Chapter 40





Opening his eyes, Aaron smiled as he saw Brian standing next to his bed, hard cock inches from his face as he lifted the sheet to sneak in, licking his, lips, Aaron moved his head and quickly surrounded the very hard piece of flesh, licking just under the head as his lips moved past on their way down the hard shaft. Looking up hungrily, as he started really sucking Brian’s cock, at the loud intake of breath, he smiled around the hard shaft and used his tongue to tease the head of the hard cock as Brian reached over with his hands, steadying himself by holding onto Aaron’s head.



Deciding to bring Brian to climax as soon as possible, Aaron reached around and slipped a finger between Brian’s clenched ass cheeks as he swallowed around the head of Brian’s cock a few times when he felt the lube already applied, inserted two fingers and searched for the spot he knew would send Brian over the edge when he found it and was rewarded with a sweet mouthful that he eagerly swallowed, making sure to use his tongue to send extra pleasure to Brian. Once Brian was spent, Aaron held him in his mouth for a minute, until he felt Brian lose some of the hardness before he swirled his tongue around the head of his penis, once more bringing him back to life, slipping out from under the covers, Aaron stood up and led Brian to the showers and activated the steam, once they were inside; and started to properly kiss Brian and get him all hot and bothered before he entered his lover.



Once the room had filled with steam and they started to sweat a little and become slippery, Aaron moved on past kissing and teasing Brian with his hands to nipple play with his tongue. It was on his way back up, that Brian turned around and pulled his cheeks apart, “I want to feel you inside me…please…now,” he told Aaron, lust filling his voice and once he felt the head of Aaron’s hard cock at his sphincter, he pushed himself back firmly until he felt the head pop past the ring and groaned in pleasure as he felt Aaron sink slowly, ever so slowly, all the way in.



“YES…” Brian hissed out in pleasure, as Aaron started to slowly move in and out of him, as his hands moved around Brian’s front, teasing him in all the right places, sensing Fred move past him Aaron smiled when Brian yelped in pleasure as Fred found the hard cock sticking out from Brian’s body and swallowed it to the hilt in one go. His brain went on standby as the pleasure his body was getting from both the front and the back at the same time sent him to new heights and every time he felt himself get close something would reach out and calm him down without the pace being slowed.



Feeling fingers spread his cheeks, Aaron leaned back and felt his lips brush Marks as he felt the fingers slip into him, loosening him up before Mark sank inside him. Brian was the first to reach climax and filled Fred’s mouth, followed shortly afterwards by Aaron filling Brian.



Mark, breathing heavily as he rapidly thrust in and out of Aaron, felt the muscles around his hard cock start to tighten then clamp down on him rapidly so he let himself fall over the edge and shoot his cum deep inside Aaron. Spent, he held onto Aaron's shoulders as he felt Fred move behind him and reenter him; Fred thrust in and out at a furious pace until Mark felt the shots of liquid hit his insides.



Slipping out of Brian, Aaron smiled after he kissed him, “Good morning, Love.” Reaching around for the soap, Aaron started to lovingly wash Brian, and when he felt Mark slip out of him, he grinned and handed the soap over his shoulder, so Mark could start lathering Fred up. Once everyone was good and lathered, Fred reached over to the touchpad and activated the shower cycle and they were thoroughly buffeted by powerful jets of hot water rinsing them completely, before the drying cycle was activated.



Doing a quick sheet changing, Aaron bundled the dirty sheets up and took them to the washer before following this morning’s lovers up towards the Clan hall, stopping to see a frowning Kevin sitting in the office chair as he passed, Aaron kissed him good morning before looking up to the monitor and cursing, “Son of A bitch, when did all this shit start coming in?”



“Sometime late last night, it looks like, it’s going to take you an hour or two to work your way through all these messages from the different governments,” Kevin giggled, glad it was not him.



Sighing, Aaron looked at his inbox, “Can you apply a couple of filters for me?  Place all the invites in one folder and the meeting requests in another, things like that, I’ll get to them later on this afternoon, if I’m unlucky.”



Openly laughing, Kevin’s fingers flew across the terminal as he did as asked and set the system to apply the filters, before jumping up and following Aaron towards the Clan Hall.



After breakfast, as everyone broke up to go work with the tutor system, Aaron motioned Xon over, “You’ve picked up control over teleportation very quickly, while you might not have the memories of porting around, it seems your body at least remembers. So this morning, we’ll remove the limiter and then introduce you to the gestalt. Then you can consider your gifts mastered as much as practical, and you can fine tune them in your own time.”



Walking side by side to the med bay Aaron asked how his projects were coming along, “How goes Pete’s and your project to build a ship size replicator? From what little I’ve read, so I know what the two of you are talking about, it sounds like it’s a doable project, yet at breakfast, Pete was getting frustrated, so what is the problem?” tapping the top of the desk “Go ahead and place your wrist on the sensor and I’ll release the lock on the limiter.”



Doing as he was asked, Xon thought for a moment, “The problem is not a lack of power or computer capability, but in the fact that there seems to be a limit on how large an emitter we can create before the system can no longer control the materialization on the quantum level, even by linking the emitters we cannot get the control we need to replicate Ares class vessels.”



Double checking the monitor reports for both Damien and Richard while he thought about the problem, Aaron finished up and motioned for Xon to follow, “Now I know enough about this technology to run it most likely. But what if you tried replicating the ship in sections from the inside out and then coupled a molecular welder array into the system so that as each section was replicated the welder would join the two sections together.”



Xon stopped halfway to the gestalt point and his brain kicked into overdrive at the idea forming in his head, glancing over at Aaron who had turned around several yards away when he realized he was talking to himself, “Excuse me, Aaron, but I have had a thought and wish to reschedule the final lesson for later this evening or tomorrow morning, you have given me an idea that will eliminate the problem nicely.”



Aaron watched in amusement as Xon ran towards the house and disappeared inside, eager to get started drafting his idea. Deciding he had time, Aaron ported over to the Trauma center to get an early start on assigning his residents a schedule and maybe, if he worked it right, an early end to his day.



Buckling his belt, Brian stuck his head over the railing to the common room and looked down at Pete and Xon engrossed in some type of schematics on the big plasma monitor and waving at Tim as he walked out of his bedroom, “Hey guys, Pat and Doug passed into the next scholastic level on the tutor, so I’m going to keep my promise and take them to France for an afternoon of sightseeing and shopping, any of you want to tag along?”



Tim looked up and waved, “No thanks, I’m going to head over to Elswick with Kevin and David to meet with Derrick, did you try Tommy and Mark?”



“They’re going to spend the afternoon in Belize of all places, something about finding a nursery that has most of the items on Tommy’s list,” Brian chuckled before glancing at Xon and Pete and finding they were in their own little world right now, “Alright, I’m going to take off then, those two look like we could drop a bomb in here and they would still ignore us, we should be back by supper time.”



Smiling as he noticed the two bouncing and excited ten year olds, Brian looked around for Kenny, “Kenny decided not come with us after all?”



“He promised a couple of the Shaolin apprentices that they could come along. He went over with Ray to get them, they’ll meet us at the Trauma Center so we can port out from there,” Pat smiled as he jumped up in Brian’s arms to give him a hug and whispered in his ear, “Don’t be mad at Kenny, he’s trying to be nice after scaring some of the apprentices the other day.”



Smiling as he held Pat close, Brian pulled Doug over so he could grab on, “You know we always seemed to like to hug Aaron like this when we ported around, that is until we learned to do it on our own,” glancing at the guard watching them with a smile on his face, “We’ll meet you at Altair then,” before closing his eyes to concentrate, and ported to just outside the atrium in the back gardens.



Kissing Pat who was in his arms, Brian let him slide down his body until he was standing on his own and smiled as he saw all the curious faces glued to the window, someone was going to have to clean all those prints off he thought with a giggle before spotting Kenny walking around the corner with a group of Shaolin and three teens in the brown uniform of the apprentice, and Ray and Friedrich following behind them. “We can use the gestalt in the security office to port over. Doug had the highest scores so he gets to start with a trip to the Eiffel Tower, Then Kenny wants to do some shopping while Pat wants to go to the Louvre so those two trips will depend on which we pass first ok?”



Kenny agreed with a smile as he pushed open the door to the security office and led the way past the guard to the command office and the person on portation duty, “Hi, can we get a lift to the Eiffel Tower,” glancing around counting heads, “There are thirteen of us.”



“Right away, Young Sir. If you all would pair up for transport with the Shaolin I’ll port you right over to the clearing in the park, a short walk away,” the young man grinned as he pointed to the live camera of the park he had just hacked into.



Looking at one of the Shaolin with his head tilted sideways as he looked at him, Brian motioned him over, “Stand behind me if you would, and place a hand on my shoulder, this is easier for the person doing the porting if we are touching each other.”



“Craning his neck around, Kenny grinned back to the on duty teleportation officer, “We're ready, and thank you for doing this,”



Glancing at the paired group, he nodded his head, “Right then, porting in three…two..port.”



Ignoring the stares at their arrival, Brain noticed the policemen, “Right, everyone has their passports, right,” he asked, looking at his guys before glancing at the Shaolin, “Make sure you guys stay with one of us, or at least in sight of one of us just in case someone decides to be nosy and we can cover for you…now let’s go have some fun.”



Waiting in line to get to the elevator was not too terrible, Brian thought, as the guys got to know the Shaolin and their apprentices better, finally it was their turn and they entered the elevator for the ride to the top.



Feeling confident that the clan had more than enough protection, Friedrich did not feel bad about having to leave them so he could get over to Elswick where Aaron was supposed to show up for an update tour of the grounds. Glancing at his watch, he smiled at Brian and looked over to the Shaolin who seemed to be in charge, “I think the Shaolin will be able to protect you guys just fine, I’m off to meet up with Aaron in Elswick. I’ve watched you all train and I’m impressed, when you have that flaw fixed and then master your gifts look me up as I need good people to help with Clan security.” Sensing they were pleased along with surprised Friedrich placed his hand on the LSB to override it, “Let’s leave it at I’m asking for those who are the best that want to help out before Chris or Joe get a chance to ask for the military end.”



Waving one last time at the Clan and sharing a look and pathed warning to be on their toes to his team Friedrich ported over to Elswick, he had about half an hour before Aaron showed up and he wanted to go over the security plans at least once before then.



“Wow, you can see for miles from up here,” Kenny whispered as he looked out over the railing and then glanced down through the wires to see the base spread out below them, “And to think they built this over one hundred years ago in one year with the ancient tools they had,” glancing to Pat and Doug he motioned them forward, “Do you want to see if Brian would let us eat here, saving time, there is a restaurant over there,” He pointed to the next level which had a glass enclosed structure  with people eating inside it.



“I heard that, well I see no problem with it, we have to eat lunch sometime and here is as good as anyplace I guess,” Brain looked around before finding and pointing to the stairs leading up, “Looks like the stairs are over there, lets grab a sandwich or something and then we can head to whichever is closet the Louvre or the shopping district, we can ask the waiter for directions.”



Being seated by the head waiter who had noticed the crests on the shirts of four of the boys, once he had the menu’s in front of them he hurried off to the kitchen to warn the chef that they had dignitaries in the house and to do their best.



Brian looked at the apprentices who looked bewildered and kept glancing to their teachers, “Guys, order whatever you want, don’t worry about prices or anything the Kingdom will pick up the bill…speaking of that, I understand that most of you have been given the choice. Out of curiosity can you tell us what you think about your choices?”



Waiting until the waiter took their orders, the Shaolin in charge of the group smiled, “Of our group of sixteen living on Altair, two wish to return to the temple in New York to continue our work and keeping watch for recruits, we six,” his hand pointed to all of the Shaolin and apprentices at their end of the table, “Wish to remain on Altair while the other eight wish to ready the new temple, they are looking forward to the challenge.”



Conversation was light and Brian filed away a large amount of information for future reference, hearing the one Shaolin ask what they could offer that was needed most besides help with the farms, Brian smiled, “Teachers, one of the best things you can offer us is teachers. A large percentage of those we have rescued have been abused and feel helpless because of how they were treated. Teach them to defend themselves and as their confidence in their ability to take care of themselves grows, their sense of self worth will grow with it. They don’t need to be turned into Shaolin; they just need to be able to feel that if they’re threatened they have the skills or an idea of how to defend themselves.”



”Aaron and Colin were talking about this the other day, Colin who is a mind healer wants Aaron to find several teachers who are willing to work with those abused kids giving them the skills needed to defend themselves.” Ray entered the conversation and drew the attention of the Shaolin who seemed to hang on his every word, “Colin thinks that if they knew how to handle themselves it would help to put some of their demons to rest.”



“We have noticed an increase in the number of those who watch us practice in the late afternoon, they watch us with a hunger in their eyes,” he looked at his fellow Shaolin and they nodded in agreement to his unspoken question, “Tell his Majesty we will chose those amongst us that are the best suited to this task as soon as we get back and contact the masters.”



Brian tilted his head and looked up at the ceiling as he sent the conversation to Aaron and smiled at the return mental caress; he shivered ever so slightly at the mental kiss, blinking several times, Brian grinned, “Aaron sends his thanks and suggests that those chosen be amongst the first to be moved over tomorrow night, he said that once your gifts are unlocked and trained, he would like those chosen to work closely with Colin’s people.”



Smiling and feeling for the first time, they truly were being welcomed, the lead Shaolin smiled in gratitude, “It is like a dream come true to be able to finally serve, and it is beyond a dream to find out that as we serve, we are serving our own people,” all of the Shaolin bowed to Brian as best they could while sitting down.



The waiter came out with the check and noticed the circlet type crowns four of them were wearing and the obvious body guards and decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up as he swiped the card and asked another waiter to go back with the receipt for a signature, begging off saying he needed to use the restroom badly. Glancing over his shoulder as he walked into the employee locker area he made for the phone after checking to make sure he was alone, after all his brother would be very interested in knowing what shopping area these foreigners would be going to next.



Signing the receipt, Brian smiled as he stood up and followed the group of youngsters to the elevator for the trip to the ground level, he couldn’t wait to get to the shopping district, the waiter had mentioned the chocolate shop and he had picked up on Pat and Doug’s desire to buy Aaron some new chocolate he might not have tried before.



Aaron ported to his cabin aboard the Asclepius and strolled through the corridors stopping and checking in with his residents who had total control of the hospital ship now, to see how they were doing, ignoring the awed looks as he walked around the different pods, he answered questions and offered suggestions to his residents as he made his way down to the triage desk. Standing out of the way Aaron smiled as he listened to the staff going about their duties efficiently; so far seventy percent of their patients were teens or children.



“Asclepius control this is medical flight two niner, inbound with two…victims of a flat fire, burns to sixty percent of their bodies…”



Watching the staff jump into action, Aaron was satisfied that giving overall control of the hospital and trauma center to Theo was the right choice. After all, his time was getting eaten up at an alarming rate lately. Which endangered his ability to oversee his staff's training properly so he had decided to concentrate on the main med bay exclusively for now.



Walking across the gantry, Aaron smiled as he spotted Friedrich waiting for him, another wise choice, “Hello Friedrich, it’s not surprising to see you lurking here in the shade, but seeing the P.A.D.D. in your hand, and knowing your distaste for them, what’s on your mind?”



Smiling, Friedrich pointed to the device as he popped the chip out of the slot and placed the P.A.D.D. back in his pocket, handing Aaron the chip, “It’s not that I dislike them, as they do have their uses, it’s just I noticed while in the service, before the change, officers relied too heavily on them and were useless once they broke down. Granted these are nothing like the ones the Germans have, but it is still a bad idea to rely exclusively on them, as technology, even ours, can be fooled or miss-set causing problems later on.”



Walking next to Friedrich, while he thought about it, “I can see your point, but don’t become the other side of the equation, the P.A.D.D.’s can be a vital tool for security work,” Aaron told him, as he stopped near the old hospital building and looked over the new one going up at an incredible pace. Opening his mind to outside thoughts, Aaron turned towards the old naval hospital, “Let’s round up my lovers so they can show me around.”



Privately wondering how he did it, he seemed to know exactly where all his Clan was at any given moment, Friedrich followed Aaron inside the old hospital.



“You broadcast that Friedrich. Actually it is simple yet complex, think about Colin for a moment and open your mind, as if you were going to telepathically contact him, but instead just think about knowing what he is doing,” Aaron stopped inside the doors to the lobby, knowing his guys were over in the embassy section.



Closing his eyes and trying what Aaron told him to do, Friedrich opened his eyes in shock, “Son of a bitch, Colin’s in his office talking to one of the teen's Tommy brought back from Hawaii…how?”



Smiling as he watched Friedrich turn to him in shock, “Because the two of you are mated, so you will always be able to find each other, just by thinking about it, if you two ever add a third to your marriage, both of you would be able to do the same for the new partner. The downside is, if either of you are hurt, your partner will feel it as if it was happening to them, but the pluses…oh the pluses of that ability, far out way that little bit.”



Heading for the hallway leading to the new housing area, Aaron stuck his head inside the first open room he came to and smiled as it was fully furnished in a kid friendly design, taking a moment to look over the monitor and terminal, he activated it and glanced through some of the sections available and smiled as he recognized Kevin’s programming style all over the system and trying to log in, grinned as he noticed this terminal had its own very private network, separate from the Alteran net.



“Derrick signed off on the work this morning, they finished up and Kevin’s crews are busy installing the terminals and monitors in the rooms and should be finished by Monday, they finished a third of the family level and are working on the second floor, so that starting after supper, we can start moving families in here where it is more comfortable,” Tim smiled as he walked in the room and went over and kissed Aaron.



“The construction crews have several surprises in store for you, including the creation of a playground between the two buildings; they installed it while there was a lull one day as they had outpaced the supplies available and got it constructed,” Derrick grinned as he hugged Aaron and felt the pride in his accomplishment wash over him.



Following his loves down the hall, Aaron glanced over his shoulder, “Out of curiosity, did your teams scan the building after it was finished for listening devices or other nasty surprises?”



“We did and the scans came back negative, we also scanned the trucks as the supplies were ferried in and they were all negative, well one truck, the designer would not allow on base as he did not recognize the drivers, he seems more security conscious than I ever expected a designer to be,” Friedrich answered, as he followed Aaron and the Clan into the park play area and had to agree this was a fantastic place for the younger kids to play in.



Stopping outside the skeletal structure of the hospital, Aaron noticed the workers finishing up the massive beam and girder assembly at the far end of the site, stepping through what would be the front doors, Aaron glanced around and noticed the site foreman spot him and start to rush over, “Where’s Kevin?”



Tim pointed to the ground that had yet to have a floor poured over it, “About five hundred meters below us, he set an assembler remote to digging the core bunker, and is installing the relays to our system core from the one he brought over and installed yesterday, he should be done shortly, as the terminals came to life about twenty minutes before you arrived.”



Brushing his mind against Kevin’s, Aaron received back a burst of warmth and love along with the sense of five more minutes, “Five more minutes, he said, so let’s start with the second floor. How far ahead of schedule are your crews running?”



“Supply wise, we're running about ten days ahead of schedule…” Derrick told them as they climbed the steps to the next floor.



Half an hour later, Aaron was examining the back of the building where it abutted to the tarmac and the small five story building being built, a miniature concourse that could handle everything from the AMT101 to the standard RJ series jets. Pulling Kevin into a hug only twenty five minutes later than he told them, he kissed him before facing the site foreman. “Okay, so far you're running about ten days ahead of schedule, we planned three months for the construction, so what is your estimate on completions now?”



“Well now, your Majesty, we be expecting to be finished in another three and a half weeks, with this end being ready for final installation of equipment in three weeks time. The bosses be adding some more crews starting Monday, we be finishing ahead of schedule and with a tidy profit in the coffers to boot.”



“Good, then Edward made the right choice in recommending you to us,” Aaron smiled as he released Kevin from the hug and tilted his head as if listening to something only he could hear. Slightly shocked at feeling Andrew enter the base, Aaron realized that tomorrow would see another change to the Clan, as it looked like he recognized Andrew as one of his lovers already. “Andrew and Edward just entered the grounds, and Tyler and the AMT 101 are on final approach.”



Waving at the site foreman, Aaron gathered up his lovers into a group hug before they turned around and started for the Asclepius to meet the royal family for the trip back to Altair.



“Good Lord…” James muttered, as the AMT101 came in for a vertical landing.



“I must say, I did not realize how large this plane was the other day,” Victoria told her husband the duke, as the AMT101 rolled to a stop near them.



Coming up behind Victoria and her husband, Aaron laughed, “He’s actually on the smaller side, I think on the trip back, we’ll do an orbital insertion and I’ll show you something on the large size.”



“Good Lord Man, I don’t want to know how big something is, if you call this small; I don’t know if my heart can take it,” James laughed before stopping and turning back, “Orbital insertion?”



Motioning the family towards the lift that was descending from the belly of the transport, “Don’t worry James, there will be a fully trained physician onboard in the guise of a visiting monarch,” Aaron giggled in glee, as he extended the mic down and tapped his communicator, “Joe, are you onboard the Reliant, playing with your new toy?”



Laughing, Aaron motioned for the others to go ahead of him into the lift which closed behind him, “Sounds like fun…the reason I’m calling is I want you to make a run to the dark side of the moon, I’m going to do a quick orbital hop and port us to the dark side so I can show you off, then it will be a quick port back and you can go out and blow up some more asteroids in practice.”



Glancing at Friedrich as he listened to Joe talk, Aaron smiled, “Sorry Joe, but Friedrich got to me first, he gets first dibs on recruitment, but I wouldn’t worry if I were you, after all, the army is on the larger size so you should get plenty of transfer recruits…” later then,” Aaron laughed before disconnecting and offering the royal family a seat, “Please sit down…James, I just lined up your surprise,” Aaron grinned evilly.



Sitting down in his command chair, Aaron faced the queen and her family, “All kidding aside, since we are so closely allied, and two of your grandchildren are being in a sense married into my clan, I want to share with you something the world has only be speculating about with my announcement of being the leader of sixty four worlds.” Looking over his shoulder towards the cockpit, “Orbital insertion Colonel; then stand by for portation to the Reliant.”




Facing the Royals once more, Aaron pulled up and swung around the terminal and brought the command systems to life then brought the gestalt out of hibernation.



Richard and James shared a look as all the plasma monitors came to life; they saw the outside view and all the information scrolling on the side screens as system after system changed from the red of standby, to the green of active, Richard gripped his older brothers arm as the leftmost screen flashed and the heading was titled weapons systems.



“Orbital insertion in ten seconds and counting, your Majesty,” the Colonel called back as the color outside the windows turned pale blue and suddenly flashed black.



“Victoria, welcome to near earth orbit and in a moment I’m going to take us to the dark side of the moon,” Aaron smiled, as the Queen craned her neck and looked out the window at the earth far below them. Closing his eyes, he visualized the AMT101 and the shipyard docking rings at the dark side of the moon, pulled power from the gestalt he ported the plane to the construction yards and smiled as the Reliant blocked out the stars as they approached.



“James, meet the Alteran Kingdom's AK Reliant, one of our larger vessels, of course, he is designed for exploration and colonization,” Aaron, proud of the spacecraft, tapped a few controls and immense search lights bathed the Reliant in brilliant light so they could see the true size of the spacecraft.



Aaron chuckled silently while the royal family acted like hyper teenagers as they plastered themselves to the window to look at the Reliant, “Good Lord, it’s immense,” James whispered in awe as he gazed out the window.



“I’ve had two governments trying to get me to sit down and talk about colonization and when I finally agree, the Reliant will be unveiled to the world. And one day, I have a feeling Andrew will be in command of that flagship,” Aaron smiled as he called out over his shoulder to the command deck, “Prepare for portation and approach to Altair.”



Closing his eyes, Aaron ported the ship back to near Earth orbit and smiled as the AMT101 started its descent back into the atmosphere, turning back to his guests, he saw that Andrew was excitedly talking to his father while Edward was fidgeting in his seat, “Alright, out with it Edward.”



Pulling the case with the chip in it out of his pocket, Edward handed it over, “I hope that by doing this assignment, I did not cause problems, it seems that different departments in the government have already started to change the building code standards.” He winced at that admission, “it was not my intention to cause this type of uproar with my questions, it was not until this morning when I received a call asking when the target distribution day was to occur that I realized that they had rewritten the building codes to take advantage of the additive in the concrete mixes, that I figured out what had happened. That and the military did not help matters any when they released the rewrite of their standards.” Pointing with his finger to the chip as he sat back, “I asked Derrick for help with the initial cost of the additive per bucket, and he gave me a figure of fifty five pounds, I based my figures on that.”



Pulling his P.A.D.D. out, Aaron popped the chip into the slot and downloaded the files, before handing it back to Edward then he skimmed over the proposal as the AMT101 approached Altair, scrolling to the section that had distribution figures, Aaron looked up, “Why did you place a limit on military acquisitions of thirty five percent?”



“Truthfully…” Edward looked at his grandmother and father, “The admiralty was starting to piss me off with their constant demands, and telling me that they considered this additive vital for defense, telling me they would not authorize its sale until they had their stockpiles first.” Seeing his father’s frown, “They seem to have forgotten who is actually in charge, and I had to have one Colonel arrested, after he got out of line. Thomas was quite pleased to do it for me, the admiralty is still in an uproar over that arrest, and to be honest, I told them one more word or demand out of them and that the percentage would be lowered once more.”



Snorting in disgust, Edward stood up when the pilot came back and announced they had landed, “I know very well that you would not have given me this assignment if you didn’t intend to actually release the additive through a business in our country, and I was not about to jeopardize it by idiots.”



Standing, Aaron motioned for the others to follow him, “I’ll look it over thoroughly in a bit, and you’re right, I do always have ulterior motives for the assignments I give you.” Smiling at Victoria and her husband, “Shall we, I do think you will like exploring this part of my kingdom, you should remember well how tranquil it is, Victoria.”



Leaving the Louvre after an interesting trip that everyone enjoyed, Brian held up his hand as he saw a television bulletin about the mall they were going to go to first before coming here, the one the waiter had given them directions to. Glancing at Ray and Brialey it was Shaolin Tzu that summed it up, “That waiter set us up, if we had done as he encouraged, we would be in the middle of that terrorist attack right now.”



Scanning the crowd around them, Brian contacted Kevin, “Kevin we need ported back like right now, emergency, Love, we might be in trouble.” Glancing at everyone he told them, “Pair up we’re leaving right now.”



Kevin was checking the email filters and several other items from the gestalt chair in Aaron’s office when Brian contacted him, and he slipped his hand down, pressed the release buttons and grabbed power from the gestalt, “Let me see through your eyes, Love.” Finding them, he ported them in two groups and after the first group arrived, he noticed something flash past where Kenny was, and panicking he ported the second group direct to the office.



Tzu looked around the room he appeared in and the first thing he noticed besides all the monitor screens encompassing all but two entrances was, there was only a single chair occupied by one of the Clan and he was undressed, eyes widening slightly, as several more of the Clan walked through the one entrance also without clothes on so he averted his eyes to the floor, as he felt a part of his body start to stir, he hoped his loose clothing hid it from sight so he would not embarrass himself.



Smiling at Brian and nodding his head at the Shaolin, Kevin let his mind pick up Tzu’s surface thoughts and grinned as he realized the problem, “Sorry about that, Tzu, but here in the Kingdom itself, unless we need the protection, we just don’t like wearing clothing much. Since the group you traveled around with today all wish to have your gifts unlocked, I suppose it is okay for you to see the city of Altare, if you follow me to the balcony, I have a terrific view that I think you will be interested in.”



Brian was about to follow Kevin when a red light flashed on the screen, “Wait a moment, would you Ray, in fact find Brialey if you would, and have him come back here,” he asked as he sat down in the recently vacated seat, logged in and opened the flagged video transmission.



Eyes widening in surprise as he opened the video feed and noticed the Berkeley house was being invaded by police officers, and that Dorian was on the ground holding his head bleeding and being yelled at, watching the scene unfold in front of him, his eyes narrowed in anger as his fingers connected the screen to the OOD, “OOD set condition red and prepare your Marines for a rescue; Berkeley house has been invaded and we’re putting a stop to it.”



Eyes drawn back to the monitor, at the sound of a scream of pain, Brian glared as he saw one of the officers hit Dorian with his assault rifle, “Ray, it’s our turn up now.” Looking at Ray who looked angry, he stood up and drew power from the gestalt, “Ray you are being tested do you accept…”



Ray snapped to attention and with a hint of anger still in his eyes, he tore his eyes from the screen and stared into the hard angry eyes set in Brian’s face, “Yes Sir, I am ready.”



Brain didn’t say anything, just ported them both to the OOD wardroom, surprising the staff, glancing around the docking bay he noticed the silence as people went about their duties and glanced back at the monitor that Ray had activated. Tapping the table top touchpad several times to log in, Brain looked around and cleared his throat; he was pleased as his voice carried over the docking bay speakers, “I am Brian Woods of Clan Stranton, set condition Red and prepare the Ares for emergency teleportation…” as soon as he finished, his finger touched a blinking area on the table top and the room plunged into a deep dark blue as alarms sounded throughout the docks.



The officer of the day flew through the doors of the wardroom frothing at the mouth because of the alarms, and paled as he saw Brian with his guards standing there glaring his way and paled slightly before swallowing, “Um Sir, your Marines are ready in the situation room.”



Giving the OOD one last glare, Brian went through the door to the situation room and Ray walked past him and brought up the Berkeley house video transmission, as he stepped through the door, one of the Marines who was looking their way shouted out, “Attention on Deck causing everyone to jump up and stand at attention.



Brian pointed to the monitor, “Several minutes ago, Berkeley house was invaded by armed men who are dressed in police uniforms, I have no clue nor do I care if they are really police. I want them secured as soon as we arrive and then I need our people to port the injured to the Med Bay for treatment, you have sixty seconds.” Turning to the CAG and Chris, “I want the Ares ported to New York harbor, and fighters dispatched once you break surface.”



Hearing the sounds of a gunshot, Brian turned to the screen to see what was going on, “Go NOW!  Secure that building...CAG I want some of your Screaming Eagles ready to drop onto the White House if needed, and several to drop on Berkeley right now.” Seeing the Marines rushing the door of Berkeley House on the monitor Brian glanced at Ray, "it’s time, Ray,” Before porting out of the situation room into the foyer of Berkeley house.



Chris ported out to the bridge of the Ares and the CAG glanced at the nervous and sweating OOD, “Come on over here young man, we need to have a talk before Brian gets back and reams your ass for not following orders exactly, and not taking initiative, I expect.”



Brian appeared in the foyer of Berkeley house and glanced around at the SWAT members being thrown to the floor in the living room by his Marine forces.



“Release us, and it will go easy on you.”



“Sir, we have a problem,” one of the marines came downstairs with his prisoner and pushed him to the floor in front of Brian and kicked his legs out from under him for good measure. “This piece of shit shot one of our students…sir, it was a head shot,” he whispered as the SWAT member tried to get to his feet and the Marine punched him.



“Secure the perimeter…Ray, take hold of that walking dead man,” Brian ordered as he walked over to the living room and glared at the secured swat team, struggling to sit up. “Who’s in charge here?”



“All of you are going to end up in jail for this, I’ll see to it personally.”



Brian pointed to the loudmouth, “Bring him over here by the door and have him read the plaque out loud,” Brian moved to one side, as the Marines dragged the man not too gently and pushed his face into the bronze plaque.



“Read it, scum…” the Marine ordered.



Swallowing, the officer glared at Brian, “It makes no difference to me; we had a legal search warrant.”



Slapping the SWAT officer on the side of the head the Marine growled, “Don’t make me ask you again; read it out loud…NOW!”



Alteran Embassy

Berkeley House

Alteran Soil our Laws enforced



Brain looked at the SWAT team and noticed some were paling, “Where is this so called warrant your leader is so proud of, then?”



“In his pocket,” one of the officers yelled out.



The marine ripped the vest off the Sergeant and pulled the piece of paper out of the inner pocket and handed it to Ray, who was closest and he passed it to Brian.



Opening it up, Brian read it and then glanced at the address, staring at the letter, Brian just got angrier, “Is there some reason you are invading our embassy with a warrant written out for an address in the Bronx? Which is nowhere near here.”



Several of the SWAT team paled, as they realized that they had the wrong house.



Brian noticed the glare the sergeant was giving him, and skimmed the man’s mind, he knew they had the wrong address and broke in on purpose. Glancing around the room, Brian steeled himself for what he was about to do and pathed Aaron, “Aaron, I’m at Berkeley house. It was invaded by SWAT and I am about to sentence several of the officers, I thought you should know.”



“Sir, we have a Captain Downs out here from SWAT approaching, he is asking to talk to whoever is in charge,” the Marine sergeant told Brian as he walked into the house.



Brian shrugged his shoulders, “Let him in, if he wants to witness his men being put on telepathic trial who am I to complain.”



Aaron excused himself for a moment and pathed Brian back, “Brian, what happened love?” After Brian sent him the burst of memories Aaron looked at Victoria, “If you will excuse me, something has come up that I need to deal with, I’ll stop back after supper, but feel free to ask any of the Shaolin for a tour or directions to the stable.” Smiling and waving goodbye, Aaron made his way to the security office, “I will be there shortly Brian, to offer support just like I have done to everyone else who went through their ordeal, remember, you do not have to go through with this if you don’t want to, I will take over for you at any time you tell me to.”



“We don’t negotiate with criminals, release my men,” Captain Downs was red faced as he held his temper from the other side of the gate.



“Criminals? I think you'd better read the bronze plaque next to the gate again Captain, and this time, if I were you, I would change your tone of voice before I take insult. If you don’t want to be present when your men are tried for their crimes, it makes no difference to me, after all, we are not the ones that created an international incident.”



The captain glanced at the plaque that was pointed out and paled as he realized it was not a hostage situation he was here to negotiate with, “Can you hold on one moment sir, I need to speak to the commissioner and explain what has happened.”



Nervously, the captain slinked out of hearing and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket then dialed a number, after several minutes, he nervously walked over and cleared his throat, “If you would be kind enough to allow me passage so I can talk to who’s in charge about this horrible mistake, it would be appreciated.”



The marine sergeant motioned to allow the Captain through and led the way back inside and into the living room where everyone had been moved to, “Young Sir, the police negotiator is here as witness.”



Brian lifted his head up long enough to see the officer his Marine sergeant brought in, before he noticed Aaron port in and step to the back of the room and release an SE110 from his hand which hovered in the center of the room. Stepping forward, Brian glared at all the prisoners, “I am Brian Woods of Clan Stranton of the Kingdom of Altare, and I stand in judgment on this 7th day of August of the year 2004 TR. We will start with the one who murdered one of our own,” Brain pointed to the officer Ray was holding down, and Ray dragged the man forward.



Pulling a crystal out of his pocket, Brian placed it against the man’s forehead and ignored the man’s screams as he dug up the memories and thoughts surrounding the raid, stepping back from the man, Brian glared in hate at him, “So you went upstairs and when you saw two gay guys having sex, you decided what was one more drug dealer dead, did you?”



Taking a deep breath, Brian looked at Ray, “Ray…”



“Yes Young Sir,” Ray looked back knowing what was coming and pulled out the neural pistol.



“For the Crime of Murder of an Alteran citizen, I sentence you to death…sentence to be carried out immediately,” Brian spat out, as he moved over to the other officer, the one in charge of the assault, as an electrical whine shattered the still silence.



Brian looked at the SWAT officer as if he was something vile, “You are just as much to blame as the other one, except in some cases you are worse than that bigot, as you knew you had the wrong address and you knew this was an embassy.” He pulled out the neural imager and a spare crystal and as the man struggled to get out of reach, Ray seized his head and held him still so Brain could place the neural imager on his head and activate it.



Once the blinking stopped, Brian gazed hatefully at the man who could not move or talk but was very aware of what was going on, “You deliberately invaded Alteran soil, for that reason alone, I should order our troops to destroy the state of New York. I want to know why you would endanger every man woman and child of this state so you could come in here and kill my people…WHY,” Brian’s voice rose at the end as he barreled his way into the man’s head and the officer started to writhe in seizures. Disgusted at finding out the reason, he reached out and grabbed hold of the imager. It seemed the officer had seen Dorian herding a group of throw a way’s into the embassy a few short hours ago and spotted some of them as gay, in fact, some of them he had fucked after threatening them with jail if they did not put out.



“You disgust me and your reason for invading us and creating an international incident to protect yourself from being found out as a rapist, deserves what is about to happen…I sentence you to removal from the gene pool, you shall suffer the death of DNA.” Brian yanked the imager off the man’s head and watched as he twitched on the ground before growing still, pulling the crystal out of the imager, he handed it to Ray, “He has a son that is just as bad as he is, sentence is to be carried out before midnight.”



Taking the crystal, Ray snapped to attention, “Right away, young Lord,” before porting out in a shimmer of lights.



Brian looked at the rest of the nervous SWAT team members before glaring at their Captain, “Take them away, they will be held for trial before the Kings Bench. After that, post a security team at all our collage embassies. This ends this trial on this date of August 7th of the year 2004 TR,” he looked at the SE110 as he said this and moved through the prisoners who were being pulled to their feet so he could stand in front of Aaron.



Aaron placed both hands on either side of Brian’s head at the same time his forehead touched Brian’s, closing his eyes, he let his mind reach for his love's and let them merge so that he was sure no harm had or would come from him taking two lives. Several minutes later, Aaron opened his eyes and pulled away slightly and looked deep into Brian’s eyes, “Well done my love, I’m very proud of you, Brian Stranton.”



Let’s get those kids out of the safe room,” Aaron smiled, as he pathed to Brian before the two left the living room to go to the kitchen, going through the routine to open the passage to the safe room, “Love, would you port them back to the med bay I have something I need to do.”



Brian tilted his head as he looked at Aaron glance at the stairs leading up, “Do you want company?” knowing this was going to be hard on Aaron to see where one of his people was killed.



“No, I don’t think so, this is going to be hard enough as it is and I have a decision to make on New York’s fate,” Aaron told him, as he slowly walked upstairs. Once past the stairway, he noticed the Marine sentry at one of the doors. Deep in thought he slowly made his way over to him and stopped as the Marine slowly opened the door for him stone faced, but radiating sadness and anger, walking into the room, Aaron noticed the tears on the Marine medic’s face, and slowly scanned the room, eyes taking in everything, burning it into his memory.



“I’m sorry your Majesty, there was too much damage to be able to get a neural image, he’s truly gone,” the medic told him as he finished packing his equipment up, “His lover is in critical condition, and while still alive when he was ported out, there was no way of knowing how much brain damage he suffered either.”



As the medic picked up his pack, he knocked the pillow to the floor and Aaron’s eyes were drawn to a bunch of wires and what looked like…  “Wait a minute what’s that.” Aaron quickly moved to the bedside and as he moved the sheet and pillow out of the way to see the medic followed the wires back to the night stand and the shocked indrawn breath as the medic opened the night stand drew Aaron’s attention.



“Is this what I think it is,” the medic pointed to the contraption nestled in the top drawer with a glowing crystal prominent in the center.



Aaron blinked in surprise and quickly looked back at the body trying to see past the blood and damage so he could recognize him, “Get his body in one of the bio-tubes in pod seventeen as quickly as you can…” going back and running his scanner over the crystal he told the medic who was about to port out, “It’s a neural imager crystal and it’s been used.”



ColinI need you to port to me as soon as possible,” Aaron pathed, as he very carefully traced the wires back to the bed, gathered them and placed them on the night stand.



Colin excused himself from the group he was leading and ported out, following the visualization Aaron sent, he appeared behind Aaron, “I heard about the student…god’s Aaron I’m sorry the medic said there was not enough of his brain left to try my theory out…” he stopped as Aaron pointed several times at the wires on the night stand and the open drawer. Curious, he walked over and looked in and then quickly around the room, “Son of a Bitch It was Denny wasn’t it, we were working on a prototype neural scanner and if he used it as scheduled, I might be able to bring him back with only the loss of several hours of memories.”



Excited now, Colin carefully extracted the unit from the nightstand and unplugged the wires as Aaron smiled in hope, “He’s already in section seventeen…I really hope your theory works,”


Cradling the unit to his chest protectively, Colin looked up, “So do I, I’ll do everything in my power…he was one of mine, Aaron,” the tears broke through and Colin gave a quick sob before he fought for control, “Right, I’ll let you know if the image is secure and if there is a chance as soon as I know anything,” Colin ported out of the building as Brian glanced in the room.



Not seeing anyone but Aaron with a funny look on his face, Brian walked in, “Was that Colin? I thought the medic said there was nothing to scan?”



Pulling Brian close for a hug, Aaron kissed him, “He was one of Colin’s students and together they were working on a new type of imager for his project, so there might be a chance still.”



Brian sobbed for a few moments before looking up, “I came up to tell you the press has arrived, along with the Mayor and the Governor.”



Aaron sighed as he walked out of the bedroom, as several of the Marines came in and started to bag everything up so the room was clean and tidy. When the others returned home, they would not have to deal with it, looking out the window at the end of the hall next to the steps, he saw all the news vultures set up and two men talking as they kept glancing around the area and back at the house.



“What are you going to do about them?” Brian asked, as he stood next to Aaron, hugging him tight to his side.



“I’m not…” Aaron trailed off, as he came up with an idea and he thought about it and all the ramifications.



Picking up on Aaron’s thoughts, Brian thought it over, “It might work, but you still might end up turning this state into a parking lot, but I guess it’s worth a try.”



“That it is, but if we handle it right, it might work, Xon, are you available for a small job?” Aaron linked to Brian then mentally contacted Xon.



“Aaron,” Xon cocked his head to the side and looked up as he mentally replied, “What may I assist you with, Prime?” eyes widening as Aaron sent a burst of memories and then explained what he wanted him to do, Xon moved to his bedroom, pulled out his battle armor and redesigned over robe. “I shall handle it, my Prime, have no fear.” Sealing the armor, after slipping into it, Xon extended the mic and tapped the communicator, “Friedrich, I have need for you and two security officers in battle armor to meet me in Aaron’s office as soon as possible.” Going to the wall case where he had replicated items from his own home, he pulled the Thal’os’cylys, or 'fang of honor’ from its bracket and secured the guard sheath to his waist and deemed himself ready.



As he walked out of the bedroom, he noticed Pete and David notice him and freeze, “Aaron has asked that I impress on the President of the United States the error of his ways, Berkeley house was invaded and Denny may be lost beyond hope. It depends on whether Colin’s new procedure works and he is able to implant an neural image in a repaired body and brain…” stopping at the bottom of the steps, Xon turned his head so he faced Pete and Kevin, “Brian has successfully passed his ordeal, point three standard hours ago.”



Aaron stopped at the door and stared out as he extended the mic and activated the communicator, “Ares, your position and status? Eagle Squadron two descend and acquire pre-arranged targets.”



“Ares holding position thirty meters z minus surface New York Harbor, condition standby stations,” Chris’s voice replied as Aaron walked down the steps and the path towards the front gate.



When Aaron was three feet from the two men and the swarm of reporters behind them, Aaron snarled, “ARES EMERGENCY ASCENT...BATTLE STATIONS…EAGLE SQUADRON TWO, ATTACK FORMATION NOW.”



Staring at the confused and shocked men, Aaron turned slightly so the camera’s could clearly pick up his words, “The State of New York has broken the 1941 treaty of Altare.  As such, a state of war exists between my Kingdom and this state, I require your unconditional surrender.” Aaron stopped as sonic booms reverberated through the city as the Screaming Eagles descended and targeted the state house and several other key positions around the state.



Xon, along with Friedrich and his two heavily armed men, ported into the White House, the east wing to be exact where the Joint Chiefs of Staff along with the leaders of both Congress and the House were meeting and glued to the television in horror as they witnessed the events taking place in New York. Several screams as they arrived caused everyone to look at them in fear, stepping forward, Xon’s robe acted like a cape and the military members eyes were drawn to the nasty looking knife at his waist, “I am Xon of Clan Stranton of the kingdom of Altare…”



Extending the mic down and activating it, Xon’s eyes never left the President's face, “Squadron one, attack formation descend and target…”placing his hand on the hilt of his honor fang Xon stared a moment longer as the sonic booms rattled the building, causing several windows to shatter as the Screaming Eagles descended and took up positions around the capitol. “The state of New York has broken the 1941 Alteran Treaty, and as such it is ours to do with as we wish by right of conquest…do not interfere unless you wish the rest of the country to suffer the same fate.”





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