Chapter 25






Shit, John thought, as he looked through the different options on the terminal before finding the one marked alert chief of staff, opening up the window, he smiled as he saw Aaron’s name next to it, tapping that option, he found he could tailor the message sent out and quickly set it to alert him that Altare Six was incoming with twelve rescued and one of them was a code patient, once sent, he ran out of the office intent on making it to the air field to meet the jet in case he was needed.



Aaron and the rest of the Clan were topside where he could keep an eye on Richard. It had been a struggle for the young royal as they worked through the years of neglect which had turned into pain recently when he had discovered things about his parents he didn’t really want to know. And to add misery to everything else, the way his parents did not even acknowledge his existence when he returned and their faces when he accused them of not wanting him to have lived so it would be easier on them did a lot of damage. He only hoped that the hours working through it with Richard worked, that little bit of difference of not being able to fully merge with his mind, nagged on him just that little bit as he could not guarantee another meltdown.



Alteration was possible Aaron thought, as he watched Richard and Damien laughing as they gathered eggs, Richard wanted to help with afternoon chores so he felt like he belonged. He would sit down tomorrow with Victoria and Edward to discuss ways to help Richard. Might as well include Andrew he thought, as being closest to Richard's age, he might have some insight as the only thing he could think of at the moment was to stuff him in a bio-tube alter him so he was Alteran and then merge his mind fully, thus assuring that his mind was fully healed. Reminders safely in his mind for tomorrow’s meeting, where they would plan the next day’s activities and announcements when the Asclepius arrived, he wondered how Tommy was getting along after having his plans thrown for a loop at the last minute.



Smiling as Brian came over and sat down next to him, Aaron turned to face him, “Well now that you’ve had a couple of days to settle in, what do you think?”



Brian smiled, “The farms here are fantastic and Tommy really did come up with some pretty good plans, but I don’t see how one or two people can handle everything, even with volunteers, the work load is going to be an all day thing, leaving very little time for anything else, and I’m already behind in my studies in certain areas by the placement tests I took.”



Chuckling, Aaron stood up and held his hand out for Brian to take, “I have something to show you that will blow your mind, let’s go to the garden; I want to show you how to pick vegetables my way.”



Porting both of them to the edge of the garden nearest the green beans, Aaron looked around before closing his eyes and porting in several of the deep trays for vegetables, “Now, let me show you how a kinetic harvests crops.”Lleaning over he searched the first plant for a green bean mature enough for harvesting, finding one, he picked it and stood back up. “Now the normal way you’re used to thinking about things is to go out and search the plants and pick the ones ready for harvest. My way, on the other hand, is to use my mind and gifts to harvest in a fraction of the time. Granted, it will take some practice before you gain this kind of control, but you’ll have the time after being altered to master your gifts so you too can do this.” Aaron waved his hand over the rows of beans, and holding the green bean he picked, he closed his eyes and walked down the row, mind searching for matches to the one in his hand, once finding a match using Kinetics he removed them from the plant and micro ported them to the waiting trays.



Smiling, once he reached the other end, he turned around and grinned seeing the look of shocked awe on Brian’s face, changing the parameters of what he was searching for, Aaron closed his eyes on the return trip, mind searching for beans larger than the one in his hand, filling the second and third tray before he stopped, back where he started. Dropping the bean in his hand in with the others, he finally laughed, catching David’s and Mark’s disgusted looks on their faces, holding up his hands. “Wait a minute, you had to learn to harvest the old fashioned way first David, before being shown the new way, otherwise you would not have a feeling for the plants and how the beans break from the stems and the rest that is involved, and Mark, first you have to master porting, before even trying this as what I did was use kinetics to harvest the beans, and micro ported them to the trays, you’re not even a full day out of resequencing.”



Any further conversation was cut off as Aaron’s P.A.D.D. started sounding an alert and Tommy’s voice sounded over it, causing Aaron to port out for the trauma center without saying anything and David to path Kevin and the rest, telling them what he heard.


“Shit, what do you call this when he stops breathing… Code Blue…now what did Aaron call it goddamn it…it’s not fair we rescued them.”



“Altair Trauma, we are declaring code patient I repeat we are declaring code patient.”



Showing up in the trauma pod, Aaron went over to the console and logged in, seeing bio-tubes already dispatched to the tarmac, he closed his eyes and pathed Friedrich, “let me see through your eyes, look to a clear area so I can port in.



Getting the visualization he needed, Aaron ported into the rapidly descending air craft and rushed over to Friedrich’s side, kneeling next to the small child he was giving mouth to mouth to. “I’ll take over, go up top and check on Tommy, he sounds like he is freaking out up there, let him know I’m here, please.”



Relieved, now that Aaron was here, Friedrich stood quickly and ran to the stairs, “Tommy…Aaron just ported in and told me to tell you,” he got out before reaching the top of the steps, trying to get the message out to him as soon as possible.



Feeling an immense burden being lifted from his shoulders, Tommy jumped up from the chair and rushed past Friedrich, taking the steps two at a time to get to the cabin faster. Once on the cabin floor, he rounded the corner only to see Aaron was nowhere around and the kids were crying softly, some being held tight by the older ones muffling their sobs. Standing there looking around, he turned his head towards Dustin when he spoke up, “That guy just popped in out of thin air and knelt beside the little one and next thing you know both of them were gone.”



Relieved, Tommy tried to smile reassuringly, “That was Aaron, he teleported out with the little one back to the hospital to get him there faster…do you know his name?”



Dustin shook his head sadly, “He never did say, we found him in the woods last week, I thought he was doing better, now that he was eating food again,” sounding like a scared ten year old, Dustin mumbled, “I tried everything even gave him my food, he did eat some after I chewed it for him…I tried…I tried…”



Moving slowly to Dustin’s side, Tommy reached over and pulled him in tight, placing Dustin’s head on his shoulder and rocked back and forth with him as he rubbed his back. Not even a minute later, the door cycled open and medical staff rushed inside, each of them going to a different person, all too quickly, the other two sick youngsters who were not looking too good were scooped up and rushed off the plane to the waiting bio-tubes.  Most of the rescued boys off the plane now, Tommy still rocking Dustin, noticed Aaron walking back on board smiling at him; he frowned when he saw the sadness in his eyes.



Dustin, turning his head towards the movement of someone sitting down next to him, saw the man who appeared out of thin air to take the young one, “Are you an angel,” he sounded like a six year old now, as he stared at Aaron with big eyes, “is the little one in heaven now, with the angels?”



Smiling sadly, Aaron nodded his head, “Yes little one, he is with the angels now.” He said softly, as he placed the palmed sensor on the boy’s temple as he moved the dirty hair out of his eyes and activated it sending the teen to sleep. Catching the slumped teen, Aaron motioned for Theo and his team to take him, once the teen was out of Tommy’s arms, Aaron pulled him into his lap and held him close, offering whatever comfort he could as he sent love and comfort to him.



After a few minutes, Aaron finally spoke, “There was nothing we could do, with all our technology and skills, there are still some that we can never help…” pulling Tommy around so he could look him in the eyes, eyes that were crying silent tears, “believe me in this, Tommy, even if we had got to him before you left Hawaii, he would not have made it, it was too late before you even laid eyes on him.” Seeing that he believed him, he pulled Tommy back into the embrace.



A few quiet minutes later, Tommy wiggled free and stood up facing Friedrich, “I want his guardians found, parents or otherwise, according to Dustin, he was found deep in the woods last week, so that means someone dumped him there. I want them standing before me so they can explain why. The person responsible better pray for mercy because they are not getting any from me.”



Friedrich nodded vigorously as he took a step backwards, what was it about the guys in this Clan that made them so formidable to scare the crap out of even him, he thought, and this one isn’t even altered yet. “Right away, young Sir, I’ll get a team on it as soon as I get back to the office,” he got out before rushing off the plane, eager to be away from those merciless eyes.



“I know this is not the way to end what must have been an incredible day for you, one that you had a lot of fun trying to outsmart me,” Aaron grinned as he came behind Tommy and wrapped his arms around him. “There is no shame in tears, and there is no shame in feeling bad about not feeling worse about the loss of one so young, one you did not know, but for a few blinks of time.”



Feeling Tommy melt into his embrace, Aaron skimmed his surface thoughts as the rest of the clan started to cross the gantry after porting in, “I am truly proud of you, Tommy, you did what was right, I am just sorry that the little one was lost. But he is what we are fighting for, you can wallow in pity or anger and let this eat you alive, or you can take it to heart that you did the best you could and know that you will see justice done.” Aaron pointed to the Clan assembled in front of them, looking worried for him, “know we love you with all our hearts and even if you never step foot out of the kingdom ever again, you will always be an important part of the Clan and important part of our hearts.”



Tommy looked up at Aaron bending over into his chest to do so, “I know, I was beating myself up for being sad he died and then for not being as sad as I thought I should be, it will take a little bit, but I will be fine, I’ll take the quiet time unloading and unpacking all the orchids and putting them in the greenhouse to think about things, I promise I won’t brood or go dark.”



Mark, worried about his friend, walked over and hugged Tommy and whispered in his ear, “So how did your plan to visit the other nurseries work out.”



Choking out a laugh, Tommy moved out of Aaron's arms so he could point an accusing finger at him, “It was going grand, I had it all planned out, but this one…” Tommy pointed, “This sneaky person had to go and give a letter to the pilot with secret instructions in it, saying that he had already deposited money at each of the farms he set up appointments for me to visit. So of course, all my carefully laid out time tables went down the toilet,” making a motion of pushing down a lever, “flushed with my ideas of taking a quick walk around and buying plants and grabbing a catalog for further study and ordering.”



Giggling, Tommy grinned, “Even with the new restrictions and all the curves, I still managed to sneak out an extra forty minutes, you can send the two planes for the order on Monday; it should be ready by then.”



Aaron, who had been walking with the others down the gantry so they could get the cargo ported out, stopped and turned to face Tommy, “Two…two planes. How much did you buy…I take it back; I don’t want to know,” he laughed before grinning, “but you will have to be the one to explain to Chris that he is going to Hawaii on Monday with the Prince, to pick up a cargo.”



Seeing the glint in Tommy’s eyes, Aaron looked at him, “And no internet all weekend either,” before breaking down laughing and pulling him into a hug that ended up with Tommy’s hair all messed up.



Finally getting around to the cargo hatch where John and the ground crew were busy unloading boxes, Aaron was slightly stunned at the sheer number of boxes being unloaded. Walking over to one stack, he pulled open the top and peaked inside, there was one large blooming plant and several smaller pots with younger, not fully mature specimens inside. “Well, it seems I was successful, when you log into the terminal in the greenhouse, you’ll see an icon for an orchid program that will help you catalog and keep track of your plants, I set you up in the greenhouse next to mine, it’s the one I used to grow starts for the flowers around the island. Mine is all set up so I can check on it once week everything is automated, not that there is a lot of stuff in there right now, in fact, it is almost all empty as I moved everything to the Clan Hall where I can enjoy it. Get things settled into the greenhouse and then if you want to move it the Clan hall, I’ll build you a greenhouse there instead of topside.”



Aaron, the only one knowing where the greenhouses were, ported the boxes to the quarantine greenhouse and started the elimination sequence, before he started to move away so he could check on the rescued boys, when he smiled at hearing John tell the flight crew that the plane was to be grounded until they checked to make sure it had not been stressed with the red lining of the systems he had done to it by landing so fast.



Kissing Tommy, Aaron waved Kevin over, “Kevin, let me give you the visualization of the greenhouse; I’m going to briefly check in with the hospital staff before coming back home, so if you don’t mind taking Tommy over so he can get started unloading. Tommy, the boxes are in the quarantine house and just make sure the red light is off and the green one is one before going inside, this will make sure nothing hitched a ride along with the plants.”



What was becoming his daily leave taking routine, the members of the Clan here right now lined up to receive their kiss before he left them for awhile. Finally smirking near the end, he noticed Richard in line smiling shyly back at him, pulling him close, he kissed him just the same as everyone else, though he did do it a bit longer, to leave poor Richard with a tent he had to hide, “That will keep you, for a while at least,” he chuckled before moving towards the hospital as the Clan broke into groups behind him and started porting back home.



Walking into the trauma pod, he was a bit surprised to find all eleven boys in the bio-tubes, even the ones who had walked off the plane were floating, while the teams worked around the consoles, “Well, this is a slight surprise.”



Theo, hearing Aaron’s voice, glanced over his shoulder grinning, “It is, isn’t it,” frowning he nodded to his resident to finish running the detailed scans so he could talk to Aaron, “we did place the older ones who did not seem to be as sick on the bio-beds at first, but when the report gave us the option of four days being treated on the bio-bed or one day treatment in a bio-tube…” stopping, near Aaron where the other physicians could hear, “well, they are children, even a young one can be hard to handle on total bed rest, so this seemed less stressful on them and us, to tell the truth.” He handed Aaron the compiled reports on his P.A.D.D.



Giving it a quick glance, Aaron noticed the findings before handing it back, spotting Colin by the desk, he motioned for him to join them, “Colin, patient number eleven is Dustin, or at least his first name is. Once he is released, it is crucial that you are here to be the first thing he sees when he wakes…physically, he is around sixteen, but by the time I got to him on the plane he had mentally regressed from the thinking of a ten year old to a six year old. And I really don’t think he was operating at a ten year olds level to keep all these kids safe and mostly fed. I think the stress of losing the little one was too much for him, so if you need a telepath to help out let me know and I will see that one comes over right away.”



“Which leads me to a question that might seem improper at first, but does have a purpose. How many of the residents are both gay and twenty six or under?” Aaron watched their faces before he added a little information, “don’t count Carl or Gordon as the process has been run on both of them, but just to let you know that there is a slim chance, that is, if the gene structure has not finalized to alter someone just enough so they can access telepathy and the other two major gifts all Alteran’s have. The younger they are the easier it is, and the greater success rate, I will not even consider it if the simulations does not give me a ninety five percent success rate, it’s not worth the possible trouble otherwise, and our gifts are linked to the gay genes so I am sorry to say being straight it would not be possible to awaken the genes to bring out the gifts.”



Theo being old and set in his ways was not as jealous as some would be, “Two, maybe three of the medical residents are the right age, though knowing about this, next year it will be easier to choose fourth years and residents when the cycle starts, how about your guys Colin, none of them made it yet, or did you not even bring any residents with you?”



Colin sighed it would be a true dream of mind healers everywhere, to be able to link up with their patients to help them, “I never gave it a thought about bringing residents or fourth years with me, I wanted to get a handle on the facility and expected patient load before even considering bringing in others.”



“Makes sense in a way. If you'll excuse me, I am going to hunt down a couple of people to discreetly feel them out,” Theo started to walk away, but Aaron stopped him.



“Theo, just so you know, we will be doing our physicians rounds after lunch and I will be playing devil’s advocate. I agree with what you have done and in your place would have made the same decisions of placing all the kids in the bio-tubes, but tomorrow, it will seem otherwise.” Aaron warned him and chuckled at his frown and nod, placing his hand on Colin’s arm he nodded to the door, “Have a minute, let’s have a word out of earshot.”



Puzzled but truthfully not having much to do other than learn how to operate the bio-tubes, unlike the residents he had no patients yet, Colin followed Aaron to the end of the docks where he leaned up against the pier. Confused once more, as Aaron pointed his scanner at him, he waited.



“I think I might be overstepping a little here, but I promise it is not without reason, I picked up on your disappointment inside at being too old to be altered, and have a question or two as I run a DNA panel and simulation on you…I don’t want to get your hopes up though.” Aaron said, as he watched the scanner checking clusters, four of which had turned green.



Colin sighed, “Am I gay is probably one of them, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know, I have put everything into my carrier and never gave it a thought, not really. I don’t do casual and have never met anyone of either sex that clicked.”


Aaron nodded that he was listening as the sixth cluster turned green.



“I would like to think that I’m me, not gay or straight or even BI, I’m me and that is enough for now. Though now that I have made it to the top of my field, it can be pretty lonely when I go home, I think that is why I jumped at the chance to join the team here.” Colin finished, as Aaron smiled at the scanner. “I also try to think I am a pretty good reader of someone’s body language and you are pretty pleased, which means that I am genetically gay and that means something to you.”



Nodding his head and grinning, Aaron was about to put the scanner away before he thought better of it and quickly entered some personal information in it, “What are you supposed to be doing for the next two days, anything that you will be missed for?”



Suspicious as Aaron had the same look his proctors did while as a resident, Colin slowly thought about it before sighing, “Now that the last of the patients have gone, nothing until Dustin is released…why?”



“Because I am going to offer you something that the others would give anything to have, the chance to become Alteran, your genetic profile was eight for eight on the gene clusters and the simulation read out ninety nine percent success if we alter you,” Aaron grinned as he pocketed his scanner.



Friedrich walked up after spending some time in Kyle’s office, starting the search that Tommy ordered, he had completed his task and was hoping for a ride back to Altare so he could give some more thought to finding Mr. forever instead of Mr. Right now. Raising an eyebrow at the back of the man talking to Aaron he smiled when he felt the level of excitement rolling outwards from the man’s mind, smirking, he thought he held it in well.



“I accept, of course,” Colin said calmly, a lot calmer than his mind, which had a small miniature version of himself jumping up in down in joy.



Laughing, Aaron noticed Friedrich calmly waiting, “Well let’s do this; I’m going to push back Dustin’s release to Saturday, you will have been released by then if we get started now and then you can start working on getting the mind healers' guild up to strength.”



Colin laughed, “Oh gamer much, I get to head my own guild hall now, well then, I must not let the future guild members down.” Chuckling, he turned his body, still focused on Aaron, “just let me make a few people aware I’ll be gone for a couple of days and I’ll be ready.”



Laughing, Colin turned, and sensing movement and seeing a hand, he acted automatically, he had Friedrich face down on the ground with his arm behind his back before he blinked. Staring at the body he had just slammed into the ground he let go and backed away red faced, “Sorry about that…” Colin blushed, as Friedrich rolled over and stared up at the first person to ever take him down, while Colin locked his eyes with the most gorgeous guy he had ever seen.



The only thing holding him upright as he laughed, was the pier post, Aaron shook his head and thought that solves two problems. Sneaking around the two staring oblivious men, he went back to the trauma pod and made a few notations in Dustin’s treatment plan, including a note not to release him without his permission so that a trained telepath could be present. Finding Theo bouncing around excitedly in the hall, Aaron wondered if Colin did have the time to take off for sure before he tasted Theo’s surface thoughts and grinned. “Hey Theo, just so someone knows, Colin will be off the island for two days, he’s going to go on his honeymoon with my head of security.”



Theo stopped in mid bounce and looked back at Aaron, “Colin…our Colin? As far as I knew he was not seeing anyone, including your head of security.” He looked at Aaron as if he was speaking of someone he did not know.



“Come here and look,” Aaron laughed, as he motioned to the door.



Rushing over Theo gazed out at the two men, one on the ground and Colin standing still looking down, none of them moving, “Oh my, how long have they been doing that?”



Laughing, Aaron finally got some semblance of control, “I left them that way five minutes ago.”



“Two days you say, just enough time for me to make arrangements,” Theo giggled at the fun he was planning on having.



“Later Theo, I have two budding love birds to strip and lock in a closet,” Aaron chuckled as he walked out so he could port the three of them to the med bay. Reaching the unmoving men, he grabbed hold of them and ported them to the trauma pod at the main med bay, interrupting Carl and Gordon who were talking about the release of the next fifty recruits.



“Aaron, is there something wrong?” Carl asked, as they heard a noise and looked up to see Aaron port in with one person standing the other on the floor.


“Yeah, it’s called lust at first sight, want to help me get Colin here stripped and into the bio-tube then set it up to resequence him to be Alteran, while I give my bodyguard a cold shower,” Aaron laughed, as the two broke their communion. “Some guard he turns out to be the first pretty face to give him a smack down and he is off to la la land.”



Laughing at the glare he was getting from Friedrich, Aaron ignored the glare and joked,  “Truth hurts, doesn’t it, I think this is the part where the two of you are supposed to kiss. Though, to tell you the truth, if you are not quick about it, we will have your future lover stripped and in the bio-tube before you get your ass off the floor.”



Jumping up, Friedrich, nervous as a school girl on prom night, reached out hesitantly to cup Colin’s chin, not getting any more violence and still standing, he smiled at him shyly before leaning in and kissing him gently, tentative at first before Colin reached around and pulled him in tight.



After a minute or two, they broke for air and Aaron chuckled, “Gordon, do me a favor take Friedrich to the Clan Hall so he can get a cold shower or marry his fist a couple of times while I get young Dr. Fairhurst here in the bio-tube, will you?” smiling at Gordon who was laughing from the safety of the opposite side of the desk when he nodded his head in agreement, Aaron led the glazed eyed shrink into the next pod.



Stopping next to the far pod from the door, Aaron let go of Colin’s arm and started the prep cycle so the bio-tube was brought out of hibernations, once it was active he nudged Colin, “You need to get out of your clothes you know, there is a shelf underneath where you can place them until your release.”



Blushing, Colin started to remove his shirt and hoped his erection would go away before he was fully stripped, though with how confined and painful it was, there was no hope in hell of that happening. Kicking off his shoes, and surprisingly sockless, he unbuttoned his pants and let them slide down his legs as he freed the hard cock and not having much experience with gently releasing it from his shorts his whole body turned red when the sound of a thwack was very loud as it hit his belly.



Aaron, taking a little pity on the young man when he realized this must be killing him as he read his surface thoughts, a total virgin in all ways, “Trust me Colin, this as you know, is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about, one of the things you will find, living on the main island, is that when on Altare, we are all pretty much nudists, so we acknowledge a nice body and awesome package and move on. I will warn you that no matter how embarrassed and horny you are now, it is nowhere near how horny you will be when you are released. Climb up,” Aaron told him, as he moved the cart over with his equipment on it, “I’m going easy on you because I think it is more difficult for you right now and joking around would not help you any.”



Aaron smiled as Colin hopped up on the ledge to the bio-tube and swung his legs into the tube before lying down, “You truly have nothing to be ashamed of, size wise or otherwise, with your body…now you are going to have almost an animalistic need to have sex when you get out of the bio-tube, so my question is, do you want Friedrich to be here and help you out, or do you want me to help out so I can control what happens and you can explore your first time together without the need in the way?”



Colin, a deeper red now, squeaked out, “Both, keeping us from going too far the first time if you don’t mind,” god he was so embarrassed, he finally knew what some of his patients were feeling when he talked to them about sex and their bodies, now.



“I can do that, I’ll stay with the two of you and make sure it does not go past oral then, until you settle down, before I forget…” Aaron applied the sterilizing gel to Colin’s head, chest and elbow, “take a good look at that hard bad boy between your legs, it’s the last time it will look like that, you’ll end up with your foreskin back after the process is complete,” reaching over and picking up the very hard and taught cock, ignoring the indrawn breath he felt the curve and the scar tissue before placing it gently back on Colin’s belly. “Sorry about that, but you will lose most of the curve which I think will make things a little easier on you, you have quite a bit of scar tissue built up there causing the curve. So once that is fixed, I think you will have a gentle very mild curve which should make ejaculation more forceful and easier on your body.”



Pleased, Colin forgot his embarrassment and stroked his hard cock for a minute to see if he could feel the scar tissue Aaron was talking about, “Really, I guess I never gave it much thought, I always knew of course I had a severe curve, but never the cause.”



Placing a finger on the underside of Colin’s erection near the circumcision scar, “Feel here, feel how the bend starts right at your circumcision scar, now, feel the side of the scar by pressing in and moving the skin up and down as you stroke, can you feel the ridge under the skin?”



“Yes…” Colin stuttered, as he stroked gently before the overwhelming need to get off got any closer.



“Go ahead and cum, Colin, it won’t make a difference in the long run, other than to relieve some of the pressure you’re feeling right now,” Aaron leaned over and whispered, “besides no one else is here but the two of us.”



Not caring any longer, Colin picked up the pace as he felt Aaron’s touch when he placed the sensors, but when he felt Aaron's hand brush his balls he looked up to see a clear tube dripping with lube heading towards his rear, when he felt the tube gently inserted into his rear he all but lost it, and he did lose it as he felt the tube rub that certain spot inside him.



Panting and practically folding in the middle towards his crotch, Colin had one of the best orgasms of his young life. Lying back, he had to wonder why he took so long discovering this fantastic feeling.  Smiling shyly, he glanced over at Aaron, “Embarrassing or not that was the best orgasm ever.”



“Like I said before, once the procedure removes the scar tissue, I expect your volleys will hit you in your face,” Aaron pointed down at the puddle that had oozed out of Colin’s erection, returning the grin that Colin was sending his way, Aaron reached for the soma unit to activate it, “Friedrich and I will see you in two days, have pleasant dreams,” he told him, before flipping the unit on. Quickly Intubating him, he waited for the tube to seal before pulling up Colin’s genetic profile, double checking and changing a few minor things to make it easier for Colin to fully function sexually, including bringing his sex hormones back to within the normal range Aaron locked the changes in and started the cycle.



“You will make Friedrich very happy, Colin,” Aaron gave him one last glance before walking out of the pod.



Later on that night, after having an enjoyable relaxing dinner with all of his lovers, each of them found time to just reach out and touch Tommy, to reassure him that they were there for him if he needed them,  but not pushing him, Aaron decided to head to bed early, he was going to maybe grab a book and read before turning in, so far it looked like the nightly pair offs were a little different, Kenny had taken charge of Pat and Doug and after they cleaned up their places, they headed off back to their rooms, to either play a video game or with each other more than likely both. Surprise of the night was Damien and Richard hand in hand walking towards the recreation area, both of their pointers leading the way; he just hoped that Damien held to his order of nothing other than oral with Richard, until his mind had a chance to settle down after a good rest.



David, Derrick and Fred followed Mark back to his rooms, and he expected that they would be having fun quickly as Fred led Derrick by his hard cock out of the kitchen all the way back. Grinning as Tim was massaging Tommy’s shoulders as he whispered in his ear he figured those two would be doing something shortly. Walking past his office, he thought that left Pete, Kevin and Brian though now that he thought about it, didn’t Pete leave early, saying something about finishing an experiment before he could join in the fun, shrugging, Aaron wondered who would end up in his bed later on, ever since they became lovers, they all took turns making sure he never slept alone, and more often than not, the partners switched in the morning so he had some type of sex with all of them in a twenty for hour period and they with him.



Walking into his bedroom, the first thing he noticed was the new bottle of lube on his nightstand, the other was getting low but he had enough he thought, someone must be planning something tonight he chuckled. Walking past his bed, he went into the bathroom and turned on the shower before hitting the closet toilet to use the hose to clean himself out, he had gotten in the habit like the rest of them of morning and nightly cleanings. Finished, he went back to the bathroom for a nice hot relaxing shower, letting the surround water jets relax his tired body.



Standing there with the hot water washing away his day, Aaron had to admit he was one very lucky guy, all the bullshit of being a King aside, he had nine committed lovers who did their best to share their love with him as he shared his with them. By now, the shower was filled with steam and it was hard to see through the steam so when he felt the cold draft from the door opening and glancing behind him Aaron did not see anyone but he felt a hand touch his back. Not sensing another telepath, and judging by the hand's size, he assumed it was Tommy, turning around and pulling him close Aaron knew right away it was not Tommy.



Hand grasping his hard cock Aaron had two choices of who it could be, and reaching down to reciprocate, he found a cut and very stiff slender five inches or so, “Brian…what…are you very sure about this, is this what you want truly?”



Fascinated by what he was holding in his hands, he played around with the foreskin covering the hard head before in a husky voice answering, as he stood on his toes to kiss Aaron, “Yes…” releasing the kiss and smiling through the steam, “yes I know what I want and I talked with everyone and they are giving us this time for me to be alone with you… I want this…” Brian stroked Aaron several times, “inside me, you will be my first.”



Now he knew why there was a fresh bottle of lube on his night table, smiling, Aaron leaned over and gently kissed Brian, ever so slowly tasting his lips and rolling them between his own before letting his tongue examine Brian’s teeth before going deeper into his mouth exploring every inch of the inside of Brian’s mouth. Reaching over and touching the controls Aaron activated the drying cycle, if Brian was sure of this it was time to move to the bedroom where the lube was waiting for them.  Smiling as the air started its cyclone action around them Aaron moved away slightly so the front of their bodies could be dried, once dried, Aaron pulled Brian close once more before letting his hands run down Brian’s back until he cupped each ass cheek gently, all the while going back to explore Brian’s mouth.



Moving his body to one side, stopping Brian’s thrusting into his legs, Aaron reached around and scooped Brian up and bouncing him once or twice to settle him in his arms he laughed at Brian’s giggle before backing out of the shower stall.  Aaron slowly walked into the bedroom, stealing kisses the whole way, before gently laying Brian on the top of the bed. Capturing Brian’s lips and gently kissing him as his hands roamed up and down Brian’s arching body, touching the hard cock between Brian’s legs, he felt it start to swell and using his free hand to create a cup he stroked it while kissing Brian as he climaxed. Milking the very last drops from the still hard cock Aaron released Brian’s lips and moved away just enough that the panting teen could watch him bring up his offering towards his lips where he eagerly licked his hand clean before leaning back over and sharing the last taste with him.



Looking deep into Brian’s eyes, Aaron wanted to make sure this was something he still wanted before smiling and reaching for the bottle of lube, unsnapping the lid, he smiled at the eager expression on Brian’s face when he heard the snap.



Brian, hearing the snap of the bottle of lube he had brought in earlier, smiled and lifted his legs up slightly as he moved them a little further apart so Aaron would have better access, not really knowing what to expect, he was surprised that a finger back there felt so good, and Aaron had not even put his finger inside him yet. Feeling a slight pressure he did what Kevin had whispered to him earlier, he pushed out like he had to go to the bathroom and was rewarded when he felt the finger slip inside him.



Watching closely for any sign of discomfort as Aaron slid the first finger inside Brian, and not taking his eye off Brian’s face, he slowly moved his mouth down and licked the hard shaft between Brian’s legs before reaching the tip and sucking it into his mouth, making sure to use his tongue around the tip of the head so he could get any lingering droplets from Brian’s first climax.



Brian threw his head back and moaned out as the pleasure of having someone suck on him for the first time hit him, the warm wet mouth was doing things to him while at the same time the two fingers inside him moving in and out was causing pleasure from the other end as well, it was all he could do to hiss out, “Oh, don’t stop, whatever you do don’t stop.”



Moving off Brian’s hard cock after he found his prostate, Aaron secretly grinned as Brian arched his back and screamed out, “Oh…oh…yes…good...” leaning over, Aaron licked up the small spurt of pre-cum before licking the tip of Brian’s hard shaft one more time as he inserted the third finger into Brian’s virgin hole, slowly stretching his fingers apart as he moved them in and out. Standing back up and keeping his fingers moving, Aaron reached over for the lube once more. Brian, seeing what Aaron was doing, smiled in anticipation and pulled his legs up and held them with his hands.



Squirting some lube on the end of his cock, Aaron climbed up onto the bed and positioned himself and in one flawless move, replaced his fingers with the head of his hard cock and when he felt the head pass the muscle guarding Brian’s sphincter, he waited, looking to see if Brian was having any discomfort. Not seeing any, Aaron started to slowly move in and out of Brian’s moaning body, each time he pushed in, he went deeper, always watching Brian’s face for the first sign of pain. Seeing and sensing nothing but pleasure, Aaron moved a little closer until he was soon all the way inside Brian and moving in and out slowly, causing the teen incredible pleasure.



Brian, seeing the tip of his cock, inches from his face leaned up and stretching, was able to get the end in his mouth, running his tongue around the tip of his cock, he shivered in delight as he received sensations from both ends, the hard cock inside him rubbing up and down past his prostate and his own mouth on the end of his hard cock.



Watching Brian take the end of his cock in his own mouth drove Aaron crazy, picking up the pace, he was not far off from exploding, the fact that he was the first in most everything sexual with Brian, coupled with the visual stimulus of the teen sucking himself off, sent him over the edge, groaning out, Aaron started rapid firing his seed deep into Brian.



Feeling something inside him swelling, putting more pressure on that wonderful spot inside him, sent Brian over the edge, it was all he could do not to release the end of his cock as he shot his cum into his own mouth, swallowing the first volley out of instinct, he let the rest pool in his mouth, and after finishing and lying back and letting his legs go, he opened his mouth so Aaron could see the prize he had saved for them to enjoy together.



Aaron slowly opened his eyes to see Brian lying back and open his mouth, a mouth full of his sweet offering, pulling out only enough to be able to lean over, he accepted the gracious offering, doing his best to suck every drop out of the willing mouth.



Now that the need was not so great, Aaron picked up one of Brian’s legs so he could maneuver around while staying inside Brian, letting the leg back down as he sank to the bed behind Brian, still inside, spooning him from behind, Aaron let his hands wander Brian’s body as he moved in and out enough to stay hard.



“That was incredible.” Brian whispered as he ran his hands along with Aaron's over his body, slowly rocking his hips back and forth in time to Aaron’s small gentle thrusts, enjoying the movement as he came off his high and felt the stirrings of another round building. Reaching for his own hard cock that was starting to throb once more, Brian sighed in frustration when his hands were intercepted by Aaron.



“Oh no you don’t; you need to save that next load for when you are inside me,” Aaron whispered, as he started to move in and out at a faster pace, once more sending pleasurable signals to Brian’s brain. Nibbling on Brian’s ear, Aaron whispered, “I am going to get you all hot and ready, and after Cumming one more time, it will be your turn to put this,” Aaron let his finger brush very gently over the hard cock on the other side of his moving body, “inside me and plant your own offering.”



Intertwining his fingers with Brian’s, Aaron used their combined hands to roam around Brian’s body, stimulating everything in reach except the one part that so wanted to be stimulated and was thrusting into the air hoping to brush against anything that would help relieve some of the building pressure. Feeling the climax building once more, Aaron increased his pace, not intent on making it last, “I’m so close…I’m Cumming…” he whispered in Brian’s ear, as he felt his balls unload once more, unfortunately way to soon, but Aaron did not think Brian could wait much longer before he too unloaded.



Releasing one of Brian’s hands only to have it captured by his other, Aaron reached behind him for the bottle of lube, once finding it he squirted some onto his fingers and slipped his hand around behind him and started to work the lube into his own hole, once he felt slick enough he took his lubed up hand to Brian’s hard cock and very carefully lubed it up, not touching it any longer than he had to so he did not cause any premature explosions. Slowly sliding the rest of the way out of Brian, he rolled him on his back as he captured Brian’s lips in a kiss while he crawled over the teen's body, once above him, Aaron reached back and slowly picked up and bent upright the very hard cock that was not very willing to move much and when it was in position, he slowly sank down on it.



Brian felt this incredible warmth near the head of his cock and as soon as he felt this popping sensation, he came, violently bucking his way deeper inside with each shot, fully inside Aaron, he panicked slightly before being embarrassed, “I’m sorry I couldn’t mmph…”



Aaron silenced Brian by capturing his lips, “I knew that could happen, now you can make it last this next time,” he smiled down at Brian as he hooked his legs under Brian’s butt and rolled backwards, so he was lying on his back and Brian was kneeling while still inside him, pushing back slightly and scooting away before repeating the motion, Aaron smiled, “Now slow and steady in and out until you build up some speed when you feel like it.”



Grinning, Brian repositioned himself so he was more comfortable and followed orders, slowly thrusting in and out, eyes closed relishing the incredible feeling he was experiencing as his hard cock was wrapped inside that warm tight tunnel. All too soon, the only sounds were the rapid slapping of flesh as Brian let his body take over and he thrust in and out, his ball sack meeting Aaron's ass cheeks, sweat dripping off his face, Brian was oblivious to anything going on around him when Richard and Damien walked into the room, stopping near the bed, eyes wide as they watched what was happening. “I’m…I’m…I’m Cumming,” Brian panted out, as he jerkily thrust inside Aaron. Finished and not moving, Brian enjoyed the climax as he stayed inside Aaron, too tired to move at the moment.



Legs moving around behind Brian’s butt to keep him inside, Aaron turned his head to the side and motioned the two watchers closer, pulling Damien over as he was not as hesitant to approach as Richard, Aaron kissed him deeply as he reached over for the hard pointer poking the mattress and gently rearranged it for him, so it was lying flush against the side of the bed.  “Hello you two; what brings both of you here? As if I didn’t know,” Aaron smiled, as Richard made it within reach and he snagged him and pulled him over to the bed for a kiss.



Crawling up in to the bed and Kissing Brian on the way past to the other side, Damien smiled as he let his hand circle Aaron’s nipple, “Richard is not all that much longer than I am and I wanted to ask you if we could go all the way.”



Glancing at Richard, he wanted to laugh, but held back as he knew how fragile the teen probably felt, especially seeing that he was being chosen because of his lack of size, yet still able to cum. Feeling Brian slip out of him, Aaron reached up and pulled him down on top of him so he could whisper in his ear, “Let's help these guys out, get the lube and loosen Damien up, would you,” Aaron ended the whispered question by kissing him long and passionately as he reached over and felt Richard’s hard cock with his hand, knowing that he had already made the rounds with his cousins, and Pete and Tim, he wasn't too worried about him not knowing what to do, and the girth and length he was feeling, he did not think would cause Damien any problems.



Grinning at finally being able to feel someone inside him, Damien quickly turned over so he was on his knees butt in the air. Brian, after getting a hold of the lube scooted so his legs were between Aaron and pushed off the bed so he was kneeling once more, once on his knees, he moved over Aaron's leg so that he was behind Damien and squirted some lube out onto his fingers and pressed them against Damien’s tight hole gently until a single finger pushed through. Remembering what Aaron had done for him he slowly worked the finger in and out of Damien and when he felt the hole loosen up slid the second one inside, he knew what he was doing was being liked, by the moans of pleasure Damien was vocalizing.



Aaron, sitting up and pulling Richard into the bed with them moved around so he could position Richard on his knees near Brian and lubed him up, when the time came, he would control Richard entering Damien for the first time, and once he was sure Damien did not have any problems, he would back off so they could enjoy themselves.


Brian placed his hand next to Richard’s cock, fingers extended so he could figure out how many he needed to use to stretch Damien in preparation for Richard’s entry, deciding that the two he was using now were enough, he moved to the side so Aaron could move Richard into position and when he felt the tip of the hard cock touch his hand, he removed his fingers as Aaron slid Richard’s cock in enough to pass the inner ring. Aaron held Richard still by holding onto his hips and keeping the hand he used to guide Richard in between the two of them, “Slowly Richard, slowly in and out, and each time I’ll let you go further in,” Aaron whispered in Richard’s ear as he nibbled on it before kissing his neck. Several minutes later, only having to slow Richard down once, Aaron removed his hand and reached around the couple to pull Brian over, once he was in his arms, he moved them so they could lie down and watch them, spooning into Brian’s body from behind, arm across Brian’s chest as they enjoyed each other’s company, and watched the other two have their fun.



Half an hour later, Kevin walked into the room and smiled as he saw Aaron and Brian spooned together along with the sleeping couple, Damien finally got his wish he thought, as he moved closer and saw Richard asleep but still inside Damien. Having relieved his sexual need with Mark earlier, he pulled the covers up over Damien and Richard before going to the other side of the bed and pulling them up over the sleeping Brian and Aaron, the last thing he did as he climbed into the big bed to snuggle up spooning into Aaron was to use a bit of kinesis to turn off the lights as he pulled the covers up over him and lay down to sleep.



The next morning, all five of them were rudely awakened by a brilliant light show complete with sparkles and the seeming beaming in of Pete, the resident evil SCIFI nut who was giggling.



Aaron opened an eye and looked over at Pete and frowned, as he saw it was five minutes until five, he had a whole whopping five minutes of sleep before he had to be awake, “I need a shower, after that, and I feel more human, we will talk about whatever invention you’ve come up with now,” Aaron groaned, as he slipped out of the tangle of arms and legs, throwing a tired smile towards Pete, “your punishment, for waking me early, is to wash my a back.”



Pete ducked and picked up his light show gadget and ran to place it on Aaron’s desk top then rushed to the showers to take his punishment with a grin on his face.



Walking into the steam filled shower stall, Pete picked up the soap, “Sorry, I thought you would be awake; I perfected my light show last night before bed and I guess I was a little too excited, I should have checked to see if your were awake first.”



Turning around, Aaron pulled Pete into a hug and kissed him before looking him in the eye, “Other than a glaring wakeup call, what's a light show, and why did you build it?” he smiled so Pete would know he was not mad.



Grinning, Pete hopped in excitement for a second, “I was thinking that the longer we kept our gifts hidden the better off we would be in the long run. We already let out that we have telepaths, which could make us targets, if they knew we were kinetics and teleports on top of that, we defiantly would be targets.”



“So that’s what you were building last night, something to disguise how we teleport,” Kevin yawned as he entered the steam filled shower, “if you’re doing backs as punishment, you owe me,” he giggled as he walked around Aaron and gave him his good morning kiss before moving backwards towards Pete.



“Yep…” Pete lathered up his hands and started to soap up Kevin’s back, “I made two versions, one which we can install in a floor grid for cargo transport, and the other that can be worn and when triggered a small micro wire drops from the device to start the light show between a person’s legs.”



Moving so he could lather up the front of Aaron, Pete smiled, “The device can be triggered with a brush of kinesis and from what I watched during testing in the mirror, it carries along the light show when you leave to the point you arrive. The battery is good for a hundred ports before needing to be recharged; I just need to come up with a smokescreen for kinesis…oh…” Pete trailed off as Kevin knelt down and took him in his mouth, after all, the shower was a no work zone.



Chuckling at the unique way Kevin had come up with to deter any further work related discussion, Aaron reached over, turned the water off and started the drying cycle, halfway through it, Pete stiffened as he shot his load into Kevin’s waiting mouth, “Man that was wicked intense, the air added to the whole feeling.”



Moving through the closet, Aaron stopped and grabbed a polo shirt with the Clan crest on it and a pair of khaki’s along with his deck shoes before entering the bedroom, only to find Brian was gone as well as Damien and Richard. Shrugging, he followed Pete and Kevin out of his bedroom into the common room where he found a clean but still wet Brian along with similarly wet and clean Damien and Richard, “There’s where you guys got off to.”



Brian smiled, “We decided to save some time by grabbing a shower in one of the other rooms, everyone else has already gone topside to the farms for morning chores.”



“Alrighty, well there are three of you and three of us so who is riding whom,” Aaron smirked, as Damien jumped up and rushed to grab hold of him, throwing his arms around Aaron’s neck for the ride and good morning kiss. Brian shyly went to Kevin, as Aaron ported to the vet barn.



Seeing the empty stalls, Aaron along with Damien went outside and Damien, seeing Kenny, took off so he could start his chores and let Kenny know he was successful and they could talk about the best way for Kenny to join in and get off restriction.



Aaron of course picked up on Damien’s surface thoughts, and considered letting Kenny do what he wanted as long as Richard was willing and one of the other guys supervised and helped out, he would wait until Kenny had the courage to ask, before letting him know he was willing to allow it.



Spotting Mark, over by the pasture fence herding the two cows with calves towards the rest of the herd, he looked back at Kenny who was glaring daggers at the calves and chuckled as Richard and Pete came up behind him. Placing a hand on Richard's shoulder to stop him, “Richard, don’t forget that I am going to be taking you home, or at least back to the palace and your grandmother, right after breakfast, so show up to the dining room clothed, please,” seeing the downcast expression on his face, Aaron tipped his chin up so he could kiss him, “don’t worry, you’ll see all of us around noon on Friday and we will be spending the weekend,” swatting his ass cheek playfully, which turned into a group swatting, causing Richard to jump and giggle, he let him run over to the haulers so he could help out.



Turning to an expectant Pete who was holding a small device, Aaron pointed to the other side of the barn, “Let’s go out front and you can show me what you’ve built.”



Listening as Pete described what he tried to do and how he eventually came up with the idea as they walked through the barn, Aaron let his mind think about the possibilities, “Okay, let me see if I have this correct, you would need to fine tune the device to an individual’s height, so the wire would only go down so far so everyone that ported out looked like they were beamed out, so the question I have is, how difficult is it to adjust these for height?”



“It’s not so much as height above ground that needs to be adjusted but the distance between the belt and the space between a person’s legs, so for the most part, if you knew that distance you could grab the right one, even if it was not yours. Tim being shorter than I am, still has the same distance between belt line and opening between his legs so we match.” Pete explained, as he put on the baling string he picked up in the barn, for a belt to demonstrate. Touching a recessed button, the micro wire slid out of the device and a very small glow at the tip showed where the end was.



Examining the wire, Aaron nodded his head before standing back up and moving away, “Okay, let’s see how this works then, you told me you brush the device with kinesis and it goes off and then while it is doing its light show, you port.”



Pete grinned, “Yep, I need to find a way to do away with that part but so far I am not sure where to look to even begin to outline the problem, watch close, I’m going to trigger it, I built in a half second delay before it activates.”



Aaron watched as suddenly a cascading light started around Tim’s middle and a light wave shimmered outwards, kind of like a cross between a Star Trek transporter shimmer and a column of light, in a flash, the light was gone and shimmering sparkles were on the other side of the field which, as the light dissolved away, there stood Pete grinning and waving. Rushing over, Aaron grabbed him and twirled him around in a circle laughing and proud of his accomplishment.



“I have to say young Jedi, that it was a success, if I didn’t know any better, what I saw would only lead me to one conclusion, a mechanical means of transportation…well done…truly well done, Love,” Aaron told him, as he pulled him in for a long kiss. Setting him back down on the ground, Aaron grinned, “two things come to mind, one of which will probably answer your search. The first is for your cargo pad can you change the light show so it is half as long and only has half of the special effects?”



Grinning, Pete nodded, “Yep, I already thought of that and programmed in no sparkles at the end and only half the duration.”



“That’s my genius, well, all of you are in your respective fields, to tell the truth. Now for the icing on the cake, for you at least, if you incorporate the sensors from the limiters, you can do away with the whole kinetic aspect entirely, you would not have found the plans or components for the limiters anywhere but a certain terminal inside the Clan Hall, the one in the back of my library off the bedroom.” Aaron smiled, thinking of the possibilities and how quickly he could get these into production; depending on how complex it was he could retool one of the motherboard and chip lines for a day or so and have them built and stockpiled, yes, he thought, that would work.



Picking up on Aaron’s train of thoughts, Pete smiled, a feeling of intense pride in a job well done and one that was appreciated, “I built this with standard parts, so I don’t think there would be much retooling necessary; all the lines already produce the components we just need to build and encase them…well, add the limiter circuit, I can’t believe I did not even think of using that, after all if it detects and stops porting…”



Chuckling, Aaron agreed, “Once breakfast is over, go into my library with your schematics and redesign the case for solidification using the terminal hidden in the room behind the library. Go to the corner farthest from both the bedroom and the common room and remove the large red book; you’ll see a slot that will fit your medallion without taking it off, once you insert it in the slot, a panel will open with the words push here on it, you have to use kinesis to push or it will not open the door.” Thinking about it for a moment, “Take Kevin with you, as he is the only other one right now that has passed his ordeal, other than you and Tommy, and Tommy has not been altered yet.”



Gauging Pete’s reaction, “All those designs and futuristic weapons and what not you were looking for, way back when, well those designs are locked into that terminal. Promise me that you will not, without my permission, attempt to build any of the weapons you find in the system, only if I have been killed and things are dire can you build them, promise me.” Aaron looked at Pete intently.



Pete solemnly nodded before taking a big deep breath, “I promise I will not build weapons unless you have been killed or things are so dire and you are gone and that both Kevin and I agree they are needed.”



Thinking about the added and changed condition, Aaron smiled, “I can live with that, you’ll find all the plans for the starships and bases there, so you have plenty to keep busy with anyway. Adjust the prototype for me will you, that way when I take Richard home after breakfast, I can give it its first official field trial.”



“You did real good; I’m proud of you, Pete, if you get everything done schematics wise by the time I get back this afternoon, we’ll set the automatics to building a bunch of these, maybe into belts with the Clan crest on the buckles for our use and the Altare symbol on the others.” Aaron looked at the time, “I need to get moving; I’ll see you guys at breakfast,” he added one more kiss just because, before smiling and porting over to the trauma hospital.



Rounding the corner, Aaron saw the five department heads or the only full doctors around and waved them down, “Good, I found all of you together, let’s hit the cafeteria and have a talk as I’ve been doing some thinking.”



Entering the atrium, Aaron spotted John and Scott near a corner table with breakfast and several P.A.D.D.’s laying about, “Good, you guys are here, don’t go anywhere; we will be joining you for our first official staff meeting.”



Grabbing some juice and a piece of sausage between two slices of toast, Aaron sat down near John and Scott, “So how goes staffing?”



“Slowly, the biggest hurdle is, even though we are getting plenty of applicants, we really don’t know the quality of their cooking, the other thing until Kyle gets back tomorrow, we can narrow it down but need to have him do backgrounds on the applicants, I want to make sure they are what they say they are,” John looked at his brother with a funny expression on his face, “You know, I never thought I would ever get to use ‘they are’ like that in real life.”



Laughing, Aaron saw that the others were getting close, “leave a note with the applications for Kyle to go through when he gets back tomorrow, and plan on coming back with me so we can begin your procedures today. That way, next week, when you go on a round of taste test trips and meet the people, you will have a few advantages.” Seeing Scott about to argue Aaron glared, “No arguments, this needs to be done quickly so you have time to master your gifts.”



Sighing, Scott sat back and nodded unhappily, sensing Aaron did not want to discuss this in front of the others.



Giving everyone a moment to start eating, Aaron started, “I’ve been doing some research in genetic alterations available to us, and made a slight discovery.  While all of you are too old to go through the full alteration process safely, I have come up with a process we can run you all through that will be an advantage, especially for you, Theo.”



Seeing he had their interest, “What I propose to do is to do a partial upgrade to each of you, including the residents. After all of you have gone through the process, what it will do is to correct any underlying health problems, clean out your arteries and so forth, in a sense, it will give you, Theo, the insides of a thirty year old. I expect it will extend your lives to around a hundred and twenty full active years.”



Aaron paused to take a bite of his sandwich and chew it, “All the simulations agree that what will happen at the end of your life cycle is one or two days at the most you will all of a sudden slow down and painlessly age and succumb to the grim reaper at the end of your time. Up until then, you will be healthy and spry, barring accidents of course.”



Theo looked at Aaron awed, as he never gave it a thought, “I never considered running us through the bio-tubes and scanners for practice, preventative medicine at its best. When do you want to do this?”



Dipping into the others' surface thoughts, Aaron smiled, “Theo, you and Phil on Saturday and then on Monday you will relieve the two who go with the Asclepius to Elswick tomorrow, to set up a temporary hospital while the permanent one is being built, from there, Larry and Miguel will return and take their turn and that leaves Gabriel for last, well, chances are you will go through the process on Monday also.”



Finishing off his breakfast sandwich, Aaron looked at John, “Not enough sage, close, but you need another ten percent, I think.” Watching the snickering from Scott out of the corner of his eye, “if the Asclepius leaves for England and docks at Elswick tomorrow as planned, and I have been assured the runways are in excellent shape, you can expect to be open for business by Saturday at the latest, meaning Altair Trauma will be up and operating Sunday, at limited capacity,” Aaron looked at Scott to see his wide eyes and nod that he understood. “It also means we will not be able to hold off the outcry that will start to pour in, so expect to reach fifty percent capacity on Thursday, which means after Tuesday, we need to cycle as much of the staff through the new process.”



“Are you going to offer the upgrade or longevity package to the general public?” Phil was curious and hoping he wasn’t.



“No…” Aaron shook his head, “only residents of our kingdom that are either on the island or one of the many bases and hospitals we will be building; the politicians and the average Joe off the street can do without. The world has a population problem as is right now, even with Pete working on dusting off plans for space travel and colonization, it will be a good long time before we are ready to offer the average citizen the process.”



Aaron smiled at the relieved thoughts and emotions he was receiving, “And lastly, speaking of staff, while we have a good core staff that will move into management, most likely on the nursing side we need more, also, use your contacts to scour the fourth years that I’m sure will be applying along with residents. As Theo has told you, we do have a way to offer them the full treatment if they are young enough, plus, instead of opening one hospital, we are opening two. And while it may take some pressure of off Altair Trauma, it does not take it off our staff as all the equipment that is out of Kingdom will be DNA locked. If the worst would happen once the cycle completes, those bio-tubes will self destruct before being allowed to be reverse engineered, I have a feeling one country or group will make the attempt, at least once.”



Seeing Gordon walk into the atrium looking directly at them, Aaron paused, “Main Med Bay alright or do you need me back there,” Aaron was trying to remember if they had any patients being treated.



“No you’re fine, it’s pretty empty there right now, no Carl and I flipped, so I get to go with the Asclepius tomorrow, and we’ll switch off weekly, I’m just here for the announcement and to answer any questions the residents might have, once you break the news,” Gordon smiled as he pointed to the wall clock, it was almost time for morning rounds.



“Unless you have any questions with what I’ve gone over this morning?” Aaron waited for them all to give their negative, “then I will join you in the auditorium in a few minutes, we’ll make assignments and then I can get my ass in gear and back for breakfast before the Clan sends out a search party,” he laughed.



Once everyone but Scott and John were gone, Aaron turned to them, “There is another reason why the two of you need to be altered at the same time, as you have a unique relationship, the process leaves you extremely horny after completion. Without a friendly hand to help out it has been known to take as many as seven or eight climaxes before you settle down enough to even get dressed.” Grinning at Scott’s wide eyed expression while John looked thoughtful, “besides, you had no way to know we are going to open next week, and I need both of you through the process before then, so you can be effective.”



“We understand,” John spoke for both of them as he stared at his brother as if considering something.



“I’ll leave you two then to make arrangements and I’ll see you in half an hour then.” Aaron told them as he stood and placed his glass on the conveyor on his way out.



Entering the auditorium, Aaron made his way to the front of the room and stood behind the empty podium, “First of all, let me say this right off the bat…WELL DONE…all of you handled a total of four hundred patients with practically no training whatsoever in the equipment we use here on Altair, not to mention dealing with their families who came along.” Aaron smiled as he waited for the applause to die down, “Now for the news you have all been waiting for, let me put the rumors to rest; the Asclepius will be setting sail tomorrow, destination Elswick England. He will sail into port around noon and be stationed there until the new hospital is built, meaning for all intents and purposes, we open for business Saturday and this Trauma center officially opens next Thursday.”



“Which means we need to seriously staff up, so if you know of people who would be a good fit, get them to apply and we will set up interviews starting on Monday, and they do not all have to be from the states, they just need to be accepting and good at what they do,” Aaron told them. “I’ll let the different department heads talk to each of you about your rotation on the Asclepius, but what I am thinking it will be in the beginning, you will do one week there, one week back. The shifts will be four hour days on the Asclepius and then one week here with eight hour days before repeating, hopefully by the time it cycles one more time, we will have attracted enough staff so that we pretty much can settle down to a steady schedule, or at least as much as a trauma center ever can.”



“One more thing before I let you get on with your day, we will be installing a long range teleporter on the Asclepius and it will be one of the first things installed at the new hospital, so even though you will be scheduled for rotation on the Asclepius, you will not be gone from your home for more than your shift, that is, unless you plan to go into town and do some shopping.” Aaron frowned,  “You know that one more thing phrase is starting to turn out like that damn American potato chip commercial,” Aaron let them laugh before saying, “make sure each and every one of you makes it to the security office to get your new passport before leaving on the Asclepius, one of the benefits of working for the Kingdom is that you become a citizen of our Kingdom, and I’ll let the others,” Aaron pointed to the five department heads,” let you know what the benefits are like, and don’t forget, those of you that brought your families, that means make sure all of them make it to security to get their passports, in case you want to take a day trip after your shift. Now really, that was the end, I’ll let the others pass out the rest of the news.” He left to the standing ovation his people gave him, feeling pretty weird before he made it out of sight and ported to the atrium.



Seeing John and Scott, “You guys ready to go?” Aaron asked as he walked over towards them glancing at the time, breakfast would be almost over if he did not hurry, grabbing on to them when they nodded in the affirmative, he ported to the main med bay. “Carl, are you around here somewhere?”



Carl, sticking his head out of one of the resequencing pods, waved, “Over here, did you bring me some new guinea pigs…I mean customers,” he laughed, as he walked out into the hall.



“Oh great a saw bones with a sense of humor, of all the docs we could get stuck with, we get stuck with a comedian…how’s it hanging Carl?” John laughed.



“Come on over here guys and I’ll get you set up for your resequencing; we’ll use the end pod,” Carl waved them over as he started down the hall towards the end pod, leaving Aaron smiling and waving goodbye.



Walking out of the med bay, Aaron noticed the Graves boys over by the lake, “Hey Adam,” he called out when he spotted the three of them walking by,  “you guys finish breakfast already?”



Nodding as he ran over, followed by the twins, “Sure did, Chris made french toast and bacon, and we had some eggs and juice…have you heard any news yet?”



“That’s why I called you over, Brialey probably has not found you yet, so I’ll go ahead and tell you, we found your dad, and tomorrow night right before midnight, we expect to pick him up in Yokohama. He’ll probably meet you Saturday morning on Altair Minor some time after breakfast. I’ll make sure Brialey finds you at the dining hall right after breakfast, so stick close until he gets there okay?” Aaron accepted the hug from the twins and Adam with a smile.



“Thank you…thank you very much,” Adam had tears in his eyes, tears of joy.



Spending a few minutes talking to the teens, Aaron finally was able to port to the Clan Hall, as he approached the kitchen, he looked into the steam table pans sorrowfully as they were empty, sighing he entered the kitchen, he could whip something up real fast he thought, walking around the counter he smiled at Richard and Kevin sitting and talking, “Hi loves, I hope this is not the way the rest of my day is going to go.” Aaron sighed again, as he opened the refrigerator to see what leftovers were around the he could quickly reheat. Not finding anything, he looked in the freezer compartment for something and found one of his chocolate donuts and decided that would have to do for now.



Seeing the worried look cross Kevin’s face, Aaron smiled, “I had a piece of toast and a sausage patty which is not my idea of breakfast. People just did not seem to want to let me go this morning, so I missed breakfast and don’t have time to start things from scratch not with having to be in England at the palace in…” Aaron looked at the clock “shit ten minutes and I still have to get that whatever he is going to call it from Pete before I go.” Aaron stuffed more of the donut in his mouth as he walked around the counter and realized he had finished the donut and was not full. Staring at his hand, he sighed before going back to the freezer, pulling out another donut and eating it.



Pulling his scanner out of his pocket, he set it to scan and pointed it at himself as Kevin and Richard followed him towards the house, by the time he made it to the library off his bedroom, he pathed Pete, “Pete are you in the hidden room or your room, I need to get a move on,” he frowned at the readings he was getting. He needed some time off that was one thing for sure, well it would have to be an early day or else they could handle it all themselves he thought.



Pete, sneaking out of the hidden room, saw Aaron frowning at his scanner and saw the worried expression on Kevin’s face, “what’s wrong,” he pathed Kevin.



He finished off two of those donuts without hesitation and probably could go for another and he does not like the readings he is getting from the scan he ran on himself.” Kevin returned on a tight channel so Aaron would not eavesdrop.



“That settles it, I’m on portation duty for you this morning, when you are ready to come back and I do mean be ready before lunch time, path me and I’ll port you back, you can spend the rest of the day puttering about in the Clan garden.” Kevin was forceful, as Pete handed over the device.



Putting his scanner away, Aaron shrugged, not about to fight Kevin about something this simple and it would give him practice he thought. “Ready there Richard, let’s get you home to your grandmother, everyone will show up tomorrow around noon, and then you guys can go out on the town or something while the old fogeys listen to me bitch them out in the house of lords tomorrow morning, so it’s up to you and your cousins to come up with a plan to take everyone sightseeing.”



“Thanks Pete, I’ll let you know how the special effects are appreciated,” Aaron told him, as he walked towards his office and the generator; Kevin was practically running to get there first. Aaron, arm around Richard’s shoulder and side by side with Pete, walked into his office to see Kevin still with his concerned look on his face holding one of the energy drinks and another donut out towards him, looking at Kevin as if he was playing a mother hen, Aaron nevertheless took both the drink and the donut and quickly ate the donut and drank from the energy drink, smiling at feeling a lot better, “Thanks Kevin, trust me I am planning on getting back here and resting for the rest of the day. Honestly Kevin let me get through this morning and I’ll probably take a nap and then do some emails and stuff from bed.”



Kevin nodded slowly before looking at Pete, “I’ll need a visualization from you for the palace dining room, and then how to activate the device Aaron placed on his belt.”



Pete walked behind Kevin and placed a hand on his shoulder and did as he asked, sending both the information and visualization and a second later, Aaron and Richard ported out in a dazzling light display. Looking at Kevin, Pete nodded his head and pathed the rest of the Clan, “Emergency Clan meeting at the dining hall; grab the non telepaths and meet us there.”



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