Chapter 42


                                                Chapter 42



Aaron, along with what seemed like half the Clan, were waiting in the situation room as half of the WD758’s were ported to the safe houses along with those living there. The meeting had gone very well and most of the college students had breathed a sigh of relief knowing that what had happened at Berkeley house would not happen again, and while they agreed that New York got off lightly, they were unsure if they had been punished enough. In the end, they agreed with Aaron who had sat there in silence as they talked, this was the last chance now that the world knew what could happen, any further attacks and there would be no leniency.



Once the last of the collage house lads were gone, Aaron glanced around the room at the Clan security, along with the military commanders, “I want to get this over with as quickly as possible,” staring at the military commanders, Aaron started to give out orders, “Otto, the last twelve WD758’s are yours to use today, after you are finished with them, have them ported to the safe houses, I would like to pull all our people out of New York by supper time except those aboard the Ares.”



Seeing Aiden in the back of the room with a P.A.D.D., Aaron smiled and motioned him to come forward, “Aiden, I want to thank you again for volunteering yesterday. Did you have a talk with Colin, more to the point, are you going to be okay with what you had to do?”



Aiden was going to just flip out of course he was fine, but he saw the serious concern on Aaron’s face, and knew he deserved a straight answer, “Am I okay with it, yes and no. At the time, I was more than okay with it, now after talking with Colin, I’m still working it over, but I will be fine, it’s not so much what I did, as how indifferent I was the whole time. I thought I should at least feel something, after all people died by my orders.” Smiling, he tilted his head, “This little bit of information though, makes the whole thing worthwhile as far as I’m concerned. So far, as of last night when I went to bed, we had eighteen thousand confirmed rescues of gay youths, at the rate they are pouring in this morning, I expect when we finally leave New York, there will not be a single homeless or in danger gay youth, well at least the ones that can get word to us.”



“That’s fantastic,” Chris smiled, as he congratulated Aiden and the others and then his smile died as he took one look at Aaron’s face, it looked pained, as if he was hurting physically.



“Aaron, are you alright?” Tim asked quietly, causing everyone in the room to look over at him.



Shaking his head no, Aaron looked away as he tried to put into words what was wrong, “Those numbers are so high, too high, and the gay community, with its fear of anything to do with those under eighteen, is condemning the next generations.”



Curious, Tim went to a free terminal and pulled up census data for the state of New York and then did the calculations, “Shit…Aaron’s right, if we use census data and then take the low figure of ten percent of teens that gives us one hundred and fifty thousand gay teens country wide, roughly that is.”



“But…But, that means with the new figures, roughly a third of all gay teens are being rescued,” Aiden was shocked as he sat back against the table.



“But how many of them are from New York to begin with, I mean, if your gay and running, you go to one of three places, Florida, New York or California, runners will eventually, if they are lucky, end up there, so how many of these guys are from New York originally?” Pete asked as he saw Kevin and Tim nod in agreement.



“It’s going to take forever to process all those guys, and how many of them need to be treated, the med bay is not all that big. It was never designed to treat this many people at once,” Kevin looked around the room and noticed Carl rushing towards them.



“Oh good, I caught you in time, I was afraid to path you, in case you were at a crucial point,” Carl glanced around and noticed Aaron’s face, “um, are you feeling okay?  You don’t look too hot right now?”



Aaron looked over at Carl as he walked into the room, “That depends, is it more bad news I’m not going to like, packaged as good news?”



Carl stopped moving and stared at everyone before looking back at Aaron, “Um no, I suppose it is bad news, packaged as bad news. Well more like a problem and no one is sure how to handle it.”



Dropping his face in his hands for a moment, Aaron sighed, “Maybe your problem can take my mind of this other one, what’s up?”



“Well,” Carl pulled out his P.A.D.D. and looked down at it, “My problem is I have about thirty five hundred patients, and only fifty trauma beds. Everything from STD’s to drug addiction to injuries from abuse.”



Aaron peeked through his fingers and sighed again as he tried to come up with a plan, sitting back up, he looked over at the command staff, “Otto, go ahead and get a start on finishing up before it gets too late, CAG, if you have a few people that can give him a hand, please do so. Chris, if you can coordinate with the media, Aiden rescue as many as you can and put in place some way these kids can make their way to us, maybe using the safe houses, I’m going to leave that to the two of you for now, just let me know what you  come up with.”



“Sorry to do this to you guys, but I need to stay here so between you, if you can take the three juvenile centers in the city for me, I would appreciate it,” standing up, Aaron made his decision, if it took longer to cleanup New York, so be it, he could always stall, his people came first and those needing treatment would end up being his people, “Carl, in ten minutes start moving your patients over to the trauma center, I’ll have everything set up and ready by then.”



As people started to leave the office, Aaron sent a visualization of the Trauma triage area to Carl, “Send your patients to the triage reception area, if you would, Carl Before I forget, Aiden, have your teams that meet these kids your rescuing send those needing treatment to the Trauma center.”



With only his lovers and their guards left, Aaron smiled at them, “Be safe and don’t take any chances if you can help it, I expect you’ll find some teens that should never have been in those places in the first place, and many of them will need treatment, so give me a heads up before sending them to me.”



Kissing each in turn before they gathered their teams and ported out, Aaron closed his eyes and took a deep cleansing breath before porting to the triage reception area of the Trauma center. Going to the console, Aaron logged in and brought the system out of standby and set the settings for disaster mode, disaster mode would configure the triage area as the central entry point for the bio-beds and bio-tubes and warm up the transfer grids and lifts.



Extending his mic, Aaron activated it after tying it into the communication net for the hospital, “Attention all staff, DISASTER STATIONS….THIS IS NOT A DRILL…three thousand plus patients arriving in five.”



'Well,' thought Aaron, as the blue lights started flashing all over the hospital, 'This is the first big test for this hospital and what it really could handle.'



Victoria was enjoying the breakfast buffet with her family and the younger Clan members who were catching them up with what had happened in New York yesterday, when she noticed the bells ringing and blue lights flashing, she was about to question what was going on, but noticed how confused the Clan members were and then the answer came with a voice over the speakers.



“Attention all staff, DISASTER STATIONS….THIS IS NOT A DRILL…three thousand plus patients arriving in five.”



Startled, Victoria looked around as the Clan members and her grandsons jumped up from the table and ran out of the atrium, “I might be too old to do more than hold a hand or two, but I think we should go help out.”



“I agree completely, Dear,” her husband smiled down at her, as she took his hand to stand up, “After all, I can hold a bandage with the best of them.”



Carl, I’m ready when you are, so start sending them over,” Aaron pathed and was rewarded a moment later with the first arrivals.



Damien stopped near the corridor leading to the security office, “You guys go on; I’m going to see about getting us some help, I’ll meet you in the triage area.” Seeing Kenny’s questioning look, Damien smiled and mouthed Shaolin, before running up to the security office.



The watch officer jumped up from his chair as one of the Clan ran into the room and Damien smiled at him, “I need you to port me to this location and then be prepared to port back a large number of people,” Damien told him, as he logged into the terminal and brought up the video feed from the hidden Shaolin temple. “Right there, if you would,” Damien pointed to the raised dais on the screen.



“Yes sir, I can do that, if you will hold still one moment, I’ll get you over there and call for backup so we can port all of you back without straining everyone.” The watch officer remembered that the Shaolin were Alteran and were scheduled to start arriving tonight. Pulling power from the gestalt, he nodded, Right, porting in three, two …”



Damien looked around the dais and across the temple grounds and spotting a passing teen, called out, “Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find the elders, we have a slight problem and could use some help.”



Being late to breakfast was not the way to start his morning, Master Lei would not be pleased if he was late to practice, hearing someone call out to him as he walked through the courtyard, he glanced up towards the dais that had captured his dreams the past few nights and his eyes about bugged out of his head as he saw one of the Clan standing there. Stopping, he tried to think what to do as he really was not paying attention to what he heard and figured the most that could happen was that he was yelled at and ran over to the large log bell and picked up the hammer and started to beat on the bell causing it to ring out across the valley.



“Well that is different, though I suppose it will bring someone here,” Damien mumbled as he walked down the stairs.



Dropping his spoon into hot cereal, the temple elder pushed back from the table after hearing the alert bell being struck and rushed out of the hall towards the square, along with many of the other Shaolin masters. Seeing a strangely dressed youth standing near the dais, he slowed down and the first thing he noticed was the crest on the young one's shirt. Stopping several arm lengths away, he bowed, “Young Dragon, you have need for us?”



Damien raised an eyebrow, a habit he was picking up from Xon, “I know that the evacuation is supposed to start tonight, but Aaron is at the hospital, he called for all the staff to respond…” taking a deep breath, Damien looked over the crowd that was gathering, “There are at least three thousand patients arriving right now, and I think he could use a hand,” shaking his head as he realized, “I think most of them are kids that we rescued, they have to be…” he thought, he whispered the last before running back up the steps, “Any of you that can help out or have medical training, if you can come up here you will be transported to the trauma center, I’m not sure how much help Aaron needs, but any help will be better than the few people he has now.”



Dropping the hammer, he listened to the Clan members plea and ran to the top of the dais, “I can at least hold bandages if needed.” His running up to the top of the dais broke the hesitation as Shaolin pushed their way through the crowd and climbed the steps.



Smiling, Damien looked up at the hovering SE110, “Officer of the watch, the first group is ready to port to Altair Trauma.”



Aaron looked up as another group ported in and to his surprise, they were dressed in browns and oranges of the Shaolin, looking at the group it suddenly parted and Damien smiled as he walked through the people who were dispersing to help out, “I thought it might be better bringing some help besides ourselves.”



Aaron smiled and pulled him into a hug and placed a kiss on his lips before another group of teens were ported in, this was the group Kevin had told him was coming, the group that were found hidden at one of the detention centers, “Thanks, Love.” Rushing over, Aaron noticed the Shaolin teaming up with either staff or Clan member and were learning how things were done and providing the muscle to move the patients and the hugs needed to provide comfort.



“Prime, how may we be the most effective?” The Shaolin master asked, as he moved over towards Aaron just as another group of teens was ported into the open space, some of these bleeding heavily, answering his own question, he rushed over to the teen closest to him who was wobbling on his feet and caught him before he fell to the floor.



Glancing around, Aaron spotted a free bio-tube, “Bring him over here if you would, thanks.” Picking up the small case of sensors from the open bio-tube, Aaron placed it on the cart as the Shaolin moved the teen over and placed him gently on the bottom of the bio-tube, “Great, now, while I prep him for treatment, if you can remove all his clothes, that will be helpful,” Aaron asked, as he cleaned the teen's temple before placing the sensor and turning on the soma unit once it was in place. Handing the Shaolin a pair of scissors, he cleaned the chest area before placing the sensor and looking at the monitor as the deep scans started to show their results as another group of four teens were ported in from one of the detention centers.



“Great, another surgical patient,” Aaron frowned, before tapping his communicator, “Theo, I have another surgical case, who's free?”



“Two minutes and I will be, what is it this time,” Theo asked, as one of the first year residents moved over to close, as soon as he finished.



“Another rape case, this teen has no colon left, it’s shredded and his anus is pretty much gone too,” Aaron said, as he smiled as the Shaolin intubated the teen and hooked up the ventilator as he fit the IV cuff. “I see you’ve had some medical training, which will be a great help.”



Looking up at the monitor that showed the damage in vivid color images, the Shaolin scowled, “I have trained as a surgeon, though I am not familiar with this equipment, which is beyond my dreams, by the way.”



Aaron smiled, “You’ll get a chance to become familiar with it later on, now, if you can help out by Intubating those that Damien is working with, he knows how to place the sensors and start the cycle,” Aaron, seeing that the bio-tube was clear, flipped the cover and plunged the red button home, causing the lid to seal and the air to rush out as it was replaced with regen fluid. Tapping a destination in the terminal, Aaron stepped away as the bio-tube hissed, the locks disengaged and the cradle grabbed the free bio-tube which rushed away, letting another cradle move into its empty place and engage a fresh bio-tube.



“As you command, Prime,” the Shaolin bowed and hurried over to Damien.



Shaking off the Shaolin’s words with a frown, Aaron moved over to the area where Carl was working side by side with Gordon, “how are our STD experts doing?”



Carl frowned before sighing, “Luckily, most of these guys can be treated on one of the bio-beds,” smiling at the young teen he was working on, “you should only have to stay on this contraption until tomorrow afternoon, before you can get up and around, once you get up to your room, someone will bring you a bowl of soup and some bread to hold you over until lunch time.” Carl ruffled the teen's hair and smiled down at him as he moved to the next bed where a Shaolin was comforting a teen, telling him he was safe now.



Feeling a hand catch his, as he walked past one of the bio-beds, Aaron turned and smiled at the young teen who looked to be no more than fifteen or so and sat down on the edge of the bed, “Hi,” Aaron pulled the teen into a hug and felt the teen stiffen before finally relaxing as Aaron did nothing but hold him and comfort him, releasing him, Aaron smiled, “You looked like you could use a hug.”



“Can you help me get my brother from the CPS workers, they split us up, and I haven’t been able to find out where they took him,” the distraught young man whispered.



“We can try,” Aaron smiled, as one of the Shaolin sat on the other side of the bed with paper and pen and hugged the teen to his side before asking the teen, “Tell me everything you know about your brother, starting with his name.”



Leaving them to it, Aaron sighed as another group of teens were ported in; it was going to be a long morning, he thought.



Kevin looked up at the razor wire atop the high fence and sighed, this place looked gloomy and reminded him of the pictures he had seen of concentration camps, and they wondered why so many non violent offenders ended up as career violent offenders after being placed in these places. His mood was dark as this was the last one on the list and so far, all the ones he had visited had been nothing short of controlled chaos, where the weak were preyed on and taught to be violent to survive.



“Sergeant, secure the building,” Kevin pointed to the closed front doors and waited for the Marines to clear the lobby. Once he got the all clear, Kevin walked through the front doors and looked around skimming the minds of the parents and staff, behind the barrier.



Staring at the heavy set woman behind the barrier who was glaring at him, he concentrated on her for a moment before digging deeper as he approached the barrier and she grabbed her head in pain, before falling to the floor convulsing. “Friedrich, spread the word there is a secret section, in the basement where they keep teens, for porn films or death fights…secure it.”



“Now just one minute here, what do you think you are….mmmphh,” the warden shut his mouth as Kevin turned and faced him and dug deep and hard into his mind, causing him to stiffen in pain.



Pulling the crystal out of his pocket, he slotted it into the neural imager from the other pocket, quickly crossing the lobby he slapped it on the man’s forehead, as he yelled, “Sergeant, take a squad to the basement. Here, take a visualization, they’re killing the kids down there,” Kevin sent the visual picture of the fight ring from the warden’s mind and heard the sound of feet running. “Aaron you’re about to get a lot of trauma patients from this place they were running a secret prison and are in the process of killing off the kids.” After pathing that message, Kevin wrenched the door out of the wall in his anger as he stormed through the check point towards the cell blocks.



Because he was angry, he was not as gentle as he had been when he skimmed the guards minds, most of them winced as he passed them and several fell to the floor in pain as he pointed them out, standing on the catwalk over the holding area he glanced around, “Listen up, each and every one of you will be telepathically scanned. A good many of you should never have been placed here in the first place, and you will be going home or to a safe place shortly.”



“Um sir, several of the kids were taken out of here by several of the guards this morning and I’m not sure where they took them.”



Kevin ported to the lower level and glanced around at all the scared teens and kids, frowning at the amount of preteens in this facility, he stared at one of the younger kids crying all balled up, skimming his thoughts Kevin pathed Friedrich, “They’re being pimped out over in the administration wing, I will be holding judgment here in a moment.”



Friedrich nodded his head before pointing then motioning for several of the Marines to come with him and ran back the way they came in the hopes of finding the kids before they were abused any further.



Looking around at several hundred faces, Kevin realized that most of them were very young, sighing, he pathed Aaron, “love, I need backup , most of the kids here are just that, young kids, and I do mean young, I’ll scan them, but I don’t think most of these kids should be here.”



Aaron hearing the pathed message, looked around and motioned over one of the Shaolin elders, “I’m sending you some Shaolin, where do you want them to port in at?” Once the Shaolin crossed the room, Aaron swore as the first of the kids and teens from Kevin’s teams started to arrive bloody and broken. “Shit…” staring at the Shaolin for a moment, “I need some volunteers to go help Kevin and his team; they’re the ones sending those kids to us.”



“Yes Majesty, I will gather volunteers and we will respond from the security office,” The Shaolin bowed leaving Aaron to quickly send the visualization to the watch officer before running over and grabbing up another one of the youngsters being ported in, this one had his throat partially slashed and was quickly bleeding out, he kinetically held the wound closed as he rushed to the bio-tube and hastily prepped him as Fred came over and held the servo gloves so he could slide into them as the lid sealed.



Seeing more kids being ported in, Aaron shouted, “I need kinetics in here to control bleeding," while hitting his head on his shoulder to activate the communicator, “Surgical teams to triage stat.”



Glancing at Fred long enough to see he was still close by, “Fred glove up and attach the second surgical frame, I need another set of hands.”



Fred paled as he gulped and nodded his head; he pulled a surgical frame off the cart and attached it to the side of the bio-tube, “shouldn’t you get one of the others to help you, I mean I’m not trained.”



“Fred, relax, you can help me, I know you can do it but I need another pair of hands now not in five minutes when the others show up, this kid does not have that long,” Aaron sent reassurances to his lover, as he briefly looked up and saw how pale he was, “Trust me, Fred you CAN do this.”



Kevin started by scanning the oldest boys first and found most were in here for simple theft or other minor crimes that the tough on crime judges threw the book at them, though there were a few that were placed here that were innocent of any crime other than being unwanted. Stopping at a fourteen year old that was in here for rape, Kevin gently dug deeper and found out the other person in question was a year younger and it was consensual but as he was older and the other boy's parents objected, he was convicted of rape. “Innocent…” Kevin started pointing out several of the teens who broke out in tears at his announcement.



Hearing movement behind him, Kevin looked over his shoulder and smiled as two groups of Shaolin ported in, moving to the next groups of teens, Kevin noticed the Shaolin quickly moving among the youngsters and teens comforting those crying as he proclaimed more innocent of the charges against them and moved to the younger boys.



Fifteen minutes later, Kevin had separated forty boys out of the two hundred for another scan, this time, he was going to go deeper to find out the reason they were guilty of the crimes, as most of them were in for theft, “this will hurt, though, if you cooperate it will be less painful, I want to know the reason behind your crime.”



“Before you begin Dragon lord, may we have your permission to remove those cleared of crimes back to Altair for a checkup before we search for parents,” The Shaolin master bowed as he asked permission.



Kevin gave it all of two seconds of thought before agreeing it was a good idea, “Have them transported to Colin’s wing, they should be comfortable there and his residents can give them a thorough physical,” Kevin left it to one of Friedrich’s people to make arrangements as he went back to examining the group in front of him. As gently as he could he inserted his mind into theirs and sought answers to his question of why.



Unlike the other three detention halls he had visited, this one had the highest number of teens and youngsters that never should have been placed here in the first place, as quickly as he finished one of the teens, a Shaolin stepped in and applied pressure to several points around the teen's body to ease the pain. Coming to the last three teens who had been sent here for violent crimes, Kevin examined them and frowned as they grabbed their head in pain, these three were guilty of crimes against their own comrades here in detention and had visited the basement on more than one occasion, as an active participant, they would have to be judged. “Leave them be,” Kevin ordered as the three fell to the floor in pain as Friedrich and his Marines dragged several men through the crowd of parents back into the room with him.



Pulling a small sphere out of his pocket, Kevin used a bit of kinetics to activate it, he released it so it could hover above them, seeing that someone had dragged the warden in the room while he was busy, Kevin walked over, bent over and pulled the imager off, before pulling the crystal out, facing the prisoners and the crowd, he looked around before speaking. “I am Kevin Stranton of Clan Stranton of the Kingdom of Altare. I claim rights of judgment as next eldest of the Clan on this 8th day of August of the year 2004 TR.”



Letting his gaze capture those on the catwalk; “If your son is not in his room right now, he has been moved to Altair for treatment and preparation for release. All save ten will be released, cleared of all charges, those ten shall receive treatment and be released after being cleared by our mind healers, these three,” Kevin pointed to the teens on their knees in front of him, “These three shall be tried under Alteran law, and justice shall be done.”



Tim having ported into the room after hearing that Kevin was to hold a judgment, walked over to his lover, “Aaron is busy trying to save as many as possible, so I shall stand for him my love,” placing his hand on the side of Kevin’s face in a loving caress Tim moved to the side while he waited and watched.



Standing in front of the three men, Kevin looked at Friedrich, “I’m surprised you let them live, or that there were only three of them.”



“Young Lord, there were seven more they did not survive, these three have knowledge of other such places around the country,” Friedrich answered, as he stepped forward.



Frowning when he reached into his pocket and pulled one crystal out, Kevin looked at Tim who nodded at the unspoken question, then pulled both his imager and two crystals out of his pocket and handed them over. Looking at the crystals in his hand, Kevin looked back at the three kneeling on the floor before handing the imager back to Tim along with the two crystals, “Hold them for the King's bench; I think Aaron will want to deal with them personally.”



Moving so he was standing in front of the sixteen year old, Kevin glared down at him, “For the crime of rape. Upon telepathic scan, I find you guilty, for the crime of murder, upon telepathic scan, I find you guilty, there are more crimes of course, but those two were committed while a resident of this facility.” Pointing to the seventeen year old and the other sixteen year olds, “Your crimes are the same, while a resident of this facility and each and every one of you committed these crimes gladly and looked forward to doing so again and again. I sentence you to death; you shall be removed from the gene pool, sentence to be carried out immediately.”



Before Friedrich could move over and use his weapon to carry out the sentence, three Shaolin moved over and quickly grabbed hold of the teens, and with a quick twist they breathed their last, with tears in their eyes, they walked over and knelt in front of Kevin and Tim.



“To take a life is a heavy burden, even knowing it is by someone else’s orders,” Kevin placed a hand on the closest Shaolin’s temple and closed his eyes, while Tim did the same for the one closest to him while Friedrich did the same for the one next to him, several minutes were spent mind to mind helping them to deal with their actions.



Leaving his hand on the Shaolin, Kevin opened his eyes and looked up to the Marine Sergeant, “Strip this place of every record and trace back the money from the warden, and seize it, it is time we went home.”



“Right away young Lord,” the Sergeant snapped to attention as the two Clan members along with their guards and the Shaolin ported out. “Right, you heard him, let’s get this finished quickly.”



Victoria stared at the empty triage room, so much hurt and suffering she thought, as she held onto her husband’s arm. Glancing up at the weary young leader, Victoria smiled at him and her family as he thanked them.



“Well done everyone,” Aaron smiled tiredly, as he set the cleaning cycle for the triage pod.



“Secure from Disaster Stations…”



“Have someone monitor the trauma pod as normal and I need a shower and a nap,” Aaron smiled at the visiting royals, “Sorry about your nice relaxing weekend, but thank you for the help, I’ll stop back after dinner and we can catch up.” giving one last wave, Aaron ported to the Clan Hall and headed for his shower so he could get clean enough for a hot soak.



After a quick shower only long enough to get clean, Aaron grabbed a box of energy donuts and a couple of bottles of energy drinks and walked over to the hot spring munching a donut on the way, once there, he carefully placed the drinks and the donuts near the waterfall and eased his tired body into the warm water. Once he had dunked his head he picked up one of the drinks and popped the cap before swallowing half the bottle in on go and grabbing another donut. After half an hour and five and a half donuts, Aaron was finally tired enough to nap and dragged himself out of the hot spring and went around the corner behind the artificial waterfall to a small hidden clearing that was only big enough to hold a hammock, and after climbing in, he fell asleep.



A couple of hours later there was a search party out looking for Aaron, they knew he was sleeping by the light mental contact they had attempted. Not wanting to wake him up, they started to look around when they did not find him in his bed Tim and Kevin started to search around the Hall and the more they looked, the more they worried as they were not finding him anywhere. Spotting Kenny walking towards them with a red box and several empty red bottles, Kevin called out, “Hey Kenny where did you find all that?”



Smiling, Kenny gestured with his head behind him, “I thought I would be nice and clean this up for Aaron so when he woke up he would not have to worry about it, he left it neatly piled next to the hot spring.” Grinning, Kenny stopped in front of them, “I left Doug and Pat curled up next to Aaron on the hammock, even though we can’t have sex with Aaron, I think I’m going to ask that we be able to share his bed at night.” Staring at Kevin and Tim seriously, “We want our turn. We might not be having sex, but we want to be close and cuddle like everyone else.”



Tim looked at Kevin and pulled Kenny close, “I guess we have been kind of ignoring the three of you haven’t we, I guess it is because we know we can’t do anything sex wise with the three of you and we ignore you. Tell you what, if you want to share my bed even if I’m having sex with someone else, you can, just know you can never go further than touching and we’ll be fine. I’ll talk to everyone else so you won’t feel ignored anymore; you just have to let us know about things we do without thinking about it, okay?”



Kenny grinned like he won the biggest prize at the fair, “Great!” he squealed in delight, before rushing off to dump the trash in the recycler bin.



Laughing at Kenny who was running down the path, Kevin stopped and looked down the way Kenny had come from, “Out of curiosity, since when has there been a hammock by the hot spring?”



“There wasn’t one there last night; in fact there is nowhere to hook one up at, near the hot spring,” Tim sounded confused.



“I beg to differ, there is a large hammock behind the waterfall,” Xon had heard them talking and expanded their knowledge. “I find the concept of hammocks to be fascinating; they do not have an equivalent on Katha’. And I found them to be quite comfortable.”



“I guess we truly never explored the Hall, did we?” Kevin looked sheepish as he looked at Xon and then Tim, “I guess Tyler and Andrew can wait until after supper,” laughing at the thought, “Though they are about to burst, not being able to have sex, saving it all for the baby making process.”



Aaron slowly started to wake up, stretching slightly he noticed to small bodies curled up on either side of him, opening his eyes, he smiled as he saw both Pat and Doug cuddling one of his legs each. Squeezing them slightly in a hug which caused them to lift their heads up and look at him, “Well, fancy meeting you two here, did you decide to take a nap too or just climb in to keep me company?”



“I don’t think we fell asleep, we just wanted to be close to you like this,” Pat whispered afraid that he would be told off.



Pulling them closer to his body after hearing the fear in their minds, Aaron noticed they both were very hard and their erections were pressing into his thighs. “I’m not mad at either of you; it was nice waking up to someone cuddled up next to me like this. I’m going to get up and go round Tyler and Andrew up before they blow up from not being able to cum,” giggling as he pulled the two close again, “I’ll let the two of you take care of those stiff woodies,” Kissing each of them on the lips, Aaron picked Pat up and deposited him on top of Doug while they both giggled, then he carefully got off the hammock.



Chuckling as the two grabbed onto each other and started to kiss each other with passion, Aaron threw them a cautionary reminder, over his shoulder, as he rounded the waterfall, “Just be careful not to roll around too much, or you’ll end up on the ground; trust me it can hurt.”



Feeling refreshed, Aaron walked down the path and smiled as he came to the dining hall and saw Tyler and Andrew holding hands across the table from each other. “Hi guys, are you ready to get this over with so you can have unlimited fun?” he laughed as they both jumped up from the table, then he smiled as he saw that Tyler was rock hard and leaking pretty badly and Andrew looked to be in some distress too. “Sorry guys, but the situation we had this morning was not expected; let’s get those taken care of so you can be more comfortable.”



Waving at the two of them to follow him, Aaron made his way to the med bay and instead of going around the corner, Aaron placed his hand on the panel near the bend and a door opened up, smiling as he looked around the room and the dozen or so incubators humming along in standby, just waiting to be put to use, he walked over to the far end of the room and glanced at the monitor for the incubator that he had prepped the day before. Checking the monitor next to the small workstation, he smiled as there were an even dozen egg cells produced from the sample from Tyler yesterday, deciding that maybe he should do a 'just in case', he glanced over to Tyler, “Tyler before we begin with Andrew, I’m going to ask you to donate a sperm sample we can place in stasis, just in case.”



“O…kay, what do I have to do and is it going to hurt,” Tyler glanced back to Andrew for support.



“I assure you it won’t hurt; quite the opposite, you will enjoy it very much and it will take the edge off so you and Andrew will enjoy yourselves longer,” Aaron prepped a sample container, turned around and held it up, “Simple, I am going to catch your cum in this container and Andrew is going to toss you off while I kiss you senseless.”



Tyler, slightly glazed looking, nodded his head as a grinning Andrew reached around about the time Aaron placed the container over the head of his erection and started to stroke him while Aaron carefully kept the container steady and kissed Tyler in a way that the young man thought he was trying to climb inside him through his mouth. Tyler was so horny from not being able to do anything all night and most of the day that he screamed in Aarons mouth as he came after seven strokes.



Careful not to spill any of the contents of the sample container, Aaron moved it out of the way and pressed his body against Tyler’s so that between Andrew and him they kept Tyler on his feet as he panted and rode the after effects of his climax. Once Tyler was steady on his feet, Aaron moved back to the workstation, capped the sample and made sure there was no air left inside before labeling it and placing it in the holder that would move it to the stasis chamber.



Setting the console so it would fertilize two of the eggs and place the others in stasis, Aaron turned around so he was facing Tyler and smiled, “Better now,” after getting a happy smile and nod, “Good, then you will definitely be able to last longer as you make love to Andrew.”



Removing another sample cup from the station, Aaron approached his lovers again, “Alright here is how are going to do this, Andrew will be in front while Tyler is behind, Tyler you will enter him and make love to him, after he cum’s the first time, you can change position if you want. I would like to catch at least the contents of two orgasms before I process the sperm for fertilization, of course, the two of you can go at it as many times as you want, but every orgasm must be caught until I say otherwise, understand?”


Handing some lube to Tyler, Aaron screwed the sample cup to the long tube he was going to encase Andrew's hard penis in and moved kneeling down and with a wet gauze pad cleaned Andrew's cock which caused it to dribble out some more pre-cum before he slowly inserted the tub onto Andrews cock and ran the strap around the teen's back, before fastening to the other side of the tube; that way it would not come loose. Fondling Andrews’s very full balls gently, Aaron heard him gasp in pleasure as Tyler started to finger him so he would be loose enough for him to enter.



Andrew gasped out in pleasure as he felt Tyler’s hard cock enter him slowly, groaning out as Tyler’s cock touched that place deep inside that heightened pleasure, he wildly looked around as Tyler started to slowly thrust in and out of him while his hands were playing with his nipples. Eyes locking on Aaron who was smiling and hard as well, as he stood waiting and watching Andrew growled out in lust, “Gods above, join in.”



Aaron smiled as he moved closer and when he was in arms reach Andrew reached over bending at the waist and swallowed him in one swoop, closing his eyes as Andrew’s started to suck him and twirling his tongue around the head of his cock. Holding onto Andrew's head as he moved in and out of his mouth Aaron noticed Andrew stiffen and moan as he shot his cum into the container without being touched because of being so aroused from having Tyler inside him while he was sucking off Aaron.



Tyler was thankful that Aaron had let him cum as he felt Andrew shoot his load; his prostate was so engorged when Andrew came, it almost forced him out and he worked hard at thrusting in and out without being expelled. Leaning forward over Andrew’s back, he kissed Aaron, trading tongues for a while before he released him because it was too hard to really thrust inside Andrew in that position.



Feeling himself get close, Aaron held back as long as he could before filling Andrew’s eager mouth several times as he let the feelings wash over him and so powerful was his orgasm that he broadcast it to the others and at the same time Andrew came a second time along with Tyler.



Pulling Andrew off his hard cock, Aaron brought his head to Andrew's and kissed him hard and fast trying to get the remains of his seed from Andrew’s mouth before he swallowed the last of it, once he was sure he had swallowed every trace of himself, Aaron smiled and pulled back as Tyler thrust in and out slowly in his afterglow, something he had picked up from Aaron as a way to stay very hard and enjoy the afterglow until it was time to start again.



Quickly changing sample containers, Aaron held up the vial that was half full and resisted the urge to down it in one go, as it was the sacred seed of one of his lovers, placing the container in the proper section of the workstation, He sat down and tried to ignore the sounds of thrusting and sex on the other side of the console as he watched the system cleanse all X chromosome sperm from Andrew’s sample so the only thing left would be Y chromosome sperm. Once the sperm had been cleaned, he used the servos to place half the sperm sample in the insemination chamber and watched the monitor as the sperm took off like it was in a race towards the two eggs he placed in the insemination chamber.



Andrew was fascinated as he watched the monitor on the wall, there was his sperm traveling towards the eggs from Tyler, it made it more erotic to feel one of his lovers inside him thrusting in and out as he watched the sperm make contact finally with the eggs and try their best to be the winner by piercing the covering. Finally, the race was won and he smiled as he felt himself getting close as he watched his sperm pierce the eggs created from his lover, leaning back against Tyler, he reached around and pulled both their mouths together in a passionate kiss just as the second egg was pierced by his sperm and shuddered as he shot another offering into the waiting container.



Aaron used the tiny joystick to separate the two fertilized eggs and tried very hard to ignore the climax he heard coming from Andrew and noticed the second egg was much stronger of the two as it was already dividing and nudged that one to the side where it could be implanted into the incubator while moving the first egg to the area where it would be placed in stasis once it was in the middle of dividing. Once the system activated and moved both eggs, Aaron watched the monitor to ensure that there was capture to the womb wall and smiled as the eggs not only attached but seemed to divide once more and the artificial womb started to grow around the egg, assured that implantation had occurred, he dumped the insemination chambers contents, after making sure the first egg had been transferred. Standing up, Aaron released the band to the tube and slid it off Andrews semi hard cock as the two of them stood there panting, covered in sweat. Quickly transferring the contents into the system so it could be processed for stasis, he hesitated for a moment before picking up another small device to collect an internal sample from Andrew to be able to create eggs from, and quickly, while Andrew was off in bliss, collected what was needed before returning it to the workstation and started the routine that would create eggs from the sample and then programmed it to place the eggs, once mature, in stasis.



Finished, Aaron turned around and noticed they now had an audience, Pete and Edward had come in while his back was turned, and Pete was caressing one of the incubators lovingly while at the same time looking wistful. “Hello, you two,” walking over to Pete, Aaron pulled him into a hug and kissed him. “What’s on your mind, Love, going broody on me?” he said it in a half joking manor, so Pete could have an out if he wanted.



“Is that silly of me wishing that my son was growing inside here right now,” Pete looked up at Aaron, before looking back at the incubator.



“No, not at all,” Aaron kissed Pete on the lips gently, “Do you want a son now; we don’t have to wait until later, we can certainly do it now if that’s what you want; you just have to let me know who you want to be the other father of your first son and for them to agree.”



Edward was standing in front of the monitor watching the group of cells divide on the monitor, “I can understand where Pete is coming from,” he whispered. Pointing up to the monitor, “My little brother is going to have a son before I do, I know that the embryo will be placed in stasis and he will be born later, but still, there he is, my nephew.” Feeling his brother place a hand on his shoulder, Edward looked at him, “I am jealous of you right now, more so than I thought I would be.”



“I am sorry, Edward, but I do not understand, not really,” Andrew looked into his brother's eyes and hoped he was not about to lose his brother.



“Don’t be Andrew, you have found something very special here and I’m happy for you,” Edward pulled Andrew into a tight embrace.



“Is having sex with us causing you problems, Edward?” Aaron asked quietly and seeing the panicked look in Edward’s expression took the few steps needed to pull him in tight.


Panicked, Edward in a small voice cried out, “Please…gods please don’t throw me out, don’t stop loving me.”



Aaron, pulling Edward in close, picked the distraught teen's head up so he could meet his eyes, “Never…never will we stop loving you,” his voice was forceful before he kissed Edward, showing him every bit of love and passion he had for the teen. Pulling Edward totally into his own arms, Aaron finished the kiss and looked him deep in the eyes, “You are part of us, now; even when you have to leave us when you get married, you will still be part of our hearts.”



Edward, with tears in his eyes shook his head before laying it on Aaron’s chest and sobbing, he did not understand, not completely, he thought, but then again he was not making sense picking his head up off Aaron’s chest, Edward glanced back over his shoulder up at the monitor and desperately wanted that to be his son up there, a son that would be able to belong where he was forbidden by duty of belonging.



Aaron picked up on Edward's thought and kissing his neck to get his attention, “Edward, think about it that is not the way to…”



“I have thought about it,” Edward almost growled out, as he faced Aaron, “I’ve thought of nothing else all week and I do know what I am talking about.” Pointing to the group of cells doing its best to generate a new life, Edward looked back at Aaron intensely, “I want my son to be part of something duty will not allow me to have, I want my son to be Clan and I want you to be the father.”




Bill Tides strode into the state house rotunda and nodded to the guards at the front door, it was to be an emergency meeting between every state lawmaker on both sides of the political arena and the state supreme court. Standing in the center of the chamber, Bill looked around the gathered politicians and all the empty seats that had been the results of his testing of the upper end of government by telepaths. The Alteran telepaths had spent the day separating those with the best interests of the people, and the criminals taking almost half of their number from them, they lay in the jail infirmary right now, recovering from the painful experience as the prosecutors tallied all the charges against them. Before the silence had gotten oppressive, he spoke, “I want to start by first being truthful to all of you, yesterday, as I sat glued to my television as reports from New York rolled across the air waves, I felt superior and smug, assured that we were better than our counterparts on the east coast, I felt smug in the knowledge that by bringing in telepaths to test us, we would pass with only a few members being found wanting.”



Glancing to his right at the court justices, Bill continued, “Time and time again, I took delight in the failings of those in New York, as I knew without doubt we were better, using the proof that Aaron had made his first embassy in the outside world, here in San Francisco. I knew we had problems in some of our departments, like the highway patrol and police departments, but I did not even consider, to my shame, problems in the highest ranks of government.” He stared at the three empty supreme court seats, before glancing back to the rest of the room, “I was assured in my mind at least, that once the telepaths scanned everyone and had proven how forward thinking we were and that we had the best interests of our people in our hearts, I would be able to win the agreement to have a hospital like the one being built in England right now built here in San Francisco. And along with the hospital, we would be the focal point for the influx of millions of dollars in revenue. Our state would be the envy of the country as we ushered in the future.”



Dipping his head in shame as he looked to the Floor, Bill shook his head sadly, “My arrogance was roughly slapped off of my face this afternoon, when the telepaths winnowed our numbers down by half, and for that, I am ashamed, and I apologize. If there is one thing I have learned from this, it is that I have to model my behavior to those from Clan Stranton who lead their Kingdom, they truly lead from the front…always.” Lifting his head so they all could see the determination in his face, “And here and now, I vow to all of you to lead like I should have been all along, we all know why we are here tonight instead of on our way home to our families, so the question I have to ask before turning it over to the justices is, does anyone not want to go through with the proposed plan?”



After several minutes, Bill looked around, “Anyone? Is there no one that is not in agreement then?”



Finally, an elderly statesman stood up and walked down the steps towards the rotunda floor, holding up his hand at the surprised whispers and murmurs, “I am not saying I am against the plan, but before we talk legalities, I would ask that we be brought up to date with the happenings in New York, especially those involving crime.”



Chief Justice Alexander stood up, “What we do know is mostly from watching the news broadcasts, the slight information that has been passed on through the government channels that have not made it to the media yet are as follows.

Of the quarter million police officers, whether state, local or county thirty percent of them overall or seventy five thousand have been removed from duty for cause.

The numbers coming in from the judicial side are not complete, but it looks like roughly fifty percent were removed for cause and as much as thirty five percent executed on the spot.

There was one incident of a riot and it was put down immediately and the participants tried on the spot after telepathic examination and they were dealt with harshly under Alteran law.

The youth detention facilities were emptied of youths that should never have been placed there in the first place, but the laws created by politicians gave the judge no other choice but to put them there, and roughly a third of those in juvenile facilities were never convicted in the first place, but simply placed there by children’s services and forgotten about as it was easier than dealing with the children.

On the upside, in the past forty hours, there has not been a single crime reported, not saying that there has been no crime, but people interviewed are saying that it would be suicide to commit any crimes against others, under Alteran law,

Also in the same vein, the average citizen while grumbling about being invaded like they had been, have turned their opinion around completely as each episode of abuse of powers was revealed and verified, then telepathically proven to the world beyond any doubt.

By the time it was revealed what the state had done to the children in its care; ninety percent of all registered voters were demanding that every government employee in the state be scanned by telepaths all the way down to school teachers. And I fear when it comes down to it, our heads will roll if we do not show the public we are willing to go as far as the Alteran’s have in New York, when we clean up our own state.”



Bill looked at his one time political rival, “Do you wish to speak up against this motion then, Frances?”



Shaking his head no, Frances looked back at his colleagues, “No, quite the opposite, but I wanted it read into the record what we are letting ourselves in for, so later on, no one could say that they were not aware of what was involved.” Sighing, he stepped next to Bill, “Most of you know that my grandson has been missing for the past three days. What no one knows yet is that the Marshal’s have found him at the very police station we went to three day ago looking for help in finding him. They had arrested my grandson, stripped searched him and did a full cavity search on him before tossing him in a cell full of adults, naked without protection.”



A lone tear ran down Frances' face as he recalled the horror of his grandson’s ordeal, “He was there the whole time and in that holding cell where he was raped countless times, and before anyone even thinks they did not know who he was or that he was sixteen, they had his driver’s license out of his wallet in the evidence bag. His crime was…” he struggled to get the words out, “his crime was listed as jaywalking in a gay section of town on his way home from school.”



“As soon as we finish here, I am personally going to go to the Alteran docks or call it an embassy if you want, and ask for asylum for my grandson and medical help, and if the vote is against the motion, I shall go home and get my gun out of the safe and find the officers that did this to my grandson and kill them myself,” Frances glared at his colleague’s with a steeled determination on his face. “This barbarity can not and should not go on any longer and this is our chance to make things right, for the people that elected us to see that their rights were guarded.”



“I’m sorry Frances, for the suffering your grandson went through if you want, when the vote is taken, I can call someone that can get hold of his Majesty for you,” Bill offered, as he was horrified to hear what had happened to an innocent teen just because he was in the wrong place, and he knew that without change brought from the outside, nothing really would be done about it.



Standing up straight, Bill glanced around the room, “Does anyone else wish to say anything before we vote? No one?” stepping forward, Bill rapped the microphone several times, “Then at this time, I would invite everyone to vote. And I must remind everyone that all three branches of government must be in agreement,” Bill told them, as he pushed his key into the slot and twisted it activating his vote for the motion.



One by one the representative pulled their keys out and slotted them into the desks in front of them, for the first time in the history of the governing body of California, there was no debate, no rhetoric, just a quiet determination to do what was right not what was easiest for them to stay in control.



Bill looked at the screen and there were no negative votes by the justices, then he looked at the legislative branch, the branch that held the state assembly and the senate and again there was not a single negative vote and to his surprise there was not a single vote to abstain. Tapping the microphone once again, Bill spoke clearly, “It is the unanimous decision of all three branches of the State of California’s government to send a notice of secession to the United States Government, and herby petition for declaration of territorial status to the Kingdom of Altare.”





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