Chapter 32








Pulling out his service pistol Thomas wondered if this was the first time he would actually have to pull the trigger outside the training range, besides which he had two situations, his protectee’s inside or the madman waving a cane towards the two Clan members, any way you wanted to count, he was screwed.



Andrew and Richard being rushed outside towards the reinforced limo spotted the headmaster running after Kevin and Brian with the cane, “Forget us, stop the headmaster before he hurts them,” Andrew screamed, as he pushed the one guard towards the steps.



Ray was not torn in his duty like Thomas was; first and foremost he was to protect the Clan and there were two of them, so Earl could keep the prince's safe. Reaching down, he activated the LSB and porting to right behind Kevin and Brian, he punched the headmaster hard in the gut, sucker punching him the Americans called it. Following up with a strike to the back of the head, the headmaster crumpled to the ground and he glanced over his shoulder to see the two Clan members had skidded to a stop and had turned to see who had ported in.



Kevin and Brian exchanged glances, as they watched one of their security guards tie up the man they never knew was following them and winced as they saw the cane, “Aaron will not be happy with us when we tell him we got sidetracked like this.” Kevin scanned the area and noticed the crowd that was forming.



“Then don’t tell him,” Andrew told him, after stopping next to them and looking at the headmaster with a little bit of anger, he had always discounted the rumors of the man caning students, but now…he gazed at the cane on the ground.



“Not an option, he won’t be happy, but we won’t get in trouble over it, not like we would if we did not confess right away. You two, on the other hand, had better pray your email gets to him before we get home,” Brian shook his head then his body shook, as the possible outcome hit him.



Kevin, sensing Brian’s distress pulled him into a hug and glared at hearing some of the comments by the students about Brian being a sissy or momma’s boy, after hearing enough and seeing the hummer cutting across the turf along with sirens in the distance he shook his head, if this was a real emergency, those two would be dead.



Making sure Brian was settled, he let him go after smiling at him and turned to face the crowd, “SHUT THE FUCK UP… let me tell you something, if your headmaster,” Kevin sneered as if something vile crossed his tongue. “If your headmaster had actually struck either one of us, visitors to your school, not students, then Aaron would have leveled every building and ripped through every mind here. If he found that any of you saw what happened and did not try to stop it, he would have killed you.”



Sensing the shock in the adults' minds and the uncertainty in the students Kevin drove his point home, "The King of Altare does not have much restraint for those that abuse minors and even less restraint when that abuse is directed at his family.”



Rod skidded to a halt near the group and hit the emergency release on the doors, Kevin, answering the unspoken question faced Ray, “He’s Aaron’s…he goes with us, maybe after being set up as an example after his head is stuck on a pike the next headmaster might re-think the use of a lethal weapon,” Kevin had picked up the cane and found it had a steel core.



“That’s barbaric.”



Turning to see if he could find the person who screamed it, Kevin frowned as he showed them the steel rod inside the cane, “No, what is barbaric is the headmaster caning those he feels are not British enough, and enjoying it. What is barbaric  is the headmaster verbally attacking us, without finding out we were not even students, and then coming after us with this,” Kevin held the cane with its exposed steel core up so the crowd could see. “What happens to the headmaster now will be justice…he will not live long enough to hurt another child.”



The two Brits safe in the hummer with Brian, Kevin whirled angrily on Thomas, “Did you so easily forget what happened, or almost happened four days ago.” Turning his back on the stunned man, Kevin climbed into the limo and stuck his head back out the door, “we will meet you at the palace; inform the staff here that Richard and Andrew are being withdrawn as students.”



One of the school governors who had been registering his son heard everything  and looked to his son, “Those marks were not from falling out a tree and hitting a branch were they?” he was truly shocked when his fourteen year old son turned and walked away spitting out, “It was better than letting that man fuck me.”



Hearing a scuffle behind him, he turned and saw his son had put the gym teacher on the ground with a perfect right hook, “And that is for fucking me on the headmaster's orders.” Turning to glare at his father who had not listened to him, Tyler looked to Thomas, “I need a ride to the palace I need to catch up with those guys to see what I have to do to go back with them to their Kingdom, as it’s certainly not safe in this one.”



Thomas pointed to his limo and watched the teen walk towards it and get in, before turning to look at the school governor, “If I were you, I would get to the palace before we do, that is, if I loved my son the way a father should and wanted to keep him from leaving.”



Inside the hummer, Rod was doing his best to navigate the traffic on the way back to the palace while listening to the conversation in the back as Kevin had left the divider down.



Ray groaned in disgust, “Gawds…I need to get his Majesty to remove that fuckers filth from my head.”



Tilting his head, Brian looked at Ray in concern and got angry when Ray told them, “He’s a sexual sadist, hitting boys was the only way he achieved orgasm and he was planning on having a big one after hitting the two of you.”



Kevin pulled the neural imager out of his pocket, might as well get as much information as possible before the man was executed, handing it over to Ray with the crystal, “You know how to use this don’t you.”



Richard started to cry as he felt dirty.



Nodding his head, Ray took the device, inserted the crystal and placed it on the headmaster’s forehead before noticing Richard’s tears, pointing it out to Kevin with a jerk of his head.



“Richard?” Kevin rushed to the back of the limo where his cry had alerted the others and had him pulled into a group hug, “what is it…what’s wrong?”



“He told me…” sob as he let the pain out, “I was too noisy when he caned me.”



Seeing Richard was on the verge of a meltdown, and not knowing what to do, Kevin leaned forward and capturing Richard's head with his hands he kissed him, really kissed him doing his best to arouse him, letting his hand slip down, he felt the growing stiffness as Richard started to respond. Backing away with a smile, he looked at Richard, “You're safe now,” leaning in and kissing him once more as his hand roamed to Richards crotch, he pulled back, “and you're loved very much, Richard. He can’t hurt you anymore and he won’t be alive by dinner time. Trust me, Aaron won’t let him hurt anyone ever again, that is my promise to you.”



“And mine,” Brian told him, as he leaned over and pulled Richard around so he could kiss him and when he released the kiss he smiled and sent a chuckle to Kevin as Andrew was not about to be left out and pulled his cousin in for a kiss.



“Just what I need, a willie that wants to play,” Richard mumbled through the kiss before smiling, “thanks guys this means a lot.”



Pulling his crystal out of his pocket, Brian walked over to where Ray was sitting and held up the crystal as he sat down next to him, “Ray, do you trust me?”



Ray blinked a couple of times before deciding, “Yes…yes I do.” It was really that simple he thought, he trusted those of the Clan to always do their best for everyone.



Brian smiled and placed the crystal on Ray’s forehead, “Close your eyes and pull up every image you got from that piece of trash and push it towards me, the crystal will absorb it as you do this…feel the crystal on your flesh and know on the other end is my mind, gather all the feelings, thoughts and pictures up and push it…to…me.”



Brian closed his eyes, and brushing his mind through the crystal, he waited until he felt Ray start to push to where he felt his mind brush against his, and waited until he felt the flow of information stop and pathed, “Now, forget all about it.”



Opening his eyes he smiled as he pulled the crystal away and relaxed when Ray opened his eyes, “It’s gone…how?”



“I could just leave it at Clan secret, but all of the Clan know exactly how these work,” Brian handed over the crystal, “It’s all in there, I’m sure Friedrich knows where they are stored along with the appropriate reports.”



“Thank you,” Ray looked at Brian in awe and in a new light, in that moment, he truly wished he would be chosen by him to be tested as there was nothing he would not do to be on the team to guard the Clan, his work became more than it was before at that moment.



“When the time is right,” Brian smiled, having picked up on Ray’s thoughts, standing up he returned to the back where everyone was sitting, comforting Richard.



Ray was slightly confused but saved from further conversation when Rod called out, “We’re arriving at the palace.”



Once the Hummer had stopped, the outside was swarmed by over a dozen guards as they door was opened and the prisoner handed out, Ray stepped out and caught the Guard Captain's eye, “He’s ours. If you have a holding cell to put him in until I find out from his Majesty where to take him,” Ray asked and smiled at the Captain's nod.



Not about to be caught again, Kevin scanned the crowd as he exited the Hummer and as they were about to enter the palace he caught the fear and loss coming from a man over at one side, glancing his way, he noticed two guards standing near him and how distraught he looked, not only that, his memory kicked in and he recognized him from the crowd at Eaton. Telling the others he would catch up to them in a moment, he walked over towards him as he concentrated on dipping into the man’s surface thoughts, lucky for him, as he examining the man; he was rehearsing the things he could say to his son, and Kevin found enough to know what he was here for, “No promises, but when Thomas arrives with Tyler, I will sit down and talk with him and then we will talk together, the three of us, before a decision is made.”



Walking away from the man, he did not notice the looks he was getting from the palace guards, and their Captain. Or the comedy of Captain Leftbridge jumping, when Ray snuck up behind him and whispered, “Lucky you’re not a telepath like we are, that man is practically screaming out loud in his worry for his son,” before ducking down and porting to a hidden alcove on the second floor.



Bob looked around muttering to himself after nearly soiling himself, “Damned spooks, ours were bad enough, these blokes could teach ours more than a thing or two.”



Walking down the private hall, Kevin looked towards Brian, “You know love, if you stop and think about it, every time, or almost every time, we are out of the Kingdom, some asshole has to ruin it for us. I need a vacation, and if I need one, Aaron sure does.”



Victoria looked up as her two grandsons with their friends walked into the office, she had heard there was an incident at their school, but not the details, taking in the tear stained cheeks on her youngest grandson, she sat upright.



“Come on Richard, let’s get your face washed while Kevin and Andrew explain what happened,” smirking at Kevin, Brian added, “Be back in ten minutes,” before whispering in Richard's ear to lead the way to a private bathroom where he would help him out with his problem that Kevin created.”



Disgusted that he did not think of it first, Kevin pathed Brian, “save a taste for me.” Sighing he noticed Derrick and Edward over by the couch and pulled the chair around so he could see everyone, “Where to start…”



Five minutes longer than the ten promised by Brian, he and Richard walked back into the office looking much more relaxed and Kevin looked at the clock and mock scowled at Brian who chuckled.



“Excuse me, your Majesties, young Lord and Sirs,” Bob walked into the room with the imager, crystal still in place. “I was told this was yours, my men found it on the prisoner's head when we searched him,” he told them, as he extended it towards Kevin.



Carefully pulling the crystal out, before taking the imager, Kevin looked at the unit before looking back up to the guard, “Well, not to be crass and unfeeling, but now Aaron won’t have to make a decision on what to do with the man.”



Bob slapping his hand to his ear paled, his men were reporting the prisoner was dead, looking down at the young lord he acknowledged the report and told them he would be right down.



“Next time, you might want to make sure you remove the crystal before removing the imager, but if I were you, I would have someone sign off on it as a stroke, quietly,” Bill told Bob, as he snuck up behind him causing him to jump up muttering about spooks.



Holding his laughter until he had left, Bill laughed, “I just love doing that to that man, teach him to make me do paperwork.”



Laughing, Kevin looked over his shoulder, “I take it Tyler is here.” Standing up, he stared at Brian for a moment, letting him know the only thing he had not gotten to yet was pulling the two out of Eaton and now the death of the prisoner, “If you will excuse me, I have an angry hurt young man to see, and to find out if I can salvage his family,” looking at Bill, he smiled, “Lead on…you know I think you need to sit down with Tim and Pete, they can help you with your pranks…” his voice died out as they got out of range.



Brian shook his head and plopped it in his hands moaning, “Just what we need another prankster.” Letting the laughter die down he went on to tell them what Kevin left out.



“Hello Thomas, thank you for bringing Tyler over, out of more than curiosity, what happened to the gym teacher Tyler slugged?” Kevin did not let them have a chance to greet him before sitting down and pointing to a couch for Tyler to sit on.



“The locals have him locked up; they’ve been told you might have an interest in him and look forward to handing him over if you ask,” Thomas was more than a little uncomfortable to have Kevin so take charge like this, and at the spook's glance his way he excused himself and left them alone.



Tyler watched the two guards leave the room and the one pull the door closed behind him as he left and looked at the lad across from him, now that he was here he did not know where to start, “My father’s here isn’t he?”



“I did not give him a chance to talk to me when he asked to see us,” Kevin grinned, “It's hard to hide things from a telepath though, so I know everything that happened as he saw it and he is frightened over losing his son and the mistakes he made.”



“He should be,” Tyler spat out, before sinking into the couch all confused, but mostly hurt.



Standing up and moving over to the couch, Kevin sat down next to Tyler and pulled him into a hug, and feeling Tyler stiffen and try to pull away, “Relax Tyler, a hug is just a hug, except when it’s not,” Kevin grinned.



“But blokes aren’t supposed to hug other blokes,” Tyler sounded confused before he asked in surprise, “What do you mean, except when it’s not?”



Laughing, Kevin looked him in the eye, “Well when it’s not, I mean have I kissed you or put my hands down your pants,” he grinned evilly as he sat back and let him go as Tyler was too shocked to utter words.



Tyler was shocked confused and speechless, he had liked being held, yet his upbringing told him it was only something you did with girls, “I…I…I’m so confused.”



“One of the saddest things I find outside the Kingdom is everyone’s fear of being hugged, it’s not manly, some say. It’s only done when you are little, you’re a big boy now, parents tell their children, friends tell you you’re only supposed to hug the girls you like and it always leads to sex, and if you hug another guy, that means you like guys not girls.” Kevin sighed as he sensed Tyler was really paying attention to his words and remembered what Aaron told them, “a hug can be the most powerful and wondrous thing in the world, a hug can let someone know they are not alone, it can tell you that someone cares, even if they can’t help you, they care, a hug can tell you that in time it will be alright, because someone gave a damn.”



“But…but…” Tyler stuttered as he felt arms go around him once more and this time he melted into the embrace instead of pulling away.



Bill closed the door once more and secured it, Kevin knew Tyler’s dad was listening in, but he heard what he needed to hear, and now the rest would be private.



“I’ve lost my son haven’t I,” he realized as he looked at the guard between him and the door and then the floor.



“That depends entirely on you and your son in there, let me ask you this, would you even be asking that if your son was gay?” Bill pointed to the chair down the hall, “best you sit down and wait for your turn and think about that.”



Now that Tyler was totally relaxed, Kevin had a pretty good idea of what had happened and the horror he had lived through, now the only question in his mind was where to go from here.



“Can I ask you a question?” Tyler sat back up and felt the arms that were holding him drop away, “Thank you for the hug; your right, the hug made me feel better.”



“What do you want to know I can at least try or tell you why I can’t answer something, Aaron taught me that, and I think it works,” Kevin smiled as he watched Tyler think.



“I did not want Mr. Cunningham to do those things to me, but yet it felt so good and I always came so hard when he did that to me,” Tyler was red as he whispered in embarrassment.



“Have you had sex education yet?” Kevin looked at the ceiling before looking back and seeing Tyler nod yes. “What they usually leave out is that something rubbing against the prostate feels really, really good. It does not matter if you are straight or gay or like both, rub something the right way across the prostate, it feels good.” Kevin watched Tyler’s face and saw that while he answered the question, it still left things unanswered in Tyler’s mind.



“How do you know you like girls or blokes, this is so hard,” Tyler wanted to scream in frustration; he never thought he would have to deal with deciding which he liked like this.



“Well, I guess it depends on which excited you more, when you are alone and taking care of yourself, I think you guys call it wanking, which makes you harder and is more pleasurable?  To tell you the truth, I’ve never kissed a girl and after seeing several of them naked now that I’ve seen them for the first time, being out and about outside the Kingdom, they leave me feeling nothing but revulsion,” Kevin chose his words carefully, as he watched Tyler out of the corner of his eye, so the truth of the matter was Tyler was dealing with his sexuality after being molested.



“You’ve never kissed a girl?” Tyler was surprised and twisted in his seat so he could face Kevin.



“Nope, no girls or women or females whatever you want to call them on Altare, haven’t been any on Altair minor for over four hundred years. Until last week when we opened up the hospital,” Kevin secretly grinned as he turned on the couch and sat cross legged.


“Must make things easy then,” Tyler muttered, before sitting up stiff, “wait a minute, if you don’t have any girls or females, how do you have babies?”



Kevin giggled as he thought back to the talk Pete had given Thomas,  moving his head around the couch as if spying behind Tyler, causing him to look behind himself he sighed in relief, “Good, I just wanted to make sure Thomas didn’t sneak back in, last time Pete gave him ‘THE TALK’ he went and got drunk.” Waiting for Tyler to stop laughing, “The simple answer is that we have technology far in advance of anything anyone outside the Kingdom does, we use artificial wombs, I’ll spare you the blow by blow account Pete gave Thomas.” Glancing at the door with a confused look on his face, “you know you would think for a guy that likes to have sex with both, he would not have been so shocked.”



Truly relaxed and getting over his giggling once again, Tyler took a deep breath, “Can I kiss you, I mean truly kiss you…I have to know…”



Knowing this was important to Tyler, he leaned forward and Kevin pulled him into a gentle kiss that grew passionate as Tyler let himself go, a minute later, Tyler sat back. “Bullocks,” he whispered, as not only did he notice the raging erection in his pants, looking down, he could see it and was afraid to move because he was close to losing it.



Picking up on Tyler’s thought, Kevin scooted closer, “I think we are not going to be able to talk further until this is taken care of, the question is, do you want me to help you out?”



When Tyler nodded his head and Kevin had not moved, he whispered, “Yes…Please.”



Reaching out carefully so as not to stimulate him any further, Kevin unsnapped and lowered Tyler’s zipper before pulling his boxers out of the way exposing the head of a very red cock, closing his eyes to concentrate, he ported a washcloth to his hand and covered Tyler’s cock head and giving the exposed cock a gentle yet firm squeeze he ran his finger across the head, all it took was him pumping it several times before it erupted. Doing his best to keep the sperm confined while stroking the top of Tyler’s cock, he smiled as Tyler threw back his head and groaned loudly in pleasure.



Removing the cum filled washcloth, Kevin folded it several times and put his cum covered hand near Tyler’s mouth and grinned when Tyler first licked the cum before eagerly sucking it off his hand, wiping the area around Tyler’s cock with the washcloth Kevin let Tyler's boxers go back up and zipped and buttoned Tyler’s pants, he was very impressed with the shear amount of cum he produced.



Once Tyler was breathing normally, he looked in awe at Kevin, “No one has ever wanked me before, and all Mr. Cunningham did was to make me suck him enough to make him slick before shoving it in me.”



“All he was after was his enjoyment, not yours. It is so much better if you do everything to bring your partner as much pleasure as possible, and go along for the ride, trust me, it is incredible,” Kevin smiled in remembrance to the things Aaron could do to him.



“I’m gay then…” Tyler trailed off as speaking it made it feel right, deep inside.



“Anyone would like what I just did to you,” Kevin warned, making sure he was not being hasty.



Shaking his head no, “No, I’m gay…all I can think of right now is how incredible it would be to take you in my mouth and suck on you until you filled my mouth and I could swallow every drop before getting you hard again so you could put it inside me and fill me with your cum.”



Tyler’s father was torn, as much as he loved his son, the guard’s words made him really wonder, getting up and walking back, he stopped when the guard stepped towards him, “I thought about what you just said. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. Tell my son I am going to seek help to get this straight in my mind, tell him I love him but am afraid that the way I was raised would hurt him.” Turning around to walk away, he stopped after walking several feet down the corridor, “Until I get help and know I would not do or say the wrong thing, take care of my son, please.”



Uh oh Bill thought this is not going to go over well, in fact, he thought it was going to cause more problems in the long run. Knocking on the door he waited until he heard the command to enter before walking in and closing the door behind him, “Young Lord, I hate to do this, but I had a conversation you need to see before you decide what to do with it.” Closing his eyes he brought the entire episode to the front of his mind and felt the gentle brush from Kevin as his mind sought out what he had to show him.



Gazing over  to the fireplace to think about what he just saw, Kevin tried to decide what to do, what would Aaron do he thought, well besides castrating the gym teacher, and frowning a lot and a few glares thrown in for good measure. He wanted to laugh hysterically but that would not help things, “Thank you Bill, we will be leaving in a few minutes can you tell the others…no I should answer any of the Queens questions before we leave, tell Thomas to contact the locals and go collect the gym teacher he’s ours, as of now.”



“Yes Young Lord, where should I take him?” Bill was itching to get his hands on the creep, he felt he could make his displeasure known better that way. To abuse his position was one thing, but to take what was not offered freely was inexcusable.



Turning back to Tyler, Kevin examined him, mind touching his, ever so gently and briefly as he asked, “Tyler, will you trust me on something, something important and not ask questions until I get you home?”



Tyler wanted to jump up and down and shout yes, but he held back, seeing how serious Kevin was being and nodded his head, after a minute he breathed out, “Yes.”



“Alright, your father is no longer outside waiting for us, and I have decided for the next few days at least, you are coming home with us, I’ll give you an explanation of why, after we get to where I can give you something for the pain as the best way to do this is to show you what happened mind to mind where no lies can ever live.” Kevin stood up and held out a hand for Tyler to take.



Trembling, Tyler reached out and took the hand and was pulled up and into a hug where he was held for several minutes until he composed himself. He was pretty pliant as he was led out of the room and down the hall, only coming back to life as he entered the office where Andrew, one of his classmates, was sitting with the Queen, of all people.



Placing Tyler on the couch next to Andrew, he smiled, “they look cute together, don’t they,” Kevin pathed to Brian and Derrick. Turning to face the Queen he sighed, “I am sure Aaron will have words to say over the whole incident. Luckily he is always more interested in our safety over anything else, but I learned a valuable lesson about always keeping my guard up when outside the Kingdom, which tells you nothing about my decision to take your grandsons out of Eaton and usurping their father, and by extension, your rights in the matter.”



“My only excuse is twofold; all three of your grandsons are the only honorary Clan members at present time. And I am well aware of the agreement between Aaron and you, all of us that have passed our ordeal know everything,” Kevin gazed at Brian and Derrick and smiled at his lovers before turning back to face the Queen. “They will do far better continuing their education under our system full time instead of part time as planned, the only question that remains is Edward.”



“I agree,” Victoria told the forceful young man, it was refreshing to meet someone so forthcoming with his ideas; he was much like Aaron, she thought. Smiling as she saw Andrew staring at the boy Kevin brought back; she leaned forward and whispered, “Is that the young man, the one who will give me a great grandson with Andrew, they look like love struck birds, don’t they?” she laughed quietly.



“The possibility is there it really is up to them I think. But they would make grand babies together wouldn’t they?” Kevin smiled before losing it and coming back to the point, “Edward’s education must be public and he must have a guard detail no matter what the school says, even if we end up having to build our own school here for him to attend with friends.”



“Agreed, Victoria was quick to latch onto what he had inadvertently offered, secretly she was laughing inside, and she quickly thought of other things as he looked at her with a funny expression, “shall I discuss this with Aaron on Friday when he comes to pick up my grandsons or should I look forward to speaking to you about it on Friday?”



Something was wrong here, and Kevin was not sure what it was, “Aaron or I guess me, I know Aaron was planning on stopping by after a meeting at the new embassy hospital, so if I don’t make it, he can handle it, I guess.” There is was again this time a resounding yes came from her mind, shrugging, he turned to his lovers with a smile, “If we don’t get a move on, we will be the ones late and Aaron won’t feel as guilty for being late to breakfast .”



Holding his hand out towards Tyler he smiled and motioned him over when he caught his attention by waving his hand in front of his eyes, breaking the connection between him and Andrew, “Time to go, Tyler.” Pulling Tyler close, he carefully watched Andrew before remembering the whole reason they came in the first place, “Well damn, I completely forgot…Andrew,” Kevin got his attention, “Aaron’s answer to your email was thank god you got that out of your system, and he would talk to you on Friday.” Tilting his head as he looked up he grinned, “Well it was close to what he said, but it was what he meant,” Kevin’s laughter was echoing in the room as they ported out.



 Arriving in the Clan Hall, Brian and Derrick were quick to start stripping out of their clothes, causing Tyler to pop his eyes around and stare as he watched them, turning back to Kevin to ask what was going on, he noticed Kevin was neatly folding his clothes and he blushed red, deep red.



“Sorry Tyler, I forgot to warn you, we don’t wear clothes except for protection or when we are out of the Kingdom interacting with others. Do what you feel comfortable with and dinner is almost ready so we will talk as soon as we all finish eating, is that alright with you?” Kevin smiled as he ported his clothes to his bed and he watched Tyler’s eyes widen further if possible as he saw all the prime flesh walking around.



Pulling Tyler under the roof, Kevin smiled, “Tyler, welcome to the Clan Hall of Clan Stranton, let me introduce you to the Clan.”



After being introduced and seeing some pretty hefty erections that no one was making fun of, Tyler decided to join in and went to the edge of the open sided building and removed his clothes and placed them on the bench before blushing, he walked back trying to ignore the rock hard erection pointing the way. Dear gods above, he thought as he watched the hottest guy he had ever seen in his life kiss Kevin in a way that almost made him cum from all the way across the room, that had to be illegal he thought, as they broke apart and Kevin led him over.



Blue balls, Aaron thought, as he walked over and looked at the teen Kevin brought home with him, the kid is going to have a serious case of blue balls before the night was over. “I’m going to take him around the corner so he can relive himself, we’ll join you in a minute, love,” Aaron pathed as he held out his hand for Tyler to take, “Come on Tyler, let's go over here for a minute.”



Gently dragging Tyler out of sight of the rest of the group, Aaron let him go and came around behind him, “Tyler we’re all telepaths, so I know everything that happened, and I know how uncomfortable that is making you right now,” Aaron pointed to Tyler’s erection, “so I want you to wank until you relieve the pressure. If you want I will stand behind you and let my hands roam around your chest or I can go back to the dining hall and when you’re finished you can join us, you just have to let me know which you want.”



Not even having to think about that one, Tyler whispered as he grasped his hard willie, “Stay please.” Being grabbed from behind in a hug he felt the hands roam around his chest and belly as promised, and realized the differences in the two types of hugs was obvious. That must be why older people are okay with hugging, he thought before all thought left his mind and he concentrated on the feelings his hand was giving him on top of what the hands from the hottest person he had ever seen was doing to him. All too quickly with the hardest nipples he had ever had, he started to cum, falling backwards into the warm body as he shot his load a good two meters away with the first shot and he really started to gush out.



Aaron supported the teen and Kevin was right, this was a person that could definitely drown someone; porting in a washcloth he held it out where Tyler could take it once he came down from his high. After a minute Tyler’s breathing started to slow down and he felt him stand back up, “Here you go Tyler, use this to catch any drips and let’s go get something to eat.”



Taking the cloth, Tyler quickly cleaned his hand off with his mouth once more, aware of how much he liked the taste and quickly dabbed the end of his half hard erection and smiled his thanks to Aaron who he had hoped had not seen him eat his own cum.



'Damn that was hot,' Aaron thought, seeing him eat his own cum, walking back side by side he pointed to the pile of clothes, “Just drop the washcloth over there for now we'll throw it in the laundry later.”



Nudging Tyler to the serving line, Aaron handed him a plate, “Eat as much as you like there’s plenty, sit wherever you want, after dessert Kevin and I will take you off to one side for your long put off explanation,” Aaron placed a kiss on top of Tyler’s head and felt the thrill go through the teens mind keeping him from sinking into despair.



After supper was over, Aaron chatted a bit with the Lee brothers and suggested that Shoji log into the terminal and look for the recipe program he knew was buried somewhere in there and start his cook book project now, that way he had a record of the recipes he was working on and he could make notes on changes and likes and dislikes for later in life. Shoji’s eyes lit up when he found out that almost all the top chefs in the world had secret cook books like this, it was the way they perfected their recipes.



Standing up as Shoji rushed off while his brother contemplated once more the enigma that was the king in his mind versus what he had been raised to believe a king was and acted. He was startled out of his thoughts by Aaron, “It will eventually make sense to you Ichiro and on that day you will truly understand.”



Placing hand on both Kevin and Tyler’s shoulders Aaron followed them into the med bay, “You can drop your clothes on the cart over there Tyler. Hop up on the bed once you’ve done that and we‘ll get your physical out of the way at the same time.”



Placing sensors on the teen’s chest and temple, Aaron smiled “Go ahead and lie back so the scan can do its job, and I’ll get the painkiller ready. The reason we need to use a painkiller is that you are not a telepath, and it’s painful for you if we contact you, mind to mind,” holding up the syringe,” but with this, once the contact is finished, I can take away the pain, I’m going to wait until Kevin finishes, so you have no doubts about what you see because of drugs.”



Kevin moved beside the bed and smiled down at Tyler, “Ready for this? Remember, I will be in there with you, so you will not be alone.” Placing his hands on either side of Tyler’s head, he closed his eyes and made contact and started to replay the entire conversations from the moment he noticed Tyler’s father, including all the mental thoughts he picked up on.



Aaron watched and waited, poised to inject Tyler the moment Kevin started to move away, after a minute, Aaron noticed Kevin’s hand start to lift and plunged the needle in Tyler’s thigh and injected the painkiller. Disposing of the syringe, Aaron checked the scan and did not find any STD’s and he was positive in seven of the eight clusters, definitely gay he thought. “I have one last meeting to go to, so I’ll send Fred in to monitor things for the next thirty minutes. If Tyler is not feeling any pain from the mental contact, find him a bedroom and set him up with the tutor.” Aaron whispered to Kevin, leaving the crying teen in Kevin’s arms after Kevin pathed that he could handle him.



Pathing Fred and asking him to keep Tyler company for half an hour, Aaron squeezed his leg, “It will be okay Tyler, trust me you can belong here if you give us a chance, I think you will come to love our Kingdom. Kevin will show you around the Clan Hall, and answer your questions, if I don’t see you before you fall asleep, I will in the morning.” Kissing Fred and then Kevin, Aaron walked out and collected Tim, seeing all his loves still hanging around, he called out while pathing to Kevin and Fred, “I’m Stressed, Kevin’s stressed and by tonight Tim will be stressed,” he laughed, “Tomorrow is a rest day, no tutor, no projects, no work beyond normal chores, just all of us together, no exceptions.”



Walking down the path towards the far apartment where the Clan security detail was housed, Aaron pulled Tim in close so they were walking hip to hip with his arm around Tim’s shoulders.



Nodding to Kyle and Friedrich as they entered the office, “Let’s keep this brief and to the point as I have a date with a hot spring and need to unwind. I’m sure by now you’ve gotten with Tim, Joe and Chris and worked out a plan of attack on my orders for the military vessels and are well on the way to coming up with protocols if that mess is any indication,” Aaron pointed to the monitor on the wall. “Joe is going to be very disappointed, but any and every Marine that is recruited and passes muster belongs to security, so concentrate on getting them ship shape as quickly as possible and we’ll deploy them as boarding parties and the like, ideally a compliment of twenty for an Ares class vessel, though when we get around to manning the AKSC you will need to come up with another hundred and fifty at least.”



“Kyle, do you think you are ready for Thursday and do you have enough manpower?” Aaron looked at him as he pulled his P.A.D.D. out to look at his notes.



“I don’t foresee any problems, while my teams will be small, we hope that there is not that many problems. I don’t expect the problems to start appearing for at least a week, most of the family members coming with the initial semi critical patients will be to worried to do much but hover over the patient. It will be when they think we are getting into a routine that the problems will crop up.” looking at his notes, he looked at Tim, “We’ve talked about it, I think a lot of the problems will be espionage and governments trying to get an idea of our capabilities by getting agents past the shield. We can also expect another attempt or three on the shield testing it.”



“We think the next test will be by sea, and then in small boats,” Tim frowned, “I just don’t see how we can initiate a line of death like future Aaron did when he set this place up without doing serious harm to the environment, but then again I don’t know enough about the shield to say for certain we can’t either.”



“I have contacted some friends in the special forces club, a group of retired special forces operatives putting the word out for those that meet our criteria to consider applying, I envision a special quick response group that has only one duty, to respond to incursions to our territory.” Friedrich entered the conversation by passing over a chip with the outline of his plans on it to Tim.



“We are going to be ruthless when it comes to spies, as much as it disgusts me, an example will have to be set, and even going as far as an embargo on technology and medical care, we'll let their populace take it from there,” Aaron told them, secretly hoping that he appeared ruthless enough next week to keep the other world leaders in line.



“One last thing, I’ve agreed to hire out our services as telepaths at a very high rate to the U.S. government so they can clean house, I would prefer to send two man teams over and one of them should have security training, I’ll post the job opportunity to the system for those looking to volunteer or for a little extra money on Thursday. If this works out, we might get more requests but the biggest thing is I want to make sure our people are not abused in any way, all of you need to decide on the best way to keep our people safe and let me know what you think next week, before I send off either a yes or no on when we can start,” Aaron looked at each of them before smiling, “We have time and this is a very good opportunity if we think it through, but as much as I would love to get a legal foothold in the U.S. so we can rescue teens, the safety of our people comes first, so if you tell me it can’t be done, we won’t do it.”



“Friedrich, Brian has tagged Ray from the British watch team as being the one called for testing when it comes time to pass his ordeal, you might want to replace him and bring him in and work him up. Ideally, I would like the Clan security detail to fill this apartment, so the way I count things, you’re eight short, if you find likely candidates, start rotating them on the teams so they can be comfortable with the Clan and the Clan sees that they can work with them.” Aaron checked his notes before asking, “Anything else anyone wants to bring up?”




Not getting any response, Aaron stood up and stretched, “Very good, now I can soak. Before I forget, I have ordered tomorrow a Clan holiday, we are all going to rest and just kick back.” Glaring at Kyle and then Friedrich, “That means the first person that interrupts us with some silly question or wanting permission to do something will be castrated without painkillers.” Grinning at their winces, he smirked, “Don’t worry we have an excellent health care plan, I’ll re-grow them for the person…eventually.”



“I’ll see you in a half hour, right Tim,” Aaron hinted heavily and laughed as Tim quickly nodded his agreement, laughing, Aaron walked out of the office, there was a hot springs calling his name.



Eyes closed, Aaron lay next to the falls relaxing, feeling the ripples of the water being disturbed, Aaron opened his mind and smiled, “Hello love,” he greeted Kevin “Did you get Tyler settled?”



Swimming over to Aaron, Kevin snuggled up next to him, “He’s sleeping peacefully, probably for the first time in a long while, and he’s in the bedroom above mine for tonight.” Placing his head on Aaron’s shoulder he sighed, “something’s bothering me about how quickly and easily the conversation went with the prince's grandmother, I’m missing something. Because she was way too happy about me ordering her grandsons around like I did, determining their future education choices without any by your leave.”



Aaron chuckled, “Would you share the memory with me?” opening his mind Aaron saw the replay and laughed, “You agreed to build her an Alteran school, of course she’s tickled.”



“I did,” Kevin splashed water as he sat up, reviewing the conversation in his mind one more time, “Well shit…I guess I did, the way I phrased it makes it impossible for any other school to measure up to our standards.” Settling back down with his head on Aaron’s shoulder, “How the hell do I get myself out of this mess?”



Chuckling, “Stack the deck, open up a contest to pick out the best and brightest gay teens to attend, just don’t tell anyone that you are only choosing gay guys until they ask you, we’ll entice them to us and we’ll treat them like the Miami bunch and limit their knowledge base unless they join us,” Aaron went back to resting, “I’m sure we’ll have to fine tune it, but it’s a start.”



Giggling, Kevin agreed, “By the time they figure it out, we will be graduating the first class, and have a tradition established. What about the other countries, they’re going to want to have the same opportunities for their people?”



“If they are willing to give us their version of Letters of Marquee, we can talk about it. If I had to guess, Australia would be the one who would be the first to agree, but then again it could be any of the other British Commonwealth countries.” Sensing someone approaching Aaron waited to see if they were just walking past, then opened his eyes and looked to the other side to see Ichiro standing there watching them.



Pointing to the other end of the pool, “Ichiro, the steps are over there; come on in and tell me what is bothering you?” Aaron went back to relaxing with his eyes closed until the ripples stopped and he felt a hand brush against his arm.



“All my life I have been told how an emperor acts, what they do and what is expected of them and by them,” Ichiro hesitated as he tried to put into words what was running through his mind.



“And I confuse you, nothing you were taught matches the reality you are seeing,” Aaron sat up so he could look at Ichiro face to face. “Besides the sexual frustration you’re feeling, being surrounded by good looking young men who seem to share their bodies with everyone but you, even though you offer, you are out of sorts for some reason…why?”



“You do not know?” Ichiro was wide eyed as he thought he knew everything, after telling him his deepest frustrations, he thought he would know.



“Ichiro, we may all be telepaths, but that does not mean we go around reading people, dipping into their thoughts. In fact, after the first night, I have not read your surface thoughts unless they are too loud for me to not hear them, what I just told you was from watching you.” Aaron pulled him closer and planted his butt on the seat next to him. “None of us are that rude to just peak into everyone’s mind whenever we feel like it, the only exception is when we are outside the Kingdom, but that is because no one out there speaks what they mean most of the time.” He hoped he would pick up on the hint and tell him what was bothering him.



Ichiro looked at Aaron once more in shock, and because he was so far off balance, he said what he had been thinking of the most, “Why do all of you reject me, does Tim despise me for being so weak or ugly that he has told all of you to stay away from me?”



So that was the heart of the problem; he misunderstood Tim, Aaron thought as he pathed Tim, “Tim where are you? We have a problem with Ichiro not understanding something you told him; in fact he has twisted it out of proportion, I think.”



In the kitchen snitching Brownies,” Tim replied, as he listened in to the replay of the conversation, “I’m on my way.”



Smiling as Tim ported to the edge of the pool, stepped in the water and made his way over to the group, “I think, Ichiro, there is a cultural misunderstanding happening here.” Aaron looked at Ichiro and then Tim, “Tell me, in your culture, if a man marries a woman when is it permissible for him to have sex with another?”



Tim was surprised, the answer was, never of course…wasn’t it; he looked at Ichiro and saw him look thoughtful.



“It is acceptable of course with a concubine of training, of course no children should ever be sired by the concubine, unless the wife agrees to it first, or if she is barren,” Ichiro felt a little more balanced as he was in familiar territory, “Is this why you all reject me I have not had training, but if you do not train me how will I get it?”



Aaron chuckled at Tim’s expression, “And that, Tim, is the heart of the matter…tell me Ichiro, do you know what a hand job is?”



“No Sensei, I do not, I of course have heard gutter rumors about it, but truthfully I have no idea,” Ichiro was confused, Aaron looked amused and Tim, the one he felt had ordered everyone to leave him alone looked horrified.



“Tim will teach you what a hand job is,” Aaron laughed, before getting serious, “To Alteran’s marriage comes in several forms, but the underlying principle that never changes is there is no sex outside of marriage.”



Seeing the confusion in Ichiro’s face, “A Clan is the ultimate form of marriage in our culture, each Clan member is my husband as you would see it, as I am husband to each Clan member in return.” Aaron saw dawning realization cross Ichiro’s face, “When Tim told you he would veto your offer to join the Clan, he could not really put it into words you could understand, all he knew was you were doing it out of a sense of debt, in his mind.”



“I think right now, I probably am the only one who understands a little about the culture you were brought up in, you came to us with the mindset of regaining your honor the only way you knew, by becoming our concubine, it satisfied your honor and your needs for sex and belonging, but you did not take into account that our culture is totally foreign to the way you were raised.” 'Yep,' Aaron thought, 'hit it right on the button,' after seeing the totally shocked look on Ichiro’s face.



Tim shook his head, “All I knew was his mind was telling him he had to offer his body to us for him to be satisfied for our helping him, I never knew or even thought he would be raised so differently.” Sitting down on the underwater bench next to Ichiro, Tim pulled the older yet younger teen into this lap and held him close.



Ichiro froze after being moved to Tim’s lap he was very aware of the hardening erection rising between his legs, and his own erection that was so very hard. Feeling Tim tap him on the head he paid attention.



“Until I know up here you know what the Clan means to us, I will make sure you are not offered the chance to join, which is what I told you. It does not mean we are rejecting you, it just means until I know that you are not doing this out of anything but love for all of us, the only thing that will ever happen is a hand job with any of us. If you want more, you can find someone down in the city to help with that, in fact you might find someone and fall in love.” Tim whispered in his ear as his hand reached around and grasped Ichiro’s cock causing him to arch his back and inhale loudly.



“This is a hand job,” Tim whispered, as he started to stroke Ichiro, taking his thumb and swirling it around Ichiro’s cock head on every other upstroke. It only took a few short minutes before the teen was panting heavily and his hips were thrusting into Tim’s hand as his body tried to increase the pleasure it was receiving, and all to soon Ichiro was climaxing and arching his back violently as he achieved his first ever orgasm by another’s hand.



Holding Ichiro close so he would not slip under the water in his post orgasmic condition, Tim grinned at Aaron who looked amused by the whole situation, finally after ten minutes, Ichiro stirred, “That was a hand job, and anyone will be happy to help you out in that way, all you have to do is ask.”



Reaching down to touch the top of the erection between his thighs Ichiro nervously asked, “May…may I do this to you also?”



Smiling, Tim picked up Ichiro’s butt so he could trade places with him, once he was sitting on Ichiro’s lap he picked up Ichiro’s hand and placed it on his own hard cock, “It’s called trading hand jobs, and usually, if you want a hand job, you have to give one in return,” he helped Ichiro start stroking his first hard cock before sitting back to enjoy it.



Aaron and Kevin slowly made their way to the steps before standing up and climbing out of the pool, they would leave the two alone to finish up, meanwhile both were horny and being considerate horny guys, decided to take it elsewhere.



After stopping to kiss every now and then, they made it to Aaron’s bedroom where David and Derrick were waiting for him to show up, “David must want Derrick to top him tonight,” he laughed, as he moved behind Kevin and let his fingers trail down Kevin’s front seductively.



“Damned right I do” David sounded frustrated, “He won’t even consider it unless you tell him, says something about you being the master.”



Kissing the back of Kevin’s neck, Aaron moved over to the bed and brought Kevin along, “We’ll talk more tomorrow,” Aaron pulled Derrick over into a kiss. “Right now, let’s take care of your needs.”



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RadioRanchers Musings: Well, it is about time they explained things to Ichiro. The poor kid felt so totally rejected and they had no clue as to why.


Poor Tyler has had a rough time of it too. I hope he can be helped and given a chance. At least his father was smart enough to realize it was his problem and not Tyler's and that he needed to get his head straightened around.


Personally, I think that Gym teacher should have something really unpleasant happen to him. I won't even speculate as to what that should be, because I don't want to raise my blood pressure.


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