Chapter 28






Pete was standing in the old emergency room when Friedrich found him. After having the problem explained to him, he looked at Friedrich for a moment before pulling out his P.A.D.D. and flipping through several designs before finding the one he wanted, pulling an extra chip out of his pocket case, he inserted it and copied the design over before handing the Isolinear chip to Friedrich. “This should do what you want, it was an earlier design for the LSB, it has this neat almost heavy feeling type of light, but I couldn’t get the shimmer or sparkle I wanted, to work with it, so I started over.”



Friedrich stared at the chip and then looked at Pete as he started to move back to inspecting the area trying to get his mind around his little statement of a light that could be felt; he was wondering what to do with this information, when Pete came back over.



“I almost forgot, there is a prototype device in my workshop, I’ll port it over after we get to the Asclepius; that will give you two hours or so to find the best place to mount it,” Pete frowned, “Aaron is still pissed at those reporters, if they’re still there in the morning, he might just port them into the middle of the ocean to see if they can swim to shore. You might want to have a word with them before he does…” tilting his head sideways as he listened, Pete shrugged, “forget I said that David and Derrick are out there taking care of it.”



“David and Derrick are taking…” Friedrich started to repeat in shock before clutching the chip tightly and rushing out of the room.



David, with Derrick at his side stared at the milling crowd on the other side of the gate in annoyance, they had talked it over and Derrick would scan the crowd for working electronics and destroy them including any cameras he spotted and David was going to lay down the law. Tying his communicator into the speakers at the gate; they stepped out of the guard shack and faced the crowd. “Alright, listen up…” David waited until the crowd calmed down and were paying attention to him.



“The first thing you have to understand is that even though you are outside the fence, the property goes all the way to the road, so right now you are on Alteran soil…which means our laws are in effect,” David glared at them as they looked around. “One fact you seem to be overlooking here is that this is mainly going to be a hospital, and while it is true that construction has not begun yet, the hospital ship Asclepius has docked and will stay here until the hospital is finished. So as of this moment, the hospital is operating, or it would be, beyond the three patients that have been able to get past you.”



David started to pace along the fence as he tried to look at each of the reporters and photographers out there, “I don’t think you understand our laws. If an injured child was brought to the gate right now and could not get through because of all of you acting like preschoolers fighting over the last piece of candy, and something happened to that child, not only would you be arrested you would be tried on charges of murder…which, under Alteran law carries the death penalty, your minds would be telepathically scanned and if it was found that you were blocking the gate, which the video would be enough to prove,” David pointed to the camera’s on either side of the gate, “you would be put to death. No appeals, no I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, simply put, you can no longer get away with whatever you feel like because you have press credentials…they are not valid in our country.”



David smiled as he heard the rumblings from the crowd about their equipment not working, “I see you noticed one of our security features, if you had not mobbed the limo, it would not have been activated, or caused us to line the fence line with the devices…none of your equipment is working, and to tell you the truth, it might not be repairable.” David glared at them as he approached the fence and the crowd was pushed back, as those closest to the fence backed up, “I couldn't care less, as you brought it on yourselves by acting like you have.”



“I realize that you report the news and some of you feel you have every right to do what it takes to do your job…but you do not have the right to endanger others.” David stood tall as Derrick let him know that he had disabled everything his scanner could find.  “I would have thought that you would have been down at the other end of the fence trying to get the best shot of the Asclepius as he approached the docks, you can’t even see him from here.” Pulling his P.A.D.D. from his pocket, David glanced down at the blueprints before touching his LSB and activating one of the features Pete informed him of, causing a five foot circle of light to surround him.



“I’m going to come out and escort you to the area set aside for the press, the only area that your equipment will not be destroyed by our security fields. And as you can see, I have this nifty little field around me…I will warn you now touch it and it will hurt, cross it and it means your death.” David smiled innocently at them, “your choice really, as I did warn you, and once again this is because you have proven yourself to be nothing more than a mindless mob, not worthy of being called an intelligent being.”



Seeing that no one had moved, he sighed, “Are all of you really that stupid, I can just turn around and let all of you try to find the area by yourselves or you can make a path so I can open the gate and walk out,” David talked to them like he would a disobedient five year old.



By now, security had come out in force, standing behind David and Derrick at Friedrich’s pathed call and David saw the crowd spilt, a small fraction moved to one side after seeing their fellows not following directions and David sighed and reached over and turned off the LSB.



We got you covered David, Kevin and I am here at the brig just let us use your eyes for a moment and we’ll remove your problem,” Pete pathed David, as he and Kevin prepared to port all the reporters into the brig after porting several of Pete’s one time use LSB’s into the crowd, after they were used, they would burn to ash.



Go for it lover,” David pathed back, as he became still and widened his eyes to take in as much as possible, “You were warned,” he told them as Kevin and Pete started to port the crowd into the holding cells rapidly. Feeling Kevin and Pete using a lot of energy David pulled some of his up and instead of using it to port, pushed it towards Kevin who was using his eyes and smiled as he took in it thanks.



At the speed of thought the crowd was gone and David smiled at the thirty or so people left as he walked out the gate, “Everyone keeps making the same erroneous assumptions about us. You would have to have your scientists work twenty four hours day for the next thousand years to catch up to where we are now, and that does not even take into account the fact that we would rapidly be advancing ourselves, during that time.”



Walking along the fence line, David tried to be as friendly as he could and smiled which caused the reporters to jump back several feet, “Now, if you want to follow me, I can show you where we plan to let you set up and I might even answer a question or three.” David, Derrick and several of the guards headed by Friedrich started to walk along the fence, towards the far corner of the property.



“Granted it is a little primitive right now, but give us a week or two and we will have something nice for you to use, including a building that you can set up shop in, and maybe man it so you can submit requests for interviews and such, well, on a limited basis for now. Most of us would not want to take time away from our studies or our lives just to do something we have no use for,” David smiled at Derrick, knowing he just volunteered himself when Aaron found out.



Rounding the corner, David pointed to the parking lot and a section of wall that was lower than the rest, topped by wrought iron bars, “You can set up here and like I said we will see about getting some type of a permanent structure set up, and from here, you can have a good view of the docks and once it is complete, the front of the new hospital.” Still facing the view of the Asclepius, David glanced over his shoulder to the flock of reporters behind him, “Remember to respect people’s privacy, and you will be better off as this area is still part of Alteran soil.”



“We can do a lot of good, if you only let us get on with our jobs and don’t interfere like you did at the gate,” sighing, David turned around, “pick a photographer and a reporter from amongst those here. Aaron said he would give a tour of the Asclepius and answer some questions once you started to act civilized, knowing that you have to get all new equipment he set the time up for tomorrow morning, so get together and be here in this spot by nine.”



One of the reporters got brave and called out, “What is going to happen to those that disappeared, and how in the world did you take them?”



Friedrich looked to David, asking if he should answer it and after getting the nod he faced the reporter, “They will all be processed; most likely they will be fined and released, though most will find that their fine leaves them needing to get a different type of job, as they will find they do not have sufficient funds to buy new equipment, once theirs is confiscated.”



“And they were teleported out of the area and into the holding cells, that shimmer of light was the teleporter’s taking hold and transporting them,” David added as he and Derrick started to walk back to the gates.



“Do you think it is right for a boy to kill someone in cold blood like that?”



David stopped and turned around, “Well, that’s one less for you guys to choose from. Whoever asked that question doesn’t pass through the gate. And to answer your question, I do believe the man’s own words condemned him, he, after all was planning to kill off the royal family, including all of the princes and cousins, including some that are infants.” Starting to walk again as the interview was over as far as he was concerned, “And there was no boy involved at all, I do believe he is an adult, last time I checked.”



Kevin smiled at Pete as they munched on one of the high energy donuts, ignoring the yelling coming from inside the holding cells, it was pretty sweet he thought, as they looked through the piles of IDs on the table. He ported them into the cells and before the light had fully faded and burned out, Pete had ported all their clothes and belongings into the room they were standing in now, it was all over in less than a minute and took another sixty seconds before the reporters realized they were naked, and by that time they were walking out of the room and closing the door behind them.



“Bloody Hell,” Thomas yelled, as he entered the brig from the side door and saw the cells full of naked people.



Smirking, Pete opened the door and walked out, munching on his donut, “Hello Thomas, did you come to take a look at our new zoo?” deciding to wind the stuffy guard up.



Shaking his head, astonished, Thomas glanced in the cell, “Where did all these people come from not only that, where are all their clothes, you have the men mixed in with the woman?”



Shrugging, Pete finished his donut and thanked Kevin for bringing him his energy drink, “Those were the people blocking the gate, and they will be processed for trespassing. Sometime later on when Aaron tells Friedrich what to do with them, probably after he calms down.”



“How did you expect us to search them anyway, it is much easier making sure they don’t have contraband on them if they have nothing in the way,” Kevin smirked, as he drank his own energy drink picking up on what Pete was doing.



Pete glanced through the bars looking confused, “I must not have as good a grasp of your language as I thought I did, I see no women in there just a bunch of deformed men, maybe I should talk to Aaron and see if we can get them fixed, most are missing the important parts,” Pete scrunched up his face in disgust, “I mean who would mutilate a person like that,” he pointed to the woman’s crotch.



Thomas stood there, mouth gaping as he could not believe what he was hearing, shaking his head violently as if clearing his ears, he slowly pointed to one of the female reporters, “That is a woman, and she is not mutilated she was born that way…you know, two sexes, male and female, with the females giving birth to babies.”



Pete did a double take and rushed to the bars and looked at the reporter Thomas was pointing to, “EWWEEEEE, I am not sure what you’ve been drinking Thomas, but that is not a female,” taking his P.A.D.D. out of his pocket he scrolled to the images and brought one up one the screen at looked at it lovingly, “now this is a female, and a mighty fine one too, I picked this one out of all the others…I can’t wait to implant my baby in this female.” He sounded wistful as he passed the P.A.D.D. over to Thomas, “yep top of the line model 7089 only three births to date.”



Thomas took the P.A.D.D. hesitating to look at it, not sure he was ready to look at porn. Taking a deep breath, he looked down at the screen and blinked, twisting the screen around he looked at it again and looked at Pete who was beaming.



“Isn’t it the most beautiful female you’ve ever laid eyes on? As soon as I laid eyes on this female, I knew this was the one that my children would be carried in, such strong lines and look at those curves,” Pete sounded dreamy as he closed his eyes as if remembering something wonderful.



Looking at the words under the screen Thomas handed the P.A.D.D. back to Pete without a word, turned around and walked out the way he came, he stopped near the door and after listening to some of Pete’s explanation to the reporters on how to do it, he had been  stunned after reading the translation…Model 7089 Gestation Chamber Female analog.



The reporter who had been pointed out, forgot her modesty for a moment and called out, “Hey can I see?”



Pete, ever one to keep a good joke running, nodded happily and turned the P.A.D.D. around, “Isn’t this the most beautiful female you have ever seen?”



The reporter’s eyes bugged out, seeing the picture of the artificial womb on the screen and her cellmate looked over her shoulder, “Not to sound stupid or anything, but what the hell…are you telling me this is where babies come from where you grew up, how is that possible?”



Pete smiled and gave the picture one last loving look before turning off the P.A.D.D. and returning it to his pocket, “Of course it is,” before getting a sly glint to his eyes, “well are you telling me your fathers never gave you the talk…well when a man meets a man he really likes, and they get married they eventually settle down and want to start a family…”



Kevin could not take it any longer, so carefully controlling is his face, he walked out the door behind Thomas and made it around the corner before leaning up against the building laughing so hard he ended up on the ground tears rolling down his face from laughing.



Aaron, hearing they had prisoners from Friedrich, waved at Thomas as he walked past muttering something about getting drunk and staying that way. Stopping to watch him disappear towards the hospital before looking in the direction he had come from and seeing the brig was over there, he picked up his pace until he heard gasping coming from around the corner next to the building nearest the brig. Seeing it was Kevin he pulled out his scanner and raced over, “Kevin what happened, tell me where it hurts,” Aaron all but demanded as calm as he could as he started to run the scanner over Kevin.



Gasping, Kevin pointed to the Brig, “Pete…Female…the talk…” before dissolving into fresh giggles.



Not finding anything wrong other than a slight amount of hypoxia which could be caused from laughing too hard, he thought as he took in Kevin’s giggling prone form, Aaron frowned, what the hell was going on? Standing up he ordered, “Stay there and rest, I’ll be right back.” Aaron needed to find out what the hell happened. Walking into the brig, he saw Pete walking his way and as he looked at the occupied cells, he noticed the shell shocked expressions on the prisoners' faces which did not match the very pleased look on Pete’s face, “Pete…”



“Hi Aaron, do you know where Kevin went?” Pete asked, as he walked closer and then in a loud voice, “Can you believe, at their age, no one has given them the talk yet, pretty irresponsible of their fathers don’t you think?”



Seeing the shell shocked looks from the prisoners and remembering the disturbing behavior from Thomas as he walked by, Aaron did not waste any time in pulling Pete out of the building and around the corner. Pete seeing Kevin on the ground raced over and giggled when Kevin asked, “You really gave them THE TALK?” he collapsed in laughter once more, when Pete grinned and nodded his head.



Aaron was trying to piece the clues together and what they were adding up to was not pretty, he was about to demand an explanation from Pete when the rest of the Clan rushed over with the three prince's trailing along.



“What happened?” Andrew asked, once they got close, “Thomas walked into the hospital took one look at Friedrich, muttered something about females and asked if Friedrich had any whiskey before stalking out the gate after being told no.”



“Well to be fair, he did ask one of the construction crew guys where the nearest pub was,” Edward added to the piling clues.



Frowning down at Pete, “You know it’s not a nice thing breaking other peoples guards, you know that right?” Aaron turned around and laughed silently, “Tell me the security camera’s in there are functional and recording.” Glancing over his shoulder to see Kevin nodding between laughs he started for the Asclepius, “This I have to see.”



Derrick reached down and picked Kevin up off the ground and carried him as they followed behind Aaron, hoping that by watching the video, they would get the answers to what was going on.



Chris, seeing the group approach from the bridge, noticed that one of the Clan was being carried and paled, “Oh shit…” he got out before porting to the triage deck. Kirk who was on the other side of the bridge looked up and rushed to the window and not being as vocal about it thought the same thing and joined Chris on the triage deck, just as Aaron walked up the gangway and started for the steps.



Sighing in relief when Kevin was placed on his feet giggling, Chris looked at Kirk and they joined the Clan as they all ended up following Aaron to the conference room.



Aaron, after asking security to replay the recordings from the moment the prisoners first arrived, sat there stunned as he watched Pete wind up Thomas and the prisoners.



Seeing Aaron drop his head into his hands, Pete was worried that he had gone too far. Walking up he placed a hand on Aaron’s shoulder, “Are you mad at me?” he asked, in a small voice and then backed up as Aaron picked his head up and howled out laughing.



Shaking his head no, Aaron tried to catch his breath, “Oh gods above that’s classic,” he chuckled as he pulled the terminal over and had the recording saved and posted to the bulletin board so everyone could have a laugh. “I finally get everyone convinced we are not aliens, and in ten short minutes Pete undoes all that hard work,” he chuckled, “bad Pete no nookie for the next hour,” Aaron sputtered, as Pete looked horrified at first, then grinned.



Mark snorted, “I want a copy of THE TALK, the expressions on their faces…” he giggled.



Seeing the three Brits were not as amused as the rest of them, actually they looked a little confused, Mark pulled out his P.A.D.D. and brought up the picture of the artificial womb and passed it over, “Pete’s Female in all her glory,” he snickered, as Richard looked at it.



Richard looked at the screen and then back to Pete before passing it to Andrew, who had been taking a drink of water which he ended up spraying it all over the table as Pete gushed, “Is that not the most beautiful female on the planet.” Sliding down in his chair until he was under the table Richard lost it, giggling madly.



Edward looked over Andrew’s arm so he could see the screen too, after seeing the text at the bottom, he looked at Aaron, “I must protest. Letting Pete loose on the countryside might not be the wisest thing,” he snorted in amusement, “but I’m with Mark, I want a copy of THE TALK.”



After the laughter died down, Aaron looked towards Friedrich, “Best send someone to bring Thomas back before he gets totally smashed and does something stupid like get arrested.”



Laughing, Friedrich nodded before walking out of the room, he would go after him and bring him back personally.



Mark stood up, “I have afternoon chores to get done, so I’ll be back by dinner time,” seeing most of the rest of the guys getting up he changed it, “We’ll be back by dinner time.”



Gazing across the table at Edward, “Didn’t you want to go with them?” Aaron asked as he motioned for Chris and Kirk to stay behind.



“I did not think I would be allowed, being BI and all,” Edward told him as he looked away, so Aaron would not see how much he really did want to go.



“And where do you think you will be staying every weekend when you come to visit and learn, it’s not like I’m going to go out of my way to hold separate classes just for you. Get going, I’ll tell Mark to wait up for you, their heading for the conference room near the bridge…go,” Aaron told him, as Edward hesitated before rushing out of the room. Pathing Mark to make sure they waited for Edward, Aaron then turned to the two captains, “Chris, I know you want to take off and get back to the Prince so you can keep your own schedule, but I think you can spare another hour or so to give Kirk a hand. I’ve decided that all the prisoners are going to be run through a Captains Mast, fine them heavily, and once the fine is paid they are free to go.” Standing up and stopping once he reached the door, “and for heaven’s sake get them dressed, some of them are really ugly looking.”



A quarter to six found Aaron standing on the uppermost floor of the hospital. After taking a tour of the facility while reading his lovers' notes and recommendations based on their scans. He was staring out the window, comparing the back lot between the old hospital and the proposed site of the new hospital when a voice interrupted him.



“Evening Governor, I hear ye be wanting a word with me,” the site foreman walked in the room with a set of blueprints.



Seeing the blueprints, Aaron motioned him to come over to the window, “Good, you brought the site plans, how long will it take you to dig a hole out there between the old hospital and the new hospital about ten meters square and ten meters deep? It needs to intersect the utility tunnel on the outskirts of this old building. So we can install the fusion generator, that way we have power to get this place up and running.”



The site foreman looked out the windows before unrolling a section of the blueprints for underground services and stared between the two for a moment, “Right then Governor, the hole won’t be much of a problem unless we hit rock, this area be known for rock.”



Aaron considered what he said then, “Alright, if you hit rock, let me know and I’ll bring in some specialized equipment that will melt right through anything you find, just get me as deep as you can.” Seeing the man was rolling up the plans he decided to bring up another matter. “I’ve decided to turn this old hospital into a hotel of sorts, those family members of patients being seen at the hospital are going to need a place to stay while their family is being healed. This building needs cleaned and painted and carpeting installed before beds and such are brought in; do you know of anyone that can handle that?”



“Well old McDougal is the cheapest in the area, he might be able to handle…” the foreman was interrupted by Aaron, “Not cheapest, I am not going with the lowest bidder, I want someone that is fair and will do the job on time and on budget and yet be of a high quality.”



“Then ye be wanting Ian McCormick, I’ll be giving the Scotsman a call as soon as I get back to me trailer, I’ll be telling him to throw on his kilt and carry his arse out here by eight in the morning to meet with ye,” The foreman told Aaron as he started for the door.



“Your Majesty, the Queen is on final approach and I thought you should know,” Friedrich announced, as he moved aside so that the foreman could leave, though he smiled when he heard the foreman stutter in shock.



“Blimey, here I be cussing like a Londoner in front of the King his self,” the foreman stuttered at the rude language he had uttered moments before.



Pocketing his P.A.D.D. Aaron started for the door, “Any word from Bailey on the rescue of the CAG? It should almost be midnight there I would think?”



“Last I heard, there was slight complication with a decoy being sent off the ship, but the real CAG was found to still be onboard ship.  Bailey is waiting until he makes his nightly walk around the deck before porting to him for a snatch and run, he’s waiting for the moment the CAG crosses the blind spot near the bow.” Friedrich reported as they walked down the stairs towards the entrance in silence.



On his way back to the Asclepius, Aaron saw the approaching red helicopter and as it got closer, he noticed the air group 52 logo on the side, the Queen’s air group designation, seeing that the chopper was coming in for a landing near the docks, he altered his course so he could meet her personally. Waiting a safe distance for the helicopter to land and shut down, Aaron let his mind wander to the occupants and found the Queen and her husband, along with her two oldest sons were on board. Wonder what that’s all about, he thought.



Kevin sat in the command chair in the vet barn, snorting, command chair, he thought, interesting way to refer to it with nothing in the area to command. So he was sitting in the gestalt chair he decided, as it sounded so much better. Since he was on portation duty he had finished what had been brought in and was waiting for the next loads. Bored silly, so he logged into the terminal and decided to check emails and see if there was anything the filters were not catching, after, all he knew that Aaron checked the system folders several times daily, so the less he had to take care of the more time he had for other things or himself.



Looking through the traffic logs, he noticed that several emails had come in and had not been routed anywhere, yet when he opened the folders that the filters dumped everything in if the system did not know where to send them, they weren’t there. Very strange he thought as he looked further and finally found the three emails sitting in the buffer, as if the system could not decide what to do with them. Curious, he tapped away for a bit on the touchpad and created a virtual system, separate and unaffected from the real one before opening the first one.



From:    System Administrator Project Step Off

To:          Overlord, Altare King

Subject: Status report



                Automatic status change report…system initialization complete 07-19-2004 TR

File 798534A Initialized – complete 07192004AT

File 648612F Initialized – complete 070192004AT 180005

File 5874659 Holding – awaiting command 07192004AT 235935



Kevin looked again and he still had no clue what the email meant, and what the hell was file whatever the number was, splitting the screen he tapped a query into the system initiating a search for File 798534A, he was still staring at the search results when Pete walked into the barn and kissed his unresponsive cheek.



Not getting any response to his kiss, Pete looked at the screen and paled when he read the partial message and practically dove around Kevin, “Kill the search, for the love of god kill the search…” he was all but panicked as his hands flew to the terminal to cancel the search string.



“Huh…” Kevin stammered as Pete canceled his search before rerunning in his head what Pete had said before he canceled the search and logged the terminal off, “Why did I need to cancel the search?”



“You’ve not really looked through the hidden terminal have you?” Pete asked as he moved the chair around so he could face Kevin, seeing the clueless negative shake he sighed, “instead of file names everything accessed by that terminal is saved as a six digit and one letter file name, and Aaron warned me to be careful I never tried to access the files outside of that one terminal, he also made me promise that unless something happened to him, never to build any of the weapons systems I found in the system,…not that they have not been built, he just told me I could not build them.”



Kevin stared at the monitor for a moment before glancing around the barn looking for hidden; well anything hidden from sight, sighing, he finally gave up, “Now I’m going to be paranoid next time I log into the system.”



Pete thought about it for a moment, “If I were you, I don’t think I would log back in until you talk to Aaron just in case the system needs to be reset or something.”



Kevin looked wistfully at the terminal, “I agree. Unfortunately, I have a pretty active imagination knowing what makes these things tick, add to it the things I know Alteran tech can do, I don’t think it would be a good idea to touch any tech until Aaron clears it just in case…which means I need to go for a walk and keep away from things until you can get Aaron back here.”



Pete started to protest, but stopped mouth open, Kevin was the best of all of them on the terminal and with programming, way ahead of anyone else, “Let’s gather everyone still around here and I’ll do an unassisted port to the sea farm with them while you go riding or something.” Watching Kevin start to walk away, Pete had a thought, “port yourself over to Mark’s barn and sit your butt down in his office/bedroom I’m calling Aaron.”



Aaron…” Pete pathed, “Aaron I think we might have a major problem.”



Slightly shocked by the pathed message Aaron excused himself for a moment and closed his eyes, “Is everyone all right?” his first thought was that someone had gotten hurt



At the moment yes, but Kevin found something in the system and tried to trace it and found several emails in the buffer and they had references to files like that one terminal has…he tried to do a search but I think I got it stopped in time,” Pete sounded very worried.



Chilled and confused, the worry crept into the pathed reply, “Where is Kevin now? And have the rest of the guys port back to keep the prince's father and grandparents busy. I’m on my way, stay there, I’ll need to allow core access to both of you for this,” Aaron opened his eyes, “I’m going to have to step out briefly to take care of something that came up, your grandsons and sons,” Aaron smiled at his guests, “should be here momentarily and they can keep you company with the rest of the Clan until I get back, we’ll take off for supper immediately once I return, I should only be gone half an hour at most.”



Standing up, Aaron smiled as the teens in question started to walk into the room, “And here they are just in time, if you excuse me…” smiling at Tim and David as he walked past, he did a general path to all of them, “I’ll let you know in a few minutes once I get back, but everything should be fine once I reset a switch.”



Once out of sight of the room, Aaron overrode the LSB and ported directly into the entry to the shielded Core, deep under the actual city. Stepping into the scanner, he waited until the system recognized him before entering the door that slid open. Crossing the room he laid down on the recliner and spoke his commands at the same time as he entered them into the system with his mind, “Suspend security protocol, subject DNA profile Kevin Miller Stranton acknowledge…”



“Acknowledge termination sequence deactivated”



Shit, Aaron winced, evidently Kevin had triggered several of the more touchy protocols, “Initiate reclassification, DNA profile Kevin Miller Stranton…Reclassify Peter Eckley Stranton…”



“Reclassification commencing…holding for tier level authorization…” two identical recliners melted and formed from the floor one on either side of the recliner Aaron was laying on.



“Reclassification…Omega tier one…level Bravo Omega One,” that should do it thought Aaron they would be authorized one step below his own level, and truthfully he should have done it soon after they passed their ordeal, it would have saved him from the heart attack he nearly had and Kevin and Pete a lot of needless panic.



Pete…Kevin I’m in the system Core and have disabled the security protocols, I need to port both of you to where I am and it is very important that once here, you do not move other than to lay down on the recliners like I am. When the system asks you to identify your self do so exactly as it identified you, word for word…this is very important, word for word.” Aaron pathed along with feelings of comfort and that it would be alright.



Feeling their relief, Aaron concentrated on Kevin first as he was the one the system had identified as an intruder and ported him directly to the chamber and seeing with his own eyes he was not hurt he concentrated and ported Pete into the chamber as Kevin sat on the edge of the recliner and swung into it and settled back.



A bright light quickly raced from head to toe of Kevin’s body after he laid flat. “Indentify DNA profile Kevin Miller Stranton.”



Kevin looked shocked and glancing at Aaron and getting a nod of encouragement along with a smile he felt something brush his mind, “Kevin Miller Stranton…” he said as he felt the touch solidify in the back of his mind before it disappeared.



“Confirmed…Kevin miller Stranton classification Omega tier one…level Bravo Omega One…reclassification complete.”



Pete watched on in wide eyed awe as he realized he was inside the system Core and it was partially organic, and he blinked as the bright light scanned him. “Identify DNA profile Peter Eckley Stranton.”



Grinning his eagerness he spoke louder than he needed to “Peter Eckley Stranton.”



“Confirmed… Peter Eckley Stranton classification Omega tier one…level Bravo Omega One…reclassification complete.”



Seeing Pete’s head whip around as he tried to figure out where the touch he felt was coming from Aaron truly relaxed, “That was way to close…it's ok to talk normally now that the core has identified you as having clearance.”



Kevin was still shaken and looking for permission he quickly jumped off his recliner and climbed in with Aaron, “How close was too close?” he trembled.



Holding him close and waving Pete over so he had one lover on each side of him, Aaron held them close, “Too close…leave it at that, how in the world did you ever find a file like that to look up anyway?” He kissed him gently on the top of his head before he kissed him on the forehead when he looked up.



“I found three emails that once they hit the system disappeared, I finally found them in the buffer and I created a virtual machine just in case they carried a virus, and opened the first one, that way if it was something damaging it could not get into the system.” Kevin stopped shaking, now that he was safe in Aaron’s arms.



“Whatever gave you the idea…no, the better question is how many of the others have your skills with computers?” Aaron told them as he hugged them both, not wanting to think how close he came to losing Kevin. “It doesn’t matter; I need to make sure this doesn’t happen again, just in case one of the others learns enough to become dangerous.”



“Security override, I tell you three times…” Aaron felt Pete’s shock and Kevin’s confusion, “Security breach by a member of Clan Stranton, lockout and hold no further action past notification of Omega level.”



“Security override confirmed I hear you three times, further security breaches, now terminal lockout and hold pending notification of Omega level profile…confirmed…I hear you three times.”



“Well that makes sure this will never happen again,” Aaron sounded happier, “now let’s take a look at the email that started all this trouble, shall we,” thinking about the monitor coming to life “Display oldest buffered message.”



Pete and Kevin shifted slightly so they could look up at the monitor; monitor hell thought Kevin, the whole ceiling came to life displaying the message.




From:    System Administrator Project Step Off

To:          Overlord, Altare King

Subject: Status report



                Automatic status change report…system initialization complete 07-19-2004 AT

File 798534A Initialized – complete 07192004AT

File 648612F Initialized – complete 070192004AT 180005

File 5874659 Holding – awaiting command 07192004AT 235935





“Well that is interesting and very unhelpful,” Aaron mused, as he looked up at the message, “clarify…open file 798534A.” looking at Kevin he whispered, “this is the only place it is absolutely one hundred percent safe to open a voice access file, and you can tell it is that type of file by the letter after the six digits in the file code, if you tried to access this from the secure room nothing would have happened except you being locked out.”



Aaron was interrupted in his explanation when a video file opened up and he saw the other version of himself.



“Hello Me…” the future Aaron chuckled, “I hope you did not think I would leave without building some toys besides the city and islands for you,” he laughed before getting a sad look on his face, “Evan always was one for making sure he had an escape route and a plan including the ability to start over, God, how I miss him…” the future Aaron sobbed for a second before standing tall once more and getting control of his emotions. “Two things would have caused the system to send the message to you instead of waiting for you to find it on your own…and I pray that it is the second set of circumstances I programmed in, and not the first.”



Aaron looked confused and glancing at his lovers he saw they were just as clueless.



“If and I hope it is you Aaron and not one of our lovers here right now, two things had to happen for the system to email you, one, something has gone horribly wrong and you are thinking about bugging out or, and this one I hope is true the timeline had such a shift that you registered one of the talents we always speculated about. If that happened, all of us did not die for nothing, even though in your time line we are all alive,” the image waved his hand, “I know, talking time travel always gave me a headache…open the other file and all your questions will be answered.”



Aaron stared at the blank ceiling for a few moments before sighing, so the timeline started to shift way back then, he thought if his future self was that torn up over Even, it meant he must have been his version of Tim, clearing his throat, he wiped his eyes and looked at the email. “Clarify…open file 648612F.”



Pete’s breath caught in his throat as he forgot how to breath there on the screen was a picture of the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, a complete space station and it was huge, “Wow a space station, how cool is that” he finally remembered to breath.



“Where would he hide something like that without it being seen, I mean between the international space station being built and the Hubble and the probes surely someone would have seen this by now?” Kevin questioned, as he pointed up to the image.



Reading the coordinates at the bottom area of the screen, Aaron frowned, “Clarify…location project Step Off.”



“Project Step Off location, Sigma Gamma Alpha Centauri.”



“Well, that explains it Kevin. It’s not even in this solar system, it’s orbiting the world the other timeline moved to,” Aaron was not sure what to feel about this new information, he was just now starting to get a handle on opening up Altare and now to add space travel and colonization to the pot was troubling, he did not know if he could handle it.



Pete looked crestfallen as he gazed up at the picture of the station rotating on the monitor, “We’re not ready, are we?”



Sadly Aaron looked at Pete, “Not yet, but give us six months and maybe we can visit, we’ll just have to see how things go.”



“Query… File 5874659” Aaron looked at the file name trying to prod his memory.



“File 5874659…execution file…file 587465…total system activation and power up station SO001.”



Pete kissed Aaron’s cheek, “Can we at least power it up, without power no environmental systems will be working…please.”



Aaron looked at the hopeful expression on Pete’s face, at least no one has had a break through as a class 1 teleport yet, so it should be safe, “Execute…file 587465 initiate.”



Pete so excited after seeing the space station, had gotten boned up, now throwing himself at Aaron to hug and kiss him, stopped and got a strange expression on his face as he stiffened and after a moment looked down at his crotch all embarrassed as he realized he creamed his shorts.



Sensing that Pete was troubled by what just happened, Aaron kissed Pete gently and smiled as he placed his forehead against his lovers', “Come on, I need to show you the only place you are safe to teleport into, so you can get into the Core. Then we need to get a move on before we are missed,” he nudged the two to get up as he sat up and waited for them to get to their feet before standing himself, “We’ll look at the other two messages in the morning, until I say otherwise, what we learned today is under Clan Seal.”



Glancing down at Pete’s pants he reached over and unsnapped and unzipped the shorts, “Before your load has a chance to soak through go ahead and hop out of your boxers and I’ll port them back to the laundry and you can go free balling for the rest of the night, once we get back from supper, we’re all coming home anyways so just watch how you sit down at supper and you’ll be fine.” Aaron smiled as Pete dropped his messy boxers and he used them to clean up around his cock and balls.



Walking out the door, Aaron pointed to the small room and the crest on the wall, “Take a good look; this is the only place you’ll find our crest hanging from a chain, meaning that if someone without one of our medallions ported in, they would be in for a world of hurt.” Taking Pete’s boxers, Aaron sniffed the wet spot and grinned to put Pete at ease, “such a waste, and right before supper too.” He laughed at the shocked look on Pete's face, which took his mind off of his embarrassment as intended, porting the shorts to the laundry basket, Aaron grabbed Pete in a hug and felt Kevin grab on from behind so he was the filling in the middle and he ported them to his quarters on board Asclepius.



Aaron stepped out of the restaurant and counted heads between his Clan and the three prince's there should be fourteen heads and he only saw thirteen, counting again he frowned worriedly and caught Friedrich’s eye and mouthed, ‘ missing one ‘ which caused him to go hyper alert. Putting faces to the numbers, “where’s Kenny?”



“He was right behind me, he said he forgot his take away but he should have caught up by now,” Pat said, as he pointed to the restaurant behind them.



Before Aaron had a chance to go back in Kenny walked out of the restaurant frowning over his shoulder before bumping into Pat, “Sorry…” looking at Aaron, he frowned as he once again looked over his shoulder, “can we go home now…please, I’m real tired.” He tried to hasten their departure as he spotted the hummer limo and made for it and without looking back climbed in and totally unlike him, closing the door behind him.



David, feeling something was very wrong marched over to the limo and climbed in after his brother, he wanted to find out what was going on as did the rest of the Clan that rapidly climbed into the limo behind David to find out what was going on.



Aaron said his goodbye’s to the Queen and her husband and two sons as he felt a wave of sadness and comfort coming from the limo, “Tim…” he pathed, “what is going on with Kenny?”



“Flashback to his old dad, he saw a man smack his kid inside, at another table as he was walking out because he felt that the kid did not make a good enough impression on the royal visitors,” Tim replied, as Aaron felt David reassure him that Kenny would be fine.



Aaron stared at Friedrich for a moment before telling him, “Find out for me if we need to intervene, please.”



Escorting the three prince's to the hummer, Aaron smirked, “Now while I don’t mind your limo, I think it is time for you to see what a real limo, a fully armored limo looks like inside,” he laughed as he opened the door for them to climb in.



Andrew looked inside and stopped, “Bloody hell…” he climbed in so his brother and cousin could climb in, and they were also shocked and impressed they stood gaping in awe for a moment before moving to the back of the limo, past the computers and the first table with glasses they found a seat near the back.



Aaron waited outside the Limo for Friedrich to return and when he did he was not alone, looking at him, he raised an eyebrow before stepping aside to let the youngster climb into the limo. “I take it we not only need to intervene, but you already did so.”



“Yes, and I uncovered something that I need to take a few of my men to go correct. His warden inside unfortunately is suffering from memory loss, at least until he leads me to the orphanage, I’m afraid I am going to have to ask your permission to leave your detail for the rest of the night,” Friedrich was very stiff and formal, but his eyes showed another story, his eyes showed a hatred and the promise of pain.



“How many kids are we talking about rescuing?” Aaron asked, as he placed his foot in the limo prepared to leave as soon as he got the answer to his question.



“He whores out twenty three teens, seems he has an understanding with the local child services, so he gets sent all the gay teens for his stable.” Friedrich glanced away, trying to control his rage.



“Keep the limo, we’ll port out from here and make sure you take care of those involved, permanently, I’ll have the driver wait for you off to the side out of sight,” Aaron got in and pushed the intercom button as Friedrich closed the door behind him. “Move off like we are leaving, then park out of sight along the side of the building and follow Friedrich for retrieval duty, we’re leaving from back here.”



“Hi, I’m Kenny, your safe now; that bad man can never hurt you again,” Kenny stood up and slowly moved over to the boy who looked as young as he was and hugged him, causing him to cry silently.



Glancing at the very quiet group who was staring at the fidgeting young teen standing in the aisle, “Alrighty, we need to port to the Asclepius from here, Friedrich is going to need the limo for a rescue mission tonight, this lad has about twenty three friends Friedrich is going to see if he can rescue.” Aaron motioned for them to pair up as he pointed his scanner at the teen.



“Kenny and our guest will be going directly to Altare and stopping at the med bay, we’ll join you in the Clan Hall shortly,” Aaron told them as he moved behind the youngster and sandwiched him in the middle as the rest of the Clan started porting out, when it was only them left, Aaron made sure he had a good hold on both of them and ported them to the observations deck by the berthing docks.



“Virgil,” the muffled voice came from Kenny’s chest.



“Well Virgil welcome to Altare City,” Aaron said gently, as Kenny released him and pointed over the balcony.



Stumbling the few steps to the balcony, Virgil grabbed the railing hard enough to turn his hands white as he looked out into the city and it kept going on as far as he could see, past parks and buildings even a lake, “How…where are we.”



Kenny giggled and placing his hands on Virgil, “We are someplace safe and if you liked that, you’ll love this,” he turned him around to face the ocean window.



“COR…” Virgil uttered as he plastered his face to the window.



Aaron gave him a few minutes before placing a hand on Virgil’s shoulder, “Let’s get you to the med bay where we can get you fixed up.”



Virgil looked at Aaron suspiciously as he held out his hand, but seeing Kenny smile and jump to grab on he hesitated only a minute and placed his hand next to Kenny’s and blinked when he found himself outside a building next to a lake.



Sensing that Virgil was near overload and instead of shutting down he would run, which would not be a good thing with his scarring and STD’s, Aaron reached out with his mind and tried to influence him, but was ready at a moment’s notice to send him to dreamland.  “Come along and don’t worry, Kenny will stay with you the whole time, he spent some time healing in here along with his brother, they both  spent quite a bit of time in here healing from his injuries.”



Walking into an unused trauma pod, Aaron patted one of the bio-tubes, “Hop up on this one and Kenny will hop on the one across from you, “I’ll show you what I’m going to do by doing it to Kenny first so you know it does not hurt or that I am trying to take advantage of you,” Aaron glanced at Kenny who seemed to be catching on to what he was doing as he jumped up on the bio-tube and sat with his legs hanging over the edge.



Jumping up, Kenny saw how scared Virgil was and pulled his shirt over his head, “These things are really neat, when you are inside one it can totally heal you just like you are brand new, it even re-grew the skin over my dick, as the doctors cut it off when I was a baby,” he beamed as Virgil looked at the bio-tube before looking at Kenny funny.



“You’re saying it can remove scars,” he was incredulous as he watched Kenny sit there all happy as the tall kid brought the cart over between the two bio-tubes he called them. “All scars no matter how bad?”



Holding up his scanner, Aaron pulled the chip, “Yes, all scars even yours. If the bio-tube can heal someone who was burnt over seventy percent of their body it can handle your scars and you’re STD.” Moving over to the console, he inserted the chip and uploaded Virgil’s scan before standing near Kenny, “This gel is something we use to clean the skin where we attach the two sensors we use to monitor your body during treatment,” he demonstrated by squirting some of the gel on the gauze and rubbing Kenny’s forehead and chest.



Virgil sighed as he gave up, no sense in fighting if they knew he had an STD, “What do I need to do,” he sounded defeated.



Holding the gel, Aaron walked over, “Virgil look at me please…” he waited until the downcast eyes looked up, “I know trust is not something you are big on right now, but I promise you this, after we heal you and you're released, if you want us to take you somewhere, anywhere in the world and drop you off, we will, all I ask is that you spend a couple of days after you're released, learning about us and the life you could have living here.”



Squirting some of the gel onto the gauze Aaron rubbed Virgil’s forehead, “I need you to take off your shirt for me, so I can clean your chest for the sensor…I already know how bad the scars are from my scan, I’m not going to think you’re a freak or something,” Aaron picked up on his surface thoughts.



Once Virgil had his shirt off, he finally dropped it in his lap and let out the breath he was holding when Aaron did not say anything just cleaned the area.



“One last spot,” Aaron told him as he smiled, “I need to clean above and below your right elbow, that’s where we hook up the IV cuff that will put the medicine into your body,” when the teen just limply held out his arm for Aaron he quickly cleaned the area before setting the bottle on the cart and picking up the chest sensor; after it was in place and he had placed the sensor on the teen's temple, Aaron pointed to the side where the monitor came to life, “that is what the sensors do, all that information is all about you,” Aaron was cautious as the teen seemed lifeless while he gazed at the monitor, and all he sensed and read from his surface thoughts was defeat.



Thinking the teen had, had enough, Aaron reached over and activated the soma unit and caught Virgil as he slumped over, sensing Kenny’s surprise, “He’s okay, Kenny; I had to put him to sleep before it got to be too much for him, hop down and give me a hand, will you? We need to get him stripped down and into the bio-tube.”



After Kenny hopped up next to Virgil so he could support him, Aaron quickly removed the teen's shoes and socks before unbuttoning and unzipping his pants and pulling them down with his underwear, a pair if tighty whities he grinned. “Thanks Kenny for the help, do me a favor and go into the bathroom and shower up. Make sure to use the orange soap all over, you’re not Alteran yet, so we need to make sure you don’t catch what he’s got.”



Smiling, Kenny hopped down and wiggled out of his shorts and shoes before walking over to the bathroom and opening the door, sticking his head back out, he yelled, “Hey, no fair this is an old type shower, not one of the fun ones.”



Laughing as he placed the teen into the bio-tube, “Well, I know you know how to use it then, wash real careful, but hurry up, the guys will be all naked and tired out before we get there.” Aaron looked up as he heard the door slam shut and sensed Carl walk into the pod, “Hey Carl, just a heads up that Friedrich is on a rescue mission and there are twenty three more boys to teens in probably the same shape as this one. I expect you will get them in a couple of hours, or at least the start.” Aaron had finished the prep and was waiting for the bio-tube to seal.



Looking at the monitor, Carl frowned, “Syphilis, gods don’t they care about these boys at all?” Carl grumbled.



Pouring some of the sterilizing gel on his hands, Aaron rubbed it in before picking up a towel to dry off with, “I don’t think the pimp who was whoring these boys cared, if you look at the scans you can clearly see Virgil here was beat severely with whips until he was scarred.” Aaron sighed, as he programmed the treatment cycle, “if things get to out of hand, call me, otherwise you’ll have the goon squad with the rescued teens to help you when they come in, shove them all in bio-tubes and turn on the soma units before prepping them, or you’ll freak the whole lot out, I’ll check in with you in the morning.”



Checking that the treatment schedule was locked in, Carl looked up in time to see Kenny walk out of the bathroom, “Will do boss, at this rate I’ll be an expert at STD’s and I don’t think that is a good thing.”



“I agree,” Aaron grabbed hold of Kenny and ported to the Clan Hall and smiled when he arrived as it looked like everyone was sitting in the dining area waiting for them. Seeing that they were all naked, he grinned and started to remove his clothes and fold them neatly on the table until he was as naked as everyone else was.



Edward in a bold move for him, walked over to check Aaron out and even reached over to fondle him as he had plans on having Aaron inside him tonight. Watching in fascination as the cock grew hard in his hands, Edward smiled at the thought of having what was in his hand inside him.



Kenny, his hand in Richards, walked up little pointer leading the way, “He said yes,” he grinned as he led Richard over.



Aaron studied Richard for a moment before agreeing, “Do you want someone to help and guide you for your first time, Kenny?”



Perking up, Kenny glanced over at his brother as his pointer twitched several times and smiled as David left Derrick and walked over, “You don’t have to be telepathic little brother, I heard that all the way over there.” David laughed. “I would be honored to help out for your first time, but once the two of you get going, I am going to slip out and leave the two of you alone; I have other plans that involve finding out how long of a sandwich we can make.”



Aaron blinked and glanced at the row of hot, horny teens and felt himself go instantly rock hard and start leaking, focusing on Edward he leaned in and kissed him gently at first before breaking away a minute later. Reaching down and feeling how hard Edward was, he pulled him close and started to walk both of them back towards his room, “I don’t think you really want this to be an exhibition; let’s move to my bedroom.”



Once they were safely in Aaron’s bedroom, he pulled Edward in tight before kissing his way down his body until he was kneeling in front of him at eye level with a heavily leaking purple cock head, “let’s get you off. Not that you are going to last very long, then we can start,” Aaron looked up into Edward's eyes before slowly leaning forward and parting his lips once they touched the swollen tip, once Aaron’s tongue swirled around the head once, he was rewarded by the low moan and the sweet but slightly salty offering as Edward climaxed. Swallowing every drop, once he spent a moment savoring it, Aaron climbed back up Edward’s body and pulled him into a passionate kiss as he turned them around so he could sit down and pull Edward down with him.



Once Edward came out of his orgasm induced fog, Aaron smiled at him, “Since this is your night, how do you want this to happen? Is there any particular position you want to be in?”



“God, this is just like Pete and Tim told me, you got them off first so they lasted longer…” panting a bit, he looked up before reaching over to touch the hard cock near his leg, “I want you to do what you did with them, I want to cum three more times with you inside me the last time standing up before you walk me over to the bed without pulling out and we fall asleep with you still deep inside me.”



“Your wish is my pleasure, Edward,” Aaron brushed his mind near Edward's to see how closely they could link so he could control Edward’s orgasm, finding that he could merge deeper than he thought, Aaron slowly set about merging and pleasuring Edward as he teased and kissed his way up and down his body without touching the renewed hardness leaking between his legs.  Glancing towards the bathroom, Edward read his intentions and moaned out, “Already done before you got back, we all did.”



Smiling, Aaron stretched over top of Edward as he reached over to the night table and grabbed the bottle of lube off the top, noticing that the bottle was different and it was plain unflavored lube he grinned wondering who was planning to eat who later on before concentrating on bringing as much pleasure to Edward as possible. Paying attention to Edward now, Aaron uncapped the lube and placed some on his fingers as he went back to his previous teasing tactics of kissing and sucking gently, all in an effort to drive Edward to a higher state of passion and doing his best to clamp down with his mind on Edward’s need to cum.



Avoiding the leaking tip of Edward's cock, Aaron lapped up the small pool of pre-cum off his stomach before licking his way down the hard shaft to nuzzle the tightly drawn balls at the base, smiling around his attempt to swallow Edward’s balls when he heard the groans of pleasure, he let them slip out of his mouth one at a time before doing his best to give Edward a hickey between the teens legs where his ball sack connected to his body. Now that he had better access, Aaron reached with his lube covered fingers towards the small pink hole and circled the lube around the hole, each pass getting closer to the center and he put a little more pressure over the tight hole, once Aaron released the skin he had been sucking and licking his way back up the hard shaft to the tip he slowly slid his finger inside Edward as his mouth engulfed the head of Edward’s cock that was pulsing in time with his heartbeat.



Rolling his eyes up as far as he could, Aaron was pleased to see Edward clutching the sheets tightly as he arched his back in pleasure.  One last taste of the leaking cock and Aaron released it to bounce off Edward’s stomach before settling down a good inch above his stomach, Aaron slipped the third finger easily inside Edward and finding him relaxed enough moved into position and squirting some lube on the tip of his own hard cock and let it slide down the shaft for a moment before finding and stimulating Edward’s prostate causing him to arch up violently as his moans started to really get loud. Clamping down hard on Edwards need to cum Aaron briefly played with his prostate once again and as Edward arched up in pleasure he exchanged his fingers with his cock and he watched carefully as Edward impaled himself on his hard cock as his body settled back down on the bed and on him.



Not sensing any pain, Aaron started to thrust in and out as he watched Edward’s face, a face that showed he was lost in pleasure to match the sweating body and the tense hands ripping he sheets off the bed as he moaned in pleasure of having something long and hard brushing past his prostate. Not able to control Edward’s climax any longer without causing him pain he encouraged it by increasing his pace and reaching down and swirling the leaking head of Edward’s cock in the palm of his hand until Edward screamed out in pleasure as he climaxed.



Bringing the cum covered hand to his own mouth Aaron started to lick it clean as he felt his own approaching orgasm and instead of slowing down picked up the pace at the same time he adjusted Edward’s hips so he was placing more pressure on his inward thrusts on the tip of his own cock and Edward’s prostrate and reaching the point of no return started to fire his seed deep inside Edward. After a couple of minutes as he shared the wonderful bliss of orgasm with Edward he smiled down on him as he heard Edward say, “I have never felt something that intense,” he panted as he opened his eyes to see Aaron smiling down at him and then he felt the hardness start to move inside him once more, “Dear god your still hard,” he moaned as Aaron decided it was time to start round two.




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