Chapter 41



                                                Chapter 41



“WHAT…” screamed the senator, as he jumped up from the couch to face Xon, angrily.



Xon raised an eyebrow before dismissing the man, “Over the next twenty four hours, every mind of every government employee, be they state or local will be examined, and those found wanting shall be dealt with, depending on the severity of their crimes. At the end of the forty eight hours, the President may petition the King's Bench to reclaim New York, after ninety six hours, the state shall become a permanent territory of the Alteran Kingdom and our laws will become the law of the land.”



“How dare you! This is an act of war and the people of the US will not allow this to go unpunished,” the senator fumed, as the secret service agent pulled him back, not wanting him to get close to the Alteran representative and causing another incident.



“The SWAT team that invaded our embassy and beat one of the students and shot in the head another of our citizens as he made love to his boyfriend was the act of war that caused our response,” Xon stared at the man for a moment and skimmed his thoughts, “This response is mild and reasonable and I find your bluster illogical…what are your true intentions?” Xon skimmed the man’s thoughts as the senator fidgeted then grabbed his head and groaned in pain, as Xon invaded his mind.



The President looked on in interest then disgust as Senator Clayton grabbed his head, if the treaty and contract was still in force then there was only one reason why they would invade someone’s mind like this, “Shall I have him arrested for treason, or hand him over to your security forces?”



The rest of the room stared at the President in shock, and then became very nervous as he addressed the delegation once more as he stood up, “Most in this room have yet to undergo telepathic scanning, I would ask that you do so as I consider what you are doing to the State of New York a lot fairer than what could happen, but I need to know if my staff are truly trustworthy, considering they control the military in my name.”



Xon considered the President’s request as he pointed to the senator unconscious on the couch with a slight trickle of blood coming from his nose, “This one is ours, as he was one of the ones responsible for setting up the assassination attempt on our King, as will General Philips who this one’s mind believes is waiting for him in the outer office.”



Friedrich made a motion to one of his men who started to move towards the man with restraints in his hands, only to be stopped by Xon, “Do not worry yourself, he no longer can move from the neck down.”



Xon stood in front of the section that held the Joint Chiefs of Staff and gazed at them serenely, as he skimmed their thoughts one by one, “I will ask only one question to tell me if you are loyal to your President or not, there will be no pain involved unless you are duplicitous.” He twisted his head from side to side as he said that, skimming their surface thoughts before narrowing his eyes as he stopped at the man on the end of the couch. Moving closer, he noted that the man was dressed in a naval uniform and had started to sweat, “Logic dictates that after my assurances, if one was loyal to the President, whether they agreed with his policies or not, one would not become nervous, as you are.”



Staring at the man and listening to his surface thoughts, Xon would have smiled if he had not seen the illogic in it, “This one cannot be trusted, and is solely responsible for giving the orders to the US Pacific Fleet to interdict our ships…do you wish me to scan the other occupants of the room as you bring the general in for us to take with us?”



“As much as I would like that, some of these gentlemen are my political rivals so there would be no loyalty to me personally…” Xon watched the others relax, as the President told him that and he skimmed their thoughts.



Shrugging his shoulders, as the general was brought in and stumbled as he was pushed in the office after stopping when he saw the visitors, Xon nodded to Friedrich and then at the general silently telling him to take possession of the prisoner, “I can understand your dilemma, though that one, in his relief, had his mind screaming that he would not be found out in his acts to subvert the President.” Xon pointed to the older white haired congressman, no sooner had he identified him than the secret service was all over him placing him in handcuffs.



Xon turned away and motioned for one of the guards to gather the Senator, “Eagle Squadron One, return to base…set condition to standby.” Turning to face the room once more, as the Fighters rapidly ascended out of sight, Xon gazed at the room one more time and prepared to port out.



“Wait…Please, you did not tell us how to contact you to request the return of New York…” the other Senator called out, stopping Xon.



Glancing up at the SE110 near the ceiling Xon pointed out the hovering baseball size object, “After forty eight hours, the President only has to look up at the SE110 and make the request, after ninety six hours, the SE110 shall return to our Kingdom and it will be too late.” Xon glanced around one more time to the occupants of the room, before making a gesture with his hand and all of them ported out leaving behind some very stunned and worried people.



“Mr. President, what do you wish to do about what happened just now and New York,” the Marine Forces General asked, as he looked up at the object hovering above them.



“George, I don’t plan on doing anything. I’m going to sit back and let them clean house in New York and in fifty hours from now, I’m going to petition to have the state returned to us and sigh in relief when it is returned with a government loyal to the people.” The President sighed as he gathered up his papers, he needed to move out of this office for the next two days, he stopped when the Governor from California looked over at him with a strange expression on his face, “And if the people of New York do not wish to rejoin the union?”



Aaron stared at the two people in front of him as the fighters berthed in the Ares flew past as they took up positions, ready to attack at the slightest word.



Mayor Myers frantically looked around at the police forces still on the scene and noticed that they had redrawn their weapon, “STAND DOWN… Secure your weapons immediately.” Facing Aaron, frightened beyond belief as a small wet spot in the front of his pants started to appear as he saw another group of fighters go past, “For God’s sake disarm, the City of New York surrenders…”



“Wise choice, my military and telepaths will make their way through your police forces first, they shall remove those that are working against the public interest, depending on the crime they will either be removed from their jobs, or tried under Alteran law," Aaron told him, as he stared at the Governor who was fidgeting in indecision.



“My God, we’ll lose half of the police force if you do that…” the Mayor mumbled a little too loudly and the reporters picked up on his words transmitting them to the whole country.



The Governor was startled and at a loss on what to do, but as the third group of fighters settled around the Berkeley area, he admitted defeat, “It will cause me to lose my job, but on behalf of the state of New York, I surrender.”



Aaron nodded, “You had no choice really, unless you wanted every man, woman and child to be killed when we sterilized the state from orbit.” Motioning the news reporter to move over he faced the camera, “The state of New York is now under Alteran law, all those accused of breaking the law before our occupation, have the right to undergo telepathic scan to determine if they are innocent. All public service persons shall undergo telepathic scan to assure they are not themselves criminals.”



Aaron smiled and the reporters backed up in fear, “After forty eight hours, you may petition to have your state returned to your control, as by then, those in government that are supposed to lead the people at the people's wishes will be assured that they do have their people's wishes and safety in mind, and the police forces shall be above reproach while those that caused this attack will be dead.” Starting to turn away to go back home, Aaron stopped, “I best warn your viewers that any violence to any Alteran personal will be met with swift execution, if your police forces were not as corrupt as they are currently, they would not have invaded our embassy and you would not now be facing limited occupation.”



Turning his back to the camera, Aaron continued, “I really have no interest in invading your state or country, unlike some of those that are supposed to protect you, have in invading me and mine. Please cooperate and this will be quick and painless for all except those corrupt or criminals.”



Porting to the bridge of the Ares, Aaron grinned at Chris who was looking at him with a guarded expression, “Well, hello Captain Chris, or maybe I should change that to occupational governor.”



Chris stuttered for a second before jumping out of his seat, “Now wait one damn minute here, Aaron…”



Aaron lost it and broke out laughing, “Relax Chris we're leaving to go home, hopefully you will be joining us in a couple of days,” sighing, Aaron ran his hand through his hair “Seriously Chris, let’s get the teams through the police forces as fast as possible weeding out the corrupt ones and giving a hand to those who honestly are doing the job the right way. Maybe we can make a difference in some people's lives, and take out some criminals at the same time.”



Sitting down roughly on the edge of the railing, Aaron sighed as he rubbed his eyes, “I think it would have been easier all around to just turn this state into a parking lot as an example, than having to go through with everything we will have to, to set them straight…” pounding his fist down on the railing in frustration, Aaron stood up, “I’m going home, make sure all of our people make it very clear this is the only chance anyone in the U.S. gets, if this happens again, the whole state involved becomes a parking lot, no more second chances.”



After Brian and Aaron ported out, Chris looked to the second in command of the Ares, “I think Aaron’s patience and good will has finally run out, so let’s start cleaning up this mess called New York, shall we, before we actually have to go through with opening fire on Americans.”



In the heart of the city, the 32nd precinct doors slammed open and a dozen Alteran Marines in full battle dress stormed in, along with several Alteran’s dressed in orange tops and brown pants, this scene was repeated city wide as the telepathic scanners arrived at every police precinct to start weeding the good from the bad. The desk sergeant paled as he reached for the emergence call button before his hand fell to the side as he remembered that these soldiers were in charge now, the mayor and the governor had surrendered to these forces less than an hour ago.



Aiden smiled at the man slightly, “I know this is hard on you now, but after we remove the dirty cops and those that should never have been cops in the first place, you’ll have a force to be proud of again and we’ll be out of your hair.” Stopping at the desk, Aiden looked around and skimmed the surface thoughts of all those present and his eyes stopped at one officer who was staring at him hatefully.



“That one Gunny, “Aiden pointed out, as he continued his scan of the room, as the desk sergeant quickly drew in a shocked breath as the Marines shackled up one of the patrolmen that was known as one of the best. “Sergeant, if you would be so kind as to call in all off duty personal, we can get this over with rather quickly. I hope,” he told him as he pointed out two more officers to be taken into custody, it was too easy he thought, as they saw officers being taken into custody more and more of them thought of things to hide to no avail.



Moving into the squad room after the Marines had secured the room first, Aiden glanced around the people being interrogated and skimmed their minds as he walked back to the captain’s office. Stopping near one desk, he glanced down at the young man handcuffed in the seat, “This one is innocent of any wrongdoing…release him.”



Continuing past the officer who was left sputtering at his words, Aiden moved down four desks and pointed to two men over by the bathroom, “Those two.” Turning his attention back to the prisoner next to him, he picked up a hint of surface thought he did not like and stared at the man causing him to scream in pain as his mind invaded the other, “This one likes to play with his victims…”Aiden pulled a crystal out of the box on his belt and placed it against the man’s head as he forced the information and memories into the crystal before pulling more information up and recording it in the crystal. “Seven little girls slowly tortured to death…I see there is a hidden panel in the basement of this fellow's house, you need to raise the third step from the bottom until you hear a click and then go over to the dryer and turn it on before a button will pop up next to the faucet in the bathroom, push it in after turning it to the right all the way and the panel will open up to another set of stairs leading down. You will find the bodies down there,” standing back up, he looked at the Marine, “Kill him.”



“What the fuck…” the officer shouted, as the Marine walked up and placed an object on the trembling mans neck and an electrical whine was heard before the body slid out of the chair, now truly dead.



Walking into the captain's office, Aiden glanced at the man before staring at him intently, “Call all of your off duty personal in please, and then write out your retirement notice, you have done more harm than good with your zest to get a confession any way possible.”



Walking out of the office, leaving behind a flustered and angry Captain, Aiden moved into the next section and winced as he looked at row after row of narcotic officers, several with their hands on the weapons. “Chris, I need a squad here for backup,” Aiden pathed as he glanced around the room and found the two officers that were good cops. Smiling as the backup ported in and moved behind the officers, “Everyone in this room except those two over there, you two, call the other shifts in, please, I want to get this done before suppertime if at all possible.”



“Um…Sir, Johnson is out sick today,” the one detective looked on in pain, as the whole room was placed in shackles and removed.



Going back out the door, Aiden called out over his shoulder, “Unless he’s in the hospital, he'd better show up if he wants to keep his job, if he can’t drive, send someone for him.”



By now, everyone was in full panic as the telepaths made their way through the building making it easier on them to pick up what they needed from surface thoughts, Aiden stopped at the holding block area and glanced at the guard who was sweating before kinetically forcing the door open, “Him too,” he told the Marines as he walked into the room and started down the aisle wondering where the other guards were.



Finding them in one of the cells holding down a prisoner while the third held a pillow over his face, Aiden moved to the side so the Marines could secure them, once they were secure, Aiden checked the prisoner who was gasping for air and let the anger he was feeling show on his face, “This one…” he pointed to the prisoner, “is innocent, take him to the trauma center.” Staring at the officer who had the pillow to the prisoner’s face he bore into the man’s mind searching for answers, as the man grabbed his head screaming Aiden switched his attention to the other two and after several minutes. Shaking his head in disgust, he turned around to start scanning the prisoners, “Kill all three of them, they should be glad we don’t let them suffer over what they have done here.”



Stopping in front of every cell he was on the next to last as a very beat up looking young man limped forward, “Please…” Aiden noticed the young man tremble, “no more…no more…just kill me now, please,” he cried out as he fell against the bars.



Aiden motioned for the Marine to come close, “He’s innocent and a rape victim, take him the Altair Trauma quickly, while I see to the two who placed him here in the first place.” Turning around, Aiden slammed through the door as he searched for the steps leading down, finally he stopped at the desk sergeant's and growled out, “How the hell do I get to Vice, I have some officers that need to have their balls ripped off.”



The sergeant jumped up and led the way, “Follow me, what the hell did vice do now?”



“How about picking up a sixteen year old runaway and raping him and throwing him in the adult section to have the prisoners take turns with him, booking him as an adult prostitute when they found out he did not have any money on him,” spotting the door leading down, Aiden ripped it off its hinges with kinetics as the Marines double timed it through the door.



Indignant and angry, the sergeant looked at Aiden, “Do you want me to hold them down as you rip their balls off, I’ll gladly do it.”



“No…thank you though, but I think this group down there are going to end up with all of them being taken away,” Aiden turned as he heard shouts coming from the basement and a few sounds that reminded him of blows, “but I think you already realize that. So, have you been keeping count as the bad eggs are brought past you?”



The desk Sergeant sighed as he noticed the sounds had quieted down now, “Roughly thirty five percent of the day force, it doesn’t make us look too good, does it?”



Stepping over to the doorway, Aiden stopped and looked back over his shoulder, “Look at it this way, when I leave here in a couple of hours, every one of you will know without a doubt that everyone left is one of the good guys and you can be proud again.”



Aiden sighed as he walked down the steps to the basement, after all, he told himself, this was a onetime deal, after this precinct was clear, he could go home and forget about it, it wouldn’t have been so bad if he did not find so many bad apples in the bunch. Glancing through the open door, he scanned the room, shook his head and turned around, “All of them…” foot touching the first stair tread he stopped and looked back over his shoulder before pointing at two fat individuals, “Those two need to be held to one side so when the boy is healed he can get closure watching their execution.” Finished for now, he climbed the steps and found a spot to sit down while waiting for the next shift to arrive.



Aaron and Brian arrived back at the Clan Hall and as Aaron slowly removed his clothes, he was thinking about a nice relaxing soak in the hot springs as Xon walked up as he hugged Brian, “Aaron, the President had me scan the occupants of the room where he was at and had no problem with you invading one of the states in his country which I found, and still find, very odd.”



Pulling Xon over into a hug, “I’m going for a soak in the hot springs, join me and we can talk and hopefully I can explain it to you,” Aaron laughed in relief as the three of them walked over to the hot spring and Aaron walked down into the water over to his favorite spot. Sighing in relief as the hot water from the waterfall cascaded over his shoulder, Aaron looked at Xon who was staring at him lost in thought with a rather large erection. Ignoring it, Aaron started to tell Xon why he thought the president was doing what he was doing. “Most likely, the President sees this as an opportunity, since I gave them an out, of reclaiming the state after forty eight hours; he is probably wondering how he can get me to do the same to all the other states, one at a time, without pissing me off royally.”



Startled out of his thoughts, Xon finished walking down into the warm water and moved to the opposite side of the water fall, then leaned back against the rock outcropping and felt the hotter water splash on his shoulders and decided it was calming. “So he is using us on one hand to take care of a problem and he thinks he will be the winner then…hmmm…logical, although dangerous as he must petition you for the return of the state and at the same time the people could petition you to remain as an Alteran territory.”



Aaron looked over the rising steam from the waterfall, “Hopefully, with us being in charge for a very short period of time, that won’t happen. I’m more worried over a few of the other states that have been trying their hardest to get me to invest heavily in them, like California wanting me to build a hospital there, I probably will be busy with tons of trials over the weekend.”



Fred and Tim walked down the path and stopped just short of the steps leading down into the pool, Tim grinned at Aaron as they stood there looking down at them. “Not as many as you think, Chris chose his telepaths very carefully and gave them free reign, he reports that he should be able to handle most at Captains mast with only few needing to go in front of the Kings Bench, mainly the ones his teams are setting aside specifically for you to sit in judgment over, the rest are being taken care of on the spot including executions,”



“Are the two of you going to join us,” Aaron smiled up at them and noticed that they were growing slightly plump at the invite.



“Well, that depends on how long you plan to be in there, Richard's readings are all green and he is ready for release, so we were hoping to bring Andrew and Edward over before you released him, we have several people waiting for him to be released so we can take turns taking care of his needs,” Fred smiled as he truly got hard and all of his almost five inches was pointing to the ceiling.



Aaron chuckled, “I’m not sure I want to know,” thinking about it for a moment, he moved over towards the steps, “Yes I do, besides, Edward and Andrew who else is going to help out?”



Smiling, Fred jumped back when Aaron splashed water at them, “Well, there’s me and then Tim agreed to help out and Derrick is going to help also, we just need to know when?”



Aaron smiled as he stood up heading for the stairs near Fred and Tim, “Alight, how about now, that way Richard’s up and about before supper, I have a couple of things to do and I’m going to need Pete and Xon’s help later setting up a replicator scan and productions run.”



Walking up the steps Aaron looked towards the hibiscus surrounding the pool, “It was something I hoped we would never need to do,” he mumbled as he caught sight of Tim giving him a perplexed look.  Smiling Aaron walked up the steps out of the pool, reaching down and grasping the hard flesh pointing towards the ceiling from between Fred’s legs, “I suppose asking you to go get Edward and Andrew might not be a good idea.”



Fred practically whistled as he drew in his breath from Aaron’s touch, it was sending him over the edge in pleasure as he opened his mouth to moan in pleasure Aaron kissed him, the type of kiss that told you your partner wanted you.



Letting Fred’s lips go Aaron held on a moment as he swayed, “So who’s around that can make a quick trip to Altair to retrieve the two so you guys can have your fun?”



Tim thought for a moment as his eyes were captured in Aaron’s smile and he felt himself rise to the occasion, swallowing as he suddenly felt warm, “I think Mark’s still over there let me ask if he can stop and pick them up on his way back.” Closing his eyes mainly so he could concentrate Tim quickly asked and was answered, “Mark will be back in ten minutes or so, he’s going to go pick them up now…” Tim trailed off as he opened his eyes and saw Aaron had moved away from Fred and was now standing in front of him.



Smiling, Aaron waited until Tim opened his eyes then he reached over and pulled Tim close to him and kissed him as his hands clasped Tim’s butt and pulled him into his body hard and felt Tim thrust into his belly a couple of times before he gently released him, “Now you and Fred are a matching pair.”



Laughing at the expression on both their faces, Aaron glanced over his shoulder feeling another burst of emotion from Xon, “well, I'd better get started on the release cycle for Richard then.” Walking down the path towards the Clan Med Bay, Aaron tried to put the pieces together from what he was picking up from Xon.



Checking the monitors after entering the med bay, Aaron stopped next to Damien’s bio-tube, “Did anyone mention who was going to help Damien out?  He’s ready to be released too.”



“I am, well, plus Kenny, Doug and Pat,” Brian told him as he and Xon entered the Med Bay.



Picking up the limiter next to Richard’s bio-tube, Aaron glanced back, “You might want to go round them up, then; I’ll release Richard and then Damien.” Following Xon’s gaze, Aaron felt the surge of emotion once more and examined Xon and saw he was very hard and that his eyes were locked on both Fred’s and Tim’s hard erections, starting the release cycle, Aaron started to put the pieces of the puzzle together.



Placing the limiter on Richard’s right wrist, once the lid unsealed and moved back, Aaron busied himself with removing tubes and once the only thing left was to turn off the soma unit and remove the last sensor, he moved over to Damien's bio-tube and repeated what he had just finished with Richard’s. Hearing Kenny’s excited voice, Aaron looked towards the bend and saw that Brian and the hunters had returned, smiling at them, he turned the soma unit off and placed the information packet directly into Damien’s brain on his new gifts and how to control them, before leaning over and kissing him awake.



Damien’s first thought as he woke up to someone kissing him was, he was horny, he felt like he could explode at any second, opening his eyes, he felt hands touching and caressing his body and realized he did not feel any pain anymore. Neck flexing to keep contact as the kiss was broken, Damien looked around and noticed the smiles on everyone’s faces, pulling himself out of the bio-tube and shuddered as a hand touched his hard cock and he climaxed before he could swing his legs over the side.



Aaron chuckled as Kenny dove right in to take care of any mess and left Brian in charge before walking the couple of steps back to Richard as he heard Tyler greet Andrew behind him, glancing over his shoulder, he laughed at Andrew who had his arms over Tyler’s and Edward's shoulders, feet off the ground as they helped pull his pants down while they walked into the med bay. Grinning while turning off the soma unit and removing the sensor at the sight of Fred half in half out of the bio-tube, with his lips wrapped around Richard's hardness Aaron quickly placed the information packet in Richard's mind before kissing him awake as he had done for Damien a moment ago.



Catching an intense burst of emotion from Xon, Aaron made his way over to him and noticed that he was physically aroused and more than likely in the same state as those being released from the bio-tubes, placing a hand on Xon’s shoulder Aaron waited for him to look at him, “Are you okay?”



Xon, eyes staring at the sexual scene before him felt his body react and as he watched Richard enter Andrew as he was entered in turn by Fred, he vaguely registered the words Aaron spoke to him, facing Aaron, Xon was caught in the intense caring eyes, “I burn…my blood is fire,”



Pulling himself roughly into Aaron’s arms, Xon tried to put in words his wants, needs and hopes, “Words fail me, I am clan by right of birth. I chose…I chose lover and deny son,” he sent as his mouth opened and he shouted in lust, “Maes’byrn…” right before slamming his lips against Aaron’s and hungrily exploring Aaron’s mouth.



Hesitating only a moment, Aaron ported both of them to the middle of the falls where he had taken each of his lovers to, one at a time, his special place topside and let his hands roam Xon’s body as he linked their minds and found out that this was what Xon wanted without regret. Returning Xon’s passion with his own, Aaron knelt down and quickly took him in his mouth, intent on bringing him off quickly so that they could start a long and passionate love making session. Concentrating, Aaron ported a bottle of lube to his hand and squirting some on his fingers, he gently felt around between Xon’s butt cheeks and felt his finger slip inside, causing Xon to scream out in joy as he climaxed.



Xon’s last coherent thought as the passion drove all thought from his mind was this was what he was missing, this is what he needed to make himself whole once more.



Saving the last spurt and rolling it around in his mouth, Aaron stood up and kissed Xon, sharing his seed back as his tongue invaded Xon’s mouth, smiling as Xon dropped to his knees and licked the head of his engorged cock, Aaron fed the pleasure he was feeling back to Xon causing an ever increasing loop of pleasure between the two of them.


An hour later, Aaron stood, finally spent, still hard and secure inside Xon, as he held him chest to chest with Xon’s legs wrapped around his waist, standing still he waited as Xon came back down from the pleasure high he was on and finally felt his hard cock start to go flaccid. Slowly and carefully so not to disturb Xon, Aaron walked the four steps up the waterfall with the warm water splashing around his lower legs then feet as the higher he got the lower the water level was until he stood on the edge of the steaming pool surrounded by trees and ferns. Walking around the rim of the pool, Aaron felt himself finally slip out of Xon and finding the steps, slowly entered the warm water and once chest deep kissed Xon gently as he snuggled up next to him on the ledge and waited for Xon to come back to the land of the living.



Good thing the pool was very large, Aaron thought as the rest of the Clan started to show up in groups and singly, walk up the waterfall steps and enter the pool, looking around, everyone was here even Richard, the only exceptions were Richard's cousins and Tyler. Feeling Xon stir in his lap, he smiled, “Welcome lover,” Once he had Xon’s attention and smiling at Richard, “You know I think I was with every single one of you soon after you were altered in this place, I made love to you the first time a few feet down the waterfall from this pool, it’s a magical place in a way.”



Sensing the confusion in Derricks mind, Aaron quickly added, “There is a big difference in making love to you and fucking you silly after being released from the bio-tube because you need relief,” Seeing Derrick and David nod, Aaron sat back and looked at Richard, “Tomorrow night Richard, if you want, I’ll bring you back here and you’ll get your wish.”



Smiling at the pleased expression on Richard's face, Aaron nudged Xon’s face with his own, gently, so he could look into his eyes, “Welcome Love,” before kissing him gently before turning him in his lap so one by one each member of the Clan could kiss him, some gently, some with passion, but each brushing their minds along his in welcome, even the younger ones, Kenny’s hunters got in on it and encouraged Xon to brush against their minds.



Xon truly felt like he belonged now, “I made the right choice,” he mumbled loud enough for only Aaron to hear, as he basked in the love of his lovers.



Half an hour later, relaxed more so than any time in the past two hundred fifty years, Xon looked across the pool at Aaron, “You mentioned that you would need my and Pete’s help with replicating something, and then soon after you made the statement that you had hoped to never have to do something, what you were referring to may I ask, for clarification?”



Aaron sighed, as everyone looked at him, “I was hoping no one heard that. Besides having to introduce Brian to the Core, I came to the conclusion that we need more protection for the safe houses than there is currently set up there, it seems that our people can be easily taken by surprise, so I decided I have to open the weapons locker.”



“Weapons locker?” Pete managed to sound both excited and worried at the same time.



“Aaron 1.0 managed to bring back a working sample of every piece of technology they had created, including weapons, I had hoped we would never have to open that locker, but after what happened today, I am going to go pull one of the weapon drone models out of storage and have them replicated so there are several at each safe house and both Embassies,” Aaron looked haunted before looking up at the flowing vines.



“So how much of the gadgets and tech I’ve invented is lying around in tech lockers,’ Pete sounded hurt.



Aaron snapped his head back around, looked at the hurt expression on Pete’s face and felt the start of him questioning his abilities, so he quickly jumped up and waded over, “Pete, look at me please…” when he had Pete’s attention, he smiled, “All those wonderful inventions were totally you, the only thing locked away were the weapons, and if you think back, when I gave you access to the terminal and then the Core, I did warn you to never go digging into weapons research.” Kissing him gently, and opening his mind to him, “Remember love.”



Pete felt the truth behind Aaron’s words, after all, they could not lie mind to mind and nodded his head, “Yeah, I remember now. You know we are going to have to sit down and talk to each telepath that sat in judgment, don’t you, just to make sure that they did not suffer any harm.”



“I know, I’m going to end up being very busy, along with Colin and his residents. Whose idea was it to dress those doing the scans in orange and brown?” Aaron moved back to the other side of the pool, and sat back on the ledge where Richard snuggled up to him and played with his crotch hoping to get him hard again, whacking Richard lightly on the side of the head, “Randy bugger, maybe later.”



After the laughter died down, Aaron stretched, “Dinner tonight is whatever anyone wants to grab, I think most of you planned to go down into the city dining hall, right?” seeing the nods and smiles of agreement, “then I’m going to grab a quick sandwich and port over to the military command center and get an update on what’s going on, after that, I need to go down to the Core to gain access to the weapons locker and to introduce Brian to the Core.” Looking over at Xon, “I’ll meet you and Pete at the replicator, the first one you guys built, in two hours.”



Climbing up the stone steps, Aaron stopped, once he got to the top and glanced back, “Kevin do me a favor and send out a message to all the safe houses telling them they need to attend a meeting tomorrow morning will you, we’ll let everyone know about the new security measures so they feel safe, or even give them the option to move here permanently and commute, whatever makes them feel safer.”



Watching his loves stand and start up the steps, Aaron moved to the side and smiled and accepted the kisses and gropes from each of them as they gathered together and ported out in the same groups they came with when it was only Xon left, Aaron pulled him into a hug and kissed him, “Are you happy, Xon?”



Xon smiled as he looked deep into Aaron’s eyes, “Truly I am happier and feel more content and as if I belong than in any memory I have, it will truly be interesting to learn all my lovers’ bodies and what pleases them, it might even take me decades before I can start to correlate a conclusion.”



Chuckling in amusement, Aaron ported them back to the Clan Hall and pulled Xon with him towards the showers, “A nice hot shower will do us both good.”



Hand in hand, Aaron walked Xon through the office and down into the common room and into his bathroom, noticing the shower was already on and the stall filled with steam he smiled and wondered which of his loves was in there and what they were planning to do. Opening the door, Aaron held it open so Xon could go in first and closing it behind him he smiled as he saw Pete, Tim and Kevin in the clearing steam before the steam once more filled the room, “Fancy meeting you three here.”



Feeling hands start to lather his chest, Aaron smiled in the fog like steam as he heard the sounds of kissing and felt a surge of love and passion come from Xon as a groan escaped Xon’s lips as Pete fingered his hole and loosened him up enough to slide inside him.



Pulling Kevin closer to him, Aaron smiled into the kiss as he heard the rhythmic sounds of thrusting, and moving closer to the sounds, saw through the parting steam Tim on his knees with Xon’s hard cock in his mouth as Pete slid in and out of him groaning in his own pleasure. Twisting Kevin around so his lips could lock on Xon’s, Aaron, now free, went to the touch panel, entered a few commands and started water running at a small section at the far end of the room so he could rinse off. Once he rinsed off, he leaned over and captured Tim’s lips in a kiss as Tim was pulling back on Xon’s hard erection to tongue the underside before kissing Xon and then Pete in turn. Sneaking out the shower stall, Aaron quickly dried off with a towel out of one of the cupboards and left the bathroom heading towards the kitchen.



Grabbing several sandwich’s a couple of energy drinks and two donuts, Aaron ported to the Command center and walked through the door to the stares because he had not dressed, “What, it’s not like I’m going anywhere so I want to be comfortable, and I’ll admit I have clothes in my office,” he grinned as he walked past the crews towards his office and noticed the sheepish expression on the OOD’s face, “See if you can contact everyone so I can get a SITREP, if you would.”



Kinetically opening his office door, Aaron set the food and drinks on top of the desk and after setting the food down, he walked behind the desk and sat down and started to eat, only to be interrupted by a knock on the door half way through his supper, “Hey Chris.” Doing a double take, Aaron looked back up, “If you’re here who’s on the Ares then?”



Taking a seat Chris leaned back, “Joe is on the Ares, I’ve been working with the security crews and coordinating with the other captains and their seconds to run people through Captains masts as fast as possible, surprisingly, there was only one incident on the civilian side.”



“And so far there’s not been much on the air side, though I understand the Marines have had a few problems,” Dylon told him as he removed his CAG cap and sat down with his own sandwich and drink.



“Which means that my boys are having the hardest time right now,” Marine commander Bach told them, as he walked into the room, “Your Majesty, can I start off the update?’



Picking up one of the donuts, Aaron waved at him, “Go ahead Otto, I have a feeling your guys are the ones getting a workout right now; has anyone been hurt?”



“No sir, at least not on our side,” Otto sighed as he leaned back in the chair and took a sip of his coffee, “So far, our teams have completely cleaned out the New York city police department, the quip by the Mayor was correct, forty nine percent of the force has been removed from duty. We’ve scanned about thirty thousand of the thirty eight thousand active duty officers, with the other eight thousand being no shows and forfeiting their jobs unless they were on the vacation rosters. Of the some odd fourteen thousand removed from duty, a third of those have already been executed for their crimes or for opening fire on our troops; so far only one hundred have been referred to the King's Bench, the rest are waiting for Captain’s masts that will determine their punishment.”



Sipping his coffee as Otto’s eyes bugged out when Aaron started the second donut, “Of the remaining prisoners waiting for trial, most will just lose their jobs or be subject to sanctions. We had a bit of a standoff when we entered the federal building, the FBI was not happy at all, but the President sent an order around when he found out what was happening and they cooperated, they seemed to run about thirty five percent removed from their jobs for cause. When we left, the bureau chief was furious at those we took into custody and thanked our people before they left, that has been the only bright spot this afternoon.”



“What about the state police forces?” Aaron asked, as he looked at the last bite of donut before sitting it down and pushing it away.



“Good and bad, but mostly good.” Otto smiled, “The state police commandant ordered all officers to their barracks for inspection, the really good news is that only fifteen percent of the officer’s state wide were removed from duty and half of them will be fined and most likely be allowed to go through a refresher course before going back on duty. It was something to see from reports, all the telepaths standing in judgment stopped and looked up at the same time for about ten minutes, the news crews following them around caught it and then as one they went back to work and separated those out for refresher courses. They commandant was very smug in a way, that he had so few officers removed, but then when he looked at the numbers he was upset he had that many.”



“Our biggest problem is going to be with small town police forces and sheriff’s departments, it looks like, several have already started to fortify their positions and we are not sure at the moment how to handle them without creating a blitzkrieg.” Otto placed his empty cup on the desk and motioned for the piece of donut Aaron had placed on his desk off to the side, and when Aaron made motions for him to go ahead he broke it in two and popped half of it in his mouth, “I’ve never tried one of these before quite tasty,” about to put the last piece in his mouth all of a sudden he looked sick and placed it in his empty cup.



Laughing Aaron saw Chris was grinning too, “Otto, I’m surprised you were able to eat as much as you did, have you been skipping meals?”



“How are the civilians reacting to all this then?” Aaron asked, as he gathered all his rubbish in one place so it would be easier to get rid of.”



“There was one incident of rioting that was quickly put down, the news media broadcast the on the spot trials, and I think the city stopped to actually listen for once since they’ve been real quiet,” Dylon sighed as he rubbed his eyes, “Though it could be because of all the fighters hovering all about the city.”



“I think it is more of the fear they have of the telepaths, they’ve been watching nonstop all afternoon our telepaths reading people’s minds and almost all of the telepaths have mentioned at least once that the people they were singling out were thinking too loud. The whole city is freaked out and not wanting to do anything to attract one of the telepaths' attention,” Chris pointed out. “I went with the teams to the statehouse and watched as most of the politicians went pale and some even resigned on the spot so they would not have to undergo a scan.”



“So are we going to be able to meet our goal of finishing up Sunday morning, or are we going to fall short?” Aaron looked at each of them in turn.



Chris hesitated and sighed, “For the most part, we can finish up tomorrow afternoon, more and more municipalities are contacting us to set up times to go through their people, the problem is going to be we’ve had several people contact us on behalf of their kids that have been placed in the juvenile system. I’m afraid there is a lot of abuse going on there and a lot of kids were placed in the system that never should have been there in the first place.”



“We’ve found two judges in New York city alone that sentenced gay kids to the system for no other reason than being homeless and gay,” Dylon whispered in pain, thinking of his boy in the incubator.



Standing up and going to the window that looked out over the trench, Aaron sighed as he watched several swordfish swim by above them, “Place an explanation on the system and ask for volunteers to help out, how many detention centers are we talking about?”



“Three in New York City alone, state wide perhaps a couple of dozen if that many,” Chris referred to his notes.



“Then the Clan will take care of it in the morning, I’ll handle the three in the city myself.” Aaron sat back down and thought about what to do about the rest of the justice system, “I’ll make an announcement to the press tomorrow, that we will stand in judgment of any who have been incarcerated unjustly, though they will have to prove their innocence by telepathic scan, those that fail will then be judged under our laws, that should place a damper on the requests flooding in.”



Porting a red chip onto his desk Aaron placed it in the terminal and logged in, “I’ve had to reevaluate my policy of hiding in plain sight for our safe houses and hope the government honored the diplomatic immunity clauses.” Fingers touching the touch pad, Aaron finally DNA unlocked the chip and brought up an image of one of the smaller war drones.



“The answer to your problems with those fortifying their positions, this is a War Drone, this model is the WD758, something I thought and hoped we would never have to build,” Aaron sighed as his command staff studied it. “There will be two of these released at every safe house, one inside and one outside for protection. No one with a weapon will cross the boundary alive unless they are Alteran, we will link these into the Core for control and for the most part they will be silent sentinels protecting our people.”



“Otto, I’ll have a dozen for you to use tomorrow, give those inside one warning to disarm before sending them in. Warn them if they are holding a weapon when the drone enters the building, they will end up dead,” Aaron shrugged before sighing as he looked back out the window, “Be it on their head, if they want to ignore the warning.”



Hearing someone walk in, Aaron looked back and saw Kevin walk into the room, “Hello, Love; am I late or is there some other problem?”



Smiling, Kevin moved around the group and sat down on the edge of the desk, “Well that depends, I decided to check our email after dinner and I found several from different hospitals requesting immediate med Evac of their patients, mostly youngsters, seems this group of doctors thinks since they are temporally under our jurisdiction, that they should be able to use our hospitals to get their patients proper treatment.”



“Damn…someone is actually thinking,” Aaron whispered, as his mind went into overdrive coming up with scenarios and just as quickly modifying them or discarding them.



“How many are we talking about?” Chris was thinking about porting over bio-tubes and porting kids back.



Referring to his P.A.D.D. Kevin glanced at Chris before meeting Aaron’s eyes, “State wide maybe a hundred kids so far, but as they talk between themselves or the media picks it up it could be thousands. So far, every kid being referred has less than a fifty/fifty chance at survival.”



“The Ares doesn’t have that type of capability does it?” Chris was looking at the schematics on his own P.A.D.D.



Changing the display from the drone to his email account Aaron popped the chip, before he ported it back to the hidden room, pulling up the email on the monitor and looked at it, it was not hard to find it after all, as the header was all in caps ‘MEDICAL EMERGENCY,’ finding contact information at the bottom of the email, Aaron quickly entered the information and made the connection.



“Mercy Children’s Hospital, how may I direct your call?”



“Yes, I’m replying to an A. Lacy who contacted me, so I think I need to talk to whoever they might be, this is Aaron Stranton, calling back,” Aaron glanced at the occupants of the room as he was put on hold, “if it is only a few, we can port teams over there, bring the kids back and then send one of the jets for the parents in the morning.”



“Ann Lacy here, is that you Doctor Stranton,” a female voice came over the speaker, causing Aaron to look at the monitor and frown.



“Um…yes, I suppose it is, now about your email,” Aaron started as he glanced at the amused Kevin, sitting on his desk.



“Right to the point, good, I like that, I have twenty kids here at Mercy that most likely will not survive to Monday when the next jet from your hospital drops off patients. So I need to transfer them to you immediately.” The female voice told him, as he frowned down at the terminal hearing her.



“Excuse me,” Kevin looked at the monitor not believing what he just heard, “It almost sounded as if you were giving us an order.”



“Um…well, Dammit, look, sorry about that, but these kids are dying here and there is nothing I can do, but you can, now after you took control and placed us under your laws the kids can come first instead of the parents wanting nature to take its course,” Ann broke down in frustration.



Aaron glanced around his assembled staff as he thought about it, “Alright, do you have access to a video web camera that can give us a live feed to the ICU, I need you to point it at an empty area where we can transport in and make sure the area stays clear before we get there.” Contacting Gordon mentally, Aaron explained what was going on and what he needed them to do, before looking at Otto, “send two of your Marines there first if you would, just in case there are problems, should only take half an hour at most.”



“Gods yes, thank you I’ll get right on this, and have them ready for transport…thank you,” Ann gushed as the connection went dead.



“Okay, I’ll contact the others and arrange the same thing,” Kevin stood and walked around the desk and nudged Aaron, “you’re going to be late in meeting Brian if you don’t get a move on.”



Kissing Kevin, Aaron smiled before waving at the others and porting out, “Right, then, let’s get through the rest of these calls and get Tim in here for a thorough planning session, if you need refills or food this is the time to do so,” Kevin told them as he sat in Aaron’s chair.



Arriving near the Clan dining area, Aaron smiled as Brian bounced up and rushed to his side, throwing his arms around Aaron’s neck, laughing, Aaron kissed Brian as he pulled him close and ported them to the entry room outside the core, releasing Brian with one last kiss, Aaron waved his hand around the room, “This is the Core entry area, the only place you can port into. From here, you walk up to the door and wait for your DNA to be scanned and the door to be opened,” Aaron pointed to the pulsing white light and walked into it, so he could be identified.



Once the door opened, Aaron grinned, “Stay put, and I’ll port you in for the first time, otherwise, well, it won’t be pleasant,” seeing Brian was still pretty psyched up, Aaron quickly went through the door and laid down on the middle recliner, “Identify…”



After the white light came down from the ceiling and ran from his head to his toes a voice spoke, “Identity confirmed…Aaron Stranton…Prime of Clan Stranton…King of the kingdom of Altare…leader of the sixty four worlds of the Alteran Empire…”



“Initiate Reclassification DNA profile Brian Woods Stranton…Reclassification…Omega Tier One…Level Bravo Omega One…” Aaron ordered.





Smiling, Aaron pathed Brian, “Hold on a moment, Love, I’m going to port you inside the core and once you’re here, I need you to carefully climb onto and lay down on one of the recliners, until the core does a final DNA scan on you, after that, you're all set, when it asks you to identify yourself say your name exactly as it identified you…word for word, please.”



Concentrating, Aaron ported Brain into the chamber next to one of the recliners and smiled in encouragement as Brian climbed over the arm of the recliner and lay down, as soon as his head hit the head rest a bright light came down from the ceiling and starting at his feet moved up to his head, before a voice echoed through the room, “Identity DNA profile Brian Woods Stranton…Confirm…”



“Brian Woods Stranton,” Brain spoke softly, slightly confused, more so when he felt something brush against his mind and settle near the back.



“Reclassification complete…Brian Woods Stranton, Omega Tier One…Omega Level One…”



Aaron sat up smiling; “Good, now you have clearance to get into the core any time you need to or want to for research purposes, plus, the system will recognize you as one that has the right to make changes.” More subdued, Aaron glanced at one corner and sighed, “Unlock…Command Authorization Alpha Omega, verify DNA…Unlock weapons locker.”



Brian watched as Aaron was hit with a violet light and he sat there while it pulsed, several minutes later the light flickered out and Aaron stood slowly as the voice spoke once more, “Identity confirmed weapons locker unsealed…”



Several loud echoing crashes could be heard as bolts were drawn back and a section of the wall over a meter thick started to descend into the floor exposing a wall with a door behind it. Aaron stood staring at it for several moments as the wall seamlessly became part of the floor and the door opened up, with an uncomfortable feeling, Aaron slowly walked to the door and looked in at the rows of encased weapons displayed on pedestals in the fairly large room.



Curious, Brian followed Aaron into the room and holding his hands behind his back leaned forward to look into each of the cases; he paused long enough to read the description before moving to the next. Hearing a hissing noise, Brian glanced around and found Aaron near the end of the room in front of the case that was protecting a large basketball size object, the hissing noise was the case opening, making his way to Aaron’s side Brian read the inscription, “Weapon Drone designation WD758.” Glancing up at Aaron as he took the drone out of its brackets, Brian picked up the Isolinear chip off the top of the pedestal, “So what does this thing actually do?”



“Well, it has sensors that can detect weapons and non Alteran’s, it fires lethal lasers through all the small holes in the bottom as it hovers around, as a response to a foot army it is devastating,” Aaron had to use kinetics to lift the drone as it was quite a bit heavier than it looked. “Now, all I need to do is get it quantum scanned and then to bring it back,” he mumbled to himself as he walked out of the locker and glanced down at the floor, there was no going back now, the weapons locker had been sealed open and it could never truly be sealed up once more.



Hearing the grunt of pain from behind him, Aaron looked over his shoulder, “Sorry forgot to warn you, you can’t port in or out of this room, though you can port things in, if you are already here and lying on one of the neural recliners, you have to leave by way of the entry chamber we arrived in or as you found out, it hurts.”



Walking through the door to the outside, Aaron tried to remember if Brian had been to the Replicator area before, “Do you need a visualization of where we’re heading next, or if you want you can wedge the chip between my fingers if you have things you would rather be doing.”



Brian smiled, “I think I’m up for a little trip over to the assembly area, you know you should talk to Xon and Pete and have one of the replicators installed in the Clan Hall, and it sure would make things easier on all of you.”



Turning his head Sideways, Aaron kissed Brian and smiled, “That’s not a bad idea actually; we can even install smaller ones throughout the city so everyone can use one to make small items whenever they want, thanks for the great idea.”


Giving Brian the visualization, Aaron smiled as they ported while kissing and heard someone clearing their throats before breaking apart with grins, Seeing Xon and Pete standing next to the station, Aaron quickly went to the center of the replicator and gently set the drone down on the floor, after making sure it would not move, Aaron backed out as Xon and Pete started the quantum scan and the drone shimmered in and out of phase as the replicator system scanned the drone and placed it in memory.


After two minutes, the shimmering and phasing stopped and the drone was left lying on the platform.  Aaron looked back at the console where Xon and Pete were working. Finally Pete grinned and Xon looked up after a brief whispered conversation, “The scan was a success and locked in, so the question is, how many do you want us to make and well…” Pete stood up and looked over the console down at the drone and scrunched up his face in concentrations, “Well the thing is pretty dead how do you get it to work?”



“Its Core controlled, all we have to do is insert the Isolinear chip into the terminal slot in the hidden room and activate the fusion generator and its operational,” Aaron explained as he held up the red Isolinear chip Brian handed him, so they could see it.



“That’s a DNA locked chip,” Pete was surprised at actually seeing one in the flesh, so to speak.



“I do not understand what is the significance of a DNA locked chip, why are they different than a normal Isolinear chip?” Xon approached Aaron so he could examine the chip.



“Any person not cleared for Core access that tries to use this chip will discover an unpleasant surprise and need to spend weeks in a bio-tube being re-grown,” Pete whispered as he glanced at the small chip before being interrupted by Brian.



“I had a thought and Aaron thought it was pretty good, can we install a replicator suite in the Clan Hall, say one about this size and then maybe several in the city on a smaller scale so people can replicate things they need on the spot,” Brian smiled as Pete and Xon glanced his way. “I was thinking if you incorporated a recycler feature into it, then it would serve a dual function, maybe set it up so that if a person recycled something they would get a credit and they could either buy more mass or even just feed the recyclers with stuff brought from outside so we could always have mass for replication for the little things that make up a home.”



“You are proposing to create a system that is separate from the normal replicators in the assembly area and why would you set up a special monetary system for those who would use it?” Xon inquired as he brought information up on the terminal, “After all, almost everything anyone could want is provided to residents anyway, only things from the outside would need to be bought, and even then, if we quantum scanned the items, it would be available in the database for everyone to create a copy if they should so desire.”



“You have the right idea Brian, but if you set up a recycling system that would give people credit for recycling items, what is to stop them from borrowing something to recycle to get what they want,” Plus, I can see all the youngsters coming back every day from the farm with a couple of stones to dump in the recycler to build up credit that they won’t use. Who knows how long it would take them to bring back the whole beach,” Aaron laughed at the thought, smiling as Brian grinned at the image Aaron sent to him he added, “As long as we have access to the refuse dumps outside the Kingdom, let it remain a free thing, but I do agree that a recycler function should be incorporated into the units so there is not a buildup of junk lying around.”



“We will need to create a quantum library and a new net that links all the replicators…” Xon trailed off as he looked at Pete, “My normal response to such an intriguing challenge would be to work on it nonstop until my body required sleep and then to repeat this every day until the solution was apparent. But I find now, after experiencing the Maes’byrn I wish to take time out of each day to share my body with my lovers, I find this odd, yet at the same time, exhilarating.”



Pete looked confused and Brain laughed, “I think we have just been complemented, Pete,” glancing at Xon out of the corner of his eye, Brian noticed the slight blush and letting his eyes travel down, he smiled when he saw the half aroused state Xon was in.



Before this dissolved into a lovemaking session, as Aaron saw quite clearly Xon was getting aroused, “How long will it take you Monday, to install the replication suite aboard the Reliant, and to answer your earlier question Pete, I need twenty four of the WD758’s replicated.”



Pete finally looked away from Xon and walked behind the console, pointer leading the way, “Right, we can play as soon as we get them all replicated, do you want to move your original from the replication pad.” Pete prompted.



Smiling, Aaron holding onto the chip stood up and went down the stairs to the replication area and kinetically picked up the drone and grabbing it with his hands, glanced back over his shoulder, “I’ll see you guys after you’ve finished up here.” Laughing as he saw Brian drop to his knees in front of Xon, Aaron ported back to the core entry room.





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