Chapter 21






“Blimey, you chaps sure get up early around here,” Pat rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he looked around the barn.



Kenny laughed as he and Damien started to stack the egg crates into the back of the hauler, “Everyone gets up early to get our chores done, then we eat and go to school on the tutor, by ten or so we're done, so the rest of the day we can do whatever, as long as we get our school work done,” Smiling at Damien and winking, Kenny giggled, “We usually spend the time until lunch fooling around with each other or as Tommy calls it, practicing.”



Snorting in amusement Damien playfully glared at Kenny, “Practicing, is that what it’s called now?” Before breaking out in laughter, "after lunch, I spend an hour or so getting my homework done and we usually meet up with the others and help out whoever needs help. The next couple of days we will be helping both of you get used to being in the Clan. And with both Mark and Fred gone for two days, we’ll be doing some of the afternoon chores to help out.”



Kenny eyed the stack of crates and bags of feed in the two haulers, “if we load the extra egg trays in a third hauler we can get everything in one trip.”



Nodding his head, Damien smiled and started for the front of the barn, “Good idea, I’ll grab one and load it up I’ll meet you at the tractors.”



Nervous, Pat looked at the empty hauler as Kenny climbed into his favorite, “Mmm… Da always drove any equipment and we did not have anything like this at home…and…”



Kenny, about to stomp down on the gas pedal moved at the last minute so he stomped the floor next to the pedal. Seeing the nervous and embarrassed look on Pat’s face, he stood up and walked across the short floor and jumped down to the ground on the opposite side of the driver’s seat. Steering Pat to the hauler, he helped him sit behind the wheel, “I’ll show you later how to plug the hauler in to be recharged. But the wheel is how you turn, turn it in the direction you want to go in,” pointing to the pedal on the left, “this one is the brake, don’t stomp that one unless you want the feed sacks to hit you in the back of the head.” Kenny got a faraway look on his face as he rubbed the back of his neck without thinking. “The pedal to the right is the gas pedal you stomp that one when you want to go and as long as this button,” Kenny pointed to the button on the dash to the right of the steering wheel, “is lit, the hauler is ready to go.”



Pat, following with his eyes everything Kenny pointed out, nodded his head slowly that he understood and watched with some surprise as Kenny took a few running steps and jumped into his hauler and bounced twice on the seat until he was behind the steering wheel, his surprise turned into a smile when Kenny looked over and told him, “Follow me.” Following Kenny’s advice on how to drive the hauler, Pat waited a moment then glanced down at the pedal Kenny pointed out to him and stomped it down hard, causing the hauler to leap forward and his body to fly backwards into the seat cushions with a scream, “AUGH…”



Damien, who had driven up when Kenny gave Pat driving instructions, giggled as Pat screamed out as the hauler leapt after the speed demon, lifting the empty trays two at a time, he filled the back of his hauler and left the barn at a saner pace.



Kenny, proud of his knowledge, brought Pat over to the front of the tractor after they stopped near the back end, “These are called chicken tractors, and they have wheels to move them. What we do first thing every morning before the sun gets to high and the chickens wake up is to move them forward by hooking our hauler to this chain. We do it real slow so as not to scare the chickens, and we move them forward the same length as how long they are. Which means the back end of the tractor where we parked will end up where we are standing.”



Damien who pulled up in front of the tractor they were in front of, backed up so Kenny could hook the chain to the back hitch of his hauler, “We usually move one with Kenny standing here to tell me when it is far enough, then we go and move the rest together before filling the feeders and collecting the eggs. After that, we go down to the poultry house and feed the birds in there. Mark and Derrick are doing the same to the chicken tractors that only house meat birds on the other side of the poultry barn; they have Doug with them, showing him how we do things.”



Looking into the fenced off hooped structure, Pat moved over to where Kenny was standing and watched Damien slowly pull the tractor forward until Kenny ran forward and waved his arm for him to stop. With three of them doing the moving, it did not take very long to move the thirty chicken tractors, it wasn’t until they were inside and he was helping collect the eggs while Damien filled the feeders, that he saw the waterers and curious, asked, “Who fills the water containers?”



“Mark usually does, as he drives the big tractor out with the water tank. He hooks a hose to the outside connection and fills the tanks up that are in here. There are solar panels on the roof that power the pumps and the recorders in the boxes the chickens lay in,” Kenny explained as he went out the back door to place the filled tray in the back of the hauler.



Carrying his full tray plus the three extra eggs that would not fit on top of the other eggs, Pat placed his tray on top of Kenny’s and put the extra three in the next tray, “Where do all the eggs go?” eyeing the number of trays stacked in the two haulers and the other twenty nine they had yet to get the eggs from, “I don’t think we have enough trays, we filled just over two of them from the first one.”



Looking at the filled trays and the other houses, Kenny shrugged, “If we run out, there are more in the poultry house, Damien can bring them back as he is ahead of us,” Before lowering the mic on his communicator and tapping it, “Damien, before you leave after filling the last tractor call us, we might not have enough trays…thanks. As far as the eggs go, most of them right now are going to the hospital so they have something to eat.”



Pat watched Kenny flip the mic back up and looked at him funny as he thought back, everyone this morning seemed to wear one of those whatever they are, “What is that thing and how come everyone wears one?”



Kenny, who was opening the back door on the next tractor in line stopped and looked At Pat funnily, staring at him before shaking his head, “These are like cell phones, they’re communicators and you’ll probably get yours after breakfast, everyone has one and we put them on, first thing in the morning without thinking too much about it, I guess.”



They worked pretty much in silence until Damien met up with them near the third to last tractor, having already unloaded the feed at the poultry house and collecting the eggs from the other two tractors, “Mark was right, they must have been laying their eggs in the tall grass before. You guys go on back up to the barn; I’ll finish this one and meet you there.”



Smiling and with a nod of his head, Kenny ran for his hauler, “Come on…” except this time he did not stomp on the gas pedal, not wanting eggs all over his head or the ground, after all he was being trusted to provide food for the others.



Driving into the barn, Kenny stopped near the cement pad outlined in red and started to neatly stack his trays next to the ones containing fruit and vegetables, Pat following what Kenny was doing stacked his own trays next to Kenny’s.



Tim came around the end of the barn and walked over to do the morning porting. He was not as comfortable doing it alone as Kevin and Pete were and he wished that Aaron was standing behind him again when he felt the light brush of warmth near his mind and smiled as the pathed thought touched him, “I am always here if you need me, love, if I did not think you were ready to do this by yourself, I would have said so, I’ll keep an eye on you but you’ll be fine.”



Smiling and sitting down in the chair, wiggling a little to be more comfortable, Tim thought mental kisses were not as nice as the real thing but they'd do before logging into the terminal and pushed the buttons on the side of the chair in the correct order to bring the gestalt online. Feeling the surge of power caress him, he felt the rush when the gestalt tried to merge with him and felt himself grow very hard, he had hoped the last two times practicing it was a fluke, but it seemed he got a hard on every time he touched the gestalt.



Bringing up the monitor of the receiving cooler, Tim smiled as he ported the first stack of produce and it arrived exactly where he intended it to. Feeling the brush of pride in his accomplishment in his mind from Aaron, he turned back grinning and let his eyes travel to the next stack and ported it also. Eyeing the eggs which were the last stacks to be ported at the moment, until the rest was picked, “Did you set aside any eggs for us, or the dining hall?”



Pointing over his shoulder Kenny nodded as he dragged the bale of hay over to the stalls with the two cows and their babies, “Damien’s bringing them in with him, six trays or so I think…Pat, can you help me drag another bale over.” Kenny asked, as he cut the twine and started to pick up the hay sections and place them in the wall feeder. Not knowing how much Mark normally fed them, he decided to just stuff the whole bale in there and when it was gone get another. Finished, he picked up the string and getting a broom, swept up the aisle and put it in the stall. Picking up the note next to the bucket of grain he read that it was supposed to be fed after the hay, looking around inside the stall from above the hay he didn’t see any bucket or pan and not thinking it was a good idea to just put it in the stall he carefully opened the door and holding the bucket in front of him he shook it a little and offered it to the cow so she could eat out of it.



Smiling and chatting away with the cow about what a nice baby she had and about all the things he planned to do today, he felt the baby brush against him as he left his mother's udder, smiling at how pretty and soft he was, Kenny went back to chatting away when all of a sudden he felt a nudge, and before he could look to see what the baby was doing  he felt this incredible sucking sensation on his dick and balls, and another nudge almost sent him flying as the suction got too intense and the pressure…”SON OF A FUCKING BITCH….OH…OW..OW…LET GO DAMIT…”



Pat, sticking his head over the stall ducked as he saw this flash of skin coming towards him as Kenny, still hollering, climbed over the wall red faced and panting out of breath, crotch all slimed up.



At the first yell, Tim came out of the chair and started running towards Kenny screaming in his mind to Aaron that Kenny was hurt. Kneeling down next to the pale and shaking boy, Tim quickly looked him over, trying to find out where he was hurt, trying to ignore the snickering coming from Pat.



Aaron, porting in, ran to Kenny's side as Tim was frantically looking for injuries while Kenny was all glassy eyed and panting, red in the face now as the events hit home.



Pushing Tim out of the way, Kenny jumped up and shook his fist at the bucking calf, “SON OF A BITCH, LEAVE THAT ALONE,OR NEXT TIME YOUR MOMMA IS NOT GETTNG FED.”



Holding in his laughter or trying to, Aaron leaned on Tim who was still confused and whispered, “There is a reason Mark always goes into a stall with shorts on,” as he pointed to the red faced and angry boy who turned around, his crotch was all slimed up from slobber.



Sputtering and trying to hold in his laughter just like Aaron was, they lost it when Pat commented, “I thought I was feeding them wrong when you did not dump your bucket of feed into the tray under the hay, feeding her from the bucket instead.”



Seeing the disgusted glare Kenny was sending towards the note by the line of buckets, Aaron turned around and lost it, laughing so hard he was crying, the only thing keeping him standing was the fact that Tim was leaning on him as he leaned on Tim, both laughing their heads off.



Damien, driving into the barn, stopped by the unloading area and walked over to the laughing and scowling group, well, Kenny was scowling, “What happened, what did I miss?”



This sent a fresh wave of laughter through the group and finally, seeing the humor in the situation, Kenny joined in while Pat explained what had happened in between wheezing for air.



After gaining control of his laughter, Aaron pulled his scanner out and ran a quick scan of Kenny’s crotch to make sure nothing was bruised too badly, “All right you three, hit the showers and help Kenny wipe the slobber off,” giggling, Aaron shook his head he couldn’t wait until he told Mark this story when he woke up on Tuesday.



Moving back to the cargo platform, or the cement pad that it really was, Aaron looked at the short stack of trays holding the eggs, and placing his leg up against it so he was touching it, he looked at Kenny staring at his crotch in disgust whether it was from being slobbered on by the calf or because it was not slobbered on by one of the guys, he laughed again as he and the trays ported out to the city dining hall, he had breakfast to finish and Chris would love to hear this story.



With close to eighty people to feed this morning, Aaron and Chris had been hard at work fixing breakfast when Aaron had looked up and paled before handing the spatula to him and porting out. Sighing in relief when Aaron ported back in with the eggs, Chris saw the amused look on his face and had to ask, “What happened, you ported out of here like your tail was on fire now you’re back and grinning like a fool?”



Laughing, Aaron picked up the top tray and started to break the eggs into one of the large mixing bowls, “Let’s just say Kenny found out why you don’t do chores naked around newborn calves.”



Flipping the potatoes on the stove griddle once more Chris looked perplexed, “I don’t get it, what does new born calves and being naked have in common?”



“New born calves haven’t learned yet to identify by sight their mother’s udder so they like to taste anything that hangs…” Aaron could not continue as he was laughing so hard.



Finally dawning on him what Aaron was talking about, Chris broke down chuckling at the picture his mind conjured. Deeming the potatoes done, he started to scoop them into the steam table pans and place them in the warmer.



Scrambling the eggs as his guys started to arrive and pitch in, Aaron glanced down at Kenny to see if he had recovered, not seeing a hint of redness, he smirked and returned to dishing up the finished eggs into the pans before cleaning the griddle and pouring the next batch of scrambled eggs on the hot griddle.



Seeing the dining hall full of eating and chatting people, Aaron cleared his throat to get every one's attention, “I want to take a moment to make a couple of brief announcements. The first is, those of you that arrived last night with the Prince will be undergoing alteration procedures after lunch, most likely around three. So I need you all to meet us outside the med bay entrance, and if you can group yourselves by couples that will be helpful. As the procedure leaves one extremely horny and needing relief once you’re released, so it is better if you have someone you can help and have help with the relief.” Waiting for the catcalls to die down, he continued, “those that are in the bio-tubes currently will be released this morning and the area cleaned and prepped for your use this afternoon,” more howls of laughter met this announcement.



Nodding his head, Aaron smiled, “Yes…yes, we all know what a randy bunch you are, but let’s…ah hell with it there is no controlling it.” This had the room in laughter as planned, “Seriously, once you are released on Wednesday and you take the edge off, you’ll have the rest of the day to return to your apartments and settle in, first thing Thursday morning, you will start having classes to master your new gifts. I also want to tell you that you can use the terminals in your apartments to order groceries so you can fix things to eat for yourselves, though the dining hall will be open as soon as we find a couple of people to run it. Once we actively start rescuing people, I expect a lot of them are going to either be to weak or don’t know how to cook,  so any that want to volunteer helping out in the kitchen, please sign up for a slot on the terminal by the door; it will be appreciated. Also think about becoming a mentor to the rescued, even if you don't think you have anything to offer, if you can help someone learn to cook it would be a big shot of self esteem to some of these teens.”



Seeing several vigorous nods of people’s heads, Aaron scanned the group, “You all know what you signed up for, whether you are a simple repair technician or skilled combat pilot, our goal is the same, to rescue as many gay youths we can lay our hands on that need it. Once you have been released from the bio-tubes after alteration, the first thing you should do when you go back to your apartment is to log in and read up on the racial history, our race's secrets…after that, any who have questions that have not been answered by going through those secrets can find time to meet with me and I’ll clear them up for you.” Glancing at the clock, Aaron waved to everyone and made for the doors along with the rest of his Clan, once there he turned to them and smiled, I’ll meet you over at Altair hospital after I release Friedrich from the bio-tube, I’ll then release the young prince and we can maybe take a drive out to the sea farm with everyone, so we can talk where we won’t be overheard.”



Laughing, as it was not that easy and he had to give everyone a much longed for kiss before they would let him go, Aaron finally made it away from their laughing clutches and ported directly into the trauma bay, glancing at the monitors, he decided Jesse was ready to be released, so he set about starting that cycle as Gordon and Carl walked in smiling.



“I don’t know how you keep up with ten horny teens, I’d be exhausted all the time and unable to get out of bed,” Carl laughed at Aaron’s smirk.



“Ignore him Aaron, he’s just jealous is all. I’ve been thinking of trading him in on a younger model for a while now, more staying power I hear,” Gordon laughed at the expression on his lovers face as he teased him.



“Hey now…I have staying power,” Carl defended himself with a laugh and a slap to his lover's arm.



Aaron laughing at the joking between the two, now that the lid had unsealed he started to remove the breathing tube, “If you guys want to start releasing the new recruits in pairs, the pairs they made for themselves that is,” Aaron gave both a glare at their smirking faces, “thought so…so skip around release a set of partners in one pod and allow them to work out some relief so they can go elsewhere and while they are helping each other out, go to the next pod and so on and so forth, just leave Friedrich to me, I think he is the only one without a partner.”



Getting their nods of agreement, Aaron placed both hands on Jesse’s head and implanted the safety message he had done with all the others before whispering to wake him up, “Jesse…Jesse, time to wake up…your safe now.”



Noticing the change in the breathing pattern but the teen was not opening his eyes, Aaron moved back away from the bio-tube, tasting the fear and wariness in his surface thoughts, Aaron tried again, “Jesse, your safe, Judge Johnson asked me personally to rescue you, you are not even in the U.S. any more, but in the Kingdom of Altare, in our main med bay where you've spent the last five days being healed. Hell, we practically had to re-grow most of your organs, and as a telepath, I can tell you’re awake and frightened, if you open your eyes, you will see the truth of my words from just seeing the type of hospital you're in.”



Jesse slowly slit his eyelids, not really believing the voice, but then he remembered that all the pain he was in was gone, so opening his eyes just enough to see, he noticed he was in this long clear tube, above which was a monitor with the picture of the insides of a body, his body more than likely, as he opened his eyes fully and glanced around to see other tubes like the one he was in across the room, and someone floating in some strange liquid, glancing down at his body, he blushed slightly, seeing he was totally naked, and hard before he lifted his arm to sit up and realized it was not broken. He did not truly believe the stranger's words until two guys his age walked into the room…and they were naked like he was.



“Your Majesty…” Drew started, before Eric slapped him upside his head, “Well, he is…”



“Yes and Aaron has asked and told us that we are supposed to use his name, Doofus, and you always do what your King tells you to, duh!” Eric told him before freezing and blushing at Drew’s snickers and whispered, “Who’s the Doofus now?”



“Drew, Eric, I would like you to meet Jesse. I asked you to stop by so you can show him around and maybe show him to one of the empty apartments in your building for now,” Aaron asked as he started to look over the displays for Joe who he needed to release next.  Chris chose that moment to walk in knowing that he would be needed when his lover woke up.



“Holy Shit, don’t you guys wear clothes,” Jesse blushed as he placed his feet on the floor and almost fell as he saw a very naked Chris walk in, a naked Chris who was half hard as he ignored them and went to the other room.



“No women or straights allowed, so why should we, after all, this is a tropical island,” Eric informed him as he caught Jesse to steady him, which of course caused him to go all red seeing he was still hard.



Knowing the guy holding him was around his age and naked did not help matters in trying to control his raging problem, groaning in frustration he whispered, “Is there a bathroom around here, I…I need to use it.”



“Bathroom?” Eric was confused he was just released from the bio-tube he should not have to go, especially not with that hard magnificent… ah it dawned on him. Looking to Drew he pointed to Jesse’s problem and made a questioning nod.



Drew, picking up on what was being asked, moved over and knelt in front of Jesse and looked up, “Tell me to back off dude, and I will,” he licked his lips, “but I am willing to take care of this problem for you.” Drew told him, as he reached up and grabbed gently onto the hard erection sticking straight up, “just say the word and I’ll not go any further, I’ll let you do yourself. Would you like me to take care of this for you?” Drew looked up hopeful that the word would not be no.



Not able to stand but suddenly feeling something hard brush his leg, he looked down into the eager face and looked next to him to the guy helping hold him up who was also looking eager and nodded his head, it felt so good and he had never had anyone touch him since Eddie moved away. Nodding his head again “Yes…” feeling lips touch the tip of his hard cock he moaned out harder as lips captured his own, “YES.”



Removing all the tubes and sensors from Joe, Aaron handed a bottle of lube to Chris who's pointer was now standing at attention and walked out of the room, intent on giving them some privacy, stopping, once he entered the trauma pod, he stared a moment at the threesome in the making, Drew was busy researching how much of Jesse he could swallow before he exploded, shaking his head and telling his own cock to be still, Aaron walked out of the room and wondered how many others he was going to run into that would make one believe this place was a bordello instead of a med bay.  Crossing the hall and entering the section devoted to resequencing, Aaron caught glances of couples in various stages of orgasm and thanked the foresight he had taken to place Friedrich in a pod where he was the only occupant, entering the pod, he glanced up at the monitor checking to make sure everything was green before initiating the release cycle.



Absentmindedly removing the tubes and applying the limiter, then removing the rest of the equipment, Aaron noticed how restless Friedrich became as soon as he touched him, mumbling under his breath and tossing around in the bio-tube. Calling up the last scan on the monitor he looked at it worried, as Friedrich was in some type of distress and he could not find a medical reason for it. Deciding to wake him, thinking it was a nightmare, Aaron grabbed his shoulder and shook him hard.



Friedrich jumped up, nearly knocking Aaron over as he tried to avoid the rapidly rising body heading for his head as Friedrich swore in German and looked in Aaron's eyes, “It’s a trap…the whole Camp David thing is a trap, if you go, they will end up killing you as both the FBI and CIA want you out of the picture.”



Aaron took one look at the panting and heavily sweating young man and wondered as he changed his plans out loud, “I’ll send an empty car to the camp, and port the President and his staff to my waiting jet for our meeting doing a live video feed of the outcome from the car, triggering the trap.”



Sighing in relief, Friedrich looked up, “It’s gone, the vision of the horrible future faded away as you were talking,” shuddering as his orgasm hit from movement he finally got out, “what happened to me…what went wrong?”



Staring at Friedrich, contemplating the possibilities, Aaron tried to calm him down, “Let me check something, you might have had an ability unlocked that will be extremely useful, being one of the guards for my Clan.” Aaron walked back over to the side of the bio-tube and made sure he was not touching him in any way, “I want you to close your eyes and concentrate on my meeting with Queen Victoria, I had told her we would dock and take over the Elswick docks on the 26th of next month, when I touch you, I want you to think about the Asclepius docking in England next month, and keep in mind my meeting with the Queen…then tell me what you see.”



After Friedrich controlled his breathing and listened to Aaron’s instructions, he nodded his head and Aaron laid a hand on his arm. Stiffening as images started to expand in front of his eyes, he started to talk as if forced, “The Asclepius docks and you are greeting the Queen…a gunshot rings out, causing the crowd to dissolve into chaos…the Prime Minister is behind it and later on he hunts down the other royals and Tim is caught in the crossfire and ….no, no, it's too horrible…”



Aaron let go of his arm, raising his voice, “and if the Asclepius docks next week?”



Friedrich relaxed slightly as the horrible vision disappeared, sighing he opened his eyes “It’s gone, no horrible vision of death and destruction anymore…what’s going on with me?”



Looking over at the blank wall, Aaron muttered in thought, “Precog…precognition, how is that possible.” Shaking himself as his mind registered what Friedrich asked, he looked over at him face to face, “You gained one of the rarest gifts there is, and you would be classed pretty high in the skill. You have the gift of precognition…the ability to see the future in time to avert it, but only the future that would affect the timeline in such a drastic way it looks like, like Tim being shot and me destroying all of England in retaliation. Don’t, on second thought take care of that problem between your legs while I work on getting you a new limiter that will allow you to control your gift.”



Tapping the side of his head, the communicator actually, Aaron spoke a code phrase, which sounded more like a curse, “Jumpin Jesus Cluney Frog.”



Grabbing the towel that was thrown to him, Friedrich laughed, “You need to work on your creative cussing your Majesty.”



Scowling, Aaron laughed, “It’s not a curse, more of a code pass phrase for the Core system, laughing at me is not stroking so get to it, stroke.” He ordered as he sat down behind the terminal and logged in to read the new information his future self had left him, the information that would mean that the future was forever altered and the information left behind could only be used as a general guideline.



Twenty minutes later, Aaron sealed the information behind a DNA lock and sat back as he heard Friedrich going at it again. Standing up, he went over to the drop off point for this pod and picked up the bright red bracelet and walked back over to the bio-tube. Glancing down at Friedrich, who was stroking his hard cock once more, Aaron noticed the large puddles on his stomach and chest, opening the bracelet he snapped it in place around Friedrich’s wrist, throwing off his rhythm momentarily. Using his finger to scoop up some of the cum puddles above Friedrich’s belly button, Aaron smiled as the lust filled eyes watched him carefully. Using several fingers, Aaron scooped up more of Friedrich’s cum and moved his fingers to Friedrich’s mouth and as soon as Friedrich parted his lips he started to feed him his own cum. He smiled as Friedrich groaned in pleasure as he sucked on his fingers, going back for another load he let Friedrich clean it off once more as he arched his back and really shot his load, volley after volley hitting him in the face and chest, while Aaron took a step back.



Panting, Friedrich lay there spent, or at least enough that while still hard which surprised him he did not think that the slightest movement would set him off. Taking the towel he cleaned himself up and started to sit up, once up he moved his legs to hang over the side of the bio-tube and lowered himself to the floor. Once down he glanced down at his still very much erect cock and sighed, “This thing has a mind of its own, is it ever going to go down?”



Laughing Aaron stepped close enough to grab Friedrich’s arm and smiled at him when he flinched slightly before sighing in relief when no visions came, “I put on a special type of limiter that will block your precog ability for the most part, it will let things through that are about an hour in the future no further. Once you get some training under your belt you can control the setting yourself. In your line of work it is a fantastic advantage…but it can be a terrible task master if you did not have a way to shut it down, hence the limiter.”



Aaron ported them to the Clan Hall and pathed a message to Pete, “Pete something developed unexpectedly, I should be there in about ten to fifteen minutes.” Waving his arm around the large inner court, “This is Clan Stranton’s Clan Hall, the entry with the large crest on it leads to my rooms and office, think of this as a huge mansion with lots of small apartments inside. We’ll give you a tour later on tonight. What I want you to see is the staff quarters which is opposite of mine,” Aaron led him through the paths to the far end of the hall stopping in front of the center entry.



Entering the entry and showing Friedrich around, Aaron finally ended up at the second story balcony looking down to the other six bedrooms, “You can have any one of these bedrooms, personally I would take one of the ones on this floor, but that’s just me.”



Nodding his head in agreement, Friedrich scowled down at his crotch and hard cock as it once more sent pleasurable sensations as he brushed it against the railing, groaning in frustration he finally gave in and asked, “What can I do to handle this,” he pointed to his hard cock, “I’ve already emptied it four times, three by my own hand…what’s it going to take before it goes soft again?”



Chuckling very softly, Aaron motioned for him to follow, “Follow me and we’ll get you taken care of…” Aaron walked into the first bedroom on the second floor and making sure Friedrich was following him walked into the bathroom and opened the shower stall. Come in here,” he ordered as he stepped inside and held the door open. Moving aside so Friedrich could walk in, Aaron let the door close and moved behind him and reached around and pulled him back into his body, “relax and close your eyes.”



Using one hand to stroke Friedrich’s hard cock, Aaron used his other to roam around Friedrich’s nipples and balls, stimulating them with gentle caresses. Slowly Aaron increased both the pressure and the speed of his hand around the hard cock, bringing a great amount of pleasure to the other if his moans were any indication, finally after a five minute session, Aaron felt the cock in his hands start to swell and increased the pressure of his hand as it slid over the rapidly swelling head until Friedrich spasmed in climax, shooting his decreased load all over the shower floor, not slowing down  Aaron added a thumb rubbing over the exposed head to his stroke technique and ignored the loud groans and panting as he used his free hand to wipe up any leftover cum and feed his fingers to the moaning young man. Thrusting his fingers in and out of Friedrich’s mouth as if it was a hard cock as Friedrich’s body shivered amidst his moans of pleasure around the fingers in his mouth, until another three minutes later he arched his back and opened his mouth to scream as his orgasm hit once more.



Using both hands to hold him up Aaron caressed Friedrich’s spent balls as he slowed down his stroking as he melted into him, only able to stand because Aaron was holding him up. Gently lowering Friedrich to the floor of the shower Aaron looked at his cum covered hand and sighed, “If I did not have to be somewhere in two minutes, your ass would be mine right now, looking at his crotch and not seeing signs of leakage spotting his shorts he thanked the deities, “I’m going to start the shower now, you’ll find your problem will have mostly gone away, I need to wash and get moving or I’ll be late.”



Moving out of the range of the water when Friedrich lifted a tired hand to wave in acknowledgment that he heard his words, Aaron turned the shower on and set the timer so if he did not respond in twenty minutes it would turn cold before off. Leaving the stall before the steam built up, Aaron washed his hands in the sink and rearranging his problem he ported to the Altair Hospital gardens and made his way to the trauma wing.



Walking into the pod, Aaron saw no one except Thomas who was standing by the steps, “Are they all upstairs then?”  He asked as he went to the young prince’s bio-tube and read the reports, and started the release sequence.



“Yes sir, they are all up in the meeting room, shall I call them for you?” Thomas asked as he prepared to go upstairs.



“No…leave them be. Let’s get the youngster here out of the bio-tube and dressed before he sees his grandmother, otherwise he might end up back in the thing from fright,” Aaron laughed as the regen fluid drained.



Chuckling, Thomas nodded and picked up a small bag near the steps, “I believe these will be in order then, some of Richard’s clothes.”



Aaron waited for the lid to unseal trying to come to terms with the birth of a precog, he was going to have to have a long talk with Friedrich as he needed a lover to help ground him and it would be better for him to find one of his own, versus Aaron finding one for him. The sound of the lid unsealing brought Aaron back to the here and now, removing the cuff and breathing tube, he waited to make sure Richard would not have any problems breathing on his own before turning off the soma unit, and removing the last sensor, “Richard, time to wake up…”



Richard slowly came back to the land of the living, the first thing he noticed was there was no longer any pain, the second as he opened his eyes was that he was in some strange place. Moving his head he saw Thomas, his grandmother’s major domo, so he relaxed, closing his eyes for a moment. Jerking upright as he remembered the explosion, “Bloody hell…” examining his body for the injuries he knew must be there or even the signs they had healed.



Picking up on Richard’s thoughts, “The accident was seven days ago, you have been in our care since last Thursday…today is Monday, in that time we were able to totally heal you including any past injuries.” Aaron smiled as he brought over the bag Thomas had handed him. “A set of clothes are inside, and your grandmother and your two older cousins are upstairs waiting for you…actually they are waiting for me to arrive so you could be released from the bio-tube, but I thought you might not be as embarrassed if you woke up to see your grandmother standing over you and you were naked,” he chuckled at the blush. “That’s what I thought, so hop on down out of there and get dressed and we will hunt up your family…just be careful when you stand for the first time you might be a little unsteady at first.”



Moving over to the central desk for the pod, Aaron gave the young prince the illusion of privacy. Sitting down and logging in, Aaron checked for active units and smiled as another two left the list as he was watching, leaving only four bio-tubes still active. Feeling eyes on him, he smiled as Richard stood there gazing at him in his socks as he put his shirt on first, semi hard cock pointing his way, he almost seemed disappointed as he pulled on his boxers before his shorts.



“Why don’t we go surprise everyone. Your grandmother and Andrew and Edward are upstairs with my guys, let’s get them and head on outside,” Aaron caught Richard as he stumbled, but feeling the hand brush against his hard cock that was finally starting to wilt with no stimulation, causing it to stand up again he sighed, “why don’t I introduce you to my guys, maybe one of them might take a liking to you and help you out,” he whispered, though seeing the grin and wink coming from Thomas he knew it had not gone totally unnoticed.



Opening the door to the conference room only ten minutes late, Aaron noticed the hopeful stare from Andrew, that turned to disappointment at not seeing someone before he caught sight of his cousin,



“Richard…” Andrew screamed out in greeting, smiling as he jumped out of his seat to greet his cousin in an enthusiastic hug, quickly followed by Edward and their grandmother.



Motioning for Kenny and Damien to come over Aaron pathed the others, so they could give the family time to greet each other without an audience, stopping at the door and whispering  to Thomas as they left, “We’ll wait in the atrium so everyone can have lunch before we take off to the sea farm for some private talks.”



Arm across both Kevin and Tim’s shoulders as they walked out of the pod, Aaron did a quick count and counted one more than had left at breakfast this morning, as they turned the corner, he noticed it was Brian just as he felt another hand brush up against his crotch.



“Boy you are sure hard,” Tim whispered as he did a quick feel after catching a glimpse of the slight tented bulge.



“Stop that…” Aaron hissed, “I was just starting to get it to go down, if it was not the long orgy in the med bay or having to help Friedrich out with a hand job, it’s my own lovers copping a feel in public or that young Richard putting on a show dressing and oh so clever he thinks stumbling so he could cop a feel.”



Entering the atrium, Aaron spotted a table near the food line, “Just for that, you can get my lunch and bring it to me so I don’t have to be embarrassed over being aroused…I’ll just sit over by the wall and hide,” he grinned as Tim pouted while Kevin giggled.



Tim, seeing all the little kids and women around knew he shouldn’t have done that, as they were not home where it was acceptable, “Sorry, I forget we were not on Altare for a moment, I’ll get lunch while you let that go away,” smiling, he started to walk away from the table, taking two steps in fact before he stopped and turned around and whispered, “Wait did you say Richard copped a feel after putting on a show?”



Grinning, Aaron pathed as he sat down, “Yes, I told him to hit on one of you guys and he might get what he wanted.”



Only Kenny, Brian and Damien did not turn and look at him like a synchronized swim team after he made that comment, staring at him after he made that comment a moment before they looked at each other, so Aaron added pathing to all his lovers at once, “If you want, hand jobs are acceptable, anything more than that all of us need to be willing to have them join us as part of the Clan and lovers…agreed?”



Once again to an outsider, it would seem to be some strange dance being played out in front of them as even Kenny and Damien who Pete had been whispering in their ears nodded their heads with the others.



They had just started lunch when the British contingent arrived and joined them, after a relaxing time chatting and talking over lunch, they found themselves outside and walking towards the farm haulers for the ride to the sea farm. Aaron was not surprised overly when both prince's joined him in his hauler; he could almost feel the questions simmering in the surface of their thoughts, as they jumped up and squished together in the seat, Andrew practically in his lap grinning up at him.



Smiling down at Andrew, Aaron drawled out, “Yes…”



Frowning slightly as they started moving, near the middle of the group Andrew looked back up to Aaron, “Can't’ you tell what I am thinking?”



Turning his head, Aaron smirked so they could not see, “I probably could if it was not rude and a violation of my honor to do so, skimming surface thoughts kind of just happens, so I try to control that as much as possible.” Feeling the fear and hurt coming from Andrew, Aaron pulled out of the line and off to the side and pulled Andrew into his lap, holding him tight as he reached over with his other arm and pulled Edward over so he could be included in the hug.



Holding both close and tight to his body, Aaron looked up towards the sky so he could pick his words carefully, very much aware of the Queen's hauler pulling next to them and the youngest, Richard staring at them with envy, “Come over Richard, join us…hugs are meant to be shared.”



Pulling Richard in between them and mostly in Andrew's lap, Aaron whispered for Andrew to hug Richard tight. Once they were all settled, he started, “It’s time that all the secrets come out in the open, at least in your family…and remember, it is your family, and those here now will stick by you no matter what…I know this from skimming your thoughts at times over the past few days, so believe me when I tell you, all of you know what I am about to say.”



“You all know that Richard is gay and have no problem with it, and love him just the same,” Aaron told them as he saw Richard stiffen in fear, and smiled as Andrew and Edward hugged him hard until he relaxed, “They same is true for Andrew, and the only concern Edward has is that he knows his brother will be unhappy because he will be forced to be something he is not and marry and have children,” it was Aarons turn to hold Andrew tight, “All the looks you have gotten over the past couple of days from Edward about your crush on Fred was not done in disgust or disappointment like you thought, Andrew but in worry and sadness for knowing you would never be able to have what you wanted, because you would need an heir and his mistaken belief that you can only do that with a girl.”



Sighing at the gaze he was getting from his brother and cousin and truth be known from Aaron, Edward swallowed, “He’s right you know, and it’s not like I don’t know what you are going through, as I like both, but I know I have to close off that part of me that likes blokes, so I can be a proper King.”



Victoria let her tears out finally as she realized how much pain her grandsons had been in and picked up on something Aaron had said, “You said mistaken belief that to have children you needed a girl, the line of succession does not allow adoption.”



Smiling as he held all three close, “I think all of you have overlooked one important thing, and truthfully, it is something that, unless you were allowed on Altare, you would not pick up on.” Aaron told them as the three in his lap shifted so they could look at him, “there are no females in any part of my kingdom except this island, Altair Minor or as it has been known in the past, stranger’s island. Oh maybe four hundred years ago we had women around, they were all confined to this island, and only used for one thing…making babies,” Aaron spun the tale.



“You already know we are ahead of you technologically, but you never truly realized how long ago and how far ahead of you we are. We will eventually release this information, but we perfected long ago artificial wombs, all children born on Altare are boys and are born of DNA from two gay fathers and are gay themselves.” Aaron told them, thinking he would have to get samples of sperm from his guys to keep in storage for the future.



“But how does that help my brother or cousin out,” Edward inquired, as he looked at Aaron, while thinking, 'even me', out.



“Good question, by the crown laws you live by, your grandmother can alter them to read the line of succession only needs the heir to have the DNA of the king or heir apparent to be legal. Now, once you are king after your grandmother, Edward, you can make it permanent by signing it off into crown law.” Aaron explained, “which means, for your brother and cousin, they can fall in love with someone and be true to themselves and still make all the babies they want to, using our artificial wombs, you, on the other hand, would have to marry and have children the normal way, and it’s a good thing you like both then, isn’t it.”



“I can slip that little change into the crown laws very easily, and to most, it would look like I am doing it to allow into the line of succession, one of my sons' illegitimate children, not that I am planning on the future happiness of my grandsons.” Victoria snickered, thinking about what the stuffed shirts would say when they realized why she did it.



“But that will be years in the future, as I can’t see my father, who is a cold fish when it comes to love, helping either of us out by ratifying the changes grandmother proposes,” Edward told them seriously, for the first time in his life, voicing his disapproval of his father publicly, and to his grandmother.



Looking over at Victoria, “He has not realized yet, has he,” Aaron sighed, nodding his head towards Edward.



“No grandson…Edward, your father will never be king, as under crown laws which I never signed off on, as I did not approve of your father's infidelity or divorcing your mother, he cannot inherit the crown when I step down or die…you do.” Victoria sighed, vowing to strike that clause out as soon as she got home so there would be no avenue that her son could try to force the issue in court, “and our country will need a king who is a leader instead of the ruler your father would be.” Getting out of her hauler, she walked over and joined her grandsons with Aaron for a group hug, placing her arms around Edward and sandwiching the others between her and Aaron.



Sighing as the three teens seemed to be soaking up the comfort, Aaron nudged the back of Andrew’s head with his chin, “To answer your unspoken questions about your crush on Fred, and wondering where he is,” Aaron laughed, feeling the heat generated by Andrew, he did not need to see his face to know he was blushing, “Fred will be tied up for several days. He’s undergoing breakthrough sickness, which makes one not that pleasant to be around as his gifts surface. In fact, he will sleep for the next two days, we’ve found that to be the best way to handle things.”



“Let’s catch up with the others, I skimmed your thoughts enough to know you were hoping that you could at least have your first experience with one of the guy’s from my Clan, thinking it would be safer and not get out to the media. I’ll open the door for all of you, then it will be up to you to take advantage of it or not, and of course they have the right to say no,” Aaron told them as he started to disentangle all the body parts and sighed as he was hard once more and Andrew knew it by the way he wiggled his ass on his lap, so his bent and hard cock was nestled between his ass cheeks.



Seeing that all three teens wanted to stay with Aaron, Victoria laughed and made her way over to the hauler and pushed down on the gas pedal taking off in the direction the others had gone, laughing like a school girl and feeling younger than ever as she threw dirt in the air with her tires.



Laughing, Aaron, with the others urging him on, raced to catch up. Parking behind the other haulers Aaron looked around to see where everyone had gotten off to, seeing most everyone inside the building talking to Brian and milling around, Aaron excused himself and the three teens telling the Queen he would join her shortly down by the dock, so they could talk.



Nodding her head, Victoria took off on the hauler to the docks in the distance while Aaron opened a door for her grandsons.



Steering the three into the barn, “Hey guys, quick Clan meeting before I take off to talk with Victoria for a while,” noticing that Pat and Doug were moving back out of the way, Aaron called out, “Kenny, Damien grab those two. They are part of the Clan, so they get to hear what is going on.”



Giggling Kenny dragged Douglas and Patrick back to the rest who had found seats on the ground as Aaron pushed the three British royals into the center of the circle and down to the ground. “We’ve not really talked much on how we add others to the Clan, or even about sex outside the Clan, but these three have a unique situation, that we need to talk about before we get bogged down with projects.” Seeing that he had everyone's attention, Aaron smiled at each of them in turn, “I think we are of the same mind that nothing besides hand jobs will happen outside the Clan, correct?”



Getting their agreement even from the new guys, Aaron smiled, “There are two ways to bring others into the Clan, one, they are born into the Clan or they have demonstrated that they are a leader and are willing to live up to our motto, and we all agree to allow them in.”



“Clan Stranton leads others follow…” Tim smiled, as his words brought a smile to Aaron’s face.



“The only other thing is that we each need to agree that the person would be a good fit, as we pretty much keep sex to those in the Clan, we should all feel the other would be a good bed partner,” Aaron nodded his head at the shocked looks and thoughts form the three British Royals sitting in the center of the group, “yes Andrew, all of us have sex with each other…well all of us in the Clan and with the exception of the younger ones who are limited in what they are allowed to do in bed with one of the rest of the guys. We’re all lovers, which means Brian, if you join us you gain each of the guys in the Clan as your lover, while we gain you as a lover.”



“Now, the reason the three Brits are here in the group right now, Andrew and Richard are gay and afraid to be themselves…well, Andrew more than Richard, and Andrew was hoping to hit it off with Fred, who he has a crush on, so he could at least have a memory of being true to himself.” Aaron was pleased there were no looks of pity from his guy’s only sadness, “so what I propose is for these three, and only these three; they are allowed to explore with us the possibilities of being true to themselves.”



Edward looked up and back in shock towards Aaron, who nodded and answered his unspoken question, “Yes you too Edward, I know you like both and if the guys agree, you can explore if you promise that once you become serious and start dating, you have to stop, as you have to be faithful to the person you are going to marry, the up side is that being very friendly with a bunch of telepaths will be helpful when you chose the right girl to start dating in the first place, less likely you will not be a match.”



Feeling the anticipation from the three Brits, Aaron smiled, “Kenny, I don’t have to read your mind to know what you are thinking, the same rules that you have to follow with the rest of the Clan are just as binding, until you are tall enough and your body mature enough…notice I did not say in puberty, but most likely it will be at the same time, you may not do anything further than oral with any of them. That goes for you also Damien, and let’s not forget Douglas and Patrick either,” Aaron looked at each of them as they grinned in acknowledgement, undeterred by the rules.



Moving so he could kneel in front of Brian, “Tommy and Mark and a few others have been talking to you about some of this, so the question I have to ask is, if this is something you want?” Aaron left the meaning open, hoping he would pick up on the alteration part also.



Looking around at the smiling and eager faces, Brian nodded shyly, “Dad and I have been talking about this ever since we arrived, he thinks it would be good for me and he knows it would be a simple port over for me, and we would not grow apart.” Leaning forward and whispering as he pointed to his shorts, where he was tented up, “I like the idea of the Clan and all the sex we will have together too.”



Aaron smiled and as Brian was leaning forward already; he met him halfway and kissed him deeply for the first time. Releasing him from the kiss, Aaron smiled at Brian’s smile before Brian got a funny look on his face and stiffened as he started to cum in his shorts. Reaching over, Aaron placed his hand in Brian’s shorts so he could try to catch as much of his cum as possible thereby saving him any embarrassment. Hand still holding his shorts open until the last dribbles were caught, Aaron brought the hand holding the offering up to his mouth and whispered, “You honor me, love,” as he licked his hand clean to Brian’s wide eyes .



Reaching down to wipe off any of the last remains of his surprise orgasm on Aarons hand, Brian lifted it from his shorts and brought it to his mouth and licked it clean, luckily for him he was not embarrassed, as the actions were blocked by Aaron’s body so the three Brits did not see what happened.



Standing up and tented heavily, Aaron sighed; he would have to take care of that before joining the Queen or end up with a bad case of blue balls, ignoring the wide eyed stare at his crotch by Richard and Andrew, Aaron moved behind them, “What are your feelings on cementing relationships with Britain as I discussed, these three being the only ones outside of the Clan to share our beds.”



Damien pushed Kenny back down then they had a whispered conversation about this, but Kenny was more wanting to get their clothes off than really thinking things through, getting up, he went over and knelt in front of Andrew and looked him in the eye, “Do you give us your word of honor, by everything you hold dear that makes you who you are, that if you are let in you will never have sex outside the Clan or hurt us on purpose?”



Swallowing at the intensity of the gaze being directed at him, Andrew nodded his head, “I swear by all that I am…I just wish there was a way for me to join you permanently…” his reply was cut off as Damien leaned forward and kissed him with passion, at the same time, Pete knelt in front of Edward and stared deep into his eyes.



“You promise…you promise to only have sex with us until you find a queen we approve of, so you know she wants you for you, not who you will be. That no matter what happens in the future, you always remember these days with love in your heart, knowing that in turn we let you into our hearts,” Pete demanded, and kissed him just as passionately after Edward spoke his promise.



Seeing that Richard felt left out and depressed, Aaron went around and knelt in front of him, “The reason no one has done this for you is that they do not know you yet, so Richard, do you promise to live by the promise spoken by your Cousin Andrew?”



Nodding his head with a serious hopeful expression on his face, “I do. I really want this and being the spare of the spare, I want to join your Clan permanently and officially.” Richard tried to put as much of his heart and soul in the answer so he would be taken seriously.



Leaning forward, Aaron caught Richard’s lips and kissed the inexperienced teen, kissing him and feeling Richard’s hands slip into his shorts to fondle and feel his hard cock. Releasing the kiss Aaron laid his hands over Richard’s, “Unfortunately, I have to go meet with your grandmother so maybe one of the others will play with you,” giving him one last kiss, Aaron stood up and moved away towards the office, intent on a quick session, he was close and it would not take long he was therefore surprised to feel a hand on his back as he pulled his hard cock out of his shorts ready to take care of the problem.



Looking over his shoulder as he pulled his cock out of his shorts, he saw Brian with a smile on his face moving around him, “This way you don’t have to worry about getting anything on you,” he whispered as his lips kissed the end of Aaron’s hard cock and licked his lips, tasting the pre-cum that they picked up from contact.



“I won’t last long as I have been holding back all morning,” Aaron whispered as he felt the lips on his cock part and let his swollen head through into the warm and wet mouth. “That feels real good Brian,” Aaron moaned softly as Brian slowly tried to make it last, which unfortunately for Brian it did not, as Aaron moaned out, “I’m going to cum…”



Moving his mouth back so that Aaron would cum across his tongue, where he could taste it and swirl the creamy liquid around the spurting head Brian waited for him to finally stop, once he did cheeks looking like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter Brain crawled up and kissed Aaron sharing the bounty back with him.



After they had shared the kiss and his seed, Aaron broke away as Brian pulled his shorts back up, “Later love, later we will have to do this right, taking our time and really enjoying each other.”



Brian gave Aaron one of his shy smiles, “At least now you won’t explode on the way down to the docks.”



Laughing, Aaron turned Brian around to face Damien who was standing watching in the door and pulled Brian’s shorts down so his cock was free and in full view of Damien, “Damien would you do the honors while I’m gone.” Nodding his head eagerly Damien rushed forward and fell to his knees in front of Brian and licked the tip as Aaron smiled and walked out of the office heading for the docks; the walk would do him good he thought.



Five minutes later, body once more under control, Aaron entered the shed by the docks where Victoria was waiting for him with a contemplative expression on her face, “I stuck around to listen in, being the nosy old biddy that I am. You love them all, don’t you? Each has a separate piece of your heart and yet with so many it seems that you would run out. Yet here you are opening your heart for my grandsons, all of you are…I will have to consider Richard's request carefully and the possibility of Andrew marring into the Clan. It might have to be polite fiction and the bride never being seen, because of the isolation that you keep you kingdom in for the rest of the world…but their happiness is just as important to me as being there for my people. You all look so young, yet I worry that in time my grandson will be hurt…you can’t be the eighteen you look.”



“Alteran’s age differently than the rest of the world,” Aaron started to create a story mostly truth, but partial fabrication, and he pathed it to the others so they would all have the same story as he told it, “you heard me mention breakthrough, when we hit puberty, and our hormones go wild and surge through our bodies causing rapid changes, in most people this is what happens. But for an Alteran, after our gifts come to the forefront and we can gain access to them, other things happen to us that set us apart, our aging slows down so that for every four years that pass for a normal person, we only age one. And when we hit eighteen or nineteen, it slows down again to the final rate of one year for every ten.”



“That is one of the secrets that you, being the only non Alteran will know, the other which may be shared with your grandsons is this,” Aaron looked at her, tasting her emotions and thoughts, “there is a procedure that can be done to someone who is not Alteran, that will make them into one of us. The gifts, longer life, everything, most of the rescued gay youth will be given this option, so it’s not like we are setting them up on another island or they become second class citizens or feel like outcasts, they are given every opportunity to fully enjoy and benefit by being part of our society.”



Victoria watched Aaron as he shared the secret, considered his words and came up with a plan, maybe if the answer to her next question was favorable, “Is there a time limit…an age one cannot be past before you cannot change them?”



Sighing, Aaron looked out at the ocean thinking for a moment before he heard a unanimous agreement on a cover age pathed back to him, “Twenty six, once a person reaches age twenty six, it becomes too dangerous to alter them.”



“If you can turn Edward into the leader he can be by his 21st birthday, I shall step down once he weds. I heard something about your Clan saying they would help him find the right wife? If so, I will agree to Andrew joining the Clan as I see his heart is with you, not our people…maybe if my people turn around and become less intolerant and bigoted that would be different,” Victoria shook her head sadly, “Richard of course, I will give him all the protection I can, but I have the feeling you will as a Clan need to rescue him thus taking it out of my hands. I wonder where I went wrong in raising my sons, and when did they become so intolerant and unloving to their own flesh and blood, even in private?”



Looking pained, she gazed out to the ocean, as if it held all the answers she needed, “I have watched over the past few days, how my grandsons have come to look up to you, and each in their own way, sharing their heart with you…how much they soak up the simple hugs you give freely, it mean so much to them…”



Aaron thought about things and did not know what to say, instead, he scooted over and pulled her into a one armed hug, “It could be that you did something wrong, but more than likely they made the choice to let the media dictate how they act, image becoming everything; we’ll truly never know.”



After reassuring her, he scooted back to his place, “Before we start on truly unpleasant things, let me offer a ray of hope, Andrew has five years until his brother takes the throne, at  that time, if he chooses to undergo the procedure and he has found someone that is not Alteran that lives up to our standards, I will before they are both altered, create a son for them, thus insuring that you will have another in the line of succession if something would ever happen. The only thing is that the polite fiction created would place him ineligible to assume the throne, because of his marriage to a royal of our kingdom, but he would assume stewardship of your throne until his son is twenty one.” Aaron looked into her shocked face, “I’m sure Andrew will want many children, as most Alteran’s do, what I am proposing is a polite fiction where his first born is the heir apparent until his brother has a child of his own. With the aforementioned condition, and if Edward would happen to have two sons before Andrew's son hits the cutoff age, and he is willing he to, he can then join us and undergo the procedure.”



“An Alteran’s DNA is always dominant, so two gay men, one of them Alteran will always give you a child who is Alteran. Two gay men on the other hand have an equal chance of producing a child that is not gay as they do of producing a gay child. So I will leave this option open just in case, for Andrew’s first born.” Aaron was firm on his conditions, but he knew they were accepted because of the wide smile on Victoria’s face.



“Agreed,” Victoria was quick to agree, with a smile on her face.



“What my Clan offered Edward was the services of a range of telepaths to assure him that his prospective bride was only interested in him, not what he could offer her, this way there was a chance to make the marriage work, we would also make sure they were truly compatible with each other. It will quickly weed out a lot of the nonsense, and still give him a range of choices to fall in love with.” Aaron smiled as he got the pathed answer of “Dammed right we will.”



Smile turning into a frown, Victoria faced Aaron, “And the truly unpleasant things?”



Looking back at the ocean, “I found out this morning the planned meeting with the President of the U.S. is a set up. They plan to ambush me, or at least the CIA and FBI do, I am not sure if the President knows or is unaware…”



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