Chapter 11

Once Mike saw that they were back in the family room of their new house, he let go of the struggling new guys,
"Sorry guys, but we had to move quickly you're safe now."

Drew and Eric, once they had been let go, ran to the far corner of the room, putting as much space between
themselves and Mike as possible, watching all of them carefully, as Mike sat down on the couch facing them,
while Bill stood over near them looking like he wanted to go to them or something but hesitating to do that, they
started to calm down, as Eric's mind registered they were no longer in the mall food court.

Shaking his head, Drew looked around slowly, wondering if the food had been drugged; it finally registered as he
looked around the room, that somehow they were no longer in the food court. Pushing Eric behind him, into the
corner, he tried to shield him with his body as much as possible, while watching the leader of the group sit down
in a chair he brought in the room from the other side of the arched doorway.

Aaron sighed before rubbing his head, "Normally we would give you the option of coming with us to safety, and I
am sorry for freaking you out like I did, but the security guard was a gang member, he was part of those waiting
outside to get you, they had planned to kill you as soon as they got you away from the mall. And when I stepped in
and stopped the guard from escorting you out of the mall to his waiting gang mates, he decided to make a run for
it and have his gang come in and do a drive by shooting on all of us, I was a little rushed."

Drew relaxed a little, as his hand touched the wall and he felt it was real, everyone but that kid Bill, had sat down
as far from them as possible and they were looking at them, worried, taking a deep breath he let it out slowly
before reaching back to touch Eric, and feeling him behind him shaking, he glanced back before turning and
pulling him into a hug, so far, he thought, no one had done anything else to them and seemed to be content to
stay away from them while they talked.

Sighing, he decided he might as well make the two catatonic Aaron thought, "Would you guys like to sit down?"
seeing them stiffen, he held up a hand, "No one is going to get close to you guys, so let me do this the easy way,"
raising his hand for effect, Aaron pointed it toward the empty loveseat and using Kinetics, he made it rise up and
slowly move towards the two teens setting it down next to wall nearest them. Smiling the whole time, as he
watched their eyes get bigger and bigger when the shock hit them.

"Tomorrow People" Eric muttered before grabbing onto Drew for comfort, "We were taken by Tomorrow

Bill looked back at Aaron and in a confused voice, "I thought you're called Alteran's?'

Laughing, Aaron pointed to an empty chair, "Stop hovering, Bill, I think they're calming down, and to answer your
questions, yes WE are called Alteran's. The Tomorrow People was a children's show about teens with powers like
ours, except they could not harm anyone even to protect themselves. A fantasy show, really."

Eric had calmed down quite a bit and was leaning against Drew, watching everyone all wide eyed in awe and he
looked back over to Aaron when Drew asked, "I notice you said they could not hurt anyone, not we cannot hurt

Aaron nodded slowly, it would not do to frighten them away just yet by choosing the wrong words, "Correct,
Alteran's don't have that problem, we will protect our own. That security guard that I scared away was running to
get his gang to back him up, he planned to kill all of us and then in the chaos steal my passport so no one would
know I had diplomatic immunity, his thoughts gave him away, he was going to be the last one in when the
shooting started, he was planning on firing his gun over the gangs heads, so no one would be shot, thus chasing
them away. He had a heart attack before he was able to call for his gang."

Eric looked out the window and saw the ocean in the distance with all the boats docked in their slips, "Are we
really in Florida?"

Nodding his head with a smile Aaron pointed behind him, "Would you like to go outside and feel the sand run
through your fingers as proof. Remember you are not prisoners, you are free to go if you want, but I am offering
you a chance to join us. How about talking it over with Bill and Toby while you look around outside, all I ask is that
if you do not want to go to our home, a place where you will always be safe, that you come and tell me before
taking off, and if you change your mind later on, you know how to contact us, all you have to do is come back to
this house and ask for help."

"You won't force us to stay here?" Drew asked, still scared and very untrusting since they just up and grabbed
them before, even if it had saved their lives.

"Tell you what, how about I take Mike and Dan out front to unload the van and you can even check to make sure
we are out front and moving stuff upstairs before you go out the back door. Will that work for you?" Aaron smiled
gently as he motioned for Mike and Dan to walk out first as he stood and watched Drew nod his head slowly
before he left the room.

Emptying the van took no time as Toby and Bill really did not have much stuff, so after piling it all in the hall
upstairs, Aaron went to the back window and looked out to see if he could see the four teens,, "looks like they are
out on the beach sitting and talking that's encouraging at least. As rescue's go, that one sucked," he chuckled.

"Dan, how about you go downstairs and yell out that you both will be back in a bit and have Mike drive you
over, wait there was only a van in the drive how did you both get here?" Aaron walked back to the front to look
out the window at the street.

"I walked over from the dorms," Mike offered with a shrug, it's not that far, really.

"Kendal dropped me off," Dan said very quietly, and was surprised when Mike hugged him, offering silent comfort
without saying anything.

Sighing as he glanced at the time on the terminal display, "I have one stop to make before we can take off and you
both need to go pack you stuff, how about asking to borrow the van or at least borrow Toby so he can drive you
over. If the boys come back and want to leave, tell them I will return in an hour, no longer than that I would think;
hopefully by then, we can take off." Aaron saw them nod their heads in agreement and ported out to the
warehouse club he had some shopping to do for large bulk items.

A whirlwind tour and the flatbed dollies later, Aaron pushed the first dolly around the side of the building and once
out of sight, ported it in front of the dining hall down from Chris's apartment, going back inside for the other one,
he ported this one to the same spot and sent a quick message to Chris, asking him to unload them, telling him that
there were meats on the second cart. Smiling at the affirmative, Aaron went back and retrieved the third flatbed
and ported this one to the kitchen dock cooler on Altair minor, at least this one was refrigerated, and sent a quick
message to Gordon whom he startled when he made mental contact with him and asked him to contact John and
tell him there were supplies in the refrigerated dock needing to be unloaded. Chuckling when Gordon told him he
had not even thought about trying any of his gifts out yet, Aaron ended with, "I expect the both of you to practice
then once I drop you off at your parent's house tonight."

Finished shopping and promising himself to return the flatbed carts as soon as he got back to the island, or at
least before the night was over, Aaron ported back to the Miami safe house and let his mind wander around the
house searching for anyone around, not finding anyone nearby, Aaron walked into the kitchen and saw a large
note taped to the back door.


Smiling, Aaron left the kitchen, entered the library, logged onto the terminal and brought up his email client.
Sighing at the amount in the inbox, he went about reading and answering them in order of Importance. He was
working his way through the third message trying to decide what to do about the offer, when he heard footsteps
running down the hall, looking towards the door he saw Bill run past, "IN HERE, BILL."

The sounds of running stopped as Aaron carefully worded his reply, telling the government contractor that there
was no way in hell he would modify his motherboards and chips to be accepted in rapid response delivery
systems. He worded it a little nicer than that, but it all boiled down that he would not allow his technology to be
used in missiles that were not under his complete control.

Glancing at the doorway once, he sent the message; he saw Bill standing there, "Is there a problem or do you just
need my help to carry stuff in?" Aaron smiled at the young man nervously shifting from foot to foot.

Bill shook his head no before he smiled when he saw Aaron wave him in, "I didn't want to interrupt, in case you
were doing something private." Curious, he glanced over to the monitor and saw an email client open, "Oh just
email dang, you have a lot of them; don't you ever read them?" he giggled.

Sighing, Aaron scrolled through them looking for any others marked urgent and finding only one he opened it, "I
do, all this came in since breakfast. I have one more that has to be dealt with, then I am free, what do you need?"

Trying very hard not to read what was on the screen, Bill looked towards the window, "Drew and Eric want to
come with."

"They are more than welcome to move to Altare Island, that was never an issue," Aaron told him, as he frowned at
the screen tilting his head sideways, trying to make sense of the email.

"NO, they want to join us, they want to be altered," Bill tried again to get his point across and looked at Aaron,
frowning at the screen, wondering if he did something wrong by asking out of turn.

Catching the thoughts in Bills head, Aaron turned around, "Hey, I'm frowning at the email, they are making
demands they have no right to make, not you. Give me a moment to tell them to shove it up their ass, making sure
it has sharp corners first, then by the time I'm done, you can be back with Drew and Eric, they should be the ones
to ask me, okay?"

Nodding his head, even though Aaron could not see him, Bill finally broke the silence, "What are you going to
write back? And I'll get Drew and Eric for you."

"They are threatening to sue me in U.S. Federal Court, unless I hand over the blueprints of the chip making
process for my Isolinear chips. I am telling them to go ahead and sue me, as the factory that makes them is not in
the U.S. and I can just simply not sell to the U.S. or its people, leaving them to be second string behind everyone
else, not a problem for me, really." Aaron told him as he forwarded a copy to his law firm, so they knew what had
happened and could prepare for it.

Finished, he glanced up and turned in his seat, only to see Drew and Eric standing there nervously instead of Bill,
smiling, he pointed to the couch over by the window, "Hi guys, have a seat, Bill said you wanted to talk to me."

Shifting on the couch nervously, Eric looked to Drew who looked anywhere but at Aaron.

Sighing, Aaron rolled the chair closer to the couple, "Look guys, I'm not a bad person here, I'm not going to bite
your heads off or yell or scream at you or any of that kind of thing. I WILL listen to what you have to say, and if it is
not something I can do, I WILL at least tell you why and what needs to happen so I CAN do it."

Eric looked at his boyfriend, who looked back after getting an elbow in the side and whispered, "Ask him."

Staring at the two and reading their wants and needs bouncing around their surface thoughts, Aaron tried
another way, "Just nod your head yes or no, are you guys scared of me?"

Watching Eric nod no and Drew start to nod no and change it to yes, Aaron sighed, sat back in the chair and
thought about it, eyes closed, as the two stared back at him, "Bill told me you both want to join us. At first I thought
he meant on Altare, which any gay person we rescue is welcome to live there and start fresh, but then he told me you want to BE Alteran's not just move to our nation." Opening his eyes, Aaron saw the hope and excitement in their eyes, "two things, the first would only set the actual procedure back until it has been met, you must be old
enough to produce sperm when you cum."

Oh how Aaron wanted to laugh at the super heated blush that crossed the two faces, if he could harness it, he
could heat all of downtown New York in February. Controlling himself, barely, "Just nod your heads if you can
shoot sperm when you orgasm, I'm not trying to embarrass you, it's just that the procedure can only be done on
gays that are well into puberty, if you can't, we will have to have you checked out, to find out why."

Hiding his grin with rubbing his face with his hand, Aaron thought they could not get any redder he was wrong, as
they both slowly nodded their heads, he wondered if he would finally prove it was possible to die of
embarrassment, these two must have no blood left, as it was all in their faces.

"The second requirement is that you have to VOCALLY ask me to undergo the procedure, there is no turning
back once it is started, your DNA is being changed so I need to know this is what you want, what you truly want."

Seeing Eric open his mouth, Aaron held up a hand to stop him, "Not a yes or no a complete sentence, please."

Nodding his head, Eric started to open his mouth again when Drew sat up straight and looked into Aarons eyes, "I
want to undergo the procedure to become Alteran. It's not just the powers we would get, it is the part that would
erase my dad and brothers hold on me, if they could hate their own son enough to hand him over to that gang to
be used and killed, I don't want to be part of them anymore."

Nodding his head, Aaron simply told him, "We can do that. I can even make some minor changes that will slightly
alter your looks, if that is what you want, by switching a couple of gene groups around to take more after your
mother's side of the family."

Eric smiled at Drew before he too asked, "I want to be Alteran, since once I am, I will be safe and no one can hurt
me again as I could get away on my own by Teleporting away."

"Both very valid reasons for having the procedure done. So, let's find everyone else since it's time to leave. We'll get started once we get to Altare," Aaron stood up and smiled at them when they leapt to their feet in their enthusiasm to follow him.

Hearing voices from the living room, Aaron headed up front and smiled at the four lounging around the room
getting to know one another, "Hey guys, is everything at least brought inside? If so, it is time to lock up and

Nodding their heads, Mike and Dan smiled, while Bill, being closest to the front door ran to lock it while Toby went
to check the back door.

Standing in the center of the room, and seeing that Drew was still skittish of Mike, Aaron raised both arms in the
air, straight out from the sides of his body. After everyone had grabbed hold, Aaron sensed that he was reaching
limit of his available power without draining himself further than he had already recovered from the other day. He
still had not recovered completely, so instead of porting them to the viewing deck he ported them to outside the
main med bay.

Covering how tired he was, Aaron waved his hand around, "Welcome to the capital city of Altare, if I had one of
those nasty 'you are here' maps, it would tell you that you are in the park next to the main med bay, which is our
destination this afternoon." He told them in his best tour guide voice, before walking through the doorless entry.
Glancing over his shoulder, "Come on, you can gawk all you want to, after the procedure, right now, I want to
show you where and how this is going to happen, before we start, just to make sure you don't want to wait a day
or two before making up your mind."

Leading them into the med bay and past numerous dark doorways, Aaron finally entered the Trauma pod and was
not surprised to see Kenny in his favorite spot talking to his brother, "Hi Kenny, did anything neat happen this

Kenny had turned in his seat when he heard voices in the hall; once he spotted Aaron, he jumped down and ran
over throwing himself into Aaron's arms giggling, "Chris showed me how to log on a terminal and I did my tests
this morning. I did real good. And we helped Chris put all that food away, boy there sure was a lot on those
carts," letting go, after Aaron twirled him around once and placed him back down on the floor, Kenny looked at
Aaron seriously, "But you did not get any snacks or any candy, and Chris said since those nasty people attacked
Tim yesterday, we can't go shopping until the end of the week when we can have the guards around. And I think
Tommy wants to go up top side so he can play with the horses. I think I want to go ride the horses too, so when
are we going and who are all these new guys, mmmpph." Aaron placed a hand over Kenny's mouth, laughing.

"Hey you think I'm superman or something, so many questions you have to give a person time to answer some of
them," Aaron laughed as Kenny nodded his head yes, when he reached superman. "Let me point the new guys
out to you, Mike, Dan, Bill, Toby then Drew and Eric" Aaron pointed to each of them as he named them, and they
each smiled and waved to Kenny. "Why don't you run back and get Tommy and anyone else that wants to go up
to the farm and meet me here in say an hour, that will give me time to get these guys settled in and then I will take
all of you top side while Gordon gets Carl out of the bio-tube."

Nodding his head and grinning, Kenny yelled, "OKAY BACK SOON!" as he raced out the door yelling, "BYE," to the
new guys.

Chuckling at Kenny as he ran out of the room, he smiled at the looks on the group's faces and Bill giggling, "Is
everyone around here a nudist?"

"Pretty much," Aaron chuckled at the blushes and waved at them to follow him into the next room, "When you live
in a city on an island in the middle of the pacific and no females are allowed anywhere near the island, clothes
seem silly. Pretty much anymore the only time I dress in something is when I leave the island, or I am in the med
bay working around a patient that is going to be woken up." He stopped at Carl's bio-tube and pointed to the
floating young man inside. "Come take a look, because this is what you will be doing for the next two days if we
start the process."

Peaking in the tube, Dan hesitated before letting his eyes wander down to the guys crotch and staring at the cock
and balls floating there, "What's he floating in and what are all those tubes for?"

"The fluid he is floating in is called Regen Fluid and the tubes allow him to breath and for food and medicine to be
placed into his bloodstream while the computer controls the resequencing of his DNA. He's actually ready to
come out of the bio-tube, but I'm going to wait until his lover gets here to do that." Aaron told them before walking
to the central desk and activating the prep sequence for six of the bio-tubes and pulling out his scanner and
popping the Isolinear chip and placing it in the terminal for download.

"What about the guys in those two tubes in the other room?" Toby asked, as he looked around as the lights
brightened further and lights appeared above six of the tubes around them.

"That is our Trauma unit, David and the other guy were rescued from a reeducation camp for gays, if the person
did not change, they were killed. A regular hospital would not have been able to save them, we had to re-grow a
large number of organs in both of them. Each room is called a pod and holds twelve bio-tubes, except for the four
Trauma pods they only hold eight." Aaron had moved from behind the central desk to the first of the activating

"Drew, Eric, we'll do you last if you don't mind, so who's first?" Aaron asked before telling them, "Pick a bio-tube
and strip down, there is a cart next to the bio-tube and you can place your clothes on it and then carefully get into
the bio-tube and wait for me to come hook you up, nothing I am going to do will hurt, I promise."

Bill, being the closest to the bio-tube Aaron was standing next to, walked up boldly and started to strip out of his
clothes with a grin on his face, tossing his clothes on top of the cart without folding them or losing his grin and
then thrust his hips at Aaron a couple of times suggestively.

As Bill climbed into the bio-tube, Aaron smacked his ass, "Scamp. The young exhibitionist just reminded me of
something I usually forget to tell people, while undergoing the process any scars and old injuries you have will be
healed, meaning that you each will get your foreskin back on your favorite toy," Aaron laughed. Before prepping
Bill and instead of inserting the fecal tube sent the teen to sleep first, he would do that to each of them before
Intubating them. Repeating the process with each one, ending with Mike, Aaron reversed the order and inserted
the tube in both ends, before activating the cycle and moving on to the next teen.

Finally, after all four of the boys were in the bio-tubes being altered, Aaron moved back to where Drew and Eric
were standing, "Are you guys sure you want to go through with this now? If so, Drew, we need to run a scan and
show you some possible changes before we start, that way you can pick out exactly how you want to look."

Seeing both boys nod their heads and actually look eager, Aaron pointed over to the two empty bio-tubes and
smiled as the blushing duo walked over stripping out of their clothes. Drew actually covered himself with his free
hand as he tried to get into the bio-tube, before giving up and letting go so he could climb in.

Waiting until the two were in the bio-tubes, Aaron walked over to the console by Drew's feet and tapped a few
commands into it, changing the wall monitor to show his current body in all its glory, in full life size color to his
mortification. "Okay, according to your DNA, there are several possibilities for a new look, I will give you choices
and then the picture of your body on the monitor will change to reflect how you will look if we do those changes. So we can try several different things before locking in the changes. Let's start with how tall you are going to be, currently you are going to be five foot nine inches, with all your ancestors contributing, you can be taller by two inches, if you want."

Finding his voice Drew smiled at the thought of not being below average height, his father topped out at five foot
ten, so he would be taller, "Yes, please."

Changing the strands, the picture on the wall changed to be taller, "Okay, next let's deal with hair, currently you
are light brown, but you can go any shade of brown, black or even blond."

Drew looked over at Eric who was watching closely and liking the dark black hair Eric had, he chose that, "real
dark black." Then, looking at the picture, he changed his mind, "Can you lighten it up some? That's too dark."
Watching the monitor closely, Drew liked what he was seeing, "Stop right there, I like that one."

Nodding his head Aaron made the changes "Eye color you don't have as much choice here, but I can make them
a brighter blue, just tell me when."

Hearing the indrawn breath from Eric, Drew stopped him, "Go back one, that one."

"Okay, now let's change your body features a little so you don't resemble your dad so much, I'm going to go back
on your mom's side towards her dad; stop me when you like it, I don't think it will take much to change your looks,
so let's try changing this" Aaron tapped away before splitting the screen so there were two profiles side by side,
changing two clusters he looked up and nodded his head, "how's that? It's close, but yet no one would give you
a second look if they were comparing you to your brother or father."

Drew looked over at Eric for support and seeing the smile on Eric's face, he nodded his head "That's good and
with the last change, I look like a new person now?"

"Well not to embarrass you or anything, but you are kind of maxed out in size on your penis, so four and three
quarts is it, unless I change it, you can go up to six inches which will put you average, once again Aaron changed
the monitor, now back to normal he showed the new size of Drew's toy, if that was what he wanted, and saw that
he had a whole body blush going on and was silently nodding his head rapidly. Smirking, Aaron returned the
monitor to normal and pulled the cart over to start prepping Drew.

After turning on the soma unit, Aaron placed both tubes and started the cycle, after all, Eric had watched the first
four being prepped, so there was no sense hiding this just because it was his boyfriend. Making sure the process
was started and locked in, Aaron moved to Eric and pulled the cart forward, noticing he had stacked his clothes
on the edge very neatly. Smiling, Aaron was about to start prepping him when he spoke up.

"Can you do that for me, too, not too many changes, but a couple of little ones maybe," Eric asked in his shy

Nodding his head and smiling, "I can do that, would you like to see what you will look like at eighteen and work
from that?" hearing the shy, "yes please," from Eric, Aaron quickly tapped the commands and changed the
screen so the same full color life size image was on the monitor. "So what are you looking to change?"

"How big does my dick get?" Eric said softly, squinting at the picture in concentration, he figured on starting with
the important things before losing the body hair.

Smirking as that was his private bet of the first thing he thought Eric would ask about, "six and one quarter inch."
Aaron zoomed in on the changed picture so he could put the new toy through its paces for Eric.

Nodding his head, mouth dry, as he tried to ignore the hardening between his legs, "Good that's okay then can
we lose all that hair, there's too much?"

Tapping a few changes into the computer, the hair disappeared around most of the pictured body and listened as
Eric asked, "Can you make the nose less big, not much, but I always thought it was a little bit too fat."

Adjusting the facial features just a tiny bit, Aaron liked what he saw, "how's that, is it more like you want? I can
slim it down just a tad more but it might stick out more that way?"

Eric stared at the face for a while before slowly nodding his head "I think I like it, the last thing I wanted to do was
make my eyes more green than the blah gray they are now."

Looking through the possibilities from the DNA available, Aaron chose a green hazel as the closest he could
come, "that is as green as your genes will allow, what do you think about that face now?" Aaron zoomed in on the
new face and set it to rotate between profiles so Eric could see it from all sides.

Laying down in the tube Eric had a smile on his face, "Perfect." he muttered.

Grinning, Aaron locked in the changes and started to prep the smiling teen, he seemed very happy as Aaron
turned on the soma unit and sent him to sleep, finishing up just like the five before, Aaron activated the alteration
procedure and as he was leaving the pod, he felt Tim touch his mind.

"Is it okay for us to come in, now, I slowed the group down as much as possible but Kenny is like a hyper rabbit
bouncing back and forth, as he runs ahead of us, he seriously needs to burn off some energy
," Tim's laughter
came with the mental contact.

"Come on in, I just finished, I'll meet you guys down at the end of the other hall if we don't meet up sooner, there is
an energy point there so I can grab some extra energy, I'm whipped
," Aaron sent back as he made his way out
into the hallway and crossed by the entrance and seeing the rest come running towards him he waited for them to
catch up before walking down the hall, a new area that was dedicated to alterations alone.

"Hey guys, we'll port from over here as I need to check on something first, with all the new guys coming at the end
of the week to be altered, I need to set a few things in motion then we'll port up to the farm." Aaron crossed to a
larger central desk and tapped some commands after activating the console. Tim was the only one to suspect that
the area Aaron touched was special, as he was told he was going to grab power from the gestalt, so as everyone
gathered around and hung onto Aaron, Tim in his favorite spot arms around Aaron's neck lips connecting to
Aaron's, they ported to just outside the vet barn at the farm.

Finishing the kiss with a deep tongue wrestle, Aaron let go of Tim to find everyone else had already gone into the
barn. Tommy, who had already checked out the stalls by going into an empty one and looking down the row,
walked over slowly, "All the horses checked out as okay? Are they in the pasture now?"

Feeling less tired after grabbing all that energy from the reactor, Aaron smiled as he pulled Tommy close, "They
sure did and tomorrow the small herd of cattle that I have bought will finish quarantine and be delivered. This time
there will be no early deliveries and they will be unloaded directly into the Barn lot, so they can be scanned before
release. The day after, there will be a shipment of four hundred or so chickens and a couple hundred chicks of heritage Turkeys, those will be a little harder, as the tractor type housing will have to be brought up close to the barn, and then after the poultry passes inspection, they will have to be sorted into the proper tractors and the tractors moved to the proper fields. Are you telling me you are volunteering to help out?"

Tommy nodded his head, "Oh hell yeah; I want to help out, I miss working with the animals and the garden the
most." He sounded wistful as he thought of what he loved to do and what working the land meant to him.

"Well, if you want to get up early, I am up every morning around five and I come up here to do chores, and pick
vegetables and load the feeders, you can help out if you like. I could use it, especially once the livestock starts to
arrive." Aaron hugged him tight while Tommy smiled at them.

"I have to go pick up Gordon so we can release Carl, but I also need to pick some vegetables and stuff from the
gardens along with harvesting a couple of fish from the aquaculture tanks, why don't we port over to the
aquaculture facility and afterwards we can walk over to the gardens and you can direct the harvests, green beans
and tomatoes need to be picked and there might be a few peppers ready also. I can get two things done at once
that way, if you can oversee the picking of the vegetables for me."

Tommy hugged Aaron back tight as he grinned and whistled real loud to get the other guys' attention, "I can do
SUPPER," he shouted getting everyone's attention. Looking towards Tim, he expected him to take the position
that one of the three usually did, arms around Aaron's neck and was surprised when Tim grabbed Aaron from the
side and whispered to him "go ahead you can ride in front for this one." Grinning like he won the state fair,
Tommy boldly grabbed onto Aaron's neck grinning as the rest came over and grabbed on.

Laughing, Aaron ported them to the edge of the Aquaculture facility, and once again he was abandoned in favor
of the teens running around sticking their heads over the edge of the tanks to see what was inside, Laughing as
Kenny was about to fall into one of the tanks full of fingerlings, "Kenny you might want to get away from the edge
if you fall in those fish might mistake your toy for a worm and bite it off." Aaron laughed, as most of the boys that
were hanging on the edge of the tanks jumped back and turned and glared at him for laughing at them.

Sending a quick thought towards Gordon, "Gordon, are you by chance wearing your communicator, If not, put it
on so I can contact John through you if he is around?" Aaron smiled as the teens dipped their fingers into the
tanks, with the Barramundi behind him, their fingers were safe for the moment.

Feeling the surprise from Gordon, Aaron shook his head; he was going to have to put those two through an
intense training schedule to get them used to their new talents. Nevertheless, he did get back a tentative answer
from Gordon, "Yes I am, and John is here practicing setting up the bio-tube on simulator mode. And your right,
Carl and I have a lot of practicing to do, I have been going through the implanted instructions, but I guess I could
have at least been practicing my pathing."

Reaching up and extending the mic, Aaron tapped the communicator, "Gordon, can you find John and relay a
question for me?"

Hearing John's voice over the ear bud, Aaron smiled as he went over to the open sided building and activated the
chillers, "Please ask John if he would rather have Tilapia or Barramundi for supper, I'm at the farm right now and
have my net ready to dip into the tanks."

Tommy had followed Aaron watching closely as he activated some of the equipment, moving over to where he
heard the sounds of running water he saw slush in the long metal trough that went between the two tanks on the
edge of the building. Sticking his hand in the slush he shivered and pulled it back quickly because it was very cold.
Hearing Aaron finish his conversation and not really paying attention, he was surprised when a large net
appeared in front of his face, looking up he noticed the grin on Aaron's face.

"Okay, Tommy we are going to harvest some fish for supper, take the tank on the other side of the sluice and fish
out six or seven nice size Tilapia and dump them into the slush that will kill them quickly and humanly. I'll fish out
the Barramundi, since they have teeth and the big ones can take a chunk out if you're not careful."

About that time the feeders started spitting out pellets in the other tanks, causing screams of delight from the
teens around the tanks as the fish swarmed to the surface of the tanks to chow down. Tim, seeing Aaron with a
net, walked over to see what he was doing at the tank Tommy and Aaron were at, not only were they in that
building, but there were no feeders spitting out pellets in the tanks they were standing in front of.

Slipping his net into the water slowly, Aaron waited for the fish to race around and as one came past, he twisted
the net so several swam into the opening and into the long net, twisting the handle again so the net closed, he
pulled the full net to the surface so he could dump his catch in the trough. Smiling at Tommy's concentration, and
not seeing any success, "Tommy, if you put the net into the tank slowly then give the fish a chance to settle down,
it will be a lot easier."

Thinking about the crew he was going to cook supper for tonight, and staring at the six fish floating in the slush,
Aaron netted out two more just in case. Smiling at Tommy's excited yell "YES", Aaron looked back down into the
tank, he would have to come process this tank tonight or start feeding them in the morning. The demands on his
time were starting to get out of hand. Putting the net back into the holder, Aaron went over to the workstation and
pulled one of the filet knives out of the holder and reached over and grabbed one of the fish and quickly and
efficiently separated the flesh from the rest before sliding the remains down a chute to be processed for fish meal.

Tommy finally catching all the fish he had been asked to get, walked over to watch Aaron work, "Is something
wrong? You were frowning pretty hard over there." He was really impressed on how fast Aaron could filet a fish. "I
take it we are having fish for supper tonight so I should look for things that will go with fish?"

Nodding his head, Aaron smiled over at Tommy on the other side of the slush filled trough, "I think fried fish, but
the beans and tomatoes still need to be picked."

Nodding his head slowly, not sure if he was overstepping his welcome with the first question, was thankful when
Tim brought it back up, "And the frown, I was watching and you seemed to tire as you frowned."

What the hell, Aaron thought, maybe fresh viewpoints would help, "All of this was very easy to handle when it was
just me and Chris, even adding you guys into the mix was not a problem, the work still could be done in a few
hours in the morning and I could spend the rest of the time doing what I wanted and with you guys."

"But it's starting to get to be too much, isn't it?" Tim sounded guilty which brought Aaron's head up.

"Tim, look at me, please don't feel guilty for being with me, along with Pete and Kevin, I would not give that up for
anything. I just need to ask for help, that's all," rinsing his hands and putting down the knife, Aaron motioned Tim
close and pulled him into a tight hug and kissed him deeply and longingly, smiling at the obvious results of the
loving touch poking him in the hip Aaron laughed, "most young gay guys that grew up on farms or on the land,
run fast and hard away from the homophobia of the rural country to the big city and never look back. What I need
to do is find some of those gay guys before they lose the love of the land and kidnap them so they can live here
and help out," he ended with a laugh.

Tommy froze then smiled before breaking the moment, "Umm, is there any way for me to send a couple of emails
and even instant messenger or something like that?"

Confused at the abrupt change of the subject, Aaron looked over at Tommy as he started to clean the last few fish,
"I take it you have not really logged into the terminal or explored all of the functions available yet." Realizing he
had not answered the original question, Aaron washed his hands and started the cleaning cycle before turning so
he could see Tommy's face, "both of those options are available; just click the envelope in the corner of the
screen to bring up the email program, and as far as an instant messenger, well you could always use one of the
java online ones as you will not be able to load the common ones onto the terminal, they won't work with our

Placing the knife on the tray with the fish, Aaron ported them into the dining halls walk in cooler and pulled the
other tray closer to him he would port over with the fish to Altair and place them in the cooler before collecting
Gordon. His musings were interrupted by Tommy once more, asking something that had him thinking of the work
overload in the coming week, "There's three or four guys that I regularly chatted with that were like me, living on a
farm and willing to stay in the closet so that we could stay on the farm. Could you pick them up tomorrow and
bring them here if they agree to come, at least that way it is one less thing for you to worry about, and you could
do the alterations one at a time so that we could work the farm properly."

Stopping what he was doing so he could stare at Tommy, Aaron finally asked, "How many people are we talking
about?" thinking maybe one or two at the most.

"Well, I used to talk daily with three guys, one of which was in my FFA club, though he's sixteen and I think drives
two towns over to meet with his boyfriend, or maybe just a buddy he enjoys having sex with, Mark's his name I
think he would jump at the chance to move, he lives with an uncle that treats him poorly. The others I think would
want to come too, but Brian might not want to, as his dad knows about him and is real good to him, maybe he
would come anyway, his dad might push him into it so he would be safe from the bullies. Heck, his dad might want
to move the family here if Brian could be safe, he only works for a cattle ranch so he could quit." Tommy
speculated out loud on what his friend's reactions would be.

Aaron blinked before smiling even one more person to help out working the farm would be a big help with the
work load, "Ok Tommy, anyone you think would want to move here I can find time to go pick up before the cattle
arrive tomorrow at three, they can even help out which will be great and make things move a lot faster with less
stress on my end trying to keep an eye on farm virgins so they don't get hurt," Aaron pointed towards Kenny and
the others who were once more laughing and leaning over the tanks, splashing at the fish.

Pointing out the barn between the fruit orchard and the gardens, "There's a terminal in the produce barn you can
use, also buckets and bins for picking vegetables, I'll be back in a couple of hours to bring all of you back home
so you can clean up before supper." Aaron pulled Tommy into a hug to thank him, leaning over his shoulder and
whispering "thank you for helping" in his ear. Standing back up and catching the feeling of pride running through
Tommy's surface thoughts Aaron smiled at Tim "I'm just a thought away if you need anything,"

Porting out after Tim smiled and nodded his head he missed both of them running after the others, racing them to
the barn, if he had seen it, he would have been impressed with how well Tommy kept up with the others.

Placing the fish in the cooler, Aaron sniffed his hands before going to the sink and washing them one more time
to remove any lingering odor before drying them and walking out of the kitchen and towards the trauma pod.
Standing in the doorway, he watched as Theo put John and Gordon through the paces of handling an emergency
patient. Somehow one of them found the simulation feature and uploaded it into one of the consoles. Moving
quietly over to the desk he hid his head so no one could see him and glanced through the preset scenario's to
see what they were set at, smirking at how they were all medical emergencies only. Grinning evilly, he reset the
parameters to include surgical intervention and peaked around the corner to watch as the scenario changed over
and the moment the smirk was wiped off Theo's face, when Gordon stared stupidly at the monitor as it flashed in warning about a massive liver and spleen rupture. Holding in his laughter, Aaron reached over and tapped a few more commands and Theo was still spluttering as the patient started to crash, everything from bowl ruptures to
pneumothorax to heart failure along with a massive brain bleed flashing all over the monitor display.

Catching movement from behind Theo over by the central desk, Gordon was the first to put things together,
"Aaron what the hell are you doing, you almost gave me a heart attack."

Not bothering to hold it in any longer, Aaron started howling in laughter, tears running down his face as Theo
whirled around, still dumbfounded with what had just happened. Taking several deep calming breaths, trying to
control his laughter Aaron lost it again when Theo's expression darkened before looking sheepish at being
caught out. Ending the simulation program, Aaron pulled himself to his feet cradling his side as the laughter finally
died down, seems everyone finally had a good laugh at Theo's expense.

Breathing returned to normal; Aaron glanced at the now relaxed group, "John, the fish is on ice in the cooler, I
included a Barramundi filet so you could try it out. Personally, I am going to cut ours into strips and batter them for
fish and chips tonight, in a couple of hours, expect some fresh produce as it's being picked now by an overly
enthusiastic group of volunteers, so who knows what you will end up with."

Grinning, Aaron pointed to the monitor of the younger Stevens boy, "Where are the Stevens boy's parents? The
younger one as you no doubt saw, is ready to be released and I might as well show you how it's done before you
leave tonight. Gordon, we are going to do things a little differently over here than we do back at the main med bay
with our real young patients, here we will not wake the patient until they are upstairs, back in a regular bed,
surrounded by parents if possible, that way they don't freak out by being in the bio-tube when they wake up."

"Frank and Mary were out walking in the garden after lunch, I'll go fetch them" John volunteered, as he was
walking out of the pod.

Nodding, Aaron stood up and slipped into teaching mode, "Two of the trauma pods are set up so there are lifts
going up to the family floor above," walking over to the closed door behind one of the stretcher carts, he pulled it
away so he could point it out before bringing the stretcher over to the side of the bio-pod, "Now, the stretcher has
a monitor and soma unit built in and to link the stretcher to the bio-tube, you need to pull this cord out of the
monitor screen and plug it into the console, like this."

After demonstrating the proper way to hook the two together, the system beeped, "That means the sensor
identifiers have been read and are now slaved to the stretchers onboard system, a system I might add that can't
monitor much compared to the main system, but for our purposes, it works just fine. To start the release
sequence, all you need to do..." Aaron then pointed out the white cap and flipping it up, revealed a key which he
twisted to the right and pushed in "and as you see, the regen fluid starts to drain away and there will be a warm air
drying cycle which will get almost all the fluid off, or at least not leave the patient wet and slippery."

Frank and Mary Stevens rushed into the trauma pod followed by John just as the lid unsealed with a hiss and slid
back. Deflating and removing the tube from the youngster's lungs, Aaron motioned to Gordon to take the top
while he grabbed the feet. Aaron and Gordon then together lifted the toddler out of the bio-tube and placed him on
the stretcher "Ah Frank just in time, your youngest will be waking up in a moment once we get him upstairs and
into a bed, that way he does not become disoriented when he wakes up, the older boy will be released tomorrow
morning, after breakfast I think."

Mary Stevens traced the outline of a faint almost healed scar along her son's chest and was amazed that there
were not more scars, but what impressed her the most was that her baby was alive and well in one piece and she
could touch him again.

As Aaron pushed the stretcher to the elevator, Gordon and Theo took the stairs followed by John and Frank, the
only one that stayed with the youngster was Aaron and the boy's mother. A quick ride and a short trip across the
hall to the room, Aaron and Gordon lifted the toddler from the stretcher and removing the chest sensor, Aaron
pointed out the last step to waking the boy, "All that is left is to shut off the soma unit before removing the last
sensor." Tapping the control he pointed out, Aaron removed the last sensor and pulled the sheet up covering the
young boy, "He'll probably wake up hungry, as soon as we leave feel free to wake him up."

After returning downstairs and washing the stretcher down, Aaron showed them how to initiate the cleansing
cycle so the bio-tube would be ready for next time. John left, intending to get dinner started, while Theo planned
to take a tour of the available housing on the island and pick one to live in. So taking the offered P.A.D.D. from
Aaron, he left, leaving Gordon and Aaron the last in the room. "Time to go, your boyfriend needs to be released
and he is going to be hornier than all get out, while you're helping him relieve the need to cum, I need to go
topside and bring everyone back to the city."

Once around the corner, the two ducked into an empty pod and Aaron explained just as he did to his guys, "For
this port, I will take my time and I want you to concentrate on feeling how I port," Aaron told him, as he linked their
minds and ported directly to the Silent trauma pod in the main med bay.

Gordon stopped once he entered the med bay, last time he was here, there was only Carl in the bio-tube, the rest
were empty, now there were six more filled and cycling, "Been shopping again, I see," Gordon was flippant as he
glanced at each occupied bio-tube before stopping near where Aaron was going through the release sequence.

Laughing, Aaron nodded his head, "The four older ones or should I say three, are the new recruits that will run the
Miami State safe house, the two younger ones off to the side were a couple of strays, Bill, the youngest of the
Miami group found at lunch," the hiss of the bio-tube being unsealed stopped his explanation. Picking up the
limiter bracelet, Aaron snapped it on Carl's left wrist before he started to remove the tubes at both ends and then
the monitor and IV cuff.

Grinning, Aaron glanced over to Gordon who was watching from the other side of the bio-tube "We have a major
problem here, Gordon."

Shocked out of his trance, Gordon looked at the monitor screen, quickly searching for the problem only to find
the screen black, looking back at his grinning boss for an explanation, he blushed as he was told. "You are still
clothed, chuck those things fast, once I turn the soma unit off, he is going to be hornier than all get out, and if you
wake him with a kiss, well what are you waiting for STRIP." Aaron giggled.

"There's a bottle of lube on the cart over here, so I will leave you to wake your lover," Aaron turned the soma unit
off and reached over and removed the sensor before handing the lube to Gordon who was working on a pretty
good full body blush before chuckling, as he left the two, though out of the corner of his eye, he did catch the
rapidly rising pointer Gordon was sporting.

Chuckling turning into a nice size smile, Aaron made his way back down to the transfer room, he was going to
have to be careful from now on using his own energy for porting, he needed to build up his physical reserves and
he could not do that if he kept using energy at the rate he had been. So from now on, he vowed to try to always
use the gestalt whenever possible unless he was off the Island, which reminded him as he reached the transfer
room. Typing a quick message to install one of the small generator's in Miami house as soon as possible, Aaron
keyed the release of the hidden power plates and started to pull energy for the port, the generator did not have a
chance to warm up as he grabbed what he needed and ported himself to the produce building topside.

Walking out of the building, Aaron was surprised to see as many trays of picked beans and tomatoes ready to be
returned to the city, there were several trays of mixed vegetables, but no sign of anyone around. Walking around
the filled trays, Aaron headed for the edge of the gardens and still not seeing anyone sent his mind looking and
found them down in the orchard; changing direction, he mind sent, "Tim what are you guys doing, and where are

Tim sent back Love, along with an answer, "Chris brought Kevin and Pete up and we are searching the mango
grove since Chris mentioned you make this kick ass mango salsa, for fish. Ah Tommy has found some ripe

"OK, I'll get the limes needed then, meet me back at the produce barn in fifteen minutes, so we can port back to
the city
," Aaron sent as he headed off to the citrus section of the tropical groves. Grabbing a dozen or so ripe
Limes, Aaron detoured through the banana section and picked a small bunch of ripe Pitogo banana's and started
back to the barn, arriving at the same time everyone else did. Placing his harvest in with the tray of mixed
vegetables, Aaron divided the tray, the ones to go to the dining hall and ones to go to Altair Minor for John to cook
for supper.

Being surrounded by naked teens, Aaron took them in turn and either hugged them when they approached, or
kissed them fully on top of hugging them. "Okay guys, let's get this stuff inside, so I can get it ported to where it
needs to go. Nice job guys," Aaron praised them as they each grabbed a tray and showed it to him, proud of their
hard work, even Kenny had a large bucket of Mango's he was holding tight to his chest as he walked by only letting
Aaron peak at them.

Going to the only chair in the barn that was bolted to the floor, Aaron sat down and tapped in the code that would
uncover the generator panels, placing his hands firmly against the bright silver metal on the ends of the chair
arms, he smiled at the teens as he started to port the produce out of the barn. Produce now where it was
supposed to be, and even triggering the bell to the dock cooler so John would know he had a delivery, Aaron
grinned at Chris who started to back away.

"Oh no you don't, I can get back on my own, thank you very much," Chris yelled, as he ported himself to safety,
not about to find himself appearing right above his hot tub again.

"Tommy, Damien, Derrick and Fred, do you want me to port you to your balcony so you can get cleaned up before
dinner?" Aaron asked, as he started to draw power once more preparing to port those named to their apartment.
Porting each one as they nodded their head he grinned at Kenny, "So dirt boy, maybe I should port you into your
shower hmmm," he laughed at Kenny's expression before porting him to his balcony so he could wash up.

"Alone at last" Aaron leered at his three, before doing the dramatic sigh, "Oh Well it will just have to wait as I
need to cook supper." Giggling, Aaron ported all of them to the street outside Chris and Kenny's apartment, "If
any of you need to shower and clean up, I am sure Kenny would let you use his shower, I'll see you at the dining
hall in twenty minutes or so," he waved at Tim who walked towards Kenny's to clean up. Throwing an arm around
Pete and Kevin's shoulder, he started to walk towards the corner dining hall, "So how was your day of testing?"