Chapter 08







Porting directly into the pod set up to handle genetic alterations, Carl looked around expecting to see Gordon walking around or at least in the other room and not seeing him, he walked over to the lone bio-tube lit up and was shocked to see Gordon lying there, “You already started, when did he go in?” Carl turned around to see Aaron over next to another bio-tube, activating it.



“Yesterday, shortly after you left, we are on a very tight schedule, as I need you both to be finished with your DNA resequencing before you go back to your parents, and your brother gets back. Once you return with your brother, you can begin mastering your gifts.” Aaron wiggled his finger in a come here now action, “Strip down buddy boy, and climb up and in.”



“What…I mean Gordon’s not out yet, and what about all the patients still in the bio-tubes?” Carl was shocked and stuttering.



“I think I need to have a conversation with Theo, Berkley’s standards must be falling, as I distinctly remember saying just a few minutes ago, how all the systems are fully automated and when you couple it with a fact you have been aware of for several days now, of my being able to teleport, leaves me to wonder.” Aaron scolded him, trying to keep a straight face, “WELL!”



“Um…well what?” Carl asked, confused and blushing, he did forget the fact that Aaron could teleport.



“STRIP!” Aaron giggled at the end, before pointing to the open bio-tube with the waiting cart next to it, “Gordon will have finished being resequenced tomorrow, in time to spend the day with Theo and no one will be the wiser, and no one would think anything of me being on watch tonight over at Altair med bay, as I am going to start the DNA resequencing on the older toddler, to correct his type one diabetes that would have hit him when he turned ten. Theo would not expect either of you to be around for that procedure, knowing that there are emergency patients here at the main med bay, he will just assume the two of you are over here.” Aaron explained his reasoning to the slowly disrobing young man.


“Man, if you are always this slow, it is a wonder Gordon has the patience to wait on you,” Aaron chuckled at Carl who blushed and finally stood naked open to Aaron’s gaze.



“Alrighty, hop on in and try to get comfortable, I hope you are not partial to how your penis looks, if so, take a good look now, this is the last time you will see it without a foreskin,” Aaron told him, as he squirted the sterilizing gel onto Carl’s chest and temple along with the right elbow, before handing him some gauze so he could rub the gel in, himself.



“Really…”Carl sounded gleeful, “I wonder how much of a difference it will make by having the skin back?”



“A lot, actually, try having over two thirds of the nerve endings removed, and the head desensitized due to constant abrasion of clothing…you will really enjoy playing with it once you have it back,” Aaron told him truthfully, as he placed a generous squeeze of lube onto the end of the hose, holding it up, “Ok, I think you know where this goes, insert into part B until you reach the end of the ring,” handing the end of the now lubed hose to Carl so he could insert it himself.



Trying to be professional, yet amused, as Carl struggled to insert the hose into his rear by himself, Aaron continued to chat, thereby distracting Carl as he attached both monitors and the elbow IV cuff. Finally, once it was inserted and Carl was lying back down, he glared up at Aaron’s smirking face, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”



Nodding his head and laughing, Aaron just told him, “Nighty night,” before activating the soma unit so he could intubate Carl and activate the cycle to start the alteration procedure.



Kevin, do you want to meet me in the park by the lake in a few minutes?” Aaron sent, along with the image of him walking into the clearing, naked. Barely getting a very fast image of Kevin running across the park, Aaron finished slipping out of his shirt and shorts and grabbed the bottle of lube off the cart, before walking quickly out of the med bay.



Several minutes later, a very naked and excited Kevin came running down the path, his erect cock bobbing slightly from side to side, Aaron just smiled as Kevin slowed down to a stop in front of him. Leaning over, Aaron kissed Kevin gently and passionately holding him tight, and ported them to the middle of a gently terraced waterfall, they appeared in one of the larger stone steps as the warm water cascaded around their feet.



Kevin, reaching out with his mind, initiating the link that would bind their minds as one, as their passions rose he was grateful as Aaron accepted the link and guided him to completing it, lending him some of his control so he did not shoot so soon, from the still new sensations. Lifting one leg slightly, so Aaron could have better access to his ass and tight hole, he groaned in anticipation as he heard the gentle snick of the lube top being opened.



Kevin shivered in pleasure as he felt the warm slick finger enter him slowly, as he did his best to see how far he could get his tongue down Aaron’s throat while his hands roamed over the tall firm body, every once in a while, straying to that very hard cock to slide his thumb around the freely leaking tip. It was intense; his hands felt like they were touching his body, when in actuality he was caressing Aaron.



Aaron, clamping down hard on the shared need to orgasm, felt his/their hole relax and added a second finger, searching for just the right spot, caressing it gently with his fingers when he found it. Gently rubbing Kevin’s prostate in a slow circular motion, Aaron was able to insert a third finger, in between gentle finger thrusts that ended in a slow circular massage of the prostate. Pulling his finger back towards the opening as he felt the urge to cum, he slowly turned Kevin so he was facing away from him and aimed his hard cock at the slick hole, brushing the head of his cock by his lube covered hand first, ensuring that it was lubed as he slowly replaced his fingers with the head of his hard cock.



Once he felt the head of his cock slip past the tight inner ring, he waited a moment before, in one gentle thrust, he bottomed out. It took all his control not to lose it right then, as he pulled out slowly, before thrusting back in. “Catch your load with your hand,” Aaron whispered as he was about to lose the battle on holding back any longer. With the feeling of a palm touching the tip of their cock, he exploded, groaning as they both exploded in an intense orgasm, each feeding off the intense pleasure of the other.



Kevin, his palm full of his load, brought it to his mouth and filled it, licking his palm clean, but not swallowing, instead leaning back as the gentle thrusts continued and turned his head so they could share his load. Not coming fully down from the incredible pleasure of his orgasm, Kevin moaned as the thrusting he felt their body do, started to pick up again, the back and forth of the hard cock brushing against his prostate very firmly.



Not fully over the first high of passion, Aaron started over, thrusting gently, picking up speed every so many minutes, hands roaming the front of Kevin’s taught body from behind, every so often grasping the hard cock in front, pushing the skin over the sensitive head and with a firm grip, rubbing the skin covered head into his palm in a circle, trapping the head of Kevin’s cock between the skin and his palm. By now, Kevin was panting and moaning loudly, incapable of any other sound as there was nothing left but pleasure running through their joined mind, and after twenty minutes, they once again came at the same time, Aaron filling Kevin with his seed as Kevin’s shot through the air in a large arc before falling into the warm water to be washed down the waterfall.



Aaron stayed inside Kevin and only moved as much as was needed to stay hard, as the two of them rode the orgasm and its aftermath. After ten minutes, he started to move in and out once more, hands stroking the slightly softened cock belonging to the body he was deep inside of, back to a firm hardness, intent on bringing him to a climax as soon as possible, as Aaron separated their joined mind, just enough so he would not cum at the same time that Kevin did. Feeling Kevin’s body shiver under him, as he picked up speed, Aaron stroked faster until he felt Kevin stiffen and shoot his load once more, doing the best he could to catch the load in his hand without losing rhythm.



Bringing the cum covered hand around Kevin’s panting head Aaron licked it clean and brought his lips to Kevin’s and kissed him, sharing the offering with him, five minutes later his hard cock rapidly slamming in and out of Kevin’s tight ass, he reached around as he was getting close and started to stroke Kevin, hoping to get one more load out of him. Kevin groaned out as he climaxed for the last time, cum just dribbling out this time as Aaron shot his load deep inside Kevin and holding still taking up most of the weight from Kevin as he melted back into him as the orgasm racked his body.



Aaron stayed like that, eyes half closed gazing up over the top of Kevin’s head at the moon shining down on them from above. Content to stand there as his cock started to wilt and Kevin’s body started to recover and his stretched sphincter regained the tightness it had an hour and a half ago when they first started, slowly expelling the wilting cock from his tight tunnel, Aaron’s cock acting as a seal, sealing his seed inside, until finally it slipped out as Kevin’s sphincter closed shut.



Kevin leaned back into Aaron’s chest as he recovered from the most mind blowing sex he had ever experienced. He could not believe he had cum four times, his balls ached, in a good way but he did not think he could move. It was perfect the moonlight reflecting off the water cascading around their feet as the warm wind blew gently through the trees and the best of all, his ass full of Aaron’s seed. He initially felt the urge to go to the bathroom but he clenched down hard and it passed quickly, leaving him feeling fulfilled.



Another half hour passed before Aaron moved slightly to the side, picked Kevin up in his arms and climbed up the steps of the waterfall; he stepped into the chest deep pool warmed by the artificial hot springs that cascaded over the rocky banks. Holding onto Kevin so his head would not go under, Aaron started to use his hands to wash his lover, taking care not to make it to sensual and taking care to not cause unnecessary pain from the thoroughly spent teen. Holding Kevin so he floated in the water, Aaron used his other hand to quickly wash himself before gathering Kevin back up in his arms and climbing the hidden submerged steps he carefully walked out of the warm water and a few steps away from the pool, before porting them back to the balcony outside Kenny’s apartment, leaving the water behind, where all three of his lovers had planned to spend the night keeping Kenny and the new guys company while he was over at the Hospital.



Walking into the living room, and down the hallway to the common room where quiet voices could be heard talking, Aaron smiled as he entered the circular room and all conversation stopped as he gently laid Kevin down on the empty couch and leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips before rising and glancing at the clock, seeing he had a few minutes, he sat  down on one of the empty chairs, “How goes everything, guys?” glancing towards Tommy he smiled at seeing the very big eyes and his expression, “did the hot tub help, Tommy?”



Tommy seeing the satisfied look on Kevin’s face and knowing from overheard conversation that Kevin was going to meet with Aaron tonight for one on one sex, like he had done with Pete and Tim, just nodded his head, not able to find his voice as his cock stiffened at the thoughts running through his head at what could be done between two male lovers to give one that type of look.



Pete and Tim did not say anything, just gazed around the room with a knowing smirk on their faces as Aaron told Tommy, “Good, I’m glad you are feeling better, remember don’t hesitate to get someone if you start hurting again, have fun but try to take it easy until you build your muscles back up again.” Standing up, he went over to Tim and kissed him deeply before moving to Pete and doing the same, “You guys have fun, I have to go back to Altair med bay for the night, but I am only a thought away if you need me.”



Aaron was halfway down the hall when he heard Kenny say innocently enough, “You look truly happy, damn, if I was only older…”



Reaching the balcony, Aaron quickly ported back to the med bay for his clothes and after dressing, ported himself back to Altair Minor in the garden near the med bay, following the path inside, Aaron made his way through the tomb like quiet of the almost empty hospital to the trauma pod where the Stevens boys were and where he would meet up with Theo.



Walking into the trauma pod, Aaron was not surprised to find Theo sitting behind the central desk reading through the procedural database, “The whole system is so simplistic, and yet I have to remember that without my years of medical training, most of this would be incomprehensible,” Theo waved his arm around at the equipment after noticing  Aaron walking in. “The biggest problem that I foresee is going to be that the insurance companies are not going to want to pay for the procedures, even if in the long run it will save them millions.”



“The charges are not that outrageous, but you're right, for the most part, in the beginning it will be those that can afford treatment. Even though the fees are not that high, after a while, people will demand that their governments change the insurance industry, its either that or they will lose in the next election.” Aaron sat down at the central console and logged in, “Businesses will help to change the insurance industry too, all my companies are switching over to providing medical care for the employees and families in house, and once the med bay opens next month, all my employees will be treated here for anything major, it will be cheaper in the long run.”



Adjusting the nutrient flow to the older boy, Aaron studied the readouts for a moment, due to the fact that both boys were so young and their organs so small, the re-growth cycle was accelerated. Tapping commands into the terminal, he looked at the results of the reports closely before he initiated the DNA resequencing to prevent the future onset of diabetes.



Watching closely, Theo noticed what Aaron was doing and raised an eyebrow, something he had cultivated doing after years of practice, it intimidated the hell out of his students, “I take it there is some secret benefit from starting the resequencing early? I mean everything I read up on this procedure goes contrary to what you just did.”



Smirking, Aaron looked up after locking the procedure into place and activating it, “Normally that is true except in one case,” going into teacher mode, he looked at Theo,” Review what you know of his injuries and what procedures have been performed so far, all the clues are there.”



Shocked at being treated like a fourth year resident all over again, Theo nodded and smiled, showing he accepted the challenge, taking several minutes to review what had happened over the past two days and the treatments, he was not finding the answer, on the verge of giving up, “I have no…wait a minute..” Theo’s eyes trailed across the monitor and two things jumped out at him, “Ok, first clue the liver was damaged and you initiated a re-growth cycle to replace the lost tissue, now the liver regulates sugar production…wait a minute I read about this somewhere,” Theo started to flip through his notepad while Aaron looked at him as he flipped pages, “Here it is, at ninety percent completion, the organ, while completed for size and shape, still does not have the mass needed to be fully functional, the last ten percent of growth is actually the rapid division of cell replication to build up the mass surrounding the core network of cells, this takes, on average, one third of the total re-growth time.” Theo read his notes carefully, smiling as he put the pieces together, “The other part of the puzzle is that the lad's pancreas had to be removed and is also at ninety percent complete in the cycle, so if one would think about it, this is the perfect time to resequence the DNA of the two main organs involved in diabetes,” Theo concluded and beamed at catching it, Aaron was right; all the clues were in plain sight, he just needed to think outside the box.



Smiling, Aaron nodded his head, “Correct on the first try,” chuckling he added, “It will actually decrease the amount of time spent in the bio-tube by almost a full day, so instead of being released a day apart, they can be released an hour apart.”



“Is it the unique case of re-growing the pancreas and the liver that makes the exception?” Theo asked, as he quickly scribbled notes in the margin of his pad, “So if it was one organ or another you would not initiate early?” he looked up scribbling stopped but pen poised to take off once more.



Aaron stretched after standing, ”If only one organ were involved, it would not save any time, in fact, it would more than likely add several hours to the treatment. Have you seen John since I left?”



Finished adding to his notes, Theo looked up thinking about it, “You know the last time I saw him was before taking a stroll around the grounds, he was muttering under his breath and running between the terminal in the office and different sections of the kitchen.”



“Well, try to get some sleep, the days of you spending all night studying are long gone, I’m going to go track John down and turn in myself in a little bit.” Aaron told him, as he walked out of the door, heading in the direction of the kitchen.



Walking into the very quiet kitchen, Aaron glanced around and not seeing anyone, went towards the office and smiled at seeing John slumped over the desk, asleep, checking and finding his mind was well and truly asleep, Aaron fought the urge to dip in and see why he was so accepting of gay people, wondering if he was deep in the closet or maybe even BI. Instead, he stood in the doorway and sent his mind in search of a bed for the young man and ported him to an empty bed in one of the rooms above the trauma pod, before making his way outside, it was a nice night and there was a hammock set up in the garden and he felt like sleeping out under the stars reflecting.



Early the next morning, Aaron woke up as the sun started to rise, he lay there swinging slightly in the morning breeze, as the colors of the multitude of flowers started to brighten as the sun grew higher, he had a lot to do today, between releasing another of the rescued boys and then Gordon at noon, then he had the shopping trip with his guys, which would take up most of the afternoon and early evening, seeing John approaching out of the corner of his eye, he thought so much for a quiet start to his morning.



Kevin stretched and wiggled his toes as he woke up, rolling over on the couch he smiled as he remembered the previous night and pushing back the blanket that someone must have thrown over him after he fell asleep on the couch, he stood up making his way down the hall towards the bathroom, he had to pee. Finished, he heard noises from outside and walked onto the balcony and spotted Chris jogging up the block towards him, “Morning Chris, starting or finishing?” Kevin asked, as he stepped through the open gate into the street.



Picking the towel up off the banister of his little courtyard balcony, Chris smiled as he wiped his face, “Just finishing, I’m off to the showers,” pausing to look over after wiping his face “did you need something?”



Smiling and nodding his head, Kevin asked, “If you would I could use a port home so I can shower and take care of a few things.” Seeing the nod, Kevin quickly walked the few steps over to Chris and touched his arm “This will be so much easier once I learn to port myself.”



Concentrating, Chris ported them both to the balcony outside Aaron’s house, and then with a wave goodbye ported back to his own apartment, so he could get cleaned up.



Walking into the house, Kevin made his way to his room and a hot shower where he cleaned himself inside and out as he learned to do on the streets, it was an ingrained habit now that made it less uncomfortable if any of his tricks ever did meet his standards to fuck him. Brushing his teeth as he thought about needing to do some shopping and if the money he asked Aaron to be transferred had been done, knowing how busy he had been the past few days.



Leaving the bathroom and sitting down at the terminal, he brought up the welcome screen and started to fill in the open boxes with information, and then choosing a log in password, it seems that the log in name for the terminal was his full name, made it easier to keep track of, he supposed. Once logged in, he was at the point where he had several options, each hinting at a time estimate to finish each section, glancing at schooling and seeing the two hour estimate next to the words placement testing, he decided first thing tomorrow. Looking around at some more of the options he finally decided to try account information, when he noticed that he had an email account and he had an unread message waiting.



Choosing that option first, he clicked on the letter and smiled as he read through the short note from Aaron, he had sent it the same night they talked, he had deposited the extra funds into his bank account and Tim’s and Pete’s as he requested, along with directions on how to find his account balance and how to order items. He still had some cash, several hundred dollars in the bottom of his pack, so he would have some money to buy things when they went shopping later, he wondered if there was a mall around wherever they were going. Going through the screen to open his account balance, he read through all the instructions on how to use his account to buy things and he was surprised there was even an option to get a debit card that could be used like a credit card off the island, that is, if he ever chose to leave his new home. Thinking about it, he decided for right now, he would only leave when Aaron did, after all, he knew Aaron could protect him and anyone with him.



Filling out the screen to have a debit card assigned to him, he was going to keep the cash in his 'just in case' bundle for now. Touching the submit button, he got a strange screen popping up, asking if he wanted to finalize his passport at the same time, if so, he was to sit up straight and look into the video pickup at the bottom of the screen and touch the symbol of the camera to have the picture taken.



Sitting up straight in the chair, Kevin reached over for the symbol of the camera before stopping in mid motion, he was sitting in front of the video pickup naked. Standing up and pushing the chair back from the desk, he rushed out to the common room to dig through his dirty laundry for his cleanest shirt, only to stop short of the washer and dryer area where his pile was gone. Wanting to slap himself, he remembered he put that pile there three days ago now, so he rushed back to his bedroom and on the way to the closet, noticed the pile of clothes on the bed, changing directions, he carefully took out his working clothes, the ones that were in the best shape and made him look like a preppy right off the yacht.



Now fully clothed, he sat back down and smiling into the pickup, reached across and touched the camera symbol, expecting a flash where there was none, he looked down to see if he had touched the right spot and when he looked up he grinned at seeing the picture that had been taken on the monitor with a small dialog box, asking if this was the one he wanted or did he want to take another. Staring at it for a few moments, as he decided, he touched on the option to keep it and was rewarded a moment later by a message on the screen stating his documents were ready for pickup at his home's drop off point. Racking his brain, he did not remember it being pointed out to them and growled out, “just where is the damn drop off point.”



Walking out into the common room, he searched all around the room and found nothing, glancing at the clock and seeing it was almost eight, he decided to get something to eat and maybe by that time Aaron would be back and he could be shown the drop off point and he could get his debit card and passport. Entering the kitchen, he looked through the refrigerator and finding all kinds of breakfast foods that needed to be cooked, which he did not feel like doing this morning, he decided on cereal and went into the pantry to grab a box when he noticed a blinking green light against the far wall. Curious, he went over and noticed above the clear plastic tube on the wall the words ‘document drop off point’ and rapidly yanked the door open and pulled out the tube, inside was his debit card with his name boldly stamped on it and a hard metal and plastic case. Staring at the debit card for a few moments as the reality of having a legal bank account danced in his head, he finally looked over at the metal and plastic case and thumbed it open. Inside was the picture he had taken a few moments before, with all kinds of interesting data about him and the big bold words up and down each side in bright red ‘Diplomat’, he had a diplomatic passport which meant that he could not be kept in the U.S. no matter what happened.



Flipping the hard plastic page over, he noticed several slots like what would be in a wallet for holding cards and stuff and found his debit card fit just right in one of the slots. Closing the passport, he clutched it to his chest and stood there for who knows how long before his stomach woke up, reminding him why he came into the pantry in the first place. Grabbing a box of cereal without looking at it, he went back into the kitchen and poured it into a bowl and after getting the milk out of the refrigerator and pouring some in the bowl, he started to eat, all the while clutching the precious case to his chest with his free hand.



Pete and Tim hugged and then thanked Chris for porting them home, they had decided to eat at home when they found out Kevin had left before they woke up, so he could go home and clean up, the rest of the guys were going to eat with Chris and they really wanted to find out if Kevin was ok. Walking into the living room they noticed a light on in the kitchen and they walked silently into the room and stopped in shock as they found Kevin sitting in his work clothes at the table, staring off into space clutching something to his chest. Walking slowly and carefully towards their best friend and lover, so as not to startle him, Pete grabbed a couple of bowls and spoons and sat down across from Kevin, as Tim sat down on his left. “Hey Kevin, are you all right, Bud?”  Tim asked softly as he poured cereal into the bowl Pete sat in front of him.



Startled, Kevin blinked and noticed his bowl was empty and at some point Tim and Pete had come home, clearing his throat, he looked around the table blushing, “I’m fine guys, just a little overwhelmed at the moment.”



“What happened?   You were fine when you went to bed last night,” Pete asked concerned about why his friend suddenly was acting weird.



Shaking his head, Kevin smiled at his friends, “Really I’m fine, just surprised and got lost in my thoughts.” Showing the passport to Tim and Pete he opened up the page so they could see what was written inside and placed it down on the table for them to look at.



“SHIT… Hot Damn…” Pete whispered in awe, loud enough to be heard. “Do you know what this means? It means you always have a place forever, and no one can touch you back in the States.”



Tim was thoughtful, being the youngest of the three, but also out on the streets the longest, he knew what this simple little document was worth, even if it was never shown to anyone else, the line below Kevin’s name spoke it all, ‘Member: Clan Stranton’. Standing up, he hoped that he also would be able to get a passport that had the same thing on it, after all, he was first, but…not knowing how to take his friend's good fortune, he started to walk to the common room and froze when he heard Kevin shout out, “Hey, you guys need to log in and get your debit cards and passport too, after all, if Clan Stranton is going shopping this afternoon, we all need to be ready.”



Hope, he thought, it has been so long since I felt this way, but what if… Tim trailed off as he was rushed into his room by Pete and Kevin and forced into the chair with the order, “Log on and start filling out the stuff you need to.” Kevin excitedly told him, as he dragged Pete over to his room so he could get logged on also.



Staring at the screen for a moment, he resigned himself to being nothing but a common lay, at least he had a good home and was cared for. Filling the screens out with all the information that it asked for, he looked around the options after choosing a password. Seeing a blinking icon in the corner of the screen, he touched it and was rewarded by the email program opening and he had one unread message. Tapping it, the email opened and hope rose in him one more time, as he read the message that Aaron had left him, several days before. Tears running down his face, he closed the message and tapped the account icon and read through and answered the questions and chose to have a debit card issued and to his joy, another screen opened up, asking if he wanted his passport finalized. Staring at the screen as it asked him to sit up straight so his picture could be taken, he realized he had been crying and rushed to the bathroom to wash his face and realized as he stood in front of the mirror why Kevin was dressed.



Hunting around for his clothes, he spotted them folded neatly on his bed and put on his best shorts and shirt and running back to the bathroom, looked in the mirror one more time before sitting down for his picture to be taken. After accepting the picture, he stared at the message that his documents would be at the house drop off point. Getting up from the desk, he walked out into the common room in a daze at about the same time Pete came bounding into the room yelling for Kevin.



“KEVIN…where did you go, hey where is the document drop of point?” Pete yelled as he came out of his bedroom.



“I went to hang up my clothes and get my P.A.D.D. so I could make a shopping list of things I wanted to pick up, like underwear and stuff, maybe a few books,” Kevin told them as he walked out of his room writing notes on the P.A.D.D. “Come on, it’s in the pantry.” Kevin led the way after putting the P.A.D.D. in his pants pocket; he still had his passport in his hand.



A feeling of despair almost overwhelmed Tim, as he walked down the hall towards the kitchen and the pantry off to one side, by the time he walked into the room, he was trembling and almost dropped the debit card and passport that Kevin handed to him, after glancing inside. Staring at the cover of the passport that had the Kingdom of Altare written on the front cover in bright gold letters; he was afraid to open it, as long as he just kept it closed, that feeling of hope might not get dashed away with yet another bit of rejection.



Pete was smiling as he looked at his passport and saw that it was just like Kevin’s he had someone to belong to now, turning to look at Tim he felt this overwhelming sense of despair and concentrating as he stared at Tim, he heard Tim thinking about jumping off the railing, he figured out it was better that way if his hope died he needed to die with it. Panicking, Pete screamed at the top of his mental lungs,



“HELP TIM…AARON, HELP!!!” as he dropped what he was holding and tackled Tim so he could not move, taking both of them to the floor.



Aaron who had been talking to Chris and the boys before going home, checking to make sure they were alright and warning them he and his guys were going shopping this afternoon, so if they needed anything special to get a list to Chris who would give the list to him. Clutching his head as if in pain, Aaron stiffened before crying out, “TIM!” and porting away, back to where the cry originated, leaving behind a wincing Chris and four very confused boys.



Porting into his kitchen, he saw Pete tackle Tim and rushed to their side, looking up, he saw only confusion in Kevin’s face while he felt the fear in Pete’s thoughts, as he mentally cried out for Tim to stop thinking about suicide. Sending thoughts of love and comfort towards all three teens, Aaron placed his hands on Tim’s temples and merged their minds together, seeking the source of the despair in the young man.



Kevin, finally realizing what was happening rushed forward to grab Tim’s dropped passport and opening it up sought out what he knew would be there and placed it in front of Tim’s eyes, so he could read for himself the truth. There, under his name was also the bold statement he belonged to Clan Stranton just like his two best friends, showing him that Aaron’s name had been added to his own.



Grabbing Pete’s hand, Kevin placed their combined hand over Aarons and giving a mental nudge to Pete, they linked their mind to Aaron and Tim’s to help provide the love and support Tim was so desperate for right now.



They stayed like that for a good half hour as their merged minds found the source of Tim’s despair and banished it forever, before healing was started, each in turn laying their own minds open so that Tim and everyone else in the linkage could see and help heal the mental scars they each carried.



Smiling, as Tim finally drifted off to sleep, Aaron reached down and gathered the skinny teen in his arms and stood up slowly, careful not to lose his balance. “Pete would you run to the common room and open the big couch up, it is a hide a bed, we’ll all cuddle together until Tim wakes up.” Seeing Pete nod his head and  run out of the room, Aaron smiled at Kevin and nodded his head to the floor, “Can you grab all that, I think Tim will want to see that when he wakes up.”



The extra few moments that Aaron used to ask Kevin to gather the dropped documents was enough time for Pete to pull the hide a bed out of the couch and go rushing into his room to grab the comforter off of his bed, along with a pillow. Glad that his new body was taller than his old one, Aaron stepped up onto the folded down bed and made his way to the head and slowly sank down. Once they were down on the bed, he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor while removing Tim’s clothes with the help of Pete and Kevin, as he lifted Tim up so Pete could remove Tim’s shorts, he felt Kevin’s fingers on his hips and scooted his ass in the air so his shorts could be removed also. Once naked, he situated Tim between his legs, he reached down to adjust his cock so it would not be squashed and motioned for Pete and Kevin to join in, one on each side. Pete, the last to join them in the bed, pulled the blanket up and handed an edge to Kevin so all four of them would be covered as he snuggled up next to Aaron’s leg and placed a hand on Tim’s stomach right over Kevin’s hand which was already there.



That is how Tim found all of them an hour or so later, as he woke up, glancing around to the smiling faces around him he finally felt at peace and when he went to lift his hands he felt something hard resting in them and peaking under the blanket he smiled when he saw the passport and debit card. “I’m so sorry guys; I don’t know what came over me.” Tim’s voice was soft and hesitant, “I’m better, thanks to you guys.”



“We're family now, Tim, whether you share my bed again or not, WE ARE FAMILY NOW.” Aaron was a little forceful at the end but he kissed Tim on his head to show he was not angry.



Giggling at the rising tent in the blanket, Tim’s voice all husky with lust, “Oh I am not leaving your bed anytime soon, you can be sure of that,” ripping the blanket off of them as he said that.



Of course, seeing the hard cock sticking straight up between Tim’s legs caused everyone else to stand to attention as it were, glancing at the clock, Aaron noticed it was now going on eleven, he had planned to have the next boy out and safely settled in before now, oh well “Just a quickie, as time is short, so who wants sucked off first?”



“Tim can be,” Kevin and Pete said together, as they helped pick Tim up and turn him around so his hard cock was pointed in the right direction for Aaron to take into his mouth, letting him go, Kevin gave him a gentle nudge and as soon as Aaron’s lips touched Tim’s cock, Tim started to thrust uncontrollably in and out of Aaron’s mouth, quickly building up and climaxing after only a minute.



As Tim fell back spent, riding his orgasm, Pete took his place and he too enjoyed Aaron sucking his hard cock and his hand stroking him at the same time brought him close and he shot his load deep down Aaron’s throat. Aaron licked the tip of Pete’s cock to catch the last drop when he felt the bed move and Kevin thrust his hard cock towards his face, which he had time to place his lips around before it started firing off. Glancing down at the shiny head of his own hard cock Aaron looked at the clock and scooted over to the edge of the bed, looking for his clothes.


“Man that was so fast…I’ve never been that fast before,” Tim groaned as he glanced at Aaron getting up, he had yet to get off. Licking his lips to wet them he scooted to the edge of the bed “Do you want me to take care of that for you?”



“Later when we get back, there is not enough time left right now, I have to get that new kid out of the bio-tube and then Gordon, after that we need to go shopping.” Reaching over to pull Tim to his feet, he kissed him deeply, ”Thank you for thinking of it though, I will save it for later. And the reason all of you are coming so fast is if you think about it, you were given brand new penis’s so many nerve ending were cut away when you were circumcised, you just have to get used to the new improved model, it’s only been a day, after all.” Aaron had stepped into his shorts and was tucking his shirt in so he could snap them up.



Standing and looking at the sprawled teens slowly stroking their cocks, he chuckled “Ok I take it you all plan to practice, so I will see you in about an hour and a half.” He told them after kissing Kevin first then Pete.



Walking down the hall, Aaron yelled over his shoulder, “Save some of that for tonight.” Laughing he entered the living room, ported to the med bay and made his way inside. As he walked into the trauma pod he noticed Kenny was back and chatting away to his brother, moving over to the central station, he was slightly surprised to see Tommy sitting in one of the chairs leaning forward on the counter, staring at the screen. “Hi Tommy, are you feeling alright?” Aaron pulled his chair over and sat down next to Tommy.



Picking up his head Tommy smiled sadly, “Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you, so I followed Kenny when he came to visit his brother.” Peeking over the top of the console he saw Kenny still chatting away, “You know in a way, it is weird seeing Kenny just talking to his brother like that, I mean it’s not like he can hear him or anything…must be nice to have someone that would take the time to be with you and share their day with you.”



“Well, while David might not hear everything Kenny is saying right this moment, he will hear everything after he wakes up, as I’m recording these visits so David will know what happened with his brother and what is going on when he wakes up.” Aaron whispered, “And I will always find time to listen to you, even if I am busy doing something, I can still listen to you …unless it is an emergency and someone needs my help, but I will never blow you off, I promise.”



“Can I hug you?” Tommy asked suddenly, with a shy smile.



“Come here,” Aaron opened his arms and once Tommy was close enough, he pulled him in tight against him and held on, “You can always have a hug, I think everyone that lives here would be willing to give you a hug if you need one.” Separating when he felt Tommy start to pull back, Aaron smiled “Now, if you feel up to it, come over and tell me what’s on your mind while I release…you don’t happen to know his name, do you, the young man all the way to the left?”



Shaking his head no, Tommy stood up and pushed his chair over next to the bio-tube and sat down, just out of the way, watching Aaron smoothly work the controls, before saying anything “I wanted to talk to you about staying, I think I would be very happy working the land and farming here.”



Watching the regen fluid drain out off the bio-tube, Aaron spared a glance in Tommy’s direction, “You are, of course welcome to stay here with us, and follow your dreams, this whole island kingdom is set up on the basis of rescuing gay youth and bringing them back here where it would be safe for them to grow and chase their dreams.” Aaron took one last look at the monitor as the lid hissed open and slid back. Picking up a towel, he moved over and wiped the boy's face around the tube and deflating the balloon that kept it in place he gently and swiftly pulled it out and watched carefully to make sure the airway stayed open.



Catching the feeling of frustration coming from Tommy, Aaron stood up and glanced back, eyes resting on Tommy, “I don’t think that is what you truly are asking though, is it?”



Squirming in his seat, Tommy rushed out, “Kevin told me I had to ask you, to be allowed to be an Alteran, to be able to get the same gifts as the others and use them so I will truly belong.”



Watching Tommy carefully as he asked the question, Aaron glanced through Tommy’s surface thoughts before turning back, “Hold that thought, I need to check on this youngster to make sure he is ready to be awakened.” Aaron closed his eyes and concentrated, searching the dream world the young man had woven, “Derrick…Derrick Young, age fourteen.” Implanting the information that he had with the other three boys, on being safe and healed, after his rescue, Aaron opened his eyes as he moved to the side of the console; Aaron entered the name change to the patient records, “Let me ask you this, Tommy, what do you know about Alteran’s in general, I need to make sure you understand what you are asking and what will happen, before I can give permission.”



Bolstered by the fact Aaron did not say no, Tommy sat up, “I spent the night looking through the computer that was in my room, I know Alteran stands for altered human and that each Alteran has special powers or gifts, like telepathy and teleportation and telekinesis, those facts were in the database.” Tommy watched Aaron remove the metal devices on Derrick’s chest and head, “I spent the morning after breakfast, talking with Chris, Damien and Kenny were there, Fred was searching the computer while we talked. Chris already told me that this is not something I can change my mind about; once it is started and once it is done it is done. I have thought of nothing else since last night when you took us topside and I saw the farms.”



Staring at Tommy while he thought of what he had been told, Aaron nodded his head, “Let me wake Derrick and get him settled, then I need to ask you a couple more questions that will probably embarrass you, about how far along in puberty you are, I remember that you are thirteen, so you have either started puberty, or are on the verge.” Seeing Tommy blush and nod, he smiled back before turning to face the now restless boy in the bio-tube.



“Derrick…Derrick, time to wake up,” Aaron firmly called out, listening in to the boy's surface thoughts as he started to wake, making sure he assimilated the information he had planted. Seeing Derrick’s eyes open and look around; he was slightly surprised to overhear the wonder in Derrick’s thoughts, about still being alive. Smiling and sending reassuring thoughts towards the teen, “Glad your back with us, Derrick, if you want to go ahead and sit up, just be careful standing for the first time, you have been in the bio-tube for several days and we had to do some heavy duty repair work to your body.”



Derrick sat up and noticed that he was naked, then he noticed his dick had skin covering it like some of the kids in gym class had, picking it up, he stretched the skin back, and noticed the scars on the tip of his dick were gone, in fact, the head was flawless, “Cool, you fixed my dick too.” Slipping his feet up and over the edge of the tube, he slowly lowered himself to the floor and caught the edge, as his feet were a little unsteady at first. Glancing around as he got his balance, Derrick noticed two other tubes were still occupied, and one had a young boy sitting next to it bare assed who waved at him, catching him by surprise. Waving back, he took a hesitant step and then another, until he had made his way over to the tube that had Kenny sitting next to it, glancing down and into the tube, he sobbed in relief, “David….David thank the lord they rescued you too.”



Comparing the young boy with David, he noticed the resemblance “You must be Kenny,” seeing the happy nod, Derrick smiled, “You were all David would talk about, he was so worried about you, I think if your father had not broken his ribs, he would have made good on the escape that night.” Looking down at the peaceful face floating in the regen liquid he whispered, “He is a very strong person filled with love for you.”



“Kenny, would you do me a favor?” Aaron asked; hand on Tommy’s shoulder as they watched Derrick talking to David. Seeing Kenny jump down from his chair and nod his head, he had to smile at Kenny’s enthusiasm. “Can you show Derrick the way to the apartment above yours, the one Tommy and the others are sharing, you might be able to catch Chris on his way here, just remember to take it slow, as Derrick hasn't been able to walk for a bit…ok?”



Watching the two walk out of the trauma pod, Aaron smiled and pulled Tommy still in the chair over to the center desk and sat down in his chair next to him. “I have no reason to think you would not make a great Alteran, but it won’t happen for a bit, at least until you build up your stamina as another two days in the bio-tube would set you back, and the other thing that can delay it would be not being far enough into puberty. And notice I used the word delay, not deny or anything else that means no.”



Waiting until Tommy smiled, he continued, “Now the embarrassing part, when you stroke yourself to orgasm, can you shoot liquid yet?” Aaron hid his laughter at how red Tommy turned when he asked if he could shoot yet.



“Umm…MMM…Ah” Tommy stammered out through the heat that was radiating off his face, before placing his head in his hands, “Your right, this is embarrassing,” he broke out into laughter as he picked his head up, “I just reminded myself that not only have you seen me totally naked, but I have seen you that way too. And to answer your question, I have no idea, it’s been six months since I have had a chance to find out, after all,” he ended in giggles.



“Surrounded by horny teens and the only one that has not been able to do anything in months was too busy last night to try out the new improved toy,” Aaron shook his head sadly before breaking into a grin and pointing to the door behind them, “Bathroom is right there, go in and find out, while I go wake Gordon up.” Pulling a small hand held scanner out of his thigh pocket, Aaron handed it over after activating it, “If you do produce some liquid point the red part at it so we know whether you are producing sperm yet, we need to wait until you are before beginning the procedure. What a great excuse to keep practicing,” Aaron smirked at Tommy, who was still blushing.



Getting up from his chair, Tommy started for the bathroom, his cock already starting to wake up “What happens to a baby that’s born Alteran, having two parents that have already been altered?”



“Well, being born Alteran is a little different than being made into one, the alterations don’t have to be made, and the abilities would normally wake up with puberty, the problem comes in when puberty has started, but not to a point that it is in full swing, altering a person then can cause a delay in puberty. Which would cause a problem, with not being able to access their new gifts, as one needs to be well into puberty before they come online, so to speak.” Aaron explained as he started the cleansing cycle on the bio-bed.



Laughing, Tommy was almost to the door of the bathroom, “And someday I might even understand what you just said, but it doesn't matter, now that I think of it, Alteran’s are all gay guys anyway.”



“Not a problem, in a few years I expect a lot of little ones running around here” Aaron told him as he stood to go into the next pod to start Gordon’s release.



Tommy almost reaching out for the door handle froze as he went over that statement once more, “HUH…I have seen all you guys naked, so unless you are hiding any openings that are not in the disclosure I read, all of you have the wrong equipment.” Tommy turned his head over his shoulder to look at Aaron.



Aaron shrugging, started for the next pod, “True, but you have not been to the farm yet, you are going to give up your first born to be able to play with the artificial wombs housed there.”



Tommy stared at the retreating back before breaking out of his trance, he had some research to do later, on artificial wombs and he never did look to see if they had different farming techniques. Grabbing the door handle, he opened the bathroom, first, though, he had some other research to complete.



Checking the readings on the monitor, Aaron picked up the limiter from the central desk, before making his way to Gordon’s bio-tube, to start the release cycle. While waiting for the cycle to complete so the lid would unseal, Aaron felt someone enter the pod and glancing over his shoulder he smiled as Tommy entered the room, “Was the fact finding mission a success?” he grinned, but kept from laughing as he noticed a spot of something shiny near Tommy’s shoulder he missed in cleanup.



Smiling through his blush, Tommy nodded his head as he came closer and held out the scanner for Aaron to take. While Aaron took the scanner and looked at the screen, Tommy looked into the bio-tube as the air currents were drying Gordon. “What happened to him…he looks like an adult, so he could have fought them off?”



Pausing the repeat icon as Aaron did not tell Tommy the scanner also would record his attempt to shoot his load, he had wanted to make sure after all that time in the hands of those zealots, he would at least be able to function, “Gordon here, is one of the new doctors, or will be, once I finish up his schooling, his lover is in the other pod, and is the other doctor I hired, they are undergoing the procedure to become Alteran’s.”



“Chris is taking me swimming after lunch, he told me the pool is not that far from the apartment, so that I can go everyday, but I have to take someone with me in case I cramp up or something.” Tommy babbled on, as his eyes were glued to Gordon’s crotch as the air currents stimulated it to rise. Thinking he was being quiet, he mumbled, “Boy that sure looks like a nice one.”



Aaron, who had finished reviewing the recording, deleted it, checked the scanner for sperm count and found that while Tommy could cum, it was not yet full of sperm it was just mostly Seminal fluid, and it was rather a large amount, so he would shock his lover when he found one. Smiling as Tommy jumped when the bio-tube hissed as it unsealed, “Tommy, it looks like you are starting puberty, but sperm production has not fully started yet, we’ll try in another month which should let you finally increase your stamina. One thing you might try to speed things along so to speak, is either by yourself or a willing partner cum a couple or three times a day, it should stimulate your body into production of sperm.”



Turning off the scanner and replacing it in his thigh pocket Aaron placed his hand on Tommy’s shoulder as the lid slid back, following the direction Tommy was looking in he saw the nicely shaped cock sticking up slightly from the firm stomach, glancing over Tommy’s shoulder he noticed the teen was also sticking up at attention. Going around to the other side of the bio-tube Aaron reached in and started to remove the tube and take off the IV cuff, once he was finished, he snapped the limiter in place on his right wrist and then removed the chest monitor. “I’m going to wake Gordon up in a minute, so you might want to leave the room.”



Mesmerized by the hard piece of flesh jutting up between Gordon’s legs, Tommy was not really paying attention, “Do I have to, I won’t get in the way,” all the while not taking his eyes of Gordon’s crotch.



Walking back around so he could place a hand on Tommy’s shoulder, Aaron pulled him in close, “When Gordon wakes up; he will be extremely horny and will need to do what you did in the bathroom a few minutes ago.”



“He can do me anytime,” Tommy whispered, as his gaze never wavered, not realizing he had said that out loud until Aaron said something about it.



“He would be flattered by that I think, though he does have a boyfriend and I am not sure they share each other with others, but he would not be choosing you, he would be getting off, not making love to you, just fulfilling a need.” Aaron told him, as he squeezed his shoulder “have you ever done anything with someone else?” Shaking his head no, Tommy was blushing as he realized what he said out loud.



“Then your first time should be special, not some nameless need of your partner, do you want the person who shows you the ropes to be older or the same age as you?” Aaron tried to find out what Tommy was interested in, so he could suggest someone to be his first.



“Older…” Tommy said, in a husky voice, trying to control the urge to reach down and stroke himself, he was very aware of how hard he was.



“How about this…later on, I will talk to Kevin, and he will most likely agree with this plan,” Aaron told him as he gently nudged him to turn, thus breaking the spell, “We will invite you over when we are making love and you can watch from right next to us if you want, and then if you are still sure, Kevin can be your first.”



Grinning, Tommy nodded his head enthusiastically at the thought, before looking down at Aaron’s clothed crotch frowning until he remembered what he had told him yesterday, he wore clothes in here when releasing them so as not to scare anyone as they woke up.



“Okay, then it is time you took part in a century’s old tradition among young teen boys,” Aaron grinned at the confused expression on Tommy’s face, “That being spying on the older boys having fun with themselves or someone else, after all, how would they learn to do those things otherwise.” He winked, holding back the laughter that was threatening to overwhelm him. “So that means, for you to spy, you need to be out of sight,” Aaron pointed over to the doorway where he could peak in.



Figuring it out, Tommy’ grinned and ran over to the central desk, and pulling the chair around to the edge near the side, sat down and peaked around the corner, making sure he had a good view of things to come.



Smiling, Aaron turned off the soma unit and removed the sensor from Gordon’s temple Almost immediately, Gordon reached over to stroke his hard cock and Aaron, knowing what he had suggested to Tommy, placed his hand on Gordon arm to stop him.



Gordon woke up at feeling someone touch him, as he was stroking himself, it felt so good, attempting to roll over to grab Carl closer so he could take care of his problem for him, he noticed where he was and blushed slightly, realizing it was not Carl that touched him but Aaron. Pulling himself up to a sitting position, he tried to will the problem away, but it was not working. Carefully getting out of the tube he glanced down and thought he would have a foreskin like everyone else now and taking a second glanced he notice the dark ring of the circumcision scar was gone, reaching down, he slid the skin up and over the head with his hand and grinned, seemed he was one of those that had a tight foreskin. Smiling at Aaron, “I think I need to take care of a little problem, I’ll be right back.”



“Hold on there a minute, turn around and close your eyes facing the desk.” Aaron told him, in almost a whisper, low enough that Tommy could not hear and then sent mentally the brief conversation with Tommy a few minutes ago, and the suggestion for him to face the spy and take care of the problem as he gave him the learning packet on his gifts.



Thinking about it for a moment, Gordon being somewhat of an exhibitionist, nodded his head as he took a couple of steps closer to the desk and leaned back into Aaron so he could place his hands a little more easily on his head, bending backwards in the middle in a slight arch, he started to stroke himself, enjoying the feelings coming from his hard cock which for all intents and purposes was brand new.



Aaron having sent the information on controlling his new gifts to Gordon, so with practice he would be able to master them, had to support him as he climaxed, covering his belly and chest with his seed. Aaron held Gordon up as he rode the orgasm, and Tommy, smiling widely snuck out of the room, “The spy is safely gone now,” he whispered as Gordon started to stand up.



“Good, I need a shower, and to do that a couple more dozen times,” Gordon turned and started to scrape up the running cum with his hand, looking around for some gauze or something to wipe up with, not seeing anything, he shrugged and with his back to Aaron or so he thought, licked his hand clean.



“Let’s get you to Chris’s apartment then, at least until you have a chance to pick one out with Carl, after he wakes, that way, once you move your belongings from the campus, you will have a place to call home waiting for you.” Aaron suggested, as they walked out to see Tommy standing over by David’s bio-tube, passing by where Tommy was spying on them, he spotted the wet puddles on the floor and decided against pointing them out to Gordon.’



“Tommy, I’m going to show Gordon how to get to Chris’s. For the next couple of days, he is going to be staying in Chris’s guest room, until he picks out an apartment after Carl wakes up. Want to walk back with us, or stay and visit some more?” Aaron worded his question in a way to give the young teen an out in case he was embarrassed.



Nodding his head Tommy quickly walked over to join them in their walk, choosing to stay on the other side of Aaron, thus placing him in the middle. He was committing to memory the spectacular scene he had witnessed; it would replace his jerk off fantasies of the underwear ads for the moment, at least until he got together with Kevin and Aaron later on.