Chapter 12

Rolling over and snuggling into Tim, Aaron glanced at the clock and groaned silently; it was quarter to five
and he needed to get moving if he was going to get his chores done before breakfast. It might even go faster
with help if Tommy was waiting for him, though he might have overslept this morning. Grabbing a pair of
shorts from the closet, after taking his morning pee, Aaron snuck out of the bedroom without waking the
three sleeping teens. Shorts across his shoulder, Aaron ported to the balcony outside the apartment where
he was to pick up Tommy and smiled at the sleeping teen, leaning against the wall.

Leaning over, Aaron gently touched Tommy's shoulder waking him up, "Did you spend all night out here or

Opening his eyes and smiling, Tommy started to stand up, "Nope spent the night in bed, just woke up early
and decided to wait out here in case I fell back to sleep, good thing, as I did fall back asleep." Grinning at the
shorts hanging off Aaron's shoulder, "Am I overdressed?"

Chuckling, Aaron pulled his shorts on, "Nope, you should know better that to try to work around horses
naked, they might think you are packing a carrot or something."

Giggling madly, Tommy grabbed onto Aaron's arm so they could port to the surface, where it was still dark
with just the hint of false dawn in the air. "So where do we start?" Tommy bounced into the barn, thrilled to be
able to work with animals again.

So much energy, Aaron thought before smiling, "This one is simple, we just do a quick head count to make
sure all twelve of the horses are here and in good shape, then we are off to fill the feeders at the fish farm. Later, before the cattle arrive, we can prep the barn and equipment for arrival. And I need to harvest the rest of
the fish in the two purge tanks and get them cleaned and prepped for freezing; that alone will take the biggest
portion of our time this morning.

Tommy looked at Aaron as he counted the horses outside the barn by taking a feed bucket and tossing the
grain around inside to call the horses to him, as each came up, Aaron offered them a handful of the feed,
before going on to the next pushing its way forward. "We don't normally give them much feed, as they have
all this pasture to eat on, so a handful every morning until they start being ridden and working the cattle, then
they can get some at night, otherwise they will get really fat and it will stress their hearts."

Scratching the last mare's neck near the mane, Aaron gave her a playful swat on the behind to set her back
towards the pasture and snaked his way through the post gate. "All horses are greedy guts when it comes to
sweet feed, for them not to fight over getting their morning treat means something is wrong, and for them not
to show up would make me start searching for the one missing from the morning treat. Have you dealt much
with horses?"

Taking the mostly empty bucket from Aaron's hands, Tommy raced it back to the feed room and placed it on
top of the grain bin, then he pulled the door closed behind him as he stepped out, long years of practice as a
hungry animal breaking into the feed room and gorging meant a dead animal, "I had a horse that I used to ride
around the farm to do chores with, fuck face sold him, telling me walking was healthy for me," he ended the
explanation bitterly. "We ran cattle and I had a small greenhouse dad had built me, that doubled as the
brooding barn in the winter for newly hatched poults I was very happy until he showed up."

Reaching over and pulling Tommy in tight, Aaron held him, offering comfort, "Do you want me to check to see
if anything still remains of your farm? Half of it should have gone to you, or at least the proceeds from the
livestock you owned."

Tommy melted into the embrace and blinked as the view shifted as they ported to the fish farm, "It would be
nice, but they are long gone by now, probably with the money, more than likely." Standing up and watching
the false dawn set in, giving them enough to see by, "So how do you get the fish out, there has to be a secret,
otherwise we'll be here all morning?"

Not pushing the issue but privately vowing to check the situation out, or to see if Roger and his team of
sharks could do anything, Aaron accepted the change of topics. Turning on the lights over by the work
station, he activated the slush machines and waited for it to start filing the trough before walking over to the
tanks, "It's a lot simpler to net the fish if there is not that much water in the tank, so we just empty most of it
out and scoop them up." He explained as he started draining the one tank first. "Tell you what, you scoop
them into the slush and I'll clean them, how's that sound?"

Tommy grabbed one of the nets from the holder and nodded his head, "Sounds like a plan," he giggled as the
water started to drop, so he started practicing scooping.

An hour and a half later, Aaron sighed as the last carcass was sent down the processing chute and the last
tray of cleaned fish went down the slide to the cooler where Tommy was placing each fillet on the conveyor
belt into the quick freezer. Hosing everything down, Aaron set the automatic cleaning cycle and went into the
processing shed, "That's the last of them, how are you doing in here?"

Placing the last piece on the belt, Tommy grinned as he placed the empty tray on the washing rack and
walked over, leaning in, he sniffed Aaron, scrunching up his nose, "I'm done but I think you stink like fish."
Giggling he ran under Aaron's reaching arms to avoid being captured, running outside, he grinned, "Ok you
win, we both stink like fish."

Looking up at the sky, Aaron smiled, the thoughts running around in Tommy's head were of being happy and
content, he felt he was doing something important again. "Well, how about we go back and get cleaned up,
it's almost seven, so breakfast will be in a bit."

Nodding his head, Tommy stopped and frowned as he had a thought, "Don't we have to package that fish we
froze this morning, after all it might get freezer burned."

Smiling at another insightful question, Aaron was pleased at how Tommy remembered to keep focus yet still
have fun doing something he loved, "Well the machine not only freezes the filets individually, it also vacuum
packs them once frozen, right now the last of the fish are moving through the system and after being frozen,
they are vacuum sealed into a bag and dumped into a bin in the sub zero freezer at the end. It separated the
two types of fish when you typed the second type of fish into the terminal when you started the next batch,
so there are two big bins waiting to be empted whenever in the freezer."

"And all the carcasses?" Tommy asked, as they walked by the work station on their way out of the building.

"A long process that eventually turns them into fish meal to be used in feed, a totally closed system so the
smells don't get out of control and it all takes place underground, which is also where the sub zero freezer is
located." Aaron told him, as he prepared to port them out of the facility and back home, before he could do so,
Kevin contacted him.

"Aaron are you and Tommy finished yet, breakfast will be ready shortly?" Kevin sent mentally as he entered
the kitchen and started to pull waffles out of the freezer, placing them on a sheet tray to place in the oven to
heat them.

"I was just getting ready to port him home why?" Aaron wondered down the link, "we both smell like fish
and need a shower

"We've been talking and you have the extra bedroom, plus the fact that Tommy fits in as well. We know it's
your house and it's not right for us to just invite
..." Kevin trailed off when Aaron interrupted him.

Grinning Aaron leaned down over the top of Tommy's head, "Do you like waffles, seems Kevin is inviting you
to breakfast, you can use his shower to get cleaned up if you want. Kevin your rambling, I'll pass the invite
along, but don't push Tommy to move into OUR house, he might have invited someone yesterday that he
wants to get to know better. And we will be there in a moment

Tommy sighed and nodded his head "It sure will be nice when I start shooting sperms, telepathy sounds so
cool, always being able to talk to someone anytime you need to, to make sure they are still here," whispering
the last, as Aaron ported them back to his place. Shaking himself out of his musings, Tommy smiled as he
looked over the city from high up, holding onto the railing as he gazed out over the city he remembered he
needed to shower then he needed to check to see if Mark or Brian answered. "Um, you said something
about borrowing a shower?"

Stepping away from Tommy, Aaron started inside, "Follow me, the layout is almost the same as the apartment
you're staying in now." Glancing back, Aaron smiled as Tommy finally tore his eyes away from the view and
followed him into the house.

Waving at Kevin who peaked out of the kitchen, Aaron started down the hall and smirked as Tim looked at
him smiling eyes full of excitement, reaching out so he could get a morning kiss Aaron laughed as Tim
wrinkled his nose up at the smell and started to back up slowly. "Tommy, I don't think Tim appreciates our
new cologne," he added in a conspiratorial voice as he lunged towards Tim who screamed and ran back into
the common room with Aaron hot on his heels.

Chasing the giggling Tim around the couch a couple of times, Aaron finally cornered him, leaning forward,
"Tim, can Tommy borrow your shower to clean up?" waiting until Tim warily nodded his head, eyes glancing
around to bolt as soon as an opening appeared, Aaron smiled and took a step back before turning and
walking away for his own shower, "thanks, kiss you after I'm clean."

Tommy, holding his side from laughing so hard entered the common room from where he was guarding the
hallway to the rest of the house when Tim waved at him to follow.

Sighing in relief as the steam washed away the smell and grime of the morning's activities, Aaron was not
surprised when he heard the door to the shower open, turning around so he could face whoever was in the
little entry, Aaron reached out without looking to shut off the surround spray and start the drying cycle.

When Aaron turned around and turned the water off, Tim smiled and instead of telling him breakfast was
ready like Aaron expected, "All of us woke up around six and we talked things over. All of us are in agreement that we would like to have Tommy move in to the last bedroom, we all like him and Kevin said he wants him to be his first time and we don't think he is happy living with the others, he doesn't fit in, not like he does with us."

Stepping out of the shower, now that he was dry, Aaron went to the sink and started brushing his teeth,
thinking about what Tim had said, "Chris and the three of you have spent more time around them then I have,
are there problems building over there that I need to know about?" seeing Tim shake his head no in the
mirror, he did get his answer from Pete who walked in.

"No problem's more of the fact that Tommy wants to become an Alteran, while Damien and Fred are not sure
what they want to do yet, and Derrick is a total bottom, no he is more of a sub so he will do what he is told.
He's got a thing for David, so maybe it will work out." Pete answered as he walked into the bathroom,
breakfast was ready and he was supposed to tell them to come eat before it got cold.

Rinsing, Aaron stood back from the sink and stared at Pete as he went over in his mind everything Pete did
not say. Pete, picking up on Aaron's thoughts, was quick to point out "Chris knows about Derrick and is
keeping a close eye on him and the others, though I don't think they would do anything on purpose, after
being in the hands of those zealots."

Giving Tim then Pete their good morning kiss, Aaron nodded his head, he would revisit this issue later with
Chris, after spending some time with Derrick, until then, he would trust that he was being watched closely.

"He is," Pete smiled at him as they walked along the hallway leading to the dining room.

Throwing up a shield around his private mind gradually, Aaron thought well, at least I know how to classify
Pete's pathing ability, this morning should be fun testing out their skill levels.

Fixing his plate and adding another thing to his ever growing to do list, Aaron took some bacon instead of
sausage like he preferred to eat with waffles. He remembered he had cleaned out the freezer, sending it all
over to Altair Minor so they could have something to eat. Taking a bite of his waffles was all it took before
Tommy, who was waiting, spoke up.

"Is there a way to make a phone call to the states? The reason is Brian emailed me last night, well this
morning, and gave me a phone number where I can reach him as his father was fired yesterday and they had
to pack up all their stuff and leave the ranch by breakfast. Brian's real upset too, his dad got fired because the
big boss found out Brian is gay, he blames himself. And Mark wants to know if he can bring his horse with
him, his uncle is getting real suspicious and evidently his friend is moving away so he has nothing to stay
around for anymore, no one else has answered yet." Tommy rushed all that out in one breath.

Bacon halfway to his mouth, Aaron sat there slowing down the rush of information so he could replay it in his
mind at a normal speed, after replaying it, he started the bacon towards his mouth once more, "I have no
problem with Mark bringing any animal he wants, they will just have to go through quarantine in the barn for a
few days, do you have his telephone number too?" Seeing Tommy nod his head that he did, "Alright then
right after breakfast, we'll go call both of them, we'll plan on rescuing Mark around eleven; that should give
him time to get all his stuff packed."

Glancing at his three, Aaron stared for a minute as they looked at each other before slumping then perking
back up, Kevin was the spokesman, "So we will miss this morning's lessons on porting? Well that's okay
because you are rescuing someone, maybe we can do them tonight?" he asked with hope in his voice.

Seeing the brief flash of disappointment in all three teens' faces Aaron rearranged his morning in his mind
and slowly nodded as it became workable, "I think we can do better, let's push back your schooling, so
instead of logging into the terminal for your tutoring session first thing, I will go release David and be back by
eight thirty, quarter of nine. Then when I have all the running around to do, you guys can begin studying after
an early lunch, seeing you are not as interested in farming as Tommy is, I suspect you won't mind missing out
on the great cattle roundup."

Smiling, Aaron picked up his empty plate and took it into the kitchen and seeing the wash water already in the
sink, quickly washed his plate, walking back into the dining room one of his energy donuts in hand, all three
sets of eyes from his guys stared at him with worry. Picking up on their thoughts racing between them, Aaron
smiled and opened his mind to them, "really guys, I'm fine. I'm still in build up mode from last week. I know I
will have two long distance ports today, but the only passenger will be Tommy, and then on the return trip,
Mark. Once I have seen Mark's farm and where his stuff is, I can come back here and use the gestalt to port
his horse and belongings without draining myself." Feeling their uncertainty, "Look mind to mind you cannot
lie you would be able to feel it if I was."

"Tommy, after you finish eating and not before, stop by my office and I will place the calls for you, right now, I
have a couple of emails to send, so take your time," Aaron smiled as Tommy sat back down and grabbed
some more waffles.

Once out of everyone's sight, Aaron frowned, first things first; Roger had some work to do, seeing how much
of Tommy's legacy he could get back. Sitting down and logging into the terminal, Aaron brought up the email
program and scanned through his emails, looking for anything his system had flagged as important, not
seeing any, he did notice one email flagged important by the sender, originating in the Hoover building in
Washington. Holding his curiosity in check, he typed a short message to Roger, detailing as much as he
knew about Tommy's family and what had been done to him by his mother's boyfriend, ending it with a
request to find and secure as much as Tommy's inheritance as possible. He wanted them taken for every
penny they had, he included copies of the original notes from the salvaged hard drive taken from the
bastards the night they rescued the boys, proving that Tommy's mom and boyfriend knew that they were
sending their son to his death and the only reason he had lasted so long, unlike the others, was he was still
needed for signatures and a face to face so the property could be sold, sending it, he opened the email that
had sparked his curiosity.

Staring at the monitor across the room, Aaron was doing some serious frowning, the email was a politely
worded request for a back door to be placed in the systems and chips sold so that the contents of the
computer could be easily viewed by law enforcement. Scrolling through the email he did not find what he was
looking for, there was no telephone number for this special agent that sent the message, and as he was not
about to compromise the security of his technology on demand, he copied the email and his response to
Roger, just so the sharks could know what shenanigans were being attempted by the government. His
response was simple, security of his products would not be compromised, at the request of a bodiless email
that might or might not come from who they said they represented, and furthermore, he was not willing to
compromise his security because law enforcement might be inconvenienced when trying to access the
information stored on his chips.

Sending it after seeing red hair sticking up near the top of the steps Aaron chuckled, evidently Tommy was
waiting for him to get done, and must have sat down on the stairs to wait. "You know Tommy, if I hadn't
looked over, I would have missed you sitting there. Just so you know it is okay to come all the way up the
stairs and get my attention, the only time you are not welcome to just walk in, is if I am talking to someone on
the video pickup. Then just wait at the top of the stairs so I can see you, otherwise, I might not see you for
hours," he giggled the last.

Smiling as Tommy stood up and made his way over to the chair, "Why don't we call Mark first as he will need
the time to get packed, then you can call Brian, just type in the telephone number on the terminal, the area
code and then the rest of the number, you don't need to dial the one, once that is done, just tap dial." Aaron
explained as he swung the terminal out towards Tommy so he could reach it.

Smiling as Tommy did as instructed, Aaron leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, resting for a moment
and giving Tommy the illusion of privacy as the sound of a phone ringing came over the speakers, "Hello"
the voice, deep and tired sounded over the speaker.

"Mark, It's Tommy, I talked and we can come get you later this morning, Aaron said you can take whatever
animals are yours, well you can bring everything that is yours with you, even Wilber. He has a way to take
everything so your uncle does not get anything you leave behind." Tommy said slowly, then concerned when
he heard the sobs from the other end of the phone. "Mark are you alright, you don't sound alright?"

Hiccupping could be heard from the deep voice and Aaron opened his eyes and sat back up illusion
dispelled, ready to speak out if it would help. "I'll be fine as soon as you get here and take me away. I've been
so worried I would have to leave everything behind, I slept in the barn last night so I could be near the
computer in case you emailed me back. It's gotten really bad in the past couple of days, I almost had decided
to have the herd picked up and sold for hamburger so broke back and I could head for greener pastures, I
have already sold most of my stuff and closed my bank account yesterday, after getting your email," Mark
sniffed a few times as Tommy looked at Aaron in horror.

Waving at Tommy to catch his attention, Aaron pointed to his chest, indicating he wanted to talk "Mark I am
going to let Aaron talk to you, he will make things be alright, I promise," Tommy vowed.

Sniff, sniff "Ok Tommy, can he really help me?" Mark asked, not wanting to give up hoping for some way to
save everything he worked so hard for.

"Hi Mark" Aaron tried to be as gentle and calm as possible, "the first thing I need to know is if you think you
will be safe where you are at until eleven your time, that's another three hours?"

Still sounding tired and drained over the phone, Mark replied, "I should be; my aunt and uncle went into
Bixby to visit her sister, that's about an hour and a half from here, so unless they lied, they won't be back
much before one."

"That sounds like we have time then, what I need you to do is pack everything that belongs to you and bring
it to the barn, just pile stuff in blankets and tie them into bundles, we can worry about cleaning and sorting
once we get you back here, the other thing is who or what is a Wilber and how big is this herd?" Aaron
started to make notes before interjecting, "can the herd be moved into the barn so they can be moved quicker
and how many head are we talking about anyway?"

Relieved and sounding better, Mark's voice carried that over the connection, "I have fifty head, though some
of the cows are not going to take to traveling well. This close to calving, I might lose some of them or at least
the calves, but I suppose that is a small price to pay for getting out of this hell hole. And Wilber is the
culmination of my breeding program, he's my Angus bull, I've won many a ribbon at the fair with him."

Silently chuckling at Tommy, who was standing there smirking, as if this was news to him, "Alright, fifty head
of cattle, one bull and one horse, we can handle that and still get you out of there in time. So how long do you
think it will take to round up and corral the herd and pack, will you be able to get it done by yourself by eleven
or are you going to need help?"

"Since I'm not fit company to live in my own house, all my stuff is already in the barn, packed up so all I have
to do is break down the computer and bring the herd in," Mark sounded very bitter.

Tommy whispered, "Mark actually owns the farm and house, it was left to him by his parents when they died,
his Aunt and uncle moved in with him because it was better than their place in town."

"Damn right my house is better than that shit hole they lived in," Mark was very angry, but willing to give it up
to be safe, but not willing to let go of the anger that caused it have to happened in the first place.

"We'll let the lawyers fight it out, I pay mine more than they could ever possibly afford, plus when we meet and
if you would happen to ask for asylum, our laws will go into effect, so chances are pretty good you would be
either selling off the property and pocketing the money or renting it out and still pocketing money while your
good Aunt and Uncle would be out on the street. So if you have stuff in the house that has sentimental value
to you, pack it up, we'll grab it when we arrive."

"How? They changed the locks on me, even if I wanted to grab mom and dad's stuff I couldn't get in to get it?"
Mark sounded very frustrated.

"The house and farm are legally yours, right? Break the door or a window, wait, leave it until we get there that
way there will be safety in numbers," Aaron changed his mind just in case, after all once the law became
involved it could get complicated fast.

"Okay, I need to get a move on then, to get everything set. Um, will you call back and check on me, the caller id
does not recognize your number," Mark sounded as young as he was now that he was almost safe he felt
frightened they would not make it in time.

"Tommy will call you back in an hour, and will stay on the line talking with you until we get there, so if
anything would happen, he would be able to get a hold of me pretty fast and we could speed things up."
Aaron reassured him, before letting Tommy say goodbye.

That call over, Tommy looked afraid, "Why do people do this to kin folk, I mean Mark never hurt anyone and
his relatives treat him real bad, they don't have a clue he is gay, so why?" tears were running down his face.

"For all the bad I have seen happen to gay youth, your friend Brian is in the other half, his father still loves
him, and even got fired instead of buckling under to his boss and throwing away his son." Aaron pulled
Tommy around and hugged him, wiping the tears with his hand, "Let's get Brian set in the right direction so
you can call Mark back and keep him company while he gets things ready for us."

Nodding his head, Tommy reached over and dialed Brian's cell phone number and smiled in relief when he
heard his voice on the other end, "Hello, Tommy, is that you?"

"Yeah Brian, it's me I am with Aaron and we think we have a fix for you guys, let Aaron talk to your dad, put us
on speaker." Tommy rushed through hurrying, in case Mark was in trouble he wanted to be able to hear it
happen so they could port after him.

"Okay, you're on speaker, Tommy," Brian's voice echoed over the speaker.

"Hello folks, sorry to be introducing myself in this way. My name is Aaron Stranton and Tommy originally
contacted Brian to offer him a place on our Island nation, helping out on one of the farms. The whole nation is
gearing up to rescue gay youth that found themselves in danger or that have become homeless, we will move
them out of the country and give them the chance to chase their dreams in safety." Aaron considered the best
way to make his story believed, "Before I start trying to answer your questions, I am going to offer your father
Brian, the opportunity to interview for a position that will be opening up on Altair Minor, there will be a small
truck farm needing to be started to provide fresh produce for the hospital and staff, besides the normal work
keeping the landscaping in order until we can find someone to take over that part. Most of it at first is
mindless keep busy work, but your father has the most important qualification already. Your father made the
right choice in choosing his gay son over the bigots he worked for."

"Your name has been all over the news the last couple of days, Mr. Stranton, so I am ready to believe the offer
is genuine, besides, we have no choice; everything we own is in the trailer behind the pickup right now. That
yacht of yours has been plastered all over the news besides your name, the old man was jealous and doesn't
believe that yacht is real, then your company started to release all those computers in the area and he bought
one, he believes, now." Brian's father told them sincerely.

"Okay, well then head for pier ninety over in San Francisco, the commercial dock section, I have a warehouse
there and the yacht you saw on television will be arriving Thursday night, we can talk over supper, if you get
there in time, or afterwards if you miss supper, I'll leave your name with the guards so you will be allowed
onsite, if you have any problems, call 555-555-5555 that is a direct line to Davies and Associates, the law firm I
use in the States, he will make sure you're taken care of." Aaron pulled the terminal over and reaching round
Tommy, typed out an email, warning Roger of the possible call, and telling him to render all possible
assistance, before he realized it, Tommy had finished the call and twisted around and kissed him on the

Pulling the communicator out of his ear, Aaron tied it into the terminal, every morning after waking up, it was
second nature to put the communicator on, recalling the first number Tommy had typed in, Aaron extended
the mic and placed it over Tommy's ear. "This will work anywhere on the Island, so while we go down to
where I'm going to put Kevin, Pete and Tim through their paces, you can be right near me, in case Mark needs
help. While I am in the med bay releasing David, just stick by Pete, he has the loudest mental voice."

Tommy, nodding his understanding heard the ringing through the ear piece and followed Aaron as he started
for the steps, "This is so COOL." He got out before Mark answered his cell phone.

Entering the living room, Aaron motioned for everyone to gather round and whispered, "Tommy's friend might
need a hand early, so he is going to keep him company on the phone while I release David, then start putting
you guys through your workout."

Holding his arm out so he could grab Tommy and pull him in, Aaron released his hold when Kevin hugged
him close and double checking everyone was touching him with his eyes he ported them to the area outside
the med bay. "I'll be back shortly with David, one of you might give me a few minute's head start, then go after
Kenny in the dining hall."

Walking into the trauma pod, Aaron noticed Kenny was not in residence as he thought, and went over after
double checking the readouts and started the release cycle. Watching the sixteen year old float to the bottom
and his penis harden as the warm air jets dried him off, Aaron wondered if he would be anything like Kenny,
so free spirited and flourishing, out from under his father's oppression. Removing the tube from David's
lungs he watched closely, for a moment it looked like he would have to intervene as David's trachea spasmed
before settling down. Placing his hands on either side of David's head he implanted the knowledge that he
was safe and his brother was waiting for him to wake up and that he was in the med bay after being healed.
Removing the chest sensor after turning the soma unit off, Aaron smiled down as the first thing David did was
reach down for his hard cock before blushing as he opened his eyes and felt he was naked.

"Hello David, it is good to have you back with us, Kenny is eating breakfast; he is going to be upset that he
was not here when you woke up, so that will be our little secret. He has visited you everyday chatting and
telling you all about his adventures." Placing his finger over David's mouth so he would not ask his question,
"Your throat is a little raw right now, so wait a minute and let it settle down. I recorded every visit with your
brother so you could hear and see what went on over the last four days after Kenny woke up in the same type
of bio-tube you are in now. I'll get you some water and then have one of my guys keep Kenny distracted while
you catch up, then you can close your eyes and he can hover over the top of you as you wake up," Aaron
smiled at the plan he came up with at the last minute, touching the playback sequence on the console thus
bringing the monitor to life once more.

Handing the glass of water to David, Aaron told him to sip it gently before moving back to the desk to give the
teen some privacy, knowing he would be shedding a few tears.

Even Aaron was surprised with how many times during the night Kenny had snuck in while no one was
around to chat with his big brother. After a half hour the recordings had to be put on hold even with another
day left, as Aaron heard Kevin warn him Kenny was on his way "Kenny slipped past my guys, he'll be here in
a minute, so after you leave, I will transfer the recordings to your terminal so you can finish watching
them. Quick now, pretend to be asleep."

Grinning, David did as he was asked and closed his eyes as he heard bare feet running into the room, wiping
the grin off his face he pretended to be asleep, just like all the times his father used to check up on him during
the night. Feeling the warm hands on either side of his head he listened in.

"Hey Kenny your just in time, I am telling your brothers brain that he is safe and that all his injuries have been
fixed, that way when you wake him up, he will not be in pain." Aaron smiled as Kenny bounced up and down
next to the bio-tube. Finished, Aaron acted like he turned a switch and reached over and pulled the temple
sensor off "Ok he's all yours, just remember not to do anything to put him back into the bio-tube for more
repairs." He smiled at Kenny's giggles and sneaky look.

Turning series, Kenny looked up, choking up and having trouble getting the words out, "I promise, I waited
too long for David to wake up and hold me. I won't hurt him I promise."

Leaning over the open end of the bio-tube, Kenny, tears falling fast and furious leaned over and kissed
David's temple, just as his brother used to kiss his, letting him know everything was going to be alright,
whispering, "David, please wake up."

David opened his eyes and quickly reached up and touched Kenny's face, sitting up he pulled Kenny up into
the tube with him and held on as his brother sobbed in relief. Leaving the central station once Kenny stopped
sobbing, and approaching the bio-tube, he noticed David stiffen and shiver as Kenny scooted back into his
brother, knowing what most likely just happened Aaron smiled as he heard Kenny's surprised and pleased
voice telling his brother how he wished he could shoot sperms like he just did, and how he could become an
Alteran now, while he had to wait until he was old enough to shoot sperms, and how that was really a lot.

Picking up the towel off the cart, Aaron went over and noticed the shell shocked expression on David's face,
his cock head peaking up between his brother's legs as Kenny played with the load of sperm on his chest.
Wiping Kenny off quickly, causing the young chatter box to stop, finished and seeing David shiver again as
he brushed the towel on across his exposed head Aaron lifted Kenny out of the bio-tube, careful not to bend
a certain part of David's body and set him back on the floor, "Hey, you want to do me a favor while I check
your brother over one last time?" Smiling at Kenny's frantic nodding, Aaron whispered, "run and find Derrick
and bring him to the lake over where the guys are waiting for me, I'll bring your brother over after talking to
him, making sure he is alright up here." Aaron tapped Kenny's head.

Nodding his head and trusting Aaron, Kenny ran out of the room, waiting until Kenny had rounded the
corner, Aaron looked down in the bio-tube and seeing David still uncomfortably hard told him, "You had no control
over what just happened, and if you don't mention it or make a big deal out of it, Kenny will be fine." Locking
eyes with David who relaxed and then nodded, arms flexing as if he wanted to move them, Aaron moved
behind David and leaned closer, placing a hand on his lower abdomen, "Your penis was re-built along with all
your other injuries so you have your foreskin back, and for all intents and purposes it is brand new, never
been touched. That is why you have a hair trigger, now it looks like you need to take care of the problem still. I
can either give you the towel and let you take care of the problem, or reach down and help you out, no
pressure either way, but your body looks like it's screaming for release."

David thought for a moment and not about to pass up the first offer to have someone else touch him down
there, reached up and gently took Aarons hand and brought it down to his cock and placed it around the
shaft before leaning back and smiling, "Please"

Nodding his head, Aaron wrapped his fingers around the hard cock and slid the skin up and over the leaking
head, placing pressure around the skin once his fingers reached the top. Leaving his thumb up top he used it
to circle the head as he let the skin slide back between his fingers and the shaft causing David to draw in a
deep breath in pleasure, "You're not going to last long, so I am just going to go for it. Later on, if you want to
learn more, all you have to do is ask," before grasping the stiff cock firmly and stroking it. Causing David to
thrust and arch his back into his body as he came once more shooting into the towel that Aaron dropped into
his lap when he felt the cock head start to swell. Rapidly stroking even though he was almost finished, Aaron
sent him over the edge once more and he dribbled out some more as his body violently twitched as the
orgasm hit him harder than a moment ago.

Aaron thought this one would definitely need to be drained several times if he opts in for being altered.
Holding David up with his chest Aaron picked the towel up and folding it so he would not spread the cum
around, he carefully cleaned him up, being extra careful around his wilting cock as every touch caused
David's body to twitch in pleasure.

Tossing the towel to the floor, Aaron waited until David came down from his high and helped him out of the
bio-tube. Once he was sure David was back in the here and now, "let's go meet your brother before he comes
looking for you, plus I think it is time to put some faces with those names your brother told you about in all his

Steady on his feet and now wilted back to normal David glanced down once more at his crotch, well as
normal as it was now and looking up grinned, "Thanks for the hand, that was the first time someone has ever
touched me down there and I really liked it."

Laughing, Aaron steered him past the last occupied bio-tube and caught the surface thought from David,
'they got Rolland out too.'

Explaining briefly about the med bay and the city, Aaron handed David off to his brother and Derrick, once
they reached the lake with a parting shot, "Anytime you want a rematch or to learn the next step, look up one
of the guys over there, where you will find them, you will find me too, so when you want to learn what to do
with Derrick, let us know."

Moving over and kissing Tim deeply, before moving to Kevin then Pete, he was very aware of the stares he
was getting form David and Derrick. Tim whispered in his ear from behind, "Derrick is popping wood and
David is getting hard too."

Nodding as he released Pete, Aaron cleared his throat, "Okay guys, let's get started on teleportation practice.
Last time I modified your bracelets I activated an option that allows you to turn off the limiter at will, pull the
bracelet around until the red gem is up top and twist it sideways before pushing it. Once it goes clear you've
turned it off, just remember for the next couple of days to make sure it is turned on when having sex or
sleeping, until we are sure that unconsciously you have control."

Seeing them nod their heads, serious about learning, Aaron ported over to Derrick and David and whispered
in their ears to take care of the pointers between their legs by giving each other a helping hand before they
had another accident. Porting back he went back to instructing his three, as Kevin told him mentally Derrick
had locked lips with David and his hand was moving rapidly up and down between their bodies after he had
ordered them to get each other off.

"Okay, who wants to go first? Just remember think of the place you want to be, in this case the intersection of
the paths over there" Aaron pointed off to the side. "And then project your mind to that place and fix it firmly
in your mind and wrap the image of yourself with your power like I showed you the other day and push the
one image to the other."

Eager to be first, Tim stepped forward, "I am." Closing his eyes he concentrated and felt the feather light
touch of Aaron near his mind but not helping, he followed the instructions and opened his eyes to see he was
standing in the middle of the intersection. Jumping up and slapping an imaginary hand he calmed down and
ported back to Aaron's side, weaving slightly as he opened his eyes.

Grabbing Tim before he fell, Aaron smiled and kissed him, "You did good for your first time, now rest"
reaching out with his mind, Aaron ported the red container out of the refrigerator and opened it offering one
of the last three donuts to Tim, "here, have one, it will help as you just expended a lot of energy you are not
used to using, it will get better with practice."

Pete, who was motioned by Kevin to go next, waited until Aaron was watching before he too pulled off a
flawless portation, once he was in the intersection, he grinned before porting next to Aaron where he was
caught before he hit the ground. Smiling up tiredly he whispered, "that takes more out of you than I thought it would," before settling to the ground and taking the offered donut.

Kevin grinned, and being his turn, he concentrated, but unlike his lovers he did not push as hard with his
power to make himself move in his mind's eye, instead, he just slowly built up the power until he felt himself
move. Opening his eyes, he noticed he was where he wanted to be, and then focusing on the clear spot next
to Aaron, he repeated the performance of using as little energy as possible and found himself standing next
to Aaron, walking forward, he hugged Aaron with a huge grin on his face before sitting down next to Tim and
Pete who were looking at him with sour expressions.

"Why aren't you falling over like we did?" Pete scowled, backed up by Tim nodding along.

"I tried using as little energy as possible to power the port, instead of throwing everything in it like you guys
did. I tried to use as little as possible until I ported, the second time I knew how much to use and when I
ported, I knew I was right." Kevin smiled as they turned their combined glare onto Aaron who was smiling at

"Would you have believed me, if you did not try it your way first, or without feeling what happens when you
throw everything into a port? Would you be willing to try it Kevin's way?" Aaron asked before sitting down to
face all three of them, "It took me a week to learn what Kevin did by watching the two of you. Once you feel
rested, try doing it the way Kevin did; picture the two places and slowly increase the power until it feels like
you have enough to port, it will be slow at first, but as you practice it will become faster and easier. If you think
about it, when I linked up with you the other day, that is exactly what I did, but I slowed it down so you could
see what I was doing, after some time, it becomes second nature to push power into porting, until you pop, so
to speak."

Standing up after checking the time on his P.A.D.D., "I have an hour until I have to leave to go get Mark,
Tommy's friend. So I have time to get the Stevens boy out of the bio-tube over on Altair Minor. Do me a favor
and keep close to Tommy and yell if Mark on the other end of the call needs help, I shouldn't be gone very
long. Kevin, if you feel the need to really practice, try aiming for the island in the middle of the lake." Aaron
smiled at them before porting away.

A half hour later, tired and feeling good about their progress, the three sat around at the edge of the lake, only
slightly wet from falling back in from being too tired, all three of them looking forward to an early lunch and
the time spent sitting in front of the tutor program, which mean they would not have to do any moving. David
and Derrick sitting down near them while Kenny basked in the nearness of his brother by leaning up against
him while they talked about their new life here on Altare. Near the end, David and Derrick received a crash
course in logging into the terminal and placement testing, Kenny even offered up that he needed to do his
school work after lunch, and would help his brother log in for the first time. He had talked it over with Aaron
yesterday he told David, and decided to hold off doing the tutor until the afternoon because David was going
to be released and he wanted to be there. "I'm not going to go back on my word to the only person to ever
love me and hug me whenever I want, so right after lunch I am doing my school work," Kenny told David

"Well then, we will do our school tutoring together, I'll have you show me how to log into the terminal and
then I will do my placement tests while you do your classes," David smiled at his brother's enthusiasm.

Aaron ported back into the park at that point and walked up smiling at the drained feeling his three lovers
were giving off, "I come bearing drinks." He handed out the red bottles to his three and the fruit juice to the
others, before sitting down, "a warning to you new guys, anything packaged totally in red is not to be
consumed by unaltered humans, meaning it will make you very sick unless you have our metabolism. Our
gifts are wonderful, but do come at a cost if we overextend ourselves, we use a lot more energy than you would ever think possible, using our gifts, and our bodies burn through food and nutrients like you would not believe,
though if you choose to be altered, to become Alteran, you will get to find that out."

"How's Mark holding up, Tommy?" Aaron asked, as Tommy walked over still chatting away with Mark on the
communicator, and pulling him into his lap.

"He finished packing and we have been talking, everything is ready and he is hiding in the barn, just in case."
Tommy smiled at Aaron as he leaned back into his body.

Placing his face next to Tommy's, cheek to cheek, Aaron directed his words into the mic "Mark, we are on our
way, we will be there in less than five minutes, so try to relax, you're almost free." Releasing Tommy and
pushing his butt to tell him to get up, Aaron stood, once his lap was free, "Come on guys, I'll send you back to
the house so you can get a jump on the tutor lessons, I'll use the gestalt in the med bay, make sure your
limiters are back on," Aaron smiled at their groans and helped each one get to their feet. "See you guys in the
dining hall for supper later on; I think Chris is fixing hamburgers and hot dogs as he can't ruin those," he
laughed as he waved goodbye.

The trio, quiet, as they were very tired, followed him into the med bay and down the opposite side to the
transfer room, pulling each of them into a hug and kiss, whispering in their ears before checking to make sure
their limiters were turned back on. "I'm proud of what you accomplished so far," surprising them when he
told them exactly what they accomplished before they got too tired to continue, they were sure, with him
being gone, he would not know.

Smiling he ported them back to the balcony and touched their tired minds, sending a mental caress letting
them in on the secret, he had kept his mind near them the whole time, just in case, that's how he knew how far
each progressed while he was gone. Waving Tommy over, Aaron clasped the end of the mic and whispered,
"very clearly, think about where Mark is, build up a picture in your mind of the barn, and everything you can,
I'll pull it from your mind so we can port there," releasing the end of the mic Aaron waited until Tommy
nodded his head and looked in his mind, trying to be fast, as he knew this would cause a headache, so once
he got the target he picked up the syringe and plunged it gently in Tommy's upper arm administering the pain
killer. Knowing that the pain from the mental contact would not be helped by the same means as he used last
time Tommy was in pain.

Smiling an apology he ported the syringe to the sharps trash and sent his mind searching for the location
taken from Tommy's mind, and once he found it and was sure he had the right place, he reached out, and
pulling Tommy close, he ported them to just outside the barn.

Pulling out the saved bottle of nutrient drink he held back for himself, Aaron chugged half of it in one go as
Tommy told Mark they were there, he ripped the communicator off his head and thrust it in Aaron's hand,
before rushing to the barn. Placing the communicator back in his ear, he heard static and tapped it to turn it
off before walking through the door. Pulling his passport out of his pocket, he opened it up and holding it in
front of him, he walked into the barn to see Tommy hugging a tall thin teen.

Mark, seeing the stranger walk in, stiffened before smiling at the words whispered by Tommy, eyes getting as
big as saucers as he read the deep red words running up and down both sides of the passport, he grinned
before standing up straight, and with the prompt from Tommy who whispered, "Full Name", "Sir, I, Marcus
Tyler Casey, request Asylum." Mark stood still waiting to be rejected or accepted, anything really, either way,
to break the fear he had been feeling since last night.

Aaron smiled, he had pulled his scanner out of his pocket, changed the setting to record and placed it on a hay
bale, aiming it at a spot between the two of them while Tommy hugged his friend, "Marcus Tyler Casey, I herby grant your request of Asylum. From this moment on, you are a ward under the protection of the Kingdom of Altare. I Aaron Stranton, King of Altare, do hereby sever your ties to the United States, and your Aunt and Uncle as your
guardians. Let your enemies be my enemies, let my protections be your protections, from this day forth until
the day of your death. On this day of July 14th year 2004, let it be done." Aaron retrieved the scanner as Mark
stood there tears running down his face, as each and every word hit home, letting him know, for all time, he
was safe.

Walking forward, after putting the scanner in his pocket, Aaron reached out and pulled Mark into a hug, "Your
safe now, Mark, and everything you have worked for is safe. And in a short time, you and your belongings will
be gone from this place." Holding onto Mark as he sobbed in relief, Aaron motioned for Tommy to move
closer and join them. Once the tears stopped, Aaron gently pushed Mark just enough away from his chest to see his face, "Are you ready to get everything out of here?"

"For now, I am going to move everything to just outside the vet barn at the topside farm, once you get a
chance to make sure your herd is settled, we will go apartment hunting and port your stuff into your new
home." Aaron followed Mark as he led them to the small office apartment and as he looked inside, he frowned,
"is this all of your stuff, what about books or pictures or well anything?" He was stunned with how little there

"Everything else is locked up in the house, it was too good for me to touch anymore," Mark spit out bitterly,
before stepping back when all his stuff disappeared, "WHOA!"

"Told you he had a neat way to get everything in one go, teleportation is only one of the neat gifts in his
arsenal," Tommy giggled.

Standing, looking at the large metal barn they were standing in, Aaron was impressed with the layout "This is
nice, you can get a lot done in this barn and the way you have the work area's divided up makes sense."

"Yeah, too bad I am leaving it all behind; I spent a lot of years getting it just the way I wanted," Mark sighed
and joined Aaron as he walked out of the barn.

Spotting what looked like a substation across the road, Aaron walked towards it smiling, power and plenty of
it right at his finger tips. Though it would cause a brown out if he grabbed from it, on the other hand, it just
might work. "Tell me Mark, is there anything other than clothes in the house that did not and does not belong
to you or your parents before your aunt and uncle moved in?"

"Not that I know of, anything they bought while here they got from the trust fund, they talked the bank into
releasing some pretty hefty funds for me to use, but that never got to me, why?" Marc wondered out loud, as
he looked around one last time.

Reaching out with his mind, Aaron felt for the outline of the house and the mass and tasted it, for lack of a
better word, while feeling the energy available at the substation, not probable he thought. At least not if he
wanted to be able to take the three of them back to the Island also, the energy was to unclean, the barn on the
other hand, he thought, as he faced it. Walking around, examining the problem, he thought about what he
wanted to do, it was a matter of using Kinesis to move the building into the air before porting it to its new
location. He would have to port the animals first, then the barn, if he pulled the small fusion generator out of
storage and activated it, he would have all the power he needed, but then what to do with the bucket sized
generator, as once it was activated, it was on for good. The Miami house was not ready to accept a reactor yet,
and the problem still remained that without the control runs, it was too dangerous to use the reactor.

Tommy and Mark were confused, they watched Aaron walk around the building and tapping the metal shell
every now and then as if testing it, they had no clue what he was up to and followed behind him as he made
his way around the barn, then moved to walk around the outside of the house.

It was possible Aaron thought, if he could get the power he could take the house and barn with them, but he
needed a fusion reactor to provide the power he needed, something small yet strong and already having the
control runs installed, so he could power the reactor back to hibernation mode, something that would have
the induction pads built in already. Something like one of his fighters, he smiled, "Ok guys, I think it will work.
Mark, you get to take your barn and your house with you when we leave, I just need to bring us some extra
power. While I'm doing that, go inside and open a window, and throw every piece of your aunt and uncle's
clothes out of the house," Aaron told them, hitting the back door with the palm of his hand, dislodging the
lock with a bit of Kinesis and opening the door.

Mark looked at the unlocked door and at Aaron, who was muttering under his breath, in awe, until Tommy
grabbed his arm and pulled him into the house so they could do what they had been asked to do, Mark had to
dodge clothes flying out the back door, as Tommy really got into the job.

Staring at the power substation, Aaron slowly pulled power towards him, trying to pull very slowly, building it
up gradually so as not to cause the equipment to explode. Power building around him, Aaron sent his mind
searching for the hanger at the construction yards, feeling around for the Screaming Eagle that he knew was
waiting to be loaded onto the destroyer. Finding the one he was looking for, he felt it with his mind and with
the sounds of electrical discharges across the road, he ported it to the large open area near the barn.
Downing the rest of the energy drink, Aaron slowly made his way to the AS101 and touching the cockpit,
pushed with a bit of kinesis, causing the latch to unlock and the canopy to rise. Reaching inside, he grabbed
the red pouch from the bracket, tore it open with his teeth, and started to eat the bland concoction inside the
wrapper, making faces the whole time, tiredly he watched amused as clothes came flying out of the upstairs
window. Washing the yuck down with a bottle of energy drink, Aaron felt himself start to recover, grabbing
unclean power was more tiring than doing the work using only his energy he realized, as Tommy and Marc
came running out of the house, skidding to a stop by the AS101.

"HOLY SHITIT'S A SPACE SHIP." Tommy screamed in excitement, crawling all around it to look inside.

"Not quite a space ship Tommy, but it has something very important in it, we need, to do what I want. A clean
power source, "Aaron smiled as he swatted Tommy's giggling butt, so he could climb inside.

Sitting in the seat and bringing the reactor to full power, Aaron felt the energy start to flow into his body from
the many contact points along the chair, smiling as his energy levels started to rise, though it was more of a
false rise in the long run, he looked at the barn off to one side, "Alrighty, Mark, open the big door without
letting the cattle out, it's time to show you what an Alteran backed up by a fusion reactor can do."

"This is so cool, I didn't know you knew how to fly, are you going to teach us how to fly one of these
spaceships?" Tommy squealed in his excitement.

Shaking his head, Aaron smirked as his words left Tommy shocked, "What you think I'm stupid? I don't know
how to fly one of these death traps, hell; at least I can port off a ship before it sinks if something happens,
instead of shitting myself as this thing crashes."

Locking eyes and mind with the milling cattle, one by one, Aaron ported them to the holding pen, making sure
to leave behind any of the other life forms hovering around them, which took three times as long as a normal
port. Twenty minutes later, all the cattle had been moved and Aaron lifted the fighter up with his mind, the
reactor whining as he drew the power from it, and moved it closer to the barn so he could see the horse
inside, catching sight of the quarter horse, Aaron ported the horse to one of the empty stalls inside the vet
barn, "Both of you need to climb on board for the last part, I want no accidents."

Using his eyes he pointed to the nook where the canopy met the body of the fighter on each side, telling them
to sit there; once they had settled in, the generator whined as it came to full power; then he pushed power
with his mind into lifting the barn from its foundation and once it was ten feet in the air, He made sure nothing
living was still inside before porting it to its new location on Altare, on the far side of the island was a small
meadow that would be perfect for both the barn and house, it was completely sheltered, and once Mark was
altered, he could come and go as he pleased. Holding onto the image of the barn floating in the air above its
new home, the reactor really started to whine as he inserted it into the ground, securing its foundations into
the rocky subsoil.

Letting the reactor cool down, Aaron smiled as he had done it. He had always wondered if he had the same
power as his future self, and now he had proof, and he was not the slightest bit tired either, so the generators
supplying the power made all the difference just as he theorized.

"Now for you house," Aaron told them, as he moved the fighter over so he could see the house clearly.

"NO, wait, I have a better idea," Mark stopped him, "Can you get me to the bank in Bixby, I think there are too
many bad memories in that house, now. If I can get you to close down their access to my trust fund, and then
we put the farm up for sale, and take back everything they bought with my money, that will be the real

Smiling, Aaron started laughing, "Sounds like a plan. So hop off, so I can send this back to the garage where
it belongs, and we'll port over, though you are going to have to think very clearly of what the bank looks like,
so I can take the location from your mind," Aaron rummaged around in the cockpit for the first aid kit, "I'll have
to give you something for the pain as that type of close mental contact will give you one hell of a headache."

"No, leave it till we leave the bank, it will be better if I am in pain when I meet with Mr. Torrents, the trust officer
and father's friend, it will go along with these," Mark lifted his shirt so they could see the welts on his
stomach, both old and new.

Aaron went from calm and tired to pissed and out for blood within the blink of an eye, "We'll do it mostly your
way for now. So close your eyes and build a picture in your mind, picture the bank building with the parking
lot in as much detail as you can, when you have the picture in your mind, nod your head." He slipped the
pre-loaded syringe into his pocket, while Mark might want to put on a show, there was no reason for him to
suffer a moment longer than necessary.

Making room in the cockpit so Tommy could climb in front of him, Aaron touched Tommy on the arm "Climb
in front, between my legs, once I get the location, we will take off and port over and put on the show Mark is
planning." Helping Tommy climb in carefully, Aaron almost missed the nod of Marks head, so reaching over
he placed his fingers on Mark's face so it would be easier on the teen and looked in his mind deeply, taking
the location. Releasing Mark's mind with a light mental order to climb in back, Aaron waited until Mark fell in
before closing up the cockpit and with the generator whining, ported them above the bank building.

Once above the building, Aaron moved the fighter over the roof of the building and lowered it until it was only
inches from the roof, touching the controls, he did the only thing he knew how to do with the onboard
computer, he set it to hover in this position before releasing the cockpit so they could climb out. Once Tommy
was on the ground, Aaron climbed out and seeing Mark's pale sweaty face, instead of hopping down from the
wing junction, leaned over and grabbed Mark under his arms and helped him stand, "Tommy, grab on; we are
going to port inside, Mark's in no condition to walk."

Climbing onto the wing quickly, Tommy grabbed hold as Aaron ported them inside the building, right outside
the office to the trust department. Helping Mark walk into the office, Aaron on one side, Tommy on the other,
the man on the other side of the desk jumped up and rushed over, after taking one look at them. "My God
Marcus, what the hell happened to you?" Trenton Torrents rushed over, dragging a chair along with him.

Grimacing in pain, as he was lowered into the chair, Mark started to remove his shirt, Tommy was quick to
jump in and help, once he saw what Mark was trying to do, "Uncle Ned was not too happy with me, when I
refused to sign their latest request to plunder my trust fund."

Trenton glanced at the top of the desk and the folder laying there with the latest request for funds from
Marcus's Aunt and Uncle, he had told them it would be a day or so before the money was released into their
account, the only reason he did that was the signature was so scribbled it was illegible, and it did not sit right
with him as he knew how meticulous Marcus was with his handwriting. "Twenty minutes sooner Marcus, and
your Aunt and Uncle would have been in here when you showed up. I'll assume the three thousand dollars
for the trip to Fresno was not really going to happen. How long has this been going on, Marcus?"

Pulling out the syringe Aaron broke the seal and moved over to Mark's side, "Alright Mark, time to get rid of
the pain; you proved your case, though the whip marks should have been enough." Ranting, he tented the
skin on Mark's arm and plunged the needle home, injecting the contents. "Can I borrow your phone for a long
distance call; I think it is time to call in the Lawyers while that takes effect."

"Yes, yes of course," Trenton pulled the phone around on his desk and dialed the outside line before
moving back to Mark's side.

Putting the phone on speaker, Aaron dialed the number for Davies and Associates, ringing could be heard as
a uniformed sheriff's deputy walked into the room, "Hey Trent ready for lunch what the hell."

"Stephen Davies," the speaker phone connected and Stephan's voice sounded over the speaker.

"Stephan, Aaron Stranton here. Do you have any associates in the Bixby area? I have a new rescue that is
going to need some sharp legal talent to settle his affairs." Aaron told him, as he stared at the sheriff's deputy
without emotion, who had looked up at him with a start when he heard the request for a lawyer for his old
school mate's son.

"What the hell are you doing all the way in Bixby" Stephan muttered.

Smirking at the deputy as he pulled out and opened his passport so his identity could be seen, "Fancy you
asking me that question. I'm in Bixby at the savings and loan after granting the request of one Marcus Tyler
Casey for Asylum. He made the formal request not more than an hour ago, so now we're in the bank, having
his Aunt and Uncle taken off the access list to his trust fund, and we need to set something up so he can sell
his house and farm. Seeing how his Aunt and Uncle will not even let him walk inside it, instead, making him
sleep in the barn after changing the locks to the house. The house which he owns, by the way." Aaron
watched the two men closely for their reactions, and nodded his head slightly, seeing their anger.

"God Marcus, why didn't you ever tell anyone, Ned would have been one sorry son of a bitch a long time ago,
if I knew, law on his side or not," Trenton placed his hand gently on Mark's shoulder, and cringed in fright at
Mark's words "They told me you knew and took your cut, so with dad's best friend, as far as I knew, in on it,
who would I go to. I had no one as far as I knew," Mark opened his eyes now that the pain was going away.

"CUZ!!" The deputy asked somewhat harshly , looking at his paling cousin who looked totally shocked.

Trent stood up and rushed over to the filing cabinet, rummaging around inside until he pulled a folder out, "I
never knew. My God how could someone do something like that to their own kin...Here Marcus, I kept every
signed request and I will cooperate fully with any audit your lawyers start. I swear to you, I never knew and I
never even took the normal fee's out of your account for maintenance the bank was supposed to."

"Aaron, what were the terms of granting Marcus asylum, and I am going to need a full physical and
supporting documentation if there was any abuse involved." Stephan all but ordered, making notes furiously.

"If God if you could only see what we are," Trent's voice was filled with anguish.

"You will get a full scan and pictures, by the end of the day, Stephan. Are you ready I recorded the
conversation, as I'm going to replay it for you." Aaron asked and received an affirmative after Stephan
started the recorder on his end by saying, "This is a recording on July 14th 2004 at 13:24 hours go ahead
and start playback, Aaron."

The first voice that was heard was Mark's "Sir, I Marcus Tyler Casey, request Asylum." then it switched a
moment later to Aaron's voice, "Marcus Tyler Casey, I herby grant your request of Asylum. From this moment
on you are a ward under the protection of the Kingdom of Altare. I Aaron Stranton, King of Altare, do hereby
sever your ties to the United States and your Aunt and Uncle, as your guardians. Let your enemies be my
enemies, let my protections be your protections from this day forth until the day of your death. On this day of
July 14th year 2004 let it be done."

"Recording stopped. Shit Aaron, this is going to cause a lot of nervous FEDS, and the state department is
going to have heart attacks over this," Stephan's tone was incredulous. "Legally you have every right to hire
lawyers for Marcus, but I want to hear him say he is okay with this for my own peace of mind, if nothing

"The pain is finally starting to go away," Mark said in relief, as his shoulders slumped and his body started to
relax, then he realized that he had been asked a question and responded, "Yes Sir. I do want you to represent
me in selling off my parents' spread, and help in making sure my trust can't be touched by my Aunt and Uncle
ever again. Aaron and Tommy are going to take me back with them, they even moved my horse and herd. It's
a good thing they never knew about my laptop, or that all my important records on the breeding project Dad
started were in it, they might have thrown them in the dump like the rest of my books and such."

The loud slamming of the file cabinet drawer silenced the room.

"Aaron?" Stephan questioned, after hearing the loud banging.

"We're fine, the noise was the trust officer who it seems was a close friend of Mark's father releasing some
anger on a piece of office furniture, "Aaron explained, as he watched impassionedly as he skimmed the
surface thoughts of the man.

"Then I am going to hang up. Someone from our office will be on a plane to Bixby within the hour, and you
can expect someone shortly to take custody of those bank records, the audit will be in full swing before the
end of the day. They should be able to clear the trust department very quickly, most likely before the close of
the business day. Roger sent you a file that you need to think about, so try to find time in the next day or so to
go through it. Now unless there is anything else, I need to oversee all the law clerks that just rushed out of my
office to start things moving." Stephan waited for a moment and hearing, "I think that is all for the moment,"
from Aaron, he hung up.

The deputy came back in the room, followed by several people in uniform and an older man in black robes,
when Tommy took one look at the man in robes, he scooted over to Aaron and plastered his body against
him for comfort. Judge Thompson seeing that, stopped the rush of people moving into the office by throwing
his arm out and not letting anyone pass. Recognizing the young man in front of him, he was concerned at the
fright, and how he quickly moved away to take comfort from the taller young man who seemed to be in
charge. "Tommy, Tommy Ness; are you alright?" Judge Johnson slowly knelt down, so he would not be
towering above him, but at a lower height, so Tommy would have to look down on him, he knew that by doing
this, he was establishing on an unconscious level to Tommy, that he was not above him and that he did care.
"Your mother was in my court the other day, all upset that you had disappeared from the boarding school you
attend." Catching the young man stiffen in anger, at the mention of a boarding school, Judge Johnson
became confused.

"If you call Auschwitz a day spa," Mark scoffed bitterly, before looking up to Aaron, "Can we go now? I might
be feeling better, but I still want to check on Wilber, he doesn't travel well."

Nodding his head, Aaron hugged Tommy close before gently lifting his head, "Remember you're a citizen of
Altare now, and no one can take you away from your new home, a home where both you and Mark will be
able to chase your dreams and make them come true." Waiting for the smile to cross Tommy's face, he
moved his attention to Mark, "Yes I think we can leave now, anything else can be dealt with in the morning, I
want to get you into the med bay, that pain killer is not going to last long. Do you think you can walk or do you
want me to carry you?" Tommy close to his side had moved over to stand in front of Mark when all the people tried to enter the room.

Taking the folder from Mark's lap, Aaron handed it to the Judge who had gotten back to his feet, "I believe this
is the file that the lawyers want to have secured until the audit starts." Aaron glanced through the surface
thoughts of the Judge as he reached over and took the file from his hand, and finding nothing but concern for
both Tommy and Mark, decided to offer one chance to him and his legal system, "I will return tomorrow
around nine your time. I will of course bring records and video of the rescue of Tommy from the 're-education
farm' so you can see the six long months of hell he went through, and..." feeling Tommy stiffen beside him,
Aaron pulled him closer, "Tommy you will be safe on Altare tomorrow and showing Mark the farms , if it was
not for the fact Mark needed a familiar face you would not have been on this rescue." Aaron comforted him
and kissed the top of his head gently, as he held out his other hand so Mark could use him to pull himself up.

"Your courtroom, tomorrow at Nine. Now if you'll excuse me, I have two young men that need to be
somewhere they feel safe." Aaron steered the group towards the door, glaring at the people who were too
slow to move out of their way. Once in the elevator and the doors closed behind them, he pushed each floor
button before porting them back to the roof. Standing next to the fighter, Aaron did not think Mark could
handle climbing back in and started to grab energy from the craft and ported them back to Altare not that far
from the vet barn before touching the fighter and porting it back to the hanger.