Chapter 48


                                                Chapter 48



Aaron was sitting down outside the command and control center, eating lunch with all of his lovers. They had finished an inspection of the surrounding vegetable farms and after they finished eating, they were going to split up to handle the tropical farms and the livestock. So far Tommy was disappointed that there were no aquaculture facilities anywhere on the planet, though he was eager to start building facilities to his specifications, he just needed to pick a location for his project.



Tapping a spot on the map, Aaron smiled, “Here, this is where your facility should be built Tommy, this island on Earth would be Puerto Rico. Everything needed is on this one island, a source of fresh water along with a closeness to the sea ,along with an average daily temperature around eighty two. The other good thing is that no other farms have been set up here so we can transfer over all of our farms to this island easily.”



“So we build another command and control center there,” Mark looked at the map before looking at Aaron, “We might as well build our poultry facilities there too, that way we are not constantly porting all over the place.”



“We still need to bring into production the hog facilities, you know we should build permanent housing near all these stations, after all, not everyone is going to want to port back and forth each day, Xon mentioned something about replicating the hidden temple the Shaolin lived in, why can’t we build it over here,” Brian stabbed his finger in the middle of the map in what back home was the middle of Europe.



“I suppose that has possibilities, we can always ask,” Aaron agreed before glancing around and catching Tzu’s eye and motioning him over, “Tzu, can you spare a minute?”



“You have need of me, Prime?” Tzu bowed slightly after walking over.



I guess it is too soon to expect miracles, no matter how many times I ask them to call me by name in private. Sighing, Aaron smiled, “We’ve been discussing the Farm and the possibility of building permanent residences here on the fifth planet. One of the things that was brought up is that maybe the Shaolin might like having their temple rebuilt here on the farm planet instead of Altare Prime itself, or the possibility of building it on both,” the last came to him as he was explaining things to Tzu.



Tzu looked down at the map and wondered why they had Earth’s map on the table, leaning closer he saw markings that on real close inspection told him that this was a map of this world. Standing up abruptly and stumbling back, he whispered in shock, “How is this possible.”



“A very advanced form of terra forming, something that you will learn the history behind, once you have had your DNA repaired and acknowledge the racial secrets, I expect,” Aaron looked over at Brian who had a funny expression on his face. Looking skyward, suddenly Aaron felt Xon’s presence in the system and smiled, “looks like Xon finished early, seems he just…” he trailed off as he felt the anguish as the control Xon held over himself start to crack.



Tzu looked around at the spot Aaron had been sitting in a moment before, taking in the expressions on the others' faces, “Is everything alright?”



Smiling weakly Mark faced Tzu, “It will be. While we were here, Xon faced his ordeal and Aaron went to help him deal with it, it was not an easy one.”



Curious, Tzu put off his questions, he could ask someone later about what an ordeal involved, “The elders had mentioned this question might arise, and their response was the Shaolin would prefer not to live in a temple any longer, instead adopting Alteran living arrangements, and they have found your apartment floor plans to be most ideal. There is also the fact that our hidden valley retreat originally had a very mild climate much like that of northern Florida. For the most part though, I would imagine all of my brethren that will wish to work this wonderful planet would choose to travel home each night, only spending the night when needed for the birthing of livestock.”



Aaron appeared on the gestalt deck of the Reliant and crossed the deck reaching Xon, placing his hands on either side of Xon’s head Aaron leaned forward so their foreheads were touching and closed his eyes as he linked their minds and quickly bolstered Xon’s mental control. “We will deal with this together, love,” several minutes went by as Aaron relived with Xon, the events that led up to his ordeal. Slowing down the memories as he helped Xon examine and deal with each emotion that popped up, Aaron sent love and pride to Xon as he slowly identified and mastered the emotions that he had no memory of ever experiencing before.



Half an hour later Joe sat there watching and was really starting to get worried, he remembered that Aaron spent ten minutes or so with each of the others that had passed their ordeal, he had to wonder what Xon had seen in those scumbags' minds that would cause him to have to spend so much time helping Xon deal with what happened.



Opening his eyes, Aaron smiled and kissed Xon, “I am very proud of you Xon Stranton.”



Xon’s smile turned into a grin, this tremendous warm feeling centered in his chest hearing Aaron claim him as a Stranton, holding Aaron tight Xon smiled at Joe and the rest of the bridge crew as he pulled his P.A.D.D., or attempted to and found he had not attached it when he dressed in his battle armor. Kissing Aaron one more time he whispered, “I need to change and find out how much of the crops were successfully placed in the transporter buffers. There might have even been time to finish the scans of the temple along with its removal.”



“Go on, I’ll join you down there in a few minutes,” Aaron slapped his butt with a smile and watched him port out, once he was gone he looked over at Joe and dropped the smile, “Are there any other surprises I need to know about back on Earth or will I finally be able to enjoy a day off for the most part?”



Joe stared at Aaron for a moment before grinning, the grin turned infectious and then into laughter, snorting after gaining control, “Yeah right, a day off with no problems cropping up. Listen Aaron, this is you we are talking about, I don’t think there is a single place in this universe where you could hide for that to happen.” Settling down, Joe got up and walked across the command deck so they would not be overheard, “I couldn’t help but notice you spent longer with Xon than all the others, was it really that bad? If so, maybe I should go back and hold a captains mast on that town.”



“Don’t bother; I’m thinking about having a worldwide press conference or something soon, I’ll deal with it then. As far as why it took so long, Xon has no memory of ever experiencing emotions. We all grew up with emotions and had years to identify and master them, all of a sudden they are hitting Xon and he had no clue, so it took a bit longer as I helped him deal with the new emotions.” Aaron smiled as he picked up on a conversation between Xon and Brian, “Off duty personal are more than welcome to port down below for a look around, though if any of them get near any of my guys they might get pressed into work. Actually we got an impressive amount of work done this morning, now it’s a matter of a visual inspection and a few other things then we're good to go, for today at least.”



“Let me tell the crew they can go have some fun and stretch their legs and then I might stop by downside while we're here and meet up with you,” Joe waved at Aaron right before he ported away.



Arriving in the middle of the cargo hold where Xon had set up his replication transport team, Aaron was impressed. Gazing around, he noticed right away strange collectors hovering in one spot, these had some strange spiral dish like apparatus attached to one end and what looked like a flexible arm that was coiled around the middle of the device. Moving closer, Aaron studied the collector from different angles as he tried to figure out what was so different about it, studying the tip of the flexible arm he knew he had seen something similar to the emitter on the end of the flexible arm, thinking back to when he had paid attention to the devices in the assembly area he recognized it, yet he could not put his finger on it, not quite.



Feeling a hand touch his shoulder, Aaron smiled as he turned to face Kevin, “Well hello love, finished digging around in the mainframe system already, I figured we would have to drag you away with threats of no nookie to get you to leave.”



Giggling, Kevin kissed Aaron and pulled him back to where Pete and Tim were talking to Xon, “I got finished early, actually it was pretty easy as I had Corry connect and transfer all files to the system in the Clan Compound. There is a real time link right now, so the mainframe will be up to date. We can talk about this later, right now, Xon wants to show you one of his new inventions, you already were studying the one end, so I’ll let him explain what he built after talking to Pete.”



Feeling the pride in achievement radiating out from Xon, Aaron tilted his head and looked over his shoulder as he pointed behind him, “Okay, what are those things and why is everyone so excited about them, on top of being tight lipped?”



Pete grinned and pushed Xon in front of him all the way across the deck until they met up with Aaron, giggling the whole way.



“Excited much,” Aaron laughed before shaking his finger at one of his giggling lovers, “Pete, give Xon a chance to tell me what has all of you excited. Good grief, if this keeps up Xon will declare you bottom for the rest of the week.” Seeing the thoughtful grinning look on Pete’s face, Aaron finally chuckled, “All right, give, why so thoughtful, what scheme are you cooking up now?”



“Nothing…” Pete smiled shyly, before in a serious expression he told them, “I was just trying to come up with the drawbacks of being declared a bottom for the rest of the week,” grinning devilishly, he stepped back out of arm's reach, “can’t think of a single one so far,” he laughed.


Tim snuck up behind Pete who was giggling like mad and whacked him on the back of the head when Aaron smiled and nodded at him. “Thank you Tim, for your timely assistance,” Aaron pulled Xon close and hugged him, “Now love…” Aaron turned him around so he was in front of him, Xon’s back to his chest and pointed at the floating six collectors, his arm coming up under Xon’s. “Now, tell me what those things are and why everyone is so excited seeing them.”



“Pete and I have been discussing various means of replicating bigger and bigger projects, without the limitation of the replication chamber. If you remember even you once asked how big of a project we could replicate and with your provided solution of using the molecular welder as we replicated the project in sections.” Xon pointed to the hovering collectors. “These mobile replication builders are the answer we finally came up with, as a team they can flawlessly re-create any size project. This model is the logical conclusion to the prototype we built, as a proof of concept the smaller version served its purpose but these will be what we deploy.”



“This is so cool,” Pete jumped to the side and waved for them to follow him around the pile of dense matter bricks, “Come on you’ve got to see this.” His voice came from the other side of the blocks, “We tested it right before you showed up and it works like a charm.”



Following the excited hyper SCIFI nut around the corner, Aaron stopped, looking at the people carrier on the deck before him he slowly approached it and touched the transparent top and saw two rows of three seats across separated by an aisle, letting his eyes travel backwards as he counted, he added up twelve rows, this thing would transport seventy two people at once. Examining the design he noticed that it could be sealed making the environment inside separate from outside, a good thing for porting to space stations or fleet vessels, if the atmosphere happened to be breached the people inside would survive. Pulling his scanner out Aaron started to run detailed scans and was very impressed with what he was finding.



Smirking, Pete rushed up and tugged at Aarons arm, “That’s not the best part; the new MRB built this in five minutes, five minutes. That included all the life support systems, and this pod will fit in the cradles aboard the stations.”



“Astonishing,” Aaron made sure no one was around before he kinetically picked it up, “So light and actually the perfect shape and weight to be ported, I could easily handle two of these fully loaded.” Letting the people carrier settle back down in the cradle, Aaron looked around and noticed the gestalt chair over by the one wall, moving over there he saw right away that from this seat, he could see both the open deck where the carrier cradle was and the replication suite. Grinning as he sat down, Aaron looked over at everyone who had followed him still smiling in excitement, “Well this one is about to go over to Centauri Station, after that, if you don’t mind, I would like to see you make another and see it be built first hand. I think we will use them to build a duplicate suite down at the command and control center on the Farm planet. Tell me, what’s their range before they lose signal?”



“Do you wish to know if they will work from orbit, if so, the answer is yes they were designed to be directed from the replication suite here on board the Reliant,” Xon moved over to Aaron’s side, curious, as the people carrier disappeared as Aaron ported it over to the station.



“I was thinking after I watch the MRB’s creating another people pod,” Aaron smirked at Pete who scrunched up his face and said, “Ew, please, that is so pod people-ish.”



Laughing, Aaron glanced around, “It’s a shame really Pete, only the two of us get the reference about pod people. Okay, let’s see this invention work and if it does what I think, we can get into what I want to do next.”



“As you wish,” Xon nodded slightly, before walking so his team could see him clearly, “Initiate carrier replication alpha seven…activate.”



Aaron watched in amazement as the six MRB units flew over to the work area and a small familiar collector followed behind for a short distance before zipping sideways and hovering over one of the dense matter bricks. The six MRB’s seemed to zoom back and forth as material was created under them and the hot blue glow from the one arm that snaked back and forth over the newly created material, molding and welding the molecular bonds of the pieces together. All too soon the floor and life support equipment were in place and a floor appeared on top of it as four of the MSB’s split off and started to create the sides of the carrier while the other two created the seats inside.



As the six MRB’s and the linked collector started back for the staging area, Aaron went over and examined the carrier and tested its system before glancing back at the grinning Clan and Xon’s team. “Well two things. I have the coordinates for you to transport plant the groves and trees you snagged from the hidden valley, and then as one of your teams initiates that, I would like you to design and build a larger replicator suite down next to the command and control center on the farm below us, the ability of this new replicator system is going to be essential to my plans,” Aaron grinned as he moved back and sat down in the gestalt chair as Kevin and Pete high fived each other while Tim came over and sat down on his lap.



Nodding once, Xon moved over to the console, “I envisioned you might wish something like this, how big of a replication suite are you wishing me to build?”



Powering up the gestalt Aaron searched thoroughly below, finding no one in the area by the south end of the command and control center he started to port down the dense matter bricks, double checking to make sure no one was in the area before each port, out of the ten sitting there he left three. “I think I would like it to be able to control three sets of MRB’s, so how about three stations and if you could make the sides of the building transparent with a door to the outside and a door leading into the command center.” Thinking for a moment, “you know you'd better make sure it had its own independent power source, so a vault underneath the new replicator suite will be needed.”


Swiveling the chair around so he could see Xon Aaron grinned at him, “If there is time, I would like one built here on the farm and one built just like it at the Clan compound, and each of the stations will need a replicator suite.” Hugging Tim tight as he thought about it, “Tommy is really going to go ballistic in happiness when he finds out he can build his aquaculture facilities,” glancing at the clock he smiled, “There are two and half hours left before we planned to go back home; how long do you think it will take to build the replication center down below?”



“The actual work will not take long, point five hours at most, the programming to design the facility should take a significantly shorter amount of time,” Xon moved off to the console to start work, leaving Aaron to stare at his retreating back. Stopping before sitting down, Xon faced his lover, “If you would give me the coordinates for the transporter team, they shall get started while I work on this.”



Almost laughing at Xon’s single mindedness, Aaron nevertheless stood up and walked over to the smiling transporter team and pulled up a section of map showing the coastline and the empty field, “Brian chose this area, it looks like it was recently cleared by a fire so it should be perfect, he plans to send a swarm of the worker bots as he calls them over there as soon as you transport down the trees and plants.”



“Aaron, may I have your permission to synch two type one reactors together in the sub basement of the replication center, this will ensure that there is more than enough power to run the design you are requesting,” Xon called out as Aaron walked back over to his seat after the transporter techs started to reintegrate the buffered plants on the surface.



Aaron thought for several moments, gazing at the wall where the MRB’s were hovering, “You don’t wish to tie the system into the local power grid?”



“With most of the equipment in standby mode the local grid is at full capacity now, the incorporation of two type one reactors instead of type two or one of each shall alleviate the power drain. Once the farms go to full production there will be a power shortage under the current configuration.” Xon answered the question as he pulled up power consumption figures if Aaron would ask for them.



“Go ahead then, if there is a need for more power, might as well make sure all future needs are met at once, “Aaron  decided they'd better be proactive on power needs, “Tim how did your trip to the fleet docks go?”



“You do know they hollowed out a moon don’t you,” Tim looked at Aaron strangely, “I never made it past the command center; that was the only thing that had power or air.”



Aaron looked back at Tim and groaned, “I suppose I have to unlock the systems that will power all of them up, meaning I have to go over there myself or back to the Core, which reminds me. Xon, if you installed this type of replicator suite at the fleet dock and had the schematics and plans for those vessels over there, how long do you think it would take to retrofit them with the Confederation style upgrades you planned for the Reliant?” pulling Tim into his lap for a hug, “How many ships are we talking about anyway, Tim?”



“Indeed, that factor will be needed in my determination of a tentative timeline for upgrades,” Xon moved over and smiled as he pointed to the hovering MRB’s, “The design is locked in and all that is needed is to port the mobile replicator builders to the planet’s surface.”



Pulling up power from the gestalt, Aaron felt for the hovering MRB’s and ported them down to the planet’s surface.



“Thirty, all total, there are thirty Ships about the size of an Areas class sub,” Tim used the touchpad to bring up the views of the fleet docks so everyone could see what he found.


Aaron…” Mark's slightly confused and worried message reached him, “Um, not to bother you or anything, but there are several large flying drone looking robots doing some weird stuff to the command and control center, their digging this huge ass hole and laying what looks like a foundation and floor.”



Relax Mark, that’s the new and improved version of Xon and Pete’s replicator system, it is going to build a copy of itself down there and increase the power available, we’ll be down in a few minutes.” Aaron pathed back and smiled, “Seems Mark and a few others are back and they noticed your mobile replicators, he called them big assed flying robot things.”



“I shall have to educate him on the proper nomenclature of the naming system then,” Xon told them, with a twinkle in his eye. “The transporter team will finish beaming down and clearing the buffers in one point three hours.”



Tim looked up from Aaron’s lap, “Won’t we just be spreading diseases and bugs from our earth to this one, I mean you transported those trees and everything, they had to have at least bees and bugs on them.”



“Normally you would be correct. But after discussions with Kevin and Fred, I created and applied filters to the transporter data stream, anything not part of the targets DNA profile was left out. It was very easy to filter out disease or viral infections,” Xon told them, gazing into Tim’s eyes and smiling.



Giving Tim a goose, so he could stand, Aaron held his comments until after they ported down to the planet’s surface, “Let’s go join the others.” Once down on the planet’s surface, he was still thinking over possibilities as they walked up to the area where all the youngsters were watching the building going up in awe. Not being able to go through the crowd without greeting the kids and giving and receiving hugs gave him the time needed to get his thoughts in order. “Xon, had the Confederation or Kathat scientists attempt to use the transporter technology as a healing device, as a way to filter out disease causing organisms or viral infections?”



Watching his creations do their job flawlessly, Xon thought about what he was asked and searched his memories, “No. As Pete once told me, Confederation and Kathat scientists are single minded and do not consider the full implications of the technology they had invented.  They invented the transporter as a means to travel back and forth from starships to the planet’s surface and after perfecting them for that, never considered anything else.” Turning away from the MRB’s, Xon had a pensive expression on his face, “What I did to the transporters was not even a modification, only a tightening of the programming of the standard decontamination scan. Telling the system to consider the new disease and insect profiles we uploaded as contaminates, this has many possibilities for other applications, now that I am thinking of other uses.”



“We’ll have to have a long discussion, but for now, we’ll expand on what you’ve built with plants, I would want to experiment heavily with livestock before even thinking of using the transporters as disease filters for people,” Aaron kept his voice low so only Xon could hear him.



Spending a few more minutes watching the MRB’s create the replications center, Aaron turned away and started to count heads, or at least try to find all of his Clan that were here on the farm planet, not spotting the hunters, he opened his mind up and thought about them and found them a little bit away swimming and having fun, hopefully some of the older teens or even the crew of the Reliant was acting as lifeguards, just in case.



“Relax, the crew of the Reliant is over at the lake with the rest of the youngsters and Kenny and the other hunters are safe and having fun,” Mark smiled as he moved closer, having picked up on the direction of Aaron’s thoughts.



Smiling back at Mark, he must have been pretty transparent he thought. Glancing back at the construction he noticed it looked like it was over; the MRB and collector were hovering in the corner as if waiting. Walking over to the transparent wall he placed his hand over the sensor and grinned when the door opened to the side, so far so good, he thought as he entered the building and looked around. A large U shaped control console was at one end and in the middle of the U was a gestalt chair facing the long empty two thirds of the building. Moving that way Aaron gazed up and noticed the emitter arrays built into the high ceiling, and along one wall, there were several small alcoves, on closer inspection they appeared outwardly to be small replicator stations. Catching movement out of the corner of his eye, Aaron looked over his shoulder at Xon who was sitting in the gestalt chair and he saw he had ported the MRB’s, along with their collector, outside.



“I’m impressed; it looks like this suite can handle most if not all our replication needs,” Aaron walked back to where Xon was sitting and smiled, when he heard the hum behind him and glanced over his shoulder and saw the shimmering shapes of the MRB team being created. “Can you create a landing pad with several cradles for the carrier pods in the new corner created out there,” Aaron pointed out the side wall where they entered, “the only other thing I have to ask is if you have time to create a duplicate replication center at the Clan Compound on Altare Prime, before we leave? I think we all need to take some time to master this technology before we start creating the new aquaculture infrastructure, we can then design on the fly so to speak.”



“There should be plenty of time,” Xon turned in his chair as he watched Pete program the replicator while Kevin went outside to move everyone out of the way.”



“Alrighty, I’m going to go up to the station and practice porting one of the carriers back to Sol Station. Then check in with Fred to see if David or Derrick have finished up in England and how the meeting with Philip went. If things work out like I hope they will, we might be able to come and go without the Reliant. If so, I want to move our farms over here starting this weekend.” Aaron moved over to the gestalt chair and started to pull power from the gestalt, several meters away, in preparation for his port.



“You’re advancing the timetable yet again?” Kevin observed, as he came back in after clearing the area.



Glancing Kevin’s way and catching out of the corner of his eye the MRB’s laying the landing pad starting from the furthest point out and moving back, Aaron nodded, “I guess I am. I’ve been thinking about the message left by the others again and have decided to start moving people here in two week's time, of course the Shaolin can start moving in as soon as they have undergone DNA repairs. Once the replication center is installed over on Altare Prime, I was thinking maybe tomorrow, it would be a good day to install all the gestalt points around the city. With Xon’s new replicators we can do several weeks worth of work in hours instead. Plus we are very close to being at full capacity back on Earth, it’s time to start the move.”



Shrugging, Aaron smiled, “I also think that the Reliant would better serve getting a visual inspection of the other planets open for colonization. The Emperor of Japan sent me an email asking about a meeting so he could see what they had to do to open colonization of one of our planets for their people, they have a severe overcrowding problem right now and this is their way to alleviate it.” staring at Xon for several moments, he had a thought, “By chance, do you have the coordinates of the Kathat home world, I have to wonder if Kathat exist here in this universe, or any of the other races your familiar with.”



“And if Katha’ exists in this dimension?” Xon was curious, wondering what the answer would be.



“I guess it would depend on if they were the same as the Kathat you spent two hundred fifty some odd years living with, if so I might be open to first contact with them.” Shaking his head, Aaron glanced up as if making up his mind, “Later tonight, we’ll have another Clan meeting, a month ago we were about five hundred years ahead of the rest of the world, now today, we are a thousand years at least and advancing rapidly and moving off world. I have a feeling… a strange feeling really, for some odd reason, things have been moving at an exponential rate and while we are still on top of things…” Aaron stared out the wall watching the youngsters play as they returned from swimming. “I’ve learned to never ignore my feelings, right now, something is telling me to hurry.” Aaron ported out to the station, leaving the others to think on what he said.





Back on Earth in a gilded palace, a servant showed a military officer into a room, “Your Eminence, General Akbar to see you.”


Waiting until the servant had left, Akbar faced his leader, “Our spies have come through. We now have the launch codes for the French nuclear arsenal and our people are working on a fast reprogramming to target those infidels' home coordinates.” The man sneered, “What stupid dogs, giving us the coordinates to their kingdom like they did. I have also taken the liberty of preparing several destroyers that will carry bio-weapons and nerve toxins, if the shield they are so boastful of is in place we will rely on primitive methods to deliver the glorious judgment of our clerics' Jihad.”





Aaron settled down in the gestalt recliner, pulled the terminal over and logged in, bringing up the bay with the carriers he had ported up a few minutes ago he opened up a hyper spatial connection between the two stations and almost laughed out loud as he surprised the on duty officer when his image appeared on the plasma, instead he smiled in greeting. “Greetings, if you will bring up your terminal and place the feed from bay ninety seven next to my image, I would like to attempt to teleport one of the people carriers from Centauri Station to Sol Station.”



“Yes sir…” the officer stuttered nervously, as he rushed to bring his systems online. Once he had the bay on the screen, he looked back at Aaron’s image, “What do you need me to do?”



Moving back to his recliner, Aaron sat back and concentrated on sending his mind outwards, searching for the officer and linking lightly being careful not to burn him out, “You are the anchor point, let me do all the work.” Concentrating on the carrier on the plasma, Aaron smiled as he ported the carrier over to Sol Station. And felt the young man’s surprise as he watched it appear on his screen. Releasing the light link, Aaron found out what he wanted to know, several class two's linked together could easily port a carrier between the two stations, “Thank you, I found out what I needed to know.”



Being slightly bold, the watch officer cleared his throat, “And what would that be, your Majesty?”



Grinning at the young man’s sheepish expression and more than likely the wish that he could take his words back, Aaron answered him, “Simple really. I wanted to know if several class two’s linked together could port back and forth between the two stations. Three on each side linked together should easily accomplish moving people back and forth between the two stations.” Seeing the others confusion, “That's why I lightly linked with you, I wanted to gauge whether you could act as an anchor and if the linking increased the distance someone could teleport something. And the answer is yes to all my questions,” laughing at the watch officers expression, Aaron waved it off, “Don’t worry about it, if I know Chris and Joe, they will make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what to do when it comes to doing this by yourselves.”



Cutting the connection, Aaron sent his mind looking for Fred, “Hello love, how goes the mass alterations,” he sent his apologies along with his message as his fingers linked his station with the Core system, ordering the full power activation of the fleet docks and all the other stations.



Excusing himself for a moment, Fred closed his eyes and smiled as he felt the warmth and love come down the link, “They’re finished, everyone is down for their naps, how about on your end, how goes things at our new home?”



Good, I think we can begin to move the farms and all the livestock starting this weekend, and our people the week after. I expect we will be home in two hours, if not sooner,” Aaron replied, as he watched the Reliant break orbit moving towards Prime. Feeling Fred’s surprise Aaron sent his love down the link, “we need to hold a Clan meeting tonight before bringing the Lee brothers out of the bio-tubes and this is one of the things we need to go over.”



I’ll let David and Derrick know, they are spending the afternoon with Richard and Andrew as they shop for appropriate facilities to buy for that new business that Philip is going to run for us.” Fred smiled as he relayed some information he did not know how he felt about, “I received word about an hour ago that the New York offices of the federal government are packing up and preparing to leave the state. Friedrich passed along a message in case you contacted me, there have been four hundred applications from former FBI agents in New York asking about jobs and the head of the local FBI office would like a meeting so they can pass over the open cases they are working on.”



We’ll have to talk about that tonight, too, do me a favor would you, get a message to the Shaolin masters, and tell them I need to see the elders before supper to talk about a few things. Might as well have Chris and Joe show up, we can have a meeting then eat and do the Clan meeting afterwards,” Aaron felt a hand touch his leg and smiled up at Kevin as he opened his eyes and pulled Kevin’s mind into the link.



Kevin greeted Fred, “I think you noticed that Xon went over to the fourth planet to set up the replication center, I brought up a hundred or so youngsters with me in one of the carriers and the other one will be filled in a moment and ready to bring up. We thought that you might want to send them on back to Sol if your experiment worked, that way they have time to relax and make their lists. Tommy has perverted them; he’s taught them to make lists.”



We’ll leave in half an hour; we need to make sure everyone is accounted for, I don’t want to leave anyone behind overnight, especially the younger ones, I don’t want them to freak or think we abandoned them. Fred, we’ll see you shortly,” Aaron sent his love down the link before letting it dissolve and looking at the plasma showing the youngsters in the arrival bay, tapping a couple of sections on the terminal touch screen, he cleared his throat, “Hey guys, if you bare with us for oh about twenty minutes or so, we can move you all at once back to the Reliant and we’ll be on our way home, if you need the bathroom or anything there should be several around in the bay, all I ask is that if you leave the bay, make sure you're back in fifteen minutes. Oh yeah, if you would make sure you don’t climb up on the other cradles, I don’t want you to get squished when the other carrier arrives.”



A minute later, that second carrier arrived in one of the cradles and Tim and Pete ported onto the gestalt deck, “We are pretty sure we have everyone, but when the Reliant comes back, I’ll have him run a scan to make sure.” Pete smiled as he motioned to the monitor where Tommy was laughing and being swamped by the youngsters on the arrival deck, “He’s creating monsters, he’s been teaching them all afternoon how to make lists.”



Laughing along with everyone else, Aaron turned on the cameras near the command and control center and watched the screen, just in case someone would show up, the sooner they got someone living in this system full time, the easier it would be to relax. Tying the feed into the communications system, he opened up a hyper spatial link and fed the cameras directly into the Clan Hall so they could watch them, even after the Reliant scanned for life signs he was not going to trust equipment that could be faulty.



Seeing the Reliant break orbit again and head this way, Aaron called out over the arrival bay speakers, “Okay everyone, our ride home will be here in a couple minutes, time to get back in the carriers and let’s make sure we have everyone, if you notice someone missing, let one of the Clan know, I don’t want to leave anyone behind.”



Opening a channel to the Reliant, Aaron smiled nicely at Joe, “Hey Joe, before we leave, run a life signs scan on the surface, I want to make sure we haven’t left anyone behind, and while I have you on screen, I will need to see you along with Otto and Chris in the Clan hall by five, for a meeting.”



“Right away Aaron, so far it looks like the area is clear of any life signs other than the livestock, do you want me to leave a couple of crew members down there until dark, they can find their way home after it gets dark by porting to the station and from there to Sol Station.” Joe offered, as he smiled into the pickup.



Tilting his head, Aaron heard Damien and Tommy’s report that everyone was accounted for and the numbers matched, “Seems the numbers match with the number we brought with us, I tied the camera’s down below into the Clan monitoring system so we should be fine, this is all a just in case scenario, anyway. Stand by to receive the first of the two carriers,” Aaron told him, as he pulled power from the gestalt and ported one then the other carrier onto the Reliant. “Time to go, guys,” Aaron pathed as he waited until he was the last remaining on station before porting to the gestalt deck onboard the Reliant. Once onboard he barely had time to turn around before he heard someone call out, “porting.”



Reaching for the power from the gestalt, Aaron warned his lovers on each of the carriers before porting them down to the open field near the park behind the main med bay. Glancing at Joe, “I suppose you want your fighter squadrons and marines back also,” laughing at Joe’s slow nod, “well, once you get them back on board, give your crew a break for the rest of the day, I’ll see you in a couple of hours,” Aaron told him, before porting down to the Clan Hall.



Placing the last steam table pan full of lasagna into the oven, Aaron closed the doors and washed the few dishes left, he had about five minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive for the meeting, the salad fixings were ready and the rolls, so all he needed was an hour and then the fifteen monster lasagnas would be ready to go into the steam table. Almost to the door, he grinned as Tim peaked in smiling as he saw him walking his way, “Everyone is ready,” sniffing the air several times Tim looked at Aaron, “It smells good, so what did you fix?” taking another sniff and looking at the drain board trying to get a clue from the smells and the pots and pans used.



Pushing Tim’s head out the door so he could pass, Aaron pulled him along and whispered, "lasagna," as he walked out towards the tables that had been lined up in a U shape for this meeting. “Thank you for coming on short notice,” Aaron tilted his head towards the Shaolin as he took his seat. “I need to make sure everyone is on the same page as we move forward, and that things do not get overlooked as we start to rapidly advance our plans.”



“First, we’ll go over the U.S. situation. Friedrich we’ll start with you and New York, I understand that you have four hundred or so applicants, former FBI agents, that wish to work for us and that the government wants to turn over open cases to us before they finish moving out of state.” Aaron looked at the table with Friedrich, Kyle was sitting next to him looking uncomfortable.



“Yes sir, I need to get back to bureau chief White tomorrow morning with a time we can meet with him, and if I can suggest that we meet with the applicants at the same time. For a good many of the cases we could just hand them right back after hiring them.” Friedrich smiled, “for the most part, law enforcement is ecstatic that they’re a territory now, and the chance to do some real good. Even the civilians are ecstatic, we've eliminated sales tax, also their personal taxes went down by half and crime has dropped to next to nothing.”



Glancing down at his P.A.D.D. and his notes, Kyle leaned forward, “On the downside, or maybe it’s not that bad. There is a steady move of people leaving the state, those not willing to live under our laws or that are frightened that our telepaths will look their way are leaving. The upside is that there is a demand to move into New York, for every person who leaves there are three that want to take their place. The biggest problem right now is all the kids that are being abandoned, left behind when their parents flee.”



“There is a constant public awareness campaign going on in New York, it is on every TV and Radio station, so the kids being left behind are calling for help, in record numbers, knowing they will have a safe place to go to and will not be put into a home or siblings split up. For a short term, two of the large colleges that are out for the summer have been putting the kids up and making sure they are alright and have food and a warm bed, but that will only work for another two weeks” Friedrich passed a chip up the row to Aaron.



Tapping the chip against his fingers Aaron planned things out, the easiest and best solution would be to build them something like the youngsters tower like the one here for them to live in, and if they coupled that with a school and med bay hospital, that might work. Pulling his P.A.D.D. out, synching it to the main system  Aaron split the plasma screen and pulled up a map of New York, slotting Friedrich’s report into his P.A.D.D. he pulled up the location of the two colleges and stared at the map. “There, just outside Oneonta between highway 23 and 205, that piece of state forest land, we’ll build housing based on the youngster towers here and we might as well build a med bay hospital there.” Looking up at Xon, “How long will it take your MRB’s to build what we need? Keeping in mind this will be both short and long term housing, after we start moving people to the colonies, I expect we’ll lose some of the kids to the new worlds.”



“I will need to create a replicator center onboard Sol Station,” Xon stood up and looked at the map as he thought things through, “If the project is done in four phases, I could have the first wing done in a week’s time easily, the second phase would be to build the two sides of the rectangle with the fourth being last,” he verbally slipped into planning mode as he stared before realizing where he was, “two weeks if not sooner,” Xon faced Aaron as he tapped his communicator hoping to catch his teams before they went off duty, “Xon to Tony, are you still aboard the Reliant?”



Tilting his head as he pulled out his P.A.D.D. and brought up the Sol Station's schematics, “Good I have a short task before you go off duty, afterwards all three of you can have the day off tomorrow…Your welcome…what I need is for you to recreate design RC Alpha onboard Sol Station, it needs to be located at schematic page nineteen row eight, bulkhead forty nine, space seven and bay eight…that is correct we will be building a rescue center instead of an orphanage, it shall resemble our own youngsters row when we are finished…that is correct…if that is your wish…Xon, signing off.”



Facing Aaron again with a smile, “My crew is highly motivated; they do not wish for days off, I find this behavior very un-human like, and highly stimulating.”



Pete laughed as he interpreted, “What he means is that his crew found out why he wanted the center built and what was going to happen and did not want to miss the chance of helping some kids in need.”



“That is what I said,” Xon smirked as he sat back down.



“We of course will oversee the duties as house parents for those needing an anchor in their life, we would ask that you set up an area where we can train our apprentices and practice, young dragon,” the elder Shaolin smiled and bowed. “We will make this our main Earth based temple for those staying behind.”



Making a few notes on his P.A.D.D. “That solves several problems then. Tim, when do you want to meet with the FBI people?” Aaron looked over at Tim who frowned.



“I have some time free on Friday so I can do it right after lunch, though if I am going to check out all those applicants I'll need help. I’ll need more than my guard team,” Tim smiled as Kevin and Mark volunteered, he laughed when he saw Tommy nod his head after consulting a list. “We might want to issue them new weapons, something non lethal and incorporating a DNA lock in the handle so no one but the person assigned can use it.”



“I would suggest that any officer be able to use it, it will solve a problem later on, in case an officer goes down and needs to use his partners weapon,” Friedrich pointed out, “plus, we should fit them with our type of communicators.”



“I’ll leave outfitting the new security force in your hands Tim. Pete as resident SCIFI Geek, will help design the weapons if you kiss him nicely,” Aaron waited for the laughter to die down as Tim grabbed Pete and kissed him soundly, “Let's briefly touch on Hawaii, has anything crossed your desk as your teams train up the government over there, oh if you’re going to upgrade the weapons, might as well do it for the whole force over there, there are not that many officers compared to New York.”



“Hawaii is integrating nicely,” David smiled as he looked at his own notes, “Most likely because it was the newest state and not as embroiled in the bullshit the rest of the states where, they also had a very separate and obvious identity.” Glancing back at Aaron, “I sat down yesterday with the territorial government and we came up with a schedule to upgrade all their infrastructure, I also directed the collector array to point at the refuse collection point and that alone was a big hit with the folks there. If I had to compare, I would guess that Hawaii would be brought up to what we plan to bring England up to about the same time.”



“We’ll plan to build a small two hundred bio-tube med bay on the island then, after that we’ll upgrade their hospitals to handle bio-beds.” Aaron made a note on his P.A.D.D. as he looked up, “the last issue being California is up in the air until Friday, if I were asked before, I would have told you California would go down the road of becoming an ally like England, but after the President’s announcement the other day, I would not take a bet on which way it will go down, so we might have to re-visit California next week.”



Sighing, Aaron glanced at Xon, “The last issue we have to discuss is the prisoners that were taken this morning, I’ll hold court, King’s Bench and try them Friday morning. With that we can leave the U.S. For now and get to the Shaolin, so if we run over and any of you do not wish to stay for dinner, you may leave. The last topic will be the reorganizing and reassignment of the military arm to a space based fleet.”



Smiling as he looked at the Shaolin elders, “Tzu relayed your answer to us while on the Farm Planet, so I know what your wishes are in regards to housing.  We’re looking at moving the livestock over to the farm planet this weekend, I think over the next two days, we will then move the groves and other farms, but once the livestock is moved over, that means the youngsters will want to move. I can’t really see them giving up their chores working with the farms as it gives them too much of a self confidence boost.” Aaron grinned at the memory of the Shaolin elders the first time they had seen hug patrol, some of the younger kids didn’t care who they gave a hug to and the Shaolin were shocked to be included. “The question I have is how many of the Shaolin that are wishing to move will be ready to have their DNA fixed? Come next week, half our population will be moving.”



“We understand Prime, we will make sure those who have pledged to move, report to the station med bay starting tonight, and most of the masters have already undergone repairs. They are working to master the gifts diligently, they can do that just as easily from our new home as here, if you provide teachers.” The elder Shaolin bowed his head as he got emotional for the first time in one of their meetings, “We have undergone the correction needed to unlock our gifts, the eldest masters. And we have studied the racial histories, so much pain and suffering that happened. Such a great burden you have taken upon yourself, I…We pledge our life and soul to you Aaron. We cannot fail, we will not fail...we are yours now and to the end of time.”



Aaron froze hearing the Shaolin’s words and turned back to stare at all of them and saw the emotions clearly on their faces and swallowed hard. What the hell had they watched, making them feel this way. Glancing at the shocked looks on his lovers' faces they had no clue either, so he did the only thing he could to let them save face, “I accept, Shaolin of Clan Shaolin, I accept your gift freely given, and vow never to dishonor such a gift.” Giving everyone several minutes to gather their control, Aaron sighed, the Shaolin for the past several thousand years had lived and died for one cause, his cause in this time, he was feeling the weight of leadership right then. “Alrighty…if at all possible, I would, like all the Shaolin to have gone through the corrective procedure by Saturday. This will place a strain on some of our support staff trying to train all of them, but if we move all apprentices to Altare Prime after being corrected or altered, we can dispense with limiter’s.”



Looking around the table, “We need to get both stations fully staffed. I did a test run today and a gestalt team led by a class two could easily port objects to another gestalt team that will catch the objects, this will become important for travel between stations, and when we open the other worlds up for colonization. If at all possible, I would like to have at least one shift on each station starting tomorrow at all times.” Aaron stared at Joe and Chris before looking over at his loves and ending with the Shaolin. “We might as well move directly into the military end of things now.”



“I activated the Fleet ships this afternoon; they have been powered up and should have full life support by now. According to Tim’s brief inspection, they are the size of an Ares class war cruiser, so I’m assuming they need to have a similar crew complement. Without pulling staff and dry docking any of our current planet based war cruisers, I would like to have at least two of them operational and crewed as soon as possible. You can bring them back here to the Earth system for maneuvers and shake down if you need to, Joe. Otto, that means you will need to find some Marines or reassign some,” Smiling, Aaron glanced over at Xon and winked, “I also should let you know you lost one of your sergeants today, Mike Carlton was transferred to Clan Security after accepting his test and passing it.”



Otto looked pleased, in fact, he was ecstatic, one of his men was considered the best of the best, “The Core is happy to let him go to join the very best, it reflects well on us that he was chosen to be tested and passed. I also have more than enough Marines to staff all thirty of those ships,” he pointed to the plasma where the fleet cruisers were being shown, he had counted them while they were talking and knew he had enough people, “I should also point out that I have enough Marines to fully staff the security offices on both stations and will make sure they are staffed by our highest TEEP class’s in case they need to take turns in the gestalt recliners.”



“That leaves me with coming up with around a thousand people,” Joe looked at Chris who looked thoughtful as he considered some of their options, “I can man two of them in a week’s time, no problem. It won’t leave much of a dent in the current rosters as the Ares is pretty much being used as a command and control center not as a warship.” Looking at his lover he asked, “Chris, how about all those Russians that have applied, where are you in their applications, I know after the breakup there were a lot of young midshipmen left afloat with no way to support themselves, some of them would be very young still.”



“Most of those that applied are very desperate, and most were not gay, but willing to do whatever it took to get a job.” Chris smiled, “I don’t think a single one of them told me they would refuse being someone’s bed warmer and bottom boy if they got a job.” Considering everything being said he had an idea, “If you’re willing to turn the Reliant into an academy of sorts, I probably could get you another three hundred, at least, by next week, how soon you could move them onto the fleet ships under other skippers is up to you, give me a month and I will give you officers for all those ships.”



“So you are confident you can man two of the ships right now and then in a month’s time man the rest, if needed?” Aaron asked as he watched the three and getting a positive response, nodded. “Okay as training cruises, once they are staffed and ready, they can visit all the other planets in the empire, I don’t want to do any real exploring until all thirty of the ships are staffed and ready,” he was looking at Xon when he said this and smiled when he nodded slightly.



“If nothing else of importance needs to be talked about now, it’s time to pull the lasagna’s out of the oven.” Smiling, as he stood up, “I made extra, in case anyone wanted to stay,” Aaron laughed as Joe had started to stand and was pulled back down by Chris.



“We're not going anywhere, sailor, Aaron cooked and made extra, nope not leaving until we’ve eaten, not doing it.” Chris proclaimed as the others chuckled at Joe being pulled down to the top of the table.



Leaning back in his chair, Aaron looked at the empty steam table pans and smiled, there was only half a pan left, out of the fifteen lasagna’s he had made, that was all that was left and he could not blame it on the Shaolin being there, only Chris and Joe had stayed. Laughing, when Richard walked back in the room looking pregnant from eating so much, Aaron pulled him into his lap gently so not to hit his own slightly bulging stomach, “I think someone likes my lasagna.”



Seeing Kenny reach for the pan of Lasagna to take into the kitchen Aaron called out, “Kenny, leave that for now, that way Shoji and Ichiro will have something to eat in a few minutes after being released.” Patting the chair next to him, Aaron waited for Kenny to wobble over, even he was slightly over full, “Let’s have our meeting now before we release the Lee brothers,” seeing everyone was paying attention and had moved closer together Aaron started, “By now, everyone should have been brought up to date by the shared memory so you know we are advancing the timetable, years ahead of where we thought we would be, we’re moving next week.”



Smiling at Tyler’s worried expression as he glanced back towards the med bay, “Don’t worry Tyler, our children will be the first of us to be moved and I’ll be doing it personally, there will be no mistakes made and the internal power source is good for eight and a half months as a failsafe mechanism, so the five minute trip should not pose any problem.” Aaron reassured him the children would be fine, “Besides the fact that we are moving, is the one that I asked Xon to try to match known planets from his time in the other dimension, particularly Katha’, if we are going to be out and about in the universe, we need to know who or if we have neighbors and what kind of neighbors they are.”



After everyone glanced over at Xon and smiled at him, Aaron continued, “I know that in another sense this is a way for Xon to reconnect to the only family he remembers before joining us, and coming back to his rightful universe, but my reasoning is sound. If there are other races out there, best we know who and what they are to know if they are a danger to us.” Giving everyone a moment, Aaron glanced over his shoulder towards the med bay, “I suppose everyone has had a chance to talk and think about what was suggested the other day, that we not count three of the four people that we allowed into our beds, for the reason they have or are in the process of becoming Clan, and for two of them it was our intention from the start to bring them into the Clan. So who wants to add anything to the discussion or are you ready to vote on it?”



“Before we vote on this, I just need to have something clear in my mind, are we voting to in a sense, say that there will be only four people at a time outside the Clan allowed into our lives and beds, meaning if they become Clan we can fill their spot or are we saying only four people over the whole life of the Clan?” Kevin asked, as he glanced at Pete and Tim.



“A very good question Kevin, can we decide the fate of future generations of the Clan for all time, well, we are its founders, but is it fair to limit our children to only being with each other. I don’t think that is workable or realistic, if we allowed that, the Clan at some point would fall apart.” Aaron truly had never given it much thought, “Does anyone not agree with keeping those we share ourselves with to four at all times, not that we have to always have four, mind you, but that we have the ability to add others as a way to see if they can belong to us I guess.”



“Limiting those who come next is not the wisest choice, and must agree that to limit choice is illogical, logically the limit of four has served the Clan well, and it should remain, we have two new lovers that are valued and bring to our lives their individuality and uniqueness that makes us greater,” Xon thought of saying more but stopped himself.



Sensing agreement from everyone, Aaron looked at each of them in turn and waited for them to nod, it was when he stared at Kenny and his to cohorts that he frowned as they looked back at him as if asking what he wanted, “Kenny, Doug, Pat do the three of you not agree with this, it has to be unanimous you know, this is all of our lives we are talking about here.”



Kenny scrunched up his face and looked at Aaron while Pat and Doug looked at each other before Pat said, “Why are you asking us, it’s not like we have a real say in this.”



Shocked, Aaron sat back in his chair before motioning the three of them to come close, “Come here guys, all three of you.” Once they nervously stood in front of him Aaron pulled Pat and Doug into his lap before glancing Kenny’s way, “Climb up here Kenny.”



“First off, I don’t have to remind you; at least I hope I don’t what those medallions around your neck stand for, Do I?” Aaron held the three of them on his lap, “If you are talking about the sex part of this conversation, you all have to realize that you each will get your turn with the rest of us, as you grow older and your body matures more of us will be open to sharing our beds with you.”



Kissing each one with passion Aaron smiled, “You belong to us and we belong to you, it’s just that right now, you can’t do everything you or we would like to do with you physically, but that does not mean we don’t love you or cherish you as lovers, when the time comes, it is going to be grand.” He pulled them close again, “And when it comes to being part of this family, making decisions on who joins us and in what capacity, you have a full say in this as well as anyone else.”



Getting hugs back, Aaron’s chair was almost upturned as they all threw themselves back at him, laughing at the hugs that were enthusiastically given, Aaron had to use kinetics to keep the chair upright until they calmed down and had to promise they could share his bed tonight to sleep before each one hopped down off his lap after giving him a kiss. “Well, I think it is unanimous then, the limit of four is upheld to any one time,” smiling at the grins form his lovers, Aaron glanced at the med bay, “The question is what to do about Ichiro and by inference, Shoji, they are ready to be released from the bio-tubes, but not until we decide what to do with them, this limbo they are in is not good for them.”



“How submissive is Ichiro going to be when he wakes up?” Tim asked, as he looked in the direction of the med bay himself.



“Good question,” Aaron thought for a moment before looking down, “and I have no answer, but it is doubtful that he will be as functional as Derrick is, and on the opposite side, I no longer believe he will be another Roland before his breakthrough.” Smiling at the memory, “by the way, he is flourishing under Drew and Eric’s care, a very solid foursome I believe and the most important thing, he is happy.”



“He is our responsibility, I’m not sure we should pawn him off on someone else, I’m not sure he would be happy if we did anyway,” Fred was staring at the med bay as he silenced the group with his observations.



“The real question is what we are going to do with Shoji,” Mark pointed out and seeing Aaron’s questioning look he smirked, “we all know that you are not going to turn anyone away that needs our help, and if you attempted it, we would stop you, you know that as well as we do.”



“Plus you are the only one we know of, that even begins to understand his culture, just look how easy it was for me to misinterpret what he was saying,” Tim pointed out, “You will be his master, his anchor, with the day to day duties falling to Xon, we discussed it yesterday and this morning.”



“Indeed, I have spent hours searching the record base to find the appropriate person to breed him with,” Xon raised an eyebrow as Aaron choked.



Choking and spluttering as the others giggled Aaron finally swallowed before staring at Xon, “What the hell…”



“All my research has shown that a child will stabilize Ichiro’s submissive tendencies and help him grow as a person, I plan to see how he handles our children at first and when the time is right, he shall provide the egg for a child of his own, I may have to revisit my search criteria as our people will have grown, but currently one Shaolin apprentice stands out,” Xon stared back unblinking at Aaron’s astonished looks, “This surprises you, I find this interesting, on Katha’ it is the duty of the elders of one’s nest to search and provide the logical match for their ward or offspring, it is expected that a scientific match will produce the best children.”



“We will talk later, no unnecessary breeding, or without my permission” Aaron shook his finger at Xon; he could not believe he even said that, or would have to say that.



“Of course prime, as Patriarch of the Clan it is your right, “Xon nodded and turned away and smiled and winked at Pete who had to turn to keep from showing his own laughter.



I’m losing it, Aaron thought, as he stood up, “I’m going to release Shoji and explain things to him, afterwards Xon I’ll need you to come to the med bay when I wake up Ichiro.” Shaking his head Aaron walked away muttering just loud enough to be heard, “Breeding…”



Once Aaron entered the med bay Xon turned to the rest of the Clan and grinned before laughing, “I do believe I understand why you enjoy pranks so much Kenny, that was invigorating.”



Oblivious to the giggling mass out near the dining area, Aaron started the release cycle and was just bringing over the limiter when Fred’s voice caused him to turn around with a smile. “You know he was joking with you, right?”



Chuckling, “I sensed that, for the most part all of you have to block pretty heavily when you don’t want me to know something, plus I’m pretty decent at reading body language, Xon being raised by the Kathat reminds me of how formal the Japanese shoguns of old are reenacted.”



“I think Shoji has been seeing one of the Shaolin boys, Riku is his name. He seems very happy when he is with him anyway,” Fred walked around as the lid unsealed and he brushed some of the hair out of Shoji’s eyes before helping Aaron remove the waste tube and the chest sensor while Aaron snapped the limiter on Shoji’s wrist and removed the breathing tube.



Giving Shoji the information on his gifts and how to use them, Aaron smiled as he noticed Fred tracing his fingers on Shoji’s chest, “Good, he deserves to find happiness,” thinking about the name Riku he realized where he had heard it before, “Riku also deserves some happiness, if the two of them are going to be a couple maybe we should invite Riku to move into Shoji’s rooms or maybe encourage Shoji to move in with Riku.”



“We’ll have to tread carefully, maybe have Riku move in with us for Shoji, later on they can move out, it will make things a lot easier with Ichiro if he is getting attached to someone else,” Aaron sighed as he turned off the soma unit, “Shoji, it is time to wake up,” he tried to keep his voice soft and gentle but Shoji still jumped in surprise settling down when he noticed where he was, the years of training by an abusive father had taught him too well.



Picking up the towel Aaron handed it to Fred as he pulled Shoji partially out of the bio-tube, only far enough so that he was sitting up, “Two choices Shoji, we can help you with the need your feeling, or you can take care of it yourself.” Placing his mouth near Shoji’s ear Aaron whispered, “But you need to take care of it soon, before your body decides to do so for you,” Smiling as Shoji started to stroke himself, he thought the lad had a lot more control than most. Hearing a quickening of Shoji’s breath before a soft grunt he smiled as he finalized the records for Ichiro as Shoji moaned when Fred went behind him and started to play with his nipples.



Glancing over, Aaron smiled and stilled the chuckle that threatened to come barreling out as Shoji looked at the blank monitor as he panted and he came for a third time while Fred let his hands roam around Shoji’s body to push him to higher levels of passion in the hopes of quenching his needs faster, seeing that Shoji looked like he was done for now, Aaron went back over.



Shoji able to think again picked up the towel and started to wipe up the puddles of sperm that were running down his chest and his hips, for some strange reason he was not in the least bit embarrassed doing this in front of the Clan, noticing his brother still floating in the bio-tube, he became worried, “I would have expected as first born my brother to be awakened first.”



Looking at the ceiling as he decided the best way to get his point across, “The way you and your brother were raised, leaves a lot to be desired, I think even you can agree with that.” Aaron looked down to see Shoji staring at him, “Your brother is what is called a submissive, hmmm to put this in a way you can understand. Your brother is Ukeru in the old culture…”



“I understand,” Shoji said sadly, as he lowered himself to the floor and walked over to the bio-tube and gazed in, “That explains so much and how I always had to tell my brother exactly what to do so he would see to his needs, can anything be done to help him?”



“How much of the dominant submissive culture do you understand?” Aaron asked as he formulated his reply.



“Enough to know if you call my brother Ukeru instead of Uke that he has a need to be mastered, to have his life…” Shoji looked up suddenly and hissed in anger, “Kisamara kuso gaki wa mattaku urusai da na. Nante shitsurei na. Kiero, if that Baka was not already dead I would gladly do it myself.”



Since he was a telepath Aaron picked up on the how insulting the language used was, even if he had no clue what he said, “Watch your mouth Shoji or I will have Fred wash it out with soap…I understand you're mad, but that is no reason to use such language.” Seeing Shoji blush, he decided he hit the nail in the head and it was vulgar, changing the subject, “I understand you have been getting close to Riku lately, would you like to have him move in?”



“Huh,” Shoji stopped and looked at Aaron confused, trying to figure out what he meant and then trying to figure out how he knew, “Um…” he stammered, as he looked down, embarrassed.



“Invite him to lunch this weekend so we can talk,” Aaron smiled, “Shoji…the Clan when we did not place you in the city with the rest of those we rescued took a path in seeing that your needs were met and that you are happy, from now on, we will see to your brother’s needs. We will make sure he has what he needs to be happy and productive, as several of the Clan have mentioned, it’s not that we couldn’t find someone to be what your brother needs in time, but we made a commitment to see to your needs and we will lift the ban for him so he has what he needs.”



“So you will be Seme to his Uke,” Shoji smiled and relaxed, but then went over in his mind the question that seemed to come out of nowhere and nodded, “You are correct Majesty, that I have taken an interest in Riku, but did not feel comfortable taking it further knowing I needed to see to Onii-san’s needs.” Bowing low to the ground, “You honor me and my brother by taking him into your service.”



Sensing Xon entering, Aaron pulled Shoji up from his halted bow and pulled him close, “Fred will take you to the dining hall to eat, there is enough left for you and your brother, he’ll join you shortly.” Kissing him lightly on the top of the head, Aaron watched as Fred led Shoji out of the med bay before he activated the release cycle. “Are you sure you wish to do this, Xon, all kidding aside mentoring a submissive and helping them grow confident and self reliant is not an easy task.”



Standing next to Aaron as he watched the fluid drain away Xon nodded once, “I can do this, I might need help from you and Derrick and David, but I know what I am getting into. Are you going to go full ritual bonding with Ichiro?”



“Not unless I have to,” Aaron waited for the lid to slide back twirling the limiter around his finger, “I think the whole thing would be a step in the wrong direction, even if I left most of the ownership parts out, what he needs to happen will guide me, and I hope I was able to fix the parts of him that craved being owned, what I hope is that I can treat this like I did Derrick, commanding him so he sees me as the master and transferring that to you, so he sees you as one that has the right to order him around for sex only.”



Moving out of the way, as the lid retracted Aaron started to remove the tubes and the rest of the sensors, leaving the soma one until last, “I’ll link with his mind and hopefully when I ask if this is what he wants we can get away with some oral sex for now and maybe if we are unlucky I’ll have to enter him and we’ll have sex, if he accepts me like Derrick did, you will have sex with him under my direction.”



“And if he is still in slave mode, and your earlier treatment did not work?” Xon wanted to be very clear on what to do if things progressed to the worst scenario.



Closing his eyes, Aaron sighed and dropped his head to his chest, “If the worst happens, and he is not changed from where he was when he went in, then…then I’ll burn out the past five years of his memory and we will have a seventeen year old who is mentally twelve, after I repair the damage I do to his brain, I will not allow him to be a sexual slave to us…ever.”



Turning off the soma unit Aaron placed his hands on either side of Ichiro’s head and implanted the instruction packet on how to manage his gifts before linking his mind and waking him, “Ichiro, it is time to open your eyes and wake up.”



Opening his eyes slowly Ichiro looked up into Aaron's eyes and smiled.



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