complete file of the patients and it took notice that two of the bio-tubes were in use, so it started a preset set of instructions that activated one of the trauma pods. It also set in motion rapid transport for these two units back to the trauma pod.” Aaron had to raise his voice to the last as the two transports locked in place around the bio-tubes and loud clanking and hissing could be heard as connections disengaged and the bio-tube rose from the floor.



As the bio-tubes rose from the floor and the transports locked their clamps around the machinery with their precious cargo, the transports lit up with a heavy red light that surrounded the area they were in and the beeping changed over to a low volume siren as they rapidly slid back and slowly turning, shot off like they were fired from a gun, through the door they came in from.



“Hold on, it’s not a good idea trying to go down that passage," Aaron stopped the Stevens from following the transports, “There are two replacement units on their way back in through that docking collar, we need to go through the normal gangway.” He didn’t mention that, because the crew and staff would normally port over, he had never given a thought to normal humans needing to get off the Prince from the med bay. “Come with me, the regular docking gangway is one deck up, right above us,” Aaron pointed to the ceiling as he steered the group out into the hall just as the same low volume siren started from his pocket, causing the others to jump. Pulling his P.A.D.D. from the thigh pocket of his shorts, he glanced down quickly before tapping the screen shutting it off, smiling, he comforted the shaky parents “It’s just the central core, alerting me to the fact that there are new patients secured in the trauma pod. The med core programs alert the on call staff to emergency patients, or new arrivals,” shrugging as he started up the stairs, “So far, I am the only one in the system, so of course the central core contacted me, since I was not in the trauma pod waiting on the patients, just as it is programmed to do.”



“Well we can fix that hopefully, after Friday, at last count there are one hundred and sixty trained medical staff, ready to sign on and another sixty residents foaming at the mouth to jump ship.” Theo informed him, as they started to walk towards the gangway.



“Two hundred and twenty people…where in the world …” Aaron trailed off, how the hell was he supposed to mentally check out that many people over a couple of hours, he mentally groaned.



We’ll help,” came the mental touch that tasted like Tim, then Pete picked up the thought, “we can mingle with everyone, and read their surface thoughts, especially when they ask us how we came to be with you, and we tell them how you rescued us and what our families did to us.”



It should be easier with over ninety percent of those invited being gay or have a gay son or sibling, I should have the list typed in terminal in a few minutes,” Kevin’s mental voice chimed in, along with the picture of him sitting in the office next to the kitchen.



Feeling the questioning thought start to form, Kevin replied, “He thought about them as he mentioned the number of those invited, the list of names and faces flashed through his mind and I picked them up, had to share with Tim and Pete so we could get them all in time before the thought was gone.”



Walking into the hospital proper, Aaron kept up with the questions and answered in all the right places, leaving the others in the dark that he was having another conversation at the same time, “Aren’t you guys supposed to be entertaining the new boys?” Aaron gave a mental laugh, to show he was not upset.



Kevin gave the equivalent of a mental shrug, “I felt your surprise and peeked in, almost didn’t get the information in time, but I did.”


Aaron sent back love and pride to all three of them and felt their happiness back before paying full attention to his surroundings.



“Let’s stop in to see the boys, and then I will show the Stevens to their suite upstairs, after that, I need to take Carl back to the main island’s med bay, I’ll be gone about four hours, and will be back to spend most of the night. Though at this point, it is just a waiting game for the automatics to finish re-growth of the missing organs and they really don't need to be baby sat as the emergency is well and truly over.” Aaron told them as he escorted them into the Trauma pod.



Theo muttered, “Incredible,” as he noticed the body sized main monitor above each bio-tube showing the full system status of the patient with bold lines going to two open windows on the monitor next to the image of the body, showing the work in progress on the rapidly re-growing organs. He stared at the huge monitor fascinated that every bit of information he could ever need was on this screen, including a spiral double helix just below the image of the feet in the right hand section of the main monitor.



“As you can see, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, both boys are doing fine and have made the transfer without a problem, now, let’s get you up to the suite, we just need to go up those stairs over there,” Aaron pointed over to the spiral stairs in the corner, “Each of the emergency pods has six separate suits above them, one for each bio-tube, so that the families of our patients can be on hand to easily visit their loved one. Also each suite has a small kitchenette for drinks and snack type foods, in case you don’t want to go to the dining hall. There is also a computer terminal in the suite so you can keep in contact with family and friends, and there are instructions on how to use the terminal, printed above the desk. Feel free to make use of the facilities.”



When the Stevens went up the stairs to choose a room, Aaron got Theo’s attention and motioned him to join them, “I am going to show you the dining facilities before leaving with Carl, he has things to do to get ready to move here permanently next week.” Aaron told them, as he escorted them out of the trauma pod and down the main hall. Once they reached the main hall, they entered a huge atrium style rotunda and he escorted them around the many small tables nestled in and around the plants over to a long buffet that if you looked carefully the back opened up into a very large kitchen area.



John’s eyes lit up once they went through a side door and he entered the huge kitchen, it was a caterer’s dream kitchen. Wall to wall ovens to one side with small, if you considered twelve foot long small, stoves scattered around and a huge prep table warmer section in the middle. Everywhere he looked, it was a dream the way the design flowed and how easy it was for people to work around each other without tripping over someone.



“There is not much in the way of supplies, hell, the only supplies that are here are what I had sent over this morning, so there is not much of a variety, sandwich fixings and such, and enough food for a couple of days.” Aaron pointed out the empty, or almost empty shelves and the glass fronted walk in refrigerators, “there is enough to get you through lunch tomorrow, I am going shopping tomorrow and will send over a decent selection of supplies after I get back, luckily there is time to ramp up the farm's output so there will be plenty of fresh produce.”



“John, the terminal over in the office has listings of most anything you can wish to order, but keep in mind that with all the fresh produce you could ever want, that I prefer everything to be made from scratch, so canned sauces and such should not be ordered, things like flour and dried pastas, things like that, you will find highlighted in orange, meaning they have to be brought in. though I imagine that the only things you will be importing would be staples that are too time consuming or intensive to make locally," Aaron told him, subtly telling him that there should be very little that should be imported, though the last he had to raise his voice, as John had started for the office once it was pointed out.



“Well that is the last we will see from him for a while, so where did you say the sandwich stuff is again?” Theo asked, as his stomach grumbled.



Laughing, Aaron pointed out the bread on the counter over by the walk in cooler, “That cooler, and the bread is on the counter, feel free to eat and explore as I am going to get Carl settled in and I will catch up with you in the Trauma pod in about four hours, we can talk more then.”



Escorting Carl out of the kitchen towards a glass lined gazebo, he opened the door and waving Carl in, first closed the door after them, “This will make everyone think we have a transporter or something like that, these booths are all over Altair Minor, and if you look at he design on the floor, you will see that these are portation points, grab on.” Aaron held out his arm after explaining. A moment later, touching a panel on the back wall that did nothing, he ported them to the main med bay.