Chapter 36






Waking feeling slightly uncomfortable, Aaron found himself spooned behind Andrew with his morning hard on pressed tight between Andrew’s legs, smirking slightly, he reached down and letting a finger touch Andrew between his cheeks, he found he was not slick enough before reaching for the bottle of lube and applying some to his hand and hard cock, after thrusting his hips back so his cock slipped free of Andrew’s legs. Inserting a lubed finger Aaron quickly found that Andrew was still slightly relaxed and he pressed the lubed head of his cock against the semi tight hole and applied a little pressure, smiling when he was rewarded by the head slipping inside with a pop, past the sphincter, he waited to see if Andrew would wake.



Slowly and steadily, Aaron slid all the way inside Andrew and started to thrust in and out slowly as he reached around and brought Andrew closer to him while he was thrusting in and out of the sleeping teen. It was not until Aaron was shooting his load deep inside Andrew that Andrew reached his own climax and woke up as he fired his load all over Tyler’s belly. Hearing Andrew groan, Aaron leaned around and kissed him good morning, all the while still gently moving in and out to stay hard.



“Bloody disappointing,” Andrew whispered, as he realized he slept through a thorough shagging before his hands found Tyler’s morning wood and the solution. Grabbing the lube near the head of the bed, Andrew applied some to his hand warming it up before liberally applying it to Tyler’s morning wood.



Aaron, seeing what Andrew was doing, pulled all the way out so Andrew could turn around, “Hold on until I get behind Tyler, I’ll give you a hand.”



Moving carefully over till he was behind Tyler, Aaron let one of his lube slickened fingers find Tyler’s hole and slip inside causing the teen to groan out before falling back to sleep, removing his finger, he placed the tip of his hard cock up against Tyler’s hole and with his hand, bent Tyler’s cock and held it as Andrew slid back on the hard cock, his cheeks resting against Tyler’s pubes about the time the steady pressure from Aaron caused him to slip inside Tyler.



Andrew, feeling Tyler inside him, started to rock his hips back and forth, sliding up and down on his length which caused Aaron to sink further inside Tyler.



Tyler was having this wonderful dream and moving his hand in his dream state, he touched flesh and realized that the dream was not really a dream, he really was shagging someone while being shagged, opening his eyes as the pleasure hit him, he groaned out his pleasure and actively took over thrusting in and out of Andrew and a few moments later he climaxed, shooting his massive morning load deep inside Andrew. Moaning in pleasure, Tyler started to thrust again after a minute when Aaron whispered in his ear, “Don’t stop, keep going.”



Instinct took over as he felt his willie sliding in and out of the hot tightness while at the same time he felt something hard and wonderful brushing against that spot deep inside him that caused him to shiver in pleasure every time it brushed against it. Andrew’s groans of pleasure was exciting, causing him to thrust harder and at the same time the harder he thrust the more the hardness that was inside him moved.



Knowing Tyler was close, Aaron sped up and adjusted the angle he was thrusting at so he would hit Tyler’s prostate every time and whispered in Tyler’s ear, “I’m close," a few moments before he felt Tyler’s ass clamp down hard on his cock sending him over the edge, causing him to pump his seed deep inside Tyler while Tyler did the same to Andrew.



Feeling the enema like rush of Tyler Cumming inside him again, Andrew grabbed himself and with a couple of strokes went over the edge and mostly missed his hand as he shot his load.



Snuggling back into Tyler so he would stay in him as long as possible, thus deflating and letting his body keep as much of the seed inside him as possible, Andrew lazily licked his cum covered hand as he floated along the after sex bliss. Several minutes later, as he felt Tyler slip out of him and he clamped down hard, he turned to see Aaron still thrusting in and out of Tyler gently, reaching over the two as he sat up, he felt Aaron still rock hard and grinned as he realized Tyler, in his half awake state was about to get at least one more load.



Lying down so he was face to face with Tyler, he started to kiss him deeply and with passion as his hands roamed about Tyler’s body, causing him to moan and Aaron to increase the pace.



Grinning as he felt Andrew's hand and then lifting his head watched as Andrew started to kiss and fondle the half awake Tyler, Aaron started to seriously thrust in and out, intent on load number three. Feeling a finger at his ass, Aaron smiled when he saw Kevin lubing up his morning hardness and lifted his leg making it easier for him to slide inside him and groaned his own pleasure as he felt Kevin enter him and start to thrust in and out.



Tyler was not able to think, feeling the hardness slip in and out of him, not really stopping after he felt the spurts deep inside him was sending sensations to his brain and then the mouth capturing his, while hands woke up his willie one more time as he responded and his own hands roamed around the body in front of him.



Feeling Kevin swell up inside him, Aaron really started to drive in and out of Tyler as he felt the tightening of his own ball sack and finally shot another good sized load deep inside Tyler and pulling Andrew’s head over top of Tyler so he could kiss him and keep Tyler from climaxing, Reaching around at the groans of disappointment, Aaron whispered in Tyler’s ear as he held the very hard cock, “I’ll take care of this in the shower in a minute.”



Feeling Kevin slide out of him, Aaron glanced over his shoulder to see him head for the shower and being careful to stay inside Tyler, Aaron maneuvered them so he could first sit up with the teen still buried on his hardness and then he stood up and slid in and out a couple of times to keep himself hard to the pleased groans from Tyler before he pushed and led him to the shower, succeeding in staying inside him the whole time.



Kevin grinned, seeing Aaron impaling Tyler leading him towards the shower and lathering up his hands, he captured the red and hard piece of flesh between Tyler’s legs as soon as they came inside the shower and carefully washed him thoroughly, being careful not to get him off as he knelt in front of him and smirked at Andrew's awed face as he stood there watching Aaron thrust in and out of Tyler while the water fell from above. Once he was sure Tyler was good and clean, Kevin leaned forward and licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip before swirling it around in his mouth and slowly licking his way around the head of Tyler’s cock head before doing his best to swallow the whole thing in one go.



Tyler lost it once more and almost convulsed as he came for a third time in such a short time, pumping his cum into Kevin’s willing and waiting mouth, the only thing keeping him standing was the fact he was still impaled on Aaron’s cock.



Amused, Aaron turned and as Kevin shared Tyler’s offering with him, he motioned for Andrew to come close and as Kevin helped hold Tyler up, as he pulled out, Aaron turned so that he could grab onto Andrew and turn him around, then he slowly slipped back inside Andrew to his intense loud moans of pleasure and picked up thrusting in and out.



Kevin, moving Tyler to the corner seat, eased him in it, and once he as sure he would stay in place without getting hurt, he picked up the soap and went to Andrew to repeat the washing and swallowing he performed on Tyler minutes before.



Andrew groaned and threw his head back hitting Aaron's neck as he felt himself being attacked from both sides at once, an eager mouth was doing things to him that sent shivers through him, and the hard cock was sliding in and out of him from behind as it hit that spot twice on each stroke, both coming in and pulling out. All too soon, he felt the hardness inside him start to swell before he felt his own climax hit unexpectedly, filling Kevin’s eager mouth.



Aaron, spent for the moment, shared Andrew’s offering and seeing that he was still on his feet, reached down to fondle Kevin’s hardness and slowly slip out so Kevin could take his place; Holding on to Andrew as Kevin slid inside him, Aaron kissed him passionately and ended up holding him up as Kevin thrust in and out of him for several minutes until he too added to the cum inside Andrew who was totally spent and not able to stand. Aaron helped him over to the seat and placed him next to Tyler and leaned Andrew on Tyler so they both would stay upright before smiling and kissing Kevin good morning while the other two recuperated.



Finished washing each other, Aaron smirked at the two unfocused set of eyes that were following them as he got closer and knelt down pulling a long slender hose out from under the seat and opening the drain by sliding the grid off the top of the hole so the water could flow down faster. Turning the water on, Aaron made sure it was neither too hot or too cold as Kevin hit the steam cycle and lubing the end, gently inserted it into Tyler first and when he saw he was uncomfortable, pulled it out so all the water could flow out and repeated until the water flowing out was clean and clear before moving over to do the same to Andrew.



Once the two were clean and Aaron had the hose stowed away after cleaning up under the seat, he slid the cover back over the drain and accepted the bottle of soap from Kevin, and together they thoroughly washed both teens before the cycle hit zero and the powerful jets cascaded around them, rinsing them thoroughly. Extending the drying cycle until Tyler and Andrew were dry, Aaron shut it off, and along with Kevin, helped them stand up and walk out of the shower and out of his bedroom past a wide eyed Richard and a smirking Edward as he had been where those two were, last weekend.



“Dear bloody God,” Andrew moaned, as he was placed in a chair in the dining hall, glancing up at Aaron’s smiling face, he cursed, “You could bloody look tired you know,” before laying his head on his arms on top of the table and glancing at Tyler across from him. “I’ve been thoroughly shagged and can’t move, how about you?” before falling asleep.



Richard, wide eyed in awe, stood next to his older cousin and looked up when Edward laughed, “Been there, done that, but oh what a heavenly trip it was.”



Glancing around at the milling Clan members, Aaron noticed Kenny was missing and seeing the looks the other hunters were giving the med bay, he went over to investigate. Walking into the med bay, Aaron heard Kenny chatting away as he poked his head around the bend to see him sitting on a stool, talking to Xon just like he did when it was his brother in the bio-tube, laying a hand on Kenny’s shoulder, “Hey Kenny, what’s up?”



Glancing up at the clock, Kenny started to jump up but found Aaron's hand keeping him on the stool and he looked over his shoulder, “Not much, I was just talking with Xon, discussing whether he was a son or lover and how we fit in with the Clan.”



Smiling, Aaron let Kenny get up, “And what have you decided?”



“That he needs to be a lover as it is way too weird having someone as old as he is as a son,” Kenny explained, as they walked outside the med bay.



Laughing, Aaron motioned the rest of the hunters over and ported them to the vet barn, “Well, I think we will have to wait until Xon wakes up and tells us which he is more comfortable with…don’t you?”



“I guess, though if he chooses son, it is going to be really weird,” Kenny called out, as he ran towards his hauler and the empty trays.



“He’s right though, it would be very weird having someone so hot consider me to be his father without all the fun going into producing him,” Mark commented, as he stepped aside as the excited crews showed up and ran to Aaron for their morning hug. And picked up on the slightly down feeling from young Rob, skimming, Aaron smiled and pathed John over on Altair, “John, how is your crew when it comes to birthday cakes?”



Dammit Aaron, if you cost me another cubit of gold I’ll paddle your ass,” John pathed back before putting the pan in the warmer. “Who’s birthday?”



One of the boys rescued of the Yin Kong, Robert Brown; he turns ten today and he is a little bit down because no one knows and he is too shy to mention it to anyone, he’s on the farm crew. I picked up on it when he came for his morning hug…and what the hell did you bet on this time, and why me?” Aaron sounded cross at the end as he waved at Mark who had command chair duty and went to inspect the poultry barn to see how the quail were doing.



Hmm, birthday cakes will be a very good idea with these kids, going a long way to get their self worth back, but you can’t initiate it as the bet was about you changing something for the beach party tonight, and I want that cubit back. I’ll talk to Tim and handle it and as far as you know, tonight when Scott asks about it, you had nothing to do with it except to suggest to the clan to get some small gifts or something so he has a present or three to go with the cake,” John placed another pan into the warmer after it was passed to him, “Got to go, it’s handled, just get gifts.”



Pathing the whole Clan at once “Hey guys, Robert Brown, one of Kenny’s crew, well it’s his tenth birthday today, and I think with the party tonight and him being down, we need to get him a few small things so he has a present or two, what do all of you think?” Aaron sent as he entered the poultry barn.



Mark, being logged on the terminal brought up Rob’s file and noticed the type of music and his placement tests and interests, “He likes boy bands it looks like, and he placed high in science, and animal husbandry like that is something we didn’t know,” he chuckled.



We need to do this for all the rescued kids, no matter where we found them, I’ll set up some filters when we get back and pull up any birthdays for the past two weeks and we can get them each a couple of CD’s and a few books, maybe even a gift card to be used online to Amazon,” Kevin pathed as he was filling water tanks.



Get me a list and I can port over to the mall and pick up a bunch of CD’S and a bunch of books after chores and before lunch,“ Tommy pathed, as he stopped briefly to test the water on one of the tanks.



I talked to Scott and he’ll bake us a cake and several sheet cakes,” Brian added, and then he paused in picking the tomatoes, “I think if Rob is not the only one having a birthday today to make him feel special, that we just send the gifts to the other guy’s rooms and we quietly tell them there is something back there for them, seeing that they missed their birthday…oh and I would only go back a week, unless they were captive during their birthday, give them something to look forward to.”



Sounds like a plan, oh Kevin, maybe you can add a section to the terminal that gives someone the option of finding out upcoming birthdays, so maybe there will be more presents for those having a birthday besides from us,” Aaron dropped the link, once they all agreed.



Arriving back at the Clan Hall, Andrew and Tyler had not moved, causing Aaron to chuckle before he realized those two were supposed to be fixing breakfast, sighing, he walked into the kitchen and quickly pulled some bacon out of the refrigerator and started the griddle, breakfast would be a little late this morning it looked like. Pulling things out of the freezer, Aaron quickly went to dumping things on the griddle in an attempt to have a varied breakfast and went to work.



Half an hour later the four volunteers finished setting the last pan into the steam table and the two cooks were still asleep and no one was bothering to wake them up for breakfast, they just kept glancing their way after Fred ran his scanner over them to make sure they were alright and made the okay sign with his thumb and finger before grinning and walking back to the kitchen, “You wore their asses out, didn’t you let them sleep at all last night?”



Snickering, Kevin looked up, “that’s all from this morning, Fred, they slept all night long.”



Shaking his head sadly, Fred looked at Richard with an evil glint in his eyes, “It is a sad day indeed, I never knew that humans had so little stamina, I mean it’s not like they came a dozen times or so, you know enough to even make them break a sweat,” before walking out of the kitchen and silently laughing at his joke and Richard's expression.



That’s just cruel, Love, funny but cruel,” Pete sent after Fred, along with his laughter at the joke.



Andrew and Tyler woke up several hours later with a start and sleepily went into the kitchen to start breakfast, until Tyler looked up at the clock and pointed to it, “Andrew, I think not only did we sleep through breakfast, but that they let us.”



“Damn,” Andrew mumbled, as he glanced at the clock and saw it was after ten.



Opening the refrigerator, Tyler saw two plates filled with food, pulled them out and reached back in for the jug of juice, “they must not have been too mad, if they fixed us something to eat.”



Aaron was staring down into the Bio-tube after helping Pete move all the components to the work area in one of the empty assembly areas, so he could build the duel transporter replicator he had spent the past hour going over everything in the archive and he still had no clue who the teen was in the bio-tube, the only thing he knew for sure after scanning the medallion was that it was one of the version one time line medallions. He was standing here waiting for the complete DNA map so he could go back to the core and at least try to track down Xon’s parents if possible. Glancing back up at the monitor, he sighed as another sector was added to the map, it was not happening fast enough to suit him right now.



“I thought I would find you in here,” Tim’s soft voice told him, as he kept his voice down, startled Aaron as he stared at the screen.



“Hi love,” Aaron said softly, as he moved away from the screen so he could hug Tim, after the hug was over, they stood there for a moment arms around each other.



“I take it you didn’t find him in the archives? No, of course you didn’t or you would not be in here waiting for a genome map,” Tim looked closely at the screen and noticed that it had two hours more until it was finished. “Come on, let’s go sit in the hot springs for a while and let the system do its thing, you standing here watching it is not going to make it go any faster or get an answer since you have to take the results to the Core for comparison.” Tim pulled on Aaron’s waist, nudging him towards the door and the gardens in the Clan Hall.



Sitting back in his favorites spot next to the waterfall, letting the warm to hot water cascade over his shoulders, he let out a sigh of relief as his muscles started to unknot. “What is on your agenda after lunch?” Tim asked, as he snuggled next to Aaron.



Opening his eyes and seeing Friedrich approaching, “Murdering security guards sounds like a good idea…did you need me Friedrich, or just passing through?” I hope it is the later he thought as Friedrich stopped by the edge of the pool.



“While I would love to say I was not looking for you, I can’t,” seeing Aaron’s deep sigh, Friedrich chuckled, “but the good news is I am looking for you for a personal reason, when are you opening the nursery?”



Blinking a couple of times, Aaron looked at Tim who was also clueless and then back to Friedrich before finally giving up and asking, “What nursery?”



Sitting down on the edge of the pool; and letting his legs drop into the warm water, Friedrich took a moment to decide how to best word his question, “Colin and I have been talking and planning, and before we can go much further with our plans for the future, we need to know when the nursery will be open for use, so we can have a son.”



The incubatory, Aaron thought, they wanted to have children; he smiled then grinned widely before standing up and walking to the edge of the pool where the steps were, and got out. Picking up one of the towels Aaron went to the bench and pulled his P.A.D.D. from the pouch before turning it on and linking it to the central systems, “Have the two of you decided on a name yet?”



Glancing up at Tim’s giggling, Aaron smiled again as he saw how flustered Friedrich was, “The incubatory will be open for business on Monday, you just need to read through the files I just released to the public system from your terminal so you know what to expect and what needs to be done before your afternoon of fun,” coughing to hide his laugh, Aaron held the towel out to Tim so they could see about lunch as it was almost time.



Placing a hand on Friedrich’s shoulder as he stopped next to him, Aaron smiled, “Relax Friedrich, there is nothing embarrassing or too hard to understand, more of a list of things needing to be done before the event, and a short one at that. Congratulations, by the way, I’m happy for both of you, and think the whole thing will be inspiring for the whole Kingdom.”



“If you will excuse me, your Majesty, Colin and I have a file to read before tomorrow,” Friedrich kept the calm and collected attitude until he came to the fork in the path and thought he was out of sight before he ran back towards his lover sitting in their apartment.



“To answer your question, this afternoon I have a taste testing at Elswick to chose the new caterers that will handle the cafeteria and I need to take Andrew, Edward and Richard home in three hours or so, I was thinking Tyler might like to come along, but other than trying to find out Xon’s heritage and how he even…” Aaron trailed off as he stopped and thought about what Xon said in his message to the Kathat Ruling Council, preparing to port out he stopped when Tim grabbed him.



“Oh no you don’t, it can wait until after you eat Shoji’s lunch; he fixed it for you. And where did you think you were going, anyway?” Tim scolded as he pulled Aaron towards the dining area.



“To the Core to replay the recordings of the first contact with Xon, he said something that I really wasn’t paying attention to at the time, and I wanted to double check if what he said is what I thought he did, that and take a look at the scans of the stabilizer he wore. Shame that it did not come through the rift with him,” Aaron sounded excited as he held the plate Tim was filling as his mind was elsewhere.



Kevin looked around and sighed, not seeing any non Clan members around and pathed, “What did you need conformation of; I watched the whole thing this morning, so I could see what happened for myself.”



Aaron sat down with his plate and started to eat and was secretly amused that he could hold a complete conversation at the same time and not stop eating, “Did he really say he had been with the Kathat people for two hundred fifty years?”



Thinking about it, Kevin replayed the scene that he had watched an hour ago, to all of them  after replaying the event, Pete who had joined in mentioned, “you think he not only left the dimension which stabilized him from the fading, but he went back in time to before the time line shift occurred.”



Yes I do, and it is because of the Shaolin that I think it is more than possible, if the reset would have affected everyone, why then was Lee around with almost pure Alteran DNA, Clan Stranton markers included, so it stands to reason that if the passage of time is a factor, the other one would be being outside the dimension, so far outside, to where the shift, when it occurred would not affect him and after two hundred fifty years, there was a slight shift in his waveform by .01. Not much I know, but it seems to fit the evidence,” Aaron looked down and realized he was finished with his meal, and did not remember eating it.



Seeing the four Brits walk into the dining area, they changed the subject to something safer when Tyler and Andrew walked over, “We’ve talked and decided to go ahead with the making of babies, now,” Tyler grinned.



“It makes sense, that way Tyler can be altered and it makes it easier on us to get back and forth to each other and here,“ Andrew grinned before looking at Richard, “It would make even more sense to have two of us altered, for travel purposes, if nothing else.”



Aaron laughed before he noticed Kenny walking out of the med bay again, he would check the logs later to find out if there was a problem, “Well I did plan to talk to your grandmother when I dropped all of you off about Richard joining us now, actually being picked up on Wednesday, so he would be through the procedure by the weekend.”



Giving Richard some time to bounce around being happy, Aaron grinned at the expectant couple, “You two on the other hand come Friday night will be not allowed to cum, so Saturday you can make babies, and that way come Sunday, when it is time to leave, Tyler can undergo the resequencing.” Laughing at the two slapping each other’s hands in celebration, he turned his head, as they were leaving, at the movement of something bright red out of the corner of his eye to see what had attracted his attention.



Mark was returning from the kitchen with one of the high energy drinks and giving it to Damien who was once again wincing in pain. Removing his scanner from his pouch, Aaron got up and went over to Damien and performed a quick scan before kissing Damien’s scowling face, “This is my second one this morning, afternoon, whatever, it just hurts,” Damien looked at Aaron.



“Come on, let’s get you on one of the bio-beds and do a detailed scan,” Aaron smiled as Damien looked at the group of Brits.



“What about them, if they happen to follow us they will see Xon, and I’m not sure we're ready for them to see him yet,” Damien whispered as he winced as he stood up.



“Yes well, we’ll chance it by porting into the med bay,” Aaron helped Damien over to the gestalt post and ported both of them out when he caught Edward glancing their way. Once inside the med bay, Aaron patted the bio-bed, “hop up here, lie back and relax, we’ll find out what is going on for sure and we'll find the best way to keep you from hurting.”



Holding up the temple sensor so Damien could see it, Aaron asked as he pulled the stool over and initiated the scan. “Do you want me to do something about the pain now, or should I wait until you find out what is causing it?”



Wiggling his body slightly so he was more comfortable Damien sighed as the pain mostly went away, “I’ll wait I think, unless it gets worse.”



“Okay, but if you start feeling more pain, let me know right away, there is no reason for you to hurt anymore than necessary, which means the time it takes to put on the sensor and set it to filter out pain,” Aaron placed the sensor back in the compartment on the cart, linked his communicator to the med bay and played back the latest visit by Kenny, while asking Damien what he had been up to this morning, to see if something he had done had triggered the episode.



Determining that Kenny was just being Kenny and filling Xon in on the happening of the Clan and the background of each of the Clan members, he almost laughed, but it would be hard to explain to Damien who was probably a little grouchy. Glancing back at the screen, Aaron reached over and hefted the small ball sack between Damien’s legs. He noticed right away Damien becoming rock hard and then looked back up to the monitor, while Damien opened one eye and glared at him for stopping.



Getting off the stool, Aaron went over to the small refrigerator off to one side, pulled out the red donut box and brought it back to the bedside where he handed one of them to the wide eyed Damien, “Go on have a bite, you’ll know when to stop.”



Waiting until Damien took the first bite hesitantly, then smiled and enjoyed the donut, Aaron explained what he found, “I am assuming that when you came this morning, you shot liquid?” seeing the very pleased expression along with the nod, “you’ve well and truly begun phase two of puberty, meaning your body is growing at a rapid pace and external signs of puberty will be starting shortly,” pointing to the still hard cock between Damien’s legs, “Like that, touching your scrotum was enough to send the signal to your brain for your toy to wake up. Now for the downsides of growing rapidly and being Alteran, this growth spurt is happening faster than you can eat to fuel it, so the pain is your body’s way of telling you off.”



Seeing Damien was finished with the donut, Aaron opened the box and offered another which Damien took to the teen's shock at the hunger and desire he felt towards the obscenely high calorie food item. Laughing, Aaron set the box down as Damien bit into the donut, “Well, starting tonight, since you have already had some for lunch, I want you to start eating at least one if not more of these donuts after each meal, to replace what your body needs as it goes through the growth spurt, you might also want to take a trip to the hot springs several times a day when you feel achy, it will help relax your muscles.”



Holding the last two bites of the donut Damien glared at it like it was at fault that he no longer could eat anymore of it, where once it was the tastiest thing he could think of, now just holding it made him feel bloated.



Laughing, Aaron plucked the last bit of the donut from Damien’s fingers, popped it in his mouth, and seeing that Damien was truly finished, he placed the box in Damien’s hands “Eat a meal then one or more of these, until you feel full, I think you will not have as many episodes where you hurt, but you will still be ache from time to time, so the hot springs is where you need to go when that happens. Why don’t you take this to the kitchen refrigerator since it’s been opened and take your pack of hunters for a long soak.”



Feeling a lot better, Damien sat up then pulled Aaron down and kissed him, as he released him he looked him in the eye, “When can I get this inside me,” he asked, as he grabbed Aaron’s semi hard cock.



Kissing Damien back, Aaron smiled, “The day after you have finished your breakout, you decide where and how you want this to happen and I will do my best to make that day special for you,” Aaron swatted Damien’s behind, “now scoot, off to the hot springs with you.”



Sticking his head around the bend after Damien had left, Aaron made his way to the bio-tube and noticed the scan was complete, popping the chip, he held onto it as he left the med bay and laughed at everyone's expression as they asked Damien what was up with the red container, at first they were worried that he was eating them and were shocked to find out that Damien had eaten almost two of them, on top of lunch and two of the energy drinks. Smirking, as the Clan was treating the event like the start of a rite of passage, Aaron ported to the Core entry with the chip and waited impatiently for the system to scan him and allow him entry.



Fred looked around the entry to the Core, this was the first time he had come down here by himself, not remarkable really he decided. The door sliding open, Fred walked into the core and over to the recliner that Aaron was laying on and looked up at the ceiling where three sets of DNA maps were displayed, “I think the Brits are ready to go back to England, are you okay?”



Startled, Aaron smiled as he sat up and disengaged the search with a thought, “I’m fine, I finally took the time to go through what was left from my previous version's memories and dealt with them.”



Sitting on the recliner with Aaron, Fred scooted close and leaned his head against Aaron and then moved into a snuggle when Aaron put his arm around his shoulder and pulled him close, “Well, I doubt I ever will have a name but I found out who Xon’s fathers were.”



“Really, that’s great” Fred Looked up in surprise to see the bottom of Aaron’s chin until Aaron looked back down at him, grinning.



“Yep, both of his fathers are not Alteran’s in this time line, and from what records in the archives I’ve read, they are unlikely to become Alteran in this timeline,” Aaron sighed, “now the question is, what to do with this information, no, Xon deserves to at least know who is parents were, and that the people in this timeline are not the same people, not even genetically as they are unaltered humans, this go around.”



“Unaltered so far, you mean,” Fred sat back up, “You know, I think I am going to be waiting in your bed tonight for you to get home, so don’t take forever when you drop those three off.”



Laughing, Aaron stood up and leaned down and kissed Fred, “Is that you’re so unsubtle way of saying get your ass moving?”



Fred smirked as he moved his hands out of his lap and started to stroke his hard cock, “Oh yes and a reminder that this is what is waiting for you once you get back,” Fred stroked it a couple more times, enough to get a small drop to form at the tip which he used a finger to pick up and seductively lick off before bouncing up and heading for the door, “Only if you get a move on and don’t make me wait too long.”



Damn, Aaron thought as he watched Fred go through the door before following, this was going to be the shortest trip in history if he had his way. Not hearing the door slide closed behind him Aaron, ported to the Clan Hall and quickly searched with his eyes for the four Brits and seeing them, along with his clothes near the entry to the house, he quickly rushed over and started to get dressed.



Once dressed, he looked at the four Brits and smiled, “First things first, a stop in Elswick where we can see what the hopefuls for the catering contract came up with and then I will drop the three of you at the palace.” Glancing coyly at Andrew and Tyler, “I expect to chat with your grandmother for half an hour or so, that should give the two of you time for a quickie,” Aaron laughed at their blush before pulling them both in for a hug.



Arm across both of the teens shoulders Aaron half led half dragged them along to the gestalt column, and placing a hand on the gestalt, pulled power from the generator and waited for Richard and Edward to grab hold so he could port them to the Asclepius.



Straightening his clothes out, Edward frowned after they arrived, “It is way too easy to become used to going naked all the time, clothing feels strange after several days of not wearing anything.”



“You think we can find some part of the palace that can be a no clothing zone, maybe install a pool and hot tub so we can hang out there and just be ourselves,” Andrew was thinking about maybe setting up a room there, but the problem would be he would miss sunshine as the bloody media were ruthless.



“I may be able to help you out there, Andrew, but not at the palace, chose one of the country estates and I’ll install a shield and a couple of masking generators so you can be safe from the media, the only thing you will have to figure out, is how to get Edward back and forth to school,” Aaron told them as they walked down the corridor towards the triage deck, the dock and the road leading up to the old hospital turned embassy and boarding house.



Stopping to one side of the old hospital, Aaron was pleased at the progress on the new hospital building, the skeletal structure for the whole left side was almost complete and they could see workers policing the site, cleaning it up, it looked like.



“Bloody Hell, they have really pushed, haven’t they?” Edward swore as he looked around and saw how much had been completed since Friday, the last time they had been near the place.



“The true question, Your Majesties, is when are the building materials being used here going to be released to the rest of the world,” the site foreman asked, walking up along with the company owner and several union reps who had been touring the site.



“The concrete additive alone will make you a fortune that you can use towards subsidizing the hospitals,” the company owner told them, not holding out his dirty hand, afraid he would insult them by getting their hands dirty.



Aaron looked at the men and shrugged, “Never gave it much thought to tell the truth, I suppose we could give it a try with the additive,” he titled his head as he skimmed their surface thoughts, “Tell you what, when you meet with Derrick this coming Friday for the update meeting and walkthrough, ask him about it, I’ll have a definite answer by then and he can pass it along.”



“Please do Your Majesty, we’ve already started to receive calls inquiring about the additive and costs,” the company owner told them, as he waved them away not wanting to take any more time than he had to, as evidently they were busy people, after all, important people were always busy, all you had to do was watch the prince and see how he was always bouncing all over the country, talking to people trying to get them to provide services to their new allies.



Eaton stood in the doorway looking out at the grounds, and spotted his Majesty walking towards them, bringing his radio to his mouth he clicked it “His Majesty is arriving a few minutes early, I can only delay him at most two minutes, so be ready,” he pocketed the small radio after warning the two contestants.



“Damn their hot,” the younger man whispered, as he shook himself, like a dog wet after a bath.



Eaton laughed, “Baby brother, that there is a one way ticket to a death sentence, look but don’t touch.”



Once the doors whooshed open, Eaton stepped forward, “Greetings your Majesty…Majesties,” he corrected once all three prince's had entered the building. “I would like to introduce you to my baby brother Dickie, he’s an interior designer,” leaning forward as he watched his brother, Eaton whispered too loudly, “A fancy title for someone who charges too much to paint a room if you ask me.”



“Ye just be ignoring this brute your Majesty,” Dickie smacked his brother upside his head since he was laughing too hard to duck. “Nice to meet you, your Majesty,” Dickie shook Aaron’s hand before glaring at his brother. “When you have a spare moment, if you would stop by the first three rooms on the second floor by the cafeteria stairs, I have set up three different rooms as samples for you to choose from. I heard about Matilda,” Dickie shook his head as he moved back out of the way, “and I apologize for my profession. How that woman ever got to be licensed is beyond me.”



“If there is time, I will do so today if not, someone will, within the next couple of days,” Aaron smiled at him as he started towards the cafeteria.



“I must warn you, your Majesty we did try, even went so far as to place a plea on the BBC and only had two people respond with a firm yes, most when the saw the contract, wanted no part of the whole thing,” Eaton apologized as he hurried to catch up.



“Why is that, Mr. Mayer?” Edward asked, it had been his experience that everyone he had talked to jumped at the chance to bid on the contract Aaron offered.



“It was line seven and nineteen that most did not like,” Eaton shrugged, not seeing how that could be a bad thing.



Aaron stopped outside the cafeteria doors thinking about line seven, “Are you telling me that they did not like the fact everything had to be prepared fresh and that we would provide the ingredients and all they were providing was the staff and they were being paid by the head?”



“Incredible,” Aaron muttered, as he entered the cafeteria and saw two separate areas set up, one was like the dining room of a nice restaurant, and the other reminded him of a pub.



Eaten stopped near the front of the cafeteria between the two people competing, and he was nervous as his Majesty glanced between the two areas, he was not letting his face show what he thought and it made it harder to read whether he was pleased or not.



Edward leaned in close to Aaron, “That is the pub owner where we stopped with Pete and Tim to have lunch, the other is the head chef for the restaurant we had lunch at,” he whispered.



Aaron walked over to the pub area and glanced around to see how the section was decorated; chuckling at the papers taped to the wall, telling him what would hang there. Nodding his head he walked over to the other side and walked around the area set up like an upper class restaurant and nodded. Glancing at the chef out of the corner of his eye, “Are you planning on turning this place into a four star restaurant?”



“Of course not, your Majesty, I plan on the minimum of five stars,” Han’s beamed as he straightened up.



“As you’re still plating I’ll start over there, giving you the extra time to get it right,” Aaron smiled, as he pushed the four over to the pub side.



Smiling at the nervous barkeep, Aaron pointed to the table, “Go on, just remember in a tasting like this, you are trying to stay around one to two bites before moving to the next item,” everything looked good and smelled tasty. He already knew the caliber of the food that the chef was preparing over on the other side of the room, so if this was just as good, he would make things easy on himself.



Chuckling as the four teens huddled around the end of the table, glancing around trying to figure out what to do, Aaron decided that in the future, Edward might end up in a similar situation so he started to hold a class, “Alright…” he startled them by saying from right behind them, “The trick with a tasting is first look at how the table is arranged, in this case, both set up small areas as to what they envisioned the space to look like,” Aaron pointed around the room. “The second thing is in a tasting like this, where the contestants are vying for a contract or job, they will prepare two complete samples of the same dish, the one in the back is always the size that would normally be served while the one in front is oversized so everyone can sample it, you’ll know which is which by the fact of all the utensils next to the plate or like the sandwich over there being cut up into small segments, held together by a pick,” Aaron pointed to the sandwich near the end of the table.



“Your Grandmother has staff that does this, Edward; though I personally would never pawn that job off to another, if I were hosting the party, it would look bad on me not the taster that vetted the caterer if something went wrong.” Aaron warned him of the possible shortcomings of relying on others.



“The last thing you need to notice on the table is the empty plate next to the entrée to be sampled, this is where you place the utensil you used before moving to the next dish,” Aaron tapped the empty plate, “Also Edward, never ever hire anyone to provide food for an event or contract that is not willing to go to the trouble of a tasting. This was line nineteen that most people did not like and refused to participate for this contract was about, the only way to know which category the applicant fits into is by tasting their work.” Picking up a fork Aaron started the line and worked down the row of food.



Stopping at the soup dish Aaron placed the empty spoon on the plate and thought about what he tasted before picking up another spoon and spooning up a small amount. Then he first sniffed it before looking at it critically before tasting it again, nodding his head at his answer he moved on to the next item.



“Was there a problem your Majesty? With the soup, I mean?” the nervous barkeep asked as he noticed that he tasted it twice after sniffing it the second time.



“Marjoram, fresh ground with pepper in a pestle to release the juice and obliterate the leaves so it cannot be seen,” Aaron laughed at he shocked look on the barkeep's face as he stopped at the end of the line and sampled a small desert.



Hans hovering near the start of his line heard what the god of cooking said and took in the look on his competition's face and quickly ran back to his area to make sure the plates were perfect.



Tyler, bringing up the rear, finished with the desert and looked at Aaron, “It’s all quite good, how do you choose between people like this?”



“Sometimes you can’t, so you give the contract to your first choice and the next one to your second choice, though, in some cases, after going through the taste test you groan and reach for the stomach soother and curse the chefs,” Aaron hid his laugh at the almost stroke the chef was having as he heard what he said.



“Hey, this fish dish has salsa,” Edward pointed out, before picking up the fork and tasting the salsa and fish and smiling, tasting the salsa alone he tilted his head and looked at it questioning, “It’s good and pretty close, but I like yours better,” Edward said, as he went on to the next dish.



Hans was having a heart attack, or at least he thought he was with the heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach.



Smiling to keep from laughing, Aaron took a taste of the salsa, then added it to the fish and looked at the chef, “In ten years of people trying to recreate from taste, my recipe, you have gotten the closest to recreating the salsa, while not up to the quality of mine, it does go with the fish very well and will be a hit. Just remember, like all fruit salsa’s, it will change its flavors after chilling twenty four hours before serving.”



Hans looked shocked, he never considered a wait time before serving and he groaned out in pain after realizing his whole experiment on recreating the condiment was flawed from the start.



Finished, Aaron stood in the middle of the room waiting for the other four to step over, and Tyler spoke for all four of them, “Bloody Hell and you’re supposed to chose one over the other, how do you do it?”



“In most cases, it is very easy, there is a clear and definite winner,” Aaron kept his voice low, “In this case, I think having both open up here will be the best of both worlds, those that can never afford a meal like that one,” Aaron pointed to the left side of the room, “Can enjoy something they only dream of, while those wanting comfort food can have it with the pub food,” Aaron pointed the right side of the room so both would not feel they were being picked on. Laughing, Aaron thought, what the hell, they both feel picked on right now, ”Let’s put them out of their misery before we have to cart the chef to the Asclepius for treatment shall we.”



Waving the two men over, Aaron laughed at their hopeful and frightened expressions, “Relax you two. I take it you’ve not participated in a tasting like this before?” when both men shook their heads violently no, Aaron became all business, “Okay, I’m not going to leave either of you hanging, I was impressed with both of you and have altered my plans, you both will have a contract to provide food as I think both of your ideas will cover all angles.”



“We have good old comfort food on the one hand,” Aaron pointed to the barkeep and then to the chef, “Along with fine dining.” Facing the chef he waved his arm around the cafeteria, “get with Derrick on Friday when he stops by for a site update and let him know your plans for this space so we’ll have a chance to get them done, I know that only gives you four and half days to get yourself together, but I would like this place open in a fortnight.”



Facing the barkeep, Aaron smiled, “On the other side of the stairs right there,” Aaron pointed out the door behind them, “Is the old gift shop and commissary, it’s about half the size of the cafeteria and would make a perfect pub. Go ahead and do what you did here, tape notes to the walls for colors and such, even the floor if you want, and get with Derrick Friday to give him your plans so he can schedule it to be done.”



Holding up his hand to get their attention, “The only thing not mentioned and not shown on the tables,” Aaron looked at his four tasters, “Was alcohol, wine or lager. In the packets that were provided, it was made clear that no alcohol was to be served. Remember Edward, if the dinner party you are hosting is going to serve alcohol, it needs to be on those tasting tables and you will sip the wine or drink and do not swallow, spit it out in the container provided, usually a dark non see through glass which will be provided, for you to carry with you.”



Seeing the understanding on Edward’s face, Aaron turned back to the two jubilant men, “I will not provide alcohol as part of the treatment plans like the meals for the family, if they want a pint or a glass, they have to pay for it themselves, though remind everyone that we have very severe penalties for drunks if they look like they might want to go on a bender.”



“Congratulations gentlemen, Now I have one more stop before leaving, if you need anything before Derrick shows up on Friday, talk to the guards, they can get a message to one of us.” Aaron shook both of their hands before waving and turning then heading for the stairs. And taking them two at a time to get to the top faster, opening the door, he entered the hall and poked his head into the first room and walking to the next one and repeating the quick look as he pulled his P.A.D.D. out of its pouch and looked through the plans as he walked into the third room where Dickie was waiting, talking to his big brother and a set of floor plans spread out on the tables. Picking up a typed copy of the proposal, Aaron opened the contract file and pulled up the one for furnishing the space and smoothly flipped his P.A.D.D. around and pointed to the sensor pad, “I assume you are familiar with the pre-contract, or you would not have known to set up three rooms, correct?”



Dickie nodded, taken aback at how quickly his Majesty got down to business, “Yes, Eaton gave me a copy, it’s what I based my proposal on.”



“Room one, the hideous one with the greens and reds,” Aaron grinned at the fake pout, “No way, it’s off the list, though the idea of the day bed is a good one.”



“You spent all of two seconds glancing in that room; how the bloody hell do you know what the furniture was?” Tyler asked, as he looked down at the list and saw Aaron was right.



“If you go back and look, you’ll see the skirt around the one post was not perfect and is bunched up, hence it more than likely is a day bed,” Aaron laughed, as Tyler walked out of the room. “The second room and this one are acceptable, today’s the second, can you have this wing done and furnished by the fourteenth? If so, place you finger against the sensor pad for your DNA to be scanned and pick up the contract at the Asclepius triage desk along with a draft for the down payment.”



Eagerly, Dickie lunged across the table and placed his finger on the pad before his Majesty could change his mind, grinning, he sat back down, “Thank you, your Majesty, I’ll have it done if I have to whip and chain the lads personally.”



Standing up as Tyler came back into the room shaking his head, Aaron laughed as he held out an arm for the group to hold onto, “Sounds kinky,” he smirked as he ported them to the palace leaving behind two very shocked men, one of them very happy but still shocked.



Pulling Tyler into a hug once they appeared in the family section of the palace, Aaron whispered in his ear, “You have half an hour starting now, lover boy,” swatting him on the ass.  Tyler giggled as he followed Andrew down the hall towards the bedrooms.



Following Edward into the family Room that Thomas was standing outside of, Aaron greeted Victoria as he entered the room and sat down on the couch, “Good afternoon, Victoria how was your weekend so far?”



“Quiet, and that is a good thing,” Victoria smiled, “how was yours?”



Laughing, Aaron sat back in the couch, “Too eventful really, but hopefully once I get back, I can lounge back and rest at the party tonight.”



Victoria smiled as she looked around the room at Richard and Edward before asking her oldest grandson, “Where’s Andrew?”



“Ah, yes well, he and Tyler are working out the final details of your great grandson I believe,” Aaron held his smirk in and smiled in its place while Richard and Edward snickered. “Shush you,” he laughed.



“This is wonderful news, are they discussing a date then?” Victoria smiled, as she looked out the door and turned back when she heard snickers from her other two grandsons again.



“Oh the date is next weekend, though the birth will be held back until they are a little older, they decided that Tyler would begin having the procedures done to alter his DNA so he could more readily come and go. To here actually, so he can be with Andrew,” Aaron mostly closed his eyes as he told her this before glancing Richard's way and when Victoria followed his gaze she nodded.



“It’s time then, have you come up with a cover story that will hold up, I rather thought for Andrew later on, we could marry him to your clan privately and the public would only know he married into your family, not how,” Victoria gazed at Richard, “I find that I will miss you once you do this, Richard.”



“Why Grandmother?  It gives me the best of both worlds, and like Tyler, I can come and go as I wish, so you would not miss me that much,” Richard was curious as he got up from his chair and went to the loveseat his grandmother was sitting on.



Hugging her grandson, “I never gave that a thought, though it makes sense. Your grandfather and I would have missed you so much,” Victoria smiled as she let Richard go and looked at Aaron, “So, when does Richard have this done.”



“Wednesday night, and that will give him the weekend with his cousins when they come to visit before he starts his training, by the time school starts, he should be traveling back and forth easily on his own I would imagine,” Aaron smiled at Richard. “I do think I have the solution to your problem, and it gives the background necessary for Andrew in the future, marrying into my family for the media. Richard and Andrew will be accepted into boarding school on Altare at our academy, while Edward is the first to enroll at a satellite school here in Britain, as his duties do not allow him to be gone out of country for extended periods. This will give the necessary background to Andrew for your future announcement of him marrying into my family and at the same time Richard can very easily get back and forth along with Andrew for any outing or media event they would be needed for.”



Grinning, Aaron looked at Edward, “Let the media extol the virtue of our school system going year round with occasional breaks as one of the excuses for those two not being publicly available and at the same time any time they are seen out and about, it will be with members of the Clan who will always point out that the Clan has duties and as they only go half days to school, there is nothing wrong with them being out an about,” Aaron smirked at the thought of his loves crucifying any reporters stupid enough to question them.



Thomas groaned and leaned heavily against the wall, thinking similar thoughts, “I will make sure to use vacation days on the times Pete is out and about around reporters,” he visibly shuddered.



Aaron laughed hard enough to hold his side as he tried to control himself, “Thomas…” Aaron leaned forward towards Victoria as if sharing a secret, “Imagine a man at his advanced age never having THE TALK,” Aaron’s giggles turned into laughter again and became uncontrolled when Edward got out.



“I never imagined that Thomas would ever get drunk like he did after having THE TALK, look at him now, he looks like a beet,” Edward laughed along with the rest.



Tyler and Andrew walking into the room slightly flushed, glanced around at the mortified expression on Thomas’s face and the laughter on everyone else’s, “Oh, they must be having THE TALK conversation,” Tyler quipped, as he sat next to Aaron, smirking.



“Oh dear Lord, that happened at a secure facility and it was taped wasn’t it?” Thomas slid down the wall as Andrew nodded through the laughter.



“Well on that happy note, Tyler and I will be going. Richard, I or Kevin, more likely, will be here Wednesday night before supper to pick you up. Edward, homework for the week is to outline the creation of a company, you can use the additive to the concrete for an example, you need to work on distributions chains, local and continental. This is an outline I want you to come up with, of everything that would be involved in this mythical company, from order taking to distribution.” Aaron grinned at the confused nod that turned into realization before glancing at Andrew.



“Please, anything but diplomats,” Andrew groaned at the evil smile on Aaron’s face.



“I think you will find this one more to your liking and in the realm of science fiction for some people, including academia, sadly.” Aaron looked at him as if he could convey the news about the Reliant to him through his eyes alone. “You are setting up a search vessel to go to a newly discovered world that has life on it. I want you to set up a team of specialists, by skills and tell me why you chose those people and professions, and what they would accomplish in the determination of whether a colony could be set up on this new world.”



Andrew looked at Aaron strangely as he thought about the scenario, he knew Aaron did not do things like this by chance if he said…Andrew sat bolt upright in his chair and looked at Aaron, really looked, “To do this right, it is going to take more than five days, it’s going to take me that long just to research the professions available and how they overlap with each other. I suppose querying the terminal is out of the question.”



“Correct in one, on that, as far as needing more time, you just passed part one of the test. Never assume you can do something on this scale in a couple of days…you're learning,” Aaron smiled, “Even if it is only how I do things in multiple layers.”



Standing up, Aaron held out his hand for Tyler to take and as both of them gave a farewell wave, Aaron ported them to the Clan Hall where Tyler started stripping as fast as he could and sighed once he was naked, “There, much better now.”



Glancing at the clock, Aaron started to strip as Kevin and Kenny came out of the med bay, “I hope you're hungry as we’ll be heading to the beach in a few minutes for the birthday cookout.”



An hour later Aaron was holding onto a crying newly christened ten year old after he blew out his candles on his birthday cake and saw the pile of gifts that his clan  and some of the other Alteran’s brought over to pile in front of him.



Rob was ecstatic; he was given a birthday cake by those that he thought never even knew what today was, not only that, but he got gifts too, jumping up in the King's arms, he hugged him real tight and whispered in his ear, “Thank you,” before kissing his cheek and sliding down to look at the pile of gifts and then the crowd of singing people, “Thank you, this means a lot to me, to know that my new real family cares enough to give me a birthday party means everything to me.”



Aaron made his way to the back of the crowd where Joe and Chris were standing, “This is what it is all about, you know,” Aaron pointed at the happy and beaming ten year old, “Have your people go ahead with the investigation and you have the go ahead to deploy the sub fighters per your plan.”



Joe and Chris slipped away from the party to get a head start on their plans, leaving Aaron standing there alone for a while until Rob came over to hug him.



“Thank you for the present, yours was the neatest of all,” Rob told Aaron’s stomach, much to his amusement.



“You’re welcome, happy birthday, Rob, may you have many more just as wonderful,” Aaron leaned over and kissed the top of his head before he grinned and ran back for more cake.



Handing Aaron a large slice of cake, John watched the birthday boy run back to his friends, “What did you get him that has him so excited?”



“A piano,” Aaron tasted the chocolate cake and smiled, “Well, an electric keyboard and headphones actually, we're going to have to find a music coach soon, both vocal and instrumental. One who will be very good with kids, I think I should ask the Shaolin to see if any of their order has the skills needed or knows of someone, spread the word among everyone else about the need for a teacher, maybe we can find one quickly.”



Aaron stood pretty much in the same spot the rest of the night, so all the youngsters knew where he was, as each group got ready to go back to the city they came over for a hug, word of the hugs he had started to comfort those working the farms had spread, and each and every one of the two hundred and thirty nine boys and teens rescued wanted a hug before they went home which he gladly gave. Soon it was only the Clan left, as Aaron stared into the night sky, “Let’s go home; it’s going to be a rough morning tomorrow and an even rougher one Tuesday,” Aaron looked back as the Clan waited for him to finish.



Seeing that everyone was paired up that needed a ride back; Aaron nodded, smiled and ported back to the Clan Hall a second before everyone else did. Fred smiled as he walked over and grabbed Aaron, then looked at Mark over his shoulder and winked, causing Mark to grab Brian and Tommy and follow Fred who was dragging a chuckling Aaron towards the house and the bedroom.



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