Chapter 34






All over the world those sensitive to mental thought sat bolt upright in bed as they felt anguish and pain so intense it almost drove them insane, and they wondered and feared what had happened. Closer to home, every Alteran stopped what they were doing as they grabbed their heads in pain and felt the sudden loss. Minds searching as one they tried to find the source of the intense loss so they could offer comfort.



The Clan all gathered in the common room waiting for Aaron to get back, talked quietly as some slipped in and out of sleep as a wave of anguish and pain hit them, so intense some screamed out in agony, feeling their hearts torn with loss. Kevin, panting through the pain gasped out, “Aaron…” instinctively touching each other as they linked; they searched for their lover and felt the brush of a mass of minds doing as they were, until Pete found him THE MOUNTAIN TOP. And they were there, porting without thought as the sounds of feet walking up the path as every person capable of teleportation brought those who could not.



“Aaron…” Tim hesitated before reaching out and placing a hand on his lover's shoulder, only to draw it back wet with blood, “What…blood...Aaron are you hurt?”



“It’s not mine…he refused to let me save him, the Guardian of the Shaolin and Keeper of the Seal,” Aaron sounded detached as he openly pathed everything he had found out about the Shaolin and how the young teen ended up in his arms.



While everyone was affected to some degree over losing a promising young man and Alteran, the Clan was devastated, a member they did not know of was dead, only they knew the significance of the teen's words…I tell you three times. Even those not having passed their ordeal knew what those words truly meant. As the Clan who led the kingdom, while their motto might be public knowledge and the way they lived their life those five little words carried with them the burden of knowing what they had to do, the burden they carried.



Creating a circle around Aaron with the four youngest unaltered touching him as those fully altered placed one hand on their younger loves and raised the other palm out and back towards the air and they merged their minds, brushing along the four young hunters' as they linked and merged with Aaron.



Aaron held the body in his arms one last time, then pulling the young teen close, he kissed him one last time before using kinetics to lift him in the air. The teen hovering gently, laid flat as if laying in the grass looking up at the night sky, the body gently rose in the air until everyone had to crane their necks to look at the glowing teen. As with one voice the combined voices of Clan Stranton echoed over the small mountain top.



“As your spirit is commended and joined with the wind, so we commend your body…

 Son of Clan Stranton, your burden is taken up by your lovers and brothers and the children you will never know.”



The body started to glow brightly and pulse as every member of the Clan pushed every ounce of energy into kinetically exciting all the atoms in the teen’s body, causing it to glow as if it were a miniature sun.



“We commend your body to join with the wind and may you find peace.”



The teen’s body exploded in light as all the atoms reached critical and a column of light and energy shot up into the sky like a giant borealis and a tremendous wave of wind emerged from the center of the light as it died, nearly knocking all those who came, off their feet.



Deciding that this was a private moment for the Clan, the people of the Kingdom started to go home, walking past and placing a comforting hand on the nearest clan member as they left.



The Shaolin now gathered outside the house, as the students rushed outside to find out what had happened all turned to look as the sun started to rise in the north, or at least it looked like it at first, until they witnessed the columns of light before a wind knocked all the students off their feet, “May you find peace finally, Lee,’ the elder Shaolin knelt to the ground and bowed his head.



Back in the Clan Med Bay, several samples of sperm appeared in the cryogenic unit before the unit activated.



An hour later Aaron and the Clan ported back to the Clan Hall and silently headed for the common room, those closest to Aaron and having splatters of blood from the teen on them followed Aaron into the shower and stood there as the powerful jets washed the blood down the drain and into the recyclers, while the rest of the clan moved the furniture out of the way to make room for the mattresses they pulled from the rooms to created one huge bed.



Clean once more, Aaron smiled tiredly at everyone as he entered the common room after finding his bed missing, climbed into the center of the bed and cuddled with everyone as they pulled close so they could comfort one another and lay down to sleep.



Being the last to wake in the morning was a novel experience for Aaron; stretching, he looked around and found, except for the hunters as he dubbed them, he was alone and they sat in a circle near him, watching him.



Kenny scooted over on his knees and laid a hand on Aaron’s cheek while looking into his eyes, inches away from his nose, “Are you alright?”



Giving it serious consideration, Aaron decided while he was alright and would not suffer from this like he did from time to time because of the memories of the other timeline, he was not unaffected by the death. “Yes, I will be fine; it was more finding out how badly he wanted to die and the shock of him belonging to the Clan that unsettled me and hurt me the most.”



Kenny stared a moment before leaning in and kissing Aaron then moving to the side to let Damien who, along with Pat and Doug had moved close in so he could Kiss Aaron too. Standing up and walking towards the bedroom, Aaron glanced over his shoulder, “Shower?” chuckling as all four jumped up like they were pinched Aaron moved to the side as they rushed into his bedroom, heading for the shower, looking at the mattress on the floor, Aaron ported it back onto the bed frame and kinetically moved the furniture back before starting for the shower he heard running.



Chores finished, all Clan members but the four with Aaron ported to Altair Minor and the touches of comfort from all the Alteran’s they passed with smiles in return, making their way out of the atrium, they walked down the path towards the residential area three abreast in three rows until they reached the area where the Shaolin where going through their morning warm up exorcises; the first row consisting of Tim, Pete and Kevin stopped within sight but out of the way and waited, while David, Derrick and Fred moved to the right and the last three, Mark, Tommy and Brian moved to the left.



It was one of the students that spotted them first and froze in mid movement before stopping and staring in the direction of the Clan, causing the others to stop and look to see what had gotten his attention, the masters and elders cocked their heads to the side and as the Shaolin instructing them started to demand to know why they stopped, the Eldest glanced over his shoulder and saw the reason the students had stilled and barked out a command for silence.



The spokesman for the Shaolin up to this point, walked slowly forward and noticed none of the people standing there were smiling, most still looked sad deep in their CHI, he decided, stopping several arm lengths away, he bowed and waited.



“I am Timothy Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he waited and watched the Shaolin.



“I am Peter Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he also waited and watched the Shaolin without emotion.



“I am Kevin Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he waited and glared tiredly at the Shaolin.



“I am Fredrick Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he waited and looked at the Shaolin without emotion, face so like Pete's.



“I am Marcus Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he waited and stared at the Shaolin.



“I am David Billings Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he waited and watched the Shaolin get confused.



“I am Brian Woods Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he waited and watched the Shaolin.



“I am Derrick Young Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he waited and watched the Shaolin’s confusion turn to shock.



“I am Tommy Stranton of Clan Stranton…I have lost a son of Clan Stranton,” he waited and watched the Shaolin and prepared for what was about to happen.



Pete stepped forward and let his eyes meet each and every one of the Shaolin present, “Let us show you the burden that our son carried,” he told them, as the carefully created memory was telepathically implanted in each of their minds, so they would know what was lost and why.



Waiting for them to recover, Tim noticed the tears and smiled sadly, “The Clan has decided…”



Kevin picked it up flawlessly, “All Shaolin everywhere are to pack and prepare…”



Pete finished, “Each and every temple is to be packed for transport to your new home.”



“From your new home, and with the knowledge of the Shaolin being safe, you shall venture forth once more to lead and advise as you once did,” Kevin told them, as he looked to the old man, the elder master, and picked up on the mixed emotions from them and the joy from some.



“The Clan has spoken…” Tim told them, as he looked at each of them in turn to gauge their reactions.



“As the Dragon Lords command,” Each Shaolin whipped back their robes so their forearms were exposed, showing the dragon tattoo to the world.



“As the Clan Commands…I so order,” Aaron walked into the clearing, smiling at each of his lovers; he supposed doing this so formally served some purpose in the long run.



Kenny walked to the group of students and looked at them as they looked back at him in reverence, he knew what he had to do, they had discussed it this morning while Aaron slept, holding his hands out to his sides they were taken up by Doug who held Pat’s hand and Damien and they all gazed without smiling, “We speak for Clan Stranton. Those with hatred for others different from themselves have no place in your new home…we have lost a lover who we will never know his loving touch.”



The four turned to face the teachers among the Shaolin, and Damien examined each Shaolin for flaws, “We speak for Clan Stranton. Those who put themselves before others have no place in your new home…we have lost a brother who will never hug us in comfort.”



Facing the three Shaolin masters, Doug glared at them to see if they would flinch, “We speak for Clan Stranton. Those who will not protect those needing protection have no place in your new home…we have lost a son and shall never smile in pride at his achievements.”



Pat took a deep breath, “We speak for Clan Stranton…you will OBEY…” he glared at all of them in turn, “A son has lost one of his fathers and will never know the loving touch from one of his fathers.”



Aaron moved forward between the two groups and reached out with his mind, “is there some reason why you are performing the formal redress between two Clans my loves.”



It was Lee’s dying request, how could we ignore it. Plus, it gives the Shaolin the necessary ritual they need to find closure over what will happen when they must pack and move to a new unfamiliar home, as much as they truly wish this, according to Lee, they truly feared it,” Fred answered for all of them mentally.



Aaron narrowed his eyes before nodding as he found they had not opened the seal but instead had triggered a request locked in the seal. Looking at his lovers, he saw they were resolute, turning and gazing at the Shaolin he truly looked and saw they were lost and reaching out for a lifeline, after losing their way, “I am the King of Altare and I stand in judgment. Clan Stranton your claims are just, and thy will be done.”



With a nod, the whole Clan ported back home, to the shock of the Shaolin who looked around, one minute there were twelve individuals standing before them and next nothing…twelve individuals the eldest master looked in shock at his fellows and saw only the students truly did not understand the significance.



Sighing, Aaron sat on the ground cross legged and pointing to the ground in front of the students, “Sit; it is time we talk and you know and understand what has happened.



Three hours later, there were no more questions and the students still looked awed by what they had witnessed…and Aaron was no closer to finding the Shaolin a home. He was lucky, he thought, as he stood up and stretched and the students rushed to get breakfast. Nodding his head, Aaron walked into the forest and ported home; in a way Fred was right. It brought closure to the episode and a new purpose to be fulfilled.



Arriving back at the Clan Hall, Aaron stripped and folded his clothing as he would be leaving shortly after lunch to go to Elswick and pick up the three princes. Leaving the pile on the bench near the gestalt point, Aaron smiled as he sniffed the air and let his nose lead him into the kitchen. Sitting down on one of the stools, Aaron watched Shoji and Ichiro work. It looked like Shoji was planning a fusion of American and Chinese with the main entrée being American and all the side dishes being stir fry vegetables or lo mien.



Carrying a steam table pan full of food out to the pass through, Ichiro froze for a moment before continuing on, on the return trip, he stopped and got up the courage to ask, “I overheard that there are Shaolin on the island of Altair, may I go speak with them?”



Aaron studied him for a moment before answering, “You may go anywhere you wish within reason, you are not a prisoner and I am not your father, remember?” he smiled at the end so Ichiro would not take it the wrong way.



“Thank you, I do know that. But I will need transportation and it is polite to ask instead of expect,” Ichiro bowed and returned to cooking.



“After lunch Ichiro, I’ll drop you off when I go in to check with my residents to see how the patients are doing, you might want to ask one of the guys to pick you up later or let one of us know, if you are going to spend the night, if you are, you can hitch a ride back with someone tomorrow after the next batch of patients come in.” Aaron let him get back to work, poured himself some fresh fruit juice and watched the two work, occasionally smiling as one or the other would show him what they were cooking in excitement, Shoji more so, as he was mixing cuisines as he always wanted though Ichiro was proud to show off his skills to someone who couldn't care less if he was going to become a chef.



Last of the steam table pans filled, and Aaron finishing a quick wash up of what had been used, they exited the kitchen and joined in the line of half starved teens, or so they would have you believe.



“You’re actually eating lunch, that’s a nice surprise,” Tim laughed, as he and Pete sat down across from Aaron.



Aaron looked up with a hurt look on his face, “Hey, I eat lunch all the time,” he trailed off as the two looked at him like he had just cussed in church. Laughing, he finally smiled, “Okay, I eat lunch sometimes, I’m just not interested in most lunch foods and sandwiches and all that crap, I’m just not interested in those types of meals…never have been. And let’s not even go there where school lunches are concerned,” He shuddered, “Torture should defiantly be outlawed in schools.”



Laughing, Pete leaned forward, “Okay, spill? How often did you take a five star meal with you to school?” he sat back giggling at the expression on Aaron’s face that told them he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.



Tim was thinking about what Aaron had said all though lunch, what most of the guys wanted for lunch was something quick and simple, something they could eat in a hurry to go back to what they were doing before their stomach’s interrupted them, watching Aaron relax and eat and even go sit with the other guys and munch off their plates like he did from time to time at dinner, he looked to Pete who was watching Aaron at the same time. “I’m sure the food is only a very small part of why Aaron does not like lunch; look at him now; he’s enjoying himself and eating.”



Pete nodded and caught Shoji’s eye and motioned him to come over, “Maybe we can finally get some of the weight back on him.” Once Shoji nervously approached the table Pete smiled at him and pointed to the chair Aaron had abandoned after going up for seconds, “Shoji, your lunch was great and this is probably the first time Aaron has actually eaten lunch since…well in, in like forever, thank you.”



Beaming in pride, Shoji nodded gratefully and looked to Tim as he spoke to him, “We want you to make sure you always make full meals for lunch, nothing that is quick and easily grabbed and walked off with. Aaron hated that, and while he fixes it because we expect it, he won’t join in, always telling us he nibbled while cooking and is full, before slipping off.”



“On day’s Aaron won’t be around for lunch, we can do the grab and go kind of lunch, but if we’re ever going to get the chance to get some weight back on his frame, we need you to cook sit down meals like this,” Pete smiled as he gazed lovingly at Aaron.



Shoji followed Pete’s’ gaze and understood, the Clan looked out for their own, very much so after hearing them talk at breakfast about what had happened early this morning, and this was another way for them to do so and he was honored that they were turning to him to help them, “I shall very much do as you ask, it will be an honor.”



Finished with lunch and having washed his plate, Aaron took one last walk around the Clan tables of talking and relaxing teens and dropped into the seat Across from Tyler, “You look very nervous for some reason…why?”



Glancing down briefly at his crotch, Tyler looked back across the table and blushed when he saw Aaron with his head under the table, looking back up, Aaron did not make a joke over his willie like he expected, instead he just tilted his head to the side for a moment thinking and secretly skimming Tyler’s surface thoughts unknown to him at the time.



Aaron finally very softly said, while looking at Tyler, “You are broadcasting your distress, it’s a wonder none of the others are over here to find out why.  The question is do you want me to verbalize it for you, or do you want to tell me what’s wrong so I can try to fix it?”



Picking up on the thought of so much riding on this meeting with his long time secret crush, Tyler was close to tears, he wanted to be part of this Clan, he had watched and worked with each of them and wanted so much to be included, for more than the incredible sex they all had with one another. Opening his mouth, he was cut off before saying anything, by Aaron, “Let me say something that will take some of the stress off your shoulders, everyone wants you in the Clan, whether you and Andrew hit it off or not, you have a place with us. What we are waiting for is to see if you and Andrew hit it off enough for the two of you to consider having a son together. Hell, I even saw Kenny with his measuring rod sizing you up last night, if that didn't give any of us indications of how he and the hunters would vote, nothing else would.”



Confused, Tyler thought back to last night, “About that, what was up with that stick anyways, I about jumped up out of my skin when he reached down and grabbed me after Damien distracted me. He left, muttering something I could not hear clearly, something about only being another snack I think.”



Grinning, Aaron finally laughed at the perplexed expression on Tyler’s face, “Kenny and his group I call the hunters, got their name from trying to hunt out any of the Clan or extended Clan that I would agree was not too large to go all the way with. They can do anything they like with each other, but so far the only one that I will even consider letting put his hard cock into them is Richard, as he is only about four and three quarters inches long and still not all that big around yet.” Seeing the perplexed look and hearing four and three quarters what from Tyler’s mind, he did some rapid calculations in his head. “I think that’s around twelve centimeters by your measuring system.”



Nodding his understanding, Tyler looked down and giggled, “Well, they’re about three years too late for that then,” relaxing a little, as he thought about his almost eighteen centimeters in satisfaction he almost groaned as it throbbed in need once again. “I’m not going to last at this rate,” he mumbled, as he adjusted his legs, opening them wider so he was not confining his bullocks as much.



Sighing as his grin disappeared just as suddenly, Tyler looked off to the flowering vines climbing one of the corner posts, “Cunningham ruined it for me, finally after I found it felt real good and I liked it, I started to see Andrew in a whole new way finally, when he did those things to me I imagined it was Andrew doing it instead of him. The one thing he refused to do was kiss me of course, as only perverted bents like me would want to do that. And he never sucked me off, so that’s never been done…and that’s the only thing I can give Andrew that I’ve not done and I really wanted to give him my bum, for him to be the first one to be inside me and fill me, but now even if he liked me, he wouldn’t want to do that as  he might catch something that bloody fuck gave me.”



Knowing it would probably not work but trying anyway, “You remember that physical I gave you soon after you arrived?” Aaron had Tyler’s attention now, as Tyler thought and then nodded his head. “Well, your physical showed no diseases, meaning he gave nothing to you disease wise, and even though I could reset your body so it was as if you were a virgin, you still would have the memory of the first time he took from you, so I’m not sure how much it is really worth doing, that is something you are going to have to decide for yourself; I’ll support you whatever you decide.”



“One other thing you might want to keep in mind as you are thinking about what you want to do, is that if you and Andrew do hit it off, he would not be coming to the relationship a virgin, I don’t think there is much he has not tried yet with one of the Clan.” Aaron smiled gently, as Tyler sat back in his chair looking at him, “If you have no problem knowing that, then why would you think he would have a problem if you were not a virgin?”



Tyler stared off into space for a moment that turned into minutes, as he thought about it, really thought about it, “I see your point. Can I get someone to take me topside so I can take a walk and think about what you said. I think I would like to walk on the beach for a while, so I can try to get all this straight in my head.”



“Sure, let me issue you a communicator and then I’ll take you topside,” Aaron stood and motioned with his hand for Tyler to follow him. Once Tyler had the communicator and knew how to use it, Aaron ported the two of them to the top of the hill that let one overlook the whole island. Pointing down to the far off field, “the vet barn is right there, about forty minutes or so from the ocean,” turning Tyler so they were looking behind them, “The fruit groves are over there, and if you look hard you can see where the river meets the ocean, the section of beach we had the party at last night is on the other side. And if you follow the trail over there,” Aaron pointed to the path leading off through the forest at the bottom of the hill, “it will take you about an hour to reach the beach next to the river. From there to the sea farm will take you about three hours, if you need or want to be picked up, just contact any of the guys and they will port over to get you or just keep you company if you want.”



Tyler looked back at Aaron and smiled, “Thank you, that sounds like enough time to get me thinking, four hours I should think, will help me try to figure things out.” Taking a few steps down the trail, he stopped, “Um…maybe if you don’t mind, could you be the one to meet me at the sea farm?”



“I’ll meet you there Tyler, call if you need something before I get back, I’ll make sure I meet you by myself too,” Aaron smiled in encouragement as the teen started to walk down the path.



Tommy, are you planning to work in the aquaculture facility or the sea farm this afternoon?” Aaron pathed as he gazed up at the spot Lee had joined the wind this morning.



My crew and I will be seeding the lobster field and Conch pens this afternoon,” Tommy’s eagerness to finally be able to start working that farm came through loud and clear. “I can’t wait to actually stock the fields, speaking of which, when can I get my hands on the salmon fingerlings?”



Letting his laughter carry back, “You do know that they spend their first year of life in fresh water don’t you?” Aaron watched Tyler enter the forest, disappearing from sight. “Next week, I would think, Wednesday is the day I scheduled to bring over everything on your list so you need to make sure both our and Minor’s facilities are ready.”



I’m about to Port over to Elswick, but I wanted to warn you that Tyler is topside. He needed time to think and, in his words, get his head on straight,” Aaron sent the image of Tyler walking into the forest from the hilltop, “he’s going to make his way to the ocean and then follow the beach to the sea farm, if you can kind of keep a thought on him while I’m gone, in case he needs help…”



Smiling as he faced the distant coastline where Tommy was working with his crew, “Thanks love, I’ll see you later on when I get back,” Aaron sent a mental kiss before closing his eyes and bringing up the visualization of the Asclepius and ported to his cabin aboard him.



Walking through the treatment areas, Aaron checked with his residents and William as he wandered around making sure everything was going smoothly, making his way down to the triage deck he met up with Friedrich and several of his security detail.



Leaving William behind as he walked out and down the gangway, Aaron walked towards the old base hospital, stopping about halfway there so he could look around to see the changes, catching movement out of the corner of his eye, he glanced over his shoulder towards the hospital and noticed the group of six people making their way towards him. Watching the frantic pace of the crew laying the foundations for the new hospital, he waited for the group to arrive; turning to face them he smiled, seeing blueprints in the site foreman’s hand.



“Your Majesty, I don’t think we have been properly introduced, Bryon Thames, site foreman for ECC. I do want to thank you again for awarding so much of the construction project to the local trades, the influx of pounds into the lad’s pockets means a lot.” Bryon offered his hand and shook Aaron’s.



Waving his hand towards the work area, “It looks like you are ahead of schedule, any problems so far?” Aaron turned to face the foreman and skimmed his surface thoughts.



“We are going to be short of the additive Sir Derrick provided to be mixed in the concrete mix, in fact, we only have enough for the next three deliveries, so we either have to stop until Monday, or get resupplied, the welders are ready and quite eager, if I may say, to start working with the new material when it shows up,” Bryon smiled as he updated his majesty.



Pulling his P.A.D.D. out of the thigh pouch, Aaron turned it on and laughed, “Well, I think your welders will be happy to know the first delivery will appear in about five minutes, once you clear the arrival area.” Pathing Derrick, “Derrick, I’m with the site foreman and they are really ahead of schedule and need to be resupplied; can you send out enough of the Matrix additive for a week, they’ve only got enough for three more truck loads.”



“If I may be so bold as to ask, just what does the additive do to the concrete that you require we add it in?” Bryon was curious and eager at the same time to find out a little bit more about the Alteran’s.



Chuckling, Aaron pointed over his shoulder towards the Asclepius, “And what if I told you to pour six, four meter square panels four centimeters thick, and once standing them on end, after they’ve cured, those six columns could support the weight of the Asclepius?”



Bryon looked flabbergasted; he could not imagine that being possible, yet they would not take the piss out of them this way, not where lives were at stake, but the concept was unbelievable.



Aaron smirked, “Yes, you can pour some test molds and test the cured product for yourselves, and you should find more of the Matrix with the first shipment of supports.” Seeing the light show in the distance Aaron pointed, “you’re supplies just arrived, including more of the matrix.”



Bryon whirled around and seeing the beams and other supplies in the fenced off area, he started to walk away, then as his brain registered what his eyes were actually seeing, he rushed off bellowing for his crews to clear the area before the next load of supplies arrived.



Amused, Aaron looked at the group, now down to four with the foreman and his second leaving in a rush, and wondered who would be brave enough to speak up next.



“Matilda Bollard, your Majesty, my collogues and I have furnished three sample suites for your approval, and if we may have a moment of your time we would like to show them to you so you may approve the one you think will work best.” The mousy looking woman curtsied as she introduced herself.



Checking the time on his P.A.D.D., Aaron nodded and waved at her to lead the way and followed her back to the two story building that was the old hospital. Entering the building through the cafeteria, he wondered what it would take to get it up and running in a short amount of time, it would make it more convenient for families to be able to eat and sleep in the same building. Standing in the center of the room he pulled up the floor plans for the cafeteria area and found nothing was planned for the space, which confused him, digging deeper in the plans he finally found notes by all three of his lovers that originally drew up the plans, allowing for the catering service hired to finalize the space.



Comparing the timeline projection to reality, he noticed the flaw in their plans, the whole hospital renovation was not scheduled to happen until next month, frowning as he looked at his P.A.D.D. he tried to decide what to do.



“Problems your Majesty?” the older gentleman that had stayed to the rear of the group asked, as he moved closer. “Eaton Mayer, local district councilor, your Majesty.”



Looking up and realizing that he had separated from the group, he glanced around and noticed the designers had continued on. Slightly annoyed, he shook it off, “Just trying to readjust our initial schedule. This building was supposed to have another month before we worked on it, but the follow up go through found hardly any problems so its remodel was pushed ahead, unfortunately, we overlooked the food,” Aaron waved his arm around the empty cafeteria.



“I see and with you wanting to move the families over to this building as soon as possible so they are more comfortable …” Eaton looked around the room before walking over to the kitchen area and glancing over the counter. “I may have an idea that might work if I was to know the next time you were going to be in the area?”



“I could be back Sunday before dinner, briefly that is, why?” Aaron was curious as he skimmed the man’s thoughts as he thought about all the local eateries that might be interested in undertaking this opportunity.



“If I may, I could set up a selections of candidates that would prepare several meals for you to sample, that way, you can chose the best of those wanting to garner your business,” Eaton explained his idea to Aaron as he went over how best to contact everyone that would be interested.



Matilda had rounded the corner, chatting away explaining their concepts and glanced over her shoulder when she did not hear an answer to her question and stopped dead in her tracks as she noticed all this time, no one was behind her. Huffing in frustration she ranted all the way back the way she came, not taking into account that the empty building without furnishings echoed.



Aaron stopped as he instructed the printers on board the Asclepius to print out the contract requirements for the catering staff, hearing the echoing rant precede the woman into the cafeteria, he watched in barely suppressed anger, as the woman strode into the cafeteria.



“Ah, there you are your Majesty, if you will follow me we can get started…do try to keep up this time,” Matilda told him as she glared over her glasses at him before turning around and walking out.



Eaton froze as he winced, seeing all the guards stiffen in anger at the insult and was curious about what the King would do, only slightly, he was more interested in getting the bloody hell out of range as he noticed the fire in his Majesty's eyes. And was never more grateful when his Majesty told him the printed copy of the contract the perspectives would have to follow could be picked up at the triage desk onboard the Asclepius, so he could make a rushed but graceful exit, after bowing.



Aaron stood looking at the doors biting back his anger before glancing at his detail, picking a familiar face out, “Brialey, get that creature off of my embassy…NOW.”



Not waiting to see if his orders would be followed, Aaron did an about face and exited the building; he started to stalk along the fence line as he controlled his anger, he needed to be calm and rational when he pronounced judgment on those in the brig. Walking past the guard shack near the gate, he continued on towards the area being set up for the media and it was on his way back after calming down that he noticed the man standing near the fence waiting for him.



“A moment of your time, your Lordship,” the man called out as the guard detail watched him, like a hawk spotting a mouse sitting on a rock. “I really must apologize for calling out rudely like this, but I am not sure who I need to talk to about handing over some miscreants.”



Stopping and starring, Aaron took in the man’s appearance then he listened as the man moved closer to the fence.



“I was wondering, your Lordship, what would happen if those responsible for the cowardly attack on children a fortnight ago were handed over to your Lordship instead of Scotland yard?” the man’s face was pressed between the wrought iron bars of the fence as he looked directly into Aaron’s eyes, “the Tories have not had the best record when it comes to just punishing those responsible without creating a witch hunt.”



“I am not interested in a witch hunt, as for what would be done with those responsible, Justice…Justice will be done, those guilty of their crimes will be executed.” Aaron told him, as he more than skimmed the man’s thoughts, he dug as deep as he could without causing the man pain. The man was a high ranking member of the IRA and was disgusted with the actions of several of his fellows for killing their own.



“And what would you be sharing with the Tories, your Lordship? What would be given over to them that might start the cycle of retaliation over,” the man asked as he watched Aaron closely, looking for lies.



Walking slowly up to the fence, so only an arm’s length separated them Aaron tilted his head to the side before answering, knowing where the three were being held yet wanting to play this out. “If the three people you are talking about were to be handed over to me on Alteran soil, they would get a speedy trial in front of the Kings Bench, and if found guilty of the bombing, they would be executed right then and there. All the rest of the world would know is that concerned citizens disgusted by those three’s actions, turned them over for swift and impartial judgment.”



“We have decided to give the royals a chance, now that they have full control, to see if they are truly better than the old government,” stepping back from the fence, he looked over his shoulder and called out, “laddies, bring them over, we’ll be on our way now, your Lordship.”



Turning to go, after his men dropped the three blindfolded and bound men at the fence line he jumped back in surprise to see the Alteran security forces had followed his men and preparing for a fight he blinked as they strode past him without stopping to grab the three prisoners and his mouth dropped open as the tall lad who looked like he would be good in a fight spoke to the one in charge, calling him his Majesty. Nervous, he nodded his head and did his best to walk slowly away, instead of running in fear like his senses were telling him to do as he saw the look of anger directed at the three sorry souls on the ground.



“It’s time,” Aaron said, as he turned and walked towards the brig.



Walking into the brig, Aaron noticed besides the prisoners, several Shaolin were waiting and over towards one corner, several constables and New York police officers sat waiting. So witnesses he thought, as he walked past them into a back room and started to put on formal robes over his clothes, before holding his hands out and porting his crown from his office to his waiting hands. Placing his crown on his head, his face was emotionless as he walked to the side door and waited for Friedrich to open it on the third echo of the pounding of a staff on the floor.



Standing in the center of the room, Aaron closed his eyes briefly, as the recorders started to function and gazing over those assembled, “The Alteran King’s bench is now in session on this 31st day of July of the year 2004 TR.”



 “I am Aaron Stranton…Prime of Clan Stranton…King of the Kingdom of Altare; I stand in judgment of those brought before me this day.” Aaron told the group, as the first of the five responsible for poisoning the fifteen teens in New York’s China Town were brought in and pushed to their knees in front of Aaron, once all five were kneeling in front of him, he spoke. “The accusation…”



One of the Shaolin separated from his comrades then slowly walked forward and bowed, “Great Dragon, the Shaolin accuse those kneeling for judgment of attempted murder of children by poison. We accuse them of attempted genocide of those who are different and finally we accuse those kneeling awaiting judgment of aiding in the slavery of children.”



Aaron noticed the Asian dressed in police blue, stiffen as the Shaolin greeted him, so much so that he grabbed his partner's arm, causing the man pain. And had to give the Shaolin points, as normally one of his guards would read the charges, they were making a powerful statement and he wondered how long it would be before the lesson they intended was heard.



Steeling himself, Aaron probed all five minds, not being gentle about it, causing all five to grab at their heads and fall to the ground whimpering in pain. Ignoring the cries, Aaron glared at the five curled up on the ground at his feet. “Upon telepathic examination, I find you guilty of all counts brought to our attention by the Shaolin, and I sentence you to death…justice shall be done and your execution will be carried out now.” Aaron kinetically stopped each of their hearts and sighed, “Justice has been done this day, let the bodies of these five serve as warning to others who would sell children for their pleasure and profit.”



Aaron waited until the bodies had been dragged out of the room and took in the satisfied looks on the Shaolin’s faces and the stony silence on the faces of the observers from both countries' police departments.



After a moment, the man who had raped Tyler was brought in and pushed to the floor in front of Aaron so he was kneeling, and Aaron glared at him as the man looked up at him defiantly. “The accusation…”



Aaron waited and with the moments passing without anyone stepping forward the man’s smirk increased, that is until the sound of cloth and the movement of feet caused Cunningham to whip his head around to stare in shock as not one but two people stepped forward.



Constable Tarrant glanced over to the Shaolin monk who had stepped forward, scroll in hand, and even though he kept his voice low, it still echoed, “I am unsure how to do this, and you may have more crimes to list than I do, but may I go first and then you add to the list.”



“You may speak, as shall I after you have said what needs to be said,” The Shaolin bowed his head more like a nod.



“I accuse Alfred Cunningham of Rape of seven males all under the age of sixteen, the youngest age ten disappeared last spring. I also accuse him of abuse of authority and would request the whereabouts of the missing ten your old if possible.” Constable Tarrant stood proud as he glared in hate at the man on his knees, “And please excuse me if I did not follow procedure properly, as I am unsure how to address you,” he bowed signaling he was finished and stepped aside to be replaced by the Shaolin.



“Great Dragon, we have interviewed those involved and have the following accusations to lay at the feet of the accused, though it is not outside the realm that there are more,” taking a breath the Shaolin unrolled the scroll and began, “I am the voice of the victim who cannot be here; hear my plea for justice.”



“I accuse Alfred Cunningham of taking what was not offered freely…I accuse Alfred Cunningham of following orders to take the most precious gift one has to give to another, I add to the accusation of Alfred Cunningham taking pleasure in the screams and misery of his victims,” the Shaolin tilted his head and examined the man before looking disgusted, “I also accuse Alfred Cunningham of multiple murders by torture as he would satisfy himself as they bled to death on him.”



Aaron who was watching the Shaolin as he read the scroll jerked his head back to look down in disgust at the man kneeling at his feet, to see him pale at the final accusation, mind ripping through the others depraved mind, Aaron was sickened by what he found there, kinetically severing the man’s vocal cords he delved deeper as he pulled a crystal out of his pocket, and finally as the man lay twitching on the ground, placed it against his head and pushed all the information he had taken by force into it, removing the vast majority of it from his mind, something only a trained class one telepath could do.



“Alfred Cunningham, your crimes against humanity are greater than read into the record today, and I find you guilty on all counts read and amend the accusation of seven deaths to the true number of seventy five, going back over the span of twenty years, starting when you were a boy of thirteen.” Aaron spat out in disgust, and Constable Tarrant stood straighter in shock.



“I condemn you to death…sentence to be carried out now,” Aaron closed his eyes as he kinetically burst the man’s heart in his disgust. Motioning for the body to be removed, he looked at the constable who was pale and slightly greenish and sighed, so much death in the past couple of days, but he hoped and prayed the message would get out and in the long run, more lives would not have to be taken. “The boy in question is no longer among the living, he and all of his other victims can be found in the shrine he built to his perverted gods at these coordinates, Aaron closed his eyes and pushed the image into the constables mind, including directions and the secret to opening the underground cavern.



As the constable grabbed his head in pain, he felt the sharp pinprick of a needle entering his arm and the cold pain of something being injected and the pain started to lesson and recede, feeling a steadying hand on his arm as he realized he was on the floor, Constable Tarrant was helped to his feet by the Shaolin monk and almost afraid to look at the man who had caused him pain he sighed as he heard an apology.



“I must ask forgiveness for the pain the information caused you, and if there was truly another way, I would have done so, but the tomb is outside our jurisdiction now that the man is dead and the living victims are safe,” Aaron motioned for the final prisoners to be brought in.



Once the three men were on their knees, Friedrich went over and removed the bags from over their heads, “These three were delivered to us for justice less than an hour ago, the Accuser claims the following…that they knowingly and willingly set off the explosion that killed so many gay youth and injured Prince Richard of England in Belfast seventeen days ago, purposely intending to kill as many of the gay youths as possible.”



Kevin, having arrived hoping to meet with Aaron so they could go to the palace to get the three prince's together, had heard through the rumor mill that those responsible for Richard's injuries were here to be tried, and rushed towards the brig, hoping to get there in time, hearing Friedrich giving the framework for the charges, he strode past the Shaolin and into the room to stand behind the men and added his voice to the mix.



“I accuse these three of Genocide and crimes against gay youth, I invoke extenuating circumstances and request the ultimate punishment our laws allow,” Kevin restrained himself barely from kicking the men in the heads.



“And the extenuating circumstances, what are they?” Aaron acted curious though he knew what Kevin referred to.



“The first is that all their attacks were specifically targeting gay youth, and the second I shall give under telepathic seal, it is not for the outsiders to know,” Kevin stood tall as he looked up at the recorders and pathed, “one of the victims is a lover to the Clan and shall join us shortly as Clan, as the arrangements are complete for merging our kingdom to that of the English Crown.”



Aaron looked away towards the witnesses who looked confused seeing the venom in the guards' faces including one of the Shaolin. Looking at the Shaolin, Aaron pathed, “We shall talk momentarily, Shaolin.”



Skimming the three’s surface thoughts, Aaron found evidence justifying maximum penalties, “I find all three of you guilty of crimes against humanity, and I sentence you to death of DNA, your DNA will be removed from the gene pool; you shall be put to death as soon as a neural image is complete.” Aaron pulled an imager from his pocket and placed one of the recording crystals in the slot and grabbing the closest man’s hair he yanked his head up and slapped the imager on his forehead and activated it.



Kevin, following Aaron’s actions, pulled his imager out of his pocket and yanking the middle man’s head back sharply, attached the imager and activated it while Aaron pulled a second unit out of his robe pocket and placed it on the third man’s head and then stepped back and motioned for the limp men to be taken away.



Stepping back, Aaron sighed as he looked down at the floor before looking up, “this concludes this session of the Kings Bench on this date of July 31st 2004 TR.”



Pulling a chair out at one of the empty tables Aaron pointed to the chair opposite from him and motioned the Shaolin monk to sit, so they could talk, while the Shaolin sat and Kevin joined them, Aaron pulled out his medical scanner and placed it on the table with the sensor facing the Shaolin, “I must ask permission to verify my suspicions, may I run a scan to see if you are a direct descendent of the twelve original Shaolin?”



“Of course, Great Dragon,” the Shaolin smiled as he rolled up his sleeves and exposed both tattooed arms laying them on the table between the scanner.



Activating the scanner Aaron glanced at Kevin as he asked his question, “Why are the two symbols burned onto their forearms one of a dragon and a tiger, especially this dragon the symbol of Altare?”



Aaron pointed to the Shaolin’s right forearm with the tattoo of the tiger on it, “The symbol of Clan Shaolin of the Kingdom of Altare.”



The two Shaolin that stood behind their fellow master looked between them shocked.



“And this…this is the symbol of the left hand of the Dragon, warriors pledged in service to Clan Stranton.” Aaron shocked the Shaolin, and they looked at each other and back down at the scanner when the soft barely audible chime sounded. Doing some quick arithmetic in his head, Aaron looked at the Shaolin before looking down to the scanner, “Those two symbols have not been seen in the Kingdom of Altare in two thousand six hundred and seventeen years…and I did not think it was possible to mutate the Alteran genome, but there is a subtle flaw in yours, keeping you from reaching full potential.”



Seeing the others' questioning eyes, Aaron stared into the first Shaolin’s eyes as if seeking and testing his soul, “I shall leave it up to you if you wish for us to correct this, so you can be welcomed home, your rightful home, by birthright.”



“I shall meditate on this, Great Dragon and return with my reply when it is formulated,” the Shaolin bowed his head as his two companions looked at him in awe before he rose, and looked to Friedrich, the one who had brought them several days ago with the prisoners so they could see justice done. “Dragon warriors, if you would be so kind as to send us home with the objects of your lesson.”



Watching Brialey escort the Shaolin monks out of the room, Aaron looked at Kevin then Friedrich, “Let’s go pick up Edward, Andrew and Richard and call it a day.”



An hour later, back in the Clan Hall, Aaron made for his room so he could change into his normal attire, which was skin and his normal Velcro thigh and forearm pouches, ready for the rest of the day in deck shoes and his equipment in their pouches Aaron left his bedroom and smiled as he saw Andrew rushing around the upper balcony towards the room Tyler was staying in.



Halfway up the steps, Aaron met a dejected looking Andrew as he came back around from checking  to see if Tyler was in his room, knowing very well why the look Aaron followed through anyway, “Hey Andrew, why the glum look?”



Hearing his name perked Andrew up, and seeing Aaron near the top of the steps he smiled, if anyone knew where Tyler was it would be Aaron, after all he knew where everyone of his Clan was at all times, “Aaron, do you know where Tyler is, Kenny thought he was in his room, but I have not been able to find him anywhere in the Clan Hall, so far?”



Pointing towards the ceiling Aaron smiled, “He’s topside, he needed a walk to think about some things we talked over at lunch. I’m on my way to meet up with him as he asked, we’ll probably be back in an hour, you can wait there for us to get back or I can drop you off at the sea farm and you can wait there for us, your choice.”



Beaming, Andrew rushed to Aaron’s side and placed his arm around his waist and with the other hand lifted Aaron’s arm to place it on his shoulder. Chuckling, Aaron pulled Andrew close and they continued to walk out of the house towards the gestalt point.



Tommy glanced up at the monitor, checking Tyler’s progress on the beach to make sure he was safe and letting his fingers expand the view outside their immediate area he was thinking about something one of his crew had asked, they wanted to know if they could just set up feeding stations for some species and put up some type of underwater shield to keep the fish inside as net pens instead of the way they do things now with miles of fences that get fouled up or ripped releasing the fish being cultured.



Pete, are you too busy to answer a few questions,” Tommy pathed as he came upon a solution, the island was surrounded by an energy field that was keyed to specific DNA and would not let sharks in past the five mile outer reef.



Sure, I can use a break while the Core continues to pillage the Alien databases, what’s up?” Pete leaned back on the recliner deep inside the Core, glancing up at the time display it was time for him to leave anyway, as he had reached his promised limit of two hours.



That’s one of the reasons I  wanted to talk with you, how close are you to being able to build one of those replicators like they used on the show, I have a problem and a solution but our recyclers and assemblers would take too long.” Tommy sent a grin with his question.



Are you still topside at the sea farm?” Pete asked, as he stood up and walked towards the door leading out of the shielded room.



Yes, I’m in the…” Tommy trailed off as he felt the connection grow extremely strong and turned around in his chair to see Pete walking towards him, “The office.”



Puling Tommy’s head towards his, Pete kissed him slowly and passionately for several minutes before they broke apart, smiling, Pete looked into Tommy’s slightly unfocused eyes, “Now what can Clan Stranton research and development do for you, my love?”



Smirking, Tommy decided two could play that game, “Well my love, Clan Stranton farm division requests your assistance in construction of vital equipment necessary for us to fulfill our function of providing tasty morsels for your dinner table.”



Pete giggled as he pulled over a chair so he could sit down and pulled out his P.A.D.D., “If you’re asking can I build a replicator like the ones that TV show we grew up with the answer is yes, more than likely, in about a year or so, and if I’m lucky I might even understand it by then.”



“Well shit, that doesn’t help me at all,” Tommy looked out over the surf as he tried to change gears, pulling up the resource reports he entered the unit requirements into the system and asked it if were queued when the first unit would roll of the line. Sitting back in his chair, he frowned at the answer, thirteen months and that is if no other projects came up to tie up resources, “We have a problem.”



Pete looked at the projections and agreed, “No shit, now, how do we fix it, that is the billion dollar question we’re maxed out production wise and I can’t see setting up factories outside our control or Kingdom.”



“We need to have a meeting, some of the projects I want to build can be transferred to the automatics in the asteroid belt, but that is not going to help out in the long run, only allow us maybe one assembly line, the only other option is to use the assemblies on Centauri and we’re certainly not ready to bring that planet on line.” Pete commented as he linked into the terminal with his P.A.D.D. and split the screen as he zoomed out to see the Kingdom.



“Wait, go back, zoom in further on the right,” Tommy sat up and pointed to the section of the monitor; he had seen a ship moving out of range.



After Pete did as he asked, Tommy bolted from his chair and faced the monitor fuming, “Son of a bitch…I don’t think so,” he pulled his mic down as he glared at the screen and tapped the communicator, “Joe where are you?”



Startled when the communicator blared to life interrupting his meeting, he was going over the simulation results with the command staff, Joe pulled the mic down, “In my office, why?”



“Pete can you zoom real close to this abomination,” Tommy tapped the screen and the image of the ship being shown on it.



Pete, figuring he would get an explanation at the same time Joe did, zoomed in as requested.



Stepping back and pulling the terminal around and changing the direction of the controls with a touch, Tommy sent the feed to the naval command office, “Joe, are you getting the feed I’m sending you?”



After hearing a yes over the communicator, Tommy started to issue orders, “Joe, I want you to escort that abomination out of the area,” picking up on Pete’s confusion, Tommy turned to face him, “that thing is a commercial fishing cannery and it is sailing into the middle of the Tuna breeding grounds, if we don’t stop it…it will be the end of all tuna everywhere, and I can guarantee if there is one, and it starts hauling in the mother lode, it will call in the whole fleet.”



Logging into the system and bringing the Ares and his brother ships out of hibernation mode, Joe looked at the command staff who had started to move towards the door, “You realize Tommy, they are outside our territorial waters, don’t you?”



Tommy’s eyes flashed in anger, “I don’t give a flying fuck. If they aren’t stopped, they will destabilize the food chain and cause massive market crashes and starvation, that’s a tuna cannery and they are destroying the breeding ground for thirty species as they cut a swath of death through there.”



“Plus, Tim already set precedent with the capture of the slavers' ship,” Pete entered the conversation after extending his mic, widening the map and pointed out, “There are three more of those floating canneries heading towards the first, better make this a fleet action.”



Pressing a thumb on the scanner so his DNA would be recognized, a small recessed panel slid aside and he plunged the red button down.



“Condition RED…All crews to stations; this is not a drill…Condition RED…Prepare for emergency deployment.” The speakers blared to life as Joe stood up. “Okay, Tommy we will escort them out of the area, but if they refuse?”



Aaron who had walked up from behind with Andrew as the drama was unfolding extended his mic, “Capture them for salvage, if they resist, sink them.”



Joe snapped to attention hearing Aaron’s voice over the command net, “Sir…Yes Sir.” Porting directly to the bridge of the Ares, he started to issue orders to all four ships, as they cycled the release sequence and began flooding the bay.



Glancing over his shoulder, Pete smiled, seeing Aaron standing there with Andrew, while Tommy was startled and rapidly turned around at hearing Aaron’s voice. “Come on guys, keep Andrew company while I go fetch Tyler, then we can go back to the Hall and relax.”



Tommy glanced over his shoulder towards the screen, “Um, shouldn’t we stay here and well oversee this whole thing?”



“One of the hardest things to do when you command a military option is to give the order and then go on with something else while it’s being carried out,” Aaron explained, as he saw the frown on Tommy’s face and him look to the screen again. “You have to trust in your people, you told them about a problem, you told them what needed to be done,” Aaron moved closer so he could pull Tommy into a hug. “Now you need to let them do their jobs, I can assure you they know what to do, Joe was most likely already scrambling the crews when he asked what to do with the ships if they refused to leave, we told him what we wanted done, so now it is up to him. If we want him to do his job and do it well, we can’t be standing over his shoulder all the time, he has his orders now, it is time to let him do what he does best, If he needs us or more information comes in we need to know about, he’ll contact us, or rather you, since you set things in motion.”



Finally, getting a resigned nod, Aaron smiled as he kissed Tommy and pointed to the monitor, “Now show me where Tyler is on this thing so I can go fetch him.”



“Thank You,” Aaron kissed Tommy again before stroking him long enough to get him hard and breaking the kiss with a chuckle, “Just keep that thought in your mind love, I’ll be back.”



A few minutes later, Aaron found Tyler sitting out on a outcropping of rocks near the edge of the sea farm, staring into the surf, “Did you find any answers, Tyler?” he asked, as he sat down next to the teen on the rocks and joined him in gazing out into the calming waves breaking on the rocks.



Without looking at Aaron, Tyler tilted his head, “Some…though I ended up with more questions,” sighing, he looked at Aaron, “I still have no bloody clue what to do.”



“Let’s see if we can’t simplify this for you,” Aaron put an arm over his shoulder and pulled him closer. “Yes or no, that’s all I want to hear, no justification…just yes or no.”



“Is what the gym couch did to you your fault?”Aaron felt Tyler stiffen before relaxing and shake his head, “No,” was the whisper he heard.



“Does it bother you that Andrew is not a virgin?” Aaron was trying to track down the reasons Tyler was so conflicted and carefully kept skimming his surface thoughts.



“No, it’s a turn on actually, knowing he would know how to make me feel good,” Tyler smiled shyly, as he glanced down at the soft smack of his hardening willie smacking his stomach.



Glancing down at Tyler’s crotch after hearing the smacking sound, Aaron smiled, well one major obstacle down, he thought, “Does it bother you that you are not a virgin?”



Thinking about it, Tyler looked out to the ocean, and several minutes later looked at Aaron, “Yes and No, it bothers me that I lost it to the coach, but I’m not sorry I lost it.”



Catching the trail of thoughts running through Tyler’s mind, Aaron found the major sticking point when he heard him listing his firsts, “Kevin was your first kiss, something precious and special to you.” Aaron pulled Tyler around so they were face to face, “You will have many firsts that are special to you, so why are you so fixed on wanting Andrew to be one of your firsts and are you thinking of adding someone else to the list?”



Nodding his head, confused, Tyler whispered, “I have only one more first to give and that is being the first to suck me off, and I wanted both you and Andrew to be with me first and there is only one thing left,” tears started to run down his face as he silently cried.



Kissing him gently Aaron finally released the kiss once the tears turned to moans and looked him in the eyes, “There is one more major first your forgetting about,” seeing the confusion in his eyes, “The first time you enter a lover with this,” Aaron grasped his very hard cock and did not stroke it or it would be all over too soon.



“But don’t you always put it inside others?” Tyler was confused, hopeful and above all else horny.



“You want both Andrew and me, for first times, right?” Aaron asked, his mouth inches from Tyler’s, stealing a kiss, when he nodded, Aaron smiled, “so does it really matter who has what as long as one of us gets what you offer.”



Kissing Aaron back hungrily, Tyler finally backed away long enough to answer, “No I guess it doesn’t really matter as much as I thought it did.”



Standing up while holding Tyler in his lap, Aaron smiled as Tyler shivered trying to keep from climaxing as his erect cock slide down Aaron’s belly leaving a trail of pre-cum as he was placed on his feet, “Come on, you and Andrew, along with me, have an appointment in my bedroom.” Aaron grabbed Tyler’s hand and pulled him along until they were walking side by side towards the sea farm office.



Entering the office, Tyler’s still very erect cock pointing towards the sky along with the steady stream of pre-cum running over the head and back towards the ground along either leg depending on which leg moved forward first, Aaron smiled as he stepped behind Tyler as Andrew did a double take and his eyes were glued to the painfully hard cock between Tyler’s legs.



Eyes not leaving that wonderful sight that looked like a small fountain occasionally spurting out of the top, Andrew moved closer, smiling and thinking about how he would like to feel that with his hand as he kissed Tyler, only to be broken out of his daydreams by Aaron’s voice.”



“Andrew, when you see this,” Aaron reached around and traced the outline of the very hard cock causing Tyler to moan and fall back into him, “Tell me where would you rather have this. Inside planting the marvelous load deep within you or swallowing the load as fast as you can?” Aaron whispered huskily, as he continued to cause Tyler to shiver while he gently traced the outline of Tyler’s cock.



Eyes glued to what Aaron was doing and his own painful erection pointing upwards, Andrew gulped and whispered as a steady stream of pre-cum was leaking out of the end of the deep purple cock head. “Inside…inside me,” he shivered thinking about it.



Leaning back into Aaron, Tyler was shocked but then grinned as Andrew turned around and backed towards him hand reaching back as he grabbed on and helped line up the heavily leaking cock, he slowly brought it to his hole and let the pressure of the pre-cum lube him up.



Aaron reached around and grabbed the offered lube out of Tommy’s hand and stated to lube Tyler’s ass and as he inserted his first finger Tyler moaned and thrust forward slipping past the ring inside Andrew’s ass and had just slid all the way in when he felt a finger touch that special place deep inside him, lost control and fired off his load inside Andrew.



“AAUUGHHHH…” he screamed out in pleasure as he filled Andrew.



“Stay inside Andrew until I tell you otherwise, I think you’ll like this,” Aaron whispered in Tyler’s ear, as he inserted a second finger in the panting teen's rear, loosening him up. Once Aaron had gotten around to lubing up the third finger he started Tyler rocking back and forth so he was gently thrusting in and out of Andrew. Once the third finger was no longer confined Aaron felt Pete take the bottle of lube from his hand and lube him up then Aaron whispered into Tyler’s ear, “I want to be inside you now, is that alright with you?”



Tyler barely nodded before his pleasure filled mind remembered the rule of always saying not nodding, “Yes…” feeing the fingers brush across the sensitive spot again he hissed out, “Please…inside me.”



Happy to oblige, Aaron replaced his fingers with the head of his hard cock and pushed just enough so that the head passed the inner sphincter and waited to make sure he was not hurting Tyler before he slowly slipped deeper inside Tyler to the increasing moans of pleasure out of both teens.



“I’m…I’m…Cumming.” Groaned Tyler as he once again climaxed inside Andrew while he felt the pressure of something hard and wonderful sliding in and out of his rear and brushing against that spot while at the same time he was thrusting in and out of Andrew. Eyes rolling back he collapsed on top of Andrew and became limp as he was truly and utterly spent from Cuming so hard so close together.



Stopping his thrusting when he felt the body between them go limp, Aaron smiled and inwardly chuckled as he pulled out with a soft plop and helped lay Tyler down on the grass and giggled as Andrew lay down on his side next to Tyler with his head on Tyler’s chest and the cum was making its way slowly out of Andrews full ass. Giggling could be heard as Pete and Tommy stood there slowly jerking themselves off while they watched the hot scene, shrugging his shoulders, Aaron walked towards the office and ducked under the office overhang, as he headed off to the showers to clean the lube off.



Standing under the hot spray, Aaron washed his mostly hard cock to make sure the lube was all gone and glanced over his shoulder with a smile, as Andrew and Tyler stumbled in, moving over slightly, Aaron grabbed the soap and started to wash first Andrew and then moved over to Tyler who looked back and saw how hard Aaron still was.



“Didn’t you cum?” Tyler felt guilty as he couldn’t remember and touched Aarons taught ball sack.



“Don’t worry about it, I can cum all I want later on tonight, this was all about you and firsts,” Leaning down and whispering into Tyler’s ear, “how did your first sandwich feel?”



Beaming, Tyler looked at Andrew, “Absolutely the best thing ever.”



Andrew grinned as he leaned over and kissed Tyler, “I thought I was getting another enema,” he giggled,” I’ve never had someone cum so much inside me before it was wicked.”



Grabbing the soap, Andrew smirked before squirting a generous amount in his hand, grabbing Aaron and starting to stroke him only to have his hand caught by Aaron who smiled at him, shook his head and rinsed off, “Later, like I said, this was all about firsts and helping Tyler out, my time will come after supper. Right now you two need to get to know one another better, and maybe tonight, I’ll lock you both in the same bedroom so you can try everything your minds can think of.”



Seeing the frown cross Tyler’s face, Aaron captured his chin with his hand and looked at him with a smile and mouthed ‘later’ which caused him to smile. Moving over to the area set aside for the blow dryer Aaron activated the drying cycle and held his hands above his head so his whole body could be dried, before stepping out so the other two could take a turn drying off. Reaching over to the bench to grab his equipment, he quickly strapped them back to his right thigh and left forearm and pathed a message to Pete and Tommy, “Pete would you like to join Tommy and me after supper for some fun?” he then sent s vivid image of the three of them making love under the stars as the moon rose, surrounded by the rising steam of the hot springs.



Walking out of the shower area into the arms of both Tommy and Pete, he smiled when Pete pulled him down to kiss him, “Damn right I will,” before he hefted Aaron’s ball sack and looked up at him and pathed, “you didn’t Cum?”



Answering Tommy’s, “Why not?” Aaron smiled as he kissed Tommy next, “Because it was all about Tyler and making it special for him and his fantasy.”



Catching a glimpse of Andrew and Tyler walking out of the shower, Aaron grinned and they pulled the two in the middle, “Supper will be ready soon, so I think it is time to get back to the Clan Hall, don’t you?” he asked, before porting the five of them back home. Giving each a kiss Aaron made for the kitchen, deciding he had a taste for pizza and started pulling the ingredients out to make the dough.





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RadioRanchers Musings: Well it seems to me that this was quite an important chapter. It tied up some issues from before and answered several questions, I do notice though that several things have yet to be resolved. I hope that at least some of them will be answered in the next chapter.


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Evil author chiming in; would I be so predictable like that, of course not heavens above no way, I mean it takes me endless chapters to tie some things up, I mean where the heck is Jordy from chapter 16, heck we are already in chapter 34…sheesh someone should tie the author up and tickle him until he… forgot for a moment this is me were talking about never mind. I promise all loose ends will eventually be tied up, but like a fine whiner no loose end will be tied before its time