Chapter 22





Finished with breakfast, this morning they had eaten with the Brit’s at the hospital over on Altair, Aaron glanced over the group of teens at the table; his Clan was growing once again. Smiling, he stood up and waited until he had everyone's attention, the three British royals were sending out waves of nothing but contentment and satisfaction; they must have enjoyed their night of exploration last night, though he made sure he was not available for bed hopping to the British teens. “Alrighty, here’s how things are going to start this morning, and hopefully they will go smoothly for all of us. Pete, you and Tim, along with Douglas and Patrick, are going to be heading for Air Evac four in about half an hour, you’ll also have the usual compliment of body guards, both the British and several of our own, Formal Clan dress for all of you, please.” Aaron pathed the next bit to them, “if you find the opportunity to test them, do so, but only if you can be safe.” Returning to speaking out loud, “The trip will be about ten hours long as there really is not a reason to go any faster…and you will have three fighters as escort.” Handing out two of the ear communicators, one each to Douglas and Patrick, “Before I forget, I think you were promised these, remember not to take them off and don’t forget your passports, you’ll have armed escorts to take you home to retrieve anything that is yours, but just to be safe, you should always have them with you.”



Seeing them smile and feeling the thoughts of being safe from the two of them, Aaron smiled in return and turned to the Brits, “Andrew, Edward, go ahead and work on finalizing plans with Pete and Tim during the trip, the most important thing is to make sure that the channels leading to the docks are at least thirty meters deep by ten in the morning on Friday.”



Seeing their nods of agreement, Aaron turned his smile towards the last royal, “Richard, I talked with your grandmother last night and she seemed to think you might be in for a bit of a rough time…” shaking his head, he changed his mind, “Actually, she told me that I might have to go rescue you from your parents and give you asylum, so before you leave your grandmothers sight, make sure you have the panic button Pete will provide you, never take it off.”



Seeing his frightened and concerned expression, Aaron did not have to go hug him, because his cousins beat him to it. Smiling in pleasure at the two, which had them beaming in pride. “I have a meeting in the U.S. at ten and will be taking Altare one, I am supposed to meet the president at ten thirty at Camp David, which I will not be doing. We will meet on Altare One with the Sixteen governors as witnesses. I expect to be back no later than noon.”



“Kevin, if you will track down Jesse, over at Drew and Eric’s place, and have him to my office by one, I have a conference call scheduled with Judge Johnson. Tommy, you and Mark will stand outside the range of the pickup, in case you are needed to answer any questions and only those I give you permission to answer, so it does not turn into a fishing expedition for the defense lawyers for your former guardians.” Aaron, seeing the panicked look on Tommy’s face he added, “Don’t worry; they will not be around so you won’t see them, and they won’t see you.”



Glancing at the clock, Aaron looked back at the Brits and those going with them, “You guys have just enough time to get to the jet if it’s to leave on time…off you go and remember, I’m only a thought away if you need me.”



Kissing Pete and Tim soundly before they left, he gave them the same message after releasing them, “Be safe.”  Douglas and Patrick lined up and they too got the same kiss which made them smile at being included. Aaron though, was slightly surprised to see the three royals in line and Richard being first, his thoughts were mostly demanding and needing to be treated just like the others in the Clan, so Aaron pulled him close and gently placed his lips on his and then more forceful truly kissed him.



Panting, Richard reluctantly released Aaron and followed the others out of the room, replaced by a grinning Andrew who moved up close, “Thought we wouldn’t follow tradition did you,” he whispered, as he initiated the kiss, which after letting go he looked up at Aaron wistfully before he too left.



Edward being last in line, walked up smiling, “Yes, I’m sure I want to do this, I find I rather like it, actually.”



Nodding his head, Aaron took the hesitant teen into a tight embrace and softly kissed him, slowly growing more passionate as Edward responded to his tongue. Breaking apart, Aaron smiled as Edward looked back, “I think I need to find time to spend in your bed, not just following you around learning what you are teaching,” before he too walked out, stopping to adjust his trousers before entering the hall.



After they had left, Aaron looked back at the rest of the Clan, “Mark and Fred will be released as soon as I get back, and before one, so other than practicing your skills and your studies you're all on your own until supper, so unless anyone has anything to add or change?”



No one saying anything, Aaron looked at Friedrich who was standing near the wall, “Friedrich, are you sure you feel up to going on this trip?”



Stepping forward, Friedrich nodded his head, “Yes sir, my limiter has been altered to allow a four hour window for visions, and while I don’t have control of my gifts yet, I can still do what I was trained to do which is to guard you. I already have a crew on standby at the airport, so that when we land, that section of the airport will be locked down. They have also been advised on all the differing jets arriving with governors on board that will be arriving soon to meet you.”



Starting with those closest to him, Aaron kissed the rest of the Clan goodbye, at least for the morning, and told a few about the evening he planned. Finally, as they left to go back to Altare and their studies, Aaron was left with Friedrich and a few select pilots, nodding his head, “Alrighty, the sooner this gets done the sooner we get back here and I can relax.”



Standing at the air strip as Air Evac Four lifted off with its four fighters as escort, Aaron stood and watched them until they were out of sight, turning back to the four pilots and two guards, Aaron looked up at the shiny outline of Altare One with its four ram jet engines on top and glancing back at the hospital one last time, climbed the stairs leading to the flight deck. Once onboard, he took the command chair and powered up the gestalt, this flight would be short as they were going to port close to the coast of California and pick up several of the governors for the trip to Washington.



From his command chair, Aaron switched on the monitors and watched as the fighters launched vertically and moved forward a couple hundred feet then hovered, out of the reach of the ram jet, they were waiting for Aaron to port them to within fifty miles of the coast. Listening to the pilot’s converse with each other, Aaron noticed the monitor showed that Altare One had launched itself vertically just as the fighters did a moment before, once at an altitude of forty thousand feet, Aaron extended his mic and linked into the command net. “Altare Escort, prepare for teleportation…hold position upon arrival.”



“Roger Altare One, prepared for portation and hold for arrival,” the voice of the lead fighter came over the speaker.



Checking the spy image of the area, Aaron felt for the fighters and ported them just in front of the hovering camera, satisfied that they arrived safely, Aaron changed the view on the camera to show the airspace  behind the fighter escorts and called out to the pilot, “Prepare for teleportation on my mark…mark.”



Glancing at the screens as the gestalt generator went back to standby, Aaron smiled at seeing they were right where he wanted them to be and gave the order to proceed, after checking the email for the proper frequency Governor Tides gave him, “You are clear for flight…change frequencies, 118.4 and contact tower.” Aaron then sat back and listened in on the conversation between the control tower and air traffic control.



“Altare One plus escorts times three, to San Francisco air traffic control on 118.4.”



“This is San Francisco International, we have you on our screen and you are clear to descend to thirty thousand and approach runway two seven left…not real sure where you just popped up from, but you are cleared to enter San Francisco airspace.”



“Roger San Francisco International, we are two zero miles out and are clear for two seven left.”



“Roger Altare One, we have you at one eight miles eighteen miles out; switch to 121.8 ground control.”



“Roger San Francisco International...switching to 121.8…San Francisco ground, this is Altare One on 121.8, ten miles out and approaching two seven left.”



“Roger Altare One, you are clear Two Seven Left winds are at fifteen out of the south, visibility is clear.”



“Ground control, we have you in sight… be advised escort wing will be at Z plus fifty feet on our arrival, we are commencing VTOL procedures.”



Governor Bill Tides watched the strange futuristic aircraft approach the runway with three smaller craft riding herd on it, he was about to yell out that the plane was going to overshoot the runway when all of a sudden, it came to a complete halt and hovered above the middle of the runway before gently lowering to the ground. Mouth open in shock, Bill looked to either side to his gathered colleagues, “Well, this is going to be interesting.”



They watched in silence as the huge aircraft, easily three times as wide as the charter super jumbo jets taxied towards the general aviation terminal where they waited for them with a Custom’s Official. Finally, the plane stopped and a gantry was moved to the plane's side and the door spiraled open. Bill stared at the door spiraled like an iris not like the aircraft he was used to, where the door pushed outwards and to the side. Looking up into the sky, he was not the only one that noticed the hovering small jets in a triangle around the large aircraft, and if he was not mistaken, they looked armed. Following the Custom’s Inspector up the gantry, Bill hoped things would go smoothly; his state could use the influx of technology and revenue the King could provide.



Using the servo motor in the chair, Aaron turned it so he was facing the doorway to await his guests, scowling as the first person who walked through the door wore a uniform of some sort, he tilted his head and waited to hear what he had to say.



Nate was nervous, truth be told, he did not want this duty, inspecting a foreign jet that he had never seen before and to have sixteen state governors watching over his shoulder while he did it was a recipe for ulcers. Seeing the single scowling individual sitting facing the door did not help either, or the two heavily armed guards standing with hands on their weapons flanking him just made matters worse.



Not moving his head, Aaron was polite, “May I help you with something.”



Swallowing hard and cursing his supervisor, Nate nodded his head professionally, “I’m with U.S. Customs, may I have your DCAS number and paperwork, please.”



“I have no clue about what you are asking for,” Aaron sounded puzzled as he looked to either side to see if they had any idea.



“All Diplomatic Aircraft must have a DCAS number assigned to them by the state department, as such, it is just a formality to check the number with the computer and you are clear to proceed,” Nate explained calmly, the reason he was assigned to most of the diplomatic planes was how calm he remained in the presence of high strung officials.



Very confused now, Aaron pulled the terminal around and pulled up the email he had been sent from the White House, throwing it up on the monitor, he motioned the officer to come closer, “I still have no clue on what you are asking for. This is the email I received, confirming the time your President requested to meet with me at Camp David. I’m at a loss here; I do not see any section dealing with a DCAS number, this request and confirmation came in yesterday, do I need to call the White House to find out who has this number you need?”



Nate frowned also, as he pulled out his cell phone and called in, moving to the door, he talked for a moment with his office and got the guys on the computer to check for clearance, facing the diplomat once more as he closed his cell phone, Nate looked at him suspiciously, “it seems clearance was granted late last night at the President’s request, but it was for the east coast and Washington D.C.”



Confused and showing it, Aaron turned back around from the screen, “Why would that be, the Altare Kingdom is in the Pacific, not the Atlantic…”shaking his head, Aaron stared at the official, “that makes no sense, even if I did not plan to stop in San Francisco first to pick up the Governors for an in flight meeting, I would not fly out of my way to make it to the U.S.”



“Sorry for the inconvenience; you have clearance and are free to continue,” Nate told him with a nod as he backed out of the way so the state governor’s contingent could come on board and he could leave, he planned to lodge a complaint as soon as he got back to the office, someone had screwed up and he would make sure they paid.



“Gentleman, if you would please join me,” Aaron waved the men towards the couches and chairs arrange in a semi circle around his command chair. Once they were all in and they had found a seat, Aaron closed the door from the terminal and cleared the pilot for flight, this time ignoring the command net chatter, as he had guests. Nodding to Friedrich to go ahead, he waited as Friedrich handed to each governor a copy of a document. “Do any of you have any understanding of the 1941 treaty between the U.S. and the Altare Kingdom?” Aaron asked, after they were all handed a copy of said treaty to read.



“You see, ladies and gentlemen, we have a slight problem, as much as you are all here to try to garner my business or technology for your individual states, there is a larger problem that has to be addressed first.” Aaron started to explain as they flipped through the simple four page document. “I have visual and audio recordings that prove that the treaty in your hands has been broken by someone in your federal government, which leaves me in a bind, as the consequences are laid out very clearly in that document.”



Paling, Bill Tides looked to his fellow governors, slightly confused, “I don’t understand; surely this is something you should be bringing up with the President when you meet with him, not the representatives of state government.”



“True…” Aaron nodded his head as he sat back in his chair, mind skimming their thoughts, “That would normally be the case, but when you take into consideration several other things, and one piece of information that came into my hands yesterday afternoon, it leaves a troubling picture…at least in my mind.”



Showing one finger, Aaron started, “Fact one, the FBI is demanding that I give them back door access to all DNA lock technology, so they can investigate activity…their words not mine.” Placing the second finger next to the first, “when I respond back that I will not discuss this with a nameless person through email, but only face to face, the FBI in its wisdom, sends fifty agents to descend on a meeting I was to have with a family court judge to advise him on why a sixteen year old would not only ask for asylum, but have his request granted, they arranged themselves in such a way that there would be no way for me to leave without them stopping me and by their own words, they were to convince me to comply with the back door access to the technology.”



Holding up a third finger to the other two, Aaron sighed, “Now there is a court hearing set up because several companies who are suing me because I refuse to patent my new technology and they are unable to reverse engineer it, so they are trying to make a case for having me declared a monopoly and bring into force the RICO laws.” Sighing, he put his hand down, “I could go on, but I think you see the pattern which leads to the last piece of the puzzle, I was informed that I would never make it to the meeting I was to have with the President. The CIA and FBI have an ambush set up and I was told I would be assassinated in the hopes that someone more compliant would replace me.”



Seeing the shocked looks on all their faces, Aaron sighed in relief, when their thoughts confirmed their outrage. “Currently, we are somewhere over Colorado and the meeting I was to have with the President is supposed to take place in ten minutes, a remote controlled car is on its way to Camp David as we speak, and the only player missing in this drama is the President.”



Calling up the remote spy camera in the meeting room at Camp David, Aaron focused on the President and the room he was in, not seeing anyone around, he hijacked and activated the Television, “Good morning Mr. President, by now you should have realized that I am not coming, though the assassins outside your gate which are on the left side of your screen do not know that; shall we listen in to their conversation? After all, your government agents spent a lot of effort setting this up.”



Looking up into the face of the man he was supposed to meet in five minutes, the President was shocked as he listened to the chatter on the TV, the voices obviously American, and just as obvious was the close ups that showed several people in FBI jackets holding rocket launchers aiming them at the approaching car. He was about to open his mouth, calling this a fiction when he noticed one of his secret service agents walk out to talk to the person with the rocket launcher, it was very hard to claim it was a fake when one of your own people was part of it, and they were in this very room a few short minutes ago.



“You have to believe me, I knew nothing about this…I have no part in all of this and I would not authorize it to begin with, not when I had asked to meet with you to bring business into the country, not only business, but to set up your hospitals as well.” Seeing the men prepare to fire, the President stood up yelling, “NO…NO GET YOUR PEOPLE OUT OF THERE…”



Secret service agents rushed into the room and paled as they saw one of their own on the screen as the men he was with fired the missile at the limo with the Alteran Flags on the hood.



The President fell into the chair staring in horror at the TV screen, where the vehicle only moments before that he had hoped would bring a new wave of prosperity to his country lay in pieces. “Collins, get some men and arrest Wilson…take him alive and any of the others with him.”



Staring at the TV screen that now held the picture of the King of Altare on it, he shook his head, “I did not know…I promise you, I did not know.”



“Luckily, I got word that this was a possibility, so I took precautions, the vehicle that was just destroyed was remote controlled so none of my people were injured, but you have a serious problem, Mr. President…tell me, what do you know about the 1941 treaty between the Kingdom of Altare and the U.S., actually all major players at the time signed it, fearing what would happen if they brought their war to our doors.” Aaron asked, wondering if this information blackout extended all the way to the top.



The President looked up, eyes bloodshot red, “What treaty?”



Aaron did not want to believe him, but after talking to the governors and they also claimed they did not have any clue about the treaty, he sighed, “Mr. President, I do not think you are in control of your government. Alteran Air Space was violated by an armed jet from the U.S Navy several days ago. I have visual and audio recording of the jet before it was destroyed…we need to talk, be at Andrews in thirty five minutes, when I land, not thirty six, but thirty five minutes from now. Let me warn you I have an armed escort with me, and if they see the first hint of a weapon even pointing in my direction, then they will open fire and I will not land as a state of war will exist between my Kingdom and your country. Two minutes later every single nuclear missile in your country will be destroyed, five minutes after that, every naval vessel will be at the bottom of the ocean…I don’t think I need to continue, do I. Your country is fracturing quickly Mr. President and frankly, I don’t know what to do about it or if I should care, I will see you face to face to see if we can find a solution in thirty two minutes.”



Aaron turned off the television and looked at the stunned governors, “Please, I need all of you to help me sort this out, before it is too late, as you all saw your President is definitely not in control of the federal government, the question is, who is?”



Nothing really was accomplished over the next thirty minutes, mostly speculation of one sort or another, even the reading Aaron had done in the core archive never hinted to a Shadow Government, though if one stopped to think about it, it did make sense on how quickly in the other timeline the differing branches of the government fell into line when the religious zealots took control of the country, now the question was, how much of the future do I let slip out, or do I take another path.



Quiet descended as Altare One was challenged as it approached Andrew’s, once Altare One was accepted as legitimate Aaron chuckled softly at the indignation and shock of the Air Traffic Control tower as Altare One went into Hover Mode and then descended for a perfect VTOL landing right next to Air Force One.



Aaron’s fingers brushed the touch screen keyboard causing the door to spiral open and waited along with everyone else for the president to join them. He watched as first the frowning troubled face of the president turned to a forced smile of greeting, then to shock as he saw his guests.



Walking through the door, the President was a troubled man, the off handed comment of him not being in charge of the country not only hurt, but after arresting the double agents and briefly listening to them rant made him think there was more than a kernel of truth to that statement. Looking at the young man who was a King and leader of the most secretive nation in the world, the President’s eyes were drawn to the crowd sitting behind him, “Bill…Bob…Dylan,” the President greeted, before sighing and heading towards the empty seat, “I think this goes much higher than even I imagined.”



Handing over the treaty to the President, “I think you need to read this Sir. As a student of history and a World War II buff, I can verify that the signature is real, that is Roosevelt’s signature,” Bill Tides informed him.



Glancing at the cover of the slim document, the President noticed that it was the treaty he had been asked about, opening it up and reading it, he paled as he realized what the U.S. government agreed to sixty four years ago and what the terrible consequences were for default. Closing the document with a shaky hand, he closed his eyes and let his mind wander to all the other signatories to the document, “How bad, Bill…how bad is the situation truly?”



Sighing as he sat back and let his eyes roam to his fellow governors, “Bad, Mr. President…truthfully without the actions of this morning, the U.S. had already broken the treaty with an armed incursion into Alteran air space two days ago…frankly sir, according to that document we are already at war.”



The words chilled him to the core. Shivering as he looked at the young man in the strange chair without any emotion on his face; he sighed, “I don’t suppose that…no if you said it so strongly then you have solid proof. What else is going on, something big if the FBI and CIA who dislike and don’t trust each other worked together to try an assassination attempt on the doorstep of Camp David?”



Bill and the other Governors spent the next fifteen minutes reviewing all the emails and documentation Aaron had provided them on the flight over, as each story unfolded, another nail was driven into the coffin and it seemed all hope for solving this without bloodshed was lost.



Finally, Aaron, fingers flashing above the keyboard, brought up the recording from the morning two days ago, “Besides the obvious facts of this record showing the treaty violation, we are the uncomfortable witness to a man losing his life…remember this…this was some mother’s son and more than likely someone's father or husband,” he told them as he pressed play.



They sat there horrified as they listened and watched the event unfold before their eyes, finally it was over and the President slumped forward to put his head in his hands, not looking up, the sound of defeat in his voice, “What happens now?”



“So far, all of this has happened without the media catching on, so, for the average American, nothing has happened, other than the medical breakthrough that will save lives. If I was inclined to shake sticks with you to show who had the bigger stick, we would bandy words and threats back and forth and in retribution for breaking the treaty, I would eliminate all your nuclear weapons in under sixty seconds,” Aaron was calm as he stared at the President as he said that, before sighing and looking at the shocked faces surrounding him. “Truthfully, I would be well within my rights and the only thing keeping me from even thinking of all the saber rattling is the fact you had no clue…you, as the highest elected official, the one who is supposed to be in charge, did not know and did not sanction these acts.”



Seeing the hope in the man’s eyes as he sat up straight Aaron shrugged, “Where do we go from here? Well to tell you the truth, until two days ago, I was all set to start pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into your economy, bringing new businesses and technology to the U.S., now…now I will take a wait and see attitude. Giving you time to quietly clean house and take back control of your government.” Aaron saw the hope in the governors' eyes and knew his next words would dash it, he only hoped they truly listened and realized they still had a chance, “which also means I am not willing to wait for you to clean house, those hundreds of millions will be pumped into another country's economy,” looking at Bill intently now, “I will not deal with any Federal Branch of your government, so anything that does happen from now on in the U.S. will be done through the Local Governments.”



Bill looked at Aaron as he spoke, and his hope of a bright future died along with the words he spoke until he heard the end, local governments. Sitting up straight as If someone had pinched him, he figured out what Aaron was saying and smiling, he nodded his understanding, seeing the confused looks on some of his colleagues' faces he would have to have a quiet word with them after the President left.



“So no war, no bloodshed, and all I have to do is quietly clean house,” The President thought out loud, “It can’t be that simple though, and who do I trust to even get this started?”



Aaron smiled for the first time since the President entered Altare One, “Simple yes, easy no; as for who you can trust, you can start with these sixteen peoplen next to you, you can trust them with your life. As for where you start, how about with all the powerful agencies that are supposed to be under your control. But remember, this is to happen without the American public becoming informed so that means shortly, there will be a large amount of people retiring, how you deal with them after they are truly gone from the public eye is your problem, not mine…as it should be.”



“Not easy is an understatement,” Dylan, one of the other governors spoke up and with a half hearted chuckle trying to break the tension, “I don’t suppose you have an advanced Lie Detector that is foolproof we can use, do you?”



Aaron frowned, his face became thoughtful, as the seconds turned into minutes the others grew silent and watched as it was obvious he was trying to come to a decision, which meant he did have a foolproof lie detector, moving forward eagerly after a few minutes had passed, the President caught Aaron's attention, “if you do have such a device, we would be very grateful and of course pay for its use.”



Holding up a hand to stop any further talk, Aaron flipped down the mic and tapped the side of his communicator while his other hand tapped certain areas on the touch screen, encircling him in a bright light that shimmered. While the light show was going on, he pathed the Clan and after replaying the whole conversation, he ended it with, “I know the decision is truly mine, but I do like to hear other input on something major like this, so tell me what do you think of letting them hire the services of telepaths and letting the secret out a few years early?”



Tommy said yes, as do I,” Kevin pathed back after a minute of thinking about it.



And how would Tommy know what we are pathing each other about, there is no way you had enough time to explain it to him, not with  me feeling him brushing your mind right now,” Aaron let his curiosity flow through to the others, and felt their amusement in return.



Um…we figured a way to feed information to Tommy’s mind, if he was touching one of us without causing him pain. We discovered it by accident, well okay it was during some really great sex, but still it was an accident,” Kevin blushed as he answered.



Aaron sent laughter back, “Well, you guys do seem to continue surprising me, what about the rest of you?” one by one the others seemed to agree with Tommy and Kevin and spent more time going over the actual way they came about brush linking as Kevin called it as they wanted to try with the Royals later on.



Laughing through the link as Aaron was given the scene through Tim’s eyes of Richard standing behind a partition enjoying himself as his cousin thrust in and out of him, he told them he would see them in the morning when he ported them back home before he broke the connection and lowered and dissolved the light show.



“Sorry about that gentlemen, I needed to talk to a few of my advisors to see how feasible my solution is, and I think we can come to an agreement, but not on borrowing machines, we use trained telepaths for what you are suggesting.” Aaron watched them carefully, skimming their surfaces thoughts as he told them about telepaths. “So, I would be agreeable to letting you hire the services of a few of our telepaths with the understanding that a list of agreed upon questions would be used as the script, and that we use the regular polygraph equipment you normally use with a few things added for show.”



“The questions would be designed so the telepath could determine loyalty during the scan that would happen during questioning and following a full discloser of what is happening in the U.S. to make sure the loyalties of the person in question did not change after learning what was going on. And unless you wanted the person being questioned to be on the floor holding their head screaming all the questions would have to be very open ended and leading, as the telepath would scan their surface thoughts, only going deeper if I approve, not you.” Aaron laid down the foundation for the ground rules they would have to follow, “The knowledge of telepaths would also not leave this group of people gentlemen, I am already inundated with requests for medical treatment, so I haven’t the energy to deal with all the governments and such wanting a telepath at their beck and call also.”



Nodding his head, the President started to plan taking back his government, “I am sure there are other issues to resolve on utilizing your telepaths besides money, so after we sit down and develop the questions, how can I get a hold of you securely if I have further questions?”



Aaron thought he had a valid concern and looked over at Bill, and then pointed to him, “Governor Tides has a secure way to contact me that would not go noticed, you would just have to make sure the two of you had a secure communications line.”



“Speaking about hiring telepaths,” Bill started, as he looked at Aaron, “If I have any chance of getting you to build one of your hospitals in California, I need to make sure my own house is clean, was the offer only good for the President or can I hire a couple to make sure my house is in order before trying to talk you into building in California and investing?”



“That’s a damn good idea, Bill, you start at the bottom and I’ll start at the top and we’ll meet in the middle,” the President stood up and glanced at all the other governors, “Let’s move this to Air Force One and have a long planning session on the way back to California where I can drop you’ll off.”



“Your Majesty,” the President held out his hand, “thank you for giving me this opportunity to right the wrongs committed against you….”



“AUGHHHH…” Friedrich cried out slapping his hand to the side of his head.



While everyone else froze and the Secret Service standing near him pulled their weapons. Aaron jumped out of his chair and rushed to Friedrich's side, careful not to touch him as he dropped to his knees, “Tell me what you see,” Aaron ordered to quietly for the outsiders to hear.



“Air Force One…a bomb on board…under the Presidential Meeting Room in between the floor joists…” Friedrich gasped out between the pain,” Set…Set to go off when ten thousand feet is reached.”



“And if they used the backup jet instead of Air Force One,” Aaron asked carefully noticing right away the relaxation in Friedrich’s facial muscles.



“It’s clean, they did not have time to set it up there yet, because today the backup is the primary while the primary is on its way back from maintenance,” Friedrich slowly opened his eyes and glared at the limiter.



“Bug out…Bug Out…I repeat Bug Out, Air Force One has been compromised have the 29000 land in the middle of the runway and standby. We will taxi out in Altare One with the President,” the Lead Secret Service Agent who had moved closer to hear what was going on called out into his shirt sleeve.



Shoving the sleeve of Friedrich’s shirt back, Aaron took one look at the limiter and noticed the redness around the bracelet. Standing up, he reached over to the first aid kit near the door and pulled it down out of its bracket, opening it up he pulled out the temple sensor and applying the gel first, he placed it on Friedrich’s temple and activated the pain control function, “Straight to the med bay when we get back, something must be wrong with the limiter if it caused that type of feedback.”



“Sir is he going to be alright?” the lead agent asked, as he kept his eyes on the movement outside the plane.



“He will be, it seems some of the equipment he is carrying needs a little adjustment,” Aaron told him, as he dug through the first aid kit and finally chose a syringe full of gray liquid. Popping the cap off he carefully inserted the needle into a vein in Friedrich’s arm and injected the nanite’s. Placing his hand under Friedrich’s arm he pulled, “Alright let’s get you over to the couch; you’re finished for the day.”



Room was quickly made for Friedrich, and he was lowered still protesting about being able to do his job when Aaron touched the sensor with a small control and sent him into dreamland, “Well that was not fun.”



“What just happened,” the President inquired, as he looked down at the now sleeping man.



Sighing, Aaron moved back to his chair, “How soon until the 29000 lands?” before turning to the President, “Friedrich got caught in a feedback loop from the ear communicator, it reacted when he picked up the murderous intent from whoever activated the planted bomb on your plane, it caused him some extreme pain, as you saw,” Aaron held up the ear communicator he palmed when he decided on the cover story he would spin.



“The 29000 will be on the ground in three minutes Sir.”



“The hatch will be closing in sixty seconds gentlemen so I would make sure everyone is onboard that needs to be,” Aaron told them as he went to the flight deck to warm the pilot and his escorts about what was going on. When he returned to the cabin, Aaron touched the control that would seal the hatch and skimmed the minds of the new people and discovered where the leak was. The one agent had panicked when he saw the governors inside this plane and activated the bomb. Using a bit of kinesis he interrupted the flow of blood to the man’s brain long enough to cause him to pass out.



“Agent Faraday, I do believe you will find the device in your junior agent's pocket that primed the bomb, and if you drag his ass over here, I’ll do my best to find out everything he knows.” Aaron had to wonder how compromised the President’s detail was.



Ripping open Dillon’s jacket he removed the gun and patting his body down he found his backup weapon and a small radio transmitter. Not finding anything else of interest, he used Dillon’s own handcuffs to secure him; he then grabbed the back of Dillon’s jacket so he could drag his traitorous ass over in front of the King. Dropping him, he glared suspiciously at the other two members of his detail by the door, hand on his holstered weapon.



“Relax agent Faraday, those two are loyal. They were scanned as soon as they walked through the door, this piece of filth though…” Aaron trailed off as he leaned over and slapped the man awake. “Oh good, your awake,” accepting a small case from his guard, Aaron opened it and pulled out the strange device that had a slot in the side. “You know, I might have a little more compassion for your predicament if you weren’t part of the group that tried to kill me an hour ago,” Aaron told him, as his hand reached out and grabbed the man’s head holding it in place as he set the device against his skin and activated it.



Holding up a red crystal, Aaron smiled, “we can do this the easy way or you can cooperate and tell us everything we want to know.”



“I thought it was do this the easy or hard way,” Agent Faraday looked at Aaron in a funny way.



“Well maybe that is how the phrase goes, but to me the easy way is to slot this crystal home in the device on his head,” Aaron pointed to the prisoner, “thus downloading everything in his mind, like a movie. Unfortunately, it would leave nothing behind but mush,” smiling, Aaron sat up, “then we can just play his life back like a video, no fuss no muss as they say, we just would have to feed the remains to the sharks or something, he’d really be of no other use to anyone…it’s not like we would use him to breed or anything.” Aaron, facing away from the prisoner, winked at the President.



“You can’t do that, I’m an American, I have rights,” the prisoner was defiant.



“You seem to forget one major fact, well two, if we count your group trying to assassinate me,” Aaron leaned over grin gone, expression hard as steel, “You are on board Altare One, Alteran Soil, my laws are in affect here.”



Seeing the red crystal get closer to his head, the prisoner screamed, “I’ll talk, for the love of God, stop, I’ll tell you everything I know…”



“Yes, I suppose you will, pity that,” Aaron sounded disappointed as the prisoner broke down sobbing, “Agent Faraday, I would be careful on how you handle the prisoner, dislodging the neural imager from his head would most likely unplug his brain permanently…oh before you drag him away to have your little talk, I would like to know who ordered my death,” Aaron brought the red crystal closer to the man’s head.



“WAIT…I told you I’d tell you…the order came for the Vice President,” seeing the crystal come close again he sobbed, “it came direct for the head of his detail, I was told it came from through him by Kinsey though.”



Sitting back in his chair, Aaron handed the crystal to agent Faraday as the plane shifted position, “In the future, do remember to give the person asking the questions all the information, leaving nothing out.”



Sighing, Aaron watched as Altare One landed and moved within meters of Air Force One’s backup, opening the hatch, he extended the gantry across to the opening hatch on Air Force One.



“Your Majesty could I beg of you to send one of your telepaths over to take a quick walk through the backup to check out her staff, before The President boards?” Agent Faraday asked.



Looking over at the guard who he really should remember his name, Bailey something he thought, Aaron saw him nodding his head, “Bailey will do that for you Agent Faraday, and before I forget, this prisoner belongs to the Alteran Kingdom; he will be tried on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, Crown genocide more than likely, so after he is no longer useful be a good chap and return him to us.” Seeing the man soil himself Aaron sneered in disgust at him as he waited for Bailey to return.



Once Bailey returned and announced it was all clear, Aaron sat there thinking as his guests quickly moved from his plane to the other, including agent Faraday and the prisoner. Sighing in relief, once they were gone, Aaron retracted the gantry and closed the hatch before yelling out, “Commander, get us the hell out of here, you are clear for an atmospheric hop, just get us home.”



Tim and Pete sat around the table with all the plans and blueprints on it talking about nothing really; mostly they were comparing the difference between American malls and British shopping districts ending with a promise of a Quick trip through Oxford Street on the way to the palace if they could get to London before four.



“I’ll be right back,” Tim ran out of the conference room and once he entered the cabin where the families and former patients were sitting and relaxing, he walked slowly and surely up the steps to the command deck, nodding at the guards relaxing on the couches he went up to talk with the pilot for a minute and asked if there was a way they could be in London early like before four their time.



The pilot laughed at him and pushed the speed controls up a notch sending the engines to mach two, “Alright, how about we arrive in four hours, in time for lunch will that work so you can go sightseeing?”



Tim laughed, “Thanks, we’ll be able to get some sightseeing in now Since Aaron told us we had to be home after breakfast, now we can actually see some of the city before having to go home.”



Leaving the pilot, Tim walked back down the stairs and when he heard the pilot’s voice over the intercom, he frowned like Aaron does when angered about something and glared at the ceiling.



“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. After long debate about the merits of American shops versus British shops, and I can assure you on Altare we have no need for malls, well the three young Prince's are out to prove to Clan Stranton that English shops are far superior to any others in the world, so not about to get between the two groups in their debate, I have increased our speed so the Prince's can prove their side of the debate…we will now arrive in London in three and a half hours in time for the noon meal.”



Tim was disturbed by the laughter then cheers, before he shrugged his shoulders and, head high, walked back to the conference room; once inside, he was greeted to grins and cheers and he promptly gave them the finger. Sitting down, Pete jumped when his P.A.D.D. started to make a funny sound, pulling it out of the harness he looked at it funny as he turned it on and saw he had an email message marked important. Opening it up, he saw that it was an automated message from the robotic construction docks the prototype of his fighter had just been completed and designated as SAS001, it was ready for a full system test.



Jumping up in excitement, Pete started high fiving the air, “YES...YES…WHO’S THE MAN…HE ACTUALLY BUILT IT FOR ME…YES…”



Totally clueless with what Pete was so excited about, Richard reached up and snagged the P.A.D.D. from his hand and looked at it, reading the message he was still clueless until Tim leaned over and taking the P.A.D.D. opened up the file on the design Pete was excited over, handing it back with the concept picture on the screen he smiled at the bug eyed look Richard wore as he looked and read the design features of the concept craft, “This thing was built…it has two fusion reactors…FUSION REACTORS…”



“Yeah so, what do you think powers this plane and most of our other ships and stuff, not a big deal,” Tim wondered what the big deal was.



Edward looked at Tim strangely, “The big deal, as you say, is that no one has been able to get one to work, and the one scientists are testing and say they are close on making it work is the size of Buckingham palace.”



“And this aircraft is much smaller than the palace,” Andrew looked at Tim who shrugged.



“That’s Pete’s specialty, not mine, ask him. But I think the one in this plane is the size of a large suitcase…I think Aaron called it a type four mark twenty three,” Tim watched as Pete grabbed Richard up in his excitement and kissed him, thankfully the door was closed to the meeting room so they would not be disturbed.



Soon the kiss dissolved into heavy foreplay as Pete traded one excitement for another, hands roaming down to Richard’s crotch where he found something very hard pressing against his pants. Pete felt his zipper being slowly pulled down and his last non sexual thought, was to path Tim and ask him to lock the door as he reached out and unsnapped the top button of Richards pants. Soon both their shirts were on the table and their pants around their ankles as they kissed and hands roamed all over, trying to get as much skin contact as possible.



Tim, after locking the door, decided to help them out by getting the clothes pooled around their legs away from them so they had room to maneuver. Lifting Pete’s legs one at a time he removed his shoe then sock before slipping the pants off, then moving over to the other side so he could free that leg too. While on his knees, he took payment of helping them out by sucking the drops of pre-cum from the tip of their hard cocks after freeing Richard from his clothes, knowing what Pete had in mind Tim gathered the clothes up and separating them laid them out on the couch so that they would not get wrinkled, before adding his to the piles.



Definitely more comfortable now as his erection had room to breathe, Tim pulled open the drawer to the end table near the couch, pulled out a bottle of lube and smiling, gave his own hard cock a stroke or two to relieve some of the stiffness then went back to the table where Pete saw him coming with the lube and turned their bodies so Richard was against the table and Richard's pert ass was free to be lubed and stretched.



Grinning, Tim applied some lube to Pete’s cock after he got Richard all stretched out, placed the bottle of lube on the table and wiped his hand with a spare wash cloth he found along with the lube and moved behind Andrew who was slowly fondling the bulge in his pants, “Andrew strip out of those clothes; we’re all going to have some fun and join the mile high club.”



Moving behind Edward as Andrew stood up and started stripping, neatly piling his clothes on the table, Tim placed his arms around Edward’s neck from behind and kissed the side of his face as he reached down towards his crotch, pulling Edward's shirt up, “Strip, Edward…strip, your next.”



Edward, aroused by the show his cousin and Pete were putting on, did not really register what Tim said, all he knew is that hands…Tim’s hands, were helping to strip him and he wanted to help as quickly as possible, yet he did not want to stop watching the hot scene in front of him. It was only after his hard cock, on its way towards his belly after being freed and hitting the table instead, his mind registered what Tim said, misinterpreting it to mean the two of them would be having some fun, he turned around and smiled at Tim and let the younger teen pull him towards the end of the table where the lube was, thinking it might be time to let someone place one of those wonderful hard tubes of flesh inside him, he whispered, “Would you put it inside me and do what Pete is doing to Richard with me?”



Reaching up and capturing the back of Edward's head, Tim kissed him before breaking away, “Soon, first you need to do something Richard really wants.”



Pete announced softly that he was Cuming, just as Tim dragged Edward to the end of the table, Edward, feeling slightly braver than last night, reached in between Pete’s legs under his ball sack and felt the spasms as he fired his seed deep into his cousin, turning him on.



Tim reaching over squirted some lube into his hand as Pete smiled after a moment and leaned over to capture Edward’s lips into a sensuous kiss; he slowed down his thrusting as he pulled out so that only the very tip of his cock was still inside Richard. Tim, moving behind Edward as if he was going to lube him up, reached around and grasped Edward’s hard cock with his lube filled hand and making sure it was all nice and slick, nodded with a grin to Pete.



Pete, puling all the way out of Richard, stepped to one side and pulled Edward towards him as he kissed him, while Tim lined Edward's hard and slick cock up to the eager hole and slide it home, placing his hands on Edwards hips, he started moving him in and out until his body took over.



Edward, released from the intense kiss Pete was gracing him with, realized he was actually thrusting in and out of someone and was disappointed at first and then he froze when he realized he was inside his cousin…he was thrusting in and out of Richard. “No…” he whispered as Tim came up behind him and started him thrusting again.



“Trust me Edward, he really wants this, and to have Andrew too, he’s dreamed of this for a long time, being filled by both of you, driving your seed deep inside him, then he wants to fill both of you with his seed. Do this for him, Edward; it’s alright to be with your brother and cousin this way…trust me…please.” Tim whispered, until finally Edward gave in and started to enjoy what he was doing and nodded before whispering to Richard, “Love you Richard, in all ways now, I love you.”



Smiling as Pete returned with Andrew, holding both his hands to keep him from going off too early, he moved to one side so Andrew could not rub himself on him and leaned in and forced his lips apart with his tongue as he kissed him. Smiling through the kiss as he heard Edward moan, “This is so hot…” before groaning that he was getting close.



Edward needs that final push I think, so when Andrew is inside his cousin help Edward suck Richard off…that is going to be so hot,” Tim pathed to Pete who nodded in agreement.



The sound of flesh hitting flesh stopped for a second as Edward stiffened and slowly thrust in and out while he unloaded his offering, trying to push it deeper inside his cousin with every inward thrust. Panting and reaching around, Edward brought Richards Head around so he could kiss him as he finished and stayed inside that lovely hole, his hardness seeking to stay inside the warmth.



Tim, acting as lube man one more time, squirted some more out and applied it to Andrew's hardness before moving him near Richard as he pulled Edward back and out of Richard, Andrew, not needing any help, pushed down on his erection and aimed it at the slightly open hole and slowly slid in as Tim moved his brother around in front of his cousin, and Edward's eyes wide with surprise at seeing the satisfied look on Richard's face, they pushed him down so his mouth was even with Richard's hard cock.



Andrew thought this image would forever be burned in his mind, he, thrusting in and out of the incredible tight and hot ass of his cousin, while his brother sucked Richard off, eager to swallow his seed. That was, until his brain registered Pete saying, after Tim took his turn, they would rest a few minutes and Edward would be on the receiving end, until all three of them had each other’s seed pushed deep inside them. This, of course, caused his over stimulated body to reach that certain point and his groans became almost grunt like and he picked up his pace as he felt himself swell inside Richard, before unleashing his seed, doing his best to push his brothers seed deep with every inward thrust.



Just as he was finishing, Andrew felt Richard’s ass clamp around his hard cock, sending intense sensations to his brain as Richard filled his brother’s mouth with his cum, it increased the end of his orgasm to the next level. Panting and turning to the side where he felt someone near him, he saw Tim lubing his cock with a smile on his face. Slowly slipping out of Richard, as Tim took his place and slid home, he answered Tim’s question, “it was bloody unbelievable, so much time we wasted when we could have had this type of fun instead of me and Richard just trading hand jobs.”



Since Tim was the one inside Richard after getting the mental lesson from Kevin, on linking to a non telepath, he followed the instructions to the letter and soon was enjoying the limited contact with Richard's mind as he took his turn of adding his seed to everyone else’s, as he felt the wonderful sensation of someone being inside him while he was inside Richard, after the wait and watching the brothers take turns with their cousin, it was not taking much to send him over the edge. Climax reached, Tim stayed inside Richard as they came down from their shared high, pulling back very slowly, as he felt Richard's ass start to contract, until only the head was inside waiting for Richard’s hole to shrink once more and expel him, which it did, five minutes later.



Everyone held onto each other for a few minutes as they bonded, until Pete once more recharged, reached for the lube and this time he was intent on giving Edward what he wanted; his fingers now lubed, searched out the tight virgin hole and slipped inside to start the fun loosening job, so he would be ready for his hard cock.



Two hours later found them washing each other in the hidden shower, as the room cycled to fresh air thus obliterating the smell of their passionate love making of the past two and a half hours. Finished, Pete and Tim dried each other off as they let the royals finish the bonding process as they washed each other. Leaving the mess to be cleaned up later, they walked out into the conference room once more, and Edward being bold, went and picked up Richard's clothes and started to dress him like an old lover would, to show his other half how much he meant to him. Once finished, he gave him a thorough but chaste kiss on the lips with a smile, before turning to see his brother standing there with his own clothes in his hands, so he stood and allowed his brother to dress him as he had dressed Richard. Once Andrew was finished, Richard took his turn and did the honors for Andrew.



Once back on Altare, Aaron headed directly to the Med bay, intent on releasing Mark and Fred. Passing through the empty trauma pod and into the resequencing pod, Aaron stopped only long enough to make sure all system read green and complete, before starting the release cycle on both bio-tubes at the same time, all the while the hot scene Pete had sent him of each brother sandwiching their cousin Richard, one thrusting in and out while the other did his best to swallow the hard four and three quarters in front of his face. Quickly stripping out of his clothes and porting them to his room, Aaron and his raging erection waited for his two horny lovers to be released, this was one time where he could not wait to join in.



Aaron…” he was interrupted by the pathed thought from Kevin.



Yes love…” Aaron sent back, as the bio-tubes' lids unsealed and he started to remove the tubes from both of his lovers.



Tommy and I are ready for you, we decided to fulfill Mark’s fantasy of him and Fred going at it in a sixty nine on blanket covered bales of hay with Tommy thrusting in and out of him While you did the same to Fred,” Kevin pathed, along with the picture of the inside of Mark’s barn bales of hay and all, a good enough picture so he could visualize porting them there.



Glancing down at his own hard cock as it pulsed on its own and dripped pre-cum on the floor, Aaron sent back his thanks as he finished removing the tubes from Fred. Quickly removing the IV cuff and chest sensors form both, he decided Mark would have the most control so he deactivated the soma unit and removed the sensor, before rushing over, pointer leading the way, and doing the same for Fred. Reaching and grasping Mark’s hands, Aaron leaned over and kissed him, waking him slowly by forcing his tongue between his lips, as he became aware and responded, Aaron dumped the information packet in Mark’s mind and watched it unfurl and settle in place, smiling, he pulled Mark to his feet, “Hold that thought and whatever you do, don’t cum.”



Moving over to Fred, Aaron repeated the information dump while waking him with a kiss and once Fred was out of the bio-tube, he reached over to grab onto Mark and ported them to the barn where Tommy was waiting, bottle of lube in his hand.



Mark took one look around, and seeing Tommy smiling at him with lube, and the bales of hay arranged into a bed, “Thank you guys,” as he lay down and pulled Fred to him, pushing his head down towards his hard cock while he captured Fred’s.



Tommy putting lube on his hardness placed some on his fingers and worked it into Mark as he reached over with his free hand to give the lube to Aaron. About the time Aaron and Tommy were lubing up both of their prospective partners, they stiffened and clamped down on their fingers as the first orgasm hit them. Once they relaxed their holds on the invading fingers, Tommy and Aaron replaced their stiff fingers with another type of stiff object and with Mark and Fred moaning around each other’s erections, they started to fulfill Mark’s fantasy.



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It seems that we have a lot of corruption in our government. It was not really much of a surprise to see that the evil doers were willing to sacrifice the lives of all of the government officials, including the president, to serve their own purposes. Now that was rude of them, wasn't it?

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