Chapter 19


                                                Chapter 19



Grabbing onto a smiling Tommy after they both finished filling the fish feeders, Aaron ported them both to the vet barn, not seeing Mark or Kevin, Aaron smiled softly at seeing Kenny and Damien peaking over the top of the stall from the empty one on the right, curious, Aaron and Tommy moved over to see what they were looking at. Glancing over the top of the stall, they saw the first calf born on the island, nudging its mother’s udder with its nose as it ate.



Moving behind Kenny and Damien, Aaron placed his hands one on each shoulder and leaned in between their heads, “Good morning you two; what do you think of the newest addition to the farm?”



“It’s so cool; Mark said he was born this morning around four. He got most of the chores done while making sure the baby was going to be alright. All we have to do is get the eggs and pick the garden,” Kenny stepped off his bucket and turned to Damien, “If we hurry, maybe we can do the tutor on the terminals here, instead of our rooms.”



Damien nodded his head and jumped down from the bucket he was standing on and ran after Kenny who was racing for the electric utility hauler, its back full of feed and crates for the eggs. Kevin walked into the barn laughing, as Kenny made it to the driver’s seat first and as soon as Damien had one foot on the floor, he stomped down on the accelerator tearing off towards the chicken tractors so they could get started.



Shaking his head in amusement, Aaron noticed that Kevin’s laughter turned to a frown when he saw him standing there, “what’s wrong?”



Looking at his lover, he sighed, “Did you happen to check your email this morning,” Kevin looked at him funny when he saw Aaron shake his head no, “The whole world has gone mad.”



Aaron stared at him for a moment, Kevin was being very cryptic which was not like him, moving towards the terminal, he spotted Mark coming out of the bathroom freshly showered, pulling him into a quick hug and a long kiss, he smiled back at Mark’s grin, “Morning love, I see we have a new addition to the farm.”



Sitting down in front of the main terminal, he took in the scowl on Mark’s face, “It is either one of two things, the calf is black while your herd is red, or he’s male?” he logged into the terminal and brought the email program online.



Mark sighed as he leaned against the arm of the chair, Kevin, on the other side mirroring him, “Both actually, we strived for a pure red herd, so that is a mark against him and he’s male and at the low end of the weight scale. Though this is her first calf, so that could be expected, but if she throws black again, she will need to be replaced,” glancing at the monitor screen when the email program came up and flashed over ten thousand messages, “Holy Shit, when was the last time you checked your mail?”



“It’s going to take forever for you to go through all this,” Kevin groaned before seeing the status bar at the bottom, “Forget it, you’ll never get ahead,” pointing out the status bar “downloading six of one hundred seventeen.”



Aaron stared at the screen for a moment, brain not really grasping the numbers, “You know every email that hits the server automatically is shunted to my account, unless it is directed to a specific person, as there never has been anyone else having an account or the need to set up other accounts, not with, at most, thirty coming in over a day’s time.”



Fingers flashing across the touch screen terminal, “Time to set up some serious filters,” Aaron said, as he worked. “Let’s see, the first one will be government emails, those originating from some government agency,” applying the filter, Aaron frowned, only five hundred moved over, while it was a good thing that there weren’t more, it was disquieting. Setting up another set of filters, he set them to move anything originating from a news station or reporter, with the keyword interview, added for good measure,” fucking reporters…” he muttered, seeing twenty five hundred move off the screen.



Spotting an email near the top, Aaron set some new filters and made a new folder labeled Farm/Agriculture, seven hundred moved to that folder and he glanced at Mark and searched for Tommy, so he could glare at him for good measure too.



“Give me access to that folder, I’ll take care of them,” Mark looked for Tommy as he didn’t remember giving an email address to anyone, finding him near the front door, he yelled “Tommy, did you give any one the Clan email address yesterday?’



“NO…just the bookstore, and I gave her mine…why?” Tommy yelled back as he came running into the barn.



Setting the next filter up for the newly created medical folder, Aaron applied it and blinked when over six thousand emails moved over to the folder, leaving one hundred and seventy five left. While more than he was used to getting, it was doable. He was still staring at the monitor when Kevin interrupted his non thoughts.



“You’re going to have to apply another set of filters to the medical, like I did to the job applicants, I used key words to search the cover letter for skills and they move to one of five folders, the most seem to go to the one for incomplete and a quick check before firing off an email asking for clarification, only three so far have been misdirected because I needed to update the filters by adding a new keyword.” Kevin pointed to the folder icon, “that way, once they hit the folder, you can forward them on to whoever needs to see them.”



Fingers moving across the touch screen, “Tell you what, how about you set up the filters later on today, I’ll set you up with full temporary access, then when I get back from Altair later this morning, I can add the forwarding filters once I get the email addresses set up for the departments. It’ll be a big help, as I need to meet up with the Miami group shortly, to modify their limiters and then head over to Altair before the Asclepius arrives, then after lunch, I need to release David and Derrick and get Joe into a bio-tube. Carl and Gordon can get the first fifty new recruits into the bio-tubes on the other wing, but I am still going to have most of my afternoon taken up.” Aaron looked up and over at Kevin’s face, pleading for his help, with a smile.



Kevin nodded his head slowly as he thought about what needed to be done, “I can do that, you might want to make sure Fred has access to this folder, at least for now, he can sort through the ones the filters miss,” squinting in thought, he looked down, “What do you want me to do with the ones marked urgent or emergency?”



Logging off so Kevin could take his place, Aaron stood up, “Set that up as your first set of filters and create a new folder called urgent requests or something, once I get to Altair Minor, I’ll log back in and go through them,” glancing at the clock, he figured times, “I should be able to give you about an hour before I log on…thanks for doing this and making life a little easier…all of you.” Aaron smiled and broke into laughter as he pointed out the back door; the farm utility vehicle was approaching and Kenny was back in the driver’s seat, leaning forward with a look of concentration on his face as if he was racing against the clock and needed that extra little bit of being over the wheel to win. “I’ll leave you all to it, I expect to give each of the Miami group the same taste of teleportation I did you guys, so they should be ready for a try after lunch, if you guys have time, if not I’ll do it after supper.”



Aaron waved at Kenny and Damien before moving over to the side so he wouldn't get run over, “Hey speed demon, where’s the fire?” chuckling at the grin on Damien’s face, “Are you trying to scramble the eggs while they’re still in the shell?”



Grinning at Aaron at being called a speed demon, Kenny frowned as he looked back at the heavy plastic egg racks, only half of them filled. Turning to Mark who walked up with Tommy to unload the hauler and get it ready for the garden, he asked, “There was only about a hundred…hundred fifty eggs out there, is that going to be enough with the hospital opening today, and leave us some too?”



“I’ll bring home some more this afternoon, but there should have been a lot more eggs out there,” Mark walked around to the end of the hauler and looked in the back frowning, “Did you notice any broken eggs out there at all, outside the tractor cages?”



“You know they may be laying on the ground in the tall pasture grass, what if we confine the herd to a small area in front of the tractors so they eat it pretty close to the ground and then move them into a new section each day and have the chickens follow?  That should do it, don’t you think?” Tommy pointed to the herd over by the poultry area.



“We should have close to three hundred eggs a day, and since no one was around to do any collecting yesterday afternoon or evening, there should have been a lot more out there,” Aaron stared at the pastures before pulling his P.A.D.D. out and scrolling through the folders showing where all the equipment was stored. “The equipment barn is halfway between here and the sea farm, twenty minutes or so by hauler, the big tractor is stored there and you might as well bring an extra hauler back with you. You’ll have to hook up the hay mower and then rake the hay out of the path of the tractors, might as well move the chicken tractors into the cleared area while you’re at it.”



Replacing his P.A.D.D. into his thigh pouch, Aaron needed to get a move on, “All right, I’m going to port the two of you over to the equipment barn and you can drive the tractor and hauler back, the hauler should be able to handle the rake easily.” Moving behind Kevin and leaning over the top of his head Aaron looked into his face upside down and kissed him when he giggled as his face blocked the screen, “lesson time, lover…”



Twisting the chair around so it was facing the stack of eggs stacked in their trays, Aaron smiled while placing his hands on either side of Kevin’s head, “First thing you need to do when you are going to port an object, or group of objects, without going along with them is to log into the terminal, which you are…then, if you reach your right hand down the side of the chair, you’ll feel a keypad; push the middle button, then the two outer buttons and the middle button once again to release the covers of the gestalt plates and activate the generator.”



Curious, Kevin wanted to look, but with Aaron's hands on his head, he was limited, so he found the three buttons and pushed them in the order instructed and was surprised to feel an energy bounding into the chair, almost as if the chair was vibrating and the ends of the arms slid down, revealing slick shiny metal, grooved for fingers. Placing his fingers in the grooves Kevin nodded his head as he felt all this energy surrounding him, almost as if he could reach out and take it as his own.



“Control your impulses Love, as much as you want to grab all that wonderful energy, you need to be in control, and not just grab it because it’s there.” Aaron softly crooned the instructions while Mark and Tommy moved close, listening in, shortly they too would need to know how to do this. “Now, I want you to look at the stack of egg trays over there on the pad, get a feel for them with your mind, like you’re going to move them with your telekinesis, once you have a good feel for them, let me know, if you have to lift them slightly that’s okay, just as long as you know what the package feels like in your mind.”



Kevin stared at the six trays stacked on the cement pad; he even lifted them up a couple of inches off the ground until he was sure he knew what they felt like, “Okay, I have it, it’s funny, but I know what they feel like as if I lifted them using my hands.”



“Next to last step then, I’m going to give you the image of the receiving cooler at the hospital, once you have that, we’ll walk through the last step together.” Aaron sent the image of the cooler with the red square painted on the floor with the name Altair Trauma in the center. And when Kevin nodded, he had the image and it was clear where he was going, Aaron closed his eyes and followed along, “Now just like when you port, whether by yourself or with a passenger, you build up an energy field with your mind, around yourself and push to the location you want to go to, but the difference is, you build the energy up around the object you want to port, and push it over to the image you want it to go to, just as if it was your own body you were sending.”



Kevin thought about it and the first time he tried to build of the picture of the trays, he felt Aaron stop him and mentally point out that he was in the image also, taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes this time and stared at the stack of trays and burned the image in his mind and could almost see the energy flowing around the trays now.



“Now, feel the delicious energy cascading around your body, and as you push, use this energy to push with, not your own,” Aaron whispered, as Kevin started to get the hang of it.



Image clearly burned into his mind, Kevin felt the energy around his body and for lack of a better term, pushed it towards the energy surrounding the trays and pushed them over to the image he had of the cooler. Feeling a sudden inrush of energy which cut off suddenly, he opened his eyes and grinned; the trays were gone, “Did they make it there, they're not here anymore but did they make it where they were supposed to go?”



“Let’s see, shall we,” Aaron leaned over and brought up the cameras in the cooler, showing the stack where it was supposed to be, much back slapping and hollering of encouragement from the others amidst grins, left Kevin feeling pride and joy.



“One more thing before we go, you have the live image of the cooler, and I want you to do what you just did to get the eggs there, but this time, I want you to try to see if you can move the trays over by the wall instead of in the square. You’re only moving them a few feet and I want you to move them from that spot to the new spot WITHOUT bringing them back here. Concentrate, and when you’re ready, give it a try, if it does not work for you this time, you can practice later, but don’t get upset if you can’t do this right now, it might take a few years to…” Aaron trailed off as he watched the trays blink from one spot to the other. Leaning over Kevin’s head once more he kissed him long and hard, “very good job.”



“Alrighty, I have about three minutes before I am supposed to meet the Miami group, so Mark, Tommy, grab on,” Aaron told them with a grin when they both jumped his way each plastering a kiss on the closest cheek, giggling as he ported them to the shed.



Swatting both of their backsides, Aaron laughed before porting out, “You guys are incorrigible…”



Arriving outside the med bay, Aaron ran into the Miami guys as they were horsing around by the pond, waving his arm to get their attention, he noticed Rolland was not with them, “Hey guys, where’s Rolland?”



Mike smiled and pointed behind Aaron, turning, he saw Rolland sitting up against the building with one of the P.A.D.D.’s in his hands and it was in voice mode. Stepping closer, he brushed Rolland’s surface thoughts and smiled as he heard Rolland mimicking the voice from the P.A.D.D. and felt the connections being reestablished in his brain. “That’s incredible; how…who came up with this idea; it’s brilliant, his brain is re-routing and reconnecting as he goes through the exercises.”



Grinning, Mike pulled Drew forward, “Drew here noticed that Rolland was fascinated by the movie we watched last night, and was mumbling under his breath mimicking the words being spoken during the dialogue, then when he saw a dog he spoke and said the dogs name before the movie did, so we all sat down and surfed the internet and downloaded all the baby to toddler instructional videos we could and came up with this program on the P.A.D.D. he’s using now, I think he is up to the equivalency of a four year old now.”



Rolland hearing the voices and spotting the person that made him feel good and safe, dropped the P.A.D.D. and jumped up and ran over to Aaron, hugging him, “Safe…Safe…Safe…” he kept repeating.



Hugging him back, Aaron smiled down, “You’re safe now, Rolland, and no one is ever going to hurt you again,” he kissed his temple, as Rolland settled down, happy to just hold on to him.



Drew had run over and picked up the dropped P.A.D.D. and brought it back over and handed it to Aaron.



“Thanks Drew…I want you guys to write this up for me, like a little essay, what you noticed, and how you came about your conclusions and what you found worked with Rolland sometime before you go back to Miami house; what you guys hit on will make a big difference in treating other people with brain damage, repairing the brain did not erase all the memories like I assumed it would…you guys should be proud of yourselves; you did something that will help others.” Aaron smiled at the grinning Rolland, “what you did will not give us the original Rolland back, but we will get Rolland back…come on, I want to run a quick scan on Rolland’s brain while I modify your limiters, you can take turns keeping him company while he sits on the bio-bed.”



Walking through the door, arm around Rolland’s shoulder, Aaron muttered, “I can’t believe it was this simple…”



Sitting Rolland on the bio-bed and setting the system to scan his brain, Aaron handed the P.A.D.D. back to Rolland, “Rolland, can you sit here for a few minutes while I go right over there, maybe work on your program again, hmmm?” Seeing that he was quite happy to go back to his program, Aaron moved away and over to the central desk and logged in, bringing up the limiter program, he exposed the metal plate on top of the counter. “One at a time, lay your wrist with the limiter on top of this plate until the light flashes green, what it will do is reprogram the limiter so you can teleport twenty feet or so, once that’s done we'll go outside and start your first lessons.”



While they all lined up to have their limiters adjusted, Aaron logged Rolland’s name as the patient into the console so the scans would be added to his file, he watched fascinated, as neurons became active and functioning as Rolland worked through the program.



Rolland stopped working on his program and looked around and spotting Drew, he thrust the P.A.D.D. towards him, “Drew…tired…nap time.”



Smiling, Drew took the P.A.D.D. from Rolland who sleepily moved into Aaron’s arms, before looking up at him, “Nap time…”



“It’s okay, he did this last night and this morning, and after he woke up he seemed better than before, almost like he learns as much as he can then has to sleep so his brain can work with the new information. This morning when he woke up, he started acting like a four year old skill wise,” Drew smiled At Rolland snuggling up into Aaron’s arms, dropping off to sleep.



Aaron thought about what Drew said for a moment as he glanced up to the monitor as saw, now that Rolland was asleep, his brain activity went into overdrive. Nodding his head at the conclusion he was coming to, “Sounds like you hit it right on the button there, as soon as he went to sleep, his brain activity spiked, but no more of the program today, I think we will limit it to once a day, or we might have problems down the road,” smiling and looking from the monitor to Drew, “You did good, make sure you add that part to your report, your observations will be very helpful…very helpful indeed.”



“Now, since he wants to nap, and I need to go work on getting the hospital ready for all the new patients…I wonder if Kevin was planning to stay topside?” Aaron mumbled before pathing the question and grinning when got the affirmative back.



“Topside?” Mike moved over and asked quietly, “what’s topside?”



Grinning, “Topside would happen to be the huge island above us,” seeing the shocked looks, Aaron quietly chuckled, “we are about five hundred feet below the surface of the ocean, on a shelf type overhang with the island above us. We live under ground, or in this case underwater while the farms and gardens and such are above us. I left all my guys topside, working on the farm or the tutor, before coming here.”  Aaron shifted Rolland slightly to see how awkward it was going to be, he was going to port him up to the roll away bed in the vet barn so someone would be around when he woke from his nap.



“Is there any reason why we can’t practice porting topside, that way we can watch Rolland…” Mike offered.



“We can help out on the farm, too…” Eric offered, with a hopeful expression on his face.



“No reason why you can’t, it’s not like you have to stay in the city, after all,” Aaron thought about it before glancing at Mike, “I would have thought you would be glad to get free of babysitting duty, not that I don’t appreciate it, because I do.”



Looking sheepish Mike stuttered for a moment before owning up, “Well, we kind of hoped we could trade watching Rolland during the day for dinner; peanut butter and jelly sandwiches kind of get old after eating them three times a day.”



Aaron blinked before glancing at the group, “Wait a minute, are you saying that you can’t cook…any of you?” getting nothing in return but negative head shakes, “you should have said something sooner. No one mentioned anything, and you all did not seem to put anything special on the grocery list, so we assumed you were handling things fine by yourselves. If I or one of the others knew, you would have been eating with us until the dining hall opened Sunday when the cooks arrived.”



“You’ve done so much already that we…” Eric started before Aaron placed a hand over his mouth.



“What good does it do if we rescue you and bring you here so you can heal and follow your dreams and be who you are, if you starve…gather round everyone, and grab hold,” Aaron told him and the group, making eye contact so they knew he was serious. Once they had all made contact, he ported them to the vet barn where the others were working on the terminals with Mark and Tommy out working with equipment, mowing the pasture for hay.



With a touch of kinetics, Aaron moved Rolland over to the bed along the wall and settled him down, pulling a light weight sheet over him.



Kevin, putting a hold on the tutor session quickly made it to Aaron's side and whispered, “Is he okay, did something happen?”



Smiling Aaron pulled him and the others aside, “It's good news for a change, here let me show you,” placing both hands on either side of Kevin’s head he relived the morning discovery with him.



Kevin opened his eyes and looked at Drew, “That’s so cool…way to go, Drew.” Smiling at the others and nodding to each one he frowned as the last part of the conversation hit him, “If you guys ever not tell us about something like not being able to cook, I’ll kick your pert little asses all the way to the ocean and back…I asked if you guys were alright and handling everything okay, and you told me you were fine.”



Turning to Aaron he noticed the time, “Your running out of time, Love, I’ll get these guys set up on one of the free terminals and start their lessons after I finish this session.” Kevin did not give Aaron a chance to protest by kissing him soundly when he tried to say something.



Laughing, Aaron nodded his head, “The Miami guys are invited also, but what say we do a picnic on the beach tomorrow and spend the day relaxing and maybe horseback riding, I’m sure Tommy and Mark will be happy to help me start you guys out.”



“Thank you…that sounds great…” Mike and the others all told him, in various phrases.



Walking by Aaron, to let Kenny and Damien know what was going on, Kevin swatted his behind, “Get a move on mister hottie, the sooner you get finished, the sooner David and Derrick join us.”



Smirking at the mental image Kevin sent him; Aaron waved and ported to the Altair Trauma center's main lobby. Moving away from the receptions area, he made for the first Trauma pod that the rail system to the docks led to, and logged into the system. Entering a code to release a hidden and specific touchpad. Ever since last week when he brought the reactors online, the hospital had been in standby, now, after placing his finger on the touchpad, his DNA would be scanned and it would initiate a system wide emergency alert, every empty bio-tube would be removed from its pod and moved to a staging area designated by the entered code, this time, it would send the bio-tubes to be staged near the docks so they could be swapped out with the occupied bio-tubes on board the hospital ship, rapidly. Hand over the panel, Aaron hesitated before placing his hand on the scanner to activate the system, trial by fire was not the way he had envisioned the hospital coming online.






Aaron watched the monitors as systems all over the hospital went from hibernation and standby, into full power. All four of the mark twenty seven fusion reactors went from standby output to full power in the blink of an eye, loud hissing echoed down the hallways as the bio-tubes in the triage area had their locks released and the rapid transport arms moved into place while the wall opened and thin floor panels dropped away, exposing a track system for the rapid deployment of the bio-tubes deposited in the cradles. Waiting only until the data link with the Asclepius solidified and the data stream started downloading, Aaron ported to the portation point off the main bridge of the Asclepius. Opening the door, he walked onto the bridge and logged into the nearest terminal, thus finalizing the link between the hospital and the core system.



Glancing back over his shoulder as the bridge suddenly plunged into flashing red lights and soft jarring alarms, Joe touched a control turning off the alarms, “You certainly know how to make an entrance…twenty minutes out, twelve until full reverse.”



“Thanks Joe…oh, by the way your ass is mine as soon as we get the patients and families settled,” Aaron winked at his expression before lowering his mic and activating the communicator.






“I’ll be on the triage deck if you need me Joe,” Aaron went to the bridge exit and let himself out and walked the hall greeting people as he made for the triage deck. Once on the triage deck, he stepped behind the central desk as the monitors came to life and seeing that the families had cleared out of the pods, Aaron activated directional speakers and ordered, “All staff, please move and stand behind the desks, I repeat return to the safety of the desk area and prepare for rapid transfer.”



Shortly after his announcement, Theo and his staff along with Carl and Gordon showed up on the triage deck and stopping at the bottom of the stairs, they noticed the color on the floor had changed; now the only place not red was a very narrow strip along the wall nearest the stairs, leading to the control desk.



Aaron watched the group out of the corner of his eye as he watched the monitors, and he waited until they had safely made it behind the desk, “Good morning gentleman, are you ready to see something that will awe and amaze you?”



“More than what we have seen in the past few days? I don’t think my brain can handle being amazed any more than it is,” Phil’s comments caused everyone to laugh.



Smiling like he had a secret that he was not about to share, Aaron took his eyes off the screens long enough to say, “I see you filled every bio-tube on board with patients…all two hundred and fifty of them. Twenty minutes after docking, every single one of them will be in the appropriate pods in the hospital and locked in place, if this was a true emergency, ten minutes later, the Asclepius would be setting sail, fully stocked and loaded with bio-tubes in their cradles waiting for their next patients.”



Seeing the docks in the monitor and the sea boiling in front of them as the thruster engines reversed themselves, Aaron made another announcement over the speakers, “We will be docking in three minutes, please stay clear of the red floored area’s as the bio-tubes are transferred into the main hospital, an all clear will be given and families then can proceed to the shore to re-join their loved one.”



Watching the monitor, Aaron saw the bio-tubes start to release from the floor as cradles made their way down the grooves and started to bring the bio-tubes into the hallways and onto the triage deck itself, “Each bio-tube has its own internal power source as a backup, it can run uninterrupted for eight hours which is more than enough time to either re-route power or remove the patient, though once out of the docking cradle, they are limited to the pharmacopeia onboard, so it is always wise to lock the bio-tube out of the system if you are actively performing surgery…that is something the final year residents will have to deal with, as they will be the ones in the future to staff the hospital ship when it is sent out.”



“I also noticed from the logs, that you filled all one hundred bio-beds with the worst of the stable cases, and you have another hundred that are walking stable,” Aaron sighed as the doors started to unseal in preparation for docking, “I really can’t fault you, and if this was not a four thousand bed facility, we would be in trouble if we already had patients undergoing treatment…please keep that in mind for the future.” He finished, just as the Asclepius came to a halt and the doors' hydraulics opened the hatch quickly and the dock connected with a small bang.



“Holy Shit…I’ll be damned,” Phil muttered, as the bio-tubes started moving at the rate of one every five seconds across the ramp, every time a bio-tube left, another empty one came on board and went up the opposite wall where the bio-tubes were descending.



Smirking, Aaron’s eyes left the screen and he relaxed, any problems would have shown up in the first forty or so bio-tubes, “Offloading and reloading at the rate of one every five seconds. THAT is what makes this the best trauma center on the planet,” shrugging slightly, “Well that and all the wonderful cool toys that allow us to perform what amounts to miracles helps.”



Theo grinned, “You said it. And after everything you showed me the past week, I didn’t doubt your word, I just could not imagine how you could be fully restocked and ready to set sail in under ten minutes of unloading your patients…I never considered this,” he pointed to the triage deck.



“How about transferring and initiating treatment on all the patients in the bio-beds in the amount of time it takes to move them into an empty bio-tube and Intubate them,” Aaron pointed to the monitor showing the bio-beds area, “With the correct security code and DNA, you can activate every soma unit at the same time, then it is a matter of Intubating the patient and transferring them to the bio-tube that stops at the bedside, the patient will then be transferred to the appropriate ward and once the bio-tube seals itself, treatment will start, which is why I told you to program the treatment schedule for those patients into the system even though they are not in a bio-tube, the system will automatically default to the programmed treatment plans you developed, once they activate.”



Seeing the floor change colors before his eyes, Carl asked, “What’s up with the changing colors on the floor, how’s that possible?” he pointed to the new safe area on the floor.



“Simple really, the paint has a polarity aspect to it, a slight magnetic current turns it red and if the current is removed, it turns white.” Aaron answered as the doors to the ward opened to the triage bay, “If you will go and handle the patients, I will get the parents out through the loading docks now that the hold is empty. Just remember to put your patient in the bio-tube that stops at your bed, the middle of the tube should line up with the foot of the bio-bed.”



Stopping Carl and Gordon by placing a hand on their shoulders, Aaron grinned, “I already told Joe his ass is mine, an hour from now. If you would track him down and meet me with the new recruits on the bridge conference room, I can get you all ported over to the main med bay and you can get them prepped for alteration, everyone else will be down in the alteration wing, Joe will go to the pod off the trauma pod, the same one you guys were in.” Aaron leaned close so they would not be overheard, letting them go once they nodded their head in agreement Aaron pathed Pete and Tim adding his feeling of the love he had for them, “Hey guys, have you planned the conquest of Normandy yet?”



Invasion of Normandy?” Pete’s returned pathed thought was full of questioning tones.



Laughing mentally Aaron sent back “Pete, would it help if I replaced Normandy with the word the Sith Empire?”



Fred says he’ll work on educating Pete on world history, but in terms of have we solved the problem with accepting the base and building a hospital on it, the answer is one more day we think. But by the time the youngest royal gets out of the bio-tube on Tuesday, we should have everything worked out and a plan in place for those, just in case scenarios,” Tim responded, and sent the feeling of love back to Aaron.



Do me a favor if you would, escort our guests and their grandmother to shore. We are going to leave through the cargo hold doors and I’ll escort them to the suite above their cousin and grandson in say, ten minutes,” Aaron pathed, thanking them after he felt their acceptance.



Changing the pattern on the floor of E deck, Aaron made his final announcement, “Would the family members of all our patients at this time please collect all their belongings and make their way to the cargo ramp. If you are on E deck, just follow the arrows on the floor, once you exit the ship, you will find yourself across from the main entrance to the hospital and all you need to do is type in your child’s name at the reception desk to be directed to the proper wing and floor, there are suites above each treatment area where your child is, and the numbers on the wall behind your child, corresponds to the suite number on the floor above, there are stairs or lifts in each treatment area to the next floor.”



“Please remember to take all your belongings as the Asclepius will be kept ready to sail with a five minute notice, even though I tend to think he will be in dock for another week. The possibility of a disaster or emergency must be in the back of our minds at all times. You will find information and maps in your suite, along with dining times to the main restaurant. I thank you for your patience during this trying time in your and your child’s life right now.”



Moving to the back corridor, Aaron was met by Scott and his brother John and surprisingly they had twelve other people with them. “Well, this is somewhat of a surprise. Scott, John, good to see you, I hope you will be pleased finding the kitchen is fully stocked. Though I did take a couple of shortcuts by buying already prepared items, enough for several days as neither one of us was prepared for how helping twenty seven children from Britain snowballed into four hundred children and families...who are your friends?”



John was a little nervous as they did bring their staff here unannounced, “We brought with us our core group from our parents catering company. They sat us down last night and talked to us, they’ve decided to sell off the business and we were informed that we would not be the buyers, as our place was with the new hospital where we would be challenged properly. We didn’t want you walking into the kitchen and surprising you with the all the help, so we thought we would get the surprise out of the way first thing.”



“Relax John, I already knew about your staff. Though I am surprised at your parents' decision on selling, but I expect there are things there you left unsaid,.” Seeing John go from nervous to confused, Aaron laughed,” Pete informed me what you were up to.” Seeing the understanding in John’s eyes, Aaron nodded his head to the others, “Eventually, we will do a meet and greet and I can get to know you, but right now, I think you all need to get to the kitchen to get started. And I have a bunch of worried families to get settled, so until we ship them all back to the States and we can all sigh in relief, it will just have to wait.” Aaron waved at their hesitant smiles and smiled back encouragingly, listening as Scott rounded on his guys, telling them they needed to get a move on, he could have sworn he had hired chefs not drill instructors.



Catching sight of his wayward three, Aaron pulled them each in turn into an enthusiastic hug that picked their feet up of the ground and ended in a chaste kiss, seeing that there were outsiders present, catching the calculating look in the Queens eyes, Aaron touched her surface thoughts, she was once again reminded at how close he was and how open he showed his affection to his family members and was wistful over missed opportunities. Smiling at the young princes at her side watching them with their rolled up blueprints under arm, Aaron glanced back to the Queen and simple grandmother, who’s plea for help snowballed into something no one could have foreseen, “I assigned the British contingent to the pod above trauma twenty through twenty two, all the rest of the patients are over in the main section of the hospital, I knew your security would be having nightmares otherwise,” he smiled at Thomas and waved his hand towards the building, “Shall we?”



Navigating the milling and gawking crowd in the reception area, Aaron did his best to keep the smile plastered on his face as he was continually stopped by thankful parents wanting to shake his hand or kiss his cheek, feeling the extreme amusement from Tim and Pete, Aaron, pathed them with images and threats of spanking for their sheer cheek, before laughing mentally with them at the situation. Finally, after ten minutes to traverse a hundred feet, they were able to make it to the trauma corridor and the milling British parents so the fawning and thanking could start all over again, and it looked like the British were much more practiced in fawning over someone.



“God bless you, your Majesty…” one tearful woman touched Aaron’s arm reverently as he thought where was that vaunted British stoicism he had always heard about, as another Father stuck out his hand for him to shake and he moved down the line smile on his face and greeting each in turn.



Entering pod twenty two, which had only three patients, including the Queens grandson, Aaron looked around before looking back at the Queen and pointing to the two boys floating in the bio-tubes next to her grandson, “Were these boys' parents not able to make it?”



The four Alteran’s turned almost as one to look back at the three British royals when the silence grew, and they saw how uncomfortable the royals were. Pete moving to the bio-tubes stood between the two parentless boys, looking down at their floating forms and his simple one word question gave them an answer that changed history once more, “Why?”



Fidgeting under the intense stares from the four people she had grown fond of, the Queen looked at her two oldest grandsons before sighing, “Guilt by association, the parents disowned their boys because they were injured in the blast that took out the meeting place of so many others and was aimed at taking out the gay youth social that was going on.”



Aaron winced, hearing those words and glanced at his guys, to see their reactions, Tim’s face was vacant and he could feel that he was pathing, Kevin most likely with the tight concentration he was feeling from his mind and seeing Pete moving around, staring at the two boys and the monitors, Fred had gone to the console for both boys and logged in and brought up the DNA profile of the boys, which Aaron did not know he knew how to do and saw the confirmation the others noticed at the same time.



Pete, voice overly controlled and void of emotion, “Even though he can’t be more than nine..ten tops, and the other one looks younger, their parents threw them out because they were near a building that was blown up? There was no proof they were inside, was there?”



“No…they were found outside with our cousin, the blast damage knocked them to the outer edge of the debris field, so they were not in the building,” the oldest prince whispered before moving to see what all the noise was in the hall.



Pete, hearing that, looked up and stared at the ceiling as if in thought, but Aaron knew he was pathing Kevin. Holding his anger as the boys themselves more than likely did not know for sure whether they were gay or not, even though the scans showed all eight clusters positive, he moved over to stare at the empty bio-tubes to think. Even though he did not see Kevin walk in, Tommy, Mark with Damien and Kenny following behind, faces frowning or showing outright anger on Kenny’s part, he felt them enter the room, he also sensed a growing crowd of people behind him.



The Queen glanced at the five very angry looking young men, who stalked into the room and went over to the three incredible young men; she had the privilege to spend the better part of the night watching them work with her grandsons, and their expression caused her to falter and draw closer to her family. She watched as they each gathered face to face and placed a hand on each other’s forehead and closed their eyes.



Aaron, feeling the telepathic energy build behind him, slowly turned and saw that all members of the Clan available had gathered and briefly wondered how Kevin got the others here, before all of his guys dropped their arms and opened their eyes and turned their heads as one to look at him. He had decided to grant the boys asylum while he thought about everything while staring at the empty bio-tubes.



Pete, who had initiated the link to everyone because of being the most powerful of the group, carefully walked over to Aaron with the rest one step behind, dropping to the floor on one knee, he looked up into the face of their lover, “Prime…hear the plea of the Clan…we are of one mind and we plead you grant us your sanction of the actions we are about to invoke.”



Aaron stared for a moment before replying; he had prepared to grant asylum of the boys and refuse to let them off the island, but his guys had preempted his announcement. The silence was dense, almost physical as Aaron stared at each of the teens in turn until they stared back and nodded their heads, pulling himself up straighter, he caught out of the corner of his eye, the crowd of parents that had greeted him only moments before, “If the chosen path is correct, you shall have more than my sanction…speak truthfully, and from the heart.”



Standing up, Pete walked over to the bio-tube closest to Richard and laid his hand on it before facing Aaron once more, “Patrick O’Connell, in the name of Clan Stranton, I grant you sanctuary in my house…your enemies are my enemies…your friends are my friends…you shall be as our own.”



Aaron gave the most imperceptible nod of his head in Pete’s direction before glancing at Kevin and Tim to see which one would claim the other boy, so he missed it when Fred stood up and mimicked Pete and laid his hand on the bio-tube of the other boy.



“Douglas O’Shea, in the name of Clan Stranton, I grant you sanctuary in my house…your enemies are my enemies…your friends are my friends…you shall be as our own.” Fred’s voice clearly rang out, causing Aaron to jerk his head in his direction, as his words were unexpected.



“I hear you Frederick and grant you your sought after sanction, as you truly speak from the heart…from this moment on, Douglas O’Shea, I declare you a son of Clan Stranton from this day forward…I sever all ties legal or otherwise.” Aaron turned his head so he eyes fell on Pete, “I also hear you, Peter, and grant you your sought after sanction, as you truly speak from the heart…from this moment on, Patrick O’Connell, I declare you a son of Clan Stranton from this day forward…I sever all ties, legal or otherwise.”



As the other members of the Clan stood up and joined Aaron at his side, he looked at the Queen, “Victoria, sign those papers and have them ready for my signature before Tuesday…you have your agreement, and may those who would harm a child have mercy from their God…for I shall have none.”



The Clan as one walked out of the room, only Kevin stopped and handed a P.A.D.D. to the Queen, “Aaron wanted you to see these messages, they came in this morning from your government, he’s angry right now at parents who could throw away their own children so they would not be seen as maybe having a son who was gay. Give him a couple of hours and he will settle down and not be out for blood,” Smiling as she took the P.A.D.D. from him, “He’ll be back after lunch some time, we’ll also be moving the boys to the main hospital shortly.” Nodding his greeting to the two princes, he walked out of the room past the staring people, head held high.



Meeting up with Aaron and the rest of the Clan near the bridge, Kevin slipped in and took his turn kissing Aaron senseless to take his mind off what had happened. .



Smiling, Aaron placed his hand on the door release, “You guys made me very proud, back there.” He told them, as he opened the door to see everyone going to Altare already in the room, “Welcome to the next step in your evolution…” looking at Pete he grinned, “Sorry about that, different story line entirely.”



Waiting for the laughter to die down, Aaron smirked at Pete over his tension breaker, “Okay, here’s how things are going to go, I’m going to port you over to the main med bay in groups of ten, you’ll arrive outside the doors, and if you wait there for everyone to show up, we’ll show you where you need to go. Once there, you will need to strip completely down, there will be a small shelf to put your clothing on and climb up and into the bio-tube. For those of you who are circumcised, take one last look, because you will get your foreskin back during the procedure, and any other little scars and what not will be erased at the same time. The procedure will take two days to complete, and if you have a good buddy here, make it known so you can be placed next to each other and a note made of your feelings, since when you are released, you are going to be one horny bugger. There is no way around it, so if your buddy and you wake together, you can help each other out, if not, we will make sure to wake you alone so as to minimize any morning after feelings that might arise…along with other things.”



Waiting for the laughter to die down again, Aaron pathed his guys, “Why don’t you guys head back to the farm, I’m sure the other guys are wondering what happened; I’ll be along shortly with David and Derrick after the rest are put down for their naps,” he sent his laughter along as they walked towards the command deck, “Oh Pete…Tim, don’t start anything that might get interrupted, I need to teach you how to touch and use the gestalt.”



Motioning Carl, Gordon and Joe over, Aaron smirked, “Don’t worry about it Joe, I’ll make sure Chris is the one to wake your ass up, I have more than enough to keep me busy,” wiggling his eyebrows at Joe, he giggled, “Tell you what, I am going to send you guys first and let Carl or Gordon get you prepped, I’ll give you all a five minute head start so you can get into the bio-tube before the others arrive.”



Grabbing Joe by the neck, and rubbing his head, Carl smirked, “Come on little brother, let's go get you naked,” he laughed playfully as Joe tried to swat him one.



Sitting down in the chair and activating the gestalt, Aaron drew power to him before nodding at the three, “Ready?” when he received their nod in return, he ported them to the trauma pod. Looking over at the rest that were staring at the now empty space, he waited for a moment before, “Alrighty, couples grab hands and approach in groups of five couples.”



Aaron smiled as most of the men paired off, leaving only two without a partner, glancing at them, he noticed one was Friedrich and the other he could not place, the one he could not place smiled, “My lover will be here Sunday with all of our stuff, but we decided security needed a few more hands here, so I came over early.”



Aaron frowned in thought; he never did consider security at the hospital as Victoria had brought her people with her, coming to a decision, he looked back, “Why don’t you stay here and when your other half comes, you can undergo the procedure together…trust me, it will help to have someone to take care of you when you get out. Right now, security here at the hospital is being provided by the Queen's guards, so having you around visibly should be all we need, I can’t imagine any of the parents causing problems really…but once we are open for business, security will become a concern, well…” Aaron looked at Friedrich who was grinning knowing where this was going, “It’s not my concern…it’s going to be your concern, as head of Altair security,” pointing out the door over his shoulder, “I’m sure there’s a security office somewhere in there, though I never looked, go find it and make yourself at home Kyle,” Aaron finally remembered his name.



Pulling himself to attention and in his best Marine voice, Kyle shouted out, “Sir, Yes Sir,” before marching out of the room.



Leaning forward and twisting in his seat as Kyle marched out of the wardroom, Aaron shook his head before settling back into his seat mumbling, “Jar Heads…” seeing Friedrich’s hopeful expression, he shook his head no, “Oh no you don’t, I have plan’s for you to take Tommy shopping on Wednesday, so you will be altered and up to snuff telepathically at least by then,” expression on his face as if looking over to the top of a pair of glasses, he added, “have I made myself perfectly clear?”



Friedrich gulped and nodded his head before coming close and was shocked as Aaron's words went through his head as he was ported to the med bay with the others, “As head of Clan security, you will be ready if I have to take you out and pound the skills into you myself, until you can do it in your sleep.”



Being a hard ass was seriously fun at times, Aaron thought, as he closed down the gestalt. Seriously though, if someone hurt one of his lovers, he would nuke them off the planet, was his last thought before he ported to the med bay a hundred and some miles away and five hundred feet straight down.



Starting the last alteration process, Aaron walked away from the bio-tube and out of the wing and across the entry to the trauma section and the private bio-tubes off the main trauma pod. Staring at the monitors for a moment above David and Derrick, Aaron smiled, pleased to see that they were green across the board, going back to the desk to pick up the limiter that Kevin had dropped there, along with Tim’s and Pete’s, he quickly reprogrammed them so that they were fully functional once again limiting all teleportation.  Holding two of them in his hand, Aaron moved past the line of empty bio-tubes and stopped briefly to look in on Joe, and let his eyes gaze down his body until he stopped on Chris’s prize, grinning at the semi hard cock floating in the fluid, he wondered how in the world Chris put his mouth around that the first time, and he was not even fully hard yet.



Starting the release cycle on his two lovers, Aaron smirked at the show they were going to put on for him without realizing it, they would be coming out of the process extremely horny by the looks of the raging erections they both were sporting right now. Watching first one then the other, as the fluid drained, Aaron was surprised that David did not actually blow, as red as the head of his cock became when the warm jets of air created cyclones around his body, finally the lids unsealed and Aaron reached in and applied the limiters, removing the tubes first, Aaron set about removing the IV cuff and chest sensor before trying to decide how he wanted to do this, the soma unit would only stay working within two feet of the bio-tubes, unless he brought a stretcher out, but he did not have one in the whole med bay complex, only back on Altair Minor, so that was out and they both looked ready to pop at any second.



Pulling David out of the bio-tube slightly, he realized he could just get his head in and quickly wrapped his lips around David’s straining cock, before he blew, a geyser of built up sperm erupted which he quickly spent time swallowing as fast as he could. Once David stopped spurting and there was no more to swallow, Aaron pushed David back into the bio-tube enough that he was not bent at a funny angle and moved over to Derrick’s bio-tube to take care of his problem, this time, Aaron actually got to move his mouth up and down three times before Derrick fired off his pent up juices.



Assured that the slightest movement would not cause either of them to cum prematurely, Aaron woke Derrick up first as he was submissive enough not to take care of things himself, “Derrick wake up,” he whispered into his ear after removing the temple sensor causing the teen to open his eyes and reach for his crotch as he looked around confused for a moment until he saw Aaron inches from his face, leaning up he remembered being kissed before falling asleep and lifted his head to recapture the lips that in his mind a moment ago had just been locked with his. Standing up and away from the bio-tube, “Climb on out Derrick and no touching yourself, it’s time to wake David up and I have plans for the two of you.”



Being compliant, Derrick pulled himself upright in the bio-tube and swung his legs up and over the small lip and stepped down, letting his bare feet touch the warm floor. Staying by his side, in case Derrick was unsteady on his feet, Aaron led Derrick to the side of the David’s bio-tube, leaning over the open bio-tube to reach the switch so he could turn the soma unit off, Aaron returned to his side of the bio-tube and removed the temple sensor from David, looking at Derrick. Grinning as he looked at Derrick, “Derrick lean over and kiss David awake, and if his hands go anywhere but your body, use your hands to trap them then help pull him out of the bio-tube.”


David waking up to lips sucking on his moaned softly before reaching down, only to have his hands captured and feel his body being pulled backwards. Glancing down, he noticed he was in the bio-tube and seeing how hard he was, and knowing his hands had been grabbed, he figured out he was being woken after being altered. Not slow on the uptake, David helped the hands pulling him out of the bio-tube and found himself standing on the floor in front of Derrick; wrapping his arms around his lover's shoulders, David tried pulling him closer so he could rub his hard cock against Derricks belly, relieving some of the built up pressure only to be stopped by Aaron's hands as he kept them separated long enough to lube David’s cock, squirting the liquid onto the cock head without touching it, so David would not get the relief he was so desperate for. Once that was done, he applied a liberal amount of lube to Derricks still partially loosened hole, from the waste tube, once he was sure it was nice and slippery, he pulled on one of Derricks hips, “Derrick turn around…”



Once Derrick turned in place, Aaron lined up David’s cock head to the slick hole and guided him in by gently tugging him forward, until David got the idea of what he wanted him to do. David on automatic, started thrusting in and out without any thought of foreplay or giving pleasure to his lover, only the need to cum, hearing a voice order his lover not to cum, he picked up speed as he felt slick fingers enter him, searching for his prostate which he found as it was already swelling, Aaron applied a little pressure along with a caress, David almost screamed out as his ass clamped down hard on Aaron’s fingers, smashing them together so he could not move them.



Waiting until David was coming down from his high, and his body releasing his fingers, Aaron stood up and leaning into David’s ear whispered, “Pull out of Derrick and turn him around…then face me.”



Grinning, as it seemed the only time Derrick would enter him was if Aaron was around, ordering him to do it, David pulled back and felt a third finger enter his ass, and pulling back further so he felt the hand around the fingers in his crack he slipped out of Derrick, still hard before whispering in his ear, “Derrick turn around…” giving him a helping hand after ordering him to turn.



Derrick, still in a horny daze and feeling great did not protest as he was turned around and felt something warm and wet fall on his cock head, breaking him out of the bliss he was feeling just in time to feel his hard cock being pulled downward and a hand on his ass pushing him forward into a waiting warmth. Looking down he realized his cock was now inside David and before he could protest, he felt a finger slipping inside him and over his groans of pleasure, he heard his master’s voice telling him to fuck David slowly and not to cum until he got David off once more and captured the cum in his hand. He could come after licking his hand clean, once he proved it was full of cum.



Groaning in pleasure and trying to fulfill his orders so he could finally get release, Derrick realized that the fingers in his ass were not thrusting in and out like expected and were very careful to stay away from his prostate, causing him to groan out in frustration and follow the order given like a good little submissive. Reaching around, he placed his hands on either side of David’s hard cock and started to stroke it in time to his thrusting in and out, feeling the pressure building and stopping his thrusting so he would not disobey his orders he had to plaster his pubes to David’s ass to keep him from doing the thrusting onto him which would cause him to cum.



Feeling his own need growing, Aaron dropped his shorts with one hand and applied some lube to the tip of his leaking cock and replaced his fingers with his hard length, all at once slipping his length all the way inside, and Derrick, moaning and thrashing his head, he moved ever so slightly, not enough to stimulate Derrick too much, but enough to start the pressure building within him.



As scripted, David was the first to lose it and started panting heavily as his cock head swelled up and feeling the palm of a hand cupping the head of his cock moaned out loudly as he shot his load into the waiting hand.



Catching as much of the precious sperm as possible, the treasure that would allow him to cum, Derrick lifted it to his lips while feeling the breath on the side of his face, Aaron’s breath as he started to thrust in earnest at spotting the liquid treasure making its way to Derricks mouth. Feeling the wonderful length moving in and out of him while he licked his hand clean, Derrick realizing he had followed orders started to thrust in and out again, causing David to moan in pleasure as he stumbled forward. Grabbing hold of him and bringing him back Derrick steadied David as he was ordered to cum inside David and he was not about to disobey. Feeling close and moaning loudly now, Derrick barley heard the words in his ear telling him not to stop thrusting after Cumming.



Body on automatic now, Derrick was thrusting in and out of a moaning David at a rapid pace, until he felt his body start to tingle and he started to cum again…Cumming heavily, his moaning at the level of a scream as he thrust in and out, pushing his load deeper into David all the while feeling the hard shaft moving in and out of him, massaging his pleasure center, his prostate with the flared tip of the shaft thrusting into him. Going into overload, he was hearing these pleasurable type groans and soft screams and realized it was him as he finally felt the hard shots of liquid hitting his insides, filling him and pushing each previous volley deeper inside him with every thrust into his body. Finally he heard the words he was waiting for as his body started to spasm in climax once more, this time not really firing much...his master was allowing him to stop thrusting.



Tired and spent, but yet feeling very fulfilled, Derrick held David up as he was being held by the hard cock spearing him in the middle, and they rested for several long  minutes until he felt David start to come back to life in his arms. Releasing his hold so David could turn around, he threw his arms over his shoulders to help hold himself up as he felt the hard shaft start moving in and out of him again, opening his mouth to groan in pleasure, his mouth was captured by David and he was left with no choice but to groan into the waiting and willing mouth. Five minutes or five hours later, he felt the swelling deep inside him once more as the powerful jets of cum hit deep inside and letting out one more moan, he collapsed into David’s arms as he became totally senseless from all the pleasure. Grinning, Aaron leaned forward and nudged Derricks head out of the way so he could kiss David before standing there as he came down off the incredible sex high they were riding, staying inside Derrick until he had gotten soft and Derricks body’s started to tighten his hole and push him out, he wanted to make sure as much of David’s and his seed stayed inside him.



Still holding onto the two of them, Aaron ported all three of them to the hot springs up top and between David and himself, maneuvered Derrick into the water with them and sandwiched him between them, holding him after the warm water put him to sleep talking more on the proper role of dominants to submissive’s and how to properly fulfill Derricks desires and needs. An hour or so later, and nearing dinner time, Aaron leaned over and woke Derrick up, who grinned at them and stumbled a bit as he tried to stand before getting help from David. Showing the teens the submerged stone steps, Aaron climbed out of the pool and waited for them to join him. Once together he ported them home where everyone was waiting on them.



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