Chapter 24





In an older section of Buckingham palace, far from any windows, five teens showered together after a long and fulfilling night, Tim and Pete had taken turns being stuffed by the three prince's one after another as their turn finally came around continuing what was started in the plane. Hands wandering around bodies as they cleaned each other. Knowing there was not that much time to play as they had to be at breakfast in half an hour, the five stepped out of the shower and took turns drying each other before moving back into the room to get dressed.



Joining Friedrich in the sitting room, Pete went over to their bag and pulled out a small case, opening it, he smiled as his eyes took in the three nestled communicator’s along with the panic button for Richard. “Time to hand out something that Aaron sent over. Richard, your first, since I have the panic button Aaron was telling you about,” Pete held up the watch.



Moving around Andrew, so he could get close enough to take the watch Richard looked at it quizzically before asking, “Alright, how does it work, it looks like a simple watch, nothing else…which I suppose is what it is supposed to look like.”



“Besides telling the time, it has two nifty little features, one…it has a built in camera, so if the panic button is set off, it will activate and transmit a picture of the area so security will be able to get a lock on your area for transport. The second, of course, is the panic button, which can be activated two ways, the first of course is if you take the watch off, so after you put it on don’t take it off,” Pete smiled when Richard nodded in agreement. “The second way to activate it will be overlooked for nervousness, all you have to do is twist the face all the way around, either direction doesn’t matter which.”



Smiling as he put the watch on and looked at it Richard frowned when he realized his parents would be there this morning at breakfast. Straightening his shoulders he had decided yesterday to ask the simple question of where the bloody hell they were, and why only grandmother was there when he woke up.



Pete shared a look with Tim as they caught the surface thought and the determination from Richard, “The second thing Aaron sent, and he sent one for each of you is one of our communicators we all wear. Which means he intends to set up a terminal around here for your use,” handing each of them the properly labeled communicator he showed them how to insert it in their ear and how to activate it. “The other neat thing about the com is it’s a locator beacon, so if you get into trouble we will know where you are and be able to find you quickly.”



Friedrich pointed to his communicator, “Thomas will be the only one not in the group so to speak that will have one, he will act as the go between to your regular security detail.”



Edward looked confused as he placed the com in his ear, “We don’t have a regular security detail, the only time we get security is if we are leaving the country, and most of it is provided by the country we are visiting with only one or two from our grandmother’s staff.”



Friedrich smiled, “That is the past, the future is different, as you well know what is going to happen tomorrow, which means you each will have a shared detail, from now on. Thomas and I have discussed things, I will be back to scan every one of the prospective guards for your detail to make sure they will not only be discreet,” Friedrich was referring to their bedroom activities, “but also one hundred percent loyal. I hate to rain on your parade, but after Friday, all three of you will become valid targets by disgruntled politicians when your grandmother takes back control of the country. Even more so for you Edward, after she releases her announcement in a month’s time of you being the heir apparent, we expect you will need to have a detail more involved than your grandmother’s.”



Seeing Edward frown to hide his worry, Friedrich smiled, “Don’t look so down, Edward; any time you have to leave the country to go anywhere, you will be surrounded by Alteran security and flown in our jets, the same with your brother and cousin.”



Tim smiled and elbowed Edward gently in the ribs, “That means we will be able to hook up more often, I’ll make sure Mark comes along on the first of those trips,” he giggled, “I saw you the other day, staring at him.”



Edward blushed before giving up on trying to talk his way out of it, after all, how do you lie to a telepath, instead, he reached out and placed a hand on Tim’s cheek and thought real hard, “Well he is real hot looking after all, all of you are, and I would like to get to know all of you better,” it was the only way he could say it without blushing deeper than he was now, ending with the thought of Aaron in his bed with him lying there all excited.



Tim smiled and nodded seriously, “His hotness does that to all of us,” he fanned an imaginary fan in front of his body for added effect.



“His hotness?” Andrew asked, wondering who Tim was talking about.



“Aaron,” Pete said dreamily, “you have to admit he has one hot body, and that is before he does things to you that drive you wild, things I never even knew were possible…I never thought it was possible to cum that many times so close together, like I do when I’m with him.”



“You don’t have time for any more fooling around, so may I suggest we get moving towards the dining room for breakfast, much more talk like this will have me in the bathroom and you lot back in the bedroom,” Friedrich told them, as he stood up and straightened his clothes glad he did not need to adjust himself like Edward and his charges did.



Laughing, the teens started out of the room Edward leading the way, Tim though was lost in thought; he needed to sit down with Aaron and talk things over before he pushed people Friedrich’s way; it was not fair that someone living in the hall had to take care of themselves all the time and be lonely. Walking into the dining room, he wondered what Friedrich looked for in a lover. He was startled out of his musings when Richard spoke so coldly.



“Mother…Father, how absolutely wonderful of you to take time out to remember your son. Or did you come here today because grandmother asked you?” Richard’s voice was cold and he was holding back the hurt he felt when his parents glanced his way when he walked in and then turned back to the conversation without greeting him.



“See here young man, that is no way to talk to your father or me,” Richard’s mother frowned as she was interrupted from her conversation with her sister-in-law.



Richard ignored her admonishment and went right for the question he feared the answer to and needed the answer to, “I really only have one question…why is it that only Grandmother and my cousins were there when I woke up from being healed?”



“Richard, sit down and be quiet, we will discuss your behavior when we get home, there are some harsh truths you will have to get used to living with, because of our position and how we are perceived,” discussion finished, Richard's father turned back to talk to his eldest brother who was wincing as he saw his mother's anger.



“I think it is a very valid question…Richard, you and your friends come sit by me. That way when your father tells us what was so important that he could not even be with his son after being injured like you were, or even doing what needed to be done to get you help, you will know that at least one member of the family cares,” Victoria smiled at Richard, as the rest of the table went quiet, they heard the anger in their mother’s voice.



Sitting down, Richard stared at his empty plate for a moment before staring at his mother and father, “I truly don’t remember the last time either of you hugged me, so do you even love me or am I just the obligation of what was expected, to be ignored now that the obligation is over.”



Richard’s father picked up his napkin and threw it on his plate, “I have heard enough of your insolence get your things we are going home and I will deal with you there, evidently we have given you too much latitude…that ends now.”



Pointing to his chair Victoria had steel in her voice, “Sit down now, and answer the question. Maybe I am the one who gave YOU too much latitude growing up, either that, or I expected too much of you when you certainly are not ready for the responsibilities.”



“Mother this is a family matter and you do not need to be involved in this, and frankly your opinion is not needed or wanted.” Her son refused to sit down and helped his wife up from her seat.



“I was so close to disinheriting you after seeing the newspaper article of you playing golf and laughing over a beer in the clubhouse while your son lay dying in the hospital, it infuriated me as a mother, that you would be so callous to your own son. I know of your plans of an arranged marriage you hastily agreed to, after finding out your son not only would live but would be better than he was before he was injured…consider them null and void.” Victoria stood, her voice cold enough to shatter steel as she glared at him, “Now the both of you sit down…NOW.”



“Richard is no longer your responsibility, he is mine,” Victoria sat back down and stared at her third son, still standing, “I ordered the Earl and Countess to sit, if you no longer wish to hold those titles or have the benefits that come with them, then by all means continue to stand or even leave.”



Richard’s mother afraid to lose her title or the monies that went along with it sat and pulled her husband’s arm, yanking him down into his chair.



“I have come to an unfortunate conclusion, and once my eyes were opened, I found it to be reprehensible what we have become,” Victoria sighed as she smiled at her second born and his wife, as they still showed and lived what she had tried to install in all her children.



Victoria stopped when her husband whispered in her ear that the prime minister made it past security, now having an outlet for her anger that would not burn bridges she nodded her head at her husband’s suggestion that he handle things from here on, he knew what she wanted done and he agreed with her wholeheartedly, he just forgot to mention to her his way was harsher than hers would ever be. “Boys, bring your wives and join me in my study, there is a talk that has been needed to be had for a long time now, and it is past time that you were jerked up by your trousers and made to face reality.”



Steering his children and their wives out of the room he smiled back reassuringly to his wife, the Queen, knowing he had the easier job and thanked the Gods that the prime minister interrupted so he could handle this the way he wanted to.



Victoria had time to place her hand on her grandson’s to comfort him before the door opened and the Prime Minster strolled in unannounced, and as if he owned the place. “Good morning your Majesty, but matters of state have made it clear that I need to interrupt you and take over.” The Prime Minister looked at the boys before dismissing them as unworthy of his attention, “It is high time to let the professionals handle things, if we had been involved from the beginning, then yesterday would not have happened, and they would not have been at Harrods in the first place where they could be put in danger.”



“If what you wanted happened, then a boy would have ended up dead, killed by his abusive father,” Andrew pointed out, through clenched teeth, angry he was being talked to like this.



“And if you had let us do our jobs, the representatives would have been shown only what we wanted them to see, putting a proper picture before their eyes, they would have met properly approved of people,” The Prime Minister glared at the boy, for daring to interrupt his betters. “As far as that unfortunate boy, well he would be better off in the long run, after all, rumor has it he was one of those people.”



Pete and Tim shared glances and Pete pathed Tim, telling him to hold off and let the man dig his own grave, glancing at Friedrich, standing by the door, Pete pathed him, “Get the car out front we’re leaving, if we’re lucky we can stop and get something to eat as I’m hungry, as well as the others, I bet.”



Nodding, Friedrich turned slightly and ordered the car brought around, after he finished pathing his men he smiled when he received back it was already waiting. It seems his men had taken the initiative to leave as soon as they saw the Prime Minister storm in.



“Some people are so rude they shouldn’t be allowed to speak without a minder,” Pete stopped the conversation as he threw his napkin onto his empty plate, “we’re evidently not wanted here, and since it is clear we will not get anything to eat while this person…” Pete drawled person in a disgusted manner, “does nothing but verbally attack us while we try to even fill our plates. We shall of course now leave and maybe we can get something to eat before we have to go to our studies.” Pete stood along with Tim and the other three quickly stood, “so I will thank you for your hospitality now, and until next time,” he bowed his head slightly in her direction before walking out the door, followed by Tim and the others.



“Finally, it is about time they realized that this is best left in the hands of the professionals,” the Prime Minster sounded gleeful, “when do you expect the diplomats that you have done your best to keep from us to arrive.”



Throwing her napkin on her plate and wondering if the kitchen had something she could grab like a couple of scones, Victoria glared as she stood, “I don’t expect them, they just now left after you spent the last few minutes insulting them.” Victoria told him, as he left the room.



Rushing out of the room and pushing past the staff in the hall the Prime Minister missed the limo as it pulled away, motioning for his driver to come quick he hoped he could catch them before they made the airport.



Sitting in the back of the limo, Pete held Richard in his lap hugging him tight, as they talked, letting him know without words, that he belonged. Tilting his head to the side, he smiled as he received a message from Aaron, “Aaron’s here and he has food, so we’re supposed to go right to the plane so we can eat before you three have to go back,” breaking down in laughter as Aaron broke contact Pete almost dropped Richard onto the floor, “he told me that we are supposed to keep our hands to ourselves as there is not enough time to fool around this morning.”



Richard started to unsnap is trousers, “We have an hour before we can get to the airport with this traffic, that is long enough for most of us to be able to at least get off once, right?”



Laughing, Pete reached around and re-snapped the buttons and pulled up Richard’s zipper as it suddenly got dark and then the sunlight hit the car once again, “Not when Aaron is around…we’re here.”



Jumping off Pete’s lap, Richard scooted to the window and looked out, they were in fact at the airport, “Bloody hell, how did that happen, we just left the palace a few minutes ago and it’s sixty six kilometers from the palace to Heathrow.”



Tim smirked as the door was opened from outside by Friedrich, “What? You thought we showed you all our toys.” Seeing the look of shock turn into one of mischief on Andrew’s face, he ran towards the plane, giggling, “I’m hungry are you guys Cumming or what.”



Giggling at the double entendre, Edward got out of the limo and stretched before following the rest of the group up the stairs where he was promptly pulled into a hug by Aaron and kissed soundly before blushing at his words.



“Well, you taste like yourself, so I imagine you didn’t have time to do anything, after all,” Aaron tried to sound disappointed, but soon joined in the laughter.



Escorting Edward to the rear of the plane, past the conference room they had all their fun in, he was shown into a large meeting room full of people, shocked, he looked around and noticed the whole Clan was here, including Mark and Fred., “How…when…”



Smiling Aaron nudged him towards the serving line, “We were about to sit down for breakfast when Tim contacted us, telling us about your unexpected guest driving you away without having a chance to eat, so we decided to eat as a family and brought everything with us. Best you get over there before it’s all gone, we can talk after a bit.”



Pulling Friedrich aside, Aaron asked him as he watched his lovers and family going through the serving line and filling their plates with food, “How much trouble am I going to have dealing with the Prime Minister, Friedrich?” catching him reaching for his control bracelet, Aaron placed a hand on his arm stopping the movement, “no, don’t rely on your gift for every decision, let it be a warning system, nothing more for now. I am asking you to use your experience dealing with military bootlickers and politicians to answer my question.”



Dropping his arm, Friedrich nodded as he thought about what he should say, he and Aaron already knew that in one possible future, the Prime Minister orchestrated the downfall of the crown, finally, he looked at the expectant face of his King, “He will be a problem from the first moment he lays eyes on you, he is already a problem in my opinion.”



“That is what I wanted to know, later on tonight, I will let you know my decision on when to send flowers to the grieving family,” Aaron warned him, before smiling and joining in at breakfast now that the line was empty.



Finishing his second breakfast, as his first was interrupted, Aaron stood and got everyone’s attention, “Now, before time gets away from us and while you fill those bottomless stomachs and lick up the trays.” He grinned at their mock scowls that turned into giggles by the younger of the group led by Kenny. “When you’ve finished and I mean truly finished, I will be next door in my office,” he grinned catching some of the blushing going on by the British contingent. “Andrew, Edward and Richard, one at a time, whoever is first, a quick chat before you take off. The rest of you well, some of you are going to Hawaii, shopping, while the rest of us go home.”



Seeing the puzzled looks on their faces, Aaron chuckled, “Tommy you have an appointment at five different orchid farms this afternoon, and you are forbidden from going anywhere else until you have been to all five and bought something for yourself at each one, my treat.” Sensing the objections, Aaron shook his head, “no arguments young man, or there is no nookie with anyone for a week,” he scowled, hiding the grin, but he did send his love towards him and grinned when Tommy finally sighed and nodded his head as if being asked to take out the garbage for the umpteenth time.



Letting them go back to eating, Aaron motioned for Friedrich to follow using a finger, walked into his office and sniffed the air, someone had done a good job of airing the room out, as if he did not know who it was…Pete…he grinned, pointing to the seat across from his desk, Aaron got right to the point, “You are going to head up the security detail for Tommy’s trip, and you will be doing the driving, so make sure he goes to these five farms before you let him talk you into going anywhere else,” Aaron slid a paper over with the addresses and names of the five farms.



“One last thing, as I picked up on something from Tim earlier, he is planning on hooking you up with someone so you are not alone, unless you get your act together and find someone yourself. You might be able to head off his matchmaking if you tell him you are looking and giving him a list of things your lover must have, before you are willing to consider them,” Aaron grinned at the paling man sitting across from him. “All teasing aside, he wants you to be happy, like he found happiness and he will start throwing guys into your bed, unless you show him you are looking. Too bad Thomas is Bi though, you might be given a reprieve if he is willing to be the ‘for now’ bed partner until you both find the 'forever' bed partner.”



“Speaking of Thomas, pull him aside, as I want a three man team keeping an eye and a mind on the three prince's, two of them, after all, will eventually be joining us. Use some of the new guys being released this afternoon, give them the weekend to start mastering their gifts before starting first thing Monday morning. We will join the Ares and the Asclepius when it docks tomorrow, or at least the Clan will, I will be at the house of Lords, Kyle will act as my backup, while receiving the letters of Marquee and watching the Prime Minister have an unfortunate heart attack, too much stress, I think, so sad he should have retired when told to this morning.” Aaron finished, as he felt Edward approach, and stood, signaling the end to the meeting.



“I’ll just get right on that, your Majesty, and thank you for the warning. I think I saw Thomas head upstairs when they arrived, so if you will excuse me I have someone to see how closely we can work together, finding time for meetings in both our busy schedules.” Friedrich smirked before letting the bemusement he felt over Tim’s matchmaking plans cross his face.



Following Friedrich to the door, Aaron met Edward there and pulling him into a hug as he closed the door behind them, he kissed him lightly at first then hard and with more passion as Edward responded, releasing after a moment, Aaron grinned, “Hold that thought. Next time you visit Alteran soil, we will just have to fulfill you desires, and I must say, for a recently deflowered virgin, your desires are intense.” He giggled at the blush before kissing him gently once more before leading him to the couch. Sitting down first, he pulled Edward down in front of him and cuddled as he trapped Edward’s hands with his and held them to Edward’s chest using them to pull him closer as he spooned him from behind.



“Now that I am done embarrassing you, I have a few things you need to know, one of which is that I am going to assign a guard detail to you and both your brother and cousin. They will work independently from behind the scenes with your own newly created detail which Thomas is in charge of. Like that gold digger at Harrods yesterday, they will ensure that no one gets close to you, with intentions of using you like that girl had. She planned to try to get you to agree to a date where her mother intended to slip something in your drink to make you a little sleepy, so she could get pregnant, she wanted you for your crown and money.” Feeling him stiffen in front of him, Aaron whispered in his ear, “I promised I would look out for you, and when you chose to start dating any that you picked would be there because they wanted to know and be with Edward, not the future King of England.”



“Which reminds me, I only sent one panic button masquerading as a watch with Pete, I corrected that oversight and brought two more, one for you and one for your brother. They’re on the desk, along with your very own P.A.D.D. which can be DNA locked just like the one's Pete and Tim...well everyone of us really carry around, plus there are a handful of Isolinear chips that can be used between the P.A.D.D. and the terminals I am having set up in the palace for your use.” Aaron felt the surprise and smiled, “I believe your grandmother has decided for the next little while, until things settle down, that you all will be moving into the family wing of the palace.”



“I know you were bored while on Altair Minor, so that is the only reason you probably logged in and took the placement tests, but I have designed a course of study that will help you out if you follow it. Plus, I think even though you are going to a private school, you can handle the extra work if you try. It will cut down on your school work as you test out on subjects on our tutor system. Your headmaster wanted to skip you ahead in some subjects, after being shown your results, but I think your grandmother convinced him to let us handle it, so all told, instead of the three to four hours the guys spend at the tutor, you will end up between school and the tutor at about six hours.”



“Not too bad, I guess, that’s two hours less than I’m doing now, so all in all, I’m ahead,” Edward sighed in relief, he did want to have a life after all, and this was the best of both worlds he thought, knowing Aaron would pick up on it if he was watching, wiggling his ass a little so he felt the hardening cock swell between his cheeks, “I really have to wait until I go back to the island before being with you?” Another wiggle before he was playfully swatted.



“Stop that…what I said was it would have to wait until the next time we were on Alteran soil which should be tomorrow night, on board the Ares or Asclepius, whichever one I decide to sleep aboard, so tonight, you’ll just have to get your brother and cousin to handle things for you.” Aaron grinned, as he felt the excitement in Edward's mind before releasing his hands and swatting him, as he pushed them both upright, “now, unless you want a very cold shower and have to explain to everyone why you suddenly were soaking wet, you’ll behave.” Aaron leaned around and kissed him to let him know he was not angry, but that they did not have time right now.



Nodding with a long drawn out sigh, “It would have been grand, but I suppose your right a quickie is not as satisfying as you draining me dry four or five times,” he giggled as he jumped forward two steps and opened the box with his name on it. Taking out the watch, he quickly placed it on his wrist, as Aaron handed over one of the P.A.D.D.’s and a box of chips.



“Some of the chips have documents and such on them already, so you know when you are talking to different groups or industries, what our plans are. The people will really rally around you. Even if you don’t know off the top of your head all the particulars, all you have to do is look it up on your P.A.D.D.” Aaron grinned at Edward's fascination with the device, “I already consider your first lesson in leading yesterday a passing score, you did good and you now have a large number of people who will look to you, not the government for direction. Keep that up and you will have learned part of the lesson, the other part is to lead by doing, those farmers and workers already think of you as a leader, because in their minds, you went out of your way to find a way for them to secure their futures. Think about it, and we’ll talk again tomorrow after lunch, your homework is to compare what a ruler would have done to what a leader would do in that situation.” Aaron laughed at Edward’s face falling into a frown at hearing about homework.



“Not fair, it's summer Hols,” Edward groaned, before giggling and jumping back, “who do you want to see next?”



“Doesn’t really matter; I guess it’s more of a chance for me to touch base with you, hand over the P.A.D.D.’s and give Andrew his panic button, now that you have yours, mainly I wanted to make sure Richard is okay with what happened with his parents this morning. Or I would have given you this stuff over breakfast, this way I’m not singling him out.” Aaron told him as he followed along to the door.



Walking down the hall, Edward stopped for a moment and considered Aaron’s words and how he did things, he would have to remember this for when he had children, spending the extra few moments with each alone so no one was singled out when one needed to be checked on to make sure they were alright.



Passing Andrew in the hall, he nodded without thinking as his brother was swept into the office and the door closed behind them.



A scant fifteen minutes later, a smiling Andrew walked out of the office holding his new P.A.D.D. and clutching his box of Isolinear chips, “Next…” giggled to Richard who was waiting across the hall, leaning up against the wall.



Smiling, Aaron pulled Richard into the office and, pulling him into a hug, kissed him gently before releasing him, “Let’s sit down,” he pulled him over to the couch and sitting down pulled him close, “How are you doing Richard? This morning must have been pretty rough on you.”



Melting into the embrace, Richard let the pain he was feeling out, tears running down his face, “They never wanted me, not really; the only reason I was born was because their social obligations said they had to have a child.”



Walking up the stairs, he wondered if he would be welcomed on the plane, even if his sons were on board that was no guarantee he would be granted access. Reaching the top of the steps, he stopped so he could identify himself when Thomas glanced his way and called out for him to be let in, “I think I should warn you, the Prime Minister is a few minutes behind me, I beat him only because I took the helicopter.” He told them that, as his eyes were firmly fixed on his sons, catching Edward’s eye, he motioned for him to come over, putting them right outside Aaron’s office door, “Your grandfather and I had words this morning, well, actually he had words and I listened for the first time in a long while. One simple question he asked me made me realize how much I have done to wrong both of you,” he cleared his throat before looking out towards the main cabin where his youngest was sitting talking with friends. “He asked me the last time I had hugged one of my sons, I of course objected that I loved both my sons and told him it might have not been today but it was not that long ago, surely.”



“I thought he was going to slap me before he told me he had raised me better than to lie to myself like that, he slapped a newspaper on the desk that had a picture of the two of us on the front page, hugging,” swallowing his tears he continued, “I, of course, did not recognize it and it took a moment before I realized it was you, not Andrew, and his words tore at me…he told me to ask you …as you kept a copy of this to remember that I did love you and that once I did know how to hug.” Pulling his son into a tight hug he held on, even though his son stiffened and feeling it broke his heart, knowing he was the cause, “I am more sorry than you can ever know, over the way I have ignored you and have forgotten something the King in there never will,” pulling away from the embrace, but keeping a good hold on Edward, “He will never forget that love involves more than pretty words.”



Adding his own tears to the mix, Edward grabbed a hold of his father and held the hug for dear life. That was, until they both were startled by the pain filled cry that came through the door.






Aaron grabbed hold of the rapidly disintegrating teen, and held him, as he did his best to sooth him sending out thoughts of love and wanting him, to the distraught teen. Holding him, as he sobbed in his arms, at all the pain he had kept bottled up, from being ignored and shunted to the side all the time.



Opening the door, Edward and his father entered the room and stood staring at the sobbing teen in Aaron’s arms, “I’m so sorry, Richard…my brother is an Arse to not know what he is missing out on, and I was an Arse and almost got lost in the same trap.”



Aaron nodded his understanding, before looking at the clock, he would need to spend some quality time helping Richard heal, “Tell your mother will you, that I’m taking Richard back with me for the night. I’ll bring him back in the morning when the rest of us arrive for our meeting. It’s time Richard started healing, and I can get a good beginning on that this afternoon,” Looking down at the exhausted teen who was drowsy, Aaron pointed with his free hand to the first aid kit near the door, “Bring me that first aid kit, will you Edward?”



Once Edward rushed the kit over, Aaron pulled out the sensor that tied into the soma unit and placed it on Richard’s forehead, once in place, he activated it, sending the teen into a deep restful sleep, once asleep, he positioned Richard so he was stretched out on the couch and stood up, “Well, it seems his pain went pretty deep, for him to have a meltdown like this,” Aaron muttered to himself. Seeing the concerned look on Edward's face and surprisingly his father’s, Aaron assured them it would be okay, “He’ll be fine once I help him sort a few things out. One of the benefits of being a telepath is that we can, in the space of hours work through things as if it were years. I promise you Edward, he will be back to himself tomorrow, though the UK might have lost another citizen, if he asks, I’ll grant it, you realize.”



Confused, Edward’s father looked at Aaron, “Asks what?”



Edward sighed before pulling himself up straight, “Asylum father. If Richard asks for asylum, it will be granted. And his father and my uncle might finally realize where his priorities should be.”



Aaron smiled at Edward, “Don’t look like that Edward, your grandmother and I have been talking about marrying our two families together, on and off the past couple of days anyway. We both agree that Richard would be the first, if you remember our conversations on at the hospital, it just might happen a little earlier than either one of us planned,” glancing at his desk, he muttered, “just like everything the past two weeks happened earlier than expected.”



Seeing the folder he forgot to give Edward earlier, he picked it up, grinning, he handed it to Edward, “Here, this goes with the homework I assigned you for tonight.”



Edward, curious, opened the folder and read through the top cover letter before flipping the pages to the back, the signature page, to see both Mark's and Aaron’s signature there. Smiling as he closed the folder, he satisfied his father’s curiosity, “A ruler would take this contract and hand it to someone else to see that the milk plant and farmers get it…a leader, on the other hand, after spending all all that time at lunch talking it over with the plant manager and farmers, would stop by the plant on his way home, and drop it off in person. Especially after the plant manager went out on a limb after talking to me, to give you those samples to prove they could handle your business.”



Aaron smiled at his student, “You are learning. So drop that off, and put up with the embarrassment that goes along with it as they celebrate their good fortune, and we’ll talk some more after lunch tomorrow, I need to get this plane in the air before the Prime Minister pisses off my security.” Pathing Tim as he escorted them to the office door, “Tim, can you and Kenny and Damien come to my office and stay with Richard while he sleeps, I need to get on the upper deck to port the plane once we are airborne.”



On our way; what happened?” Tim pathed, as he grabbed Kenny and Damien and met Aaron and the others as they passed them in the hall, worried about his friend.



A slight meltdown, seems his home life was not that great, he’ll be fine once he wakes and I have a chance to work with him, I think it overwhelmed him when he found out that the way he was raised was not normal or acceptable to others, including his grandmother.” Aaron said his goodbye’s to Andrew and Edward, along with their father before cycling the door closed in the ministers face as he tried to get in once more.



Standing in the middle of the lounge, Aaron smiled, “Alrighty, who’s going to Hawaii and who’s going home, as soon as we get in the air, we’ll port out and the rest can hit the tutor while en route to Hawaii.”



Tommy looked up from his conversation with Brian and Mark on ways around Aaron’s edict, and smiled innocently, “I think it’s just me and whatever guards you’re sending.”



“Let me grab Richard, and then we’ll head for the upper deck,” Aaron turned, and hearing Pete’s worried voice answered, “just a slight meltdown, not as bad as Tim’s, but he’ll be fine once I get him alone and spend some time helping him work through it, I’ll do the same for him as Tim, I’ll take him into his mind and work through it so when he comes out, it was years ago and long healed.”



Quickly walking back to his office, he smiled at Tim and Kenny as Damien was sitting alongside Richard running his hand through his hair in comfort, “Let me pick Richard up and then we’re going to go home. You need to go up to the command deck, so we can port out,” Aaron felt the plane start to move as he leaned over and gently picked Richard up, using some kinetics to make him lighter and easier to handle, he was soon cradled in his arms and they were out the door. Making their way to the next deck, Aaron quickly went to the command chair but Kevin was already sitting there smiling with the hum of the generator going as he went about porting the clan back two at a time.



Grinning, Kevin ported Kenny and Damien back the Clan Hall as soon as they rushed up to the deck after saying good bye to Tommy, for now, leaving Tim and Aaron standing there.



“Well, it looks like someone has been practicing on the sly,” Aaron grinned before moving close enough to kiss him, “Good job, I’ll see you back at the Clan Hall after you finish your lessons, I think we have some celebrating to do.”



Kevin grinned, before reaching for the gestalt and porting himself home, Aaron, turning to Tim as he sat down in the chair to pull energy from the gestalt so it would not go into hibernation mode, “Do you want a hand or just a mental I’m with you as you port out?”



Grinning, Tim moved forward so he could kiss Aaron, careful not to dislodge the sensor on Richard's forehead, looked him in the eye, “I may not be as secure in using my gifts yet, but I know you would not let me do something that might hurt me, so I’ll port out and if you happen to keep  a mental eye on me, well it’s not like I asked for it, is it.” Tim giggled as he started to draw energy from the gestalt, and after a moment, he was gone except for the excited yell in Aarons head over accomplishing it by himself.



Laughing, Aaron swiveled the chair to face the pilot, “John, the only one’s left are the one’s going to Hawaii, so you’re safe to land in four hours. Try to leave by five, that way you can get home to Mandy by six thirty, six o clock if you kick it up a few notches.” Waiting until John waved back at him, eyes still glued to the instruments. Aaron laughing, ported out, the gestalt generator, after a few minutes, shut down going into hibernation.



Arriving at the Clan Hall near the dining area, Aaron thought maybe the best place to work with Richard would be the hot springs, “David, would you and Kenny meet me at the hot springs top side, after you guys finish your tutor session, about three hours or so; I think the two of you can help Richard talk through some of his problems, you had similar home backgrounds, well enough that you can understand what he went through.”



“We’ll be there…come on Kenny, let’s get to work so we’ll be done when Richard needs us,” David pulled at Kenny who nodded his head, eager to help.



“How about we make a picnic of it later, say a late lunch around one, I’ll help get things together, and we all can meet at the hot springs and eat and be there for Richard if he needs us,” Damien volunteered.



Smiling at the crush Damien had on Richard, “that sounds wonderful, Damien, I’m sure everyone would like that and some of the others will help out I’m sure,” kicking off his shoes and not having to worry about socks, he kinetically unsnapped his shorts and let them drop to the ground, stepping out of them, he smiled as he felt hands pulling his shirt up over his head and Derrick, seeing the need, moved close enough to take Richard long enough for Aaron to slip his shirt off also. Thinking about it for a moment, he saw Damien still close, “Everything but Richard's undershorts need to go, as there really is not a good place to change near the hot springs.”



Damien was quick to jump in, and then changing his mind, went to pull Richard’s shirt off while Derrick removed his shoes socks and trousers. Nodding his thanks, Aaron ported to the waterfall steps, leading to the hot spring. Walking up the steps, he eventually reached the top and slowly stepped into the warm water. Letting Richard float in the warm water, he placed the first aid kit down on the flat dry rock areas and sat down in the water before pulling Richard’s upper body around near his chest. Letting Richard float and holding on to him so he did not sink, Aaron opened the first aid kit, one handed, and pulled out several preloaded syringes, this was going to be unpleasant for Richard as he was unaltered, hopefully not too unpleasant. Now that Kevin had discovered a new way of linking with unaltered minds, but he didn't want to take chances. Sighing, he closed his eyes and let his mind drift towards Richard's, just at the point of touching his surface thoughts and started.



Edward and his father, along with his brother Andrew, strode into the family wing of Buckingham palace, Victoria, seeing the lack of her third grandson was worried. After the way his father and mother had treated him this morning; she was afraid he would rightfully ask for asylum, and knowing Aaron as she now did, he would grant it without hesitation, “Where is Richard?” She softly asked hesitating, not sure if she wanted an answer.



Edward glared at his former uncle, “It seems the good Earl and Countess’s care of my cousin went far beyond what we thought or imagined. Richard right now should be in the capable hands of the healers where they will try to undo the damage that was done.”



“How dare you take that tone with me, heir or not, I am your elder and uncle; you will respect me,” Stewart, the queen's youngest, stood up angry and shaking in rage.



Edward turned his cold gaze on the Earl, “I beg your pardon Earl, I thought for a moment you disrespected your social betters, for your information, I have only one uncle, the Duke of York. I repudiate any familial relations you might consider us having.”



“Edward?” Victoria’s husband, the Duke, said calmly.



Edward turned to face his grandparents, “Yes grandfather.”



“This is not easy for me to ask, let alone for us to hear,” he placed his hand over top of his wife's and squeezed it in comfort for both of them, “I understand that out of all of us, you and Andrew have had the most contact with your cousin, so I ask you if you had to prosecute Stewart what would the charges be?”



“Young sir, we are on final approach to Honolulu airport,” Friedrich stepped into the office to see Tommy working on the terminal, peaking at the screen, he noticed it was not schoolwork, so did not feel right looking at it until it registered that it was maps and nursery listings. Moving further into the room, he stared at the map and red route line, “Should I warn you that I am under orders from the King not to let you visit any place but the five farms he had listed, before even considering any other stops on the way back, and that we have time limit of four hours.”



Tommy looked up and grinned, “Four hours, really…” he sounded real excited as he sat up, “that is almost an hour longer than I had planned on having.”



Friedrich couldn’t help the small groan of despair he let out, as he studied the map along with timetable that Tommy had drawn up, he had even allotted a whole ten minutes at each orchid farm, while he allotted almost forty minutes at the one nursery. He had to admit that the Stranton Clan were all such a single minded stubborn lot, intent on finding ways around the restrictions placed on them without breaking the restriction as it was worded in the first place.



John walked in, smiling and holding an envelope, “Well we're down and parked at general aviation and Aaron gave me this envelope to give to you, Tommy, he said it was last minute instructions.”



Tommy stood, and taking the envelope, opened it and pulled out the folded note and read it, falling back in his seat he had this thunderstruck expression on his face as he turned a sorrow filled look at his carefully created itinerary all shot to hell. Reaching over, Friedrich snagged the note from Tommy’s slack hand and read it.





By now I am sure you have created this elaborate work around for my order to go shopping at each of the orchid farms I set up an appointment for you at. Well love, I can be sneaky and underhanded too, though I can’t wait to hear about how you planned everything out.

 I have contacted each of the orchid farms and made a seven hundred dollar deposit with each of them and given the order that you have to pick out each plant personally, and you are limited to no more than two of the same variety.

I figure if Friedrich drives fairly fast, you might have twenty minutes or so to look over the fields of Tia Tiki Nurseries before having to be back at the plane to leave, that is, take a quick peek around and hand over the list I am sure you have compiled, they can pack and deliver for a Monday pickup by one of our jets.



Still love you

Aaron – the sneakier one



Friedrich snorted, took one look at Tommy’s face and looked at the map and laughed at how devastated Tommy looked, as if someone told him that Christmas had been cancelled and the gifts returned, “Well, the limo is outside by now, if we don’t get a move on you’ll never get to stop at that nursery.” Friedrich laughed as Tommy bolted from his chair and ran out into the cabin, heading for the door, from the top of the steps, he could see Tommy on the passenger side of the limo waving at him to hurry up and pointing to the driver’s side, he could see the wheels turning as Tommy was already coming up with a new way to have more than twenty minutes at the nursery.



A twenty minute ride later, Friedrich turned into the first nursery on the list, and as Tommy stepped out of the limo and looked around, Friedrich felt that uh oh sensation when he saw the determination and a glint in Tommy’s eyes he was not sure he liked.



“Hello…” Tommy shook the hand of the owner of the nursery that came out to greet him with a smile.



“And a good day to you back, I expect you have been warned about the deposit already made,” the owner of the farm catching the single nod pointed off to the side, where the greenhouses had big red do not enter signs on them, “I thought we would start out by showing you some up and coming prospects, I have a few each in bloom of a good portion and a large number of pots ready to release next spring, but seeing as it’s for the King's son and all, I want you to get the best.”



Tommy was about to correct the man about being Aaron’s son, but as he followed the man in through the door, his breath caught as he saw some of the most beautiful specimens he had ever seen, this was going to be agony, he thought.



Friedrich chuckled again as he walked into the greenhouse, “I take it back, I’ll have to tell his Majesty that he did not need to go to all those elaborate steps to make sure you concentrated on what you came after, and not things for the farms.” Not getting a response from Tommy, Friedrich ended up tapping him on the back to break the spell he fell under, and then being the budding prankster he was turning into, he said, “Sorry young Sir, but I don’t know how we are going to make it, after all, you just spent an hour standing here starring off into space.”



Jumping, Tommy swore under his breath before catching the clock on the far wall and scowled over his shoulder at Friedrich, “Not nice…not nice at all, I think I’ll tell Tim you want his help setting you up with a couple of blind dates to take the edge off.” Smirking at how pale Friedrich became, he leaned backwards, “you play nice…I’ll play nice…agreed?” waiting until Friedrich hastily agreed before turning back to the owner, “let’s start over there.”



Three hours and twenty minutes later, a very tired but pleased Tommy stepped out of the limo at Tia Tiki nurseries, he had done it, shaved precious minutes off as he bought orchids like crazy. It was only at the last farm they had been at, that he really made up time, the manager had handed him a bunch of red stakes banded in purple at the top and told him to have at it, his people would come behind and package up his picks. Looking gleeful and sneaking a peak at Friedrich, who glanced at his watch, he started to race up and down the aisles, it was not until he was halfway through the greenhouse that he had to slow down to wait until the manager had gotten him some more stakes. He, of course, went over budget at that farm, but it was worth it to see Friedrich’s shocked expression as the manager started pulling some of his picks and commented on how quickly he could spot the quality amongst the mediocre.



Now here he stood having reached his goal and he had an extra fifteen minutes to browse the experimental groves, not seeing anyone, he looked back to Friedrich who was doing his scan of the area and spotting all the hiding spots routine, before pointing off in the direction of the office then starting that way. Peaking into the glassless window, Tommy still did not see anyone, but he thought he heard voices from out back and started to walk around the building.



“Dustin, there is a diplomatic party coming in I’ve been told, so you need to get your guys and hide them real good so no one finds ya, take your guys to the shed out in back of the experimental grove, don’t rightly be expecting him to want to go out there as time is an issue for him, so I’ve been told.”



“Thanks Mr. D, with this we’ll be able to eat real good for about a week, even the little ones will have a full belly for a change,” the young voice sighed, “I appreciate you letting us work at night after everything closes up, without what you are doing for us I don’t think we would have made it.”



Reaching the back of the building, Tommy saw a part Asian boy speaking to an older man and watched as the older man stood up straighter and wiped the sweat from under his hat before putting it back on.



“I am just doing what is right, what your parents did to all of ya is just wrong and God will get them in the end, they will be real sorry after reaching them pearly gates and finding out they is scheduled to go straight down.” The old man started to turn around, “I just wish I could do more for ya, but the government does not want an old queer round kids, specially gay ones…as if I could even get it up any more……” he trailed off, seeing Tommy peaking around the corner and Friedrich standing off to one side in plain view.



Busted thought Tommy, as he walked around the corner so he could be seen, “Hi, I’m looking for Oscar, I think he is expecting me from what I overheard, sorry about that; I looked in the office and when I didn’t see anyone I heard voices, and I was just going to wait but after hearing what was being said, I was trying to think of a way to help.”



Dustin looked like his world had ended, pale and scared he sat down heavily on the ground, more of crumpled in a controlled sort of way, Tommy thought, “Hey Dustin, I’m not going to make waves for you or Oscar, what he is doing is something to be proud of. I was thinking of making sure he got all our business as a thank you for what he has done for you.” Tommy had made it slowly to Dustin’s side and sat down in front of him so he could look at the crying teen, “truly, I don’t want to do anything that would hurt either of you.”



“You won’t go calling the cops or Five O on us?” Dustin looked up, trying to understand why someone would be nice to him, after all, the past three years had taught him no one was nice for nothing.



Shaking his head slowly, Tommy smiled, “Right now, the feds are scared of us, for trying to do underhanded things that pissed Aaron off, so nope, not going to the feds or the cops. Truthfully, I would not trust them to do what is right.”



“Why's that lad?” Oscar asked, as he kept one eye on the scary young dude that screamed predator to him.



“Way to many of them look the other way when they find out the victim is gay, hell most would just as soon help out, and don’t forget that on the whole, there are more criminals in the police department than outside of the department on an equal percentage basis.” Tommy sounded disgusted, and looked up at Friedrich, “What can we do to help them?  I think they fall under our mission of saving in danger gay youth, I sure would consider not being able to eat until you were full a danger.”



“That is totally your call, Young Sir, but from what Aaron has told us, they would all fall under the rules of rescue, while I have diplomatic immunity, only you can initiate a rescue as you outrank me right now,” Friedrich prompted, still scanning the area and practicing dipping into Dustin’s surface thoughts.



“That’s bullshit Friedrich, and you know it…I have never even seen this done before, so what are my options?” Tommy scowled back up at him.



Chuckling, Friedrich nodded his head, “Yes…sure it is, but you would not do yourself or Aaron any favors if you did not follow the Clan Motto.” He looked down knowingly at Tommy, who looked back shocked.



Standing up and brushing his pants off, Tommy looked at Friedrich, “I forgot for a moment and fell back into my old habits. Thank you for reminding me who and what I am.” Smiling at Oscar, and then down at Dustin, he extended his hand in greeting, “As I was just reminded, I did forget some things, like introducing myself for one, Tommy Ness, of Clan Stranton of the Kingdom of Altare.”



“I read about you boys on the internet; you brought that big assed hospital ship into California to help all those kids out.” Oscar smiled as he shook Tommy’s hand, “Rumor has been trying to link you all to a supposed statement by your King, that you would be rescuing gay kids, from what you said a moment ago, I would have to say it’s not a rumor, is it?”



Laughing, Tommy reached out to shake Dustin’s hand and when Dustin started to let go after shaking Tommy’s hand, he helped pull him to his feet, “That would be us, and right now, I am thinking about rescuing Dustin and his friends, so why don’t we go around to the office and talk, Friedrich can act all dark and imposing and keep people away, while we talk.”



Oscar smiled, he had heard nothing but good things about this group, nodding towards Dustin who looked ready to run, “Dustin, you just come round to the office, I think these people can help you and the little ones, more than that, I think you will be safe if you go with them.” He placed his hand on the young one's shoulder and not letting go, pushed and pulled him around to the office.



Pulling his P.A.D.D. Out, Tommy noticed the state of the art computer system on the desk, one of theirs, actually, and copied his list over to a spare Isolinear chip and handed it to Oscar, “I see one of the systems we sell, so my list is on this chip and you can copy it over to your system while we chat, one of the things I was really interested in though, hopefully you can provide, is the cocoa seedlings.”



Not staring, but taking a close look at Dustin, Tommy decided he would be cute, once he was cleaned up and added on some weight. Sighing, he started, “Dustin, there are several ways to go about this, and you don’t even have to go with us if you don’t want,” looking at the ceiling as he organized his thoughts. “We can relocate you to wherever you wish, including relatives somewhere else, if you think it will be in your best interest. We can go our separate ways right now with you knowing that all you have to do is meet one of our planes at the general aviation terminal at the airport to get rescued. Or you can come back to the Kingdom with me today, or the plane will be back on Monday to pick up our order from Oscar.”



Looking back down at Dustin so he could look at him directly so he could see his face, “If you would choose to come back with us, you would be given the chance to follow your dreams, that includes going to school and if you wanted, even collage. You would be given an apartment to live in, and if you can’t cook, there is always the dining hall. Ninety five percent of the people living in the Kingdom are gay, and the rest are BI or too little to know one way or the other. “



“We can stay together…if we go with you we can stay in the same apartment?” Dustin perked up, wanting to stay together, knowing it would be kind of crowded.



Tilting his head and wishing he could read the teen's thoughts instead of guessing, after this weekend, things would be different he reminded himself, “Well, that depends on how many of you there are, each apartment has six bedrooms, so if there are more than six you could always spill out into the apartment across the hall, I would think, or the one up above.” Seeing the hopeful look on Dustin’s face, he glanced out the window to see Friedrich standing guard, “the only time I could think of, that you would not be together, if that is what all of you want, is if some of you need to go to the med bay for treatment, and then it would only be as long as it took to heal you.”



“And what do we have to do to pay for the apartments, how many times a day are you expecting to be serviced and who with?” Dustin asked suspiciously, knowing that no one gave away anything for free, everyone wanted something in return.



Tommy was shocked, and it showed on his face, that alone convinced Dustin more than his words, “We have a rule about sex, well several, but the big one is that sex has to be agreed on willingly, so, by giving you a place to stay and food to eat and you paying for it with your bodies is not willing, the way I look at things, it seems more like a job. And you will already have a job if you come live with us, it’s called going to school, and earning an education,” Laughing, Tommy looked at Dustin, “We're the only place I ever heard of that pays you for every good grade you get, so at the end of the week, the better you did in school the bigger your allowance for the week.”



“You're shitting me…really we would get paid for going to school?” Dustin was shocked and ecstatic, while he did not like going to school that much before, now that he could not go, he really wanted to go back.



“No shit. You don’t get paid to go to school, you get paid based on doing well in school, anything lower than a C will cost you when it comes to your allowance.” Tommy laughed, “Who wants to jeopardize their allowance by not doing our best, especially when if you need help, all you have to do is ask and someone will help you out.”



“It’s the closest thing to perfect I have ever seen, but like all things, you get out of it what you put into it. Plus, there are always things to do, some way to help out, if you like farming and working with plants, there is always something needing to be done, Brian could always use help with the food farms, but never more than an hour or two a day, and only if you want. Most people will help out in different areas until they find something they like doing, then they will settle down and make their life’s work doing what they love.” Tommy smiled widely, “as much as I love working with plants, I fell in love with Aquaculture so I run the fish farms, though Aaron will be starting up some Aquaponics systems soon and then I’ll be able to combine them both.”



Sensing Dustin was close to agreeing, or at least he hoped he was, Tommy offered, “Look, you can give it a try, and if it doesn’t work out for you, we’ll drop you off wherever you want us to. You are not prisoners after all; you would be a citizen of our kingdom with all the same rights and duties as everyone else.”



Torn, Dustin looked over to the man that for the past couple of weeks had been looking out for them as much as possible, giving them more to do, after finding out the truth about them instead of all the other places of ordering them off and not paying them for the work done, “Mr. D…” he pleaded.



Oscar looked over to Dustin from his desk where he was working up the cost estimate for this huge order, “Dustin, if I was younger, I would not be hesitating, I would be jumping up and down and grabbing on to the young diplomat and not letting him out of my eyesight until I was stepping down the steps at that kingdom of his. I might talk a little funny and not be the best after my Albert done got himself killed by them redneck haters, but I know enough to know when someone is speaking the truth, and to make my way around that fancy internet thing to find out both sides of the story. I be telling ya this is a good thing and they can help you if you try.”



“We can come back, if it does not work out?” Dustin wanted to go, he really did, but he had learned not to trust, though he did trust Mr. D, to some extent.



Standing up and coming around his desk, Oscar gently lifted Dustin’s chin, “Ya be listening to this old man, Dustin, this is your chance and ya best be taking it, going with them means living again, it means trusting again,” staring intently in Dustin’s eyes, “It means ya can dream again, Son.”



Looking, looking for any hesitation or lies on Mr. D’s face, and not finding any, Dustin accepted, “For you, Mr. D, for you we will do this…and I’ll try my best, I promise.”



Oscar pulled the young man into a hug, now that he knew that the boy was going to be safe, he did not have to worry about someone taking it the wrong way and he hugged him like his life depended on it.



Surprised yet pleased by the show of affection, Dustin looked over his shoulder, “Twelve, there is twelve of us ranging from seven to me who is sixteen, all half breed throw-a-ways and the little ones might need to go to your med bay they seem to be pretty sick, lately.”



Standing up, Tommy came to a decision, “You and Oscar go get them as quick as you can, we'll get them to the airport as quickly as we can and back home so they can be seen by the healers, I’m going to call the plane and make sure we’re ready to go as soon as we get there.” Watching Dustin jump up and drag Oscar out of the office, Tommy followed as far as Friedrich, “We have twelve being rescued, and some of them are real young and real sick.”



“Right away, young Sir, I’ll have the car ready,” Friedrich ran towards the limo opening the back seat and pulling the first aid kit out, not that either one of them could do much with it but pray.



Reaching up and pulling the mic down, Tommy tapped the button to activate it, “John, how quickly can we be in the air once we get there? I have twelve rescues and some of them are sick.”



Jumping when his communicator activated, John pulled the mic down, “The truck with your last load just pulled up, I can be loaded by the time you get back, how sick is the kid?”



Seeing Friedrich run past him to take one of the children from two of the boys, Tommy moved to help some of those walking, into the car, “Real sick…John, most are sick and three of them look real bad.”



Tommy and Friedrich helped the kids into the back of the Limo before Tommy pointed to the front seat, “Dustin, sit up there, I’ll take the back with the first aid kit,” he told him, as he climbed in the back, “Hi guys, I hope you don’t get too scared, but we are going to my plane at the airport so we can get your friends out of here and get them some help. I’ll let you know what I am doing so you know I’m not hurting them, okay?”



Pulling the first aid kit over, Tommy frowned, there was only enough sensors for two people, one of them would have to wait until they got on board. Almost getting thrown to the floor as Friedrich took off, Tommy went about placing the sensors on the two worst looking boys' temples, “Can you help me get their shirts off, so I can put the medical sensor on, it will help the doctors, once we get back, if they don’t have to do it.”



One of the boys dropped to the floor and started to pull the shirts off the other two, while Tommy got the one off he was working on, “John, you still there?” he asked as he touched the communicator once more.



“Halfway loaded, Tommy, what do you need me to do?” John grunted, as they moved the boxes faster into the hold.



“How many first aid kits do we have on board, I ran out of sensor units,” looking at how some of the other kids did not look too good, “I’m thinking about needing at least six more.” Glancing over the seat since the window was down, “Friedrich how long until we get to the airport?”



“Five minutes,” Friedrich yelled back, as he saw how upset the teen next to him was, and listening to him blame himself, he placed a hand on the teen's knee jerking him upright, “Dustin is it,” seeing him nod, he smiled, “Dustin, sometimes with young ones like that, they can go from running in the yard playing, to not moving and very sick in a matter of minutes, it’s not your fault, okay?  From what I have seen, you have done your best…beyond your best for all of them, now, I need you to be brave, can you do that for me?”



Nodding his head, Dustin looked over the back of the seat as Tommy worked.



The three men from the orchid farm stopped, after unloading the truck, to try to listen in after hearing that there were sick kids being discussed, listening in, the foreman stopped when he heard the pilot.



“Six, you need six more, that means you have nine kids that bad, I’ll round them up somehow. How soon will you get here, this is not one of the medical planes, so we will need to get a move on.” John said, as he ran to the steps, trying to remember where besides the one by the door, the other first aid kits were.



Finding three kits just in time, John ran down the steps to meet the limo coming through the gates with a cop car's lights flashing in the distance, great he thought, there might be an international incident on top of things, if things went sour, none of the Clan would ever be allowed off the island again.



Friedrich screeched to a halt, not far from the steps and not even bothering to shut the engine off, leapt from the driver’s seat, “Get all those that can walk up into the plane, we’ll take off as soon as we are all inside.”



Officer Bradley saw the limo stop near that funny jet, glancing up to get the tail numbers just in case, he frowned before remembering where he had seen that name before, then it came to him, those new people that saved all those kids flew everyone back to the states from their fancy hospital. That was a diplomatic aircraft, and one used for medical emergencies. Seeing the line of dirty and sickly looking kids climb out of the limo, he did not even think twice before running over to help, seeing the kids get scared, he smiled, “Come on let’s get you into the plane where you can get help.” Shocked, the kids let themselves be led inside and as he turned, he saw three very still looking young kids and several more that looked real sick being carried up the stairs.



Bringing up the rear, Tommy stopped to look at the officer a little funnily, before starting to give out orders, “Friedrich, make these kids comfortable and watch them real close, as soon as everyone is off, seal the hatch, I’ll be up on the command deck, we are going for VTOL with sub orbital insertion, let’s see if John is good enough to keep him together, seeing this is a plane not one of Pete’s playthings.”



“Right away, Young Sir,” Friedrich started to grab the sensors form the line of open first aid kits on the table, so he could place them on the boys.



Seeing the people off the plane, Tommy turned to them and the officer, “Thank you for your help, not to be rude, but we are about to do an emergency take off.”



Nodding his head, the officer yelled down, “Move this thing away, NOW.” Before saluting the young man who seemed to be in charge, as the steps moved away.



Nodding in acknowledgment, Tommy closed the hatch before running up the stairs to the command deck. Sitting down hard in the command chair, Tommy logged in and tied his communicator into the radio net, “John, we are sealed and ready to go.”



“Honolulu tower, this is Altare six, declaring an emergency; clear all airspace around us. We are preparing for emergency ascent,” Tommy’s voice rang out over the speaker as John taxied the plane away from the hanger.



“Altare Six state the nature of your emergency, please confirm you are leaving, not waiting on the arrival of EMS,” the air traffic controller’s voice sounded confused.



“Honolulu Tower, we have nine medical emergencies on board and our destination is Altair Trauma Center. We will be going VTOL to fifty thousand feet, in T minus sixty seconds; please confirm clear airspace,” Tommy was calm and collected on the radio as the butterfly’s in his stomach danced the tango.



“Altare Six, are you telling me that plane can go VTOL, over?” the air traffic controller wondered.



“Honolulu tower, that is affirmative and you have thirty seconds to clear the airspace before we go vertical,” Tommy let some impatience creep into his voice.



“Altare Six, this is Honolulu international, you have clear air space to fifty thousand feet…god speed, Altare Six.” Another deeper voice cut in.



“Thank you Honolulu international, going vertical…NOW,” Tommy told them, as the jet jumped into the air and went straight up, as John climbed fast to reach fifty thousand feet.



“John, take us sub-orbital while I call ahead to Altair Minor, do your best to mimic a Screaming Eagle,” Tommy giggled in terror, before linking to the Core system through the terminal and changing frequencies.



“Altair Minor Trauma, please respond, this is Altare Six, declaring a medical emergency…” Tommy tried to be calm.



All over the hospital as the doctors and residents relaxed and practiced with the equipment the speakers suddenly blared to life…“Altair Minor Trauma, please respond, this is Altare Six declaring a medical emergency…”



“Altair Minor Trauma, please respond, this is Altare Six declaring a medical emergency…” came again before John in the Kitchen added his voice to the mix, since no one else seemed to be, he had tied his communicator into the system, being in front of his terminal.



“This is Altair Trauma, Altare Six, state the nature of your emergency and number of patient’s.,” John's voice was calm and reassuring as the doctors rushed to the trauma wing.



“Be advised we have nine patients on board with medical sensors in place and declare three medical trauma ones. Total number of rescued is twelve,” Tommy hoped he got his point across, as he had no clue other than trauma one was very bad and made people run.



“Roger that, twelve patients, nine on monitors and three critical, please advise ETA,” John hoped someone knew how to get those kids off one of the planes.



After getting an answer from John, Tommy's voice could be heard over the speakers again, “Be advised we are going sub-orbital and we should arrive in ten minutes at the latest.”



“Roger that, Altare Six, confirm ten minutes to touch down from sub-orbital hop,” John started for the trauma wing before stopping and turning around to start typing inquires on his terminal. Luckily, his access included the medical side of things as he found answers and initiated emergency landing procedures, causing nine Bio-Tubes to be sent out to the landing field triage station.



Tommy, seeing the brief blackness around them and then the white turn to blue was relived, in a few short minutes, they would be on the ground and he could go home and get a hug, then his calm orderly world fell apart as Friedrich’s voice came up the stairs, “One of the kids stopped breathing…”



Still connected to the radio, Tommy’s panic filled voice came over the hospital speakers, “Shit, what do you call this when he stops breathing… ‘Code Blue’…now, what did Aaron call it goddamn it…it’s not fair we rescued them.”



Hearing John yell out code patient Tommy took a deep breath and told them, “Altair Trauma we are declaring ‘Code Patient’ I repeat we are declaring ‘Code Patient’.”



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