Chapter 14





Willing his hard cock to go away, which was not working to well, Aaron followed by David And Derrick went inside the barn where Tommy and Kevin had moved over near the terminal and were talking with Mark and Fred, “The choppers are almost here guys, so you need to get some clothes on so we can get the poultry run through the scanners and unloaded into the appropriate housing. Some of the chicks in there will probably be stressed out big time,” glancing down at the still unresponsive body part, Aaron whispered “Damn..” as Pete and Tim ported in and Damien and Kenny ran over from where they must have been hiding out back, stopping every few steps as they tried to get their shorts on, along with a shirt.



Wanting to laugh at the antics of the youngest of the group and wanting to cry as he only needed a short scant fifteen more minutes for blessed relief, Aaron picked up his shirt and walked to the side door leading to the quarantine lot and slid it open, just as the choppers came around, their cargo hanging underneath by steel cables. Tapping his headset after dialing in the frequency from the door panel, he waited until the first chopper made its final approach, yelling back over his shoulder, “No one goes outside until I say so, those cables if they come loose can cut you in half.”



“Lead seven niner one, to Altare base…confirm landing free of hazards,” the voice came over the communicator and the speakers by the terminal after Pete logged in and set the system to play the radio transmissions.



“Lead seven nine one, your drop zone is free and clear, proceed with landing of cargo to northwest corner,” Aaron responded as he watched the cargo container come in and start to lower, the container had screened in sides like racing strips to allow air flow so the poultry did not suffocate on their one hundred and twenty mile journey from the deck of the cargo container ship.



“SHIT! All the horses are freaking out," Kenny shouted, as he pointed towards the back doors.



Mark started to move away from Aaron’s side, but was stopped as his arm was grabbed, covering the mic, Aaron told him, “They are not your horses and they do not know you…DO NOT GO IN THE PASTURE, but if you need to do something then log into the gate panel and open the back pasture gates allowing them through,” Aaron let him go after receiving a nod of agreement after a wince and a look that said I’m not stupid.



Concentrating on the task at hand, Aaron started to recite the container to ground distance until the cable went slack, “Grounded, you are clear for separation.”



The chopper hovered a moment, as a small charge went off, separating the bolt from the cable and the chopper started to reel it in before rising straight up so the next chopper could arrive and lower its cargo, “Secondary seven niner beta, request confirmation landing zone clear.”



“Secondary seven nine beta, you are clear for cargo landing at north east corner, drop zone is clear,” Aaron recited, after doing a quick head count.



After reciting the same formula with the first chopper, Aaron was surprised when a small crate was lowed from the side of the chopper to land gently in front of the large shipping container. Keeping everyone back from the doorway as the chopper left, Aaron wondered about the extra crate.



Reading Aaron’s body language, Tim spoke up loud enough everyone heard him, “That last crate, you weren’t expecting it were you?”



Shaking his head no, Aaron came up with a plan, pulling his scanner out of his pocket, he set it to scan and to relay the information to the terminal in the barn, “Everyone stay near the barn, I’m going to drop the scanner on the crate…porting in and porting out real fast.”



Concentrating, Aaron ported to the box and back, after dropping the scanner on top in two blinks of the eye, if there was anything inside that would go off, so to speak, by detecting a presence near it; it would not have time catch him. Anticlimactic, as nothing happened, Pete who was still near the monitor pulled up the relay from the scanner and placed it on the display, not sure what he was seeing, the scanner showed four levels and multiple pink and white objects moving around in the near dark of the crate. Coming up behind, everyone gathered around the monitor.  Aaron glanced at the double helix in the corner and holding onto Mark as he leaned over his shoulder, Aaron focused on reading the small print of the report, noticing two things…one, he was still hard, as the brushing up against Marks butt confirmed for him in the most pleasurable way, and two, the crate was full of baby pigs.”



Pete who played around with the controls brought up a full color image of the inside of the crate and turned back to look at Aaron with confusion on his face in time to hear Mark giggle “Pigs…”



“Ok guys, let’s get the doors to those cargo containers open before the birds suffocate, the sooner we get them unloaded, and into their new homes, the sooner we can have a cookout on the beach,” Aaron gathered them before looking around the barn, deciding on the empty large treatment stalls on the far wall. Still holding onto Mark, “Alright I’m going to move the piglets into the barn and release them into those four stalls while you start to move the boxes of chicks through the scanners, we need to move them first as they are probably chilled. Kenny will be thrilled to help out I bet. The brooders are already set down at the poultry barn, I’ll get Tim and Kevin to help shuttle all the boxes of chicks between here and the barn where Tommy will be in charge, anything that does not pass the health scans, place in the treatment area and I’ll remove them later.”



Kissing the side of Mark’s cheek, Aaron moved off and asked Tommy to go down with Kenny and Damien who had volunteered to help at the poultry barn, taking the chicks and putting them into the brooders, while Tim and Kevin would bring down the chicks as they cleared the scanners. Stopping by Pete to ask him to keep track of the information off of the crates, he went out and brought his kinesis into play and picked up the crate with the piglets in it, floated it back to the treatment area and released the squealing baby pigs into the stalls. Activating the built in scanners after releasing the pigs and securing the doors, about to remove the crate, he noticed a manifest on the outside and removed it. Glancing through it, he noticed the note from the genetics firm he dealt with about the loss of the embryo’s, this was an offering to replace what was lost and, according to the paperwork, they came from the clean breeding program, having been born in a lab. If it was correct and true he would have to see about thanking them.  Moving back outside, he jumped in and started to carry the heavy cardboard boxes from the cargo container to the chute where Fred was opening the lids and peeking inside before placing them on the belt to go through the scanner, making sure the packing label and barcode was to the front so Pete could see it.



Once all the boxes of chicks were off loaded, Aaron started the guys on the heavy cages full of live poultry, half grown birds and a large group that were fully grown, these would take longer because after the birds were scanned they needed to be checked to make sure the radio chip bands were in place. Three hours later, with most of the teens hot and tired, Aaron smiled and directed them to the outdoor shower area to clean up while he looked at the short stacks of cardboard boxes that contained the remains of the chicks that did not make it. Luckily, as the hatcheries always sent extra chicks, he was not out number wise overall, though he was short on several of the different breeds he had planned to raise, he would have to make those up later. “Mark…Tommy, leave the chicken tractors where they are, we’ll move them in the morning, hit the showers with the rest of the guys.”



Tommy and Mark both stopped and stole a kiss from Aaron before making their way to the shower area, stripping off their clothes while walking out away towards the front of the barn and the room off to the side that held the shower area. Making the short walk over to Pete who was finalizing entering the records into the system, Aaron smiled and stood out of reach, Pete being the only clean one so far, “Pete, do you feel up to porting to the dining hall? There are several coolers full of hamburgers and hot dogs along with the fixings, I think three total; if you count the one with the drinks in it, if you could bring them back here, we can port to the beach where I usually hold cookouts, after I’ve had a chance to clean up.”



Smiling while wrinkling his nose, Pete dodged the playful swat of Aaron’s dirty shorts “I can do that, you get cleaned up and maybe later tonight I can help you out with your earlier problem.”



Smiling, Aaron walked into the communal shower, stopping in the doorway when all eyes turned towards him grinning. Glancing down he noticed that they all were quite hard also, only the fact that Kevin sent a warning to him, kept him from porting right back to his bedroom, “just go with the flow, only a small part of what they want to do is out of thanks.”



David, being beyond bold, walked towards Aaron holding up the bottle of lube from earlier, holding it out so Aaron could grab it, “Something stopped what I wanted to do earlier…now I get to have that beautiful hard cock of yours inside me, while my brother and Damien feed you everyone else’s load.” Once he had deposited the lube in Aaron’s hands he turned around and pulled Derrick in front of him and started to kiss him while spreading his legs, offering his ass to Aaron.



Looking over towards the water controls, near the doorway, Aaron thought about switching them to very cold, it would serve them right to have ice water dumped on them. Feeling hands touch his shoulders, Aaron felt both Tim and Kevin send to him “read them…every single one of them are doing this for one reason, to belong to you.” Kevin added, “Each of them can’t wait until it is their turn to be where David is; even Mark wants you, not for rescuing him, but for what you did for him earlier with Fred.”



Tim’s words sealed David’s fate “Everyone has a reason for wanting to be in our bed and not one of them has given more than a glancing thought about using it to thank you for saving them.”



Turning his head so he could kiss first Tim and then Kevin, Aaron felt hands stroking him as he flipped the top of the lube open, he had lost the battle, and groaning with pleasure from the hands teasing him, he sent without thinking, “you’re going to make me open up the second floor bedrooms, aren’t you,” as he squirted the lube onto his fingers and moved them towards David’s ass, an ass that Kevin and Tim had taken a hand each to open the cheeks to make it easier for him to find the right spot.



Gently slipping the first finger in, Aaron was not surprised when David shoved back against his hand, sinking his two fingers to the fist, no what surprised him as he glanced down was seeing Damien and Kenny kneeling in front of Tommy and Mark, heads plastered to their crotches.  Taking a step closer so he did not have to stretch his arm as much, Aaron added a little more lube to the valley between the ass cheeks and slowly added the third finger to the loosening hole, before surrendering the bottle of lube to Tim’s hands.



Tim squirted some lube into his hand and reached over and lubed up Aaron’s hard cock, making sure it was slick before guiding him to the hole his fingers were occupying.



Taking the hint, Aaron replaced his fingers with the tip of his cock and slid just past the inner ring before stopping for a moment, keeping his hand wrapped around his cock to keep David from pushing back until he got used to it, he had decided he would slide in slowly at his pace not David's lustful one. Thrusting ever so slightly, Aaron sunk deeper inside David on each inward thrust, pulling just enough out to keep the head of his cock inside, moving his hand further back on his shaft to control the thrusting David was doing, trying to get as much of him inside as fast as possible.



Feeling a hand caressing his nipple, Aaron looked down and seeing Damien’s smiling face, leaned over and kissed him, kissing him deeply so he could remove the offering he carried across the room to him, as he pulled Damien close, Aaron moved his hand away and sunk to his full length, causing David to moan out in pleasure. Thrusting in and out of David slowly, a pace designed to keep him from Cumming too soon Aaron released Damien after cleaning out his mouth, only to have him pulled away by Fred and be replaced by Kenny who wanted to feed him Tommy’s sweet offering.



It went like that for several minutes, one mouth replaced by the other as they fed offering after offering to him as he thrust in and out of David, until David groaned out “I’m close…so close.”



Kenny dropped Kevin’s cock and crawled over to his brother and captured the end of his cock with his mouth, he knew this was probably the only time he would get to taste his brother and he wanted to make the most of it. As soon as he wrapped his lips around David’s shaft and swirled his tongue around the tip of the hard cock, he felt it swell up and start to fire off its load. Eyes bugging out in surprise at the sheer volume coming out the end of his brother's dick, Kenny swallowed just a little bit, knowing it would not be missed making him feel closer to his brother, closer than he ever was before. Cheeks making him look like a chipmunk Kenny finally released his brothers spent cock, stood up and crawled over his brother’s body to reach Aaron’s mouth.



Accepting another offering, Aaron sped up, the spasms around his cock had brought him closer to the edge than he had wanted to be, on top of the hot scene playing out around him as the two milked each offering out of one of the other teens and fed it to him, only three people would know how turned on he was at this moment, and only because his shields were down. Noticing Tommy was very close, and had his fingers moving in and out of his butt, Aaron nudged Kevin, who was waiting almost impatiently for Kenny to return or Damien to be finished with Pete over towards him, “Kevin…Tommy wants you to be first and he looks to be preparing himself for you.”



Kevin took his eyes off of Aaron, his hotness himself, searched out Tommy and smiled at him before moving closer when he saw that Aaron was right, Tommy was moving his fingers in and out of his ass. Moving to stand in front of him, Kevin kissed him, “Are you sure you want to do this here?”



Kissing Kevin back and nodding his head, Tommy whispered back, “Ooh yes, I want this while I am right next to Aaron, my hands touching him, my lips on his,” he grabbed Kevin’s hand and pulled them the few steps necessary to make it to Aaron’s side, rubbing his hard cock against Aaron’s thigh as he reached around and spread his ass cheeks so Kevin could enter him.



Aaron felt the hard cock rubbing on his leg about the same time he gave up trying to hold off his impending orgasm and allowed it to crash around him, firing volley after volley deep inside David, as his climax hit him. Only vaguely aware of David ordering Derrick to come for him, as he released Derricks cock long enough to tell him what to do before engulfing it once more to accept his prize, Aaron rode the orgasm before slipping out of David early, thus allowing some of his seed to run out of the stretched hole as he turned and knelt in front of Tommy and gazing at the sparse hair around the slender five inch hard shaft, slowly flicked the end with his tongue, catching the drop of fluid building up around the tip from the pressure being placed on his prostrate from Kevin thrusting in and out before finally ever so slowly licking around the top half of the hard shaft and engulfing the whole thing, savoring the taste and firmness in his mouth as he started to move up and down on the hard cock.



Pleasurable sensations assaulting him from both the front and back caused Tommy to groan out his pleasure as he came, clamping down hard around the cock moving in and out of his ass, the extra sensation and pressure causing Kevin, who was already worked up, to fire his own load deep inside Tommy.



Standing up and sharing the last drops of his captured load back to Tommy, Aaron smiled as he released the kiss, only to have his mouth captured by Mark who had reached around to turn Aaron’s head his way.



Spent for the moment, Aaron dragged those around him under the warm water and started to wash whoever was within reach as he was washed by multiple hands.



As everyone paired off under the shower to wash each other, Aaron found Damien and Kenny under his hands, washing their backs. Kneeling down so he was close to Kenny's height, he pulled them close so they could hear his voice, “as wonderful as this was, I hope you realize this can’t keep happening until you grow a little…and I’ll talk to your brother Kenny, as he did notice that it was your mouth on his cock when he came.”



Kenny blushed but was not about to apologize, “that was probably the only time I will get to taste my brother like that, and I’m not sorry I did it.”



“The stories I’ve read have guys your age doing stuff to guys my age, even Kenny’s age why do we have to wait?” Damien asked, more curious than defiant.



Nodding his head to show that it was a valid question, Aaron reached over and with a couple of quick strokes brought Damien’s half hard cock back to its hard three and a half inches. “Have you and Kenny been playing around with each other, maybe even putting these inside each other?” staring at their blushing faces until they finally nodded, “compare my finger to the size of your cock, you can see they are very close to size and length…right?”



Once again they nodded, this time looking at the side by side of his hand and their hard cocks closely, “A lot of those stories are just that, stories. You guys are not developed inside enough to handle anything bigger than what the both of you are sporting…look at the size and length of what I have between  my legs,” Aaron pointed down, their eyes following his finger to his half hard cock, “think about how much your jaws and mouths ache right now from sucking off all these guys around us right now…then think about how they would feel if they gave in to your demands and hurt you without realizing it.”



Standing up, Aaron reached over and brought their faces up to his face instead of his cock, “Think about how they would feel if your moans of pleasure turned to screams of pain with them inside you, or even if they pulled out and blood gushed out as they had ripped your insides by being too fat and long.”



Pulling them close to him in a hug, Aaron gazed around the group that had formed around them as he explained to the two younger members why this would not happen again until they grew up some more, “Fred and Tommy are the only ones that could safely do something with you, and even then, it would not be comfortable for either of you as they entered you.” Aaron read that they both were taking this as a rejection, so he modified his orders slightly, “So until you are taller…older, you have to go no further than hand jobs and maybe the occasional blow job…nothing else…do you promise?”



Feeling relief, they were not being rejected, just not allowed to go as far as they wanted to or as far as they thought they should be allowed to, they both quickly promised, fearing they would not get a second chance if they refused.



“Alrighty let’s move this party to the beach, we have a cookout to get off the ground,” Aaron ended by kissing them both lightly on the lips, showing them that he was not rejecting them, just limiting what they could do.



Moving over to the wall, Aaron touched the panel to shut off the water and laughed when Kenny shouted, “Grab on to something fast,” as he turned on the blowers to dry them.



Chuckling at Kenny’s antic’s, Aaron walked out of the showers mentally pathing his guys giving them tomorrow's porting lesson early, “a slightly early lesson for you guys, seeing as I’ll not be here tomorrow. I am going to send you each a mental image of your destination; once you have that firmly in your mind you can port to the beach, tomorrow, you can practice by each giving the other a mental picture of part of the city the others have not been in yet. Also, you each should be able to take at least one person with you when you port, if you are not able to, it will be pretty clear as you will go nowhere, or if your grip isn’t tight, or if they aren’t touching you, you will end up at the beach while they are still back here.”



Sensing their excitement and eagerness, Aaron passed along the picture of their destination and felt that they were confident of their visualization, “Tomorrow after I get back, we’ll practice touching the gestalt for the first time, once that is done, it is just a matter of practice before you have it mastered, that and a few nights of having the limiter not register any attempts to port while sleeping or in the throes of passion.”



Placing his hand on the stack of coolers Aaron waited until everyone gathered around “Alrighty Kevin will port Tommy to the beach…Tim you grab Damien and Pete you grab Kenny, the rest of you make sure you’re touching me and we can get this cookout started.”



Relaxing on the beach as the sun started to set over the water, Aaron watched the guys playing in the sand or just sitting around talking, letting his mind wander, he smiled thinking about how this first group would be different from all others, they had bonded with each other and it would take someone pretty spectacular to be admitted in to the group now. He had gone from looking for one or two people to banish his loneliness, to finding three then increasing it to nine until it finally topped out at ten, and that ten would only be if Rolland meshed with the group, which he might want to leave or not even want to be around the others when he was finally released, thinking they were a reminder of the pain he went through. But deep down there was this disquieting thought that he might never mesh with the group because he may not come out of the bio-tube whole….sane even.



David sitting down next to him brought him out of his thoughts, letting go the almost certain knowledge that Rolland was not going to come out of the experience undamaged. “How has your night been so far, David, having fun?”



Smiling, David looked towards his brother, “Thank you for coming up with a way to curb my brother's cock hunt,” chuckling softly, “who would have thought I would be ever saying something like that. When Kenny sucked me off, that was one of the hottest things I have ever experienced, on the other hand, as glad as I am to have had him do that for me, and I will do the same for him if he asks, I was afraid he would get hurt or want it to become a daily thing. Which would not have been good for either of us in the long run…not with the way we were raised.”



Scooting over so that his bare skin was touching Aaron’s, not as a prelude to foreplay, more of wanting to be as close as possible, “And thank you for the help with Derrick, I was getting frustrated when he kept telling me he was a submissive, I had no clue, still don’t really, what that means. I assumed he was talking about being a bottom and could not understand why we could not take turns being bottoms, and it was always my dream to have someone fuck me before I ever fucked someone else.”



Searching for Derrick, Aaron found him over by the fire that was burning down to hot coals, “Someone who is a submissive needs to feel that he is being controlled and directed, he feels safest when someone else is doing the directing, telling him what to do. We are just pretty lucky that he is mostly submissive when it comes to sex, otherwise he would not be able to function without someone telling him what to do, even go to the bathroom or eat. You are his top now, his master, if you will. That happened this afternoon when you took control of his body to use it how you wanted, and did not allow him to fight back, you held his hands down so he could not push you off while impaling yourself on his cock, you told him to cum and fill your ass. He will always look to you for direction when it comes to sex. Right after me, as he sees me as the one that directed both of you and he heard me tell you to let him know when it was okay for him to cum.”



Aaron turned to face David, reading his surface thoughts, David was thinking about how turned on that made him, yet he was worried that he would do something to hurt Derrick unintentionally. “I’m going to send you a couple of emails with links to two stories, the first will show you a somewhat healthy dominant submissive relationship and how it should be…the second, well, the second gladly is only one short chapter long and shows you what can happen if you abuse the trust your submissive has for you.”



“I overhead the guys talking, Kevin mentioned something about you opening up more bedrooms, something about having a second floor. I know Tommy is planning on moving in tonight, and Mark said something about asking if he could move in…well, I guess what I am asking very badly is will you let Derrick and me move into one of those bedrooms; that way you will always be around and I know I have someone that will make sure I am not going too far or too fast with Derrick, I don’t want to hurt him,” David finally asked what he wanted to originally when he sat down.



“Are you sure you want to give up being independent, having your own place? And what about your brother? What does Kenny think about first gaining his very own room and place, only to give it up to move in with me?” Aaron sensed the amused thoughts from David, reading who was behind the scheme, “Kenny put you up to this…” laughing as Kenny had snuck up behind them to listen in.



Throwing himself to one side, Aaron flipped over and grabbed the laughing and shrieking youngster that tried to sneak up behind them, pulling him over into his lap he started to tickle him mercilessly. David, seeing the torture fun his brother was receiving, reached over and started to tickle his brother, after all, he was trying to spy on both of them.



“Stop…Stop…I have to pee…” Kenny cried out between laughs, which caused Aaron to roll over so Kenny was laying on his side pointing away from them when he let loose as they had no intentions of stopping.



The rest of the guys, attracted by the laughter and tickle torture, jumped up from where they were sitting or playing and rushed over. Releasing Kenny and pointing for everyone to sit around them, Aaron caught Derrick longingly looking their way before motioning for him to join them, once everyone was seated, he started, “An innocent comment I made earlier seems to have led to some scheming, about the extra six bedrooms in our place. I already know that Tommy has been asked to take one of the bedrooms downstairs, but what the rest of you didn’t know, until today, was that there are five other bedrooms on the second floor, well five bedrooms and the study area that can easily be made into another bedroom.”



“Before I ask if you want to move out of the apartment that you were staying in until you make up your minds about staying, let me tell you that my place is one of the highest houses, so the only way in or out is by porting. If you want to move in and become part of our lives, you will have to eventually be altered and would become part of Clan Stranton,” Aaron told the eager faces, while answering Pete’s pathed message “Our place could be considered Clan grounds, so there are more common rooms off to the sides and below the house…and no you may not fill them all up with hotties.”



Mark thought about it for a moment, he had moved most of his belongings into the overnight room in his barn, but the thought of having a permanent home and the fringe benefits, “Does this mean that if we move in, we can have sex with you whenever we want, or even with each other?” His hand went down to Fred’s crotch after asking and found what he was looking for, before moving his hand back to his own lap. Letting Fred know that he was still interested and finding out if he also was aroused by the prospect.



“Within limits, yes…” holding up his hand so they others could make it out in the firelight, “Kenny and Damien are still limited as before…and anyone has the right to refuse for whatever reason, without anyone getting mad. I am assuming there will be a lot of rain checks given out in the beginning, until we all settle in and get used to the new living conditions, don’t forget I have not only a business empire to run, but a nation,” Aaron answered as he gazed at Kenny and Damien in turn.



Looking at his three lovers who he felt were behind this, “The three of you at first will find some of your free time has to be given up, as you will have to port the others in and out of the Clan Hall until they have been altered. Which won’t happen until you hit puberty and start to shoot sperms, not just liquid, so Damien being two years older than Kenny, you will hit puberty first, but both of you will have to realize that you can’t just walk down the stairs to the park anymore, you will have to rely on others for a while,” Aaron finished by looking into both of their faces, skimming their surface thoughts and finding that they truly did not have a problem with it. Damien was the unknown, he was at first worried about Kenny with the way he had reacted to having his own room which is why he asked.



“It will be my room right, Kevin and Pete told us they had their OWN rooms, but were free to sleep with you or each other but the room was theirs forever and ever, right?” Kenny asked quietly.



Nodding his head, Aaron decided the best way to handle this was to open the Clan Hall up, not only the upstairs. “Yes, when you choose a room, it is yours forever…look guys, let’s do it this way, I’ll open the full Clan Hall up when I get back. Then you are all free to choose a room in my common room or in one of the others in the Clan Hall. Those of you that want to become part of our family that is. That means something here, Clan Stranton leads, and if you join, others will look to you for leadership.”



Kenny grinned and nodded his head at his brother, telling him he wanted to do this.



Mark looked over at Fred, and then seeing the rest of the guys, if he was truthful about his feelings and attractions, he was attracted to those younger than himself, and here with this group, he was not thought to be weird or some pervert, “Fred, I’m going to do this, what about you, will you join me and the rest of the guys?”



Fred looked at the hope in Marks expression and nodded his head, “Yes…I’m in and I think I’m well into puberty; I have been able to cum for a while now, we can be altered at the same time.”



‘I’m in…” Damien spoke up after moving closer, “there is no way in hell I am passing up the chance to belong to this group, even if I never could have sex with any of you, I would still join up for the chance to belong to people who care.”



David held out his hand towards Derrick “Come here Derrick,” opening his legs up so Derrick could sit down between them he waited until he had sat down and pulled him close, leaning his head around the side of Derrick’s neck, “Do you truly trust me, Derrick?”



Leaning back into the warm and comforting embrace, as arms wrapped around him from behind, pulling him close Derrick nuzzled the side of his face against David’s and simply said, “Yes.”



“Alrighty, if that is what everyone wants…Tim, grab an empty cooler, get some water and douse the fire, while the rest of us gather everything; make sure the fire is good and out before we port out,” Aaron stood up to gather his shorts by the stone table.



“Kenny, Derrick, make sure after Tim puts the fire out that the two of you bury it in the sand, I’ll get our clothes together,” David told his brother, and released Derrick so he could do as he had been asked.



Very quickly, the area was cleaned up and everyone paired up with the person they came with.



“Listen up; instead of porting back to our place, everyone port to just outside the med bay, if I am going to open the Clan Hall, the place needs to be empty,” Aaron told them as he looked at each in turn and received their grins and nods.



Being the last to port in, Aaron moved away from the group and got everyone's attention “Alrighty, while I go open the Clan Hall, the rest of you go back to your apartments and gather all of your stuff, that is, except for David and Kenny, we’ll get your stuff tomorrow; just grab your bed linen and if you have already loaded things on them the Isolinear chips and your P.A.D.D., I’ll replace them later after cleaning the apartments for the next group. I’ll meet you outside your apartment in fifteen minutes.”



Porting directly into his office, Aaron went over to the only section of free wall between the monitors, placed his hand on it and pushed with his telekinesis at a hidden switch inside the wall, plunging it home. Walking away from the wall amidst the sounds of gears and motors moving, Aaron sat down in his chair and waited as the walls and floors moved, opening up The Clan Hall. The kitchen and Pantry, along with Dining room, shifted ever so slightly with a click and started to rise up into the ceiling, thus moving the private kitchen to the second floor, expanding and opening up the living room into the hall proper. The long hallway leading from the original living room closed up, as the stairs shifted, blocking the hall as stairs dropped from the ceiling leading up to the second floor. Now the only way into the common room was from the second floor, once those changes locked into place, the wall behind his office shifted so that there was an opening to the courtyard which led into the second story common room. Once he was sure that the changes were locked in place and the monitor lit up with a new floor plan, showing the Clan Hall on the center plasma, with real time images on the others Aaron ported down to the apartment to the grinning and subdued new members of his clan.



Picking up the thoughts from Tommy, Damien and Fred, as they held their few belongings all of their worldly possessions and linen in their arms, going to them first, Aaron caught their eyes, “It kind of got a little crazy around here, but Friday I’ll bring you to the mainland docks, so the newly hired guards can take you shopping, that way you can fill up your closets and get some things to help personalize your rooms, you’ll eventually need a moving van to move once more.”



Getting some shy smiles back instead of the depressed looks from a moment before, Aaron gathered everyone up, “A little bit of information about porting into a Clan Hall versus someone’s apartment, Clan Halls have a large inner courtyard with many living room type entries opening out into the courtyard…hmmm, think of it this way, if you took a street and placed all the houses side by side so there was no space between them and blocked off all the ends, the resulting front yards and street would be just like a Clan Hall courtyard. When porting into a Clan Hall, you would port to right outside the dining hall. What we are going to do is port into our common room, and from there I’ll take you through the house and then into the courtyard. Pair up the same as before, and we’ll start the tour once we are all up there.”



Waiting until one by one the trio ported out with their passenger, Aaron held his arms out for the rest to climb on and ported to his bedroom, figuring that the common room would be full, walking out into the common area, Aaron started his tour and explanations, “The unit we are in now is the Clan leaders house, it is the only one set up differently from the apartment you were in,” pointing behind him with his thumb, ”That is the master bedroom, which has a library off of it including a kick ass killer bathroom with a huge closet on the other side. There are four bedrooms around the common room just like the apartment you guys just came from, you’ll also notice that instead of the hallway leading into the kitchen, dining, living area, there are stairs leading to the second level with its six bedrooms, well, five in here, as I never finished the sixth, it’s just an empty room right now.”



Aaron started up the stairs with everyone following him “five or six bedrooms upstairs, including another laundry center that happens to open up to a little courtyard, which you have to go through to reach the rest, like the family kitchen and pantry and dining area, Also my office is off the courtyard,” Aaron stopped in the courtyard and pointed out each of the other two doors and continued across to a balcony overlooking the living room which was now open and facing the Clan courtyard.



Walking down the wide circular stairs, Aaron walked out of the house into the courtyard, smiling at the shocked voices as they looked out onto the tropical park, “As you can see, this has been a hidden project of mine for a long time now, and until now my own hidden park, the building in the center is the dining hall which surrounds a central kitchen. This is where most of the Clan will eat, unless they decide to use their private kitchens,” Aaron pointed out the large clay tile covered structure that had open sides. “Everything is irrigated, but it does rain in the courtyard once a week for a couple of hours. Fridays at one in the morning, to be exact. Remember that, in case you fall asleep in one of the hammocks, if you do it on a Thursday night, you will wake up wet.”



Waiting until the giggles and laughs stopped, Aaron pointed out the open living rooms evenly spaced around the outer walls, “Those living rooms are just like the one in the apartment you came from, and the same rules apply; if the door is closed, leave a message if no one answers your knock, Also, if you get a dog, just remember to clean up after it, there are bins around to flush it down.”



Walking towards the dining hall, Aaron pointed behind them, “My crest is above the entry to my house, all Clan Leaders' compounds are set up the same way and if you look down here, you will notice the crest on the ground, and this is where you port into the Hall.” Pulling one of the chairs out from the table, Aaron sat down, “I’ll have all the food from the kitchen we had been using, up and in this kitchen in an hour or so, now, let's get on with choosing rooms.” Pointing out the two entries on either side of his, “every other entry leads into a normal one floor apartment like you were in, the only exception being that it has six bedrooms instead of four. The other entries lead into apartments that have a double floor and twelve bedrooms.”



Standing back up and pushing his chair back under the table, Aaron looked off along the wall “Oh yes, the very middle entries do not have an apartment in either one of them, instead, they lead into offices and the library on the one wall, and a swimming pool and recreation center on the other. Now, feel free to chose any one of the empty rooms in my place, or one of these.” Aaron swept his hand around the courtyard, “Go ahead and explore, if you want to stay with me now, and eventually move into one of the other apartments later, you don’t have to decide tonight, just remember a Clan Hall is nothing more than a huge house, now, before I go back to the med bay to release the six new Alteran’s and check up on Jesse, do you have any questions? If you want to wait until I return after getting them settled in, I’ll make sure you have a chance to ask me before bed.”



“Do we still have the view looking over the city?” Pete asked, looking around and not seeing anything but solid walls.



Aaron nodded his head, smiling at Pete, “Yes, it just moved, it’s off our courtyard now; you probably missed it without realizing it when we passed through.”



“How many Clan Halls are there?” Fred asked, as he looked around at the landscaping, stopping to feel the flowers around the dining hall.



“There are fifty Clan Halls right now, most will stay empty for a long time I think, as most of those that join us or are rescued won’t want to live like this, in a sense, everyone in the clan is my Lover as I am theirs, most who join our people will hunt out a single person to spend their life with, they won’t want to share their partner…don’t get me wrong, that is perfectly fine and a good way to live, our way, on the other hand, means we will only wake up lonely if it is our choice.” Aaron smiled as he picked up the mental image that went along with Mark's thoughts which consisted of Mark and Fred in a sixty nine with him thrusting in and out of Mark while Tommy thrust in and out of Fred. Like he said, most are not willing to share or work to share.



Waiting for a moment and not getting any more questions, Aaron pathed “do you guys think you have a clear image of the portation point, now that it has changed?”



Pete and Kevin were quick to nod their heads and smile, while Tim looked at the ground before looking around and closed his eyes, before opening them grinning, he too then nodded that he had a clear image in his mind to use.



“Alrighty, feel free to explore and find a room, I’ll be back in a couple of hours, Pete, if you would show the new guys how to get their passports, debit cards and communicators issued to them, then teach them how to use them while I’m gone. Give me about ten minutes before showing them how to get passports though, as I will need to change some settings in the core after logging into the terminal.” Aaron told him before porting out to the city dining hall where he logged into the office terminal and changed the Clan status of the six guys that were moving in. once finished, he ported all the food items to the Clan kitchen, before doing one more walk through to make sure that nothing was left. Aaron then ported to the med bay and walked in, he would make sure there were cold cuts and perishables added to the basics in one of the apartments once he released and moved the six there.



Walking into the med bay, Aaron stopped at the central desk of the trauma pod and looked over the reports, seeing what had been corrected so far, spending another ten minutes reading reports and programming treatments, Aaron walked into the alteration pod and checked the readouts, all across the board everyone was green and ready for release. Prepping limiters and placing them next to each bio-tube, Aaron decided to start with the two that did not have partners first.



Starting the release cycle on Mike’s Bio-tube, Aaron thought about the best way to deal with the horny teen when he woke up, if he and Daniel knew each other, he could leave them to take care of their problem together, since they didn’t, he would have to let them take care of themselves, while providing some stimulus from behind to their nipples if needed, or maybe not, he thought as the warm air, drying Mike, caused him to explode, covering his stomach and chest with his cum.



Hatch unsealed and moved out of the way, Aaron removed both tubes before snapping the limiter in place around Mike’s right wrist before removing all but the temple sensor.  Picking up the towel, he cleaned up the evidence of his climax before turning off the soma unit, he then reached over and removed the last sensor before gently calling out, “Mike…Mike, time to wake up.”



Watching Mike stretch and reach for his cock, Aaron once again called out, so he would not be embarrassed to find someone watching him, “Mike, time to wake up,” startling him as he opened his eyes and focused on where he was. Hand still stroking his cock, Mike looked towards Aaron, “Pass me a towel, will you, once I take care of this, I’ll hop down.”



Smirking, Aaron grabbed a towel and dropped it on Mike’s chest before placing his hand on Mike’s forehead and implanting the new information packet on Alteran gifts, thus ensuring that later he would have all the instruction he needed, to master his gifts.



Mike, stroking his cock, felt the hand on his head and sped up, groaning in pleasure as he quickly climaxed as the information was implanted, only stopping long enough to let his sensitive cock head rest a moment before settling in for a nice long jerk for the next round.



Shaking his head and grinning, Aaron moved to Dan’s bio-tube and started the release cycle. He was just removing the tubes from Dan ,when he heard grunting and mild groaning from behind him. Placing the limiter on Dan, Aaron heard bare feet touching the floor, “Three times in a row, you must have been very horny for a while before arriving here,” removing the last of the sensors, Aaron turned and grabbed a towel dropping it on Dan’s chest.



“Three times, I remember jerking off twice, when did the third happen?” Mike asked, as he gathered his clothes and pulled up his shorts, the rest he could do later, right now he was staring at the others floating in the strange liquid.



“During the drying cycle, the blasts of warm air caused you to explode quite spectacularly,” Aaron decided to implant the information packet before waking Dan up. “Dan…Dan, wake up,” Aaron finished and removed his hand for Dan’s forehead while calling out his name.



Dan woke up feeling very stiff and it was almost painful. Glancing down, he noticed a towel on his chest and reaching out to move it aside, he noticed how hard and red his cock was, it was even dripping slightly, groaning in frustration, he saw others in the room and as much as he needed to do something to relieve the pressure, he could not act on it with others around, not yet.



Sensing Dan’s problem, Aaron went back to the bio-tube and touched him on the shoulder to get his attention, “Hop on out, if you are still too embarrassed, there is a bathroom behind the central desk, you can go take care of the problem,…you might need more than one climax before you feel better.”



Being careful to get out of the bio-tube without exposing any more of himself than was needed, Dan held the towel in front of him and started to walk quickly across the room, halfway across, he stopped and stiffened as he shot his load into the towel, the towel rubbing across his overly sensitive head caused him to explode. Blushing and in near tears from embarrassment, Dan looked over his shoulder and seeing no one looking his way, practically ran the rest of the way to the bathroom and closed the door quietly, hoping that he had not been noticed shooting his load.



Aaron initiating the release cycle for Toby and Bill’s bio-tubes at the same time, looked over towards Mike, “Say nothing about what just happened, he really feels bad about what happened just now, for some reason.”



“Trust me, I won’t, that was me several years ago, so believe me, I know how it feels;” Mike whispered back as he continued to look at the two teens in the last bio-tubes, “Didn’t they look different when we got here?”



Watching the bio-tubes drain, “They were frightened of being found out again, so I manipulated their DNA slightly, enhancing different family genes over others, the slight differences made a huge impact on their looks,” Aaron watched as the dry cycle started.



Moving back to where Aaron was, Mike asked, “What can I do to help, there must be a reason you are releasing them both at once, instead of one at a time, like me and Dan?”



Nodding his head, “They’re lovers, so once they wake up, they should be able to help each other out. For some reason, having help reduces the number of times you need to cum in a row,” Aaron smiled, “we’ve found out that something about being altered sets one off. While you can wake from the trauma pod from having your injuries repaired with a hard on, it is not the same as the overwhelming need to cum that you get after waking up from alteration.”



“I’ll leave them a bottle of lube if they want to go that route, while I release the last two, as far as what you can do after waking them up, keep Bill from getting off, and help him out of the bio-tube then we’ll set them onto each other and let them take it from there.” Aaron smirked after hearing a moan from the bathroom.



Once both bio-tubes had been unsealed, Aaron went about the same routine of removing tubes and sensors before snapping on the limiter to each of their right wrists. “What I am doing now is implanting an educational package, instructions on how to use your new gifts. If you think about it for a moment, you’ll find that the information is already in your own mind on how to use your gifts.”



Moving back to Toby and implanting the information, Aaron removed his hand and turned off the soma unit on Bill, before removing the sensor and reaching over the bio-tube he turned Toby’s soma unit off, and also removed the sensor, “Okay, lets wake them up and pull them out,” Aaron gently pulled Toby into a sitting position, “come on, Toby, swing your legs around and stand up.”



Toby, half asleep, felt his body being moved and hearing the voice tell him to stand up helped get himself out of the bio-tube and as his feet touched the floor he opened his eyes just as Mike set Bill on his feet, instead of waking him up and asking for him to help him, he had reached in and removed him from the bio-tube. Bill, once he felt his feet touch the floor, started to wake up and the first thing he saw was Toby, as he was nudged into his lover's arms at the same time a bottle of lube was handed to him and he instinctively wrapped his fingers around it.



Mike and Aaron moved away from the lusty teens and walked over to the last two bio-tubes and Aaron started the release cycle for the last time tonight.



“He’s so tiny, compared to the large cock between his legs,” Mike softly made that observation, while looking at Drew.



“We fixed that, so he will soon grow into his cock. These two…well I’m not sure how far they have gone with each other yet, so keep an eye on them and make sure they only go as far as sucking will you. I have a few things to finish up after they get out, so we can leave as soon as they finish.” Aaron looked to Mike to see if he would agree, after seeing the nod, “Good, then I can get the six of you settled into temporary housing and get back for an early bedtime as I have to leave early tomorrow.”



Five minutes later after having implanted the knowledge while Mike removed some of the equipment, Aaron placed the limiter on Drew first, then on Eric, before turning off the soma units to both teens' bio-tubes. Pulling Drew out as Mike pulled Eric out of the bio-tube, Aaron held Drew close to his body, holding him up as he opened his eyes. Reaching across, Aaron removed the sensor from Eric’s temple at the same time he woke up, and on the way back, he reached around and removed the sensor from Drew’s temple.



“Mike is going to make sure both of you do not go further than sucking each other right now. What you are experiencing is normal, so don’t fight it, trust me it will be better if you take care of these urges right now.” Aaron told them, as he grabbed Drew’s hand and placed it on the very hard cock inches away from his body…Eric’s hard cock. That was all it took before the two had locked lips and started trying to climb inside each other’s mouths. Trusting Mike to keep the limits he set for those two, Aaron headed back to the central desk to file the records and start the cleaning cycle.



Sitting down in the chair, Aaron felt a presence behind him and smiled as Dan walked out of the bathroom. Dan, seeing the two couples going at it, Toby thrusting in and out of Bill, while Drew and Eric were jerking each other off, blushed red before groaning, he never realized he dropped the towel he was casually holding in front of him.



“Dan, trust me on this…what you experienced is normal after being released from the bio-tube from alteration,” Aaron pulled one of the chairs out away from the counter, “Here Dan, have a seat.”



Sitting down in a daze, Dan was not sure what to do, he was so turned on by what he just saw yet when he came out of the bio-tube, he was so embarrassed at first, he was still so horny. Slowly stroking his cock, he wondered what to do, until he heard Aaron give him an option, “Dan only one thing is going to help your problem, either I give you a hand and jerk you off, or you go over to Mike and ask for his help.”



From now on, Aaron made a note to make sure if those being released were not a couple, to space them out far enough apart that they could get it out of their system and out of the room before the next one was released. This would be important because if everything worked out this weekend, the first group of fifty would undergo alteration with the next fifty going in a day later.



Given the option, Dan chose to be closer to the action and rushed out of his chair and very quickly walked across the room stroking his cock the entire way. Aaron looked up and saw the hurried conversation between Mike and Dan before Mike pulled Dan into his first male to male kiss.



Amused and slightly horny now, Aaron returned to programming the cleaning cycle and filed the records in the central core. Once he was finished, he looked up and saw that Bill was now thrusting in and out of Toby while Eric was kneeling in front of Drew. Taking the time to close his eyes, Aaron felt for the perishables over on Altair Minor and ported them into the refrigerator of the apartment he would soon be taking these guys to, that is, if they ever finished unloading into each other.



Mike and Dan were the first to come stand at the desk, their backs to the action going on behind them, “You're right, I think I have much better control now that Dan and I helped each other out, it certainly is a lot easier to ignore those four behind us.”



Chuckling, Dan nodded his head in agreement, “He’s right, not only that, it was extreme, the feeling I got from another guy's touch gave me, versus my old girlfriend's, no comparison.”



“Damn, that was hot, we need a shower now,” Toby commented, as he and Bill, arms around each other, strolled to the desk and stopped next to Mike and Dan.



Eric and Drew slightly satisfied or enough until they could get to a room and privacy walked to the desk holding hands “Did someone mention shower’s, I think the edge is off enough we can make it to our room.” Eric grinned at Drew as he said that.



“Well, I’m finished here at the moment, everything has been programmed to clean up the room and equipment…though you might want to grab your clothes from under the bio-tube if you ever want to see them again,” Aaron laughed, as five of the six ran back over to collect their clothes. “Alrighty, let me show you where you guys will be staying for the next week or so, while you master your gifts.”